Hello I'm New Guy I Hope to be Wonderful at Hive Someday Please Vote Me I Vote You Thank You Love You Too

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This is my most magnificent day of experiences I share for you.

Forever always wanted to be famous writer and that and everything else.

Now we win together!

My favorite picture of a llama.

They called it, Poosie.

I like Poosie.

I take a picture of Poosie everywhere I go.

First time I see Poosie I say, "Stop the bus!"

But bus driver, he keep going.

I thought I'd never see Poosie again.

I thought about Poosie all day at the work where I mop the floor. I talked about Poosie all day with the boys. They say, "You shut up or your fire!"

I says to them I says, "You can't fire me I quit!"

(So you vote me, yes, or I starvation all over the floor on you.)


Back to the story.

With nothing left to do that day, I sit and wait for bus to come. Three hours I wait and talked to everyone who'd listen about Poosie.

Poosie this and Poosie that and how I wish I could just touch the Poosie.

Finally the bus he show up and I make arrangements with a dollar to have him park right next to my Poosie. He gave me the ride of my life. Bouncing up and down in the seat so excited for Poosie.

I never forget my first time with Poosie.

I walk up to fence and the farmer he urgently say, "You there! Be careful they spit!"

But it was too late. Poosie squirt all over my face.

The farmer laughing throws me rag and says, "You have a lot to learn about Poosie."

I say, "Poosie?"

He say, "That's the name don't wear it out."

I say, "Sir I've been waiting all day to touch your Poosie. Please can I just touch your Poosie? I pay you."

He smile and pulled his pants down.

To this day I still don't know why he did that but I was happy to take a quick picture of his Poosie and then get the hell out of there.

That man frightens me and I think it's funny that I sneak in there every night now just to touch his Poosie while he sleeps.

I have made best friends with Poosie and I hope we can be best friends, too.

Be Hive out there.

Have a nice day.

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If anyone is having difficulties voting or commenting on hive.blog, I found using Steem Keychain works like it would on Steem if you switch the RPC node to ANYX.io in the preferences options area.

cool, best comment ever!

now me can vote you :)

I take it you had the same problem as me and Poosie!

not quite the same problem you and poosie have but yes

Do not be alarm. The itch goes away.

Say what? - are you turning geek? - I think I'm doing poosies on hive without doing all that weird stuff, but I'm a bit confused today...


Sorry dude. I meant. "There's buttons you can push to fix it, and you might have to read."

### This is all pretty cool - the more I learn the ropes the more I like it

I just recieved two pairs of transparent knickers in the mail from China - no idea why, but are you looking to buy?


Dayum that would fit my Poosie real nice.

I actually downloaded the new keychain/hivechain whatever the fucks it is.

Works a charm :O)

I'll wait for those official releases. It's only a few days. In the meantime I'll play with my Poosie.

LOL! When was the last time you saw me do this?

It has been a while indeed!!

Enjoy the poosie playing!

Hmm... yeah. You were right. That Hive Keychain extension is pretty snazzy. I had all kinds of problems trying to use hive.blog. Peakd.com is sweet. And yeah... got dragged through the mud on the first day. Good times....

Yeah, that was shit. It doesn't matter what you do or how you have done it there is always someone watching saying that there are reasons for what you have achieved and it's nothing to do with talent/effort/time/skill or anything else. It's just fluke and you don't really deserve it.

It is good, eh!! Peakd is good but I am missing some vital stuff. It's all a bit flung together. I'm still not sure on the let's make a clean break thing because all I see all over the place is Steemit.. Justin... Blah blah.

I will give it time but I was thinking of stepping back a bit. Might be a good time for that too.

Fuck sake, it took me about ten tries to get this to post, lol

It'll take some time for things to settle. I know I don't want to write cheerleader posts or politics or rants like that one guy. It would have been cool to just pick up and carry on, business as usual. I tried it here with this post, had fun. I'll carry on this way. Taking a break doesn't sound like a bad idea either. They fucked Steem some more with huge downvotes from steemit so, yeah, that's done. It's kinda like an ex girlfriend. I wouldn't mind going back just to fuck around but it's probably a bad idea and I should just move on.

Let's just check that.

LOL. They made Hive keychain already. If you use Firefox it should be in the extensions store thing and should be out for google chrome shortly.

Sorry, Safari. I can upvote and apparently reply but not post yet. At least I have a wallet now. lol

I sing to my Poosie this song!

i am sure she? will like it :)

No one has touched my Poosie in a long time... perhaps, things will change in the Hive.

I hope your Poosie finally gets the respect it deserves!

I stroke it often to make sure it feels loved

I do not doubt that for one second.

oops. I got excited and accidentally voted this comment at 100%
I will leave it - but don't think it was because it was really funny - just a mild chuckle's worth.

I'll put it towards giving Poosie a safe home so that nobody can eat my Poosie.

Buy him something nice, like honey from the Hive.


Buy him something nice-like, honey from the Hive.

Damn you are really good at this for a first time blogger.


You really think so! This is great news! Wait until Poosie hears about this!

Good to see you over here and glad you came.

Poosie came too!

-Poosie squirt all over my face.


Welcome aboard!! I love the positive energy of new beginnings!

What a mess Poosie makes!

I am smiling and laughing my ass off. It's nice to see you here.

Welcome abroad newbie. Feel free to ask if you have any questions :P

Glad to have you around bud.

Thank you I will be not letting you down!

I hope. Good to see you.

@ohbeehive! Not a day old :)

Spitters be quitters though... welcome to the Hive!

Did I invent the slogan or did someone else get there before me?

Thanks for being here. I was worried this would be much like my first day on Steem. Nobody noticed me... LOL!

Nice - first post on Hive and it's a LLama post! We had this chat a while ago, there needs to be more LLama content on the Blockchain.

Great to see you here.


You remember my Poosie? Wow!

LOL! I remember that talk. Maybe we'll see more of my Poosie...

I hope we get to see your Poosie as often as possible.

I shall flaunt my Poosie.

Somehow I now have this urge to watch Austin Powers movies.

Never mind.

Love me some good Poosie story!

Great to see you here!

Image totally unrelated, but that must be a lot of honey in there.

Wow! Look at the size of that sack! My Poosie would be all over that!

Hahaha, it's huge!

Vote for vote?

Follow follow!

Allredy done that :D

Welcome to the hive.

OMG it's a talking cat!

Déjà vu?

I’m just out looking for a place to park my spaceship. Don’t want to accidentally crush someone’s bee hive.

Mess with the Hive; get stung.


welcome aboard! hopefully hive will achieve what steemit didn't!

That shouldn't be too hard!

Hi and welcome to Hive. Nice to meet you. You should really use the introduceyourself tag to get your Poosie in front of more faces. We are a nice community and don't bite.

I hope nobody wants to bite my Poosie.

I shall consider your wisdom and ponder these thoughts while petting my Poosie tonight.

Haha voted friend, you vote now :)

I vote later when I'm finished here with my Poosie.

Congratulations you made it out of the Steem(it) Limbo! Welcome to the new Blockchain @hiveio Community :)

hivedevil is lonely.png

This is little daemo. He still feels lonely on the new blockchain. Give him a hug and follow him @hivedevil so his flames can shine again.

You received this message because @sciencevienna enjoyed your contributions very much in the previous blockchain life and has become a secret admirer of yours ever since

Please don't spam. Just talk to people. These are empty words. You sent this to everyone. In life do you walk around handing everyone a pamphlet? My Poosie spit on your spam!

The comment refers directly to your headline "Please Vote Me I Vote You". Maybe your spitting will make the "love" process a lot easier. In case of doubt I also have lube in my backpack :* #poosie4ever

Please be honest with me. I checked your messages before commenting and saw the same message about 18 times. Be cool. Say no to spam.

Spam can be a first icebreaker, sometimes it can even kill loneliness.

You are so lucky I have a sense of humor. LOL!

Now. Don't let me see that spam again or I'll sick my Poosie on you.

Call me lucky devil 😋

😍 Poosie 😍

Welcome on board New Guy, hope to read more about Poosie and hope you have a great time on hive ;D

Yay I'm glad you're here :)

New Guy shall make many more appearance and bring many friends like Poosie!

You crazy, crazy man I no like talk bout Poosie in you wallet when llama cum you on bus...I tell Pope about you soon an he cum to beat you up and down!!!!

Berry bad, bad man...!!!

How dare you come here yell at the me like such! Scare my Poosie through the fence! Keep it down you talk too much!

Me sorrys. I no yell you poosie gain no more.

Dats right. You're little beech now.