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“Smoking is injurious to health” is maybe the most worthless warning quote ever to have existed. I do not think any smoker even remembers this quote to be written on the pack while puffing out their soul with the wind unless they are reminded about its existence. I can attest to that as a fact, as most of the time, I am too unable to recall the caution it speaks about. That in itself says how I too am a chain smoker. This particular path of self-destruction that I have chosen, does not have anything good left at the end of it. It is a dead end that ends with me being dead. Not the good kind of death. Not the one where you get to die of old age in your sleep while being surrounded by the people you love. That transition to the afterlife may as well be like a dream, almost painless. But this path ends with utter sorrow and misery. It ends alone, in a deprived solitude.

As, both the tangible and intangible losses that occur from smoking may not be visible at first, but it adds up to be substantial as, it behaves like an investment gone awry and is compounding by itself. We can calculate the tangible aspect of smoking into giving us a conclusive number. I have been smoking for about 8 years now, so it can be safe to say that the amount I have spent after smoking over the years would be a good example of expenditure by every chain smoker in this country on average.

In the duration, prices of a single cigarette went up four times in our national budget. My choice of poison falls in the middle category of smokes which has three scales. As my brand went up in price from let's say 8 cents to 12 cents a smoke, we can average it to be at 10 cents. Also as the frequency of my smoking went up over the years, it would be safe to assume, that I have spent about 11 cents per cigarette. Now if I had to say how many smokes I have burned through on a daily basis, it would be a bit tricky. In the last two years, I have smoked at least one twenty-stick pack a day if not more. Before that, it was half of that, and before that, it was even less. But to be on the safe side of underestimating the expense, let's assume I have burned through at least 15 a day. That would be 1.65 USD a day. 602 USD a year and about 5000 USD in the total duration.

That is how much money I have absolutely wasted and can be labeled as a tangible loss. The chances of developing High BP permanently for me is almost twice that of an average person. The cost of that too can be put into the calculation. A basic blood thinner may cost about 20 cents and I would need to resort to those pills for the rest of my life. From this very second onwards, if I live for let's say the average lifespan of a human being which for me would be about 37 years left, it would be around 3000 USD after pills. And if I manage to develop heart issues, the expense for that would be 40 USD a month without the costs of hospital visits. And after developing it, if I get to live for let's say even 10 years, that would be 5000 dollars at the very bottom low. And as the development of blocks in the arteries has a very high probability, surgeries would too cost somewhere around 5000 USD on average. A similar cost would fall on me if I develop lung issues.

And if I manage to develop any form of cancer, the treatment for this would land somewhere between 10k to 50k depending on the type of cancer and the recommended treatment. All of this adds up to over 20k USD of the assured cost that I am looking at and then added the cost of cancer. And if I keep fueling this foul habit for the rest of my life at the current rate, that would cost me another 20k at the very least.

The intangible losses are even more serious as they can't be seen or calculated. The degradation of the quality of life as a matter of fact is one. Then there is piss and poop that smells like I may have eaten a rotten raccoon, run over by a truck, and left under the sun for a week. The stinky had that I smoke with, the stained yellow teeth, bad breath, smelly sweat, added cost of fragrance to cover the bad smell, bowel issues such as constipation and loss of appetite, and finally, not being able to integrate myself among the good people of the society who does stuff that matters. And finally, polluting the environment as the land where tobacco grows slowly becomes infertile, and the CO2 just pollutes the air more and more. What a sacrifice eh? Just for some tobacco.

Why people even smoke is a thought to ponder upon deeply. I have found it to be a lack of self-control. Some of them see it as a rebellious act, some start smoking to appear cool and edgy, and some just think it would help to cope with stress. But, in reality, it is nothing but a weak psyche and the lack of self-control that initiates it. And people can not quit smoking for the very same reason. in comparison, I have such low self-control that, at times, when I am unable to find any smoke nearby, and the urge creeps in, I would pick up a crumbled one from the ashtray, which at that point already reeks like wet and rotten wood.

Us smokers are funny in a way. We do not need any reason to smoke. If we are under stress, we pop one out and light it up, if we are happy, we would smoke one after the other. If we are heartbroken we would light up one pack after the other. Everything seems boring? No matter, take one out and light it up. In the middle of a very deep and meaningful conversation? Light, one, up.

That is how it is really, and how it has always been. All we ever need is the next excuse to drive ourselves towards a bleak and pathetic end. We are doing nothing but committing suicide. But instead of it being instantaneous, it is done so over a long period of time.

One could ask, why am I still smoking if I hate it so much? Because of the dependency, I have developed. In the end, it must be remembered that tobacco is nothing but a drug. It is like a mindless parasite, the hunger and the allure of which is more formidable to escape than meth and cocaine addiction.

But, no more, I am quitting it from this very instance for the rest of my life. And this, I have written as a letter to myself, to look back and see if life has turned for the better or worse. As a testimony that will be eternal, carved in the blocks, time-stamped, and left there to exist for eternity. To remind me of the promise that I made myself to lead a better life from this point onwards. Also in hopes that the fellow smokers who I know might pick up on it and choose to quit. If that happens, I would be a very happy man.


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Well, I never expected to see this, but nevertheless, I am glad that you've taken the initiative to quit :') First 72 hours will be hell, but gradually the urge to light up one will slowly start to fade away, and after a while, when life will through ocean full of waves at your way, the thought of taking a big puff of smoke won't even cross your mind. :')

Live long father, there is so much you need to do and see :')

It didn't fade away like I wanted to. They dont compare it to be as addictive as cocaine for nothing after all lol.

I dont know why, but I feel like this is going to be like a journey. One of those you write books about. Because, the withdrawal is a sensation that I've felt in the past yet at times it feels like its completely new ! Its undescribable to some extent even.

Im not gonna lie and say I haven't smoked another one. I did. A lot less than usual amount with a big margin. But to be honest, I now kinda hate the taste it leaves in my mouth. Like rotting copper it tastes. Metallic and unsavory.

Soon I hope Ill be able to quit completely. It was a pleasure once, now feels like a burden lol.

Will try to live long. Cant promise anything lol:3

If you write a book about it, I will definitely give a read :v as one of your ex-smoking buddy, that's like a rule I can't break :')

It will take time to get out of habit, but in the end what really matters is the determination. It is nice to see you trying :') Hopefully we will live long enough to fulfil that dream, you know that three people standing one :')

So let's stop smoking together and sponsor each other.

Because, as you say... it's a drug and that is an addiction.

I work in the addiction arena. Yet I still keep picking up smoking. :)

I must add that's it the hardest one. I've quit everything else years ago.

But its less about will power and a wek psyche (as you put it) in my experience

It's more a bad habit / behaviour to try and ... well ... it's linked to so many things psychologically isn't it?

Reward. Time out. Stress. Etc

It's far easier to quit if you're doing it with someone else. That's for sure 👍

Hello fellow traveler :) you want to quit too? I think we can manage that? We can fix something up if you want. I have no experience how this works! Sponsoring I mean. If youd like to share, please do tell! Im all ears.

We would just need to make an agreement that whoever picks up first transfers their entire wallet to the other person 😈

But seriously...

It's just support really. When one feels like smoking they get hold of rhe other person and the other person / sponsor talks them down

Basically just to remind you why you want to stop amd what the consequences of starting again are.

It's much easier when you're not doing it alone

Godawful useless pointless addiction. Tobacco. 🙄

I'm on to organic rolling tobacco now but need and want to quit in full as well

It has been around 16 hours for me now. Tbh, I dont like the flavor as much anymore. I am getting the urge, but that is how I am keeping myself away. Remembering how bad it tastes after getting done smoking. I also downloaded an app called quitnow. It gives you achievements automatically. Doesn't seem like much but its quite fun and is keeping me focused.

If you want to quite Nick, we can do it together. How about we make a post every sunday about our experience and tag each other if thats alright with you and if you want to quit. It could be a good shared experience I suppose.

Okay. Let's do it. I'm in 👍

It may take me a bit to catch up with you but I'm right behind ya.

Don't pick it up. Its rubbish and you're doing great!

Gotta love this, I'm all in with the idea and effort. Smoking was never an issue for me, but I surely know how tough it is to actually quit; so, if you do really pull it off, then you'll probably be one of the very few people I know who have actually managed to keep their word and beat the addiction.

It's easy to relapse, to rely on the twigs of death, but it takes the strongest of minds to overcome the addiction, it's nothing less than an achievement.

Its not gonna be easy bro, I know that well. And I might loose my step at times. But this is how I have previously managed to quit most of my addictions and bad habits.

I used to do hard drugs man lol. Ones that needs visit to rehabs to get rid off. A few fine mornings, I woke up, decided not to partake and fuel them anymore and suddenly after a few months, those urger became like forgotten past! This too I'll do the same with.

I always said ill quit but never with conviction. This time it will be different!

No worries, we're here to remind you and also "pochafy" if needed.


Glad to hear that. ❤️
Wanna add something as advice, as you have marked a full stop don't go for it again, not even for one. Have seen many who think this way "I used to take ten as I am missing it too badly let's take one or two just for today." I would say it's a TRAP!

Edit: Do something like this. Post Link

Downloaded the app. It seems the premium version has more to offer than the free version. Time to be a pirate:3

Would like to propose another thing to keep you motivated.
As the app shows how much money you are saving so at the end of the week, you can use that amount to feed some poor people, I bet it would keep you motivated and satisfied enough to last another week happily and so on.

Now I'm feeling secondhand guilt build up...:'3
I'll try with you too. I will

What second hand guilt! Quit it with me:))

Appreciate for your bold move bro. It’s quite hard to quit, specially those who are chain smokers. I tried but failed. Now changed the brand which causes less destruction. Although it’s self-satisfaction only..


But I would feel happy to see you quitting, although a smoker does not want to lose his smoking friend 😂

Oris has low nicotine I know. But its like trading your demons for smaller ones:3 they never really go away. Since i wrote this post, i haven't smoked once lol:3 I know i may slip in the next few days. But a few slips, and after that when i get up, ill run like the wind from this god forsaken bad habit:3

Try with me bhai. Make a post every week about how less or more we have smoked and we can take them as achievements. A guy called nick in the comments of this post wants to quit too. I have made the same proposal to him! Together, we can beat it i suppose.

I wish I could do it bro. However, it’s a great step taken by you. May be one day I will quit also.

You can do it!!
You've already taken your first step by deciding to do it, now just take it easy, one day at a time, with determination and patience and you'll see how the desire to smoke will go away little by little.
You can also look for a good support group, someone who continues to encourage you to achieve your goal ♥️

The place where I live, you'll find groups of people who'd rather push you towards bad habits rather than encourage you to do good! That's why it has been so hard for me to quit. In times when the urges become irresistible, if there is someone who could pull me away, or pull away the people who are trying, just for a few times, these addictions can be managed then. Its a very hard find. But in any case, I think Ill try with my heart and soul. After all, if I fail, I could at least say I tried lol.

Oh I'm sorry to hear that, but the good thing is that you've already found a couple of people here who also want to quit smoking and you can support each other.
The important thing is to never give up, you will always be tempted to smoke again and some days you may smoke again but you must keep trying until the days you don't smoke are more than the days you do. You are unlearning a habit and that takes time.

Analysing a couple of bad impacts of it and taking a brave decision to quit smoking, would be a long-lasting quit I hope, that's what I would like to say bhai.

Not long lasting! I want to make it permanent:)

Hope the words feel the taste of truth!

Also... it's not as addictive as cociane and meth

That's what the Tobacco industry wants you to believe ;)

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