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LUVshares has a simple goal and mission: The goal of LUVshares is to spread love around the Hive blockchain.

Maybe you like a certain post, or comment, or image, or the person behind it. Maybe that person could use a little love. Give that post an upvote!

But, you also might give it some LUV. Here's the LUV roadmap.


The LUVbot is how LUV is given out in what might be called Proof-of-Love mining. Unlike Proof-of-Work Bitcoin or Proof-of-Stake Ethereum where your effort rewards you, with Proof-of-Love, your effort rewards others. It is giving and expecting nothing in return.

Anyone with a Hive username can receive LUV. Anyone with at least 10 LUV in their wallet can freely share LUV tokens simply by replying to a post or comment with one of the LUV commands included in the reply: !LUV or !luv or !Luv or !love. Example: "I !love the look on your dog's face!"

The bot allows 3 or fewer "!" commands in a , else the LUV command will be skupped.

Reply with...ResultNote
One of the commands above1 LUV will be sent, from you, for free, to whomever you are replying.How much LUV you can give per day depends on your LUV Level (see below).


  1. You need to have 10 LUV tokens in your wallet as a minimum to use the bot.
  2. With more LUV, you can give more. The amount of LUV per day increases with your LUV Level. (see below)
  3. Sending LUV tokens through the bot does not decrease your LUV wallet amount. The LUV is freely given from @luvshares on your behalf.
  4. These are the current settings. They may be tweaked in the future.
  5. "Ping-Pong giving" is frowned upon. Ping-Pong giving is frequent, repeated, somewhat planned, back-and-forth token giving. Such giving is not the intent of LUVshares.

Check your wallet (or get LUV)

  1. "How much LUV do I have?" - You can check your current LUV amount in the wallets linked below. Or, PeakD can be used by simply choosing "Wallet" and then "Hive Engine Wallet".
  2. You can buy or sell LUV on Hive-Engine, TribalDex, or Leo DEX.
  3. LUV was begun when roughly the first 2,000 LUV were airdropped. The airdrop is over :( , but if you'd like to have your first LUV, leave a comment below with the tag #firstLUV (and ALSO ping @crrdlx). Something might happen. :)


What can this LUV token be used for? This question has been asked and answered here. A summary of some LUV uses:

  1. To spread some love around the Hive blockchain.
  2. To bring a smile.
  3. To meet and engage with other people.
  4. To learn about trading. This is a low-risk way to learn about order books, depth charts, and how to trade.
  5. To collect NFTs. Yes, you can buy-with-LUV in the LUVstore.
  6. To have fun.
  7. To give a +1 reward even after the upvote time period has expired.

Richlist and LUV Levels

Check the LUV richlist. Where are you on the list? This determines how much LUV-per-day you can give for free. (LUV levels were introduced here.)

LUV LevelsLUV neededMaximum LUV you can give per dayNote
6LUV Legend75010Once a legend, always a legend. Achieving reaching this level, even if you drop below again, you'll always be a LUV Legend. And you get a LUV Legend badge!
5Romeo and Juliet3755
2Crush101This amount currently qualifies you to call the LUVbot.

The LUVstore

The official LUVstore is at https://crrdlx.websavvy.work/luvstore/index.html where some LUV NFTs are up for sale. They can be purchased with LUV, or several other Hive-Engine tokens.

click to check the LUVstore

Any purchases help keep LUVshares going, thank you.


At this point, almost all LUV that is released into the ecosystem is done by Hive users giving to others using one of the following LUV commands included in the reply: !LUV or !luv or !Luv or !love. Proof-of-Love mining mining in action.

The above graph shows the emission rate of LUV using the bot. Q4 2022

The graph above shows the circulating supply of LUV. Q4 2022

The goal is to keep these rates growing as stably and predictably as possible. From the start, I've tried to be as open and transparent about things as possible as well as being approachable if there are questions. So, I try to update numbers each quarter with a "Quarterly Report." See https://peakd.com/@luvshares for the latest report.

Art is free-to-use

I draw all of the "art" on @LUVshares and I'll give it "open usage rights." If you'd like to copy or remix any of the images or gifs here or in posts, that's certainly fine. We've had a couple of remixes already and they're awesome to see. Although it's not necessary, it would be nice if you gave a link back to @LUVshares. :)

Logos: heart-png-1 | heart-png-2 | heart-gif-transparent | heart-gif-whitebg | heart-no-letters

I have different sizes for these images...ask me.

LUVbot v0.0.3 is below:


LUVbot v0.0.2 is below:


LUVbot v0.0.1 is below:

Loov and Luvee show that getting to LUVtown takes time. But, they'll get there.


Like LUVshares? You can support the project through BuyMeBerries.

Not on Hive? The top benefits of the Hive blockchain: (1) no ONE person/group runs it, (2) YOU own your content, and (3) YOU earn the rewards that your content generates. Learn more or consider using my referral link to get your free account here.


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I luv this so much! I can hardly wait to use it 😍

@lizablove, this comment has been manually curated with LUV

Just sent you a few more LUV. You're close to the 10 needed to call the LUVbot. :)

🥰 News about luv are always welcome!
Thank you very much for creating this token, and for all the altruistic philosophy behind it.
Huge hugs, I'm 3 to reach my first 10 ❤!


❤😆I thank you from the bottom of my heart, for continuing to share the love!! 😍❤

Should have 10 soon. :)

Thank you!!! what a good wave!🥰🤙



I am testing this !LUV out!

I'm super new to all of this and the very first person who responded to me gifted me some Luv. What a lovely way to meet someone #firstLUV when you're already feeling anxious about "am I doing this right?"

Here's another !LUV. You might also want to check out LUV's "sister" !HBIT

Success! You mined .9 HBIT & the user you replied to received .1 HBIT on your behalf. mine | wallet | market | tools | discord | community | <><
What's HBIT?

Hi there and welcome to Hive (I'm @crrdlx). If you're here, you're doing it right! Hive can be tricky to learn things sometimes. A great place to learn with nice, patient people is "The Terminal" on Discord. You can find it at https://discord.gg/Npwa8VYR3v Trust me, they are nice people whose goal is to help new people to Hive.

Wow, I didn't know 750 would give us 10 calls! I'll have to see what I have on Tribaldex :)

Looks like you have 143, good enough for three command calls per day, and here's one more: !LUV

Thanks so much ♥️ This is one of the first Hive Engine projects I learned about :)

@wrestlingdesires, this comment has been manually curated with LUV

I sent my first LUV to a friend here today! YAY! 🎇
Thank you, @luvshares! 😍


You Are Alive and have been rewarded with 0.1 ALIVE tokens from the We Are Alive Tribe, and it's paid for by the earnings on @alive.chat, swing by our daily chat any time you want.

Awesome! This is the kind of thing I like. 🙂

New to this. I would love to get my first luv. #firstLUV

Here you go. It should appear in your https://hive-engine.com wallet.

This is a really awesome idea
Thank you😎

Thanks for the encouragement. :)

Sorry was logged into the wrong account when i left this !LOL
Have a great day @luvshares

@luvshares! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @benthomaswwd. (12/20)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on @alive.chat, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

I'm in a club for kids who love math.
We are called the Algebros.

Credit: theabsolute
@luvshares, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @benthomaswwd
Use the !LOL or !LOLZ command to share a joke and an $LOLZ. (2/2)

@benthomaswwd, this comment has been manually curated with LUV

You are welcome @luvshares 😎

Hello luvshares,

Thank you for running this nice project to spread LUV in the HIVE community. I have a question. I would like to know how I can get a LUV badge. Could you tell me how I can get a LUV badge on my Peaked page? Thank you! #LUV 😄🙌

Sure, no problem. The short answer: get 150 LUV to achieve LUV Legend level. The "LUV levels" are outlined at https://peakd.com/luv/@luvshares/about One tip though, the numbers will be going up in mid-September. Once you hit the LUV Legend level, the badge stays with you (even if the numbers go up).

Yeah, I own 300LUV now though. So, the badge will be sent later then?? The LUV badge looks cute, so I want to get it #LUV 😃👏❤

Whoops, sorry, I must have made a mistake. I try to keep an eye on things, and actually saw you had 150+, but obviously did something wrong. Nevertheless, the badge is there now. !LUV






@mizuosemla, you've been given LUV from @luvshares.

Check the LUV in your H-E wallet. LUV changes soon. (2/10)

Hi luvshares ,

Thank you so much!!! 😃👏👏 !LUV






@luvshares, you've been given LUV from @mizuosemla.

Check the LUV in your H-E wallet. LUV changes soon. (1/10)

where do you see the badge? i am sure i got more than 500 LUV.

Just added the badge at https://peakd.com/@mightyrocklee 🙂

if you want more automation for stuff like that maybe you want to have a chat with @quekery, he does a lot of on chain automation via his HiQ Smart Bot.

Edit: I did not realize this conversation was almost half a year ago. I bet you found a way to automate by now, didn't you?

Hello wonderful people who give love. I have over 200 and I still don't have your lovely badge. Thank you @luvshares

Hi @pagane the badge minimum was 250. You were very close. I hope you will get it one day. The intent is to not make it easy, it is, after all, a LUV Legend. I will be rooting for you. !LUV






@pagane, you've been given LUV from @luvshares.

Check the LUV in your H-E wallet. (4/10)

in the week I would buy 250, I bought 10 today just to test

If you have any questions, reach out here or to @crrdlx or on the LUVshares Discord: https://discord.gg/K5GvNhcPqR
And here's one more LUV by the way. 🙂

I'll try again to send a !LUV






@hive-142502, you've been given LUV from @crrdlx.

Check the LUV in your H-E wallet. (2/10)

Me parece muy positivo este tipo de proyecto espero poder participar con el tiempo #firstLUV

Te acabo de enviar 5 LUV. Están en su billetera Hive Engine. Una vez que tenga 10 LUV, puede dar 1 por día gratis.

Muchas gracias por tanta generosidad 😄

I was digging peakd on how I can also give tips to posts I LUV.
I would luv to try this out.
#firstLUV @crrdlx

Here's a little help to get you started. Once you get 10 LUV, you can give one per day for free. More info is at https://peakd.com/@luvshares/about

This is nice thanks for the work

I really appreciate the encouragement. :)

Proof of Love is actually a great idea and it encourage others to spread luv.
I would love to get my first luv.

!LUV sent to you! Thanks, I hope proof of love works as planned. The idea is doing something but someone else gets the reward.

Posted via D.Buzz

Thanks, I love the idea.

nice . i'm gonna buy some!😍

@sabajfa, this comment has been manually curated with LUV

Thank you for this ☺ I just received LUV and I don't know about this nor how to use it, that's why I redirected here to know more about it.

I am a newbie here and there's a lot to learn and this one is very helpful.


No problem. LUV is just a way to share some LUV/love with other users. If you have 10 or more LUV in your https://hive-engine.com wallet, you can give LUV away to another user each day for free using the !LUV command. If you ever have questions, ask me (@crrdlx). 🙂

Here's another use case for LUV:

  • Sharing LUV when it's too late to upvote a post.

Some people may upvote a post and a month orr two later send some LUV. Others may discover a post for the first time months later. Either way, it's another way of increasing engagement levels and letting people discover each other.

Posted via proofofbrain.io

This is a great use case suggestion. It would some LUV is really starting t become popular!! But... that's a good thing!

wow this is very nice idea cos sometimes I find old posts and can't upvote so this idea is great. sadly i have only 1 LUV for the daily share :-) but I'm collecting them LUV by LUV :-)

I know exactly what you mean. I'm in the same situation for LUV and other engagement tokens as well. I'm close to reaching the magic number of LUV so I can use "!", so if I get any extas I'll send them your way until you reach that magic number.

For the other engagement tokens, those will take a while. LUV will be the easiest to accumulate to later share with "!"

Posted via proofofbrain.io

i see - i just used my ONE today but will send you the last you need for the magic 10 tomorrow :-)
thank you for the info

Thank you very much! Until then, please have a slice of !PIZZA .

Posted via proofofbrain.io



@victorbz! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @magnacarta.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at hive.pizza (1/10)

Yami i love pizza :-)

I like this added use-case. I hadn't thought of it, but I might add it to the use-case list. Thanks. :)





@magnacarta, you've been given LUV from @crrdlx.

Check the LUV in your H-E wallet. (3/10)

Hi, @luvshares, @crrdlx and everybody, greetings from Venezuela (I speak only a little English) I would like have my first Luv #firstLUV. This is the tag...but I don't know the meaning of "ping" and up says "and ALSO ping @crrdlx)"and here in the laptop I use sometimes doesn't open traductor google. May you help me?

Hello! "ping" just means to reach out to someone. You just gave me (@crrdlx) a ping. Here is another !LUV for you. It looks like you are already half way to getting to 10, then you can give one per day away for free from the @LUVshares account.

@sayury, @luvshares(4/10) sent you LUV. wallet | market | tools | discord | community | daily

⚠ The LUV command will soon require a limited number of other "!" commands accompany it. Details here.

This is an amazing idea of spreading LUV
Thank you @crrdlx!

Did you mean "spreading love"? 🤔😅

Have a !PIZZA with !LUV on behalf of @savvyplayer! 😁




@remenzer! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @savvytester.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at hive.pizza (7/10)

Thanks. I appreciate you saying that. !LUV

Sorry, out of LUV tokens to be sent today. Try tomorrow. (10 LUV in your wallet allows you to freely give 3 per day)

#firstLUV I was excited to meet this project and I can't wait to help people with !luv.:)

🙂 Happy you're here and wish to share LUV.

While LUV is a !lovely tipping token, you can also tip !HUG once a day for free. 🤗

Dear @dusunenkalpp, you just got hugged.
I sent 1.0 HUG on behalf of @savvytester.

i think i got more than 500, but i don't see the badge of Legend, do you know why? !LUV

It's there on PeakD (that's the only place it shows up, I believe).
Screenshot 2021-12-15 052409.jpg

oh, i see it now.. thanks

@mightyrocklee, this comment has been manually curated with LUV

Spreading love and peace among us human 🙂
And Have fun with each other
Great idea
Thanks @crrdlx

just curious is there anyone way to see how many wallet holders there are?

If this question was referring to LUV, yes, you can go to https://he.dtools.dev/richlist/LUV and it shows all LUV holders. Currently, 8,622 Hive users hold some amount of LUV.

Greetings, I like your project. I am in position number 28 of LUV holders. I think I'm already deserving of the LUV Legend badge.

I just sent your badge to you on PeakD. Thanks for letting me know and thanks for participating with LUV.

@yisusth, this post has been manually curated with LUV

great explain, thanks for this info :-)




@victorbz, this comment has been manually curated with LUV.

Check the LUV in your H-E wallet.

thank you very much for the 1 LUV gift

Awesome concept and thanks for the complete explaination.... I think I like it here. ... @crrdlx

Thank YOu so much .... really appreciate the love!

Yes, you're welcome

Nice! I want to join! to give love!

Just sent some !LUV to you, check you're H-E wallet.

@cibersk8, you were given LUV from @crrdlx. About LUV: https://peakd.com/@luvshares

Is 750 LUV the goal to badge and spreading the love?

The minimum to share LUV is only 10. It's 750 for the badge. I see you have 176, but I'm sure you'll get there. Here's one more:

Ill put some more orders in.

Thanks. I am sure I will...


getting there, some orders went through a few hours ago....

Thanks !PIZZA


This was really helpful, I got my first luv yesterday and I was really clueless on what to do or what it meant but reading this has answered some of my questions

Thank you @luvshares

If you have any questions, ask me (@crrdlx). :)

Quiero #firstLUV

!LUV for you @ojsuarez2

@ojsuarez2, @luvshares(1/10) sent LUV. | connect | community | HiveWiki | NFT | <>< daily

Join in Hive General chat | Type ! help (no space) to get help on Hive. Info

Made with LUV by crrdlx

This is just wonderful, sharing luv.
I am a big believer in Love.
I would love to share some Luv
Thank you @crrdlx

Just sent you 8. You now have enough to give 1 away per day for free.

That's so generous and wonderful.
Thank you so much.
So I am off to give some !luv

it seems like my !LUV calls dont work since a few days. Any idea?
Thanks in advance :)

There have been some hive engine things going on with the nodes that run things. Causes the bot to delay or stop. I have to manually restart. Then it should catch up. There is a chance some LUV commands do not get executed if if falls into a sliver of block numbers. Sounds like that might be the case with you. This has been an issue the past days. A bit worrisome. I'll look.

Thanks... I'll keep trying :)

I was just now able to sit down and begin to work on things. Give it some time. :)

Hey @crrdlx, here is a little bit of BEER from @kryptodenno for you. Enjoy it!

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I think things are working better now...had some node/api issues. Some !LUV commands were missed, sorry about that. If I can figure it out, I hope to go back and cycle through the missed blocks.

LUV should be shared. Share the LUV.

Much !LUV 🍻

We love !LUV In the blockchain! Big up all the love you spread, it is important

Posted using Dapplr

Thanks, I appreciate you saying so. :)

@crrdlx I do not have #firstLUV yet but someday maybe I will have 10 and be able to share LUV.


Thank you for your witness vote!
Have a !BEER on me!
To Opt-Out of my witness beer program just comment !STOP below

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Congratulations @luvshares! You have completed the following achievement on the Hive blockchain and have been rewarded with new badge(s) :

You got more than 700 replies.
Your next target is to reach 800 replies.

You can view your badges on your board and compare yourself to others in the Ranking
If you no longer want to receive notifications, reply to this comment with the word STOP

Check out the last post from @hivebuzz:

Feedback from the June 1st Hive Power Up Day
Support the HiveBuzz project. Vote for our proposal!

Hey @crrdlx, your $LUV initiative is Really cool 😎and lovely! 🥰 Thanks for doing it! 🙏

You surely deserve a slice of !PIZZA 🍕 some !BEER 🍻 and a very huge hug! 🤗

Heh, thanks. Hopefully some good things will come if the endeavor. I appreciate your encouragement. !LUV

"Love Is the answer"

and a huge hug! 🤗



@crrdlx! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @amico.sports.

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@luvshares! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @amico.sports.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at hive.pizza (6/10)

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Love love love this idea, I just understand how this works. I'm gonna start spreading love in hive, @crrdlx can I have a little help?!😇