Play With Fire

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Light painting with solstice bonfire

Hello stranger! We live in an odd world. We are all odd. Yet we are determined to place everyone in the same box. One size fits all. Imagine that! Perfectly cast after a prototype. Bodies are dull. Any bot would suffice. It is the mind that makes the difference. How come our world is built on models that everyone should be able to perform at the set level? If you underperform you are deemed worthless, damaged, lacking, useless, stupid, dumb boot. The heck is wrong with you? Hard things can be extremely hard. Easy things can be hard or impossible. But you got to jump high or break your neck while trying! You are not trying hard enough! Listen judgy Jill! You don’t get it! They are trying. Not hard. Extremely hard! To fit some stupid cookie-cutter standards some drone created in a windowless cement cell. The slave machine! Level up or be worthless. Ugh!

Look at that loser. Struggling with a simple set task. What a moron! Shame. Perhaps, if you weren’t a moron with the ruler stuck up yours you would learn a thing or two about how different humans work. There’s also this thing called compassion or are you so desensitized and dulled down you see only one value in people. What can they do for you? What gets you what you want? The dollar sign ding ding ding! But look they have this and that going for them, what are they complaining about? The surface level isn’t something to judge someone’s capabilities by. Can you ever truly tell what is going on between the ears? What’s crippling? What’s making them stumble or reach their greatness? It is easier to judge though than giving them a hand, giving encouragement, a healthy nudge, or ask what is happening. It is easier to say it is none of my business, and not to give a fuck, demand the performance from the racehorse. That is exactly why we sometimes feel so alone when we don’t distract ourselves from the sad reality.

I’m an old, worn out racehorse. I am judged when I am not performing. They say if I can you can. They say I don’t try hard enough. They say I got this and that going for me, how dare I complain about life. The other day I was judged about my physical capability to keep up. But I did not exaggerate when I said worn out. Of course, I could push it with a risk of becoming cripple too. Shall I push it? Jump or break your neck trying. Nah. There’s no shame in admitting your limitations. There’s no shame in saying I can’t sometimes.

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A racehorse is allowed to have a moment of pause. A moment of saying "I can't, no more". I get you. I think compassion is something humanity needs more of.

People always search how to cause more damage or hurt the ones who hurt them. It is very sad to have to restitch your heart over and over again.Compassion is the right ointment. Understanding that all our bad actions come from a place of trauma and pain and try to understand rather than to judge. In a performance driven society the whip of financial profits has no compassion. We need to change that. One soul at a time. By being nice, caring. By doing good when other might have harmed us. Compassion goes hand in hand with forgiveness.

I loved your photos😊

"Understanding that all our bad actions come from a place of trauma and pain and try to understand rather than to judge." You hit the nail on head with this one! It is like some sort of self defense mechanism that not always comes across the right way and those at the receiving end not always understand those reactions come from place of pain or feeling worthless, not feeling appreciated and that in those moments while being harsh to others they are hoping that perhaps someone will show them compassion, ask them what is wrong. But even without lashing out on others, when you are not ok and your performance drops and you feel miserable then and there, some people would not ask what's wrong and rather look at them as being some pathetic creature and that is where the compassion is missing. It's such cold way to handle people. I wish that changed.

Thank you! And thank you for your comment as it brings out one more dimension to the topic!

You see, it is very hard to get compassion when the behaviour scream unkindness and the inside is crying. Here there is a little influence of the ego. Most people lack enough self esteem in order to admit they are hurt or that they have to apologise. And because they lack this very important inner resource, they can't be nice. They need to feel superior somehow. Actually it is sad, if you think it through. But it is not an excuse for bad behaviour. Compassion is very good and welcomed, but I believe it should be given to people who at least show they are willing to change their wrong doings. Causing pain comes from pain, but it does not justify the perpetuation of the pattern. It would be then toxic and deceiving and using it for getting "victim pity" . So there is a very fine line but in the end I belive in the power of kindness with a drop of realism .

I enjoyed reading and thank you for your quality answers in the replies! I enjoyed it too:)

People are quick to judge others these days and mostly too self-absorbed to take the time to ask how are you doing? Indeed, often people don't even recognise what may be going on beneath the surface in other people's lives.

Nice photos M. I hope you're well.

I wonder where the self-absorbed is stemming from also. I know I can be self-absorbed too sometimes and maybe it is something to do with spite as well? Is it something like you have not shown any bother in how I am doing, why should I do the same? and with time people just grow colder and colder to each other rather than asking simple question and start the conversation. Maybe they are having real troubles and they simply haven't had the energy for anything else.

Thank you Galen! I am doing better than a little over month ago. Too much stress then. Getting back to normal slowly. Hope you are doing great too!

Good to hear you are going well and things have improved. I guess for us you could say we're on the decline. We had to have our best friend put down, or 22 year old cat Merlin, last Friday and it broke our hearts. My dad is also seriously ailing, so every time my phone rings I expect the worst. It's a matter of time.

I think you're right, people become colder, more closed to others, little by little and before long it becomes total apathy or even the inability to even perceive that someone might be struggling inside. They just don't care and so don't see it, or think to ask. Sad really.

It's amazing how powerful are you ok can be to someone who is not ok.

I am so sorry :( Hugs

It is very powerful. Even if it is all they are able to do.

Thanks M, it is part of life. I'll lose my dad shortly too...He is almost gone. Maybe tonight, tomorrow possibly. Not a good week, but we will have memories to remember them by. I appreciate your message. 🙂

I'm NOT quite sure I got the message intended within the narration...??? Maybe I'm just NOT smart enough???

BUT...I liked it either way :>)

Edit: Oh...I almost forgot; the images are a feast for the eyes as well.

I guess the message was meant to be about how people sometimes make judgement about capabilities of others and apply their own set of standards to them without realizing that not all are at the same range as they are and that for others certain things can be so much more harder. Or sometimes people go through some really tough stuff which disables them and it doesn't mean that normally they would not be able to perform to the capacity. I guess I am not making perfect sense with this one? xD

I am glad you liked the images! Before I had only taken pictures of light objects that are moved around to create the swirls and shapes, this time I moved my camera around to draw instead.

Oh, good... I got the message right then😎 My comment included failed humor @m31.
The movement of the camera was my suspicion; thanks for telling us your secret.

Failed humour is still humour, or so I declare! Lol.


I suspect truth within your humorous declaration @galenkp
and I shall ponder, further in an attempt to ascertain, what I suspect IS in fact, not false...!!!

Does that make any sense to you? I'm a bit confused...??? Lol.

Lol...It makes complete sense, for sure, maybe. Definitely.

Absolutely, positively, definitely...almost for sure. (This was an actual response I once received from a friend) I asked him why he just simply didn't say 'maybe'.

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Incredible, how did you do to achieve these extraordinary images? XOX

Well. The bonfire was about to be finished and there were these hot, glowing coals just left and I wanted to capture them as they seem to look like magical fairy lights or something. When I took the first shot, it was a bit dark for my camera so it attempted to make long exposure shot, but since I did not use tripod, my hand moved and it created the light swirls and I thought... hmm interesting and began experimenting with movement until I achieved some of these fun shots :)


This one!! It would make a great wall print.

Drawing with light seems really fun. Of course I only now noticed that there is actually a community for lightpainting, but I don't think I am at those guys level xD I had made some with glowing objects that are moved around before. This is the opposite. It is actually the hot, glowing leftovers from the bonfire and I moved my camera in all kinds of directions and tried to draw some shapes while the camera was taking those longer exposure shots.

There is a lightpainting community? :D

The shots turned out really well and there are a few which would make a nice series of prints. I liked that one as it had a range of colours in it too :)

Yep, it's called Lightpainters United, but that is like a proper art there, I have no clue how they do it.

It's the blend between the fire and the sky and at first it was pure accident, then I tried to replicate it and try different ways of making them.