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aka eat more plants than animals.


I’m a carnivore! I love meat. I love it, I love it, I love it. I sort of grew up on a farm. My grandparents were dairy farmers. I ran around their farm as a kid and did farm things...cow milkin’, hay stackin’, creek swimmin’. Yup, good old fashion fun. Meat was alway the centerpiece of our meals.

So...what I’m telling you here is that I am a huge fan of well sourced, hormone-free and humanely raised meat.

However, I believe that it's time we move the spotlight off meat. Meat has been the star of the show for a long time. Why not give the supporting cast member a chance to shine. Plants have proven time and time again that they're worth it.

(see what I did there?)


  1. VEGGIES HELP FIGHT OFF THE BIG, NASTY DISEASES. Evidence is mounting that the healthiest diets are loaded with plant foods and plant proteins. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables plays a huge role in reducing the risk of all the major causes of illness and death- we’re talking about the big boys like cancer, heart disease, strokes and diabetes.

  2. PLANTS CAN TAKES INCHES OFF YOUR WAIST. If you are eating a lot of plants, many of which have only 10 to 50 calories per cup, you are going to lose weight!!

  3. FATTEN UP THAT WALLET (one thing we like nice and fat). Quality meat is expensive. I eat most of my meals from this killer neighborhood grocery store called FORAGERS. It’s EXPENSIVE- my eyeballs almost fall out of my head 4 times a week. Not gonna lie, organic vegetables are close behind but load up on seasonal vegetables (organic or not) for less!

I am not a vegetarian. I eat meat. I love meat. Am I certain that every piece of meat I eat is sourced well and treated humanely? No, BUT, whenever possible, I make sure it is. I am conscious of my choices and I'm certain that when I buy vegetables, I'm not supporting animal cruelty. Eating more vegetables means I purchase and consume less meat. Now thats simple math.

It's hard to argue with a plant-based diet when it benefits our health, waistline, wallet, and conscience. Any movement towards more plants and less meat is a big step in the right direction. It’s about rearranging the furniture...but on your plate- move the meat to the side and let’s make the big beautiful colorful vegetables shine in the center.



I agree with you on every level here. I was a vegetarian for 16 years, vegan for 1. Then I went to places where I didn't have a choice and I had to eat meat. So I gradually eased back into it, but I only eat meat about 1-2x a week, not more. We don't need to eat it every day, that's for sure

Thanks for the comment! I came from the other side. I was eating so much meat and felt that I needed it to stay lean. I feel much better now eating meat 3-4 times a week ( I eat fish more now too and don't put it in the same category as red meat, pork and chicken - only because I don't feel as heavy after eating fish.) I"m now so interested in all the creative ways I can eat veggies!!

Good write up, Holly. It's nice to see non crypto related content getting love on this platform. Makes me want to start blogging about nutrition. I was hesitant to start as I wasn't sure there was much of an audience here for it.

As for nutrition, you're spot on imo. The only complication for me is being a male that strives to have higher than natural levels of muscle mass. I realized long ago that the 2-300 grams of protein I was eating daily might not be the healthiest thing in the world.. but how else to maintain progress in the gym?

I suppose, if I am utilizing more of that protein, then any extra stressed it may cause on the body may be nullified. Either way, I guess it comes down to priorities.

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Vegan is ok as long a you get enough of the right bodybuilding protein and b vitamins

I would have a hard time going vegan. I love meat from time to time but feel better getting tons of veggies.

I really enjoyed reading your post and I liked the contrast that even though being a meat-eater you are promoting vegetarianism.

It's true. I feel my best when I get tons of veggies in my diet. I crave meat and it's an easy source of protein but my plate is always 75% veggies or more.

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Me gusta la carne y los vegetales. Pero en la actualidad los venezolanos no consumimos carne: esta incomprable. cuesta mas que un sueldo mínimo.BUEN POST.

agree 1000% a plant based are awesome and we should all try to get at least 60-70% of our food via plants. At the same time we need to eliminate the bad stuff-processed foods and bad fat.
My waistline shrunk simply by stopping eating bread, rice, pasta, potatoes , and sweets. I do eat those things from time to time but on an average day I don't . Never been healthier

TOTALLY!!! I plan on posting more about processed foods and the difference between healthy fats and dangerous fats. I just couldn't put it all in one post. Most people don't realize how much JUNK there is out there disguised as "health" food. Eliminating grains and starches alone will shrink the body. Thanks for the note!!

You look great! When you say eat veggies for health and wasteline reasons, you will not find a hard time convincing people with this figure. As for me, I also love meat but a sucker for veggies as well. Not only because they are cheap (like you alo said) but because they are delicious (especially when half-cooked) and promotes a good bowel movement (excuse the language).

hahah. Totally! When I look at my plate each meal I want to make sure that most of my plate is filled with veggies. When I have meat it should be 1/4 of my plate at most. Thats definitely not the way I grew up! Meat was always the biggest part of my plate. So this is a new concept for me. And I like it!!

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Hello Holly! I also try to make my diet 80% vegetable! Many herbs, greens, nuts and vegetable fiber are something that I feel great! Thank you for your work!

yes! It's working for me too ! It also makes the meat I do eat tastier...because it's not an every meal occurrence. I'm also very particular about the sourcing of my meat :)

All greens, no moo! :)

Totally supportive of all plant- based diet!! I get it!

We moved to Spain a few months back and they love eating meat here! I agree we do eat to much meat.. I am trying to start to eat more vegetables - and have also given up sugar. I just find it hard to get enough calories in (im a small guy and trying to build muscle) but starting to learn that I can get my extra calories from healthy fats ...

Spain!!! Now that's the home of many good meats!! I crave meat at certain times so I don't want to take it out of my diet. Protein is the building block of muscle, and I'm not saying you cannot get enough quality proteins with a plant based diet, it's just a little harder. Nutrient timing is big when trying to put on mass...making sure your protein consumption is high post-workout. I've been trying a variety of plant based protein powders post workout like Pea as well. And yea, all about the healthy fats!

Yes there is so much meat here! I dont want to take it out either I just think sometimes that I eat too much. Yeah I generally have Protein powder post workout (whey protein isolate)

Nice Hollow! Thanks for sharing information. :)

The one carrot 🥕 is giving the other a hug 🤗

So much yes to this post, at different times, I've been a vegetarian, a vegan and a meat eater, I have even followed a strict ketogenic diet for four years, but I feel the healthiest on a diet where most of my nutrition is coming from plants and what I'm eating is whole foods. I'm new to Steemit and am excited to post more recipes (did a berry smoothie recipe yesterday ) and connect with other healthy eaters.

Great post. We all love meat, we eat meat 3 times a week, and the other 4 days we eat vegetables. It's important to find the balance. You do not have to stop eating meat just do not have to eat it every day. I have 4 children who like to eat vegetables. Vegetables are healthy and important for their growth and development. When we lived in Croatia we always had our own garden and home grown vegetables and fruits. I miss my garden and relaxed life in the village.

I really enjoy your perspective! Sometimes labels make it seem like eating health is an "all or nothing" ordeal but someone can love meat and eat all kinds of delicious and nourishing plants too! Ultimately, just getting off the processed foods is a move that's beneficial for everyone and buying more fresh foods can help to form new habits and leave others behind. Keep up the great work. I'm new to Steemit but am happy to have found you and your content, excited to dig into more : )

I stopped eating meat almost 10 years ago and it was the best decision I ever made! Sure I still occasionally eat fish, but I just feel so much fresher and healthier since the switch. I know when I made the decision back then, people would act shocked and ask me why, but it's great to see how it is now increasingly common for people to make more of an effort to reduce their meat intake. Veggies are so delicious and so good for you!

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Inspires! Your article is beautiful. I wish it was too late to back it up. I'm at a crossroads right now. I feel almost ready to move on to vegetable food. My motivators are the same as yours: conscience, profit, and purse... taste. I like vegetables and fruits. But I still love meat, too. And especially fish and seafood. But the step has been taken. From now on, the vegetables will be in the center of the plate to Shine. Maybe one day they'll all win and I'll be vegan.