Molotov Cocktail Thrown in my Dads House ~ #stoptheviolence

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Yeah, you read that right. I came back downstairs to my computer after making some food and saw a missed call from my brother. So I called him back. Only to find out that my dads house was a blaze. Someone had thrown a molotov cocktail up on to his second story porch. It then grew very fast, and spread to his 3 season porch. With in no time at all, it had reached his hallway door leading to his kitchen, my step-mom was on the other side of this door.


My dad had only left 10 minutes prior. My step mom heard a boom and went to investigate. Once she opened the door, she was met with a fireball to her face and black smoke began to billow into the kitchen and the rest of my dads house. She instinctively ducked her head and ran down the stairs to get outside.


The fire department was there in minutes, but the damage had already been done. My dads house, one in which he has lived for the past 21 years, was basically trashed. Although the actual fire didn't reach 100% of his place, the smoke and soot are almost impossible to get rid of.


Him and his wife have been staying with my family. They salvaged what they could in suitcases that are sitting in my garage. Every time I walk in there I am hit with an unmistakable smell of smoke. Not like bonfire smoke though. It's a smoke smell I've never smelt before, but will never forget.


Luckily my dad and step mom are safe. That is the most important thing. Possessions can be replaced, and memories, while fade away, still have a place in our minds.

What would cause someone to possibly kill another person by lighting their house on fire, you ask?

A disagreement in politics.

This is the second house that was waving Trump flags to be burned in the past week. The other was a town over in Brooklyn Center. So whether it was BLM, Antifa, or just a Trump hater, it makes no difference to me.

The most ironic thing about this is that my dad rents out the main level to two businesses. One being a black owned barbershop which caters to mostly black people. The other is an African Hair braiding salon, another black owned business. The barbershop is a total loss but fortunately the hair salon sustained minor damage and is open for business.


This unnecessary violence needs to stop and peaceful conversations need to happen.

If I had my way, politics would simply cease to exist and individuals would be able to handle their affairs the way they deem best for themselves. But I am told I am a Utopian and we need rulers to stop chaos from happening........

If burning someones house down with someone inside, for simply disagreeing with someones beliefs, isn't chaos....what is?

Here is a video I took after we were allowed back in:


Terribly sorry to see this man.
Definitely gets my blood boiling to see it was done just because of a Trump flag out front. These leftists are getting out of control. Such a shame.

@jeffjagoe, "it's such a cryin', cryin', cryin' shame", as my boy Jack Johnson would sing. I am an empath more than a revenge-style person, so my blood, while not boiling, was hot. But my heart, my memories, my sadness for my father and step-mom was at its max. I was probably the most visibly sad out of anyone, including my parents. It's unfortunate some people deal with disagreements with violence, and unfortunately it happens on both sides, more one than the other I could argue....but I'm going to take a page out of my dads book and say, life goes on. I'm going to do what I think is best, and that is change minds. Even if it is one at a time.

Thanks for your thoughts.

What the shit? Why would they do this? I'm sorry you have to deal with this mess. I hope no one was hurt.

@hivetrending, thanks for reaching out.

What the shit is right! One of my first reactions as well, as you could imagine.

Why? Well, I can only speculate as I am not the arsonist. But political hatred has led to such divisiveness in this country (and other places as well, albeit probably not as bad, or maybe more so, idk), that for some, there is only one way to disagree with someone, and that is violence. In my experience, politics, and its ring of power control, have led to the nastiest and most despicable actions one man could do to another.

Thank you for the condolences, my father had left a few minutes prior and my step-mother escaped with the memory of a fire ball to her face when she opened her kitchen door, minor smoke inhalation, and some nicely singed hair. Could have been much worse, and for that we are thankful.


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God bless your whole family @intothewild. I'm really sorry to hear about your dads place. The only P-word I abide by ain't politics--@dandays requires no commander in chief.

I'm really sorry about your dad's loss man. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

@dandays, thanks for the kind words friend, much appreciated. I don't like to assume, but would the P word you're referring to also be likened to a feline? lol, please correct me if I'm wrong :) All heil Chief Dan Days!

You're very welcome @intothewild. I shared this article with at least 20 people outside this platform (so far). I hope the maggots responsible get what they deserve.

Mmeeeeeooowwwwww 😉

Wow! That is horrible. I am glad that everyone is safe. Like you said, that is the most important thing. Best of luck to all of you as you rebuild and move forward. People just really suck sometimes.

Horrible indeed, @bozz. Thanks for reaching out.

Your consistency and quality posting is admirable. Good to have people like you here, I wish I could be consistent as you. Hive on bud.

I am lucky enough to have a job that allows for it. If I am sitting at a computer most of the day I may as well take advantage! Thank you for the kind words.

There is a special place in hell for people that do this kind of shit. Glad to hear you family is safe. I sure hope they find those A-holes that did this!!

@jlsplatts, as always, I appreciate your words. I also hope the arsonist is found, but I'm not going to lose sleep over it. It was cowardice...they don't deserve my time. If they have any semblance of any conscious at all, it will be them losing sleep over it. A lifetime to think about almost killing a woman, over politics. Sleep tight man, I know I will.

I like where you head is at!! Stay positive, stay safe and enjoy a !BEER

So sorry to hear about this terrible event. It makes no sense, but then again the whole world is spiraling out of control. Great news to hear that your Dad and his wife are okay, that is what really matters.
I hope the SOB that had so little regard for life is arrested and serves major time behind bars, locked up like the animal he is. God bless your family @intothewild.

So nice to hear from you, @thebigsweed. It's been a while, I hope you and @farm-mom are doing well in these times. I'd say moving out of the city was perfect timing for us. Now my dad might get that opportunity as well if they total out his building. We will wait and see.

Don't be a stranger :)

WTF? Do they have any leads on a suspect?

WTF, yeah, literally, wtf? I like to think I'm shocked, but I wasn't too shocked to hear about the one in BC....but now it had effected me, the odds are pretty astronomical I would gander. But maybe not. My life has been one of the odds always seeming to break in or out of my favor.

I literally installed cameras for him a few months ago! But no! Nothing on the cameras that saw anything suspicious or nefarious. There was a decent blind spot between his garage and the sidewalk on the corner of his house, my best guess is they ran to the corner, threw it, and ran back the way they came, otherwise they most surely would have been seen by the cameras because they are motion activated.

They are investigating, but my hopes are pretty low.

Damn WTF. Supporting Trump doesn't deserve this. I'm very sorry for your dad and mom. There's some real fucking idiots out there :(

By the way, I'm not implying in the least that your folks did something similar, but that Brooklyn Center arson seemed very suspicious, as in Jussie Smollet walking down the sidewalk wearing a noose suspicious: What arsonist asshole would have spray painted their garage with "Biden 2020" before torching it??

It's tough to justify burning someones house down....especially with someone inside. I think I could only think of a few valid reasons to do so, and those, while being vengeful, most would see as acceptable...............this would not be the case here, obviously.

No implications taken. I didn't dive deep into the BC situation, just read a few news clips and saw some video. But idk, tbh. I remember seeing Biden 2020, BLM, and the anarchy A spray painted, which is funny, seeing as no anarchist would burn down someone else's property, especially over something as trivial as a Trump flag.

My gut tells me someone saw an opportunity to hurt their opposition, they didn't think twice (obviously) and they torched it and rubbed it in their face, Biden 2020. But that's just my gut.

Thanks for your condolences and words @pfunk.

Is this was a political attack then this is without a doubt an act of terrorism

Agreed, @johneyreacko. It is the literal definition.

I am no Trump fan, but I have never seen any good in attacks on person or property based on political disagreement.

Same boat, @jacobtothe. Let's go fishing. I think you and I would have some mega awesome convos.

I'll try to give you a shout if I'm ever Minnesota bound again!

These people are so shit it’s unbelievable. They are only hurting the average joes.

They put 1 black owned barbershop out of business for a while, and hindered an African Hair braiding salon. The irony of trying to hurt a "rich, white, Trump supporter" by burning down his house, while at the same time ruining two black peoples livelihoods is astonishing to me.

Amazing how these white kids can commit acts of terrorism under the name “black lives matter” and nobody says shit about how inherently racist that is.

It’s almost as shitty as when they try to tell me what Cubans should think and feel before trying to intimidate me out of speaking and thinking for myself.

The question is, why did you leave them breathing? Communists are not people. Kill them all.

@nathanpieters, thanks for reaching out man.

I want to clarify, I do not know the ethnicity or race to the arsonist, so I cannot conclude he/she/they were white, or's tragic, sad, and wrong all the same. But in other circumstances, yes, I see what you mean.

If I had seem whoever did this, in the act....well, lets just say I'd probably be typing this from prison and it would be relayed to you via my lawyer.

They won't stop until we fight back. Rittenhouse popped 3 of them and look how much it slowed down here in Wisconsin. Just sayin...

It's amazing how people fighting for freedom, free speech, equality ect... Are so fast to discount the same rights for others. They are the first to shout for what they want but refuse to give the same rights to others if it doesn't suit their narrative.

This was probably done in protest of hate, looking for equality, opportunity.
Yet they have just taken those same things from innocent people.

Nailed it on the head, @niallon11. Rules for thee but not for me, in a sense. It’s tragic.

Thanks for your input.

My father @thebigsweed was telling about this when I went to see him this weekend. Sorry to hear about this and our family sends our prayers your way!! Hope your family is ok during this crazy time in USA. Stay safe ryan313

Thanks for the words and prayers man. My old man in one tough SOB, just another road block in this thing we call life. You and yours take care as well :)

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