Poll: Testing the waters: HiveFest 2022 but IRL again, would you come? (Serious answers only please)

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Alright, it's been a while since you heard from me. A rather turbulent year so far personally (isn't life?) plus we are (preparing to) constructing a house, which is usurping my day-to-day "work life". It is great to be doing that and devoting time to it, so definitely no complaints here.

AI image - command: Happy people in line for voting on an issue in a futuristic city with trees

That said: I'm looking into options for organising HiveFest 2022! And to be quite honest, although the VR editions of past 2 years worked out wonders in terms of bringing many more people together, and connecting, I'm longing for an IRL (in real life) edition, to see many of you again since Bangkok 2019! For those who can't make it but still want to connect with others VR would still be used as an interactive livestream option to attend.

But the world is not the same as 2019, which brings up challenges to organising an event like HiveFest with such an international audience. So, after two years, we have airfares which might be doubled compared to what they where and inflation is pounding basically across the world. Although, when looking at flights hopping instead of directs one can save drastically.

Poll: Would you come to HiveFest 2022?

Basically what I am asking you is, I'm polling you, would you make it to an IRL HiveFest 2022 given the following parameters:

  • Europe
  • Mid September
  • 4 days - 4 nights
  • Conference ticket price between 200-250 HBD for 2 days of conference, many F&B's included, some activities too (hopefully to be lowered with sponsorships)
  • Hotel for 4 nights approx 350 EUR (Could be roomshared to 50% this. And obviously cheaper & more expensive options available)
  • Airfare is variable obv, but looked up some: CAD 400, $450 from NY (1 hop), Asia 500-700 USD, in-EU flights EUR 70-150 etc.

The outcome of this poll is important for my decision making.

If you will, please think about it seriously, and then answer seriously, using the following "voting guide/rules":

  1. Consider upvoting this post for visibility (all funds go to @HiveFest - oh oh, asking for upvotes)
  2. Then, upvote from the main 3 comments (made by me - below this post) only one of the 3 options, which best reflects your answer:
    1. Yes - 95% sure I will do whatever it takes to make it
    2. No - 95% sure I can't make it
    3. Maybe (not sure I can make it)

Thanks for your time, looking forward to hear from you!

(as said, all liquid funds / rewards will go to @HiveFest)

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1: YES, I'm 95% sure I can make it to HiveFest 2022 🥳

Choose & upvote this comment-option if you, given the parameters stated above, think you will be most certain you can make it and have funds to make it, to HiveFest 2022! (Please refrain from voting on the other options).

3: Maybe I can make it, maybe not 🤷‍♀

Choose & upvote this option if you, given the parameters stated above, have no idea yet. (Please refrain from voting on the other options). Note that I will not be using much of the outcome of this poll option, but it gives me an idea in the amount of "maybees" :)

It's a definite maybe from me.

Having only gone to steemfest 3 with a pocket full of dreams and crazy community ideas that didn't really come to fruition apart from starting 'The Ink Well' which helps keeps the art of the short story alive on hive... I'd love to attend with no more reason than to meet people, have fun, share stories and have a laugh!

Sometimes, being all serious is just such a drag. Once you announce the country. I'll have more idea if I can make it. But being in the UK, money prob won't be the issue, timing might be a problem.

Fingers crossed 🤞 for hivefest 2022. For me to listen, learn, and assess what others' ideas are, and what they bring to hive.

With respect from an old-school steem/hive content creator who witnessesd the magneficanent job you accomplished in Krakow!

All the best @roelandp and I hope you achieve this IRL meet up.

As I feel I would need a bull market ( don't we all? ) to attend my very first 'real life' Hive fest, I will answer with a maybe. It sure helps that it takes place in Europe, though.

Een knuffel uit Portugal!

Thank you @roelandp for doing this event planning Year after Year, from Steem to Hive.
I really regret missing Steemfest in Krakow and in Bangkok. I really regret missing out on those meetups before Covid. Unfortunately, I am a Maybe for this event. Travel is so much more difficult, but I believe it is still fun and exciting. I say maybe because it depends on where in Europe it is…what the travel restrictions are, and whether the war in Ukraine is over or not.
While Asia is quieter war wise, probably more expensive airfare, although hotels may be cheaper. I wish I had gone to Steemfestin Bangkok, I really missed a big opportunity. But I don’t know what my finances will be then. So maybe. Thank you again for organizing this event.

2: NO, I'm most certain I can not make it to HiveFest 2022 😢

Choose & upvote this option if you, given the parameters stated above, think you can not make it to HiveFest 2022. (Please refrain from voting on the other options).

I am an anon and I would like to keep it that way. At the same time, it sucks to know that I am going to miss the drunk parties. 🙃


a bunch of anons attend each year, they just don't display their username/ use a random throwaway account so that no one actually know who they are on chain, ngc went to one and no one knows who he was

I want to come to this but it is really impossible for me, I am still new here in hive and I think this is a good opportunity, but I also from Philippines and that is too far from me and cant even afford all the expenses for that, in the future maybe

It's a firm no for me, sadly. Not going to get the jab that's required for travel in Europe. I really wish you'd consider Mexico or El Salvador. Better yet, Costa Rica.

Do you think El Salvador is ready for HiveFest!
I think that with everything going on in El Salvador it might be a very good alternative location, or perhaps the events could be on more then one continent?

I would attend a HiveFest in El Salvador in a heartbeat. I think El Salvador would be a great location for HiveFest unless something changes negatively. It's a country that's trying very hard to be relevant.

Not at all. The daughter is marrying in November, and we're saving up our bits and pieces for that event.

I always wanted to go to the Hive Fest. Every year I looked at the prices for flights and hotels, agenda, but finally circumstances interfered, and I promised myself - next time. This spring changed a lot, and I decided that I must go. But September is so close, and the war in my country continues. On the other hand, it's so far, and I've learnt that anything can happen and life can change any moment... I hope for best but in fact I don't know what will be in 3 months, including my financial situation. That's why I say "Maybe" 🙏💔

I'm really happy to hear that there might finally be an IRL version of HiveFest again (I've had enough of the VR versions).

Since Bangkok 2019, it's been two years since I shared a beer SangSom with my Hive friends.

In the proposed pool/comments, the "YES, I'm 100% sure I can make it to HiveFest 2022" is missing. I would do anything in the world, including catch covid one more time 😷, to participate!

Can't wait to see you all again!

No more covid pleeeeease. I'm infected now and not ready for more! 😵
I hope to see you again IRL and to participate in a hypothetical contest 😄

Better to get covid months before than get sick when Hivefest happens. Wishing you a quick recovery.

So sorry @rmach , I hope you get well soon. Please always take more water and fruits okay?

oh take care this week.

No more covid pleeeeease. I'm infected now and not ready for more! 😵
I hope to see you again IRL and to participate in a hypothetical contest 😄

hahaha you are right the covid is horrible my family was very serious last year and emotionally that is very strong, get well soon... Greetings 😀

Cool, can't wait to meet The King of Badges

Hmmm... should I create a badge for Kings? 🤔😂

Sounds not that bad.

hahahahahaha well running all over @hivefest meeting people and scanning their IDs was pretty funny, I came in 8th place Oh!.... That you design a king and queen is not bad... Regards 😄

You are so sweet @arcange for your love towards the hive family even to the point of being infected again by covid19.

For a while, I thought about creating a HiveBuzz badge for those who caught covid. By now, I would already have the one with four stars 😆
The only thing that stopped me was the user's privacy.

Hahaha, that is a nice plan but like you said, the users privacy is stopping you 😁😁.

Hahaha....For a change I will be happy to not get this badge

I would love to come, but it's cutting too short with my Italy holiday in July :-(

Don't go back home after your Italian trip. Why not stay in Europe till HiveFest? 😬

I wish I could :-)If the market gets little better than hopefully I can withdraw some money and come :-)

It would be good to meet up with you again @arcange

Hivefest 2022... for the win!

If you want to meet me again, you will have to come to *HiveFest, not SteemFest! 😉

Ohhh lordy lord what was a bad slip of the fingers. Serves me right for going on a massive commenting spree after having had a meal and a few too many pints out last night.

Of course, I mean hivefest 2022 for the win @arcange
I shall correct it in edit on my comment as well, as we don't need to be reminded of that crap with steem... well only when the movie comes out ;-)

hahahahahahaha I had a good laugh about the covid, cheers 😂.

The 5% are very much depending on if the place is fine with the mascot ;)

Mascot should work out fine :)

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I'm sure it will be amazingly beautiful 🥰🥰.

A big yes, although I can't be 100% sure yet depending on some external events but I'll do my utmost to make it.

I hope you make it dear. Let's just hope you don't have any external events.

Yes I will 100% be there ! I can't wait for some IRL again

No "Happy birthday to you" this time! 🤷‍♂

Very sad about it :p

Probably no scorpion eating this time either 😆

Seems like I'm really missing a lot🥺🥺.

3Maybe (not sure I can make it)

but would be great if you consider the cheaper countries that are already fully open and not care much about vaccination so all could join.

Singapore for example.

well, tbh, last IRL was around the corner in Bangkok :) But you know :) Singapore is a nice option for a future Asia edition for sure! Europe has fully opened up tho as far as my researched went. Just a precaution made by looking into September instead of good ole' November. Last year's november everything locked down 1 week prior to the VR 2021 edition.

Singapore don't care much about vaccination? I thought they were quite strict on it? Or was it just the Singaporeans that needed it? I know people there that couldn't even go to the mall without their vaccinations...

Seeing that I won't be able to make it for this trip gives me heart ache but I hope others who will be privileged should not miss out.

I am going to risk high this year. So, September might still be very possible to me. Assuming I get my stuff (to travel) sorted before then. Wherever it is, as long I can travel to that country. Being in NZ is very far from everyone, so does not really matter unless its on AUS or some islands like around like when it was in Bangkok.

I really pray you don't miss out dear. It's really worth risking but so sad I won't make it but at least many others will, I hope so.

Yes, I have been saving up to attend in person. Thanks for all your work to put them together.

I miss so much a RL HiveFest! :)

I would like to come and promote weedcash. Perhaps explain a few things about the nft of weedcash. I think 3 days is too much but I definitely want to come 1 day. Is that possible. And then I have one more question for you. why can't you buy hive on bitvato will that ever come. that would make it so easy for newcomers from the Netherlands.

Yeah I can try to reach out to them... They do (did) have Steem so it should be a breeze to get an actual decentralized variant of the blockchain supported :)

Represent! If you do we will get you a Weedcash shirt, and you can alternate between that and the Canna shirt lol

Yes Nice. last year in altspace we also had a corner with weedcashers that was cozy. And I did learn something about hive.

Personally, I’ll definitely do my best to make it happen with the parameters specified!

Also, if theres anything you need, Roeland, I’ll do my best to be of assistance.

Regardless of whether we see each other irl or in the metaverse again this year I wish you all the best and really appreciate the effort put into all the installments of HiveFest ❤️

Yeah he is indeed doing a really great job, well-done @roelandp.

YAY! I'm hoping to make it this year. It was an almost definite no for me at first but I'd rather put a 'maybe' because you never know...It'd be great to see you again @robinron :)

2-The idea sounds great, nothing like IRL. However it is too short of a notice at least for myself. We already booked an art show in Asia for mid September.

Hi @roelandp if you considere Portugal as the event location I can help you in a few things.
I work with audiovisuals in music festivals, corporate events, etc. I can help you in getting the best price possible for the corporate event and I personally offer my day work (video stuff) during the 4 days in the event.
If you want to contact me on telegram, please @dozehive

It would be great to see people in person again. I hope it can happen.

Would love to meet you and listen to your sound

Yeah it will be really awesome. I hope many can attend too.

parameters sounds good.

do it!

I don‘t know a single person that can create as many posts and comments as you

Yeah, he's doing so well at it and it is really good of him. I hope to learn from him 🥰🥰.

Haha, nice 👍


let's rock young lady

Yeah 🤭🤭.

Have a great day @manniman.

would love to see Hive Fest come to North America one of these years but no matter what, I’ll do my best to attend

Me too, I really thought this time would be held on this side of the world.

That's all one can do

  1. If it's in Europe, for sure!

But then again I am in Europe!

Why limit ourselves? Its in the world, in the first quarter of the millenium

Yep, I'll be there! 😬 Missed Bangkok and thought: "ah, let's just do it in 2020". Whelp. VR is nice but it's just much different to talk with people f2f. Would be awesome if we could do the first IRL HiveFest in a warmer country and one that can be reached by car/van :P

Then you are sure going to make it except otherwise.

Good day friend ❣️🥰.

I will try, Europe is right next to me but them pesky parenting duties might get in the way

Oh you live near Europe? Thats a very nice place

Scotland here and we were in Europe until the pesky Brexit nonsense which the Scottish people did not vote for but hey ho.

I like to think Israel is part of Europe. But I like to think many things.
I guess the Brexit is actually hurting Britain. But England support of Ukraine is a good step back.

They are only going all out to support Ukraine as a stunt to detract away from their political woes at home. Thats not to say its not good but its not genuine. Blooming UK government are a shower of ***

Sounds too familiar...

Oh that's not really good but let's hope for the best then.

oh man, i'd always be wondering if it would have the same vibe as steemfest 2 had, but yeah, i'd be totally down to frequent something like this in europe! :)

Steemfest 4 was the best one to date ;)

i like having meetups in my own area. hivefest last year was fun but this year i havhave a vr setup so it will be even cooler!!

Option #1: 95% sure I will do whatever it takes to make it

@vcelier how is family doing sir? Just checking on you. Blessings ❣️🙏💞

Would be so awesome Roeland! Moving the Fest to September is the smart thing to do, before a possible Covid flare-up abd maybe tightening restrictions. Fingers crossed :-)

Yes, fingers are still crossed, all we hope for is the best.

Definitely not IRL but most definitely yes on VR. I was really glad to hear you say last year about a hybrid this year and that you're still heading in that direction.

It really depends on where and what dates. But if it fits mt calender then yes!

And you don't mind where in Europe?

I do? Thats why I wrote "where"

Maybe Ukraine to show our support

What. I am not going to Ukraine to have a party! I feel like that would be disrespectful

Good point

Hmm, that is fine, let's just hope it falls on your leisure time.

If its not insane far away, I just need to know the dates, so I can get a vacction ^^

Yeah, that would be great. Let's just wait till the date is fixed.

A tentative YES: Always enjoyed the 'fests' of the past.

Wow, great.

Sorry to say I cannot. But I am so over the top happy to see that you are trying to get a live HiveFest on the go again.

I have to make this a priority in life now. Knowing that they are going live again. Hopefully, maybe, 2023 would be a great year for me.


We're normally going to Spain from September to December, so I demand for the Hivefest to happen in Spain 😄 and also make it dog friendly and outdoor, almost like a Rave Party. 😁

Ok I am fucking with you about the dog thing, but please Spain is the place to go in September:

  • Sun
  • Cheaper than France or Netherland
  • People are nicer than France (but not Netherland)
  • Food is good
  • Weed
  • Lot's of English speaking people

Oh and of course I wanna gig there!!!

People are nicer than France


Ok, ok. There are two REALLY nice French people. @howo and @stoodkev
Who else? 😆

@howo and I both live abroad, so I guess we all agree with that statement haha

Well, if you both agree, then that's OK.
I actually know two more French people who are OK.
The rest...😤🤔...LOL.

Hahaha Fair enough, c'est de bonne guerre...I also got triggered a bit while saying it 😄

You triggered yourself? 🤣

Hahaha How dare me! 😆

Seems like you already have a lot of plans for Spain 😅😅. I hope the hivefest get to hold there someday.

Hahah yes you're right! I think if enough people show interest, it might!

Oh dear, let's see how it goes then.

And I can drive there.

Nice!!! let's do this!!

Barca would be fing great

I agree with ya, Barca could work!

I voted no, it is unlikely I will make it to Europe in the winter, but I also want to say how good I think Hivefest is for the community in general with all the benefits of idea sharing, bonding.. and how much I support it happening.


You make me cry

I have never been to the Hivefest before but I do know it will be lot of fun, so sad we won't be attending it😒.

Where in Europe?

Europe is left of Russia

Anymore left than Russia and we will pay to work.


if it's in EU, I am gonna have to finger cross when it comes to the visa 😅 but if Asia, definitely attending.

Contact me, I can make that happen.

😆 yay!

yes you should come and visit me and markush 🥳

I would love to 😂 hopefully it's gonna be somewhere in NL or like somewhere close.

I would love to go back to asia

Yes! I wish @roelandp would consider Asia again. Maybe singapore or somewhere :D Bali or thailand

Hahaha 😂😂, that is goodnews then😊❣️.

I will be very happy to catch up with Hive people IRL.
I didn't find virtual very connecting or useful.

Try to make it somewhere that has completely removed all COVID related BS.
There are plenty of European countries that have.

I was just in Romania which is lovely, cheap and has no COVID restrictions of any kind.

I Hope You Guys Really Do Consider Doing It On Altspace VR This Time As Well, IRL Meets Wont Be Possible For Me For Another 2-3 Years I Suppose 💔 Really Rooting For VR

Great to here talks about real life event. I would definitely come anywhere in Europe this September, I think you are right to do it just after summer just in case a new COVID waves comes. I don't Europe is gonna close back up before next winter hopefully 😅.


You rock!

Lets Go! Cant wait to see the participants IRL! <3

Start practicing untitled.gif

Uhyeah! Definitly have to practice ;) I have not played since around 2 years now... :) Thanks for the reminder and i guess @roelandp will think about a bowling event. we definitly need defend our two titles ;)

Wow! i've been wanting to know the way (email and messages) of someone to answer me, if this year's hive fest was going to be in person, to be honest i loved the virtual one in 2021, even though i didn't know people i enjoyed it a lot.... 😃

I definitely agree with @arcange in that it matters to take covid to go 😄 I think the presential should be better and I go with the enthusiasm of @roelandp to meet, I had already anticipated a little and have been meeting with hive earnings, although things get more difficult if it is for europe, I thought it was going to be in USA and in november....
Anyway @roelandp Do you already have in mind what city in europe it is in? (I don't remember reading it in the post)🤗.

This news excites me, It really would be great to meet you, cheers!

P.S: ⭐️ Lots of success with that house project ⭐️

Maybe for me. I never went to Hivefest, but really curious to participate. If I'm inEurope at this moment I. will try

I would dearly love to make Hivefest IRL this year; the timing will be the trickiest part! I left the traditional time in November open in the hopes we would be doing it. However, now it is mid-September, and I've booked flights back to Iceland for the 24th. If I can find a way to feasibly change my flights to connect the two or can swing both, then I absolutely will. I'll be waiting with bated breath to see if there's a way to make it work :) Thanks, Roeland!🖤

I would really love to travel and meet all of you.

This day will be an amazigiphy.gifng experience. I'm Brazilian and poor hahaha.
The passage to Europe is very expensive, and 200 hbd is a fair amount but very high for me.
I'm just a crypto baby, but I believe that in the future be very quiet!

To all I wish the best event in the world!


Yeah, I could relate with you because we are kind of in the same boat 🥺🥺.

Oh, yeaa

Let's establish connection and support us in hive. You're a singer.
I'm starting the Hive Music community here at PeakD. I invite you to participate. Posting in the community.

Using the hashtag #musichive

We can talk about this better in the MUSIC HIVE DISCORD.

Oh that is nice, I'm already on the discord group.

Interesting let's see how it goes @roelandp

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Wow this is really nice and I would love to be there

I think it will be a great idea to have it in real life and I bet a lot of people might come but, it will be tricky for a lot of people also.

I know right? But it would have really be a lot of fun.

I hope one day we get to have our own😊😊.

It will indeed be fun.

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