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Ragnarok wants to come to life, and this time a year will hold a great significance to those battling out in Ragnarok. There will be those that taste the sweetest taste of victory, claiming the spoils. Then there will be those that only know the sweet taste of a glorious death and a VIP ticket to Valhalla. The feeling of winning or bubbling a poker tournament will ring very familiar.

Welcome Hivers to Ragnarok Core's first AMA! This post is dedicated to you! Please ask any questions you have about Ragnarok.

Ragnarok is an open-source, cutting-edge NFT play2earn game being dropped freely to all Hivers. The game's goal is to create a community-run and governed game with sustainable tokenomics that create permanent positive feedback loops. Ragnarok wants to be a big sink for HIVE via HBD and will utilize novel DEFI protocols to take play2earn gaming to the next level. There is no premint, sale, or insider access of any kind, the only way to get the NFTs is to hodl HIVE (HP included) on Jan 6th, 2022!

Announcment post: https://hive.blog/hive-131619/@ragnarok.game/ragnarok-is-upon-us

Game Design Document: https://hive.blog/hive-131619/@ragnarok.game/ragnarok-game-design-document

Alas! Let the questions rain in! We will be giving out free HBD to a handful of participants in this AMA!

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Should not allow exchanges to claim, that's a lot of dumping they can do and your team will potentially be blamed for giving exchanges huge amounts of supply they can and will dump driving prices down.

This is a huge oversight that should not be ignored that can ruin your projects reputation. Exchanges historically have TOS saying THEY keep all airdrops your account gets....

Especially the governance token 3pk, that should also not be air dropped to any exchanges. Given the history of what happened on Steem, and collusion between an exchange and outsiders could have lots of 3spk governance tokens and cause havoc. Better to not give any Known Exchange Wallets anything.

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Yes. I have also asked this for the 3pk too

Do pawns get promoted to queens if they reach the end of the board?

What are the dimensions of the grid?

The pawn can become any piece, but the piece must have died first. You resurrect a fallen teammate by sacrificing the pawn's life.

Standard Chessboard, 8x8 grid/ 64 squares. Fewer pieces but more room to maneuver.

Moves of the pieces will be similar to those in chess or they are redefined?

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The resurrected piece returns to full health.

Ah but does it get its spells back? :D
Guessing not.

No, spells are once and down per entire match, even when revived. Spells reset when you play a new game vs a new opponent.

According to recent reports ( https://peakd.com/hive-167922/@dalz/hbd-savings-are-up-or-data-for-transfers-by-date-and-users ), there are 2.7 million HBD in savings. It is extremely difficult to swap any larger amount of HBD to Hive and then back to HBD due to lack of liquidity, so the people who are storing their wealth in the Hive blockchain (savings account) are unfortunately getting left out of the airdrop. It would be great to include them as they obviously see a bright future for the blockchain, so much so that they store their wealth in it.

It seems very easy to calculate how much each HBD should be airdropped. On Jan 6th, someone could use the HBD to Hive conversion operation of the blockchain to convert 1 HBD to Hive. After 3.5 days, however much Hive was received, then this is how much Hive one HBD is equivalent to at this point in time.

Using this simple operation, people who hold HBD in savings can be included in this and any future airdrops to Hive holders. It seems important to me to include them. And if HBD in savings goes up to tens and hundreds of millions of HBD, there won't be enough liquidity for them to convert to Hive and back to HBD in order to participate in airdrops. They'll be left out unless the project aidrops to HBD in savings also.

Seems like a minor change to include, if the snapshot already records HBD balances, should be easy to aidrop to them in addition to the Hive balances.

HBD is a stable coin. HIVE is not. We cannot give you 1 per Hive and 1 per HBD. The only way to achieve this would be to count the price of HIVE at the time of the snapshot, then say you get x in HBD vs. the price of HIVE. So if HIVE is 2$ and HBD is 1$, you would get 1 NFT per 2 HBD.

The HIVE price fluctuates on exchanges, and we can't use any exchange for the price as it can easily be manipulated. We understand that this would be ideal to drop to both HBD and HIVE, but we just do not see a good way to do it. It would be overly complicated. If someone has an easy solution, we are definitely open to hearing a practical way to go about this for future games.

Thanks for considering it! Yes, a very simple solution would be to use the HBD to Hive conversion operation that the Hive blockchain itself has. The blockchain allows for converting HBD to Hive (also the other way around, but then there is a 5% fee). So you can use the decentralized blockchain to convert 1 HBD to Hive. The conversion operation takes 3.5 days, after which you get Hive. However much Hive you got, then this is how much Hive is equivalent to 1 HBD, as defined by the blockchain itself. The conversion operation could be started on Jan 6th, so on Jan 9th you will have the Hive and the answer of how much Hive 1 HBD is equivalent to. :)

EDIT* We have found there is no "simple" in blockchain. But we will look into this and see if it is a possibility. But we are proceeding with HIVE/HP only. Maybe for future game drops we can consider this method. Thank you.

Thank you! Yes, the major Hive frontends have already built an interface for the HBD to Hive conversion in their wallet sections. Here are the steps to do it on the PeakD.com frontend (which is the most popular Hive frontend currently):

  1. Go to your wallet on PeakD.com: https://peakd.com/@ragnarok.game/wallet
  2. Scroll down to "Hive Backed Dollars (HBD)"
  3. Click on the down arrow next to Send and select "Convert to Hive"
  4. A popup window will open - just enter 1 in "Convert Amount", then complete the operation (requires active key).

That's it! After 3.5 days, the blockchain will send you the equivalent amount of Hive for the 1 HBD you converted.

ridiculous to have to do all this, just tally the entire HIVE wallet and drop the tokens, plain and simple, stop with all the hoops

This is not for users to do but for apps that do the airdrop so they can calculate how much Hive an HBD is equivalent to.

There is no simple in blockchain indeed. You are doing great. HBD is not Hive, keep it simple and make it work good.

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what do i need to be eligible for the snapshot?

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I'm withdrawing my HBD from savings at the moment to trade it in the inner market for Hive. I fully expect to lose quite a bit on slippage but I still think it will be worth it, though I wish I had done so sooner as I kind of expect the price to start going higher due to these airdrops (seems it already has started). It'd be cool if they could include it but it's not going to be that much of an issue if they don't.

I don't think you'll lose that much if you are a little careful. Stabilizer buys and sells a lot without much slippage. If there was a lot of slippage it's job would be easier. Mostly the arbitrage bots won't let the market move that much (unless you do it in a very careless way like one big order far from the market).

Imagine hundreds of thousands (or millions) of HBD being sold for Hive and then the Hive being sold for HBD. How is it going to happen without enormous slippage if everyone wants to buy at the same time and then sell at the same time?

I doubt there will be millions, but even if it's over 100k it should work, it may take a while and you'll have to wait around for the market maker bots to do their thing, but there's millions of $ of daily volume on Hive/USDT on the centralized exchanges so there will definitely be market maker bots doing arbitrage providing the needed volume for the interested traders in the inner market. At least if HBD keeps being stable during all of it which we hope it does thanks to the DHF proposal and @hbd.funder rewards being used to stabilize it. Another reason as to why those are important.

Imagine Hive dropping 20% in price (quite likely after the snapshot) while you wait for days to sell back your Hive for HBD. Seems like a very big risk if you have put a lot of your wealth in HBD savings.

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You can convert HBD to Hive, but then you want to exchange the Hive back to HBD because that's how you store your wealth. The HBD to Hive conversion has no fees, but the Hive to HBD conversion has a 5% fee. So a bunch of people would be stuck with a bunch of Hive that they want to sell for HBD asap, which translates to big slippage.

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couldn't you just convert it to Hive?

Only gets you half instantly and the rest after 3 days which would miss the snapshot, also costs 5% as it's mainly meant to be used when HBD is overpriced.

actually I just realized that HBD > Hive is the old way right? So no 5% fee.

You don't get half right away on HBD->HIVE conversion. In that direction you have to wait the 3.5 days for all of it.

Lucky for you there is a crypto low

I'm really not worried either way. There's so many hoops and jockeying to get airdrops, DAPPS really just need to take the overall wallet into consideration. Too many steps is a big turn off to casual users. Wake up and make shit user friendly !

Happy New Year Ragnarok team! This will be an amazing game! I'm still curious about some things tho, thats my questions:

1 . Do we need to login into game when its out with Hive acc to claim airdrop or it will be distributed automatically ?

2 . How many ranks there will be in PvP mode?

3 . Will there be a ranking of top players and guilds ?

4 . What about guilds? Does joining or creating a guild will give us some benefits in game?

5 . Does the market for selling/buying Ragnarok NFT's gonna be released immediately at launch or later on?

6 . When Beta and Official launch of the game?

There are no dumb questions!

wow 6 questions, sips coffee

  1. Yes, your Hive account.
  2. There is 1 tournament every year called Ragnarok where you compete for "big" prizes. You earn exp coins for every battle you win during the Ragnarok tournament if you opt-in.
  3. There will be a yearly tournament where the top 100 players earn all the rewards. 101+ gets Valhalla. History, past winners will be a huge deal in all aspects of this game. The feel of being a former president comes to mind.
  4. People can create guilds if they would like. But no one can help you in Ragnarok, where every person is for themselves.
  5. The DEX will launch alongside the initial NFT release. The NFTs will be released before the game is live.
  6. Soon.

refills coffee, feels small sense of satisfaction

Nice! Thanks for solving my curiosity :)

renting and delegating Nfts possible?

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When public beta and will there be any explicit beta tester rewards/NFT's that will be limited to that time period alone?

Yes! There will be rewards for those that participate in the public test net. We will also offer bug bounties for any bugs found during the initial testing phase.

bug bounties

sounds good!

The current card design looks cool at first glance but has some serious issues. Please improve this design.

Review of card design

Thank you for the feedback. Please do keep in mind this is not the final product but is the core foundation of the layout. The bottom right will actually not have any numbers, the name will be in a better font and be curved/3d style. The bottom left icons, we agree, can be more visible and will act on this feedback.

I think these are valid points. I like the way everything is already but your points are good ones to consider.

How will you be able to claim your airdrops and how many NFTs do you think will be dropped from the current HIVE/HIVE POWER holdiings?

We are looking at around a 33million total NFTs. This does not include spells. So you are looking at roughly 1 NFT for every 10 HIVE. But, it could be 3 million total which would be 1 nft per 100 hive. This is roughly, HIVE circulating supply is closer to 400m. But the important part here is no matter the total amount, it will be 100% freely dropped to Hivers, and the unclaimed goes back into the game to be fairly battled over every year until the cap is reached. Then the SIP should be big enough to make yearly payouts lucrative. #GameTheory

Will that be confirmed before the airdrop?

We are comfortable saying it will be between 3.3 million to 33million total NFTs, excluding spells that are in-game mineable only.

Ok cheers!

No exchanges are getting these drops, right?

Could see a large sell off if so

any mechanics about to distribute them? Like x% goes to the great tournament or some for monthly ones?

Or is it a bit random?

Are bot players considered cheaters?

The game will not be botable, there are too many components. But we welcome bots if anyone can find any use for them.

If so my ex was a bot.

Those dolls have come a long way.

But I wouldn't know. My friend told me.

What sadist buys dolls that cheat on them? :/

A short story has crept into my head...

Please tag me if you choose to make a post about it later

I'm not sure but one thing I do know is there are a lot of funny thoughts inside my head right now.

What will happen during and after the snapshot? Do we have to do anything to claim the NFTs?

BEFORE Snapshot: Get all your HIVE/HP into YOUR account! The snapshot will be based on those wallet amounts, and come claim time, you will need the posting key from that account.

DURING Snapshot: If you did the above, grab a beer, kick back and relax.

POST Snapshot: Stay tuned to this account for details on how to claim. The claim will be long, and the heads-up to claim will be long. No panic, all chill.

Can I sell my hive after the snapshot day?

Will there be any issues claiming my nfts if I dont have the same amount of hive when I click claim?

I was going to convert hbd to hive before snapshot, then the day after snapshot back into hbd.

Do we get airdropped any beer?

How much is the Min amount of Hive to hold for at least 1 NFT ?

The rough estimate will be between 17-170'ish Hive per NFT on the safe side, but this is not set in stone and could be changed at any time. If you want to take part, we recommend getting all the Hive you have access to in a wallet you control. With that said, we do understand some may have many wallets with HP that are less than the claim requirement for 1 NFT. If possible, we will allow stacking posting keys or some technical workaround to help people in that situation. We recommend consolidating any low-balance wallets you have into one wallet to be safe.

ok that's great. I was just worried that my 1k HP isn't going to be enough for 1 NFT :D

it is possibly 1 NFT per 10 to 100 HIVE range. So you are good to get a few.

Hello folks! I'm writing a post about Ragnarok for 1up. You have a great and promising project here.

I have some questions and probably will come back with more while I write XD the ones I remember right now:

  • how long will a full match take?

  • how big is the board

  • you said the pieces moves like their chess counterparts, here we only have half of them. Bishops can only walk diagonally so with 2 you can cover both tile colors in the board. Will the bishop have a way to move horizontally/vertically so it can attack enemies outside his diagonal movement pattern?

Thanks in advance! For the next questions should I write a new comment or reply here?

Thanks again, edicted! The board will be played corner to corner, unlike on the sides with normal chess. Each side will have 2 walls to defend from pawn encroachments. We have actually been playing around with this idea for the Bishop, the pawn will have a novel move also. Something as edicted suggested could make the game flow better. We need to test more to come to a conclusive decision for v1.

Thanks for the answers folks!

The first 2 questions have already been answered.

  • 10 to 40 minutes
  • 8x8

Didn't think about the bishop thing.
Good question.
Perhaps a bishop should be able to attack any piece that is adjacent to it.
Although I have another interesting idea in this regard.
Blog post inc.

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@ragnarok.game Is the airdrop only for HP or does the liquid Hive also get it?

Will Hive.SWAP count towards the airdrop?

The wallets that the HIVE is in for the swaps will be counted. You will need the person who controls the posting key to the wallet the HIVE is in to claim it.

Thanks, I was wondering too, if swap.hive on the hive engine would count. Thats cool.

aggroed mentioned a secondary claim for swap.hive

When is the game expected to go live?
The promo sounds amazing and it's going to be tough going to figure out the gameplay which I live to hear. So many games are boring to play that I'm looking forward to one with a real challenge.

There is some good news here. The game has been in the works for the better part of a year now. The game mechanics are about 80% done, albeit that last 10% usually takes longer. The art is about 80% done for the Norse Mythology set. We are not here to be pretty, we will push out a test net that may not look pretty but will show core gameplay.

We don't do timelines, but we can use the most powerful word in crypto, "soon."


Ragnarok is a story of a famous, engulfing final war in Norse Mythology between Gods and Titans, resulting in the end of the world.

Ancient Mythology is cool. Ragnarok, a tale as old as time, has been tainted. The tale has been neutered, tamed, and overall changed from its original glory. We intend to bring you the real Ragnarok, alongside all of the REAL ancient mythology stories. Cross-Mythology-Communication


What's happening here?
Did your mind just get blown by the concept that polytheism exists?
Didn't you watch game of thrones?
All hail the Lord of Light.

mind blown , G.O.T. to Family Guy, too much to process !

May the odds be ever in your favor.

oh snap, no mind left to be blown !

Happy new year Ragnarok team this is my question.

Are crypto exchangers going to be eligible for the airdrop? Is the game going to be just Hive focused or do you have plans to present it in other chains? Cheers!

All Hive wallets, excluding the Hive DAO wallet (fingers are a requirement for claiming!) - So yes, exchanges can claim on behalf of their users. But I would not trust an exchange to claim! Please, if possible, get your HIVE into YOUR account that you have control of the keys!

Should not allow exchanges to claim, that's a lot of dumping the can do and your team will potentially be blamed for giving exchanges huge amounts of supply they can and will dump driving prices down.

This is a huge oversight that should not be ignored that can ruin your projects reputation

Hey you, I'm a professional chess player, my question is: Do chess players have any kind of advantage in this game?

From what I have read and understood so far, the advantage for us chess players shouldn't be that significant ... amazing game nevertheless. :)

Yes and no. Advantages of knowing the moves and being better able to pick your battles. But your x move checkmates will not work in Ragnarok due to the elemental system. TLDR, Some NFTs have weaknesses to other types of NFTs. If you need to take a piece for a checkmate but you are weak vs that piece you will need to change your strategy.

EDIT: And there are only 10 pieces in this game, the alignment is novel.

Will there be an affiliate program? :)

Ragnarok core cannot make and sustain one because we are not making any profit, and there is no premint/premine of any kind to pay out affiliates. However, there will be a Ragnarok DAO that NFT holders can vote on, and if someone wanted to direct some HBD from the DAO to pay out affiliates, that is theoretically possible. This is an open-source, governance-run project, so anything is possible.

I and most other people hate promo codes and affiliate links, keep that out of HIVE. Affiliate links equate to scam and pyramid schemes. If this game is 1/2 as good as it sounds, the masses will flock. Affiliate programs are a HUGE TURNOFF, just stop with that

Interesting opinion. I don't agree.

run a poll to your users on DPoll and see what people think

This is a very good question! I would love to know more about this too.

Will there be special cards, such as gold editions or limited editions? If so, will these cards have increased characteristics or will they simply be rarer?

There are three card types: Gold, Silver, Bronze. Gold is the rarest, followed by silver, then bronze. Gold cards give you more EXP coins per win, with bronze cards giving the lowest amount of exp coins per win. There will be gold/silver/bronze versions of all cards. There will be no "special" cards persay, the cards will all be unique, especially the kings and queens. There will be ultra-rare gods with a very low mint count.

Hi @ ragnarok.game!
Happy New Year and thanks for this AMA session!

I will have a few questions:

  1. I have a very balanced approach to the decision to spend my time on something. I would not want to spend it on something secondary. How big are your ambitions? Do you see Ragnarok among the leaders in P2E games in 2-5-10 years?
  2. Does the Ragnarok project have a mission? Why does the world need another game that will take away such precious time from people?
  3. The development of the Ragnarok game seems to be a very complex process. I want to understand the economic models of DAO projects. Give advice from your experience. Where to start, what are the most useful sources of information on the economic models of such projects?

Will there be any alpha playtesting available to the public before going live?

There will be a one-year public test net, simulating an entire tournament, before Ragnarok can be eligible to be voted on to go live.

So the game itself isnt going live for a year?


Im new here

Weclome! Did you have a question about Ragnarok?

Does the game already have a page ???

Hello! Sounds great! :) How exactly do I get NFTs if I hold HIVE or HP?

They will take a snap shot of your hive balance and hive power in the next 24 hours and just claim the NFTs within 30 days I believe. Nothing else special to do. Just relax and chill like your music album. 😉

Thats great! Thank you so much! :)

What about my SWAP.HIVE in pools? Should I remove them out?

Will there be a market for renting out cards?

What about delegations? Included?

Hi! Can what is the least specifications for the game. Can 2GB RAM phone play the game?

Yes. The game is both mobile and PC. If you can play digital collectible card games, you can play Ragnarok. 2GB would be on the lower side but still acceptable. We want to make it easier to run than hearthstone resource-wise, most games use a lot of unnecessary jazz that hogs your resources.

Where can we attended this AMA?

You are here, its not a video call AMA. I know, were too spoiled as HIVERS lol

Hi, thanks for your assistance.

Hi! Ask away!

Thank you very much I am currently going through the game overview now! Is there is any part of it I need clarity I will drop the questions here if that’s OK.

a drop of few more cards art? 😂

haha! but of course! You will see the Aesir Border before the claim drop. The rest, well you'll have to wait to see what you get!

Can I play the game on my laptop or phone or both? Thanks & good luck rolling this beast out guys! Cannot wait :)

Phone, laptop, on the toliet, off the toilet, on a boat, through a moat... I forgot where I was going with this.

My question are
Hive liquid ammount and hive power both will count in snapshot or only HP or HP hive liquid.. I have hive liquid and hp...plz

yes both

❤💕thank 💝

Maybe something like this:
Just anywhere you want as long as there is internet…
Namaste 🙏

On a rope?

Are there any plans for player Guilds/Associations?

People can build them but it is a 1v1 game with a yearly top 100 take all tournament.

Will you be sharing some sneak peak at art assets soonish?

I am quite interested in this project, my question is, when can we see more about it?

Please follow this account for updates. We will be testing soon.

I'm already following you, I will keep an eye out for new updates

What security protocols will be in place? Are you planning to use Hivesinger etc.

Yes, we will use all of Hive's most popular sign-in methods, such as Keychain, and can add hivesigner, whatever the demand for will be. You need a Hive account to play.

hive signer not as secure as keychain.

Is this airdrop going to be for Hive or HP holders? i.e. does having the Hive in my wallet already qualify or do I have to have it in stake?

they answered already here

Thank you so much, I'm a little bad with english, thanks for clear me that out

I take it the Hive chain is Yggdrasil. Niiiice!

Anywho, will we also be able to rent rent them?

Yes the NFTs can be rented out, there will be a marketplace for rentals.

I believe in one of the initial posts I read that the game history will follow each NFT. Could you expand a little on that and how rented out cards might be impacted be this?

Also, since HBD will be required to heal NFTs after games, how will that work with rented cards? Will they need to be returned at full health?

Awesome @ragnarok.game
Look forward to it :)

Do you already know how you will select people for the testnet?

test net will be 100% open to all.

No question for the moment... but perfect time to wish you the best for this New Year with this game. By the way, the design of the first cool is pretty cool. Keep up.

Happy new Year heroldius, hope to see you in Valhalla. But not yet, not yet.

I prefer to wait for Valhalla 😀

Hello, happy new year! My question is the following, how much time a day do you recommend to dedicate to the game? Because a game of chess depending on the pace takes time, and from what I half understood is like a combination of poker and chess, chess and poker players could have some advantage in this game by previous knowledge of chess or poker, or that person who does not know chess or poker has the same chances to advance or learn well the basics of the game?

Happy new year! The game of Chess is reduced to 10 pieces and will have a time limit. The 1v1 has a time limit also per round. With testing, we are clocking games at a range from as low as 10 minutes to games as long as 40 minutes.

Chess players will have a slight advantage in Chess, and poker players will have a slight edge in poker, and people with experience in collectible PVP card games will have a slight edge there. Overall, the game is novel in all aspects, and no matter how good you are at any one portion of the game, you will need to relearn to be competitive in Ragnarok.

Okay okay, I understand. Thanks for answering my question, I appreciate it. I will be waiting for any news, greetings!

hive in SAVING
(The balance depends on the 3 day waiting period required for withdrawals)
its function for the airdrop or they must be withdraw saving

Happy new year! Hive in savings counts yes.

Where are the dropped NFTs stored? Can we see them e.g. on inji, or are they only accessible via the Ragnarok-homepage (which is not live I guess). In other words - when can we see them?

IPFS, will have a front end complete with DEX and rental markets. Will be built on HIVE L2 and any Hive frontend can plug it in easily.


rental markets, my question is now answered :)

great project!

will Hive in defi pools on Hive-Engine count towards the drop? And will SWAP.Hive be eligible?

The wallets that the HIVE is in for the swaps will be counted. You will need the person who controls the posting key to the wallet the HIVE is in to claim it.

How will be the reward pool filled?

Is it like poker you pay rake per game and it goes to the Ragnarok pool ( i don't read the whitepaper, sorry :)

lol get out

all the consumables cost HBD which flows into SIP version 1
yield from that SIP is paid to prize pools

Thanks, Edicted. Also, there is a yearly fee to opt into Ragnarok and to turn on EXP coin rewards for battles. There are many HBD sinks still yet to be announced.

However, there will be a Ragnarok DAO that NFT holders can vote on

Will the DAO exist from the beginning of the game? And votes will be 1 NFT 1 vote or depends on the NFT type, upgrade etc.?

Will there be costs of playing the game (HBD) during the public test phase?

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Happy New Year - Feedback from the first Hive Power Up Day of 2022
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Airdropping on staked Hive seems appropriate, HBD isn't Hive and being a stablecoin built on-chain it's quite literally not Hive. Super excited!

We will be doing more games. We can consider HBD in the future. But this drop is for HIVE/HP only to make it a much simpler process.

There are 2 pages