Rising Star Game - my progress and 20 Game Card Packs giveaway 🕺🏼

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In case you missed previous posts, I finally got into https://www.risingstargame.com/ which has been around for a long time, but whenever I looked I could never quite figure it out. I only recently realised it is actually a UK based and developed game, and of course being a big supporter of our United Kingdom Hive userbase - and growing it - I thought it was time to get involved and see what it is really all about.

Straight up it is free to play, you can literally head over to https://www.risingstargame.com/ and sign in with Hive Keychain (So Chrome or Brave browser ideally on desktop) - you can get Hive Keychain for iOS and Android now so mobile users can join in - but to be honest I only use it on laptops and desktops.

Once you are logged in you are ready to head over to the missions section, a stop watch icon second left icon at the top. Starting out all you can do is Illegal Busking - when you start a mission it takes time to complete - once you start it will countdown in a yellow box on the screen. The good news is you can leave this running and go off an do other things and check back when it is done. Any mission you do uses energy, which recharges over time - but obviously reduces how many missions you can do before you are waiting for the energy bar to fill back up.

Screenshot 2022-12-08 at 19.16.54.png

As you get going you also realise you have to complete a set amount of first missions before you can start the next mission - and this continues throughout. And you need to level up your stats - like fans to progress as well. At this point it becomes obvious that progressing at any sort of decent speed is going to require investment in Card Packs - which are really good value and you can buy in a range of crypto or using Pay Pal - and of course the most appealing with Hive or HBD. As you play your earn StarBits the in game currency - and you can build these up to purchase cards as well if you wish. For higher levels as you progress StarPro are needed, these can be purchased on Hive Engine market place - and like any token you can hold them awaiting a market price increase to sell at a profit. The appeal here is prices will increase with demand, so if you take the time to promote https://www.risingstargame.com/ while holding StarPro - you have a good chance of seeing demand for the token increasing and prices rising.

Screenshot 2022-12-08 at 19.17.06.png

One thing that I think got me on previous visits to the game is it is clearly music based,and I am in no way musically inclined so it kind of left me a little stumped. But honestly if you are in the same situation - get over it, there is far more to the game then just the music theme and once you do get going progressing and building you account becomes quite addictive. And the game actually showcasing the best in Indie music artists - especially our own Hive based musicians - so you can enjoy listening to music during the games, and they have live radio shows that broadcast you can listen to while playing - it's actually an amazing package that works so well to create an enjoyable experience.

Screenshot 2022-12-08 at 19.18.17.png

The amount of cards you can collect in game is incredible, and each one is an NFT so you can trade on the internal market place or the awesome https://nftm.art/ which offers by and sell trades for a variety of other Hive based games like https://dcity.io/ - and with card pack purchases always having at least one rare card or higher in there are great opportunities to get a high value card to trade.

Screenshot 2022-12-08 at 19.29.35.png

What I really like is as you progress you unlock new zones, Special Missions, Festival World Tour etc so you are always looking at getting into a new mission - or completing others to qualify for it.

Screenshot 2022-12-08 at 21.23.57.png

Another very cool feature I just found is the Record Staking - it's quite complicated so you would be better reading https://peakd.com/hive-195370/@risingstargame/rising-star-angels-tutorial-for-players-and-musicians-video-and-text

But basically musicians can upload their tracks as an NFT - if you are holding Starbits you can stake towards a musicians track and get a percentage of the rewards when they sell a track.

20 Rising Star Game Card Packs Giveaway

And now the bit most people have scrolled past the above to find - so I made it a super bold headline so it's easier! I have purchased using Pay Pal (because I spent all my liquid Hive on Workerbee) 20 Rising Star Card Packs - for Pay Pal purchases they manually assign cards, and I have told the creators to hold those cards packs until 24 hours from now - tomorrow night for me in the UK - and I will send them the accounts to send the card packs to.

To be in for a chance of getting a card pack - all you have to do is leave a comment on this post telling me what you really love about https://www.risingstargame.com/ , you don't have to be an established player, in fact it is even better if you have just started playing because those cards packs will help you even more.

As well as leaving a comment, you should reblog this post to help spread the word about https://www.risingstargame.com/ , and optionally but it will improve your chance share on Twitter (if you are locked in with https://hiveposh.com even better make sure to use the tag #Hive ) I know that not everyone is a Twitterer so this is optional.

I will choose the top twenty comments to give away card packs to, and my decision will be final. In the highly likely event there are less then twenty qualifying comments I will distribute the card packs proportionately between qualifying comments. In the extremely unlikely event there are more then 20 qualifying comments, I reserve the right to possibly buy some more card packs so everyone get's something - BUT this is open for 24 hours only - from the time this post is created to 24 hours later, please do not leave comments on the 10th December onwards and then complain about not receiving anything - “Too late, too late will be the cry when the man with the bargains has passed you by.” From Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels.

UPDATE 10th December 3pm - WOW I never expected such a massive response, you all clearly love @risingstargame over the 24 hours there were getting on for 100 relevant comments for the giveaway. Sadly I can not send everyone a card pack, but there were so many long and well thought out comments I could not narrow it down to 20 people only, so the winners list had to be extended to 40! That's right 40 people who put real effort in their comments telling me all the things they love about Rising Star Game will receive a card pack each. And remember I bought all 40 packs myself to help support the developers of the game. From the remaining comments that did not receive a card pack but still put a bit of effort into their comment, I am going to send 100 Starbits to each of them - so even if you missed out on the card pack you still get something.

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I'm not much of a game guy, but I've been curious for a while that this game was about a musical career. Finally, a few weeks ago, I started playing and everything is extremely simple, which got me.

I think for a "non" gamer, Risingstar is the perfect gateway. A simple game, that requires no entry investment and also has the advantage that you can play it without consuming all your time.

I can only say that I love it!

Welcome to the rockshow! There is no turning back now! It's highly addictive and absolutely free! What I love the most is they keep adding new features, different dynamics to the game. So there is always something to keep you challenged and motivated to keep playing!

Here's to drawing legends!


Nice Game, feels really great to do missions, earn coins, buy cards and repeat it all times. F2P players but still loving this game as the first day

Rising star is my favorite out of the hundreds of clicker games available to play simply because of the radio utility it provides. Music is a big part of my life and I love how Rising star rewards their listeners directly with star bits rather than having to call in to a radio station to win listener / customer rewards. I am just very sad about missing the millionaire card opportunity because I came in too late with no money to accumulate that amount.

ign jhuleader

The music, the arts, and especially the jux live where people enjoy good music, play games and still have fun!

I've been playing RisingStar for almost a year now, it's a fantastic game. The best thing about it is how easy it is to play but at the same time very addictive. What I enjoy the most is opening packs, it's almost an addiction. Sometimes I've had good luck but sometimes not so much. I already have a little more than 10K fans and I hope to reach 20 K soon. I want the game to keep developing and new options to appear. Greetings to its creators. One wish is to include a cardfrom a Cuban musician.

Rising Star is great! I first got into Hive through Splinterlands and recently got involved with Rising Star. It's so easy to play and you get to hear all sorts of music!

Greetings from Maracaibo Venezuela, your explanation is interesting and how is your progress in the game, excellent for new players, in my case I have been an active player since February of this year, during this time I have reinvested my earnings buying more cards to be able to grow now that I am a small player, what I am most aware of is having a good balance of fanatical skills to keep the ego at zero percent.
I share my statistics:

Thank you very much for the opportunity to participate in this contest.
Success for everyone...

what i love most is the fact that you can play with 0 money spend and still making progress, another fact is that u dont have to actually play the game all day long in order to grind you just click the mission and you only need to be back at the game when the mission ends last but not least the fact that the game has its own radio/music so you can hear many diffent type of music without searching for

I love that the game has finally aroused the attention of a witness, finally 2 years after its creation they are realizing the enormous potential it has, the immense possibilities it offers and how a basically 1 person team (Jux) has managed to make all the beautiful code of this amazing game.

I've been playing it for 2 years, I've already surpassed level 200 and I can say that what I like the most about the whole game is its community, in which I've made amazing friends like Billy Korg, Trenton Lundy, Greenmaster, Jux, Black Eyed Butterfly, Andrewmusic, and many others (don't get upset or jealous if I don't mention them, because there are many and they escape my memory at the moment), who live in my memories.

The most amazing thing about all this is that I have discovered them through my interviews, some as funny as the one I did with the stickupboys and Black Eyed, not to mention the one with Billy in which we had an exceptionally good time.

I can say that for all this and more, my sense of belonging to the game is enormous, it grows daily and I never cease to be surprised with things as pleasant as finding out now that a witness, who is also a coffee lover (which I also love) He is involved with the game.

Honestly life offers us beautiful things, now we have in the hive, coffee, music, witnesses and fun!

What more could you want?.

Legendary Rising Star Interviewer

I like passive aspect of the game. It's nice to collect the cards while not having to play 24/7 :)

Bummer, I saw this post late.
Well, I'd enter anyways.

I just started playing and it has been exciting. The idea of going up through the ranks and becoming a world star while maintaining a typical life is fascinating, love it.

Cheers 🙏🏾💯

Nice overview on Rising Star! I started playing a month or two ago, I like that I can just check it periodically as I write or whatever 😁! One thing that really seems to help, is owning multiple pizza boxes. Highly recommend spending the Hive to buy them! Also, coffee cups! I rarely have to wait for my bar to go up now, which is clutch!

As for my favorite part, it is definitely the elevation of Hive artists! As you said, the music is awesome! 😎🤘

Thanks for the cool post, and giveaway! 😁 !PIMP

You must be killin' it out here!
@grindan just slapped you with 1.000 PIMP, @c0ff33a.
You earned 1.000 PIMP for the strong hand.
They're getting a workout and slapped 1/1 possible people today.


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I have been playing Rising Star for a few months now. I wanted to get started in the Play2Earn space and felt like Rising Star would be a good entry point for me. I wasn't playing very regularly at first but as I got more consistent I actually enjoyed it more because I was progressing more quickly as well. I started buying cards very slowly too. One or two at a time. I was mainly buying boosters and rare cards with more skill than fans to keep my Ego under control once I got past Level 15. I finally took a chance and bought some packs several weeks ago. Then I understood why they were the way to go. Building my collection more quickly and eventually I can start combining cards to see where that takes me.I like play Rising Star game because it is mostly passive and I can run longer missions while I do other tasks. For someone who was never a gamer before now it was a good entry point and it didn't cost anything to just get started.
Best of luck to everyone entering this giveaway.

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Good Morning and Thank you, @youarealive! Enjoy your day.😀

Welcome to RS. I love watching the levels progress in the game, but as the casual and fun nature of the game. If I have more time one day I can play a lot, or I can run longer missions if I am short on time.

Been playing for about six months now, and what I like about the game is the how easy it is to play when you're busy. It only take a click to start a mission, then you can go back to something else until the timer is up. I also like that it is free to play to start. so you can get a feel for it before investing. IGN-kennypowers55

I have been playing for quite a while , my journey to a million starbits began 2021/07/15.

Unlike some peeps with a ton of money to throw at things - I have earned every starbit by completing missions.

I have only bought a couple packs along the way to get me just enough cards to complete missions. I did buy one really decent card for nice fan boost e16 rozzer - and the gold tour bus helps too. I did one of the special for a birthday cake card - so that helps with an extra energy refill every 12 hours.

i am getting really close now - i think i am up to 950k star bits after a little more than a year (i missed a few missions here and there because i moved / had other calamities LOL)

I am hoping once i get to the daily million starbits mission for 10k i will start doing more of the produce missions for starpro - and maybe save up more starbits to buy more packs.

well, thanks for the cool post and the opportunity for a pack -

once i hit my goal og 1mil starbits - i will give away a pack myself


¡Hi c0ff33a!

I am glad to hear that you started Rising star, I think it's a good time for that. I joined in February this year and although the starbits were much higher when I invested, I don't really care, because I am working hard on strengthening my account until the next BTC bull market in a few years, my vision is not short term.

I really have a lot of fun with the game, as you say, it becomes addictive when you get the hang of it, I love leveling up to advance the quests and being able to unlock a new island, I also enjoy collecting the cards.

Then there is the task of having enough "SKILL" to keep the "EGO" away, for that I also buy cards of a specific instrument ( everyone chooses the one they like the most), which contain "LUCK" and help to gain more "SKILL", when we do music lessons. Having "LUCK" also attracts more drunk fans, which are temporary, but can be useful.

I have pending to advance also in the special missions, although this game seems simple, there is a lot to do and that's great.

Rising Star is a game that adapts to the time available to everyone, because there are missions from 5 to 300 minutes, you can play it totally free or invest if it is in your availability and the difference is in the speed with which you advance.

I love that it is "click to earn", because I'm not really a gamer, it is not something that attracts me, but despite its modality, we must apply strategies to reach the levels faster in an effective way and most importantly, I feel confident that it is not a game that will disappear when I least expect it, rather it is supporting quite well a bear market and I hope to see it shine even more in the future.

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There are several things I love about Rising Star. First of all, I am really into collectable card games. I play them both online and off. Secondly, I like that I can choose a short mission if I am available or a longer one if I don't have much time. I also like that it is play2earn and the cards are NFTs that can be bought and sold outside the game. But mostly I like that is is completely free to play and I can enjoy it as much as I want without having to invest a bunch of money to be successful in the game.

Hello C0ff33a, I'll take this opportunity the speak a bit about Rising Star. What I like about this RS is how simple and addicted when you get the hang of how the game goes. It only takes a few minutes a day and a few clicks to complete your daily missions and gain STARBITS tokens.
The Logic about stats is really cool, the higher your "EGO" the less your fans will like you and so STARBITS earnings, that's why working on "SKILL" is crucial and it never hurt to get "LUCK" from drunk fun resulting in more gains.
Sadly, when I was half way through collecting 1 million STARBITS for the millionnaire mission, it got cancelled and no longer possible to apply for it while the price of the token started declining, hope this problem get fixed soon and keep playing Rising Star profitable and enjoyable at the same time.
PS: did you know that you can provide liquidity for STARBITS and gain 30% APR yearly
About packs, either in splinterlands or RS, I've always chosen to buy the cards I need individually and don't rely too much on packs RNG, so maybe if chosen among the winners, it'll be my first pack on RS and hopefully flipping a legendary card!

YO! I started playing Rising Star cause Splinterlands brought me to HIVE and I believe HIVE may end up being one of the biggest blockchains in the future for games. Then it turns out Rising Star is a solid clicker, and some of the tunes are really solid too!

Good post, keep going. :)

To start the best of RS is to allow access to those of us who have a low economy to start on the blockchain, in addition to a wide catalog of collectible cards with very good aesthetics and the ease of progressing in the game, carrying out missions without being enslaved in our display

Well, I would be here all day if I listed all the amazing things about Rising Star, but aside from loving the game itself, I absolutely love the community. This is a unique place where musicians (both seasoned & beginners) can unite with listeners & gamers alike. We are basically a family here & we are growing together. The game itself is fun to play and has a lot of different aspects so it basically has something for everyone. Plus, some musicians have their own NFT card & records on it. How can you go wrong??

I hope that answer suffices! ;) Thanks for doing this contest as I sit here with my coffee! :)

IGN: @pixiepost

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As you level up in rising star, you are able to unlock more experiences and missions as a musician. It is also great that is allows musicians to upload thier own music and create a record for others to mint.

count me in



I already play RS It's a simple but still a nice game where you can earn a little Money.
good luck with your novel
I don't like coffee but still sounds interesting
Count me in for the giveaway

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Love that you're helping support this game and the awesome creators! I've spoken to @atomcollector on Twitch occasionally and he's always entertaining and very helpful if anyone has questions about the game. Enjoy playing @c0ff33a! Personally, I enjoy it because of all of the underground artists you get to hear, as well as the ability to create your own band in game. I'd love to see some more metal musician NFTs to add to my collection in the future!

Realmente no he jugado mucho, estoy comenzando, pero me gusta la dinamica del juego, realmente creo que es un gran juego, y que se puede disfrutar bastante, espero poder prograsar rapidamente en el mismo para poder hacer mas misiones y asi ganar mas tokens para comprar nuevas cartas, lo mas importante es que su economia se ha podido mantener en el tiempo, y han mantenido la politica de free to play, eso me gusta bastante, espero que dure muchos años mas, que sigan los exitos...

I haven't really played much, I'm just starting, but I like the dynamics of the game, I really think it's a great game, and that you can enjoy it a lot, I hope I can progress quickly in it to be able to do more missions and thus earn more tokens for buy new cards, the most important thing is that their economy has been maintained over time, and they have maintained the free to play policy, I like that a lot, I hope it lasts for many more years, that the successes continue...

I think it’s the story behind Rising Star Game. Created as a project and it has gone from strength to strength, where some creators rug pull, these guys look for new ways to build the community. There is so much value here. As a small time investor, it caters perfectly for an individual like me. @holdeck

Thanks for doing this @c0ff33a!

I would say the best thing about rising star is the music that is played on the site, for sure it is 🔥 and the intro song is stuck in my head~

IGN: hodlonius


What i like the most about Rising Star are the original tracks created for the game, as some of them are hilarious, but they keep simple and easy to hear.

Good post!

In reality, there are several reasons that made me love Rising Star right away, among which, for example, the fact of being able to start from scratch, without any investment, and of being able to grow exponentially, going from street artist penniless, to become an international music star.

Music, by the way, has always had a fairly central role in my life, since I also had a record store for about 10 years, and I think that everyone's life, without it, would be very less pleasant.

Collecting the countless cards that the creators of the game have made available, then, is really fun, and constitutes a challenge in its own right, which is very pleasant to carry on, in an attempt to collect as many as possible, all the more so since the team continues to constantly churning out new ones.

Furthermore, the game is very simple, and thanks to the possibility of playing directly from the mobile phone, it can be used, with just a few clicks, wherever you are around the world, both when you are at work and when you are doing anything else. .

It must also be said that the game was created in a decidedly realistic way, thanks to that mechanism that makes you have to be careful not to "get too crazy" once you start to be successful, keeping in mind watch your EGO, if you don't want to risk it ending up destroying your earnings.

In short, in short, Rising Star has become, very quickly, one of my favorite games, to which I always gladly dedicate my time, to progress within it.

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Good luck to all!!!


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I haven't sold a single copy of my autobiography.
Sigh. That's the story of my life.

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There is so much in the game, i really like it promotes real musician as well, its hard to make a mark in music industry if you just starting up, this is such a great idea!
I enjoy my time with it.....

Reblogged your post

Looks like fun! I'm loving how many different games are out there, so many ways to be entertained. I've been reading and writing, but one of the projects I'm working for is writing an interactive fiction novel. It's not a graphics-based game, but it's still a game, like a choose your own adventure story with stats. Good times. 😉

I like the sound of that! I have been wondering why there are no classic text based adventure games on Hive. It's probably one of the simplest games to write and I am sure there are ways to utilize a token to unlock doors to new areas or something.

I've only heard of one interactive novel, but I'm new to web3 stuff. What is your project called @katrina-ariel? I'd love to check it out, is it out already or still developing? Super interesting stuff, I write too, the way our craft is evolving is very exciting! 😁!PIZZA

An interaction fiction novel sounds awesome - do you want to give @risingstar a try would be happy to send you a card pack to get you going?

That's so kind of you! Honestly, I barely have time for myself these days with so many amazing projects on the go. I'd rather you give that pack to someone who will use it. But thank you for offering!

The aspect I love the most is that it is truly a F2P, P2E game. Zero investment, but rewards!

What I love about RS is the community, the music, and just being able to play passively while not taking away from family or work.

What I like about Rising Star is that everything in there is simple. whoever you are, it doesnt matter if you are smart or not, rich or not because everyone can play, everyone can climb up by doing simple things that give you more and more starbits


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Playing RSG has always been easy-peasy whether you need to be away from your devices for a period of time or grind yourself to get tons of starbits by doing 5 minute missions. What I really love about this game is you have the liberty of collecting and trading cards! (I'm obviously a SIMP for card games)

Hoping to win this giveaway so I can add more cards to my collection!

It's been fun playing risingstar and writing posts about it. I set goals for each month and try to achieve. Having a millionaire card helps as i can now purchase more packs.


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What I love is that the game gives many musicians the opportunity to showcase their music through the game and even make some profit while getting some listeners and maybe even some fans 💪🏻


What I like most about Rising Star is its way of adapting it to my personal life, which even with the day-to-day rush, I manage to play and create strategies based on that.

Of course, there are other really cool points like the music, the artist incentives, the game sounds and the whole challenge of improving more and more! It's a simplicity that helps and makes the game super fun!


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It is kinda concerning how addictive opening packs can be. !PIZZA

I started playing Rising Star roughly a month ago. At first, like you, I thought it was not the right game for me, as I'm nowhere close to a musician... but than I tryed it and I found that it was quite addictive, as while you progress you see all your stats increasing and you start feeling like a... well, yes, a star!

So, what I like the most about it's that the game succeeds in giving you the idea of being a #RisingStar, even if you aren't into music at all!

Also I love the main theme of the game!

Right now I only have 4 cards and 220 fan, but I'm targeting 300 to unlock the next area of Buskeria!

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He had no chance against all 5 of us.

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What is not to like about Rising Star!
Like you, being British I love the fact it is a game with British developers and much of the terminology is British! First and foremost it FUN you can truly start playing for Free, no need to buy anything, obviously if you do then you will speed through the game fast. The support is first class and I am not going to mass tag them all, but they listen and are responsive and helpful. The game itself is addictive and yet very easy to play.
All in All Rising Star is my favourite blockchain game and indeed I said this on twitter yesterday!

I started playing RisingStar recently, so I'm at lvl ~31.
I put some money into this game and bought some random cards to start learning how to play. I like the gameplay because I can play in my time during the day. The aim of the game is individual, so I can grow with my effort. I don't need to defeat someone, it's not a game "I win if you lose". we can win together! And so I love this game!

So much to love about #risingstar. So relaxing to complete missions to level up, exciting to open packs in anticipating of that legendary and a challenge to collect as many of the cards as possible. And best of all, the founder Jux brings so much positive energy and dedication to the community.
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What I love the most about risingstar is how it makes me feel a little bit like an artist struggling to make a live out of it. I always loved music but never got a chance to create something, maybe I will someday.


Hello, great post, I’ve been playing raising star for a few months and I love the way artist can interact with the fans they are not like in the mainstream unreachable and mysterious people

Great post!! I've been playing since the very beginning. Jux is a great guy and really cares about his fellow musicians. Its a fun game he's put together and a great platform for independent musicians to get heard.. Enjoy the game and pop by the show on Sundays at 8 UK time

It is a passive game which can made as complicated as you want yourself. You can go hard and buy cards from the get go, but you can also play it save and earn your way up. Its easy to understand but a little harder to master. I hope you will have a lot of fun playing the game

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