My Wartime Diary. Day N

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All my days are the same. Walls of my small apartment, work and online volunteering. I wish I could do something with my hands.

Nick he was allowed to go home for an evening and a night. Public transport is rare. Metro trains run once an hour, but transfer stations and some others are still closed. So I pick up and drop him off in my car. He was so glad to be home again. Eat homemade food, something different from the potatoes they are served every day. To lay on a soft mattress. He said he didn't want to sleep, but he ate and fell asleep. Then he woke up, watched a movie, ate and laid him down again, and slept until the morning. And in the morning I took him back.


When we were having tea with him, he noticed a calendar on the wall. Rather, the last date set. 24 February. Everything that happened next is not similar to life. It's just a number of days that I stopped counting. Although we have absolutely nothing to complain about, we still have a home, food, money, and we are all alive.

As you remember, Nick had a bulletproof vest and a helmet, but when he was transferred, he left everything to his new friends. And finally, he received a bulletproof vest yesterday, which his colleague bought in Lithuania with the funds raised by me. We have been waiting for it for almost 3 weeks.


We also bought a few other bulletproof vests here in Ukraine. I'm so grateful for your donations and upvotes! 🙏 💛💙


Despite reports of the withdrawal of Russian troops from Kyiv, for the second day in a row there is an unpleasant smell of smoke in the air, and cannonade all the time. I'm not sure how to explain it.

In addition, I got sick. It sucks. It's not a cold, but it doesn't make it any easier. I have nothing at home that can help me, except for tea, and a warm blanket. Unfortunately, today the heating was turned off, the season ended. I don't sleep well at night and so always sleepy and worn-out. I was going to go out and try finding some medicines, but it's rainy and gloomy outside, and I stayed at home.

I'm so missing fresh vegetables and greenery and meat. and cream cake 😒

Besides, I'm expecting a parcel for Nick and guys today that was supposed to arrive a month ago. The volunteer who carries out delivery buried his mother week ago and is back to help the living.

At last! This parcel made my day. There is 1 big box with army cloth, sleeping bags and boots, and 3 smaller boxes with medicine. Oh, and a camp pot. Awesome! Tomorrow I'll take it to the guys. As a bonus, I got 2 plates for body armor, for "testing".



See you soon. Hopefully.


Yesterday when I was talking to my friend who is still in Kharkiv. I was asking her about the situation at her place and she said every day is the same and she forgot what day was it. She also said that she went out to buy some vegetables and she has found some vegetables in ATB near her home and she seemed very happy. In Kharkiv, the heating system is also off but my friend said she has water, electricity, and internet.

I am so happy to see you got your parcel and hopefully tomorrow you will find fresh vegetables as well :D. We are with you, stay strong dear...

Hope to find vegetables somewhere close too, but if not I will go to the center. Glad to hear your friend is safe and sound, and you please take care too, my dear one.


You too dear...

It's also good to hear from you @priyanarc , how's your dog ?

Gigi is doing good, healthy...

Awesome 😇😇

Pardon me. Which part of Kharkiv is your friend in? The reason I am asking is because I live in Industrialnyii District and have lost contact with ANYONE in my neighborhood since relocating to Warsaw.

She is in Maidan Konstytutsii, near Nikolsky she lives...If you need help, let me know. Maybe I can find something...

If she happens to know anything about what's happening on Zhukovskogo Prospekt or around Industrialnyii Metro, I'd appreciate it if you could drop me a PM. I realize that's a long shot but I've lost contact.

It's so good to read you got supplies that are much needed. Looks like despite the war caused disruptions, things still work to some extent. Stopping the heating is not good at all as I bet it's still cold there.

I'm happy to see you in this photo. You still look amazing, despite all the hardship you've been through, and Nick as well. He's a brave man and you're a brave woman!

Take care my dear friend, you're always in my thoughts, day and night. I wish i could send you food and heating and whatever you are missing. ♥️🤗

I'm happy to see you in this photo. You still look amazing, despite all the hardship you've been through

You know, I captured that photo from the 3rd of 4th try. When I tried to smile I looked like I'm going to cry or have toothache ) Besides, Snapseed has magic called "portrait style". I've been using it for a month now, and that's why I dare to show my face 😚 😏

Tomorrow I will go hunting. Try to find a medicine for me, and fresh vegetables. I know I will find them, just have to spend more time than I used to. You know, we are spoiled by a good life. When I was young, my granny used to tell me about life's challenges and needs. I often thought - do we have to suffer the same way, if we can live better? I didn't say it aloud. And look, only two generations, and the life made a circle.

I know exactly what you mean as I grew up the same way. My grandmother had raised four children almost by herself, working day and night and facing shortages. I grew up with shortages as well, so I know what it means.

I hope the war will be over soon and you won't have to suffer much. Till then, try to stay healthy and don't worry about the photos as you look amazing 🤗

Women always remain women. You are a wonderful friend!


I can say the same about you 😀

It's hard to believe that not long ago Nick was building delicate model toys as a hobby, and now he's wearing a bullet proof vest fighting a war 😥

What matters is, you are both safe and sound. I hope you can find some remedy to make you feel better, lemon would be great if there are any around.

Take care, and you have our support as always ❤️

It's so painfull for me to see his models in an empty room. I try not to look at them when I enter. But you are absolutely right, the most important is he is alive, and he is well, though tired.

I got my remedy today. I finally made a salad from fresh vegetables - the simple thing I dreamed about since it all started. It was my most delucious meal ❤

you have our support as always

I feel it, and I am most gratefull! Hive is like a shared psychologist for me.


Oh, my beautiful friend. Today I feel you a little more discouraged and it is understandable. Thank God that your husband was able to be at home with you, giving you encouragement, receiving the warmth of home and resting with you a little. I pray to God that what you have is a simple cold and passes quickly, with some of those donations I hope you can buy something that will help you get well as soon as possible, you have to be well. I know it is easy to write it, and it is not easy what you have lived and are living, but cheer up my friend, everything will be fine. Happiness is on its way. Kisses and thousands of blessings for you. A big hug... 🌹💖

I always appreciate your encouraging comments, dear @dayadam. I found almost all I need today, and got sime fresh air and a day light, I think this will help me to cheer up a little. You are right. No matter how far in the future, but hapiness is in its way. Thank you!

So proud of your courage @zirochka, your courage is giving me happiness because some woman can not face this challenges but still yet you are still happy and still appreciating life..
Peace will surely be yours
#Stay safe.

Thank you 🙏

Nice to see that you received important supplies. But be careful with the medicine, always read the instructions for use. I hope for you and everyone else this war will soon be over. You are so brave.

I decided not to buy antibiotics, but to limit myself to herbal medicines, which I had been prescribed before. Hope it will work for me.

I'm so glad that you received these necessary supplies and that Nick will now be just a bit better protected. We all wish we could send you medicine and fresh veggies and a bit of heat. I hope your days warm up soon. You all deserve an early spring this year.

We all need at least a little good news 🥰❤

So good to hear from you and that you've been able to get items to help. I know it was especially good for you to see Nick!

You feel me! I was so happy to see him, to show my care. Hope to see him today to give the parcels. Every such moment is priceless

It is true, every moment is precious. I've never been in your situation, but even in the "normal" everyday, we must remember that every moment is precious.

Vegetables and meat may or may not work out, especially if the power cuts out and refrigeration goes out. Do you have Vitamin C and Vitamin D3? This is the stuff that I think would be really helpful.

The parcel with vitamins is still on it's way since Feb 23th, can you imagine? I didn't want to spend money buying them again so I wait and hope they will come soon.

Also, I buy not much meat, just for myself, for 2 or 3

Yeah, with the Russians trying their best to cut communications - I can indeed imagine that and worse.

Actually, come to think of it, canned fish (fish in oil), bread (preferably flat bread), garlic and onions - that is probably what I would get if I wasn't sure about refrigeration. This way you get your food and vitamins - and it won't go bad for a long time.

Actually, I used to work with this guy who was a bio researcher and was into practical experiments. One thing he found is that if you wrap your hand in plastic when handling bread (or just put plastic gloves on) you can get the bread to last for a long time. Reason: you don't implant bacterial culture from your hands on the bread. I have tried it - it seems to work, a loaf of bread can last a week or so.

I have an electricity and my fridge works, so far. But I have some suppy of canned fish, and onion with garlic, of course. I have no flat bread but i have crackers.

Your assertion about bread and plastic have sense, and I can believe it works. In adition, I need to be sure that no one has touched this bread with their bare hands before me. Or, I could bake bread myself.

Now that Russians are further away from Kiev hopefully the lights are going to stay on.

I wonder if you could use a UV light to disinfect bread and other food. I think they actually use it in industrial settings.

I don't remember where I read it - but some few days ago I read a report that when it comes to bread, human touch is the most significant contributor of mould spores. Wearing gloves when cutting the bread does by average significantly help pushing on the expiry date.

There's a whole microbiome on our skin, so yes, I am sure that too is true.

My friends brought 2000 kg of canned tuna fish over the Ukraine border ... but we're still wondering if tuna is having a good nutrition/weight ratio

I have no idea. But tuna is good overall - easily digestible, and I think there are very few people who are allergic to it.

I hope you are feeling better and you managed to get some fresh fruit and veggies. Oh, just scrolled down and read the comments and replies. Glad you did, but really you need to boost your immune system.

I am looking forward as always to seeing your update. Sending much !LUV💙💛

Hang in there Zirochka, I hope life soon will be better for you and your family.
Stay safe!

Wish you were right. But they say it may lasts longer, or much longer, than we expect. 😱

This morning I watched as they bombed Kyiv again last night. I immediately thought of you and Nick and all the people that stayed behind. My prayers to all of you and for your safety and health.

I am so grateful that you are getting the long-awaited supplies and that you can continue to look for more in the future. Your words have captured the hearts of people, here on Hive and anywhere else your story is shared.

I hope you find the vegetables and meat that you need to sustain your body and keep it healthy. I am happy to see you got to see Nick and you nourished his body and soul so that he can go back, perhaps a bit more refreshed than when he came. Please take care of yourself and get whatever it is you need.

My prayers to you. xo

I saw on news today, that a senior official from US department of defense said the russians will focus their air strikes on Kyiv, Chernihiv, Izyum and Donbas in the near future. Well, I am.not sure how do they know, but ... we'll see.

I found vegetables, and meat, and medicine, and it was just a perfect day. I miss veg salad so much! It's evening, and I can say I feel better now than it was yesterday.

I am so gratefull for your care, and your prayers. Every your comment makes me feel a little bit better.

Hugs and !LUV

They have their sources, of course. I have to wonder if all their information is good. I hope not. :(

I am so happy you found vegetables for your salad! I love a salad every day, it is something the body craves I think. I am glad you got your remedy and happy that you are feeling a little better. It is time off you needed and I am happy to see you get it.

I do care and you have my prayers. I am happy if you don't mind me commenting so much. Much love and hugs! xo

I love a salad every day, it is something the body craves I think.

My body does, for sure. I started to feel sick from porridge, pasta, cheese and sausages. They are nutritious, but spring is on the calendar.

I am happy if you don't mind me commenting so much.

You're kidding. I am happy to hear from you, every time. And I wish I could write a good reply too.

You are so preoccupied and busy with real life I don't expect a reply every time. It just makes me feel better if you know that we like to reach out and touch you with our hearts. Thinking that you are struggling to keep up with the comments would make me sad but knowing that you read them and are enjoying them makes my heart happy, with or without a reply. You are one person and we are many - if I don't get a comment I will read others and enjoy your words. You need to take good care of you and let our words help all that we can.

Oh, dear Denise, thank you SO MUCH for your donation! ❤

I would give you every Hive I have so you do not have to go through this. Nobody should have to endure this. Ever.

You know, I feel exactly the same. If I only knew the money can stop this tomorrow, I'd give every cent that I have, everything...

Yeah the parcel arrived, good news, also that Nick could stop by. So sorry to hear you are sick, I hope you can battle it.

CNN reported the Russian troupes stalling and regrouping in Kyiv. They think they wanna head to the Donbas region. But these days nothing that is said can be fully trusted. If they would pull back towards Belarus, it is said that UA army can counterstrike.

It is incredible how long you guys have to endure everything. Those who stayed and those who left. I wish for all of you that it ends soon, but to be honest, no ones life will be the same ever again. And the mental battle starts once it is over. Please watch out for you with this too. Survivors guilt can be ugly and it is not reasonable. Those who left are feeling it and it is a burden. Those who stayed feel it too, but it is not reasonable in any way. I can say, I faced survivors guilt, and forms of ptsd. But it's not about me right now.

Hang in there and stay strong! 🤗

It is incredible how long you guys have to endure everything.

Ukrainian people have been struggled for their own independent state for far too long. Our existence is at stake.

Looks like it.may not end soon. 😨 And we have to learn how to live this life, with bad news every day, with our fears, and shortage, and God only knows what else. I know that when it all over, it will not be over inside of each of us. And we will not return to previous life coz it's lost, for ever. But it's somewhere in future. I learn to focus on today, without expectations and plans. It's painful, but it is the way we can survive.

I learn to focus on today, without expectations and plans. It's painful,

Understand. And you have it right. No sugarcoating because you are to survive. All of you. The person who haven't grasp what Ukraine means for the entire world is not the smartest period or poorly informed. It is hard to watch from outside. It is unbearable to see UA fighting for its life. To us it is heroic, to see Ukraine united and willing to walk the walk, but to you it is about not getting tired to survive.

Good to see you are still safe and that you received much needed supplies. In the UK, we hear that the russian army are retreating in certain areas, but I never know what to believe. I do hope so. As always, take care. ❤

I don't believe them either. Besides, the bombs can come from afar. While war isn't over, there is no safe area in Ukraine 😟

That's a really good security measure you've been taking...

Please stay safe 🥺

Wow it's 35days gone already
At the initial all Russia thought was that imediately they deploy their troop into Ukraine and in few days all Is wiped or silenced... But I guess they've been in for a shocker

It's so good to hear from you all and I do hope to continue to hear from you all... I pray Nick continue to be safe and always come back to you

Thanks for the update
All will be good in a short while 😇😇

It's a good thing we've heard from you today, for your cold I'm not really sure how you should go about it but I'll recommend you try putting on headset, listen to good music.

I'm glad the delivery person is back, he's really back to save lives indeed.

I don't know the words you need to hear, but I just hope you keep fighting soon you will start keeping track of days again.

You're loved dear❤️❤️, I'll always keep praying for you all in Ukraine.


Thank you 💙💛

You're welcome dear 💙

My thoughts are with your people, day after day! Thanks for these reports by the way! This is very important.

What an incredible mess our leaders created. Supposedly they should govern for the people but they end up screwing us all, time and time again. I think this world needs to ditch these outdated governance models and start afresh. We should dump ALL of these corrupted, greedy and insane politicians.

I hope your life gets back to normal soon. Hang on in there!

Thank you, and I agree with you... Hope we will see changes soon.

Ой, @zirochka , одужуйте швидше. Пошвидше б це все закінчилось і можна було б родиною зібратись. А на разі мусимо триматись.

Дякую, дуже дякую. Ми не дуже тут сподіваємось на швидке закінчення. 😒 Але я сьогодні прочитала, що планують відновити рух по трасі Київ-Житомир і піймала себе на думці, що може ризикнути ... Геть здуріла

Prayers for you, your husband, and your Country.

Thank you! 🙏

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Keep doing the amazing work that you are doing. You are an incredibly strong and brave couple and personally my heart is with you in Ukraine. Take care sweet Zirochka💗

Thank you so much! ❤

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Those supplies are wonderful!!! I know they will save lives, very well done ♥️

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Madness, this war has to end.

Hope you are doing well.

Yes I do, thank you.