My war diary. Tenth day. Living update from Kyiv

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Hello there!

The tenth day has begun. It's still me, although my face ID don't recognise my face anymore. 😒 Some of my girls feel like get 10 years elder... I am okay and Nick too. I took into account my experience and now I'm wearing a beanie. Always.

  • My 24h shift as a volunteer has started yesterday, but I was an hour late because of air alert and kaboom sounds.

  • I am in a "kitchen team". But when I and two my new maters arrived at the spot, I was asked to work as a driver with my own car. I had a chance to see the city... After 2014, my fear threashold is pretty high as my office was in maybe 300 m from the epicenter, and I
    went to and from work past the barricades and ranks of those beasts in uniform who beat unarmed students with truncheons. So I had no panic or so even when driving under air alarm. After all, city is prepared for defence.

  • I had a sleepless night. It was not cold to sleep because I weared a ski pants, long trecking socks, sleepeng bag, alaska and my head was totally covered with a big hood. But I was in a big hall with a lot of men, they snore, and one such troubadour slept next to me. I cannot complain, because guys gave me the best place and even a matters. 💖

  • This is the first time I really want to go home, to have a shower and do some exersices for my back as it still hurts like hell.

  • Despite all, there is an infrequent bus connection. And metro.

  • Pineapple, I ate pineapple! One of the fighters worked as a chief in a restaurant. He brought few pineapples for the volunteers as a token of gratitude! For the first time in a while, someone prepared something for us, served it and cleaned it up after himself. There are so many young, talented, educated people with big hearts here, the best people! I write with tears...

  • Home sweet home. 😊 Hello, hot water, face toner, eye cream, soft cloth. Do you miss me, because I do!
  • Massage, I would kill for massage.


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  • 14:20. Nick has called. He is being transferred to another location, don't know where yet. I feel like my heart has stopped. Begging you, Lord, keep him safe!

  • 18:40. Still no news from Nick. 😳 I pulled myself together a little bit, busy with finding funds for them, they need a great sum tomorrow. But what will I do in the night? How can I sleep??

  • Can't watch TV and hear their voices. Reading news on the net, and even so it's horrible, what russian troops do with civilians and civil infrastructure. My gym burned down, by the way. I wonder what do you see on your news.

  • 19:45. I just got a call from Nick. What a relief!! 🙏🙏🙏

  • My dearest, how grateful I am to you for your donations! I am moved to tears, although it seemed to me that I had no more tears. The amount needed for tomorrow seemed astronomical. But I'm starting to believe that we can make it. My colleague is also willing to donate $1,000 tomorrow! All money I that I find will go directly where Nick is!

6 March

  • Yesterday the air alarm was cancelled at 00:21, and I fell asleep. I did not hear the next air alarm, and woke up at 9 o'clock. That's great. And Nick is okay.

  • Yesterday, after an online consultation, I was able to relax my body muscles. Last night I was like a ball of wire.

  • Packed up for a shift, but the siren sounded again. I'm still at home and have a few minutes for HIVE.

  • My work mate reached out to help our accountant. She lives in the next flat block, has panic attacks and don't leave the building. She need some food. I called her, and she's really in a depression. Besides, yesterday she sheltered a woman, a friend of her from Irpin, it's a satellite city near Kyiv. The shell hit her apartment. The husband died, he was taken to the morgue, and she was plastered in a hospital, and somehow she got here. Now there are two of them, hungry and barely alive from fear.

  • I again worked a bit as a driver, drove around the city. The soles of the boots started to fall apart. This is a problem, because I have only one of these boots, and I wear them every day. The good news is that volunteers here found slippers and glue for me. It's so sweet.

  • I got a chance to see Nick for a moment and kissed him good bye 💔

Will update when possible.


You're a true hero and thank you so much for posting and keeping us updated! Looks like this is a good day so far as Priyan was able to get on the train with her dog.


I'm hoping Europe will be able to send you some humanitarian aid as you're going to need it. Till then, we're helping those refugees that have managed to flee the Ukraine. I wish I could send you a car full of food and products you need, but under the current circumstances, that is impossible. However, financial help is always available if you need it.

Sending you love from next door. Stay safe, stay strong! Ukraine will win! ♥️♥️♥️

Oh, dear, we need so much and right now :((( Water to drink, sleeping bags or warm blankets, dishes. bulletproof vests and helmets are extremely needed.

Thsnks for update about Pryan, I was really worried for het, poor girl.

I know some help is sent already, don't want to say more as it's not safe. I hope it reaches you and gets there in time. ❤️

Thank you!!

Thanks for the info. I was wondering what was going on with them. Nice to hear they're alright. 🤗

Sorry, I missed to reply yesterday as it was a busy day full ofworries. It's crazy these days, every day is full of worries but it seems like our hiveans from Kharkov are safe now. But Zirochka is still in the war zone. 🥲

I thought she had to leave the dog behind. If she was able to bring her that is GREAT news.

No, the dog is on the train too, luckily

Upvote resteem and sharing

@priyanarc is ok, on the train with her dog.

Pryan said she will never go back to Ukraine , i think it is the saddest thing
Leaving a country you love and never want to return .
Much prayers for all of you , i hope the money we sent will help you 🌹

Your donation goes directly to our guys, to Nick's division. And I appreciate it so very much ❤🙏

May you all feel better 🌹

For everyone who's worried, here's some good news!


@priyanarc is on her way to safety with Gigi!

@ninahaskin @ellenripley @dswigle I don't even know who to tag here anymore

Did he arrived somewhere or still on the way?

She's in Poland already, so she's safe.

What a relief. Thank you for the updates!!

Sorry, that was me before from my actifit account.

Yes, it is a relief, at least she's safe but we're still worried about you and Nick. So stay safe 😥

Wow! That has made my day! She's nearly made it. Thank you @erikah and @Blind-spot for these brilliant updates. xxx

I'm just spreading the word but am happy to do that as quite many of us have been worried about her. Once she;s in Poland, she's safe and she can get a lot of help. Thanks for caring 😊

I will look forward to seeing her arriving in Poland. 🌻❤😊

Thank you so much, @erikah. I can only imagine her terror/joy right this moment. That's a lie. I can't begin to imagine.

Thank you so much. I appreciate you passing on the word. God bless you slso with your tireless efforts.

You're welcome. We're all glad she's safe now and out of that hell she's been living in for so long.

I did very little unfortunately, only what I could, but there are so many good people on this platform and outside it, that are willing to help anyway they can.

Thank you for caring :)

Thank you @erikah for letting us know about @priyanarc and her dog. Brilliant news!

My pleasure and this time it is really a pleasure and joy, not just politeness. I'm glad she could get out of that hell. Once she gets to the border, she's safe. Let's see which country will she arrive.

I can't imagine what they are going through. I just can't get my head around how utterly evil people can be. It was a spark of joy when I read your news. ❤🌻

That's why I thought I'd share it as I know how many are worrying about them. ♥️

Thank you for doing it. Take care. X

I'm so happy to read from you again. I'm praying for your safety everyday and hoping that you're safe. I don't have any liquid hive but please send me your USD wallet for donation - I have some USD available on an exchange.

Those USD wallet I.mentioned post is valid. Vlad is a person who made a reservation and he will pay for it today.

I tried to open usd account but i found out it's weekend. Anyway, transfer to Vlad will be faster as I also send to his card all I get

Thank you so much my dear!!!!

I don't want to be a pain for you but what I meant was a USD wallet on an exchange. I could send you the money within seconds from my wallet to yours. The bank transfer takes much longer. If you have an account on any exchange you should have USD wallet too. You only click on 'deposit' and then you will get that long number. If you send me this I will send you the money instantly. I don't know how long it would take to send money from my bank account to Vlad's. But if it's too complicated, just let me know and I will do the bank transfer :)

I think I got it. I have an account on Binance. And they have USD, but if i understand it correctly, you can deposit funds only via swift.


Hm, ok, let's not make it complicated then. I will send the money tonight but I have no idea how long it will take to receive, hopefully just a couple of days.. stay strong and safe!


Sent with note: donation from plantfuljourney. Can you please let me know when the money will be credited to the account? Thank you!

So glad to hear from you. I guess it was a good day for you after all. Please continue to stay safe.

Give me a few days I need to transfer my liquid Hive out from savings first. It won't make it to you tomorrow but hopefully it will still help when it does

No worries, the war won't end in a day, so continuous help is needed. I'm also planning to transfer more to her. Yesterday was the first one.

Dropping by to say hello so you know you have friends all over the world thinking of you every day. Don't worry about replying as you have more important things to do right now. Take care 💗

The humanity is heart moving !LUV

I don't really know you, I am very sorry that you are going through such a difficult time. I will pray for you, for all your country so that you will be safe and this war will end soon. You and many others are worthy of admiration.

Can't even imagine what it is like over there. Wishing you all the best

Keep strong 🙏🏽

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I worry for you. You look haunted. That must be why the facial ID does not recognize you. To answer your question, I get much of my news from the CBC and BBC websites. The situation looks like a terrible disaster. It is clear that the Russians are violating multiple agreements including not allowing civilians to safely exit and bombing a nuclear plant (which they have now taken over). My impression is that most of the world views Putin's actions as insane and Zelensky as well as Ukrainians in general as brave.

I wish I had more to give.

It's real mandness what's going on on that part of the world. I never imagined wars are still a thing in the 21st century but it's the proof that no one should be too sure of tomorrow because you never know what it comes with 😢 Stay strong!

You probably don't feel strong, but the world sees the Ukrainian resistance as very strong:

A quote from the above article:

"British military intelligence said on Sunday that Russian forces were targeting populated areas in Ukraine but that the strength of resistance was slowing their advance.

'The scale and strength of Ukrainian resistance continue to surprise Russia,' British military intelligence said in an update."


They realized that they could not cope with the military. Therefore, now they "fight" with women, children and the elderly

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Muc appreciation.and !LUV

It’s glad and nice to know yourself and Nick are okay to a certain extent. Keep on staying strong , this will all be over soon!!

upvote everytime I see your posts <3 sending alot of love from the U.S.A. to the Ukraine

Such a difficult reality @zirochka, the best for you, a lot of good energy and peace for your heart!

Thank you for the update! I check your blog every day. Blessings to you & Nick! 💜

Thank you for your new avatar!! xxxo

You are a strong girl 💪. I really don't have words to comfort you in all that you are going through 😔.

It's nice that you are helping each other together. That is the most important thing.

Pineapple, I ate pineapple!

I can feel the joy of this little moments in tough times. Let keep on praying for this madness to end soon. Stay strong.

I thank you so much for your updates. I'm praying for you and your country. We hear of the war, but we don't know how it affects the individual person. Your updates do that.

Reposting for more visibility. So happy to hear about @priyanarc and her dog! Thank you @erikah for letting everyone know.

@zirochka I sent you some much-needed money in the form of Hive. I have all of the rewards on my posts going to you to help with these heroic acts. I know you will find the right place to put them.

All my love, Denise @dswigle


God, you don't know how happy I am to read you. Every time you go a day without updating I feel so much anguish, I keep thanking God day by day that you are well, as well as your husband, please let you know as soon as they let you know where they sent him to, what a great time, hopefully he can join you as soon as possible and they can go back home to take a hot bath. Continue to stay safe please, and give all those people you have around you kisses, hugs, blessings and all the good vibes in the world from me. I think the world is deceiving us, they have been saying that there is like some kind of truce and that everything stopped momentarily, my heart told me it was false. And I reaffirm it by what you write, I do not see why the deception, this must end. I implore the world to help you, enough is enough, you have already lived too much. Don't cry, I embrace you with my soul, I wish I could help you, what impotence. Blessings to all. Long live free Ukraine, peace to you....

Your heart felt the truth. the Russians agreed with the Red Cross on humanitarian corridors for the evacuation of the two cities. and two hours after the evacuation began, they resumed shelling. they did the same thing in 2014. liars and murderers

Why so much deception and injustice by the whole world, or is it that they are turning a blind eye for some interest? Just as they have done to us in Venezuela throughout these years, and the world does nothing for us and will do nothing for us. I can not compare what you are living today there, but you had a few years managed by someone worthwhile, and now is united with you fighting for the freedom of your country. Unlike us who have more than 20 years with criminals in power, who to our regret support all the barbarism that the murderer Putin is doing, speaking on behalf of us, they are scum, disgusting. Today and every day of my life I will continue to pray for you, the good guys have to win, evil will not triumph over a worthy and wonderful people like yours. Take care beautiful. I will keep watching over you... Kisses and blessings. Thank you for reading and responding to me. That fills my heart and soul with happiness. You are going to make it. Of course they will...

Pease be safe. Prayers from Canada 🇨🇦

Pineapple! A little bit of joy for you. Stay safe and strong.

"I wonder what do you see on your news."
We see this. The whole civilised world sees this...

I'm so pleased to hear from you @zirochka. Sending you much love. ❤ ❤❤❤

Such people like you in both countries will bring peace. I wrote a post about the war, stay safe!

My respect and honor for you I'm praying for all this situation ends peacefully 🙏

I think you look really good. You need to strike a balance between excitement, tiredness, and rest, hopefully, it will end (well) soon. A whole world wants that!


We read with tears! Hang in there all of you! ❤️

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❤️❤️❤️ you are a shining light, @zirochka a true hero for your country.

Tired hero )

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Thanks for the updates! Stay stafe, we are all with you ❤️

Usted y todos los ucranianos son muy valientes, decidiste dejar el miedo a un lado y pelear por lo que es tuyo, te felicito. Que Dios esté con ustedes en cada momento. 🙏🇺🇦

So glad you're fine and fighting still. Will reblog all your post as usual.

Радий читати знову! Все буде Україна


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🙏🙏🙏♥ !LUV

Nick has called. He is transferred to another location, don't know where yet. I feel like my heart has stopped. Begging you, Lord, keep him safe!

He's a fighter, just like you, we're praying for both of you. May God keep everyone safe 🙏💙💛

Thank you, dear. You are my support. And THANKS A MILLION FOR DONATION! 😘 ❤️

You're welcome my dear, I wish I could do more 😊

I'm glad to find you another day here!

I have not watched any news in the last few days because I do not know what is true and what is propaganda. I will catch some clips for you and let you know what I see.

Good job. Be safe.


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Stay safe!

🙏 ❤️


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This so awesome to know you have volunteer so much for this cause and for helping the people, you have done well 💪

Thank you @erikah for making the message reach out to some people

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2014 💔😥