“This IS Going To Devastate The Industry” Owner Of Gusto Unfairly Targeted By Circuit Breaker Lockdown!!! (Whoever is downvoting...WHY???Please Stop!)

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Why the downvotes?....Im trying my best here...

currently attempting 3speak (again) we'll see how it goes this time...stay tuned for the vid!!

To everyone who DOES support my efforts...Thank you!!!!

Stay tuned, vid coming soon if 3speak works for me this time.


Hey Dan it's Allen from the Vancouver's No New Normal protesters. The downvotes are coming from the Covid trolls on this platform. They don't want the truth. I get downvoted for my cartoon series on Covid as well. I'll email you who I think is the ring leader of this campaign against you, he pretends to be a truther, but yet he's downvoting you--he get's his followers to do the same to me.

Pathetic? You're asking why? It's been explained countless times, numerous ways. Most recent edition:

Screenshot (732).png

Quit acting like a victim and get on with show. And why would you waste your automated upvotes on a post like this? This is like watching a monkey fucking a football, but I'm glad to see you've finally decided to post some actual content here.

Best of luck to you.

Been trying for a long time and it finally worked, I don't have time to constantly try to figure out all the ins and outs of every platform I'm on, dealing with censorship hasn't been easy the last thing I need is crypto whales F'ing with me too! But whatever, on with the show

Don't take the downvotes as censorship. It was a kick in the ass to help get you back on track.


That looks really good. Embedded and everything.

Now it's time to man up and apologize. I'm sorry for the shit storm. You say "Dealing with censorship hasn't been easy" and I say, watching so many people take these censorship resistant platforms for granted, and treating them like dumping grounds, has been really hard for me to watch. I was sick of it. Don't mess with a good thing. If you'd take the time to read this article:

I don't need your fucking votes or approval. Just want you to know where I'm coming from and where I see things going if people don't shape up.

I apologize for any inner turmoil I may have caused but I don't apologize for the downvotes since I can't take credit for all of them.

I think the downvote, at least on this post, is due to how it looks like you posted the same thing twice. Also being a free and open platform, also means some people disagree with you, and think truthers like us shouldn't be here. So they downvote things like this because they believe the propaganda, and they think it's going to bring down Hive.
I'd gladly help out in anyway I can, though I have also had issues with 3speak, but heard they were doing some repairs when I last tried to sign up. Perhaps I'll sign up (again) and see if I can use the experience to help.
One other thing that might help, is mentioning Hive as one of the ways to support you. I feel like there are lots of people who are too cheap to pay for subscriptions, but would gladly join Hive to interact with you for free. Sure those likes are small, but it does add up. Or maybe do an episode of things that are fighting against the monopoly over social media, such as Hive, LBRY, and others.
Ideally I think Hive has the potential to be the start of a huge movement of people, who rather than just not participating in the old system, want to build a new, better system. What could be better than communities that are self funded, self governed, and not being censored or controlled? What if we had a voting system like Hive, where as soon as a politician failed to keep their promise, we could vote them out at any time, like we did to Justin Sun's bots that took over Steemit.

Sorry this ended up longer than it needed to be, but I just think you do great work, and would really like to see you and Hive grow together! Keep up the good work Dan!

You know those donations these folks ask for could be stretched a hell of a lot further if these folks recommended their consumers stake tokens and vote with their donation money instead of donating it. I don't know why you're saying, "Those votes are small." They're small because people are too cheap to buy some Hive and it's like they don't even realize they're not out any money and can actually earn consumer/curation rewards for supporting content in this fashion. Then you got nine more votes to be used supporting one another in the comment section (if there were actually comments around these posts), growing the value of those votes further, and enriching one another as they enjoy their favorite folks.

Why not build an empire instead of scrambling around like chickens with their heads chopped off? This guy's got his content in a million places that all lack consumers and expects to go viral. If you put it all on Hive, and attract all consumers to one spot, you make money, they make money, and there's an increased chance of more consumers sharing content across social media platforms.

Ay yi yi you guys...

Well I was mostly thinking about the cheap people who wouldn't subscribe when I wrote that, but that is great advice for the ones that are willing to pay for subscriptions. Of course then Dan might want to include a interview with someone knowledgable in obtaining financial freedom, so as to educate the people that do agree to power up Hive accounts rather than subscribing. That and the tip option can also be used if people are wishing to give more than just an up vote.
That being said, i think it is important to keep wider spread exposure, but then to talk about things like Hive that allow us to build a better social media option, while also supporting ourselves financially. Then do most of the interactions on Hive, because it encourages community building, while generating value with out interactions.

Centralized media and social media can deplatform personalities but they can't remove millions of consumers from sharing information. So you pick one spot where those consumers get paid, then have them spread that once instance of content like wildfire. That's how it worked for years until these folks started putting their content on several different platforms that don't have people sharing content or even enough people around looking at it.

Sigh. Wake up.

Yeah, i also find it a bit silly that every personality is trying to start their own community / website, which all cost money, and offer nothing more than content back. We really need to show those people that creating a Hive community can do that better.

Exactly. All the infrastructure is here, damn near free of charge. And their content isn't shit without people looking and spending money on it. They had it too easy with some place like Youtube taking 45% of their potential profits. Now they have to build their own business. Out of all the places I've look at, this platform makes it the easiest place to do so; plus the account is permanent. Bonus.

I think you're making it sound more difficult than it really needs to be. People just need to know they can earn as a consumer here. Read my most recent post. I have plenty more like that blasting this industry and its reckless ways. It seems society is so used to having their devices and centralized media do the thinking for them that they forgot how.

Talking about Hive is pointless. No need to sell Hive, just need to sell the consumer perks and show these content creators this new revolutionary business model. Then use social media to spread the content, just like the centralized media players do.

I get so frustrated watching folks around here not even know the difference between a decentralized media platform like Hive and a social media platform like Facebook or Twitter. One is the paper, the other is the paperboy. We don't want to be the paperboy. That's just not how this works.


And then eventually if there was a decentralized twitter like social media platform, people could shift to that but I don't see it happening. Moving a market of billions from one place to another is damn near impossible. Read that post if you haven't already.

Well i think different people, will be receptive to different things, and in some cases some people will always just be followers. The key is to walk the walk, and talk the talk.
Personally I have had success spreading Hive by semi using it to sponsor social media creators I see, then suck them in with the money, and teach them how to do it by themselves. One such member is putting on a longboard race, and we're giving away Hive as the prize. He's going to teach others in his community in the Philippines, and I expect to get a large amount of new members from that.
Honestly the bit in your article about the bot upvoting of some short no effort post, upsets me. I thought we had gottin rid of most of that abuse with the downvotes.

Those followers can also earn by leaving comments, then they're votes get bigger...

Attracting more 'social media' personalities but no consumers means we have a big stage full of performers and no butts in the seats. Attracting only creators for the past five years is why posts go unnoticed and comment sections remain barren. There's also business happening here if people expect to get paid. Creators are potential money out the door, consumers are potential money in the door. You need more consumers than creators. That helps create demand for the token so the value rises. All of these factors need to be in play and balanced all at once.

The bot upvoting part of that post was about Press for truth here. Does it still upset you? I thought we got rid of it too but it's been happening, people are lazy and taking advantage of this place. So I'll be stepping in, and making myself look like an asshole, and putting a stop to it anywhere I can.

Well who set up the bots? Was is Dan himself, or people trying to support a independent journalist? Either way, maybe decline rewards on short, effortless posts. But if he made a video, no matter where he posted it originally, then he made plenty of effort in doing both the journalism, and the making of the video.
That being said, we can all work together to help bring his viewers to Hive to actually interact. We also should assume Dan knows everything about Hive and how it works, since his focus is more on journalism. But i do see that you are trying to help him out, which I respect. Honestly I've been here since 2017, and I still have things to learn because I focused mostly on Skatehive, but now I'm diving in deeper to be able to teach others, and explain the inner workings a bit better.

All good, your post made it: https://hive.blog/hive-109255/@pressfortruth/onajrbit
Posting about your post that's coming (it was already posted actually) is not exactly going to win you more hearts and minds ;)

Krnel, can't they embed? How does Theycallmedan do it? I'm not griping, I'm just wondering why some can and some can't embed? Nearly every 3speak video I come across on PeakD, I can view in PeakD. Can we figure this out in order to improve the situation and make it the best it can be?

Made it where? I'm not seeing that on my hive profile

You don't see the link I put in my comment?


Yeah man I can see that...how do I find that link on my profile????


or if not there sometimes, click on Posts:


Interesting, I see it now in posts, thanks! So now I just have to upload to 3speak and that's it?
Thanks for the help...this is what I needed, not being downvoted into oblivion :/

It's already on 3speak. Go look at the first link I posted, see it says watch on 3speak? The content posted on 3speak appears on multiple sites that use the same hive "database" (blockchain), like hive.blog, peakd.com.

When the communities showed up and implemented crossposts and such it changed hive a bit, so i think that you are posting in hive.blog it doesnt reblog automatically like in peakd.com or ecency.com that are tools to interact with hive, it doesnt show in the default blog view, until you reblog or auto-reblog when posting. "Posts" timeline filters only yours, all of them. They have this option to reblog right away when posting at least in peakd is visible when posting, most of the times you will get advantage of using one or both of them ;)
Keep up the good work Dan !

Nevermind. I see it embedded in peakD. For some reason there's three posts with the same headline. The first on peakd is the actual post. What a gong show.... but at least it's an improvement.

They think the downvotes mean more money for them. It will only serve to push people to better sites. I hit the button already to get out of here.

Thanks for your efforts!