Happy Halloween !

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Happy Halloween !

You know you are getting old when any holiday that used to be great fun is just another day.

Hand my my cane please.... wouldja ??? 🤣


I still have a very small box of Halloween figures + the two bigger ceramic Jacks I showed you earlier and I spread it out here and there during October.

I put a few little jacks that have somehow accumulated and my new skeleton walking the cat art along with my 20 minute witch painting I made a couple of years ago across the piano. Some of them have lights, some are made for candles which I never put in them and some just.... are.


A little closer up of the fun little art. I still smile when I see that skeleton taking his cat for a walk, smoking his pipe. Too fun. Some folks said when I first showed it here that it didn't look like art that I normally show that I buy and that is true, however, I decided that I could buy some art that was just seasonal, that would be put away from year to year with my other decor and didn't have to be something I would leave out all the time. I liked that idea, as it opened up new doors to buy more art ! Any excuse to buy more is a good excuse.


I am just old enough that when I was a child, my brothers and sisters and I and all the neighborhood kids (which were many).... use to dress up in some sort of costume, grab a trick or treat bucket and go from door to door, for blocks and blocks right after dark yelling TRICK OR TREAT !!! as each person opened their door, then held up our buckets to receive whatever goodies that house was giving out. Since I've been a sugar addict from the day I was born, you can only imagine how wonderful it was to land back at home later with a big haul of candy that was ALL MINE !! We had SO much fun.


It was a different day and time for sure.


When I was married, for a few years my hubby and I would buy truck loads of pumpkins, spread them all over our back yard and sell them for a month before Halloween. It was also great fun, although a bit of work too, but we really enjoyed doing it AND making a little extra cash.

There would always be a few odd shaped pumpkins or bad colored ones in the batches, so about 3 or so days before Halloween, I would start carving them with different faces. At night we would put them all over our back yard in chairs and wagons and tables and..... anything we could sit one on and light them all up when it got dark for at least 3 nights. It was really awesome to see those Jacks everywhere that looked like they were floating all over when it got dark and you could no longer see what they were sitting on. Each year I did more and more and I believe the last year we did that, there were 45 assorted Jack-O-lanterns lit up each night.

pumkins 3 on piano.jpg

A few years we also had a haunted yard where we had some friends join us and we would have different areas people could walk through that included a live dead man in a coffin that really looked dead and who would slowly sit up now and then and scare people silly. There was a BBQ grill with body parts, a firey hell complete with devil and a spooky tunnel that lead out of the yard at the end. There was even a very wicked looking witch with a giant caldron on the porch giving out candy to anyone who dared take some, all the time beckoning people to come up while yelling "It's Halloweeeeenie Tiiiiimmmmme" We were all dressed as monsters and ghouls, even the grim reaper showed up on occasion and about once every half hour, the gates would close for a few minutes, the Monster Mash would come on and all of the monsters and ghouls would come to the middle of the yard and dance their creepy dances.


You can't tell ME that I never knew how to do up a good Halloween !

...but now.... I'm getting older.... and it's just another day.

Hand me my cane there .... wouldja ??

Hope you have all had a good day and if you will celebrate Halloween tonight, watch out for witches and goblins..... and remember, this witch can be bribed with candy !

Love ya !



I felt a bit grouchy tonight as the endless procession of trick or treaters all arrived telling shit jokes! I did dress up the front a bit though. Next year I might get a smoke machine!!

I used to LOVE handing out candy.... and eating some of it too !

One time one of my teenaged nieces asked if she could come hand out the candy. That is when I lived in the house where we sold all the pumpkins and had the haunted house at different times, so our house was popular for trick-or-treaters. Of course I let her. Before it got started though, she wanted to lay down on my porch in an odd position and have me draw an outline around her with fat chalk, as if someone had died there and it was a crime scene LOL... I thought it was great, so we did it. Then anybody that came to the door had to walk over where the dead body had been.

Crazy fun !

Sounds like your Halloween's have been awesome!! That is a good one to do. If it wasn't so wet here at this time of year I would consider it.

I did eat quite a lot of it last night, lol!

You know how to celebrate Halloween!

The haunted yard of years past sounds like a lot of fun. I rarely see those. I did see so many inflatable yard toys this year among the last several. They seem to be the new thing everyone is using, you can usually hear them whirring away with the fans keeping them all blown up. Lots of ghosts and grim reapers.

I was at a place one time where they did a feely section where you would put your hand into a dark box that was labelled candy but it wasn't candy. The owner would laugh as you recoiled your arm in fright.

They said it was BRAINS and then started laughing. The candy then flowed into your pillow sheet (that's what I always used).

Of course I asked what was that really?

Cold cooked spaghetti.

Your story made me laugh !

I have to say I have done some really good Halloweens in my time.

Even though back then, lots of folks displayed Jacks, mostly peering out from their front window so they stayed safe from pumpkin bashers, there was really only a few houses here and there that would add a little extra, some spider webs or a little of something else, but nothing like some folks are doing these days, putting out more decor that at Christmas time. To each their own of course, but I'm not so impressed with a lot of it. It is true that it seems the more inflatables, the better to some folks. I have also seen yards full of them.

I have read before the things you can do for "blind feelings" and peeling some grapes and saying they were eyeballs was one of the. I can only imagine it would have the right "feel" if you couldn't see what you were touching.

Grapes, of course that sounds familiar for eyeballs.

I'm with you on the inflatables. They were fun to see the first time but so many people have the same one house after house. The Christmas ones will be coming out of storage really soon. Thankfully I don't see too many of these. The last thing I associate with Christmas are inflatables haha.

I did see a new one. A huge snowglobe with a black cat in it and a ghost on top. The flailing fingers of the ghost make me chuckle.

Nice ! ha ha .... .I like the way the ghosts fingers flutter too.

Oh my, that pumpkin yard sounds amazing. Even before you started carving, I bet it was lovely to look outside at all those pumpkins waiting to be bought. Your very own photo op sitting right there. I can't imagine carving even a quarter of 45 pumpkins. I enjoy helping the kids do it once a year...one each...that's it. Lol. I despise getting all those strings out of the way so they don't inhibit the view from the cut out parts. Anyway.

I hope you had a few trick-or-treaters knock on your door tonight. I had to leave our bowl unattended, and I'm pretty sure one hooligan stole it all, but its all good. I didn't need to eat all that candy ;)

You certainly have done some cool Halloween things. I knew you were cool :)

This year I was left without Jack's lantern :( I was too busy with work, and I also failed with a pumpkin - I bought a pumpkin, kept it in the car, because it was already cold outside. And it rotted from the inside ...😢

What terrible luck !

Maybe next year......

maybe ... Or alternatively, arrange a personal holiday for yourself, with a pumpkin and other :))


That is true ! You can still do it whenever you want !

You certainly had a lot of fun during Halloween! I think the haunted house would have been fun to think up ways to lift the wig of some. :) I can remember screaming like a little girl at some of those! To be fair, I am a screamer.

Halloween sure is different than when I was growing up. I don't know some of the kids that come through here, although that can be because I no longer have little kids that wander the neighborhood. That is what happens when you moved (and move and move) I know many of those that live here, but, not all like I used to. Maybe when I got all grannied up, I will join the knitting circle or whatever they call it. :)

Oh!! The Monster Mash!!! I love that song. I do pipe spooky music through Alexa for out on the porch. She needs to pay her keep!

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