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A week ago I revived my Hi From Hive initiative. This is a freewrite to share your Hive experience and journey and pin it on the Hi From Hive map, and for everyone to share with the world. The contest attracted 110 entries, which is absolutely amazing. The number of pins increased from 55 from when I launched the contest to 152!!! So thank you to everyone who shared your story and contributed to the Hi from Hive map. And a big thanks to those who commented and supported these entries.

Screenshot 2021-10-17 172848.png


With so many awesome entries, I felt that I could only do them justice by getting another judge to help me out. A big thanks to @traciyork whom I passed the buck to for stepping in and helping me out!!!

Prize pool

The prize pool I announced in my contest announcement post was 20 HBD plus 50% of the post payout. The post payout was 58.80 HBD plus 70.02 Hive so 50% of that is 29.40 HBD plus 35.010 Hive. To make things easier, I'm going to convert the Hive to HBD . At the time of writing, 35.101 HBD is worth approximately 28 HBD. Therefore the total prize pool is 77.4 HBD, let's say 80 HBD.

At one stage the contest announcement post payout was nearing $250 and I commented a couple of times that the prize pool may go up to $150 ($125 plus the 20 HBD). Of course I was wrong!!! I totally forgot half of the post payout goes to curators 😅. For anyone who entered the contest due to my comment, I apologise for getting you all hyped up. In order to make amends, I'm going to round the prize pool up to 100 HBD!!!

Plus I got more good news!!! With @traciyork and @eddiespino's help, @theycallmedan has kindly sponsored additional 80 HBD towards the contest, bringing the total prize pool to 180 HBD. Thank you so much @theycallmedan !!!!

With the additional sponsorship, we are able to increase the Honourable Mentions from 4 to 20 and the prizes will be as follows :

First prize - 40 HBD
Second prize - 25 HBD
Third prize - 15 HBD
20 honourable mentions - 5 HBD each

The Winners

And now for the most important part..... The Winners and their entries

🥇First Prize 🥇


HI FROM HIVE . From caterpillar to butterfly my magical transformation in HIVE


🥈 Second Prize 🥈


The Rebirth of the Notebook Kid: My Hive Story


🥉Third Prize 🥉




Honourable mentions

HI FROM HIVE contest - my first 2 months journey here by @beeber

Hive: A Home on the Internet by @cmplxty

HI FROM HIVE. CONTEST. || HI FROM HIVE. CONCURSO. Por by @creacioneslelys

No One Will Ever Be Like Me by @dandays

HIVE Cambió mi Marca Personal (Hola desde HIVE) [ESP-ENG] HIVE Changed my Personal Brand (Hello from HIVE) by @danielvehe

DORA THE EXPLORER ON HIVE - Hi from Hive Contest by @dora381

Hi From Hive: Your Journey on Hive is My Journey too by @edprivat

Hi from Hive Contest: My Extra-Special Journey on Hive [ENG - ESP] by @franchalad

Hi From Hive - An Evolution Story by @gems.and.cookies

Te saludo desde HIVE - Venezuela [ESP | ENG] by @germanandradeg

Mi historia en HIVE | My HIVE story | Hi from Hive Contest by @irvinc

Hi From Hive : My Relationship Between Hive and Me
by @jacuzzi

Hi from Hive Contest || HIVE MEANS FREEDOM 🤗
by @kattycrochet

Hi! It's Lauramica, an argentine blogger traveling through Argentina thanks to Hive. by @lauramica

Hi from Hive - Recap by @lizelle

Hi From Hive and Hello From Cebu Philippines by @luckylaica

Walking through the Honeycombs by @rubido

Ooook, my Hive journey | How tf I get here and what are my thoughts about all of this? by @therealflaws

Buying a Car Thanks to Hive 🚗 || My Hive Journey by @victoriabsb

Mi historia con Hive // HI FROM HIVE CONTEST by @yole

Congratulations to all the winners!!!! And thank you to everyone who entered and contributed to the Hi From Hive map.

Although the contest has closed, the Hi from Hive is an ongoing project, it doesn't stop here. My vision is to have users pin to every country in the world. For example, currently, in the Americas we have no pins in Canada or Brazil. In Africa, we have many users from Nigeria, but only one each from Niger and South Africa. In Europe, we have no pins from Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, and apart from Romania, no one east of Austria including the Nordics, Czech and Poland. In the Middle East, we have one pin in Abu Dhabi. In Asia, we have no pins in Thailand, Korea, Japan, China. And finally down under has one single pin in Australia and nothing in New Zealand. Basically, the Hi from Hive map is pretty underrepresented in most countries. You can click on the image below and it will take you to the website where you can zoom in and see. I'm pretty sure, with our community effort, together we can grow the Hi from Hive map and shill Hive in a much louder voice. Over to you guys and girls, we can do better than this!!!


Congratulations to everyone who entered. Absolutely perfectly judged in my opinion! I will check out @zullyscott because I don't know her and she's from an island I once went to on holiday many years ago and well-done @eudadol, thoroughly deserved, as I may have pointed out once or twice before! And also to the sixth-luckiest guy I know lol
Anyone else I haven't come across before, I'll be also giving them a look out!
I've enjoyed reading the entries and thanks for the great competition @livinguktaiwan

Thanks man, as I have pointed out once or twice before as well. You're incredible.

Thanks for your words, Margarita Island is very beautiful, because of the situation of my country I am now in another city, but my home is still on the island, welcome when you want to visit again. A hug from Venezuela.

And thanks for your support @nathen007, it's always great to discover some new authors that we haven't come across in the past. And trust me, the entries are all worth reading.... if you have time!!!!

Wow, this is very kind of you @livinguktaiwan and @traciyork. I feel so honored of the recognition. I poured myself into that post and I am glad you love it. The notebook kid is extremely delighted and will continue his adventures here in Hive.

A very deserving second place @eudadol, you did great!!

I'm sure you've found out by now, through the bad ass gang you got yourself mixed up with 😉, there are endless opportunities on Hive, and quality content creators will always get recognised on Hive. Just make sure never to compare yourself with others, and that post payouts aren't a measure of success on Hive. That way, you're Hive journey will be a lot more happier! Hope to see you around more.

Congratulations!!!! I knew you'll make it. So proud of you!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Thanksss Klause. You're the best.

Thank you very much for the mention Congratulations to all the winners and all the participants, I really enjoyed participating

Thanks for taking part @yole. Hive can be very daunting for many people, especially those who are not familiar with cyrpto, myself included, and I am no better than where I started off four years ago. It's a continuous learning curve on Hive, but luckily there are many to support us on the way, especially when you have the support of your daughter. Congrats on the Honourable Mention.

Wow!!! I got a prize… thank you very much @livinguktaiwan and all those that sponsored this contest. I really appreciate 😊😁🙏🙏

Well deserved! I haven't read your entry yet but you have been doing great from what I've seen in the past, keep it up!

Wow… Seriously… I didn’t know you noticed me… thank you very much.

You're welcome man! Like I said you are doing a good job so keep it up, we need great people like you to stay successful!


Congratulations bro, what an interesting journey you have heard, I guess as many newbies can read this and be encouraged.

Your Hive journey is a great inspiration for many @starstrings01 and the fact that you are now taking things to the next level by onboarding and guiding new users demonstrates your understanding of Hive and how it can change a person's life. Hopefully the people you onboard will follow your footstep and contribute back to Hive to make it a better place. Thansk

Hello @livinguktaiwan, it’s an honor to have you in my comment section. Thank you very much. Hopefully, those I onboard would follow my footsteps and contribute to back to Hive.

Wow, Thank you so much for including me. I appreciate it so much!

Hive is the best❤❤❤

I love the authenticity of your story @luckylaica, and the advise that @millycf1976 is the best advice anyone can give a newbie. Just be persistent and your quality content will be recognised by people on Hive. Good luck.

as long as I'm very true to my content it doesn't matter if I posted my "dried fish" viand or anything but just don't lose hope if you can get a very low upvote or even get zero but just keep on postings

Thank you @livinguktaiwan . That's how I love @millycf1976 she's like a mom to me too.

Thoroughly deserved and so sincerely written :-)

Thank you for your kind words.

Keep posting and stay real. Your rewards will surely come. Best wishes :-)

Hey @livinguktaiwan, a wonderful initiative! I just came across this post!
I could be one of your missing pins from Spain, in the future! ;)
In the meantime, congrats to all the winners and a well done to all who participated!
Happy #Hive ing, Lee :)

Don't wait @griega make your post now!! The Hi from Hive map is always waiting for new users! Do Spain proud!!

Thanks for your kind invitation @livinguktaiwan, unfortunately apparently your post expired a week ago! I'll catch the next round! ;)

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Well thank you kindly for the mention, I was just grateful for posting material at that point. Thanks for support!

You're welcome @rubido, although I don't comment on your posts as much as I should, it's always fun reading your stuff, especially your banter with The Luckiest Guy. Thanks for that

Aye I have fun at least 😁 can't answer for him of course.

No worries I seem to miss alot of posts and comments lately, seem to get lost in the notifications.

Thanks for the opportunity to participate.

Hi @livinguktaiwan,
Thank you for participating in the #teamuk curated tag. We have upvoted your quality content.
For more information visit our discord https://discord.gg/8CVx2Am

It was lovely to have a recap of what I had been doing here and how hive added value to my life.

Congratulations to all the winners and notable mentions

And thanks for sharing your Hive experience so far with us. I think we have many users from Pakistan here, but for various reasons, most don't last very long on Hive, so it's great we have representatives for Pakistan on the Hi From Hive map. Thanks

Before Hive, I was on another site that is dead now. There were too many users from Pakistan. When I joined Hive, I realized that there aren't many. I don't know what is the reason behind.
Anyways, I am glad to be a representative of my land.
Greetings 🌷

Truth to be told, we see quite a lot of abusers on Hive and they don't last very long, maybe that's why 🤨.

Keep doing what you're doing, you're doing a great job!

I am sorry to hear that you came accross with (abusers from my land).

Keep doing what you're doing, you're doing a great job!

Thanks sir @livinguktaiwan. When we are in a global community, the flag of our country is automatically in our hands. I won't let it down.

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Congratulations to all the winners! And great job @livinguktaiwan. It's nice to meet more people because of this initiative.👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼. Excited for more!

Yes, it's always good to meet more people outside our own usual circle, after all Hive is a global platform. Although the contest has ended, the initiative continues so feel free to write your own Hi from Hive whenever you like so you help to expand Philippines footprint on the map

We'll do. Thank you!🤗🤗🤗

Wow, 152 entries, that´s some epic engagement you got there! :) Thanks for hosting it and congrats to the winners. Really nice initiative, good job everyone. I already used all my TipU votes today but I will make sure to stop by with some tomorrow ;)

It was 110 entries, plus the pins that were already on the Hi From Hive map when I started it last year making it 150+ pins now. But either way, it was a lot of entries, I'm so pleased so many people took part, and even more people like yourself who supported the entries. Thanks for that

By the way, we don't have any pins in Czhech nor Poland, you guys want to expand the Hi From Hive map and share your experience? I'm sure you got lots to talk about during your time here. It would also be nice to hear more from the seasoned users 😉

So the initiative is still open? I havent really checked the details... If it is, I will let the Czech community know about it. Most of them usually post in Czech only but some might give it a shot :) I might actually join this fun too. Thanks for the invitation.

The map is an ongoing thing as I'd like it to grow and have people from all over the world pin on it to make it much more useful for onboarding purposes. The contest was to boost usage as lot's of people don't know about it.

If you can get the Czech community on that would be great!! Just run the post through Google translate for English. At a national level, it would help the community to connect, and anyone who wants to persuade a friend to join can show them the Hi From Hive map so they can read testimonials from people from their country in plain English, or plain Czech in your case 😉 and understand what Hive is all about.

Congratulations to all the winners! Thank you very much @livinguktaiwan, I really enjoyed doing a recap exactly a year later as so much has happened!

Quite a lot has changed over the year, certainly worth talking about Lizzie. Thanks as always for your support!!!

Congrats to the winners
@starstrings01, @eudadol and @zullyscot


Thank you brotherly!

That's awesome! Thanks for the mention. This was a lot of fun and really great to see all of the different entries! I will visit some of them but I'm very excited to see familiar names as well as ones I've never seen before, on the list!

Hopefully we can get some additional pins on there! We have certainly got a person from almost all of those countries on here!

Thanks for entering and sharing your Hive journey @cmplxty, not to mention adding another much needed pin for America!

Tengo mucha emoción, gracias por el honor del premio, Hive es una comunidad maravillosa y poder lograr que muchas personas sepan lo que se puede hacer desde Hive es algo primordial, por lo menos en mi pais permite que muchas personas puedan explorar su lado creativo, puedan crecer como personas aprendiendo cosas nuevas, miles de personas entran al mundo cripto gracias a Hive. Sigamos dando lo mejor. Un abrazo.

Muchas gracias por participar y enhorabuena por ser el primero de tantas entradas geniales. Hive realmente puede sacar a relucir la creatividad y el talento de las personas; es de esperar que todos y la plataforma puedan crecer juntos.

Congratulation all of participan :)

If you want, you can also write your own Hi from Hive post. Although the contents has finished, the project has not, and everyone is welcome to contribute to the map

this was a fun thing to be part of while also celebrating my achievements on the chain, thank you for the honorable mention!

You're welcome @victoriabsb. I've read about people buying mobile phones, computers, generators, a fan, and even a piano, but buying a car!!! That is just incredible!!! It bought a smile to me!!!

Proof Hive really changes lives and who knows maybe in The future is a house!

Greetings friends congratulations to all the winners

Thanks for your entry as well @cetb2008 and I hope you achieve your aim to become a dolphin very soon

Congratulations @zullyscott @eudadol @starstrings01 and all others :-) and thank you so much for my honourable mention :-)
Beeing part of this contest was something special for me thank you @livinguktaiwan

I hope I get it, but wanna look trough the pinmapple cart for all the 155 Entries :-)

You have it all here!!! And have to warn you, it grows all the time as people write their Hi from Hive post - though I expect it will slow down now until I give it another push next time. Thanks for entering the contest and sharing more about yourself with everyone


Congratulations to all! I'm still blown away by how many amazing entries there were & even though my eyes are still recovering from checking them all out (lol!), it was a wicked enjoyable experience. Thanks for letting me help out, @livinguktaiwan - please feel free to shout out again any time. Well, I mean after we've both (you so much more than me) recovered...😂 😊

Really appreciate your help with all this @traciyork,awesomesauce as always!!!

Congratulations to all the winners!!! Anyone who did a post is an absolute winner! Shamefully, the contest fell off my radar, I never saw it! :/ I even read a couple and remained clueless.

My apologies! Too busy to read into it means I am not stopping to smell the roses, so I must slow down so I don't miss fun things like this!

My aplogies @livinguktaiwan! I even read yours and loved it!

No worries Denise, I appreciate you dropping by amidst everything else you have on your plate ♥️

Thank you! I realize everyone is just as busy, I am just a little slower. :)

Congratulations to all the winners!!! Anyone who did a post is an absolute winner! Shamefully, the contest fell off my radar, I never saw it! :/ I even read a couple and remained clueless.

My apologies! Too busy to read into it means I am not stopping to smell the roses, so I must slow down so I don't miss fun things like this!

My apologies @livinguktaiwan! I even read yours and loved it!

Congratulations to all the winners.

Thank you for your entry @isabelpena !!!

This is nice
Keep it up

I see you have just joined Hive @emeka002, welcome on board. Building your network is very important on Hive, and I see you haven't followed anyone at all. Maybe you want to start following people's blog that you find interesting so you can fill your feed up with things to read and build your network that way. Good luck with Hive

this is a great project which I am so happy to participate in. On the days that I wrote my post, I feel full of energy and so eager to share my experiences with everyone.

Congratulations to everyone who joined the contest. And thank you so much @livinguktaiwan and the sponsors for all the dedication and hard work that you did for us. Cheers, Dora.

Thanks for your entry Dora, so glad you did it. Hive can be a really fun place and there is lots to learn, hope you will continue to enjoy your time here

I am so honored, I am more than a winner. I am fortunate to belong to this wonderful Hive community.

I'm sure we all agree with you on you last comment @franchalad, thank you for taking part in this contest and sharing your experience

Thank you so much for the mention. Congratulations to the winners and all the participants. Great initiative.

You're very welcome @irvinc, there were so many good posts, and it wasn't an easy decision!!!

Thank you very much for the mention, I really appretiate it. Congratulations to all the winners and the participants.

I think everyone who took part is a winner, we're all here to help tell the world about Hive, so great job to everyone

Wow, I am so honored to be on that list. This has seemed to me one of the most important HIVE contests, for all the repercussion it can bring in the future. I feel it didn't get the attention it deserved. I really loved it. Thank you very much @livinguktaiwan for doing this

Thanks for your lovely comment @danielvehe, to be honest I'm pretty pleased with the response, but we should never be complacent and I think we need to get more pins on the map, especially in different countries. You guys from Venezuela have don really well, so hats off to you all.

If in future you onboard new users, please feel free to share the Hi from Hive map with them so they can read the stories from existing users to get an idea on what Hive can offer. Thanks !!!


Wow, 162 entries 😍 superb number :) Congrats to all the contestants and the winners of the contest :)

Actually its 110 entries this time as I had some pins from last year when the project started, so the total pins is over 150 now. Hopefully it will continue to grow. And once again, thanks for all the great work you're doing in Vietnam to bring new users on board!!

Congratulations to all those who won!

I hope to see future contests that the number of people who compete and engage keep going up exponentially, because after all that is what it is about right? to see our community keep growing, see new faces and discover new friends every day. WOOT

Thanks for sponsoring @livinguktaiwan

Dropping you some hot !PIZZA and !LUV on this post! ❤️❤️

Yes, let hope Hive will continue to grow, that's the only way to go, upwards and forwards!!! Thanks for your entry @jacuzzi, I found out so much about you, didn't know you are involved in Dbuzz, we find out something new on Hive everyday

Awe Yea! There is a certain allure to be anonymous online, but to maintain the veil of anonymity takes a lot of work... I could see why people would want to be anonymous, perhaps I need to increase my visibility... hrmmm 👍

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I didn't even make it on the list. 😢

There were a lot of great entries, taking part is winning already!!!


She thinks Im still a baby.... oh so sweet....

Congratulations to all the winners, honorable mentions, and participants of this awesome endeavor. I am honored and fortunate to have been part of this. Hopefully this will create more awareness about our platform and make Hive a truly household name. Thank you @livinguktaiwan for this wonderful initiative 👏👏👏🥰

Congratulations to the lucky ones. The jury could not have done better than this. Congratulations to the winners and to all the participants.

I am sorry to have missed that Hi From Hive Contest @livinguktaiwan I have been so busy at work then, I took a break and had a few days away but I hope to catch the next one so we can put Thailand on the map.

Although the contest has ended, you can still make your Hi From Hive post and pin it on the map @tinman88, we need to fill up all the countries, and Thailand definitely needs to be on it!!!

I sent you a message via Bee chat on peaked. If you didn't get it, can you please hit me up on discord livinguktaiwan#6787 thanks

I don't mind doing that at all for you @livinguktaiwan how do I see your message on Bee chat on peaked do you have a link or something to get me there, sorry I am just not a great computer tech person :)

Do you use peakd? If you click on your profile picture on the mobile you will see the chat icon, or you'll see it along the top somewhere on PC. If you can't access it please hook me up on Discord. Thanks

I will take part in ! and will try to participate in all ! how wonderful ! congrats to all the winners! and wish me luck for being the next winner !

Hi there, I see you have joined Hive a few months just started posting recently. I hope you are enjoying your Hive experience and doing well on Splinterlands.

Sorry for not having found the time to congratulate everyone involved before, you are all amazing, special mention to @livinguktaiwan of course, for the continuous awesome work. Peace out!

No worries @edprivat, appreciate you taking time out to share your Hive story, truly moving story that demonstrated the spirits of the community!

My pleasure, cheers!

It was a great contest and I'm proud to have been a part of it. See you on the pinmapple :o)

Thank you for taking part @freedomprepper and adding the second pin on the Hi from Hive map. We need more Germans!!!!

And yes, when you take time off from gaming and do a bit of travel, don't forget to pin it on Pinmapple. Now you know how to do it, you have no excuse not to!!! You can post it directly from our community https://peakd.com/c/hive-163772/created for the maximum support 😀

Congrats to all the winners ❤️❤️. Proud to belong Hive 💕💕💕. Thanks for the honorable mention ❤️❤️.

it was great reading your story @lauramica, thank you for that!!

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Wonderful project, so cool to see the map. That's why I enjoy being on #hive, you meet people from all over the globe. Best wishes from the Northeastern part of the USA.

I think that's definitely the best part, meeting people from all around the world and learning about them and their life, and culture. Would you be interested to share your Hive experience as well? The contest is over, but the initiative continues. I'd love to have more pins in the map? 😀

Hello, I have been away for a few days, but I do appreciate your thoughtful comment.

I will try to figure out the map, so I can Participate in this new adventure. I am a #silverblogger so please be patient. 😀😁😂🤣🙄😏😮

Hola. Qué lindo amanecer y lo primero que leo en mis notificaciones es este premio. Me siento muy feliz de estar entre los nominados.
Felicidades a todos los que hacen vida en #hive y que han pinneado su ubicación en el mapa. Esto me ha permitido conocer a compañeros de Hive que viven cerca de mi residencia. Puedo decirles que tengo dos vecinos de etapa en el urbanismo.
Espero que sigamos creciendo. Muchas felicitaciones para todos. Gracias a @livinguktaiwan por la promoción de este concurso. ¡Saludos!


Hi there. What a beautiful sunrise and the first thing I read in my notifications is this award. I am very happy to be among the nominees.
Congratulations to all those who make life in #hive and who have pinned their location on the map. This has allowed me to meet fellow Hive members who live near my residence. I can tell you that I have two stage neighbors in town planning.
I hope we continue to grow. Many congratulations to all. Thanks to @livinguktaiwan for promoting this contest. Greetings!

You're welcome @creacioneslelys and it's great you have found people near you, I'm sure there may be more as well, perhaps one day you guys can arrange a local meetup!!!

El enlace no es el de mi post.

The link is not the one in my post.


ha ha! My apologies. Never a good idea to do important posts like these at 1am in the morning!!! All sorted now. Thanks for letting me know