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Hive Open Mic ( #openmic ) is a global community working for world peace through a love of live music. Each week is a new invitation to express and connect.

Hive Open Mic 88

December 12-18, 2021


Global harmony is our mission. World peace is our vision. Our community's international open mic event attracts 100+ musicians and thousands of listeners each week. Our virtual song circle reaches globally, while upholding the classic pattern of a traditional open mic event. At the end of each week, we celebrate the songs with a curated showcase, much like a live music concert.

All are welcome. We invite artists of every style and any skill level, providing a haven for creative expression and genuine connection. Here, we see real relationships building between music lovers worldwide. Every contributor can be proud of the fact we are manifesting a live music movement, by sharing the gifts of musical performance and generous listening.

For the 88th week of Hive Open Mic, we will explore the following theme: "Loyalty and Fidelity." This theme is chosen by our recent Spotlight Artists: @musicandreview, whose names are Omar and Dina. They are shining stars in this community, and we are all blessed by their presence with us. Everyone is encouraged to share the collective current as we express and connect through: Loyalty and Fidelity.


“Loyalty and Fidelity”


This week's Hive Open Mic theme is: “Loyalty and Fidelity.” This is a pressure-free invitation, encouraging us to explore new territory together as artists and share a common ground as a community. Musicians always have full freedom to bring whatever music feels inspired in the moment. Here's a timeline, for anyone wishing to look back, be present, or prepare future entries.

87: Different Thoughts ---> 88: Loyalty and Fidelity ---> 89: Palabra Santa

How To Play

1. Produce - Introduce your video by saying the words, “Hive Open Mic Week 88.” Perform a song.
2. Present - Post your video in the Hive Open Mic community. Include the tag #openmic.
3. Promote - Share your link in the comments section of Sunday's open mic invitation in order to ensure your entry is heard.
4. Prosper - Build relationships by engaging with fellow music lovers through uplifting comments.


Hold On (Cover) by @mipiano
Feel (Original) by @holisticmom
Soaring (Original) by @joshuabbey
Gaviota / Seagull (Cover) by @davidcentenor
Son Mis Deseos / It's My Wishes (Cóver) by @zorajr and @armandolnrs
Con los Brazos al Cielo / With Arms to Heaven (Original) by @lecumberre
Cuando Llega La Marea / When The Tide Comes (Original) by @adreini
Be United As One (Original) by @rezasofyan
Mi Fe / My Faith (Original) by @jhoxiris
Heavily (Original) by @cabelindsay


Show your support by engaging with the musicians. The greatest gift you can give to an artist is your attention. For this reason, we humbly ask that you offer some friendly words. You can reward musicians by offering applause as if we're in a pub, a coffee shop, or concert hall. Your comment might be a vital voice that gives a musician the wings to fly, or the gills to dive deep!


In the Hive Open Mic community, every week is an inspiring musical journey. Here, talented musicians bring their gifts to the virtual stage, reaching around the world. Listeners gain human connection on levels of heart and mind, including people of various cultures and languages. This is the harmonizing power of music.

Gratitude goes to the originators of Hive, who planted the seeds for us to grow and flourish here. Gratitude goes to the @OCD Incubation Program and other community cultivators, allowing newcomers to find their niches, and comfort zones. Gratitude goes to all the people who share their energy here, helping each other to thrive.


Join in. Enjoy!

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Good morning everyone!

My entry:

Thank you!


Lealtad y fidelidad, dos valores del comportamiento humano que se basan en la confianza y el respeto. La base de toda relación humana que procura potenciarse en la seguridad del entendimiento humano. Conceptos que van de la mano con la honestidad, es como conectarse con uno mismo y con alguien a la vez. La comunicación es otro de esos pilares que mantienen esos valores de cuidado y respeto por ese alguien con quien estamos conectados. Por eso la lealtad, puede aceptar y tolerar errores, pero nunca las traiciones y se expresa mediante el apoyo, la gratitud y el compañerismo. Esto tiene una fuerte carga de valentía. En cuanto a la fidelidad es un término que está más vinculado en las relaciones de pareja donde la sinceridad juega un papel muy importante. Es aquí donde la lealtad cobra fuerza al no no engañar, evitar lo que puede dañar a la pareja, hablar siempre con la verdad y ser transparente, cumplir las promesas,mantener el estado de fidelidad al pasar el tiempo y las circunstancias, donde se prioriza la unidad y la estabilidad familiar. Bueno, mis amigos Hive Open Mic, estos dos valores son pilares fundamentales en esta comunidad y, por eso veo con agrado esta hermosa elección de nuestros amigos @musicandreview. Estos valores reflejan el desarrollo de nuestra comunidad donde la humanidad del artista se expresa con todo su poder, en la seguridad clara y sencilla de contar con la lealtad y la fidelidad de cada uno de sus miembros. Viva nuestra fiel y leal comunidad Hive Open Mic. Abrazos para todos y seguros nos inundaremos de publicaciones expectantes esta semana. Bendiciones Hive.

 2 years ago  

These values ​​reflect the development of our community where the humanity of the artist expresses itself with all its power, in the clear and simple security of having the loyalty and fidelity of each of its members.

Oh wow, your comment is extraordinary. Thank you so much for voicing your interpretation, sharing your visions and insights. You are so kind and wise to offer these words for us.

Estos valores reflejan el desarrollo de nuestra comunidad donde la humanidad del artista se expresa con todo su poder, en la seguridad clara y sencilla de contar con la lealtad y la fidelidad de cada uno de sus miembros.

Vaya, tu comentario es extraordinario. Muchas gracias por expresar su interpretación, compartir sus visiones y conocimientos. Es usted tan amable y sabio al ofrecernos estas palabras.

Hola @esteliopadilla que excelente tu reflexion sobre la temática hive openmic week N° 88.

Hola @solanaya94, gracias por esa consideración. Bendiciones para esta hermosa comunidad

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Buenas noches chicos. Espero todos estén muy bien.
Aquí dejo mi video semanal.
Un abrazote 💜



aha pa ultima hora<3

Amigos, Hive Open Mic, por aquí va mi entrada para esta semana 88, con la canción "Amigo", al estilo de Roberto Carlos: https://hive.blog/hive-105786/@esteliopadilla/ksvsikbm

Sounds good.
I think I know just the perfect song to fit it.
It's off to work now.

Howdy brothers! Here is my participation for this week. I hope you like it!


Hello! Esto va para los fans de J Balvin! Este cover es su cancion ROJO. Espero que disfruten!

Una vez mas, gracias les doy por animarme una vez más a participar en este microfono abierto. Sin presiones.

¡Interesante temática! traeré pronto mi participación como cada semana.

Interesting theme! I will bring my participation soon as every week.

I so much love this community!!!
Weldone to our amiable admins and moderators, @hiveopenmic @cabelindsay, @jesuslnrs and @mipiano.

Special thanks to @musicandreview for choosing this wonderful theme.

Here is my input for this week: A Saxophone (and guitar) cover of Count on me by Bruno Mars.... yea it speaks about Friendship... and it definitely emphasises Fidelity and loyalty from friends...

You can check it out here... thank you


Hola, amigos Hive Open Mic, por aquí mi entrada de esta semana: https://hive.blog/hive-105786/@sebastianpadilla/fsqwfehu

beautiful playing!

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This theme resonates in my soul and in my mind for inspiration.... Everyone create!!! 🤩🎶🙏💪😎🙌

 2 years ago  

So happy to hear it is resonating with you. You radiate. You radiate. You radiate. 💛🌟

Excelente tema🤗😊 Bendiones para todos

Exelente tema traeré mi participación 😍🤗🥰 con mucho cariño para todos. Dios les bendiga.💕

Términos íntimamente ligados. Ahí le estaremos, Dios mediante.

Una temática enmarcada en dos palabras con bastante fuerza y signicado, cargadas de poder y compromiso. Esta temática promete buenos temas. Un saludo

Hola querida comunidad luego de unos contratiempos técnicos relacionados a la señal del Internet hoy estoy nuevamente compartiendo con vosotros en este gran concurso que expone lo mejor de los talentos musicales de la plataforma.


Es un placer una vez más haber propuesto el tema de la semana! No tenemos dudas de la grandes presentaciones que vamos a observar, cosa que ya nos tienen acostumbrados, agradecidos por tanta gente bonita. Dios les bendiga grandemente!😉😊

Greetings to all this wonderful #hive of artists that makes life every week, in this #openmic quote, here I leave my participation for the 88 weeks:
Vientre de cuna


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Great initiative & topic! My entry

Loyalty to God, fidelity to one.

This theme is cool and I love it already.

Cheers to all the creators who will join this week's OPENMIC. 🥂

Querida comunidad, está semana pude traer mi presentación temprano, aquí se las comparto espero sea de su agrado. https://peakd.com/hive-105786/@almeidamusic/hive-open-mic-week-87-brindis-cover-almeidamusic

hola amigos un gran tema para esta semana "Lealtad y fidelidad" ssaludos a todos

Amigos de Hive Openmic saludos para todos, por acá mi participación en la semana 88. Mil Bendiciones para todos...


HELLO here i have my entry for this week 88, a duo with one of my students, showing loyalty and fidelity! hope you all like it! See you!

This openmic community is a very blessing home for me. Nice to be here with you all...

Loyalty and Fidelity is the theme that describes this community, salute to @musicandrewview , this is my presentation


Great music brother! <3 <3

First time to join Hive Open Mic. Great to see fellow musician in one community! i love it! <3

Qué buen tema. Sobre la lealtad y la fidelidad. Muy interesante. Prepararé mi entrada dentro de poco. Saludos a todos.

🎼Hola Familia de Hive Open Mic,✨Aquí mi presentación:

Hive Openmic Week 88 (Lealtad y Fidelidad) Tu fidelidad @colorcareer
Hola ami... https://peakd.com/hive-105786/@colorcareer/hive-openmic-week-88-lealtad-y-fidelidad-tu-fidelidad-colorcareer

Esta es mi entrada de la semana espero que les guste

Buen día queridos amigos, por acá dejo mi entrada / Good morning dear friends, here I leave my post.

I hope you like my presentation this week, friends -Kendine İyi Bak-cover by@rsntpl : https://www.ecency.com/hive-105786/@rsntpl/ifohzedz

I'm going with Ed Sheeran's "Perfect" for this weeks theme.

Feliz Noche amigos, aquí les dejo mi participación de esta semana / Good night my friends, here is my entry for the Hive Open Mic this week 🙌😀🔥🎸🎶❤️🎅🎄🌟🍻

VIDEO 👉 /@fernanblog/aildpuez


Here's my track! Hope you enjoy! Looking forward to hearing everybody's songs! https://hive.blog/hive-181335/@bertimismaximus/bjqvhdeq

Nice theme for the week.
Here is my Entry

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