Ladies of Hive Community Contest #43

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Authored by @joanstewart

TO THE 43rd EDITION of the

This is a contest from our community to you, women empowering each other both on the blockchain and in Discord! A place we love and where Hive is alive. If you haven't joined our discord yet, an invite can be found by clicking on the first banner under this post!

We will award 5 HIVE to the best entry.

¡Este es un concurso de nuestra comunidad para ustedes, mujeres que se empoderan unas a otras tanto en blockchain como en Discord! Un lugar que amamos y donde Hive está presente. Si aún no se ha unido a nuestra discordia, puede encontrar una invitación haciendo clic en el primer aviso publicitario debajo de esta publicación.

Regalaremos 5 HIVE a la mejor entrada.

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For this week we want to know:

1️⃣ When was the last time you tried something new? Did it change you?


2️⃣ What life lesson did you learn the hard way? How did it alter your perception or attitude?

To make sure that your entry is valid, and can not be missed for the contest, please make sure that you follow the RULES:

Para garantizar que su participación sea válida y no se pierda el concurso, asegúrese de seguir las REGLAS:

  • Blog must answer at least one of the questions(or more, if you wish!)
  • El blog debe responder al menos una de las preguntas (¡o más, si lo desea!)
  • Blog must be submitted before the beginning of the day of Sunday, August 15, 2021
  • El blog debe enviarse antes del día Domingo, 15 de Agosto, 2021
  • Blog must be published in 'Ladies of Hive' community
  • El blog debe publicarse en la comunidad 'Ladies of Hive' (Damas de Hive)
  • Blog must be linked in a comment to this post
  • El blog debe estar vinculado en un comentario a esta publicación
  • Blog must be original in order to win
  • El blog debe ser original para poder ganar       
  • Blog must be 200+ words (word count must be met before any translation of your blog!)
  • El blog debe tener más de 200 palabras (el recuento de palabras debe efectuarse antes de cualquier traducción de tu blog!)
  • Blog must invite another woman to the community
  • El blog debe invitar a otra mujer a la comunidad

Good luck, Ladies!

Questions this week by: @joanstewart
Judging will be by: @joanstewart

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Here is my entry for this week's contest. I am new here and I am so glad to be a part of this community 😍😍😍

Welcome to the community and thanks for entering #ladiesofhive have a wonderful week.

Wow @jongcl you are welcome.
Good to have you here❤❤❤

Maravillosos arte tu post es inspirador saludos

Hello @jongcl i will go and visit your entry now

Very good lesson in life, took awhile but now you can go forward knowing what to do 😆

The most valuable thing I could have certainly learned 😉

Visited your blog and saying NO is a right and glad you made that part of your life
Good luck this week @suezoe

Thank you very much for having read it! I wish everyone would respect that right that we all have 🤗

Aleccionador relato que nos invita a aprender a colocar límites, me gusto mucho saber que no soy la única que sigue practicando éste arte de convivir.

Sibling fights always come with a good story to top off, we were four and all got a hiding depending on what we had done, now we stand together and watch out for each other.


Hi @glotokens thanks for leaving the blog and family is all we need
Good luck this week

Hard lesson to learn, frustration leading to blind anger can end up with some form of punishment sadly, even when we feel it is a solution to the problem, easier to walk away.

I visited your blog and upvoted it and wish you well in this weeks contest

Experiencing the sudden loss of life, restricted movement the past year and a half has made us stop and assess life and the best foot forward.

Thanks for sharing this @isabelpena and thanks for your insight.

Hello beautiful people!
Here’s my entry for this week’s contest. 👇🏻

Hope you could drop some love on my post. So happy to be part of this community. Keep safe everyone! 😘

Life takes us down many paths, sometimes good things come out of the bad encounters we face. Enjoyable positive ending to long relationship where love was obviously not a two way street @eeventuree

Yeah, life is unpredictable. But I'm thankful for all that had happened, for it made me stronger and wiser. ☺️

Small incremental changes are beneficial, meditation and gratitude journal two ways of grounding us @andrea.carolina.

Trustworthy friend, one person, and normally you know, a sixth sense. We meet many people in life, very few very exceptional enough to call close friend, many rely on siblings who know us best.

Hello! I'm new here in this community and my sisters @jongcl & @eeventuree have invited me over to join the fun! :) Here's my entry for this week's contest :) Thank yoU!

Learning early in life love for oneself comes first, fortunately you realized this before entering into a possible life of being manipulated.

Thanks for a lovely entry in lessons learned in life and how it altered you @sassycebuana

Aww. thank you Joan. It was lovely knowing few beautiful and kind people here in Hive.

Love, Life and living big changes after bad experience, given time to find love through newborn eyes. Thanks for entry and most enjoyable read @ana.rivas2104

Another wonderful entry @tibaire using alternative medicine covering body and mind, very good idea to path of healing and feeling good all over.

Hola me parece muy interesante el concurso, me encantaría participar.

You are more than welcome to join @jhanna11 connect to @hive-124452 community, post and leave a link here as per instructions, look forward to your entry.

Eres más que bienvenido a unirte a @ jhanna11, conectarte a la comunidad @ hive-124452, publicar y dejar un enlace aquí según las instrucciones, esperamos tu entrada.

Making a better life after emotional goodbye to your mother, lovely entry thanks @vicmito74 keep dancing!

Surviving a home invasion, fortunate not being hurt, mental harm will still leave a scar.

We were very lucky that day, they just wanted to steal, in the same way the trauma that that leaves is very great.

@mariajcastro28 great entry and i wish you well in the contest this week

thank you very much a hug

Facing challenge like this is not what anyone would wish for @mariaced truly and eye opener to those who are not aware of the constant hardship being endured in your land.

Hi all, this is my entry for the contest :)

Enjoy exploring new dishes, throw whatever flavours you enjoy into the pot, sure to be a success @angie08 thanks for entry.

Hahaha Thanks @joanstewart . I'll try that.😅

Setting up business without contracts lead to non payment, being ultra cautious online with people asking directly for financial assistance, always question and keep learning from each other.

Good lessons learned thanks @projectmamabg

I know, but I thought that a contract is not needed, we were friends after all - well - big mistake ..

@snedeva , @projectmamabg @mariya36 Уважаеми дами, предизвиквам Ви да се включите! 😁😊

В статията си трябва да го напишеш, да ни тагнеш и да сложиш линк към статията на предизвикателството. Иначе ще участвам ;) Благодаря за поканата ;)

Вземам си забележка! Така ще го направя 😉

Аз съм участвала няколко пъти и винаги е било много приятно. Правят много добри теми за предизвикателства!

This was a super fun writing prompt. 💖 Hope you enjoy the read:

Thanks for lovely entry @katrina-ariel keep following your heart!

What a great entry and i do all the walk in life as wholeheartedly as i can aswell.
Good luck in the contest @katrina-ariel

Stopping to re-assess situation, taking the helping hand offered to achieve your own freedom forming comfortable boundary, very good lesson to learn @trucklife-family

I visited your blog @trucklife-family
And We tend to get triggered by things that are unresolved and we can continue to follow certain patterns as a way to protect ourselves. But in the end it is just prolonging our suffering. Easier said than done of course. is true on the letter.

Good luck in the contest this week

There we go!

Trying new stuff in general

Keep tasting life, never ending learning through change @karinxxl thanks for lovely entry.

This is such a difficult week all the entries are soooooo good !!

Enjoyed reading how life experiences shape us @brittandjosie great to see you too, and yes entries vary varied.

@karinxxl i visited your blog and i will keep the snails for my next life
Good luck this week in the contest

Wow, thanks for the lovely response and invite to ladies to join the fun.

Gracias por tan grato comentario y si esperemos se nos unan, yo les seguiré insistiendo hasta verlas aquí😅

Thank you for such a pleasant comment and if we hope you join us, I will continue to insist until I see you here😅

I loved that you also included that you joined the platform ! I visited and voted for your blog thanks for joining
Good luck this week in the contest @cochanet

Es que estar en esta plataforma no solo es algo nuevo que intente hacer, es la primera vez que hago algo parecido y realmente fue muy grato para mi. Gracias por tu apoyo. Bendiciones🙌🤗🌷

It is that being on this platform is not only something new that I tried to do, it is the first time I have done something similar and it was really very pleasant for me. Thanks for your support. Blessings🙌🤗🌷

Thank You for this wonderful question. Thank You also for making your group.

Positive people in your life who shaped you into being the person you are, thanks for lovely entry @snook

You are very welcome and Thank You!

@snook wow you had me at the first picture and sentence, and i agree it has nothing to do withheld child and love comes in all shapes and sizes.
Good luck this week

Thank You!!!

Another great set of questions!
Good luck girls!

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Another fun week!

let's join me on this one pleaseeeeeee @simple.joys @babeltrips

😊 Thanks sis

Cool contest! Am looking forward to your post ☘️

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Great questions for this week!

Look forward to seeing answers to questions, have fun remembering!

And another week has blown by so fast.
Deep probing questions again. Good Luck Ladies!

This question really had me scratching my head hehe

Came out on top, in more ways than one @kaerpediem, you concurred your fear of heights!

I did - completely cured I can't say yet - maybe just before someone pushes me off the bridge for a bungee jump hahaha

I am afraid to watch the video hahahahaha
Good luck dear in this weeks contest @kaerpediem

-Hello there..this is my entry into the contest initiated by this wonderful community..

Thanks a lot!🙏

Have a blessed evening!🌷❤


No more explaining, decision made to be with family living a single life, sounds like you have found a way to be more content in life.

Oh, I've forgot to add a link here with my article. this is it

Changing work situation, good decision when it affects our lifestyle and meaning of life.

Hello, girls! Here’s my entry for this week’s contest! Hope that you’ll like it! 😊

Teenager joining structured life in military, serving ones country offering the next fifteen years in service.

Soon going out will make the training all worthwhile, subjects studied will stay with you for life as well as structure. Photos shared show how slowly you relaxed into the lifestyle and started to enjoy fun aspects with colleagues 😆

Mother lives on through her teachings you put to good use during her last moments, thanks for sharing wonderful journey @aguamiel trust takes us a long way.

Promise of employment, false accusations after leaving.

Lesson in life is to move on with ability to not forgive, forget going forward.

Great sharing @snedeva thanks.

As always, not only intelligent, thought provoking questions but emotionally charged too.

Well atleast it was for me anyway...

Hardest thing is saying goodbye when so much is yet to be said, powerful lesson I hope anyone with a Mother to talk to takes time to read @chocolatescorpi
This is my entry to this week's contest! I am so happy to be part of this community :)

Value in continuous learning, not only the field you have chosen but life itself, well done!

Lovely new craft to keep the hands busy, keep enjoying people knowing they will not affect you now you know how @blezyn thanks for entry.

Great new hobby to enjoy, relax and have fun. Thanks for entering this weeks fun contest @cirangela have a lovely day.

I am happy to meet people from another continent, especially from the mighty Africa. greetings.

The world is a small place, always wonderful to learn about different regions.

Me encantó participar en el Concurso de esta semana / I was delighted to take part in this week's Contest

Mi entrada / My entry:

Moments in time we never forget, keep growing together enjoying a life together @marlenyaragua and thanks for a lovely entry.