Back in the Country and Shouting the Leaderboard!

in Ecency4 months ago

While I was gone...

My son surprised us with a vacation last week - and we had a BLAST! But in order to get ready for it, I needed to schedule things in advance, and come back and catch up to a lot of work to keep everyone updated on the Dreemer of the Year Leaderboards!!!

It's hard to get back into the swing of things, sometimes! But, once I got going - i got super excited!!! Because I'm so looking forward to seeing who is going to win, and what everyone will be grabbing as prizes (even if they DON'T win Dreemer of the Year!) and how that's going to lead us into some new things for 2023!

But.... I can't get into all that just yet! hehehe

I have to prepare you for THIS week and what it's all about!!! so.... let's get started!

This week - there is NO DreemPort Challenge Topic!!! Correct - you read that exactly right! Instead of writing posts - you're going to be going on your own "vacation" as you TRAVEL AROUND THE BLOGGING WORLD and get your passports stamped in new "countries". So how will you do that? Easy! Tomorrow - you will get a list of places to visit, and as you go to visit them, be sure to let them know that you were visiting them from DreemPort - so that we can keep track of everyone!

It should be fun!!!! Be on the lookout for that post TOMORROW by 5PM PST. and you will have all you need for the week! :) DON'T FORGET!!! You also will STILL have points available to earn from curating and submitting on DreemPort - and don't forget that @ecency leaderboard!!! and PYPT is on Thursday - so show up there to get points!

There are always mystery points available - but... you'll have to just keep your eyes open for those!

HERE IS THAT CALENDAR with all the upcoming details for the rest of the challenge!!!


These points are NOT taking into account PYPT post-sharing points from 3 days ago (but will be added after @shadowspub drops her PYPT recap post, the points from Friday's Challenge (since the posts will be curated on Monday), and the top 5 (also - curated on Monday) - so these numbers will be updated after that! Hope you all are still grabbing points!!! 😀 BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR THE CHALLENGE FOR THIS WEEK IN TOMORROW'S POST!!

Thanks to @shadowspub, @jamerussell, @penderis, @bluefinstudios, @kenechukwu97, @kemmyb, @wesphilbin, @mypathtofire, @melinda010100, @samsmith1971 and @dreemsteem for making the @dreemport voting power go farther! ❤️

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Wow, that’s so cool your son got you a vacation 😊😎🤩 sounds like you truly enjoyed it 😎

Congratulations everybody 🎉🥳

Wow the point table is showcasing how much dreemers are excited to compete with each other in the fun and engagement. @iskafan can I have your crown for selfies 🤣in future lol. Excited for Dreem-Wotw.

Hahaha, she's already giving the crown to me 🙈🙈

Thanks in advance. Yeeeeesssssss.... You can have it and take as many shots as you want 😉

Dreem-wotw challenge is going to be dope this month.. Anticipate. 🙌

Hello po!👋😁❤️ What is Dreem-Wotw?🤔🙃God bless po!😇🙏

Hahaha 😂
I love this question ❓❓❓

@iskawrites , please can I snap with your future crown 👑?
Lolz 🏃🏃🏃

You too??? You are giving me the crown already 🙈

Sai 😂😂 all una dey give me hope 😃

Yessssssss, you can snap with it, plus, you can add your crown.... You know you are already a queen 😉🥰

Hahaha 😂😂
Double crown .. lolz

Yes ooo.... Everything na double double 😉🥰

Oh my goodness, @hopestylist, what the h*ll? 😂😂😂

Seems the crown isn't that sure for you anymore ehh😂😂😂

Haha... I'll do all that it takes, guyyyy 😏😂


Why is he laughing this hard 😂😂

Fear my return 😂😂

Hehehehe... Abeg, no do make I laugh this morning 😂😂

Let's see how you do that, I won't make it easy though, hehe but don't worry too much about that because you are doing really well.

Hehehe 😂
Go easy gal...go go go 😂😂🏃🏃

Hahaha, no I can't even if I want to, it becomes more deserving when there were so many hurdles that you get to cross, hehe.

She is Iska remember? She will do well 🥰

This babe eehh 😂😂
Ok oo

That's not true sha, but now I'm eager to know who gets the crown, hehe.

Right 😂😂

Hehe, let's see how it goes

Why are you calling her name?? 😆

Haha... She collected my 20 points and I don't even know where my 10 points went 😂😂😂

Those are little little points now. 😆

Ehhhh... Haven't you heard, "It's tiny drops of water that makes up the ocean" 🥱😩

Shebi that one is water and not points. Abeg. 😆😆😂😂

Sai... It applies to points too 😂

What point is that? 😂😂

Lemme oooo 😂

Lolz 😂😂, but I dinno hold you nau? 🤣

I am also wondering what points is that oo and eager to know if anyone stole my points as well 😂😂😂🏃🏃🏃🏃

Hahaha, issorite, please @abdul-qudus please what point did someone stole that @iskawrites was referring to? 😅

I don’t know ooo. Maybe we should ask her. Bcus I saw her name at the top I don’t know the kind of point ooo…

Did someone not steal my 30 points? 🙄🥱😏

Yea.. summon them


I'll shoot you ooo 😂

Whether you or @hopestylist wins
You people should sha give me my share

Hahaha, of course, you will surely get something from me, whether or not I win 😊

What of me hope oo 😂😂
What am I inheriting from you....hahahaha

Nothing ma 🤲🤲🤲
The Lord's blessings is sufficient 😅

Hahaha, don't worry you will also be getting something too, very important 🥰

Inheriting 🙄🙄, @nkemakonam89 you won't kill me 🤣🤣🤣

Thanks dorling 🥺

@iskawrites be like Hope!!!!!!!!!

You're welcome big head 🥰😂.

Hmm, she will surely do more, just wait for it 🤭. @iskawrites please remember your girl too oo ☺️

Share the national moi-moi. Divide the national cake 😁😃

Lolz 😂
You gerrit

Haha... I do ooo 😂😂

She has agreed 😏

Same here Ksam
I will be a parasite to the winner on that day 😉😂😂

They don't have choice
Do they think it's easy to support them

Hahaha 😂😂
It's not easy atall 😂
Until the D-Day

Lolz, she is still leading oo, you guys should calm down, maybe till the end, hehe

No wahala
We still dey

Yes oo and I can see you are doing really well too, well done sir ☺️

Oh my dear, this is going to be really interesting, hehe. Don't worry, you still have more points and more time to get some more points, so you still rule Queen 👸.

Seems your crown is shaking truly @iskafan

Lol. It's one of those hurdles I have to face before I get it 😁

The pain😭😭😭

It seems I'll have to sit up😂😂

You really have to oooo. 😆

How are you feeling? I hope you are okay? 😂😂


Hahaha... You never see anything yet 😝😂😂

Hehehehe. I said it from the very beginning.. these there set of people ehn… I won’t mention names…

And yeah. It’s gonna be fun exploring the blogiverse. Can’t wait!!

And amazing to see you back again after the vacation…

You had better not mention names 😏😂

Why would I?? When I know them already. But I would still see what I can do. After all a pirate never give up. 😆

Lol. And you know I love my pirate for this not-giving-up spirit of his 😍❤️🥰

😂 😂. Do you really love him?? 😆
I don’t think so.

Haha... No nau.... Don't do this in public 🥺. We have to put up the facade that we are very happy in public and then fight in secret 🤲😂

No I don’t do that! I am plain in and out! So don’t make me look good on the outside and bad on the inside.

Pirates don’t fake things 😂. So I am sorry. If you love this pirate express yourself now

Excuse me...better mention their names oo 😂😂
Their positive energies makes my heart to skip 😂😂

Congratulations everyone 😊

Thank you, congratulations to you too Sir 😊

We are doing well and I can see how everyone is really working hard to get the crown. Yea, tomorrow, let´s see what we have got for the week. This month has been interesting with the dreemport challenge and we would see where it ends soon. Lol, I believe you had a wonderful vacation, momma?

That vacation sha, it must have been really fun, I hope you share some pictures with us @dreemsteem ☺️

Abi o. We don´t mind seeing some beautiful pictures ☺️

I hope she shares them 🤭

Woahoo, this is awesome!!! I love the awesomeness of this post and the fact that your son took you all out on a vacation was even more awesomer, lolz. Now I know why you weren't available on Thursday, you had a busy week, well I'm happy you could find yourself back in the game, hehe, that can be really hard but like you said, once you get back in, you just flow, hehe.

I can see @iskawrites heart is beating fast just like mine but then, like I said, the crown is going to be for the best dreemer so anyone that gets it, deserves it.

@nkemakonam89 I love what I'm seeing, hehe, you are doing really well and you can do even better, this is the last week #dreemers, I'm sure every hands is going to be on keyboards, hehe.

And Dreemie, I love that idea! Going around the blogging world is awesome too! I look forward to seeing what you have for us tomorrow, hehe.

@iskawrites are you ready? I know you are, let's go around the blogging world 🥰.

This girl.... Don't do this to me nau.. you are making me scared 😩

Both of you 🤔🤔
Well, I have said it before that I can't compete with both of you 😂😂

I am right at you guys back exploring the blogging world 🌎 together ✅😍😂

Hehehehe....You too, lemme ooo, my heart is beating fast 😂😂

No need to beat 🪘🪘🪘😂😂😂

Shea, you will not leave me ba 🙄😂

I will 😊
Right away 😂🏃🏃🏃

Don't mind her, she is in her trouble mode exploring hive, lolz 😅

Lolz, this woman is up for some trouble this afternoon 🤣🤣

Just a tiny drop 💧 of trouble 😂

Go lick some ice-cream or better still take chilled drink, hehe, I'm sure your heart will stop beating fast 😅

Oya send me money... I am broke 🥺🤲😭

Oh, na wa oo, how much for ice-cream for that side? 😉

Hahaha, my amiable ambassador is now Dora the explorer, lolz. I'm so so impressed with your work, you are doing really well 🥰

Dora the explorer 😂😂😂
Thank you so much 🥰❤️

Yes oo, you should tell the boys your new title 🤣🤣
You're welcome Ma'am 😊

Haha 🤣🤣🤣
No way oo 😂

Hahaha, please stop it 🥺, why will you be scared? I already said the best will win so just keep doing your best and wait to see how it all works out.

Someone should please tell this girl to free me jorh 😏😂

Nobody will try that, haha, I'm stuck with you till God knows when 😂😉

Haha... Oh my goodness, what have I gotten myself into 😂😂

Oh dear, you can't fathom that at all 😂☺️

Oh babe ... lolz
You both are nailing it...I will just sit back and behold the winner on the judgment day , hahaha 😂...I can't compete with the Queens 👑👑

Thanks for encouraging me
I will always do my best ❤️👍

I don't agree with that oo, everyone that is on the top five still have a chance of getting that crown so just watch how it all ends, hehe. Beholder ambassador 😂, better don't stay at that spot, move forward, I know you can do it, I'm not suggesting to you 😉.

You're my amiable ambassador, so I will always enjoy encouraging you if I get the opportunity to.

Yes and your best is just what is needed 🥰.

This is high jump oo 😂😂

I can't compete with you guys joor 🤣

Hahaha, it's not high jump, it's just a matter of you doing your best and not feeling less deserving of the crown.

Ok oo.
But get ready o
I will waybill the boys to you den I will be totally free like a bird 🐔🕊️✌️🤣

Hahaha, you know you can't stay away from those guys more than a day 😂😂

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Hello po!👋❤️ Ma'am @Dreemsteem welcome back po🤗. Sure po you enjoyed your travel!. The reason why you were not there in PYPT last Thursday po!😁🤔. The challenge po is truly very challenging for me po🤣. Amazingly challenging po😁. Thank you for the updates of the Leaderboard.❤️

Ma'am I think if there is no other person, I think that @baconworldyt is mine too po😁😉that is my old username po in discord I changed it to czander, so whenever I am there in our activities po in Discord nobody will get confused po. So that point po will be added to me @czander po. (If that is me po)😆

I am very excited po for the next challenge po! I pray that I can do it well for more fun. The Leaderboard shows the best creators here po and I admire them all po! I will be the first one who will cheer for them for whoever get the crown po among them!.😁.

God bless po!❤️🤗

Hello Dreemie ❤️, it's good to have you back after the vacay . We missed you in the last's all good 😊

My ears are already itching to know how best we gonna explore the blogging world 🌍

Thanks for the update MoMA❤️❤️❤️

Looking like a great effort at the top and lots of dreemers joining in too - so awesome to see. Sadly I have not been that active this entire month. The one month I really wanted to be and LIFE... sigh... makes me feel sad but I will push through...

DREEM-WOTW post is slightly delayed but WILL be out this evening, giving everyone a full week to write!!! So...!LOLZ a real word of the week 🤣 It will be a cracker of a season finale and those fighting it out at the top... or wanting the points for the leaderboard for more picks end of the contest, make sure you enter!!! It is going to be an interesting challenge and requires a bit more thought.


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You must be killin' it out here!
@samsmith1971 just slapped you with 1.000 PIMP, @dreemsteem.
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They're getting a workout and slapped 1/1 possible people today.


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She really hit the roof!

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I do hope I am able to participate in this month dreem-wotw, I always miss before

Congratulations everyone 😊