Fun, Prizes, Music and Kitties and MORE TO COME??? YES!!!!!

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This week - SO MANY of you found the Easter Eggs!

(and we have another game! "name and claim!" hehehe find more details below!)

So be checking your @ecency wallets for some treats from me! hehehe This is NOT the treats from Ecency that are coming for your Bingo cards... those are EXTRA and will come soon!

This is extra fun, just from me! (Dreemie) hehehe


I thought I'd share the info that I got from you all! Maybe you'll find some "music twins" amongst the group!!! 🎵❤️

mypathtofireOh the pressure! lol I like too many.
merit.ahamaGospel music 😍
joseph23Gregorian chants
fragozar01/fragozarRock and Pop
unkleboneheadIndie Metal
Kei2/Benazir IbrahimIt's hard to pick one. R&B, afropop, blues
LordTimotyAudiobooks - stories, not music!
ngwinndaveChristian, soft ballard
OceanBeeIt used to be alternative rock/grunge, now I'm leaning towards LoFi electronic
blackdaisyftDepends on my mood. I'm a genre surfer 🤣
kenechukwu97OSTs from Kdramas.
Jane1289Pop and acoustic 😊
BluefinstudiosMy favorite is any kind except Country or Western.
jpatrick28Classic 👌
ayesha-malikHip hop and classical melodies
creatrThe kind with pitches and rhythm and lyrics...
nkemakonam89Gospel music all the way🥳💃💃
deraaaHonestly? I just love music. I can't think of a favorite. Well, maybe Rap...
nickydeeTech House 'cause it's all about that BASS!
maryjacyR "n" B
b0sReggae and blues
iskafan / iskawritesPop songs
edystringzI love all genre of music 🥺
samsmith1971Indie rock and Christian worship
simgirlclassic rock
jessicaossomPop music.
BelleflowerHip hop
KamarahUh...I don't have a favourite genre. It's just different tunes for different moods lol
buezorBlues, but somethings I need that craziness of Afrobeats
jfujiIndie rock, pop, or folk

That's a lot of people that joined in - just for the fun of it! LOLOL



So. I'm gonna break this down for you super fast. cuz it's so cool!

  • @thehive comes into the DreemPort discord channel and drops a link to "feed the kitties".

  • We are like 🤔

  • @penderis tries it out. and then calls me saying, COME FEED THE KITTIES - YOU CAN SEE THEM RUNNING TO GET THE FOOD.

I try it - and holy cow. 😱

It works!!!

I am sending 0.1 HBD to this account on Hive, and then LITERALLY watching the project by @hiro-hive, where he has a robot connected to the Hive blockchain and dispensing cat food to kitties.

One second I'm transferring HBD from California, the next second I'm feeding happy kitties AROUND THE WORLD!!!


So, we have fallen in love with these kitties and Hiro says we can name them!!!


  • 50% of the liquid proceeds from this post will go to feeding the kitties! (@penderis will be the official kitty feeder because he has WAY TOO MUCH fun feeding all day. Hiro says they're going to be fat soon lol) and then the other half of the liquid proceeds will go to a randomly chosen KITTY NAMER.

Some shots below from me, watching them play this morning on the live feed hehehehe



Go Go Go!!!! hehehe

If you want to see the update on the project (the post is from 2 months ago) check out this post 👉HERE👈

gifs from
ecency whale used with permission, created by @dunsky
Kitties from the rescue, thanks to @hiro-hive


Oh for feck sake. Now everyone will be thinking I like pussies


and you laugh!!! and encourage him!!! LOLOLOL

It was bound to happen

spankings are bound to happen too!!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂

for shit's sake. his comment got upvoted for $5. hahahaha
now it's at the top!!!!!!!!

wellllllllllllllllllllllll. i knew that was coming. LOL

🤣🤣... You don't?


Great to have chat with you, it was very productive talks because of boosting my confidence. If I will have a chance, I would love to talk with you and thinking if we can make some podcast together if you are down with this idea.

we can try it out.

Awesome, it was so cool naming the cats, I hope they love it, lol. I'm not so good with animals but @hiro-hive, @penderis and @dreemsteem, you guys are making me want to feed them so badly and hope they love me, hehehe.

I would love to feed them, especially the little ones, lol.

I think I found my twinnes and they happen to be part of my favorite persons, hehehe, a big shout out to my darling @iskafan, @jane1289, @fragozar01, @jessicaossom and @jfuji, I found you guys, hehehe.

And thank you so much for the golden points Dreemie, they were well received 🌺🤭🤭🤭🤭😊😊😊🌹🌹🌹😍😍😍😍🌺🌺🌺🌺❤️❤️🌺🌺❤️❤️🤩🤩🤩🥰🥰🥰🥰💕💕💕💙💙💚💚💛💛💛💛💛💛🧡🧡🧡🧡❤️💗💗.

ahhhh i'm glad you got them! use them well! hehehehe

and yes - the feeding happens with this link

you can see if they are there in the video first.
if not - don't feed - cuz the food will just sit there.

when they are around - they hear the food drop and come running ahahahah

I think I see @hiro-hive on the camera now hahahaha he is filling the water i think! :)

but no kitties now! hahaha

the instructions are in the description of how to send the 0.1 hbd to that wallet - then keep watching (when the kitties are there) and you'll see the food drop and they'll come! hahaha

Oh, that sounds like a lot of process but I hope I get it right, thank you 😁😂.

I'm not sure I will be able to feed them today, I have so many things to do 😢, I will have to do that tomorrow.

It is not necessary for you feed them at all! hehehe so many of the people at #dreemport are feeding throughout the day just for fun! so you can just help name them! :)

no rush.. maybe you name over the weekend in your relaxing time hehehe

I already named them.

It's a good thing we have many #dreemers are feeding the cats. #dreemport is bringing out the best from everyone and that's just awesome.

I thought you will name the cats after us 😂.. It's cute though hehe

Yeah, I thought of that but I just had to respect myself, lol.

🙈 do I disrespect those people where I took the three names 🙈..

I don't know, maybe you didn't, lol. We normally name most of our pets human names so I'm not sure you disrespected them, I just don't feel comfortable doing it 😂.

hahaha that would be a cute idea - but there are ony 4 cats in the cat rescue that we can name hehehehe #dreemport will decide heheh

Hehe, thanks for feeding our cats! Cats are very easy to pleased animals, I know they love us as their human friends especially the little ones, they will get used to human soon because of your help guys

You're welcome, but I didn't feed the cats, I was busy and the cats were not around too.

Indeed, cats are really adorable especially the kitties 😻😻.

Oh, I thought I saw your name recently on the screen, okay no problem! Cats are really adorable, I feel that my life are getting additional days when I see them happy that makes me happy too Lol, great to talk with you @hopestylist :)

I'm not sure it was me or maybe it was an oversight.

I'm so happy that you are happy when you see the cats happy, that's really beautiful.

It's a really great privilege talking to you too @hiro-hive.

I think @hiro-hive needs to refill the robot :D

yes I noticed it was getting low.....

I think it's because @penderis literally spent all his hive... and then sold some crypto to have more hive and spent that to feed all day lololol

they are gonna need a kitty gym lolol


Yes, I will refill the robot immediately after this message, Lol. Thanks for notifying :)

Yes we saw the food getting less hahahaa
I did have questions for you - I will ask you in the #dreemport server later today! LOL

Thank you for the mention @dreemsteem. Happy Catz project made the first light because of it <3

I have many plans ahead of making this project exciting for everyone like adding interacting games between You and the kitties, like laser pointers.(Feel free to suggest anything)

We are just starting and more fun to come on feeding the kitties :))


hehehe they are just so fun!!! I hope that they will feel loved!!! :)

Submitted the names haha.. This is fun.

hahahaha can't wait to see them!! LOL

I found my twin

@kamarah I sight you babe. We don't discriminate music. The moment chooses them for us 😃🤗

HAHAHAHA so cool that people have some music twins! LOL

Exactly! @edystringz
I see you too🥰🥰

That’s grand. Beyond GRAND. You ROCK @pederis and @dreemsteem. Oh WoW 🤩🤗❤️🤩🤩🤩🥂🥂 🐱 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈😉

well we just went to the party! hahaha @hiro-hive is the hero!!! and @thehive was the messenger! hahahaha

Just feed them, but didn’t see any kitties?

I wouldn't feed them until you can see the kitties on the live camera

when they are there - then they hear the food fall into the bowl and come running! hehehe

when we fed today - there were about 3-4 kitties there.

I see your name on the screen now! hehehe so you just fed! hehehe
but its really hot there, so maybe they are hiding someplace cool??

wait til later in the day til you see them around hehehee

Will do. Sometimes I’m a bit stupid, you know (Haha, not sometimes). I’ll wait until I see a cat.

LOLOL you are never!!!

you were just excited to try it out!!! i probably would have done the same thing. The only reason why I went when there were kitties is cuz Pen called me saying "quick quick, feed the kitties their foodies!" hahahahahahahah

Lovely 🤗❤️🐈🐈🐈🐈
Thanks for the Ecency points. BTW I sent you about 2000 points the other day to assist in your tipping. 🤗🤗

This is so fucking cool and fun!

I seriously cannot get enough.

these poor cats are gonna also need us to buy them a treadmill LOLOLOL

I'd pay 0.1 HBD for kitty treadmill all day

#Hiro-hive found the right community!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂

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Some music twin @iskawrites, @hopestylist, @fragozar01

Oh! Though I saw just us, seems I have more "Twinses" lol

@jane1289, @jfuji

Well, I think I will say that the real twin is @iskafan or @iskawrites 😌

Let me see if I can join in by going to check how to name the cat.

hahahaha did you click on the survey? LOL will be so fun to find out all the names LOL

Yes, I did and I've named the cats. There's no right or wrong answer, right?😁

nope no wrong answer..

i'll take them and narrow them down - and then we will vote on them hehehe

for fun! :)

It's so cool, I never knew I'd find my music twinnes like this, hehehe. @dreemsteem you are just so full of fun surprises and I love you for that.

Ohkay! We are feeding Kittens? Ayaya... Let's see what missy has to say about that... 😂P.S... I'm really trying to understand 🤣🤣🤣 @tengolotodo could you help me out here? 😅😅😅

hahahaha you only feed them if you want to hahaha

but it's so fun! if you want to feed them - let me know! hahaha

but if you just want to name them - click on the button in the post to NAME THE KITTIES HEHEHE

I'll meet you in DM

hehehee i'll be waiting. but remember - you do not HAVE to feed the kitties. hehehe

the fun is just in naming them! if you want to feed - sure!

but the fun is just for us to see if we can agree on names for them! LOL

Will there be sultry cupcake giveaways as well? Heehee.
As a carry over comment from your first part of the writing contest……….really enjoyed it and dying to see what comes next…….chocolate donuts to entice her to leave? Hehehe.

ROFLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL sultry cupcakes are the best ones! hahahahahaha

I'm so glad you enjoyed it!!! don't tell any of the dreemers i'm still here. I just told 3 of them i'm going to bed but then i saw comments... so... shhhhhhhhh hehehehehe

(goodnight steve!!LOL)

I don't want my wife any longer.
Her height is perfect.

Credit: reddit
@stevemuis, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @dreemsteem
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Rolling 😂😂....Thanks so much @dreemsteem and @lolzbot :)

hahahahaha i didn't even realize i called it hahahahaha but my ! was too close to my LOL and that's what brings it - hooray for lolz bot! hahaha

Hahaha…………feed me a cupcake and my lips will be sealed 😻………otherwise….😈😂😂

ROFLLLLLLLLLLLL i love it - its "trick or treat"???? hahahahahahahahaha

what is your favorite flavor of cupcake then??? i better be prepared hahaha

Hahaha………you choose……….it will add spice to the story and heighten my curiosity to come try them 😍😂😂

i thought i answered this this morning!!! LOLOLOL

didn't i?!?!?!

did you see a response to this Steve??? hahaha

Hahahaha......I wont put money on a bet because I can well believe that I am the one going cupcake stircrazy lol but I thought it was my response to you asking which my favorite cupcake is....."busy preparing my own straightjacket" lol.....see below copied & pasted...

dreemsteem729 hours ago
ROFLLLLLLLLLLLL i love it - its "trick or treat"???? hahahahahahahahaha

what is your favorite flavor of cupcake then??? i better be prepared hahaha

stevemuis549 hours ago
Hahaha………you choose……….it will add spice to the story and heighten my curiosity to come try them 😍😂😂


Goodnight and sleep well cupcake lol.

ROFLLLLLLLLLLL this story is gonna be a fun one i think hahahahahaha too many people are enjoying these CUPCAKES!!!!

Yip, the story is cooking on gas……you better start baking hehehe.


Just spat my morning coffee out 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

and reading you say that... just made me snort so loud

ok yes - i said i was really for real going...

but then you tricked me! LOL
i had to see what you wer elaughing about

Hahahaha………snorts are good for your soul 😊😂😂
Close the laptop and I will Peak through your phone…… but can’t hide 😂😂😂 gone with you!!! 😣🤣

hehehe i did eventually get to bed lol

p.s. make sure you check out the 1st and 2nd new announcements on the DreemPort homepage! hehehe

try both! :)

Can only imagine what they are with that laugh hehehe.
Thanks, I will do :)

ok now for real -


not even potjie could keep me here!

my eyes are so so heavy... SLEEP FOR ME! HAHAHA

How about a potjie and a dozen red velvet cupcakes 🙏🤣
Sleep well and sweet icing dreams 😂🤗

LOLOLOL and this is what i see when i wake... LOL
well... 2 hours after i wake hahahahaha

i've been up but in telegram and discord hahahahahahaha

how is your day going Steve!?!?! lol DID YOU FIND SOME CUPCAKES FOR YOURSELF? HAHAHAH

(by the way... hmmm i think i do not like red velvet. so i will not make those for you. i think i'll make an orange vanilla cupcake with orange buttercream frosting! hahaha)

Hahaha.....I hope it was a good and happy way to have started the day.

It is now just after 6pm here and dammit.....I have had a pretty relaxed day besides the fact that I spent it drooling in thought while waiting patiently (sort of) for you to wake up and make those dreamy cupcakes lol.

Whoah!!!!,......"orange vanilla cupcake with orange buttercream frosting!" you say.....put those oven gloves on and start while I jump in my wooden rowing boat and come across.....your word is my command masteress!...smitten !LUV lol.

Way to go......let me name the kitties🏃🏃🏃 🥳🥳🥳🥳 time everywhere🥰🤩 , thank you so much Dreemie. I received those golden ecency points 🤗🤗💃💃💃

hehehe you are very welcome!!!

and yes - just little bursts of fun. they help to keep things lively hehehe

Seems quite interesting. Let me think of some name for the kitty

hehehehe i thought so! and pen and nifty can't stop feeding them now hahahaha

They look so cute!

hehehe hopefully we will get them to be eating well :)

I had so much fun naming the puppies🥺🥺🥺
There is promise of a next level too, can't wait to see what that will be about🤗🥰


No one said anime or Japanese music?!!!

Anyway, I gave my uninspired names in the form... Didn't think someone would make a cat-feeding robot on Hive. That's the part I'm in awe for~


Lol I found this fun. Just submitted the names hahahaha! They are simple but kind of cute😎

What an awesome idea :) This could so work for animal shelters anywhere! Just set it up for it to switch to the next one, after feeding is complete :) ... Is the naming still open?



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I can't see them, are they shy?!😭
Wow so many people want to feed them!
I think the next step should be to buy them a gym or a treadmill. 😂😂

let me see if they are here now! I tried to feed them this morning but they were gone ! heheh

yeah! weird - they are't there! hmmmmm we must be missig them hehehe

Yes they are gone! And so is the food!

Wonderful to see so many participants who love music. I have puppies at home and I love these cute cats, they are adorable. Thank you very much for the always kind points. @dreemsteem

hehehehe yes - they are so cute - and I love that we get to help them!!! :)

thank you @sacra97!!! :)

Host another contest.

one for the best picture. I will support 4 3 2 1 SBI for the first 4 places of pictures the community decide are the best.
Pictures taken from snapshots at,

hahahaha ok! I will see what I can do LOL