New contest: 💄 Cosmetics holder 💄. Winners of the previous contest.

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Greetings craft lovers, here we are again with a contest that will make us expand our knowledge, in the many ways we can make a useful bag, with which we can keep our delicate makeup things, when traveling.

These last two weeks were quite intense, we are happy for the massive participation of the whole community, we hope, that the next two weeks will also be very active. Well, we have an excellent proposal for you, we would love you to teach us how to make our own makeup or cosmetic holders.

Please be sure to read the rules carefully so that we can validate your participation in the contest.

In the meantime, we invite you to join us to see the winners of our previous contest. 🎄 Decorative spheres with fabric. 🎄

The winners are:



First Place: Prize: 10 Hive for @leticiapereira


*"The most beautiful month of the year has arrived, in which we all dream, share with family, lose the diet, eat tasty food and celebrate the Birth of Baby Jesus; that is why every initiative related to Christmas, makes us creative and the magic comes in unsuspected ways.

The materials used this time, are scraps from other projects and beads, crystals and small pieces that I regularly use for costume jewellery, the inspiration has been from images on Pinterest and YouTube, but the design is 100% original."*

🎄 Decorative spheres with fabric. 🎄 by @leticiapereira



Second place: 5 hive for @yurimar


"I love Christmas, every year I make different crafts to decorate the tree and every corner of my home, that's why when I read about this contest I was encouraged to make my decorative sphere. I am new in Hive and this is my fourth publication I hope you like it."




Third place: 3 Hive for @razielmorales


" I hope you are very well and full of great joy, it is a pleasure for me to share with you a new manual work, this time it is about my participation in the proposed contest in this great community where we are invited to give an original touch to our spheres of Christmas decorating them with fabric, I loved this idea and for my entry I made a cute mother penguin with her baby, accompany me to see the step by step of this very simple craft to make but you will love the result."

🎄Decorative spheres with fabric. 🎄Cute mommy penguin and her baby


With so many beautiful entries it was a difficult job to choose the winners, which is why today we are awarding special nominations to the following two authors who stood out and were very creative.

Special award for @elmundodebetty


" *Today as always I come to share with you this easy step by step and with it, participate in this beautiful contest where we all put to fly our creativity and also show our knowledge with a nice purpose, that the person who sees it, learns how to do it or at least have an idea, because that is my greatest satisfaction.

And as the cutest time of the year is coming, I will show you how to make the face of a Snowman, decorating an anime sphere with fabrics.* "

Participating in the Decorative Spheres with Fabrics Contest (Snowman)

Special award for


today I will leave my participation for the contest "Spheres with cloth" promoted by @equipodelta. For me this will make a sphere of Santa so "let's get started" ..."

My Participation Creating Decorative Spheres with Fabric)


We thank the entire community for staying active and showing their projects, we are happy to see a lot of participation, which motivates us to continue providing ideas to share and have that approach to become the great Hive Diy family.

We have a new contest for you and with you in mind.

You have two weeks to participate, but don't wait until the last day.:


💄 Cosmetics holder 💄


What are you waiting for? Get started, just read the rules below:


This contest will be under the moderation of @equipodelta

💄💄 Rules! Rules! Rules! Rules!💄💄

🔴 The contest will run from today for two weeks until this date: December 20, 2021. Publications will be received until this date and until 1:00 Pm - Time zone Venezuela.

🔴 You can use any kind of material to create the cosmetic holder, but you can't use: paper, cardboard, foami.

🔴 We repeat: You cannot use paper, cardboard or foami.

🔴 You can impress us by making any model you can think of with your creativity, try to be original.

🔴 If you use resources you must indicate it correctly. Do not make exact copies of other crafts

🔴 No plagiarism, no spam, no repost, No multi-accounts, only one participation per person.

🔴 Your publication should be tutorial mode with good pictures.

🔴 Explain your step by step.

🔴 Show us where you used the material.

🔴 Invite a friend to participate, vote and reblog this post.

🔴 Post the link to your participation in this post.

🔴 Detail the rest of the materials and tools you used.

🔴 The title of your post must include: 💄 Cosmetics holder 💄" and you must say that you are participating in the contest.

🔴 Subscribe and post from our HiveDiy community.

🔴 Post in English or bilingual (Esp/Eng).

🔴 Your publication should be a tutorial to teach us how to do it ourselves.

🔴 Do it with love and make it beautiful


If you use molds to create your cosmetic holder you must indicate the sources. If you use any type of sources for ideas, to recreate forms, shapes and techniques, anything that is not of your authorship you must announce it in your publication.

<------------------ Important ---------------->

If you use embedded images in your publication and they are not yours, you must indicate the source or indicate if they come from Canva or some other application.

Plagiarism is punishable and no one overlooks it. Do not recycle your content either. Do not incur in the crime of multi-accounting.

You have two weeks to participate and share your project, don't wait until the last day and the last hour, you might not even be taken into account for the curation of your content.

🔴🔴🔴 Remember that the contests close every Monday and the winners will be announced on Tuesday.🔴🔴🔴

Curation criteria : Presentation of your craft, trick or idea. Presentation of your step by step tutorial, photos must be of good quality, understandable. Creativity and originality. Use of the materials indicated in the publication.

🔴🔴 Awards to be distributed: 🔴🔴

Only for these two weeks, as we will adjust the rewards, in order to be able to hold the weekly contest.

🔴 1st place: 10 hive
🔴 2nd place: 5 hive.
🔴 3rd place: 3 hive.


Our Discord:

Subscribe to the great community of do-it-yourselfers:

Contest valid until December 20, 2021 (1:00 Pm - Time zone Venezuela)


Postings made after the hour will not be considere, neither for the contest nor for the curation of your content.



Thank you OCD for accepting our community in the incubation program.



Program: MediBang Paint Pro.

Graphics tablet: Huion (Usb Pen Tablet). Model 420.


Source 1- Source 2 - Source 3

Cover - Canva

GIF - Filmora Wondershare



Do you have a craft to teach?

This is your community.

Do you know any trick to show us to make our life easier?

This is your community.

Do you want to teach everyone to do things by themselves?

This is your community.

Do you have knowledge about sewing, embroidery, modeling, cold pasta, ceramics, painting on fabric, among others?

Share your tutorials here.

Crafts for children and adults, men and women, is the community of all and for all.


Our Discord:

Subscribe to the great community of do-it-yourselfers:





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Buen día, por acá les dejo mi participación y despedida por este año de las manualidades en Hivediy, espero este bien, cuídense mucho y que pasen una linda navidad.


Hola a todos una vez mas encantada de estar por aquí, felicidades a las ganadoras del concurso anterior, hermosas todas las participaciones. Por aquí dejo mi entrada al nuevo concurso.
WhatsApp Image 2021-12-18 at 20.10.44 (1).jpeg

Saludos tratare de participar, felicitaciones a los ganadores.


Buenas noches, felicito a los ganadores del concurso anterior, aquí dejo mi entrada:

portada khev.jpg

The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the person sharing the post on Twitter as long as they are registered with @poshtoken. Sign up at

Felicitaciones a las ganadoras, hermosas creaciones. Espero tener habilidad para participar en este desafio☺️ Éxito para todos.

Buenas tardes queridos amigos, hoy quiero felicitar a todos los participantes y en especial a los ganadores @razielmorales, @yurimar, @leticiapereira,
Y mi agradecimiento a @hive-130560 por mi premio especial, orgullosa de ser miembro de esta Gran Comunidad.

Saludos y bendiciones.

Muchas gracias, felicidades para ti también..

Saludos!! Muchas gracias por el lugar, fueron entradas muy hermosas. Gracias 😀 a todos por su felicitaciones.
Excelente concurso, pronto estaré dejando mi entrada.
Felicidades a los ganadores!!

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Feedback from the December 1st Hive Power Up Day

Felicidades compañeros artesanos, hermosas creaciones.

Heeyy amigos, esto si que es una sorpresa muy grande estár entre los ganadores, visite tantos trabajos hermosos y me siento muy afortunada que entre tantas publicaciones, mi trabajo haya sido uno de sus preferidos, estoy muy agradecida por todo el apoyo, me encantan estar presente en sus concursos, felicito a los demás ganadores y a todos los demas concursantes hicieron excelentes trabajos. Un abrazo y gracias una vez más.

Mis queridos amigos de Hive Diy, no contaba con señal de internet, así que en este momento puedo expresarles la inmensa alegría que me han dado con este apoyo; muchas felicidades a @yurimar, @razielmorales, @elmundodebetty e, por tan bonitos e inspiradores diseños, asimismo, felicito a todos los participantes: todos hemos sido ganadores gracias al desarrollo del talento y la creatividad..!! Sigamos participando y disfrutando en la elaboración de manualidades e inspiremos a quienes deseen iniciar un emprendimiento.
Feliz semana..!! Un abrazo..!!

My dear friends of Hive Diy, I had no internet signal, so at this moment I can express the immense joy that you have given me with this support; many congratulations to @yurimar, @razielmorales, @elmundodebetty and, for such beautiful and inspiring designs, also, congratulations to all the participants: we have all been winners thanks to the development of talent and creativity...!!!! Let's continue to participate and enjoy making crafts and inspire those who want to start a business.
Happy week...!!! A hug...!!!!

Gracias por el apoyo..!!.png

Translated with (free version)

Felicidades amigos ganadores, estuvieron muy lindas sus Esferas. El nuevo concurso está genial y requiere de más compromiso y dedicación. Saludos 🙂

Muchas felicidades a las ganadoras, fue todo un éxito esta iniciativa. vi hermosas bambalinas decoradas de manera hermosa. estoy segura que el próximo concurso serà genial, ya veré que me invento para participar.

Buen dia todos y cada uno de los participante espero esten bien aqui les dejo el enlace de mi participación, espero les agrade 💃💃

Felicitaciones para los ganadores de la edición pasada. El reto de esta semana me gusta mucho, espero traer pronto mi participación. Saludos para toda la gente creativa de la comunidad.

Buenas noches amigos, por acá dejando mi participación en el concurso de Porta Cosméticos.
Deseando mucha suerte a todos y a la vez hago una invitación a @radaicarlys17 que se una a y participe en este Lindo concurso.
Saludos y suerte a todos.

[ESP/ENG]Mí participación en el concurso porta cosméticos/My participation in the cosmetic holder contest.

Hola @brahiam15 tu tía debe estar feliz con su obsequio, suerte en el concurso.

Excelente concurso me encanta felicidades ...que bueno que hagan estos concursos son muy motivadores, me alegra saber que siempre nos apoyan en nuestras manualidades gracias🥰

Hola, Feliz tarde y saludos para todos en esta hermosa comunidad. por acá les dejo mi participación para este concurso.

Buenos días, esta es mi entrada al concurso, 💄 Porta Cosméticos 💄

Me encanta!, no conocía esta comunidad ya me suscribo y además espero poder participar en este concurso.

Una pregunta en vista de que soy muy nueva por acá. El porta cosmético debe ser cocido a mano?

Hola chic@s aquí les dejo mi participación en el concurso, ¡Feliz dia!

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