Thank you HiveBeeCon, thank you Krolestwo, thank you Krakow!

Hey there my Hive friends and followers!

Where to start? I don´t even know! I was already behind my Hive schedule before the HiveBeeCon and I´m even more behind it now but this is something I simply need to write now while all the emotions and memories from that epic Hive meet up are still fresh and vivid. I know that a lot of really amazing reports from this event have already been posted by some of the other participants and I will make sure to read them all as soon as I start working on clearing that huge backlog of engagement that I owe to the Hive community.

Maybe I should open this post with a little shameful confession. Even though I lived in Krakow, this mesmerizing Polish city, for almost two years in the past, I somehow never made it to @krolestwo aka KBK (Krolestwo bez Kresu or "Never Ending Kingdom" in English) run by Dawid aka @hallmann. Until now... But let´s start from the beginning.

As soon as @gtg and @hallmann announced that they were going to host a little alternative Hive meet up for those who couldn´t make it to the official HiveFest in Mexico, I knew I would love to go there but I couldn´t promise anything because my wife @liltammy (who actually wanted to go with me too of course) is deep into her final trimester of pregnancy so we had to wait until pretty much the very last day before the Krakow meet up to see if everything was ok with her so that I could go. Fortunately, she said that she felt good and thus gave me the clearance to go, together with her best wishes and greetings for everyone at the Con and for the city of Krakow that she loves as much as I do.

After pretty tiring eight hours on trains (still don´t know why it takes so long, considering that Prague is not so far from Krakow), I finally arrived to the Krakow Main Station where I was greeted by Przemek aka @deepresearch. We have been communicating on Hive a lot and it was really nice to finally meet him in person. Great dude who knows so much interesting stuff btw, his user name is no joke! :D With Przemek, we waited for another couple - Eva aka @evelynchacin and her husband Pawel as we planned to go Krolestwo together.

Eva is another Hiver that I have been a Hive friend with for a long time but we never met each other until now. She is amazing girl from Venezuela who moved to Poland last year. I always admired her courage to start a new life in a completely foreign country where she didn´t know anyone, didn´t speak the language etc. but Eva is such a strong-willed, positive and cheerful person and she has been handling all the challenges really well and now, she and her husband are even expecting a baby girl who will arrive at pretty much the same time as my and my wife´s daughter - what a lovely coincidence :) I know from my wife how difficult any traveling is during such advanced pregnancy but Eva still came to Krakow to spend some time with us and we all were so happy to meet her. They are such a cute couple and I´m sure that at the next Hive meet up, Pawel will already be a Hiver as well :D Tengo razon, Eva? :)

Once in Krolestwo, it all started to feel like one big happy family gathering. The total attendance of the HiveBeeCon was more than 40 people from many different countries and even continents. It was really incredible if you consider that it was originally meant to be just a little spontaneous regional meet up.


There are several rooms in Krolestwo and each of them was literally buzzing with lively conversations. Everyone was fascinated by the unique decor and very special atmosphere of the place so there was a lot questions about Krolestwo and Dawid was busy answering and explaining everything but he still somehow also managed to make sure that everyone felt like home. The kitchen / bar area was particularly popular as that was were you could buy drinks and meals for HBD (or for RCRT, the community token of Krolestwo). The menu was really cool and I got to taste many interesting Polish beers (the slight hangover that I had the next day would probably say even too many :D) that I paid for in HBD. What a great crypto use case!

Hours were passing fast and I got to talk to so many amazing people! I knew quite a lot of the participants by their Hive names but it´s always so nice to put actual faces to them, you know :) I was so happy to finally meet Martina aka @delishtreats and her husband Stefan. We have have been following each other for years so we already knew a lot about each other but nothing compares to some nice, real life, face-to-face chatting ad that´s exactly what we did :) Martina is such a lovely person and her husband Stefan is so much fun to be around! His cheerful spirit and joyfulness are literally infectious so everyone around him just kept smiling and laughing :) Stefan, I´m so sorry I couldn´t go after party clubbing with you! It really happens to me only very rarely to miss out on something like that but I felt dead tired and I would probably pass out in the very first club :D :( Next time mate, I promise!

Pauline aka @livinguktaiwan was another Hiver that I was looking forward to meeting so much. She came to Krakow with her husband too and they are both such nice people! They actually arrived a few days before the Con and I really wish I could be there for them to show them around the city as I know places that I´m sure they would love but unfortunately, my Krakow time was limited to the Con only but we still managed to talk and I´m happy about that :) Hope your following EuroTrip continues smoothly guys!

@blind-spot was the only person at the meet up who somehow (still don´t know how actually) knew immediately who I was, even though we never saw each other and I don´t post pictures of myself on the chain. Such a cool dude! We talked a lot, together with his friend and fellow countrywoman @priyanarc. They both originally come from Asia but they lived in Ukraine before the war and when the war broke out, they had to flee as their city got bombed and now, they are living in the Netherlands. Right after fleeing Ukraine, however, they spent some time in Poland too and @blind-spot even met Dawid and other members of Krolestwo who helped him in his first days and weeks in Poland. It was so interesting to hang out with @blind-spot and @priyanarc, they are such nice people.

Talking about Ukraine, I´m so happy that I could also meet @zirochka. I think we all read her authentic reports from war-torn Ukraine. Despite the daily bombing threats, she still lives there, helping her people to win this atrocious war. Regardless of all the adversities, @zirochka made it to the HiveFest in Amsterdam last year and she came to Krakow this year too. She is an incredible woman with such a big heart and courage. It was a pleasure ad honor to meet you @zirochka!

One of the highlights of the HiveBeeCon was definitely the piano concert by @mipiano. Oh boy, what a spectacular piano show that was! It was so amazing that I actually got embarrassed myself by applauding even in parts when I was not supposed to but I couldn´t help, it was such an impressive performance!

@mipiano´s concert, one of very few pictures that I took at the event, see below why

I got to talk to @mipiano and her husband @ph1102 later on during the evening and what else can I say than repeat myself: what lovely people they were! Coming to Krakow all the way from sunny Spain btw!

I also had some brief convos with Hivers like @llunasoul, @growandbow, @edje, @mynewlife, @szejq, @m31, @lpa, @asia-pl, @osavi and others and they were all super nice and friendly people.

I got to hang out with the hosts too of course. @gtg and @hallmann were all over the place to make everyone comfortable and I cannot thank them enough for making all of this happen. I think the HiveBeeCon exceeded all expectations. It was just hours and hours of pure joy, fun, laughter, togetherness and friendliness. The community vibes that filled Krolestwo that day were amazing and unforgettable. Thank you for hosting this event guys. It was a pleasure and honor to be there.

Dawid was actualy so nice that he even let me and Przemek stay in Krolestwo overnight so we slept like... well... kings! I really wish I could join some Hivers the next day too as I knew they met up again for a lunch and some other fun activities but I only had a few hours before my train journey back to Prague so I just visited some of my favorite places in the city and clicked a few quick shots for my wife. @deepresearch accompanied me on this little walk and we had more interesting talks on various topics. He even gave me these special Hive magnet stickers.


What a nice gift. @deepresearch actually promotes Hive by creating various Hive stickers and putting them on random places everywhere he goes, which is pretty cool way of "guerilla marketing", don´t you think? :)

I got back home on Sunday, late evening. Fortunately, everything was ok at home during the weekend. I was very busy on Monday but still thinking about the HiveBeeCon. Today, I could finally put my thoughts "on paper", I mean on the blockchain ;) Btw I really wish I took more photos in Krolestwo but this is something that happens to me when I get too excited and absorbed by something, I just forget to take pictures. The HiveBeeCon was extremely exciting so I ended up with very few photos but you can check out reports from other participants under the #hivebeecon tag. I need to check them out too (and comment on them, give follows to the new friends that I made in Krakow etc.) but I already know that there are some really great posts with a lot of pictures so feel free to visit them to get a better idea of what it looked like in Krolestwo that day. The group photo that I used here as the thumbnail belongs to Dawid. I asked him for permission to use it in this post but he hasn´t replied yet so I´m going to use it anyway and maybe buy him some nice baklažán as an apology later (inside joke, sorry about that :D)

The HiveBeeCon was absolutely amazing and unforgettable event. I enjoyed it so much and I would like thank everyone who made it happen and who came so...

Thank you HiveBeeCon, thank you Krolestwo, thank you Krakow!


Nedávno jsem tu informoval o Hive srazu, který se tento víkend uskutečnil v Krakowě. Nakonec jsem měl tu čest se ho zúčastnit, tak alespoň pár vět o tom, jaké to bylo. Naprosto úžasné. Celková účast se vyšplhala na nějakých 40 lidí, kteří do Krakowa dorazili z mnoha různých zemí i několika kontinentů. Na to, že to mělo být původně jen malé regionální setkání, je to opravdu neskutečné číslo. Hlavní část srazu probíhala v prostorách tzv. Krolestwa, což je komunitní centrum a nezisková kulturní organizace, kterou vede Dawid @hallmann, nadšený Hiver a skvělý člověk. Celý sraz se nesl v mimořádně přátelské a pohodové atmosféře. Účastníci si přímo na místě mohli za HBD koupit jídlo a pití, tak jsem poprvé v životě zaplatil svou pivní útratu v HBD :) Přestože jsem v minulosti v Krakowě žil, Krolestwo jsem navštívil poprvé a musím říct, že je to opravdu jedinečné místo s jedinečnou atmosférou. Takž pokud někdo z vás plánujete Krakow navštívit, rozhodně doporučuju se stavit i do Krolestwa. Je to v centru města, jen pár minut chůze od hlavního náměstí. A nemusíte se bát ani jazykové bariéry - Dawid mluví několika jazyky a mimo jiné umí i velmi dobře česky. Rád vás po Krolestwu provede a seznámí s ostatními členy krakowské Hive komunity. Scházejí se tam každý den. Jsem zvědav, jestli se nám někdy podaří něco podobného vybudovat i v Česku...

This post was created by me for the Hive blockchain exclusively. All rights reserved.


Thank you for visiting my blog. If you like posts about Nature, Traveling, Photography, Animals, Ecology, Crypto, Sport, Fitness and discovering secrets and beauties of the World, feel free to follow me as these are the topics I mostly write about. Have a wonderful day and keep on hiving, guys! :)


Ayyy a piece of garbage got in my eye after reading this 🥺 (sorry,The translation was wrong, that's why I edited) hahaha . Thank you for those nice words my friend. Love sometimes makes us so strong.

We finally met, and I'm so happy about it and later I hope to meet your wife and baby too 🤗. You are such a cool person! You really are! I'm also happy to meet you all! I think everyone was having such a great time that's why none of them took so many pictures! Hallmann was a really amazing host and certainly made us feel at home! I hope this meeting will be repeated and of course I hope Paweł already finally decided to be in Hive hahaha, but believe me you helped quite a lot to convince him. Hugs all the way to Prague! And let us know when your baby is born, I think she and Olivia are agreeing to be born on the same day hahaha.

Holaaaa chicaaaa! I´m sorry to put "a piece of garbage in your eyes" amiga but I totally understand haha, I get emotional easily too and that meet up was very emotional :) Hive does feel like a kind of family to me so putting real faces, smiles, talks, stories and feelings on them is such an a emotional experience :)

No worries chicas, we will see each other soon again. Once we move back to my hometown, we will like one hour drive from your city ;) Hasta luego!

It's true, Hive is a family!

Can't wait then! Greetings! 🤗

Vyzerá to tak, že budem asi posledná, ktorá o tom niečo napíše 😂

Veľmi sa teším, že sme sa konečne stretli. Bolo to super a dúfam, že sa čoskoro znova uvidíme. Na november už máme v Prahe všetko zariadené, takže určite prídeme.

Stefan nakoniec nikam nešiel. Prišli sme do hotela, sadol si na gauč, že pohľadá nejaky fajn club a o 5 minút som ho už fotila ako spí posediačky s telefónom v ruke 😂 takže asi tak..

Jako já jsem to taky chtěl nechat ještě trochu uležet a pořádně vstřebat všechny dojmy, kterých bylo fakt hodně, ale když jsem viděl, jak už to sem všichni hrnou a jak kvalitní reporty to jsou, tak jsem si řekl, že bych asi neměl otálet :D Těším se i na tvůj článek :) Zatím všechno, co jsem tak zběžně proletěl, je fakt hodně pozitivní, evidentně byli všichni nadšení ;) Ani já jsem nečekal, že to bude až tak super.

Pokud to aspoň trochu půjde, moc rád se vámi v Praze setkám a třeba bude i příležitost vzít Stefana někam zakalit - fakt cítím, že mu to dlužím, přestože říkáš, že pak sám taky vytuhnul :D Ale ještě v noci v KBK vypadal dost odhodlaně :D

Jaká byla cesta domů, všechno v pořádku?

Keby to bolo na mne, tak ten článok napíšem až nabudúci víkend, ale presne ako ty, keď som videla ako každú hodinu je ďalší nový článok, tak som sa musela poponáhľať 😁

Oh, tak Stefan vždy vyzerá odhodlane, ale podľa toho koľko vypil som vedela, že keď príde na hotel, tak už nikam nepôjde, lebo zaspí na gauči 😂 keby sme nemali problém s hotelovou kartou a mali by sme dve, tak by som šla na hotel sama a vtedy by niekam šiel. On to má tak, že akonáhle si sadne, tak na ňho doľahne alkohol a únava... jasné, Stefan si takúto príležitosť nenechá újsť 🙂

Ďakujem, cesta bola fajn, len sme boli v pondelok unavení, keďže sme museli znova skoro vstávať. Ale inak v pohode 🙂

No jede to jak lavina ty reporty z HiveBeeConu :D A jelikož to všechno svými mohutnými hlasy pohání Gandalf, tak jsou všechny ty posty na trending page, snad už to ostatním neleze krkem :D

Já ani nevím, kolik toho Stefan vypil, ale měl jsem pocit, že tam nikdo moc opilý nebyl, tak jsem se radši taky hlídal, stačil mi trapas s tleskáním při koncertu :D

Jaj, o spánku mi ani nemluv. Z pátka na sobotu dvě hodiny, ze soboty na neděli taky dvě, neděle na pondělí asi pět. Ale teď už to začínám dohánět ;) Tak se mějte a brzy zase na viděnou! :)

Ostatní nám ticho závidia 😉 Je super, že viac whales podporujú tieto posty, keďže to môže by aj motivácia pre iných niečo zorganizovať.

Tak opitý nebol, ale mal vypité a vtedy je najviac unavený. Vypili so zirochkou 2 fľaše vína. Teda nie tak celkom, keďźe jeden pohár mal aj blind, takže mi obaja tvrdili, že oni tie dve fľaše nevypili 😂 Ale tak zas trapas to nebol. Ja som už išla tlieskať, ale ty si bol rýchlejší a potom mipiano zdvihla prst, takže som pochopila, že ešte nie je koniec 😂

Tak dnes musíš spať minimálne 8 😇 Prajeme krásny deň!

Jo, to máš pravdu, tyhle posty můžou namotivovat další Hivers v jiných městech a jiných zemích, aby taky něco takového uspořádali, takže je dobře, že jsou všechny tak hezky vidět teďka :D

Tak flaška vína na osobu není zas tak moc ;) Myslím, že ti, co pili alkohol, ho pili fakt rozumně a jen tak do nálady, nebyla to žádná divočina :) Což je dobře, protože pak bysme si nic nepamatovali a to by byla škoda :) Já teda se svou nespavostí mám tu paměť mizernou i tak. Vzpomínky se totiž v mozku ukládají během REM spánku a ten já mám často velmi krátký nebo i žádný... Ale na dnešek už jsem psal 8 hodin, tak snad to zas bude dobré :) Hezký den i vám!

Vyzerá to tak, že budem asi posledná, ktorá o tom niečo napíše 😂

I had to use a translator to read these lines... I think that it will be a "death race" who will write the last post from Hivebeecon... You or me? 😂

I actually also thought I would let it sink for a few days to fully absorb all the memories and emotions but I saw these HiveBeeCon reports popping out all over the chain and I got this FOMO so I better rolled out mine too :D

Hehehehe... I got the FOMO too, but I didn't have time to do it... lol... But, working on it today! 😃

I already did, so it's YOU 😂



Petře, jsem rád, že jsme se konečně poznali! To byla sranda a baklažán! Co se týče fotografie, žádný problém. Neodepsal jsem, protože jsem spal ;) Všechno nejlepší a na brzké shledanou!

Díky moc! I já jsem rád, že jsem konečně poznal KBK a jeho krále Dawida! :)

Do zobaczenia!

Naše království je bez krále. Jsem pouze guvernér, ne král ;) Nazdar!

Dobrá tedy. Nazdar, guvernére! :)

The event was fantastic and over all my expectations! As I thought that it would be a small meetup, the idea was to meet everyone and have a lot of talks... Well, I did have a lot of talks with many people, but there were too many!!! 😂

Btw. the thing with taking photos of people at some event happens every time to me too... I start talking and forget about the phone, camera, photos... 😂

I'm happy that we caught up with you later in the evening and had a talk... It was nice to meet you and appreciate all your work on HIVE! I didn't know about some of your initiatives, but I will dive deeper and research more...

Thank you for your time and it was great to meet you!
All the best for you and your wife! Keep us informed about the baby's arrival!😍

Thanks man! You are right, the attendance got so large that it was not so easy to catch up with everyone for a chat but I´m glad we made it :)

Yesss, exactly my issue! As much visual as my blog usually is, when it comes to social gatherings, I completely forget about my (phone) camera and I always end up having little to no photos from the event! :D :/ I didn´t want to steal other people´s pictures for this post so it turned out to be mostly textual piece this time :D

Thank you! You are among my followings now so I will keep an eye on your content as well ;) Cheers & greetings to Spain!

Thank you for the kind words, it was great to meet you IRL!

All these Hive nicknames turning into real people, I'm still excited and inspired!

Exactly :) You were actually the first person to greet me when I came and the last one to say goodbye when I left. Thanks for your company mate, I had a great time.

Brzy se uvidíme, pinětku na to! :D ;)

It was an absolute pleasure meeting you. You're an awesome person to be around and I enjoyed your company. Say hi to @liltammy for me and best of luck with the new phase in life.
As far as recognizing you, I have my ways. And a magician never reveals his secrets. 😎

Thanks for the kind words mate. I now have you in my followings so I will keep an eye on how you are doing in the Netherlands and when you will visit me in Prague. Will get back to our convo from yesterday, I will show "my gym" and when you see it, you will jump on the first train to Prague :D Cheers, magician!

when I was not supposed to

It was you? 😁

All good, I didn't mind at all as I also wanted people feel free to do what they wanted, not to feel as a regular concert in a strict form! 😇

We are also happy to got to talk to you and all other people from HiveBeeCon with beautiful mind and heart! <3

we slept like... well... kings

Wow! That's cool!

All the best to your wife and the baby that is coming 😍! It was an excellent gathering that should be repeated :))

Yes, it was me, sorry, I got carried away by your stunning performance too! Also, I´m much more often at a football stadium than at a piano concert so I guess that might have been another reasons why :D

Yes, Dawid offered to us that we could stay overnight. It was awesome. Doesn´t happen too often that you can sleep in a kingdom :D

It's was great meeting you at last @phortun, long overdue.

I seen quite a few comments where people have been trying to find you from the photos. It would make such a fun contest 😀

Oh yeah, at last! It was awesome :) How are your travels so far? You had some very interesting itinerary after the Con :)

Hahaha I noticed that too :D Well, that´s what happens when you put big yellow awkwardly photoshopped smileys on your actual face in the posts here haha :D People get more curious :D I might think about that contest idea :D

Good heavens @phortun friend, I read the entire post!... It has been a truly exciting experience that you have had!... Good for you!... And wow, how many wonderful hivers you have met in person!... you even met one hiver from my country Venezuela @evelynchacin!... And had a concert by @mipiano!... Oh dear!... You guys, have had a great life there!!! I am really happy that you had everything well to attend such a fabulous event!... Thank you very much for sharing this experience @phortun friend, I am really moved knowing how well you have been during these days... I sense from your posts that you are an excellent person and I am happy when good people do well... Blessings to @liltammy, to you and to your whole family, including a new baby on the way!

Wow... #hive is a cute thing, I just had a great time reading this post!... ;)

!discovery 40

It was really a great experience! We enjoyed it very much! 🤗 yes, we met and you are right, he is an excellent and wonderful person! Greetings!

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@phortun! Your Content Is Awesome so I just sent 1 $BBH (Bitcoin Backed Hive) to your account on behalf of @jlinaresp. (4/5)

Aww, thank you so much my friend! This report was a bit longer than what I usually post here on my blog but I´m really glad to see that people still read it and enjoy it :) Yes, the meet up was a huge success and I wish Hivers from other cities and other countries could organize events like this, it´s so much fun!

Yes, Venezuela had a representative there as well! A very nice one btw, Evelyn is such a sweetheart! :) You know, when 1 Hive will be worth 100 dollars, people from all over the world will be able to afford to come here and join us haha so see you here one day amigo! :)

I read it in one breath! Such genuine post. I was very happy to read that you are coming, and then to see you in flash. 🙂 I wish we had more time to talk. It is an honor for me too.

Now I look forward to the next meeting with you and your wife! 😉 I wish her good health, and all the best to you guys.

Cheers and !BEER

Thank you Zirochka! I hope you made it home safely and yes, see you next time again! :) Sláva Ukrajině!

It is so beautiful to read your thoughts about the meeting and what you think of each one of those who participated or a good part of those you met, I am happy for you and @evelynchacin that you met, I feel excited for both of you and it is very funny, since I don't know you in person either, but I feel special affinity for Evelyn and I follow her path since she was in Venezuela and they gave her passport and she was looking for opportunities in the embassies hehehehehe, how fast time goes by.

If I had been there when @mipiano played we would share the embarrassment together of the applause, I have been through this grief before hehehehe.

You are very sociable you had time to share with many people, I wish that the next days are full of happiness and harmony to receive your baby @phortun 😉

Hola amiga! Thank you so much for reading this long post :) Yes, I have been also following @evelynchacin for a long time. I think I first stumbled on her blog when she posted some photos from Colombia because I was there too. I think it was Medellin. Been following her since then but I would never imagine we would meet face to face here in Europe, what an amazing story :)

Haha I wish you were there with me to get embarrassed with inappropriate aplaus :D Saludos!

It's true! I remember some of your comments in my posts from Colombia, and the world is so small and crazy hahaha.

What a nice friend! Thank you for being happy for us! Ohhh it's true! I can't believe you remember that! In fact, if they had accepted my UK visa I wouldn't be here in Poland and it wouldn't have been possible for us to meet or at least not now. @phortun is an amazing person!

Oh really? You tried to apply for other countries too? I thought you came to Poland because you met Pawel in Colombia. I didn´t even ask you about how you guys actually met, I´m sorry! Now I´m curious haha :D

It's true, and it's a bit of a long story my friend. When we met Pawel was living in England, so we were going to live there but they denied my visa and our plans took a big and fast change. Then we decided to come to live in Poland because here I didn't need a visa and his family and friends were here, plus now I'm happy that they denied my visa there, I love Poland and I met all of you!

Wow! I didn´t know this! Obviously, fate wanted that way for you and I agree that it´s better like that :) Poland is a great place for life. Plus it´s a strategic location in Europe, you can fly anywhere easily :) And of course, you are also closer to me and my family haha! :)

Yes, fate would have it that way and I agree with this one. Poland is great! And you are right, it is a strategic location and then we will be close to you to finally tell you this long story hahaha.

Awesome :) We will talk soon!

Fate worked in your favor so that Oliva was Polish 😁 @evelynchacin

You are right my friend hahahaha

Hey... it seems I have missed many nice news. So you're welcoming a baby soon, congratulation... :).
I wish your wife to have a smooth and safe delivery.
Sorry for the out of topic comments, but I just think that it's my priority first here :-D.
Anyway... it seems that the gathering was so much fun.
Perhaps we would be lucky enough to join another gathering in a new home base in the future too.

Yeah, busy times for us, thanks for your comment and nice wishes :) I hope to meet the Kobolds at some Hive gathering too. Hopefully one day :)

Awesome to see you had such a great time! Never meet anyone from the blockchain in person yet, but hopefull will one day.

Wish you all the best to the finish line!

Thanks buddy! Good to see you are still around even though you don´t post often anymore :) Really? You haven´t met a single Hiver IRL yet? I hope you will get to attend some Hive meet up in future, it´s really fun!

My eyes are still everywhere :)

Hopefully I will start authoring sooner again than meeting other Hiver IRL :)

Take care!

I hope so too :) Take care mate!

It was nice to meet you in person, I followed your post but never had a productive chat on the chain so I am glad finally we met and talked because I have heard a lot about you from Blind. I hope we will meet again somewhere in Europe near future. Thank you for all the support and help you have done for us...

Same here Priyan! Was a pleasure to talk to you guys! I now have both you and Adil among my followings and I usually read every post that shows up in my feed so I will have a better idea of what you guys are up to :) Hopefully, see you soon. Hugs and greetings from Prague!

Heyah! How nice is to read the side story of your situation, we were immersed in chats during the event but I didn’t know about what was behind your back! Best wished for your wife, would have been great to meet her, but I can wait for next time and meet the three of you :)
Lovely to meet you and I see you have already changed the number of those who you follow :P :P

Awww, thank you Luna! Yeah, pretty busy time back home haha :D Actually, I just removed someone from my followings right before you checked it out and you seemed to fill that vacant spot nicely! :D

Hahaha 🙄 now we are connected ;)

Yeah :) Actually, just browsing your and Mazin´s blog to know a bit more about you and just found out that we have more in common than I thought. Like for example living in Mexico ;) We lived on Yucatan (mostly PDC) for some two years :)

How nice to see people from HIVE meet up at a local meeting. This kind of meetings could be an alternative to HIVE Fest and for those who can't afford going to it in the scheduled time and area.

Did you know or meet @ph1102? He would be there as well.

Yeah, it was just amazing. I wish events like this are organized in different cities and countries too. Some regional communities here are very large and active so it should be possible. Yes, I did meet @ph1102, cool dude :)

Heheheh... thanks! I can say the same for you!

such bromance 😘

hahahahahah 😂


Everyone was fascinated by the unique decor and very special atmosphere of the place

It really looks special. And as you said, nothing compares to real life, face-to-face chatting.

Absolutely. Have you thought about hosting something like this in India? I think you would be a great organizer of such an event :)

Well, people would usually prefer to go to metro cities, and I am in a tier-2 city. But we can try, need to first discuss with others and see.

I see. India is a huge country, it can be very challenging to organize a meet up in there from the logistic point of view. But I still hope you can make it or at least give it a try :)

You can see the excitement in every sentence, I have been reading about this event and everyone agrees that it was great.

I came to see for my friend Evelyn who was anxious to go to this activity. How great that she was able to go and see the experience of sharing with other hivers.

The place and the whole vibe looks spectacular.

Traveling 8 hours by train indicates that you were also anxious to arrive and meet or reconnect with Hive friends.

Too bad you missed some of the activities.

I hope all goes very well with the birth of your baby, God bless the family.

It was a pleasure to read this very touching post.

Best regards.

Thank you very much for your kind comment. I can see that @evelynchacin is very popular in the Venezuelan community of Hive, everyone seems to know her! :) Yes, it was amazing. But I know that you guys in Venezuela also organize these regional meet ups, your community is very active and that´s great ;) Saludos!

No, je fakt, že všechny naše srazy byly podstatně skromnější :)

Ale jestli se vám něco podobného podaří vybudovat i v Česku, přijedu se podívat ;)

Aha, tak najednou už "vám" :D Šupináč od toho dává ploutve pryč, škoda :) A to se na tebe v Krakowě pár lidí ptalo ;)

No, až se něco podobného podaří udělat v Česku, já tam asi nebudu ;)

V českém rybníčku jsi byl nejaktivnější a nejambicióznější ty, takže bez tebe se tam těžko něco vybuduje a já se v tom angažovat určitě nebudu. Prakticky od prvopočátku tu působím hlavně v mezinárodních vodách a nehodlám na tom nic měnit. Co už - nemůžeme být jako národ ve všem dobří tak jako v pití piva :)

Btw, pokud máte ještě ten Krakow v plánu, tak se do KBK určitě stavte. Tobě by se tam mohlo hodně líbit. Řekl bych, že je to přesně "your kind of place" ;)

No jo, přemýšlím o tom poslední dobou stále častěji. Asi jsme se v nějaké chvíli nevydali správnou cestou.

Pokud jde o mou angažovanost, byla dána hlavně volným časem a snahou realizovat se. Ale postupem času jsem začal ty dovednosti a schopnosti, které jsem směřoval do Hive (Steemu, blé) uplatňovat v profesním životě. A když něco děláš v práci, přestává to být zábava ve volném čase, byť tě to baví sebevíc :) Čest výjimkám.

Bylo by fajn, kdyby český rybníček našel nějakého nového studenta s relativním dostatkem volného času a ochotou se do toho pořádně obout :)

Chápu. Ale nevěděl jsem, že jsi český rybníček "vedl" ještě jako student. Asi jsem myslel, že jsi o něco starší, než skutečně jsi :) No, uvidíme. Třeba vstanou noví bojovníci...

No, byla to druhá VŠ, ale jo, byl jsem student. Živil jsem se jako copywriter a mohl jsem si dovolit směřovat sem spoustu energie. Ale to už je pět šest let zpátky :)

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Wow, thank you very much guys @hive-lu and @szejq! :)

Here you go, I'm the spider guy from the computer 🕷, we talked for a while at HiveBeeCon 🙂
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Yes, I remember, the spiderman :D Cool, I will check out your project :)

Nice, best regards!

Ahhh you were the one clapping when it became a bit silent during the intermezzo?

Yeah, that was me :) I got too carried away with her stunning performance I guess :)

I heard 😂 But shows how you liked it 🙇 Was quite funny to see MiPiano very very quickly raised her hand.

Yes, she was fast :D On the other hand, I think it´s better to applaud when you are not supposed to than not to applaud when you are supposed to :D

hahahaha you get noticed for sure when doing so 🙃

I'm so jealous, it sounds like it was an amazing time! I wish they would hold more stuff like this in the US. I think there are just too few of us and we are spread too far apart. If you think the trains there are bad, you should see the ones in the US. Horrible! They are so slow!

Ah... I have no idea why, but we were flying from Spain to Poland to this Hivebeecon... 🤣 3-hour flight... Maybe we made a record, didn't check with others...

But, it was surprisingly successful as the idea was to create a "small" meetup... And in the bear market to gather this many people, it was amazing...

Plus, so many fantastic people! I hope you will be with us in some of the future events!

Maybe one day I will make it across the pond! I hope so anyway. I'd love to meet some Hive people in person who I haven't onboarded myself.

I wanted to do it this year with HiveFest in Mexico, but there were so many other things on the table, and I didn't make it... Luckily, @gtg did this idea with HiveBeeCon, so I'm feeling better for missing out on the HiveFest... a bit better...

But, still jealous of people who did both! 😂

Yeah, you are right. The total area of the US is similar to that of Europe but number of Hivers in Europe is much higher than in the US. So it´s easier to host these meet ups here.

Talking about the differences between US and European trains, have you seen this? :D Explains a lot I guess...

Yeah, that looks about right. I took that line from Kalamazoo to Chicago one time and it was horrible. More space than a jet and fewer people, but it literally took forever!

Yeah. I know that trains don´t have a strong tradition in your country. You guys would drive everywhere :)

It's our only option really...

It's great to see all these Hive users together, man. I'm sure you guys had a lot of fun out there. I read a lot of posts from the event and everyone shared that they had a lot of fun. I hope I can participate in the next one. I would love to do that.

Yes, I can see reports like this one popping up all over the blockchain these days :) Everyone want to share their experience because it was amazing! But I think that the Turkish community is getting big and active enough for such a meet up as well, you guys give it a try! :)

I think so! I'll talk to my people and try to organize it man. It sounds awesome to me :)

Cool! I really hope you guys will make it too! :) Cannot wait to check out the reports from that event :)

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Wow, thank you guys! This is a badge that you don´t really get every day haha :D Actually, I´m not sure now if I ever got it before or if it´s my first time. Can I check it out somewhere?

You can check it on your board at

Thanks. So it was the second time actually that I got this rare badge :) Cool.

So cool! I hope I can meet you guys personally one day!

We hope to meet you too :) Cheers!

Excellent report! I'm glad you had such a great time, that you met Evelyn and so many cool people, and that Hive is doing such wonderful things around the world :)

Thanks for your comment Sofia! I wish there were more Spanish speaking people like you so that Evelyn had more people to talk to but fortunately, there were some nice Hivers from Spain and I also tried to use my "basura Espanol" for her haha :D I remember that you said you haven´t met any other Hivers yet than your sister and mom. Maybe it´s time to organize a meet up in your city, how about that? ;)

Hahahahahaha "basura Español", I want to hear that! 😂

Yes, that would be great! A few months ago they did a meet up in a nearby city but I couldn't go , I'll wait for another opportunity 😊.

No, you don´t want to hear my "basura Espanol", trust me :D

Cool. I hope you don´t miss out on the next one, the Venezuelan community on Hive is very active, I´m sure you will meet a lot of nice people there :)

God I am so glad to see so many happy people, it seems that this meeting was a real success, I am sure that behind this meeting someone worked very hard to make it happen.

Success would be an understatement my friend! It exceeded all expectations, really :) Yes, the organizers did some incredible job making all of that happen. I hope you will join us next time!

I've seen so many amazing posts about this meeting, many Hivers have come from many places in Europe (some further away, some closer), I saw joy in the pictures attached to these posts but also emotion in the texts written there.
I hope to be with you next time.

Oh yea, this is the talk of the Hive town at the moment. So much fun at every point. Good to see great people gathering together for a common goal. I hope Hivebeecon happens sometimes soon around here also. Its gonna be so much fun.

Thank you, it was fun indeed. Well, you can organize your own meet up in Nigeria too, I know that there are many Hivers here from your country. Go for it guys! :)

Yea right... Very soon. Hopefully 💪

Viva Polonia y Venezuela, bonitas 😍 fotos y me encantó tu contenido, saludos desde Venezuela..

Gracias. Saludos!

May you have many more days like this. Best wishes.

It was a good one indeed. Thank you :)

I'm very happy that you met some of the people who you have been wanting to meet
That's lovely
I'm glad that HiveBeecon was a success

It was indeed. Thanks for stopping by.

Wow that's great and awesome,all the best 👍

Wow. I can still feel your enjoyment through your writing. The excitement is still there even though it was already finished for a few days. It's good to read hive meet-ups and know them more through your stories. 😍

Thanks for your visit. Yeah, a lot of posts have already been published about this special event, everyone want to share their experience :) Cheers!


The HiveBeeCon is a big get together for the hiver family. It's requires lot of commitments to be available for such.

Well, the meet up was more about fun and spending time with friends than commitments...

I wish I had been there to catch the fun too.

I have read posts from many people who have been there and it's so nice to see all the people together to have a good time together. Go over to the event and meet all the people I've been working with for a long time.

Yes, many reports from this epic event have already been posted on Hive. It was such a nice meet up and the participants just want share those positive vibes and emotions :) Thanks for stopping by!

Yeah. Most welcome dear.

Wow! Amazing - I need to attend one of these things.

You do :) Hopefully you will get to participate in such a cool event too.

you guys look having fun, happy to see you in one frame.

It was a lot of fun. I know you Filipino guys organize these regional Hive meet ups often so I´m sure you know how good it feels to attend one :) Thanks for stopping by!

Your welcome @phortun. I know some Filipino here love also to meet you guys in person. Hoping soon it will happen.

Yeah, hopefully. Once 1 Hive is worth 10 or 20 bucks, we will be able to host and attend international meet ups in thousands :)

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Thanks for your support guys!

I miss gatherings like this with friends from the crypto social media community. I fondly remember my time on Steemit, where I was dedicated to collecting everything, and the cost of everything was covered by the rewards from Steemit. ^_^ God Bless you all guys.

Thank you! Well, the price is now very low so I can imagine that with higher price of Hive, the attendance of Hive meet ups in general would probably be higher as it would be easier for the participants to cover the expenses but we still had a great turnout in Krakow :) Thanks for stopping by!

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Yay, thank you @ecency and @liltammy! :)

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