How will you die?

in Proof of Brain4 months ago

It's been a while since I've written!

And I thought I would jump back in with a HEAVY question! Haha

As some of you know, I had a family emergency that has been the focal point of my life for the last 3 weeks. I haven't been able to to much writing, much reading or much commenting!

But I've been doing a LOT of thinking.

I had a dear friend growing up who sincerely believed he wouldn't live past 30. When you're only 15, 30 seems "ancient".

Well we are both now 46 and thankfully - he was wrong about his untimely death - and he is still very much alive!

The problem is...

Since he believed he would only live til he was 30, he lived recklessly, dangerously and haphazardly. He was pretty much setting in motion a self-fulfilling prophecy that would ensure that he would NOT make it past 30.

And yet, he did.

...And now lives with a lot of consequences of that very reckless life, making all those future years PAST 30 - less-than-full.

This - combined with the last month - makes me pause and think.

  • If we are living in a way currently that seems to indicate how we might die...

  • If we are making poor choices that are severely affecting our health and well-being and day by day are creating the path to a certain kind of life/death...

Would you change that NOW to create a new path?

My mother has struggled with diabetes for 27 years, but it took her quadruple bypass surgery for her to really start taking a new look at her health for the rest of her life.

Her heart surgeon told her that after surgery, she should have another 20-30 years of life. (What he didn't mention was... Those 20-30 years were not guaranteed...but mostly based on her good choices daily!)

  • My father's father passed from congenital heart disease.
  • My father's mother passed after many years with diabetes.
  • My mother's father had 13 heart attacks and 8 open heart surgeries and passed from the final heart attack.
  • My mother's mother passed from complications from diabetes.
  • And now my mother with her quadruple bypass and diabetes.

I have taken a good hard look into my future, and I'm rejecting those options. A few months ago, I began charting the new course to my health and seeing the last few weeks with my mom has only firmed my resolve to continue to strive towards a long HEALTHY life.


A few weeks ago, @samsmith1971 and @penderis decided to have a little fun challenging each other to drink more water. There is something FUN about engaging in challenges together.

So I thought... Perhaps, now is a good time to do a corporate challenge for anyone who is wanting/needing a little motivation.

I'm sure some of those "new year" not-so-resolutions have faded into the woodwork, and I thought - you know... it's just never too late to start again.


For those of you who remember what 22222 is all about - I wish you a VERY HAPPY 22222!!!! It was supposed to feel very different today, wasn't it?

But - don't ever let detours define your final destination.

Sometimes we have plans that just get thwarted for many reasons. sometimes small, sometimes big, sometimes covid-massive-lifechanging huge. LOL

But I'm inviting any of you to keep the hope of 22222 alive - and join the new Dreemport Challenge for the next 2 months - where we will define goals, drive towards them and dreem big.

More info to come this week! Just start dreeming now and join the DreemPort Challenge for March and April!

What do you think? Sound easy enough?

Hope to help you connect with MORE readers through DreemPort!

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For more info - feel free to grab a TESTER ROLE in the DREEMPORT DISCORD SERVER. Ask as much as you like!



I am all in❣️ Where's the dotted line? Actually, that's not a bad idea lol... signing a commitment contract with ourselves 💗 So, so important to take heed of what we are being shown in our lives... they say life is easy for the observant and so many people just keep putting things off for another day, another tomorrow (hello Inkwell prompt😉🤣) without appreciating that our tomorrows, both in quantity and quality, depend so much on our today's. I hold my hand up too. It's just too easy to sit back and take life, of itself or in respect of the quality we presently enjoy, for granted. I love this challenge. You made it very real with this post @dreemsteem. You brought it home. We all have the opportunity right here, right now that could define the rest of our lives. Let's do this thing... and we can hopefully encourage each other in person next month x My water intake has been rubbish the past few days... off to grab another glass now!!! ps: I'm not scared...really lol

hahahahaha don't be scared - it's gonna be AWESOME i cannot waaaaaaaaaaaait!

and yes - my water too has been down the drain. and not in my belly! hahahaha

but today is a day to choose better. @penderis is putting us to shame!!! he's been doing really well and sometimes even drinks more than he's supposed to. whaaaaaat. who is he? hahahaha

I'm really glad that this resonated with you. It really came at the perfect time for me. I was already determined to make changes and started seeing progress! then to have the last month? on top of it?? wow. it just hammered everything home in a very real way!

I'm super excited for it... and - i agree! I think a commitment contract would be so fun to add in! Sounds like we will have the post with that document ready for tomorrow to get everyone pumped hehehehe

Love you lady! less than 3 weeks until I hug you like mad!!!!!

@penderis you rock! I MUST do better. No excuses. You are putting us to shame 😕 Right, gonna fill my jug now! I had just started Joe Wickes BODYCOACH programme and then I got covid... and the advice is not to start intensive exercise for at least 10 days after recovery and then to start slow... driving me crazy as I just want to get back on the horse so to speak. I am feeling so good now though. Back to best!!! So I am going to start hitting Joe's workouts tomorrow! ... a day early lol but I won't tell if you don't...@dreemsteem I woke up super excited today ... I was literally bouncing on air... lols... fingers crossed everything works out next month... but honestly... I am pretty chilled... I go with the flow... looking forward to that hug my friend... the END🤗

no need to cross fingers - its happening. and i'm so so so so excited!!!!

and @tattoodjay just told me about a NEW workout program on Quest that is martial arts and i'm SOOOOOOOOOO excited!!! i wanted to do a fighting one hahahahahaha

so i know what you mean about that excitement to start a new program... i'm not giving up my Supernatural no no no way.

but i might just add in some fighting skills hahaha @kenechukwu97 needs to see me step up my tang so do skills hahahaha and jui jitsu. i have been lax. i need to become a red-belt killer again hahahahahahahahahahahaha (no i'll never be a black belt haha)

and @Penderis loves shaming us. he likes to see our cute little pink cheeks LOL

ok ok - i need to get started on my workout now! hahahahaha and get my jug too!!

Lol... The red belt killer is back! Let's add Muay Thai to the mix. Hehe.

Good to have you back. We are up for great achievement.

hehehe wait til you see my Bruce Lee-ah styles. you will be in awe

haha you tell me don't be scared and then tell me you're a red belt killer 😂😂😂 that's don't half hold your punches ROTFL. I'll have to bring my Shotokan and Kyokushin game... although it's a bit rusty 😂 Jiu Jitsu never went too far as I kept getting injured ribs lol. Damn that low density 🤣 I blame the 6ft3 seventeen-year old that kept beating me up🤣 Go be superwoman lol... This wonder woman gonna kick her own ass into gear tonight!!! I'm cheating...feeling too good lols. So not gonna put it off another day. Let's do this!!!

ROFLLLLLLLLLLLLL i'm just as rusty.

don't worry - we will play on the Oculus!!! they can't hit back hahahahahahaha

yes - cheat when its good for you! hahahahah i say go slow - but GOOOOO!!! hehehehe

see? this is why you're so good for me! hehehe


I was just wondering whether I am supposed to be packing my gi and belt ... an interesting turn of events haha. Oculus sounds good lol

hahahaha heck no! I haven't sparred in 30 years. LOL

i'm not in any condition to start now either. the oculus and their lovely invisible people will be JUST fine for me hahahahahahaahahahahahaha

So happy to see you. BACK. So glad your mom made a life-changing decision, and made you (and I ) think. ❤️💕🤗

Hi my sweet friend!!! I'm so glad to BE back!!!! Feels so good - and my mind is now recharging to jump back in to where I belong hehehehe

It's been a while!!!

But I'm actually thinking of writing less for a bit - and reading and commenting more! hehehehe

but we'll see! hahaha I also need to write to get people excited for the challenge! so i guess it's a tightrope act for a bit hehehehehe

Either way - I'll be over to your blog today to come visit and enjoy!!!

thanks for the welcome hug back!!! i love coming home!

That’s some thinking… but I agree. If you see these things up close and personal. It makes you think and want to live healthier. Good to see your back. 😊
We are changing our diets and lifestyles but it is just hard to hold onto them. Especially if your busy. And my partner has some intolerances like lactose and gluten and I shouldn’t eat nightshades. Not much left then hahahaha

I will keep a look out for those challenges and might join in 😉😁

ahhhh i also haven't eaten gluten in about 9 years! hahaha

that was a hard one to say goodbye to - I'll be very honest LOL it was seriously my addiction! but when you see what it does to the body - and you know that it's going to eventually catch up to you.... how can one just continue to eat eat eat.. right?

at some point I had to look at this little delicious poison in the eye and say... I'm sorry my love. but no more. hahahahahahahahaha

I would really love to see you join in this challenge. I do think it will be an important one for the people who feel called to join. you know?

There just comes a time where it's right! and when a group of us do it together - it just feels so great to have accountability and encouragement and fun and then SEE the measurable results together!

they say it takes 6 weeks to create a habit.

we are giving it 8 - and let's see what we can do together!

thanks for welcoming me back! i've missed Hive a lot!!! but needed that space to regroup!

Yes, I’m so many things are gluten. It’s hard… to leave it out. Especially when you are out for the day and eat not at home.

Yes, the together part and motivating part is a big help. Maybe I just do it.
I keep an eye on your posts, or please tag me so I don’t miss it. 😊😎

You are welcome @dredmsteem 😊 good that you took the time to regroup. It is needed sometimes.

hehehe wonderful! I'll be looking to see you joining in hehehehe tag will be coming!

Great 😊 thanks a lot!

How will I die?

The issue of death has been something I have formed the habit of meditating on. It might sound funny but that's the fact. Everybody will die someday, so meditating on death, has helped me live every day of my life as if it were my last. It has made me avoid keeping malice, giving in to crime, etc. I wish to die on Good Friday but in the end, the will of God will be done.

Welcome back ma'am and I look forward to March and April challenge. Am certain it is going to be massive.


Life... will test us! It will throw everything at us, to make us question ourselves. As for your post title... How Will You Die... I have always said I would wish to pass saving someone, or in my sleep. But at the end of the die, it is not my plan, but it is God's plan. I will remain vigilant on spreading love and positive energy... both here on the blockchain, as well as in my personal life. Sending you love and positive energy, my friend...

Theeeeeeee Ennndddddd!!

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In my experience, and watching my parents and grandparents, it is the small changes that can make the biggest difference. Big changes can be hard to sustain and can throw us off balance, but little changes, like drinking one more glass of water per day, exercising for 5 more minutes per day, and and eating a little better. For example, eating when we are hungry only and stopping just before we are full. Also, personally, I find altering my eating by ADDING healthy foods instead of taking unhealthy ones away is more sustainable. So, I don't tell myself I cannot have cake, but I chop up more vegetables and dip because I like them. I buy and eat more fruit because I like it. That sort of thing. When you are satisfied with fruit, you are less likely to crave chocolate (in my experience).

A doctor I saw once told me that most people assume that, if you are overweight, you have to lose a lot of weight to incur health benefits. However, the research shows that even a 10lb weight loss can reduce blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.

I find that comforting. Not that we should not make more effort, but rather that it's not about numbers on a scale. It's about daily good habits. Also, I read somewhere that good habits 80-90% of the time lead to good results. This means we can be kind and non-violent with ourselves, being healthy and active without overdoing it, eating healthily while still having a cookie sometimes.


P.S. I hope your mother continues to recover well. My father is recovering well so far, and it is a relief. ❤

How do trees get on the internet?
They log in.

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Emmm... I have a long list of insane things on my bucket list. Heheh. I don't see myself moving an inch out of this world until I accomplish all those insane plans one after another.

Now we wait for more gist about this one. Hehe. Would be fun to see what March has in store for us. For me, March is always a special month. This year's edition of March won't be any different.

Welcome Back... Happy to have you back.

they are not insane plans at all.

they are the plans of a dreemer. and dreemers are born to dreem hehehehe

I fully believe that not only the "insane" plans are coming true - but more than you can realize hehehe

thanks for the welcome back
oh - and check your DM LOLOL

Woah I was shocked when I read the part where you talked about the illness that looks like it was just passed down from one generation to the next excluding you!
So i just took a long pause at myself and my health lately.... although I have been on watch as I stopped drinking carbonated drinks asf with lots of sugary things!..I need to watch more because of what the future might yeild.

And as for the challenge, am ready for it cause I have a lot to think and write...

So bring it on!!

Missed you @dreemsteem. My mom had so many miscarriages. She was told it would be difficult to get one alive. That's why I'm called "samuel". I'm her only child.

There is really nothing we can do most times, we just have to have faith and take care of our health the best way we can.

I'm glad to see you here again. !PIZZA !LUV

hehehe wowwww the birth of your name!!!! what a great story to that name! is her name also Hannah??? hehehe

you should join in the dreemport challenge and set some awesome goals for you in the 8 weeks!!! will be fun to see how all of us are held accountable by one another! hehehe

thank you for missing me! i missed everyone here too! but so glad to be back :)

I only just read about your mum's surgery a few minutes ago. Thank God for the Angels he sent and for the recovery. I'm glad it was all successful.
We really don't know when death would come knocking. We can only trust in God and his promises to keep us. However, we should also take measures to live a healthy life.
It's been so long and I miss you and everyone else.

hi sweetheart!!! yes - its been a really long road for her! but thankfully she is healed and recovering an dnow i'm home and recuperating too hehehe

how have you been???

I've been coping.
Tough times but God has been seeing me through.

I'm soooooo happy to hear that

Wow. Okay, choices are a must for a fulfilling life and I'm sorry about your mom. I take it your friend is working on his past mistakes? I actually never thought that far as a young kid till 17. I don't really know what 2222 is but I look forward to this challenge.

hi sweet deraaa!!!! I hope you're staying safe! ❤️

22222 was a GREAT dreem. hehehe and is still going to happen someday - we will just have to see when! hehehe

hope that you can watch it all unfold this year with us!

I'll be very excited to see you joining in this challenge!!! 😚

How do I keep missing replies to my comment??? I'm so sorry. I just saw this after 7 days!!!!

Please tell me I didn't miss the challenge? I've been quite preoccupied. 😭

First of all. Welcome back to the online world @dreemsteem. you were missed ❤

It's really an insightful question to decide how we should design our present to escape the future we are afraid of. There is a verse of Allama Iqbal that says, IF YOU ARE AFRAID FOR THE END, CHANGE THE BEGINNING

This time around we are here for a six weeks challenge instead of 3. That's going to be more thrilling

You travel for three weeks, did a lot of thinking and return to positively challenge us! That's what I love about your mind!

I have been proactive about my health for many years and it doesn't happen at a go..I take baby steps. If you remember, I stayed away from red meat all through last year (12 months)! Now, I only know white meat which is healthier. Baby steps.

Too bad your friend is now paying for the way he treated his body. I'm sure he wishes he could go back and make smarter choices. Healthy living means we get to accomplish many of the things on our list.

I love your three Ds —
...Define goals, Drive towards them and Dreem big.

Inspiring! Looking forward to the next challenge. Have a slice of !PIZZA and !LUV ☺️💖

No one can accurately predict life, we try but end up being disappointed. Doing what's right(just like the healthy living) should be our most priority.

I hope to join the challenge.. I'll check your blog once in a while to know when it's out

i'll be happy to tag you in a comment on the next post to keep you in the loop! hehehe

I will appreciate that

…I’m almost guaranteed to get cancer in my 40s. Both sides of the family. Yeah….

But if it’s easily fixed like breast cancer, it’ll probably be a broken hip leading to a stroke in old age. Or maybe a car accident.

This was very insightful and engaging.
A thought many have refused to take or consider.
Death is inevitable yeah

And a healthy challenge is way to go.

I m really grateful to have you back and really HAPPY.

I'm not gonna die. I'm immortal.untitled.gif

I'm so happy to see you post once more. With a daughter like you, I'm sure your mum will see the 30 more years and even more.

Concerning the dreemport challenge, I don't know what it is but I'm in.


I read this.
I love you.
You are too happy......
No, you are not.....
that was me being cranky
I have way too much packing yet to do and cleaning........

Let's see how I feel next Wednesday when I only have my iPad.....
I am thinking a lot of swearing will be heard. :D

Do not die on me. Keep drinking your green stuff!!! and doing your VR mountain climbing!! We all need you happy and healthy!

Wow! This is really insightful to read and guess what momma? I am now a Graduand as I would be writing my final paper today. This means enough time for activeness 💃💃💃💃💃💃

I am sorry I didn't check up on you. Ismaheel told me days ago of your mom's health. I hope she gets well quickly because by Jesus stripes, we are healed.

I also noticed that design.. What inspired that..
Is that an ECG wave form😂😂

Would you change that NOW to create a new path?

Hopefully I am not making poor decisions, but I am still trying to create a new path since years.

I live with multiple disabilities, nowadays under the local minimum wage in Hungary. I receive a pension-like income, and nowadays I also work in a four hours per day packaging part time job, but my total income, which is approximately only $470 USD per month, still does not reach the local minimum wage, which is approximately $550 USD.

I am able to financially maintain my current rent in the winter only by the help and support of the Hive community.

Otherwise probably I would be homeless again. I am not sure what will happen next winter. My current plan is to save enough money to buy and live in an RV to avoid having to pay the high rent and the also high bills.

Thank you to everyone for every help and support.

Have a nice day. All the best. Greetings and much love from Hungary.

An important question. I think the answer changes as I get older.

well what is it now? hehehe


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Beautifully said! Especially the questions you asked at the very top... Longevity and Life Quality are indeed a very real thing!

Thank you for how you said all of this.

It's so so inspirational and I am sure that many here (myself included) needed to hear this one Dreems!

Big hugs to you and your mom!

I hope that you are all doing better and better as each day goes by.

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