Each Hashtag Could've Been A One Word Title Instead You Got This

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Just enjoying the repual position for a minute...

You're now tuned in to my first ever attempt at some new html code, I'm about to take this blogging thing to a whole new level. How'd that sound? Pretty convincing or not really at all? It was either that or say I finally learned how to format images and text side by side in a paragraph but I couldn't resist whole new level in the opening sentence. I like opening paragraphs like this—helps my fingers chill.. out.

I've only been asking how to do that thing with pictures and text for a few years now. Several of you have been more than willing to help, I appreciate that, thank you! Unfortunately, I think you have me mistaken for someone who speaks computer. Just recently the blockchain's happiest man understood: 'Talk to me like a German Shepherd.'

Eerily smart dogs, right? Military soldiers, protection geniuses, narcotic & bomb sniffers, search / rescue and fearless! Statistically the 4th smartest dog breed in the world—brilliant. You just gotta know how to talk to'em:

rreeeeeeaaaaalllllll ..... sslllooooooooww

I'll point it out in the middle of it that way you don't miss it. When we get to the part about the park's also a disc golf course—in it.

The past few weeks were pretty brutal. It's been either raining or snowing throughout February—stuck inside. Pura and I couldn't take it anymore. We put on rain gear, grabbed the umbrellas, and went to Victor Ashe Greenway in the Sequoia Hills area of East Tennessee.

'I'm not taking pictures' says me who lied to myself. Plus it's raining and freezing outside and I didn't want to stop the instinctual routine of my alternating hands—umbrella left - pocket right, umbrella right - pocket left. So I took one picture—that's it!! "Thought you weren't doing that" humorously with a hint of condescension says Pura to myself. Things look different when you're not documenting what you're looking at. But I saw these three trees saw these three trees saw these three trees grouped together and succumbed to my own pressure. The middle one's growing equal length branches all the way up whereas the one on the right, not so much. The left one's doing the same thing only different.

Images - GoPro Hero 5 Black

We didn't stay long—too cold. And then yesterday the sun was out, first time I've seen it do that all month. Pura was doin her thing most the day, it's too cold to peddle, I thought about those trees. I wonder how they look when sunlight's louder than water.


I forgot my gloves again! Those and a snot rag would've been convenient that way my sleeve wouldn't appear as though I've been digging through a bucket of snails. There's a lot more to see out there than I thought (looks different). It's a four mile paved loop for walking, running, and road biking. Benches are all over the place, toilets, rivers and streams, all that stuff. What I didn't notice the previous evening is there's also a dog park, volleyball courts, soccer fields, and a playground for the kids.


Victor Ashe Park is 120 manicured acres of rolling hills with plenty of activities for everyone. Right in the middle of the whole thing is an 18 hole disc golf course—missed that too!

You're in it now, see what I mean? Image on the left and this part's on the right—faaannccy! That's the second throwing tee on your left, if you look just beyond it toward the water, you'll see a blue basket—hole #1. The first throwing tee is on the other side of the water, about a 50 yard throw across the pond or say adios to your disc.

Can't miss it now, right? Not right as in image placement with arrows on it and this text is on the left. Right as in you see the basket, 'right?' I asked—made sure he didn't mind me snapping some shots. He said "it's the first hole but I play it as 18 and start at #2, lost too many discs the other way."

I'll do this one more time where I show you rocks and the last one's painted like a frog. I see it all the time, just didn't know how they were doing it. It's a lot easier than I thought and I'm probably doing it the hard way.


Hardly noticeable pause

When we got here in September, everything was green; trees, the ground, hillsides, everything.

By October we were surrounded by red, a month later yellow and brown, now everything looks dead.

Originally purpleish/red were choice colors but the longer I'm surrounded by this dead look, the more I appreciate it like the others.

Growing On Me




Depending how it's perceived, of course, I like signs, they add character. There's a lot of questionable signage out there like the one placed immediately in front of the playground entrance regarding leashed pets. That and the one about horses who don't eat like a horse.



I walked the whole four miles, would've preferred the bicycle, much easier to get around on. They say it's cold like this a few more weeks. The trail's paved up and down and around tree-lined hills. Bright blue birds, brown ones and red ones, squirrels, and whatever else is shuffling through fallen leaves. A stream runs parallel to the foot path, rushing water comes and goes. The other side has disc golfers scattered all over the place and no path's complete without a crossroad.






It's supposed to snow again tomorrow, forecast says 100%. Won't be doing this if it does that, 100 usually means yes. Then it's sunny for two days, between 60 and 90% chance of rain the following three and I haven't checked beyond that but tomorrow's snow—100%. One more round of photos before we bring this tour to a close.

This is the other part I was telling you about earlier where I show off this new trick. If you zoom in on the rock to your right, there's a piece of history about a Mayor named Victor Ashe and how the park got its name.

This second rock's nothing fancy really, it isn't scribed or spray painted or anything, it's just a rock. But it's not a little rock and it's all by itself in the middle of what could possibly be a nice football field starving for attention.

This one, though different, doesn't look any less of a rock than the previous two. Good thing this article's about wrapped up, I'm running out of ways to pic rocks. It's quite a bit larger than the other two, there's that! I wouldn't want to have to move it or anything but it's still not a frog rock.


This concludes our tour of Victor Ashe Greenway, thanks for tuning in! See you back here next time when we do something like this again or nothing like this at all and lose track of time for however long that was.




Looks like an interesting place. I do need to find some more presentation tools in my blogging arsenal.

Good morning @shaidon. Thanks for checking this one out, I can't shut up about the cover image.. or lack thereof I should say. That wasn't supposed to happen.

Wish I could get out and play some disc right now. But there’s about a foot of snow on the ground. Although it was a pleasant 40 degrees today, felt like putting my shorts and tshirt on.

Silver linings bro, silver linings.

Wish I coulda got my cover image to show up on this one. Really makes me feel like I wasted a lot of time. Pretty disappointing.

But at least it's not snowing yet! Could be worse.

hmmm. A cover photo on my music post is not showing up. Is there a glitch in the matrix? Maybe not our wrong doing.?

I heard several horror stories after this one. I still think mine's the worst. Never had that happen to me. That's a first. That cover image was gorgeous too!!

I've never had to redo or cross one out to repost it or anything like that though and I wasn't gonna start with a cover image mishap.

I'm not a spoiled brat, I'm a Princess!!

That cover image is puzzling and I can imagine just how fffff...rustrating it is (wanna-be grandmas don't curse out aloud!)
Amazing how our worlds differ as here in Durban most everything stays green whether it's mid winter or summer, so we don't even have those golden autumn leaves!
Back to your cover image problem, I have another really REALLY REALLY FFFFF...rustrating one with an old post now seemingly pinned forever in my blog in Peakd and no one can offer any help! I regularly pin new posts on my blog so that it can be seen and not be swallowed up by posts I've reblogged of other users, but suddenly this one won't budge so now I have an old foodie post stuck at the top of my blog forever! I'm not the only one that's experienced this but I promise you, this has made me uttered some bad words already and no one at peakd.com is responding to my query!
I and the other user whose name I can't remember now, have tried everything!
Anyhow, that's my rant about Peakd but I fully understand your frustration with your cover image!
I have in the past used a page break before my first image and even though I mark it as my cover image, that darn page break still shows up as my thumbnail when viewing on hive.blog!
You'll have to repeat that walk to fix that;)
PS excuse me ranting on, must say I'm impressed with what you regularly do with text in your blogs, now you're getting even smarter with pics on the left or the right and adding arrows etc on them!

You go right ahead and rant if that's what this was. Good morning @lizelle.

Yeah I'm pretty disappointed with this one. I worked on that thing for two days which isn't abnormal until, of course, then cover image doesn't show up!! I used that page break line of code whatever stupid ass thing and apparently I used it before my cover. Ruined the whole thing.

I'll never do that again

A reblog stuck at the top of my feed though?!? Well, it doesn't make me feel any better about this mishap but I sure am glad I'm not stuck with it at the top.

I managed to resolve that, Hivesigner was the cause of my problem. Logged on with peaklock and all is sorted;)

Great!! Now I have no one to feel my pain.

I REALLY still feel your pain as that happened to me before and I was super annoyed, just happy my pinning problem is over, I was getting tired of looking at all that green foo;)

There's a lot of things I won't say you'll never see me do again Cuz I'm really good at disappointing like that. "I'll never get married again" is one... Ha!! Yeah, I said that!

Oh, my point is.. I'll never insert a divider before the cover again!

I'll never insert a divider before the cover again!

That's exactly what I said to myself and guess what, one late night when blogging I did it again!
My very first boss, a land surveyor, made me write something in my note book when I was learning to be a draughtswoman.
Note, that was a very long time ago, in the days of hand draughting, so if you made a mistake with an ink pen, you had to scratch it out with a blade if using film otherwise it was...starting from scratch.
Dear Mr Watt who had a fabulous sense of humour, used to answer the question - What is your name? with Watt is my name! People used to be very puzzled that this man did not understand their question!
Anyway, I diversed; his advice was, think twice and draw once, but this here gal is a leftie whose brain is wired weirdly, so I would not listen.
His next piece of advice was if you make a mistake once, it's acceptable; but make the same mistake a second time, then you're a fool!
So I've been a fool here many a time on Hive especially late at night when I should be in dreamland!
Time to say goodnight!

I can't leave this one alone. I'm sure a lot of us have similar sayings, but Watt is my name is right up my alley. Mine goes: 'Fool me once shame on me.' That's it, there's no follow up.

And the think twice draw once. In my trade with tower cranes it was "measure twice, cute once." How cool.

I love it when people send me to the dictionary, I've never heard 'hand draughting.' I just looked it up, would it also be called 'drafting?' Designing type drawings, architecture type stuff? Am I on the same page?

I probably shouldn't have got so serious when I said never.

Awesome bro you got to show me how u did this. Sorry about the cover not showing up, you saw how much it pissed me off when it happened to me yesterday. Have u tried disc golf?

Yeah dude! I have tried disc golf. Ran into a brother about 20 years ago on a job site who told me about it. His exact words were, "you can drink beer, smoke weed, whatever you want.... my kinda game."

Ima release another one as soon as I can to get this fuckin thing buried and behind me, keep an eye out, it's comin. I edited it so many times trying to fix it and it's a wrap.. I'm stuck with it now. Proof right in front of me that it doesn't matter how much energy I dump into these, I can spend two days on something just to watch it get ruined in two seconds.

Funny.. I've been working on a replacement article since I woke up and haven't even check my wallets yet. Looks like it's shitty all over the place, not just my cover image fail.

I can spend two days

WOOOOOOW! 2 whole fucking daaaaaaays? This is craaaaaaaaaaaazy!!! (eyes rolling behind my head)

That's equivalent to 48 hours homie I just didn't wanna itemize each clock tic cuz I know how easily you're confused.

hahaha roasted

We make a good team. 👍🏿

As usual Nice one, Keep the good posts coming. Ill have to have a Go at the HTML thingy,The other day when I was goofing around with my recipe it refused to change the cover image for a while so it looked like a recipe for a bag of baby shit.

At least you had a cover image. I worked on this thing for two days only to have a page break fuckin tower over my cover image. Makes me wanna break things. Not sure how many of these I've put together in nearly four years but I remember the time I was the most disappointed.


Thanks for keeping an eye on me @rubido.

I feel you brother this is the epitome of frustration

I'm writing another one as we speak dude so I can proceed to bury that one. Couldn't even hardly sleep last night. Probably shouldn't admit that....

I felt it. Crazy how it can affect us, that's true passion right here

Thank you, Ed.

Sorry for the mishap man

And thanks for being so sympathetic too, I can really feel your compassion.

OK now definitely something funny happening, just got home and was gonna polish up a post I got in draft and everything is gone 🤔 was there this morning and now nadda. Something fucked up is happening, maybe a server issue or something? Hope it comes back... I spent ages on that.

@dandays Try copying the first paragraph of your post and pasting it a line down to force an overwrite, it's what finally fixed my last post. Might be coincidence, but worth a shot

I edited this to say "I just tried it.. didn't work."

Dude I really appreciate your advice, truly I do. And I nearly went and tried it but I edited the thing at least 10 times now and I'm uncertain if attempting your technique would benefit me or make it worse at this point.

I'm just gonna leave it. I'm working on burying it as we speak, try to come back in a little bit and you'll have something fresh and the fucking cover image better be the first thing you see.

Thanks a lot for your concern @rubido and I appreciate you looking past the mishap.

Won't happen again

Still a damn good read, haven't relied on pictures to enjoy a good tale in a while! Keep on trucking when I see that next cover image I'll be waiting!

Good morning, I see you've got a few more tricks in your bag of writing tools.
Very impressive.
What, no cover image, that had to be very disappointing.
That hhttlmpqexzy code can be pretty conffffuuuuusing.

The pics of the three trees are cool and I like the difference in them due to the weather.

You probably know this, but just in case you don't and were wondering what the reason was for their differences in their structure, it's all about the sunlight. Being that the middle tree is shading both the one on the right and left the tree will grow outward in an attempt to reach the light. The side of the tree nearest the middle one will not receive as much light and fewer branches will grow on that side and the ones that do are usually smaller.

That was a little long winded, especially if you already knew that, and if you did, you're more than likely saying to yourself Dah, what do you think, I'm an idiot, or maybe your yelling, shut up already, or maybe you're just thinking, enough already, or quit possible you don't give a rat's ass. Well to bad, once in a while I like to act like the smartest guy in the room.
Now that was long winded.

I've never heard of disc golf , it looks like a lot of fun. It's a little easier to find than a little white ball.
You guys seem to have some great open spaces in your area, you got to like that.

I hope all is well. Some warmer weather should be right around the corner.

Enjoyed this one! 😁

My man, Sweed. Thanks for tuning into my cover image dilemma. Fuuuuccckk! @edprivat left me a voice message that clicked—I learned something. I put a lot of effort into these so when something as serious as a cover image fails, I'm rreeeeeaaaaaalllll hard on myself. I'm working on burying this one as we speak so check back soon (probably before bed) I'll give you something to look at—promise!

Disc golf. I was introduced to it around 99-2000 by some brothers on the job. I was told, "it's great! You can drink as much as you want and smoke as much as you want and all you do is chase around a frisbee."


That thing about the trees. I figured it had something to do with the sun, just had my mind on the wrong tree I guess. That had nothing to do with lack of cover image, however, it's 100% chance of snow due to disc golf.

I'll check in again later.
I've got a question.
This morning when I logged in my homepage said I wasn't following anyone, 0, zilch. I figured it was a glitch in the system, but when opening it up again within the last hour it still read 0.
I started to refollow the people I had on the list, but the bummer is, I'm sure that I will not be able to recall all that were on the list.
Have you ever heard of this happening?
What a pain is the ass, and lots of people will probably think I unfollowed them on purpose.
I'm hoping that it may restore to original list in the next few hours, but I doubt it.

Any suggestions?

I wish I had a suggestion. I know of a couple things that happened recently to add to my own dilemma. I've had responses that I wrote and sent only to disappear, I've heard the same from others. Just this morning I was told about putting up an article last night and not just his cover image is gone but the whole article is gone and he doesn't have his rough draft anymore. So something weird's going on. Could always be worse I guess.

Man I'm only gonna be one of many, sorry to say this but I did see you unfollow me this morning. I then saw you follow me back so assumed it was a glitch. The fact you unfollowed everyone, I'm sure they'll understand by looking at your following it isn't your fault.

Surprisingly enough, I've unfollowed people intentionally because of all their reblogs or their content and a lot of'em get pissed! I've been muted and everything else because I stopped following someone. Weird.. I don't follow NFL either but it doesn't mean I don't wanna watch a good game.

I wish I had a better suggestion for you but @splatts @jlsplatts @splatz @urtrailer (whoever he is this week) knows a dude named Gabe. If anyone can help you it it's him. @splatts, where you at?

Hope this helps @thebigsweed

Thanks for getting back to me!
I guess some glitches are part of the game. I've already had some people that I follow, wonder what was going on.
I'm just wondering if you know how to put up a post where there is a strike mark through the money.
I believe that makes it so that that post is not able to be upvoted.

If I were able to do that, I could address this problem in one fell swoop with a quick post.

What do you think about that idea?

Thanks for hearing me out!

I know it's easy!! I just looked around both my ecency app and peakd and couldn't find it. But I've seen it a bunch of times, it's called a 'burn button' if I'm not mistaken but I'm guilty of never trying it I guess. Sorry I can't be more help.

In my opinion, I think an article that addresses issues on the blockchain deserves to be rewarded. Just sayin.

Good morning Sweed!

Bummer about the cover page. But man you are really acquiring some awesome skills with picture layout and formatting. I love it. What's pura been up to? I hope she is still feeling well. Tell her farm- mom said hello.
Always enjoy your work, I know you really put a lot of effort into your posts and it shows.
Have a wonderful day my friend. Keep warm and don't be jealous of us for being in this awesome warm climate, going to the beaches, fishing, eating like kings and just having that feeling of over all euphoria . Grim reality is sooner or later we gotta go back, and it's still cold and snowy in Upstate.
I will probably be in shock for a few days.😁😎🙄😲😉

It's so disappointing @farm-mom. I think I've used that word in every response now so I'm probably full-blown female dog at this point but it is what it is. Ima bounce back rreeeeaaaallll ssoooooonnnnnn and get to burying this mishap. Please check back shortly as I proceed to get this error behind me.

Thanks for tuning in regardless, means a lot! 💖

Pura's been loading up on health insurance hours, it's that shit you have to do in only one country on planet earth—USA. Poor girl never had to work when we were abroad and wtf happens in our own country?? You'll die if you get sick here and you're not breaking your back at least 32 hours/week for a minimum 5 months before it kicks in.

I'm still in female dog mode ain't I?

She said "hi farm-mom, thanks for putting up with my husband!" She's got her insurance now, though, so she's still seeking professional assistance. Thank you for your concern.

....and don't be jealous of us..

Too late!

Healthcare in this country is really f'd up. Makes me sick when I read about how so many other countries in this world have better access to care, than the very wealthy USA.
Really, I could go on and on and on. It's corporate greed plain and simple with the politicians in their pockets.
It truly is a dilemma so many Americans find themselves in. Sucks

We, as in the four of us have so much in common.

The main problem with health care here, in my mere 45 year old facade of wisdom gathering is: There isn't any.

We are so grateful that the teachers pension has us covered for life. We have some really great medical coverage.
Teachers should have great benefits, since they are not paid nearly enough for the job they do.
I love teachers, especially the one called "the big weed" 😄

@farm-mom, when I was forced to make a choice and retire early, I wasn't given the opportunity to bank Pura's medical. She was covered when we I was working, now that I'm retired and she isn't. Thanks, Uncle Sam! I only gave you 22 years, thanks.

I absolutly LOOVE your pictures, such amazing envirement and just my kind of place 😍
I am truly impressed.. cause honestly 🙈 I haven't yet learned how to do this with my pictures, I only upload them as they are but wish I knew how to put them together and side by side 😉
I would love to know how you do it.
Sometimes when People have said how to do some things I just get like 😳 WHAAAAT?
To complicated and I want it simple 😁 lol
To bad the cover image messed with you, and this is a great reminder that I still need to learn more about skills in posting and markdown etc 🤪 LOL
Loved your post Alot, Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful week.
Cheers 🌹

I'm gonna hold your hand and it has nothing to do with how nice of a comment this was, I'm just cool like that. If that sentence doesn't describe how nice it was to read your response... I don't know what to tell you! Thanks for the reblog, yes! I remembered to thank you.

I know a German Shepherd when I see one. 😉 I'm gonna make this even easier on you than angryman made it in me—framed picture:


I'm glad you liked this one, thank you! That cover image dilemma... If you only knew.

Awww... You just made my week with that comment 🙏🤗 so made me smile.
If you hold my hand I know Im in good company. I should be the one who say Thank you 😊 this is such a big help and I Will try it out and promise to let you know how it goes when I do 😉👍
Thank you for that picture 🙏 appriciate it alot.
Have a wonderful day and may your cover image NEVER mess with you again 😁 Lol
Cheers 🤗🌹

Don’t laugh but I just tried a little and do get the idea but guess I need to try more as the text and pictures not really where I want it 😁 lol
But see what I did? 😊👍
A good first try without posting.


Oh for sure!! If you go back to my article now, you'll much more understand me when I was fumbling for words about rocks. I had to fill up that space, like 5 lines if I'm not mistaken. It was either 5 or six lines of text otherwise it did what you're seeing.

Did you get that one @saffisara? ⬆️

I need to write more about each picture to fill the space, and write like 5 lines? Mabye I just try to do a....

This sunset was
So beautiful and
Got me all excited
And smiling 😁
Just like @dandays did 😁❤️

Did I get it right?

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@livinguktaiwan, thanks THIS MUCH for not holding that cover image error against me. See you on the next one!

Good Stuff Man.! Brutal on my OCD/ADD.! LoL

But the Disc Golf and my appreciation of trees and rocks kept me going.

I can sling a Frisbee ooops, I meant...


I hauled over 40,000 pounds of field stone. From baseball size to a few +500lb boulders from PA. Where my father harvested. (picked and piled them) brought them to N. FLA. To our property. Those rocks litter our property.

Here is the tree that put me nearly $300k in debt for the rest of my life on my 12 acre ranch...

400 yr old Swiss Family Robinson KrazzyTrukker Tree...

1Proud Of Tree.jpg

And a few years later...

Back to back hurricanes and record rainfall did the monster of a southern Live Oak tree in.

Taken Away...

King Shit o Turd Tree.JPG

Took a few years and a few worn out chainsaws to clean that up...

So what I am sayin', is if I can find time, I read, look at pics, and enjoy posts like yours. Now I gotta figure out that photo on the right text on the left shizz...

These are my kinda comments. I get all deep in'em too. Too bad to see that big oak go down, man that thing was huge.

300k in debt.. I probably followed your OCD/ADD to a dead end or I completely missed the turn. The tree was the deciding factor on a property purchase?

They call'em discs. Frisbees are so much easier on the fingers. Not much difference but it's probably like telling a golfer 'pass me a stick.' If they weren't so stuck on disc, they probably would've realized frisc is a cooler.

Only took three years to figure that picture, text thing out. Three's nothing I guess if you're sentenced to 25 years and they let you out in three. Or buy one anything 50% off and get three free, then three's a lot and you don't have to be a realtor to know it's a lot.

I have an idea, it's rare, but it's here. If you're gonna enjoy reading them, I'm gonna continue producing them and that's my final offer.

Yes, great 007, Get Smart, Perry Mason, work. What is Property? is the correct question Alex (RIP)

I usually read a little more when not on the road. After 10+ hours of avoid the noid, real life dodge ball with 3500 pound 4 wheel metal balls being recklessly thrown in my dirextion. I usually just turn on the TV. And escape to a fantasy, this reality shit gets tooo heavy. And my tired eyes, fried brains "ain't got no time fo dat readin shizz..."

for you

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I'll be back with another one shortly @eii. Sorry about the cover image error.

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I don't know why my cover image isn't showing up? Just pretend you can see it in your feed I guess.

Shy cover image mate...It needs some better social skills.

Wtf could've happened?! It's almost funny my title is about hashtags but it's not funny at all the damn cover looks like a piece of one. Shit!

I won't mind if you bump my explanation to a little bit. I considered it but couldn't bring myself to vote for myself. Responding is one thing.. voting, nah.


I'm not sure...Maybe try an edit and see if that helps?

I did dude. About 10 f-word times! FUCK. Not like a lot of effort is new but I put so much time into this thing and for the cover image to fuck me up like this.. Try not to lose sleep over it I guess. Thanks, Galen.

Frustrating. Maybe try a karate chop to the computer or phone...If nothing else breaking that shit may make you feel better...Until you realise you just broke that shit and need a new one.

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