How much Hive have high rep Hivers earned?

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Hi there my Hivean friends and followers!

Some 2 weeks ago, just before Christmas, I hit the long awaited milestone as my reputation turned 77. It was a really long time coming (took me almost a year to get there from 76) and I was very happy about it but instead of writing another celebrative, thank-you "milestone post", I decided to come up with something I believe can be more useful. This post will be about the relation between the reputation and the rewards here on Hive.


As you know, your reputation grows with the upvotes you get on your posts and comments but it´s actually not that simple. The algorithm is a way more complex and, as most of you probably have already found out, kind of uncompromising too :) That´s because the growth of the reputation here on Hive is not linear but logarithmic (which is the opposite of exponential). In other words, the higher your reputation is, the more difficult it is for it to keep growing. Starting at the default rep of 25, newbies grow super fast in the early days and weeks here. It can actually take just one decent post with a lot of upvotes to jump from the rep of 25 to 50 or even more. Then, however, it will be increasingly difficult. Take me as an example. I have been here on the chain for some 4 years and as far as I remember, it took me the first 3 years to reach the 76 rep and then, almost another whole year to increase that number by just one to 77. And we are talking about daily engagement on the chain with at least 5 posts every week. To be even more specific, right now, with the current prices, my average post usually makes something between 30 and 40 dollars but my reputation usually increases just by 0.001 with every post. More successful posts with bigger upvotes may increase my reputation by 0.002 or 0.003 so depending on how popular and rewarded my future posts are, it will probably take me something between 1 and 1,5 year to push my rep from 77 to 78. And then, theoretically, several more years to turn 80...

So as you can see, there is a lot of upvotes behind those high reps but how much Hive has this actually brought to the authors? Let´s take a look. I know there are some tools that keep a record of these stats like for example HiveStats or HiveTasks but when I checked mine over there, the numbers seemed a bit off so I checked the stats of some other Hivers who have the same reputation as me and their numbers were very different so I decided to do the math (very rough though) based on my own records and observations. Now before I get to the actual numbers though, I must point out that the balance of each Hiver and their total author rewards might be very different for a variety of reasons such as: you can buy Hive from an exchange, you can sell Hive to an exchange, you can trade your rewards on Hive-Engine, there have been many airdrops, there used to be the infamous bid bots that upvoted your posts after you sent them some tokens, there was the fork out from Steem with the consequent 1:1 airdrop, some Hivers also use their author rewards as prizes in contests and giveaways, as donations etc. etc. All these things and many others can distort the ratio between the total authors rewards, the balance and the reputation of the author so please keep that in mind.

Now, let´s finally get to some actual numbers. Based on my own records, I think my total author rewards (combined both liquid and in the form of HP) when I reached the 77 rep were (very) approximately 50,000 Hive. This should be what I have got as the rewards for my posts and comments since I registered here on this chain in November 2017. My curation rewards are not included in this, I am only talking about the author rewards as this is what correlates with the reputation. So my estimate is that all 77 rep Hivers like me must have earned a total of at least 50k Hive here. My guess would be that 70 rep Hivers have earned at least 20k Hive and considering how the rep algorithm works, I am pretty sure those living legends of Hive with 80+ rep must have earned hundreds of thousands of Hive already.

Again, as I said, these are just my own estimates based on my own records and some simple math so please better take them with a pinch of salt. Hopefully, however, it can still be useful for some. I think that especially our newbies might not have the idea how much worth of upvotes and rewards is actually behind the higher reps they get to see around. In other words, if you come across a Hiver with a reputation of, for example, 75 and his balance shows just a few hundreds of Hive, you can be sure that this person has withdrawn and cashed out dozens of thousands of Hive. Or, the other way round, a Hiver with just a 50 rep but 100k HP must have bought a lot...

Thanks for reading this post and please feel free to correct or particularize any errors, miscalculations or inaccuracies that I might have made here.

This post was created by me for the Hive blockchain exclusively. All rights reserved.


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Just joined on Hive early this month and @ablaze kindly explained me some details about how reputation works 🙏 After reading your post I really got the whole picture 😅 It really is impressive how much work it means to have a reputation like that!

Cool, I am glad you found this post informative :) Btw you are the example when just one good post (excellent in your case) can move the rep from the starting 25 to high 50s. Great job :) And welcome to Hive!

Yeah! I got really surprised when I woke up the next morning and my rep was on 57 😆

I now realise it's gonna be way harder to climb but I have no rush or expectations 😊 It will happend in due time

That´s the right approach :) No stress, no hurry. Just try to enjoy this place and community and everything else will happen in due time ;)

Interesting! This was quite enlightening. I'm honestly pumped to see how my progress will be. A big congratulations on your achievement!

Thanks for your feedback man, I am glad to see you have learned something from this post :) Good luck and Hive on!

Hi @phortun

Congrats on turning over your rep number! The explanations of how these things work always interest me, I'm always learning new things about the inner workings of Hive, it's quite a complex beast and I appreciate how much work goes into these accounts. I think it's lost on a lot of people.

I admire Hivers who are dedicated to posting almost every day as it takes a lot of discipline and it also can't be easy finding good content each day so a fair amount of imagination and out of the box thinking would be required too.

Also Happy New Year to you, I hope you have a wonderful start to 2022.


Hey there, thank you very much for this kind feedback, I am really glad to see that people are finding it useful :) Hive is a very complex beast indeed and just like in real life, you can always learn something new here if you want, like every day :)

Wishing you all the best on your own Hivean journey & Happy New Year!

That's handy to know, I just passed 68 Rep myself, so 70 Rep is a long way off and l'll need to have double digit HP for that to happen, as I've never cashed out anything yet..

It would be cool to see the code for the reputation calculations, to see what the mathematical formula looks like.

Thanks for your feedback, it was a pleasure to come up with this post. Yeah, the "magic formula" for the rep math must be very interesting :) Good luck reaching 70! Hopefully you will be there sooner than you think :)

Thanks a lot - appreciate that..

I have noticed the logarithmic decrease in gains towards reputation and I think I heard the reputation system is more complicated than just that though. It was just me browsing through some drama but I think your reputation versus the other person is factored in when people downvote your stuff.

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Yeah, the system probably is even more complicated than that. That´s why these are just are rough estimates. But I don´t think that downvotes make big differences as they actually do both, they decrease your reputation as well as the rewards. So the ration between rep and total rewards should be the same for everyone. But according to those stats recording tools, it´s not... Strange.

I think your rep only drops if the person downvoting is higher in reputation than you. It's complicated so the measure isn't exactly always accurate.

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jo je jak ve hrách dojít s postavičkou na lvl 99 se mi nikdy v DiabloII nepovedlo :D

u mě je to těžký já investoval do steemu a ten šoupal do hlasovacích robotů jeden rok když to bylo výnosný :D
ale počítáš správně já na lvl 71 mám podle mě tak 20k vypsaných i stěma botama i když hivestats ukazují jen 10k za celou dobu... ale možná je to tím že nepočítají steemití blockchain

a pak je tu cena poměr hive:HBD fak těžký kalkulace, ale podle mě na to někde bude njaká křivka na nějakých stránkách třeba na hive wiki nebo steem wiki...

No těch faktorů je v tomhle fakt hodně, takže dobrat se nějakých konkrétních správných čísel je asi v podstatě nemožné :) Pokud někdo používal bid boty opravdu hodně, tak bude mít vysokou reputaci a "na papíře" i dost velké total rewards, i když ve skutečnosti jich měl o dost méně, protože je protáčel v těch botech, což už ale nikde zaevidováno není :)

My current reputation is 67.4. I am very slowly getting close to 70. Congratulations for reaching the 77 reputation.


Thank you :) I know how much work is behind 67 rep, good job. I hope you will make it to 70 next year. Good luck!

Congratulations! You have surpassed my dreams! I just turned 75 two weeks ago and it moves like a snail.

Your numbers seem accurate judging from comparing them with mine.

Woo-hoo! That is awesome!

Wow, congrats on turning 75 then! I remember celebrating mine, I was so excited :) I noticed your posts have been getting a lot of (much deserved!) support lately so I am sure you will join me in the 77 club very soon ;)

Thanks for stopping by and for that generous TipU vote! Much appreciated :) Happy New Year!

Oh, it took me forever to go 74 to 75 - unbelievably long. Also, I am grateful for all the support I have been getting! I don't know about deserved as so many post well, but, I am very grateful.

Thanks! Happy New Year to you!

Congrats on reaching rep 77!! It's well deserved as you work so hard not just on creating content, but more importantly on on engagement and supporting other users, and tbh I think the impact on that is much more important than a number.

Aww, thank you :) Well, I think I spend the same amount of time on Hive as before but I don´t post every day anymore, usually just 5 times per week now so I guess I must be engaging more in commenting and curating. But that´s ok, I enjoy this too and it´s probably more useful for others.

Thanks for stopping by. It´s an honor for me to be on the same rep level like you :)

It's a long way to the top if you wanna rock'n'roll. Congrats man! Rep takes for eeeeever that I don't even know how long it took me to get out of that sexy 69 (as if I wanted to get out of that position anyways \o). 50k Hive is a fuck ton. I don't think I got close to 10k. I remember having 4k Steem when I had to cash out hard. I guess those long long pauses without posting hurt my balance. At least upvotes are super encouraging now.

Damn are you sure about that? I mean not even being close to 10k in total author rewards... That would mean my estimates for 70 rep Hivers were wrong :D :/ HiveStats show some 6.3k in author HP for you so combined with the liquid rewards, it´s some 12.6k in total but I thought it should be still more... Maybe the system is just a way more complex and we are all wrong with our theories :D

Shit, you could be right then. I guess I don't fit with the other 70 rep because I took several months off-chain, while the others continued. One thing to take into account is the amount of votes vs. vote weight. Back in bid bot days some people were making 500-600 votes with little to no weight, so their rep went straight up without gaining much HP.

I know what you mean but it´s actually the vote weight (value) and not numbers of votes what moves your rep. One full upvote from someone with 10,000 HP will increase your rep more than 1,000 votes from empty accounts. The breaks shouldn´t effect the ratio either. If you don´t post, your rep stagnates but so do your rewards. I don´t know man, it´s probably way more complicated than we think :D

Anyway, Happy New Year my friend!

This means we know nothing hahahahahahah
to be honest I don't know indeed
'till this day I can't explain the technical aspects of Bitcoin to friends. If they ask about the fundamentals I'm good to go, but when it comes to 'how does it work', poooop

Congratulation @phortun, I can imagine that it takes consistency to level up that reputation and I believe that real engagement in this platform is truly helpful.

Cheers! keep moving onwards and upwards :)

Thank you very much :) Yeah, consictency is definitely one of the keys to making it big here. But it´s actually not that hard if you love this place and the community. It´s more like fun than work then, although for me it´s actually work too :)

Congratulations for your new 77 reputation dear you deserve more I appreciate your effort great work best continuation

Thank you :) I can see you are a newbie here so let me welcome you here in our community and wish you good luck with your new blog :)

It's pleasure great friend hope you enjoy my work and my new logo 😊 happy moments

Congrats on the achievement and yes I am a little bit behind you.
You have summed it up very well here and it is great post.

Have a celebratory !BEER

Thank you very much! :) Well, at your current 76.901, you will join the 77 club in no time ;) Keep on rocking!

Like I said, a little behind you and you have done very well my friend.
And of course you and I will keep on rocking !LOLZ

What did the hotdog say to the bun?
Listen buddy, i'm going to be frank with you.

@phortun, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @papilloncharity
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Just when I thought to write a little about this Hive reputation thing yesterday night. Now you have wrote about it :)

Anyway congrats :)

Cool, I hope you will still write that post, I will stop by to check it out ;) And thanks!

You welcome my friend :)

Wow this is really interesting so definitely to reach the reputation of 70 upward you must have earn from 20k upward which is a whole lot of work to do. My rep is at 60 with 400HP lol there's really a lot of work to do.

Yes, it´s actually quite a long journey from rep 60 to 70 but I am sure you will get there ;) Just be persistent and dedicated, no matter what the price is :) Good luck!

Congratulations,you deserve it cos you have actually work hard for it.good to have you here

Thank you :) Yeah, it´s been a pretty long journey but so far, I have been enjoying it a lot!

Yeah exactly,hive is a place to trive and grow so am glad you are enjoying it.

What you say is true, if at least since I'm around 55 reputation I already feel it's slowly going up, I don't doubt how hard it would be to get to 77! Congrats on that, the people who have surpassed 80 must have been super dedicated, because each level the path is almost twice as long as before!

Absolutely. Those "80+ers" have my utmost respect, there is an incredible amount of dedication and effort behind their rep numbers. Thanks for stopping by and good luck making your way up the rank! :)

This is remarkable achievement to hit 77 reputation and I can understand the amount of effort you have put to reach this level. I am sure you will continue to do so and achieve 78 reputation as well. This was very inspiring for me.

Thanks for your kind words and good luck on your own Hivean journey! :)

Thank you. I have just started and looking to find my feet on solid ground.

I would love you to be right... but finally reached 70 rep this year. Never powered down, only a few hundreds hive left for hive-engine, splinterlands and exchanges; and just reached 6500 HP. Who knows, maybe the 70's rep will bring me tons of HP in the next months! ;) !LUV

I see, you are right... Your HiveStats profile shows 5.7k in author HP so combined with the liquid rewards, it´s just a bit over 11k... Similar numbers like @mrprofessor above. So it seems that 70 rep authors have only made a total of about 10k Hive and not 20k, which was my original estimate... Thanks for this valuable feedback man, much appreciated :)

My pleasure to contribute; would love to tell you were right thow! :))) Guess I'll have to keep working on that! !LUV

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