[WE104] Weekend-Engagement concept (TWO YEARS OLD)

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If I am walking with two other men, each of them will serve as my teacher. I will pick out the good points of the one and imitate them, and the bad points of the other and correct them in myself.

- Confucius -

Small square (2).png

This week is the one hundred and forth week of the #weekend-engagement concept - that's two years straight of #weekend-engagement topics - every Friday hosted in THE WEEKEND community. I've thought about stopping the concept on more than one occasion but it seems to get a few people interested so I've kept on going.

This week the topics all revolve around the number two to mark the two year anniversary of the concept.

If you're looking for something to write about over the weekend take a look below for the options and if you feel like doing a post use my community, THE WEEKEND. Follow the rules below.

Follow these points to be eligible for prizes

  • Use #weekend-engagement as the first tag of your post
  • Post in THE WEEKEND community (do not cross-post)
  • Follow community rules
  • ENGLISH only (not bilingual)
  • Closes 08:30 UTC Monday 6th June (google it for your location)
  • Don't plagiarise and link-credit photos

New WE BEN.png

Select something from below to write about

Two companions

You're going on a road trip across America or Canada for two months in an RV and can take any two people on the planet with you; who are they and why? Tell us about some of the places you want to see and why.

Two songs or pieces of music

Name two songs or pieces of music that have meant a great deal to you, defined moments in your life, made you feel great happiness or great sorrow when you hear them or take you back to a special moment. Explain why in each case. You can link the YouTube videos if you like.

Two animals

Name two animals, alive or extinct, (other than dogs and domestic cats) that you would like to have as pets and why. They can be anything, you don't need to be sensible or serious about it, the funnier and more outrageous the better.

Two body parts

Name two parts of the body you find attractive and explain why. This can be your own body or someone else's, and you're allowed to be specific and explicit should you need to be. Speak plainly, no one will judge you. :)

Pre post checklist.png

Curation may happen on quality original content so proof read, use in-focus and interesting pictures and take pride in your post. Your posts are a representation and showcase of you - Give people a reason to visit your feed.

orig we.png

Design and create your ideal life, don't live it by default - Tomorrow isn't promised so be humble and kind

If you'd like to sponsor a week of #weekend-engagement please feel free to transfer your sponsorship to my Hive wallet with the memo: weekend-engagement sponsorship and let me know you have done so.

Any images in this post are my own and are not for your use


Congratulations! I remember when you started it, it was really a lot of fun that you could drop in on. I really loved the concept, a true weekend party! It was different from anything else out there. It was like your own private discord! :)

I hope you are having fun in Brisbane!

It is

Yeah, those comment threads were awesome right? I enjoyed it. It's been copied now, the same sort of thing which is one of the reasons I changed it up. I like the concept I have now though also, it get's some good posts onto the blockchain.

I didn't flay last week, someone up there got covid.


I'm flying tomorrow (Sunday) for a week though.

I hope you have a good weekend Swigles! 😘

You know what? I remember that now that you say that and I forgot. I even commented on the post!


I'm losing it, Galen.

Have a nice flight and have a wonderful time. You deserve a wonderful time right about now.

I'm losing it, Galen.

We all are Swigs. Little by little. 😜

Thank you, I look forward to some time in a different place and whilst I'll have to work during the day I'll get the nights to myself and that'll be nice.

Alone time. What's that like?

Haha, well based on that comment I'd suggest that you need to find some, urgently, and find out.

Hahahaha - I like that last option or suggestion of yours - LOL - it's not going to be my choice but = hey - I'm happy if I'm going to write a post for WE. A couple of your prompts tickled me :)
Hope you're doing well in your new job!!

I'll be honest, because this comment is just between you and I...I am hoping for something very inappropriate from that last option. We'll see huh? 😜

I'm going well in the role, first week down. I fly to Brisbane tomorrow (Sunday) for a week to spend some time at head office to show them their faith in me as the successful candidate for this role was not unfounded. I'll get my new laptop and phone (have been using existing versions this week) and generally sprinkle a little G-dog awesomeness around the place. I'll be busy, but I'll have time to Hive still, mostly. Once back I'll apply the same things I've applied to every role I've done and see what I can make happen. They seem happy so far.

I'll look out for your post if you manage to do one. Have a good weekend.

two years man, two bloody years!

That's gotta be like a century in blockchain time, right?

Where the heck did that time go? I remember climbing on board for the first time in week 2. I am trying my damnedest (is that a word???) to take part as regularly as I possibly can as I haven't caught the #weekend-engagement nearly as much as I would have hoped over those 2 years. The initiative is uniting, inclusive and most importantly fun.

Most of my on-chain highlights and friendships have happened thanks to and within the community. Your on going effort and commitment is massively appreciated by so many people from the Hive community Sir.

Whatever the future holds for the weekend-engagement initiative, THE WEEKEND community will always be a home to many who hold it in high esteem.

Thanks for your long running commitment to building community within the wider community my friend, I sincerely believe it has been responsible for many sticking around when they may not have ordinarily done so. All of this continuing effort rolled on undaunted despite tumultuous life, work and even global events.

I hope your new work position is hugely fulfilling Galen and that you and Faith have a stunning new week ahead and many more beyond. 😎

I remember when you first stopped by the #weekend-engagement, you were funny, friendly and furry. Ok, I added the furry in only because it started with F. You weren't furry at all.

Week Two...102 weeks ago, it seems so long ago. I sometimes think about the topics, the thousands of comments and posts put on the blockchain through the initiative and have wondered how many have built relationships and found inspiration from it. I hope some.

It's been good to have you around and whilst you're not as consistent as you'd like you drop by when you can, that's all I could ask.

All good here mate, I'm in Brisbane at the companies' head office meeting people, learning some of their systems and stuff. I'll be here for a week or so. Otherwise, all good happy and as healthy as a man of 137 years can be. 😊

I hope you're well, don't be a stranger; strange, sure, but not a stranger.

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These week topics all screaming fun
I'm always looking forward to the weekend topics because of this.

Let me go through and pick one

No worries, pick away.

Totally ruled out dogs and cats. So maybe a bird, I like birds. Can't think of any other animal

Dogs, cats and birds are the only three animals you can think of?

For pets? Yes. A bunny too. Those are the domestic pets I see around me. Every other animal seems wild.

Ah ok, I think you might have missed the tone of that prompt. I was giving people permission to get outrageous and say things like T-Rex, crocodiles and whatever they wanted. Maybe this particular prompt isn't for you.

Crocodiles as pets? 🤣🤣🤣

Why not? I knew a guy who had one, a mate. He used to be on Hive.

Wow! I see it as a very dangerous animal to keep as a pet except if it has been trained so well by the owner but I would still get scared having one 😁

Wow lovely engagement. I won't miss it this weekend again ooooo.

I have seen the one I will write on already. Let me go and prepare

Preparation is the key to all good things.

Happy Birthday to the original Weekend Engagement Concept!


Two freaking years! 🎆🥂🎇 Cheers to that milestone!

I reckon this weekend will bring in some fun and get people's imaginations going.

Fucken two years old...I want cake!


Cake! I made this Black Forest cake last night for a birthday! Who knew it was yours!

Lol...Now I feel bad swearing in my comment above yours...Makes me feel like a naughty little boy but...

Legit looking fucken birthday cake! (Oops, I did it a again). Seriously though, I'm dropping by your house for tea and cake when I'm in the States. You do the cooking, I'll do the eating.

Two years of #weekend-engagement topics huh? Who would have thought. Thanks for the comment. I'll day dream about the cake.

:) You are incorrigible. With a deal like that, who could resist? The cake was actually pretty good and the whipped cream is still standing up 100%.

< You are incorrigible.

Yes, but I own it.

The cake was actually pretty good and the whipped cream is still standing up 100%.

You're just teasing me now.

Yes. But I'll own that one.


Cake for the win! This is a perfectly good reason to have some. Congrats Galen!

Happy Birthday, I want cake tooo

Very good morning Galen , on the way to this delivery , turn out very funny especially that of the two parts of the body , starting to create for this great commitment so awaited by me every weekend.

Excellent time to celebrate these two great years of this community, the cake I sent it to you with what I am writing about the commitment (laughs), life and greetings for everyone.🔆

Hugs from this land in the caribbean @galenkp


Cake and explosions! Nice!

We need to make one giant cake for this anniversary. It's absolutely phenomenal. This is a testament to how impressive and amazing you have been to us all sir. Congratulations to you and to us. I'm grabbing that bottle of champagne...bills on Hive 😂🤣.

Thanks mate, I appreciate it.


Happy anniversary!
It's my first time to be here in this community, thanks to someone pointing me here.
The topics seem interesting.
Let's see if my weekend will involved these.

@pinkhub @jonalyn2020 @mervinthepogi maybe you can also join this community 😁

Let's see if my weekend will involved these.

Yes, let's see.

Thanks for tagging me @wittyzell

It looks like a great community. The topics seems interesting as well hopefully something will happen this weekend that will involve these 😅

we are having a plan for these weekend, so maybe I can find something that will be included to my topic :D

Topics every week that is always awaited. Thanks @galenkp :)

You're welcome.

Two songs or pieces of music
Name two songs or pieces of music that have meant a great deal to you, defined moments in your life, made you feel great happiness or great sorrow when you hear them or take you back to a special moment. Explain why in each case. You can link the YouTube videos if you like.

Aha, it is seen that this time you threw a good hook with an excellent bait to tempt me to elucubrate something didactic & entertaining to share in THE WEEKEND community to celebrate its second anniversary eh? Uhm, but unfortunately I think I already shared something entertaining enough about this specific topic in your community about five months ago for the Week 84. And in fact, I wouldn't want to look so redundant and tiresome in this matter. Hahahaha

However, I will do my best in these next three days, so that this second anniversary of your prestigious community don't gonna miss of some unexpected contribution and curious amusing story of this old Cranky Gandalf. ¿Two animals you say? ...Uhm, well, it doesn't seem like a very difficult topic for me to choose and try to doodle something of interest. Especially if they can be anything, I don't need to be sensible or serious about it and the funnier and more outrageous the better.

Two animals
Name two animals, alive or extinct, (other than dogs and domestic cats) that you would like to have as pets and why. They can be anything, you don't need to be sensible or serious about it, the funnier and more outrageous the better.

So, let's see if in just three days I can really develop something worthwhile!

Time will tell huh?

Would you say time is on my side?

Time moves at the same rate for all of us so it's more about what we do with it I guess, how we make it count.

...That's seriously true!!


These are interesting options for this week. What is the meaning of RV from the first option? 😑😑

Recreational vehicle. (Google it)

I had 2 very important pets in my house already passed away 2 beautiful rabbits each with a story can be this type of pet? @galenkp

Name two animals, alive or extinct, (other than dogs and domestic cats) that you would like to have as pets and why. They can be anything, you don't need to be sensible or serious about it, the funnier and more outrageous the better.

Clear message, thanks a lot.

 2 months ago (edited) 

Just make it up, have fun with it. Make up an animal if you have to. It's not a topic intended to be taken too seriously.

Happy 2nd Anniversary ! Your consistency is awesome


Wauoo awesome that this engagement has reached two years, you are already married to hive dear @galenkp and I hope this marriage will be for life, congratulations on your cotton wool wedding, soft as clouds.

To celebrate it here I leave my participation early, thank you very much I send you a hug.🤗



Yay, Happy two year anniversary! I was trying to figure out when I stumbled on this place, must be a bit less then a year ago already as well. Still my favorite community on hive!

Hmm, I'm not sure but yeah, probably a year ago or so. Over the time so many have come and gone, some of the most avid participants just disappear and that's ok, I don't mind. I don't do this for me, it's for others, and if they want to come and go that's fine. It's been a long while now, a lot of topics. Still enjoyable.


Many congratulations for these two uninterrupted years of wonderful engagements.
I think I will develop two themes, I will try not to make the publication so long. 😅

Lol...That gif always makes me laugh for some reason.

Combining two writing prompts is fine. ✅

Very interesting sets. I fancy a dragon for a pet. My imagination has ran wild.😂

A perfect potential answer to the writing prompt, I want one too!

Haha, let's see if we can come up with a "good enough" entry :)

Happy anniversary............. Together we grow

Indeed, thank you.

🙌 😊 👀

This weekend's proposals are excellent, I like them all, it will be difficult to decide on just one, by the way @galenkp have a good trip

I hope you manage to select one and join in.

Thanks for remembering I'm flying tomorrow, I surprised you did actually. I'll be around all week when I'm away for business still, but yep, I hope it's a great trip and I get some things done for work.

Just sent a little support to help sponsor this weekend’s concept ;)

Thanks for all your work with this space of engagement ~

Oh thanks so much, it's really appreciated, and will also be by those who get it distributed to them. Thanks for your kindness and generosity.

Absolutely! It's a pleasure ;)

oooh! now I understood the no. 2. It is for two years celebration HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the weekend-engagement concept.💐💐

Yep. 😊

Happy anniversary 🥳🥳 and Congratulations @galenkp for this two years of amazing leadership 😇

This weeks topic is mind blowing as always. I always wonder how you come up with these amazing, creative and fun filled topics every week..

Well this week we try again..

I just think, and the topics come to me.

Congratulations to two years Anniversary

Thank you.

Happy Anniversary!!!

Gif GER MAN.gif


Happy two year anniversary 🥳
I just realized a thing in common with the three topics, 2!
Very brilliant.

Meanwhile everyone keep talking about their animals for pets while I’m over here thinking of a body part I find attractive, my own natural stress balls ;)

Do the body parts one for sure. 😉

Talking about pairs, to celebrate the two years! By the way happy birthday number two!!!!

I like the idea of the trip, but I also like the idea of the two body parts .... I will think and it will be all a mystery, even for me what my post will be about.

There's only been one body parts entry so far...air would be good to see more, but it's your choice.

Happy 2nd Birthday !

I know you like sprinkles, because you're 2 for goodness sakes


I love me some sprinkles!

Congratulations, two years of efforts and empathy with the community, excellent initiative, in a community with very creative, cheerful and empathetic people. Many more years to come. A big hello to @galenkp, @tengolotodo and @andrastia.

Thanks, I've worked hard at consistency with my community so I appreciate your comment.

I don't think I have ever written for the #weekend-engagement....so reading this it triggered an idea. I am not sure if I am upto it, but I might give it a try


Galen, when we are a bit older, in my case, when kids are out of home, and off to college, this is a road trip I like to do.

Road trips like this are amazing experiences and, for me, preferable to flying in to different places as there's a lot to see on the way. If you get to write about it I'd be pleased to have it entered for the #weekend-engagement. As a potential, first time participant, just follow the guidelines in this post and you're gtg.

Yes, the rules seems fairly straight forward. Only potential problem is time. Wife is travelling on business to Abu Dhabi on Sunday for 2 weeks, and I will have to take care of the kids. Lots of logistics this weekend!

Haha, well considering that I think you'll have your hands full.

I'm travelling for work tomorrow for a week myself, to Brisbane, and I'll be flat out over the next week. I'll try and keep consistent here on Hive but I'll have to prioritise work. Let's see how it goes.

Aw man, these prompts seem wayyyy 2 fun!

I love Mozart a lot though, so I might go with No.2

Way 2 go Galen! 2 years of the #weekend-engagement. That's a huge milestone, glad I could be a part of it.

Heck, since I'm going for 2, I might as well just get the last one over with: I find boobs and boobs the eyes most attractive.

Wait, did I forget to mention boobs?

Lol, boobs should feature prominently in people's posts but I think they won't. We'll just have to carry the boobs flame and mention boobs as much as we can so boobs get the credit boobs are due.

Certainly... It's as they often say: A booby a day, keeps the boner doctor away.

Boo booby boo booby boobs

Boobs certainly make for a good day right?

Happy two years anniversary 🥳🎉
The topics are very interesting but I think I will go with two companions



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Congratulations @galenkp . I love this community.
Here's my entry.



Congrats! I'm new to the community and new to crypto (just one year old) and so I saw this post and thought, wow, I have been soooo asleep. 😅Happy second year anniversary to you! Your prompts are awesome!

Welcome, and thank you for your comment -I try to make good prompts. I do it also so that people can come back if they don't have a posting idea and use one of mine at some later date. Most don't, but they're there for that reason.

I've been around for five years here, my sixth will start on June 13th and have done a few things. I guess helping people out is one of them.

This is great! I'm excited to have joined this group and I look forward to networking here.

Hello and congratulations celebrating the community's second anniversary!

Here is my entry: https://peakd.com/hive-168869/@pinkhub/we104-weekend-engagement-the-weekend-of-desires-two-body-parts

I wonder if it's okay? I tagged it as nsfw coz it shows partly nudity because I choose the two body parts topic.

Thanks, I appreciate it.

Happy anniversary to us all.
More wins each day

Thank you.

Let's see what I can do this week.

Yes let's.

I miss a few days, but I arrive just in time to celebrate with you these magical two years, waoo how time passes, this must be quite an experience for you, I congratulate you the truth, and surely you go for more.

I'll let my imagination fly here and I'll take two points, ok?


Thank you. Five years on the blockchain personally and two if them hosting the #weekend-engagement concept...It's been fun.

and may it be many more years, I leave you my contribution to the theme of this weekend's engagement, I hope you like it, greetings!


Congratulations on your 2 year anniversary!!!

Thank you.

I like the topics...looking forward to reading entries on the last topic 🤣.. Let's see who are confident here..

Ah yes, that last one. It could be interesting.

Here is my post: https://ecency.com/hive-168869/@plint/we-104-see-the-usa
I actually got super excited for a trip like this now!

I wouldn't mind being on a trip like this right now also.

Wow, congratulations @galenkp and the whole THE WEEKEND Community. Happy 2nd Anniversary! I'm glad I stumbled here today. And oh, have a great time in Brisbane!
Here's my entry :)

Thanks for entering and the well wishes. I'm in my hotel now, starting to think about work tomorrow, but I'm pushing that aside as I have better things to be doing right now. :)

Congrats on doing this for 2 years - a great effort. Hopefully you can keep it going for more years to come.

Great prompt - my entry is here



Some great choices this week :) ... Happy anniversary, The Weekend 🙌

Thanks mate.

Here is my entry

Happy Anniversary to this beautiful community and to us.



Happy belated anniversary, it's a pleasure to be in this community
My post entry

Thank you.

Sorry I'm a little late, but I had to get in on this :) ...