G-dog's weekend-engagement week eight: Who were you? [Win hive for your comment]

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I read that the significance of the number eight has something to do with balance in one's life, harmony and peacefulness...Could be bullshit though. I'm not sure...What I do know is that this week eight pertains to the number of weeks the #weekend-engagement has been running!

So far we have given away a total of 608 hive in prizes and over 2000 comments have been placed on the blockchain...Just on the topic announcement posts alone! That's a pretty good effort y'all, so thank you to those who have participated, and the sponsors too!

Welcome to week eight y'all!

Before we get to the topic I'd like to thank a few special people who made the prize pool happen this week. I am grateful to their support, so please ensure you thank them too.

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Yes, this is actually me sitting on the Iron Throne...Clearly at some stage I was the King of the Seven Kingdoms!

Week eight topic inspiration

I enjoyed the time-machine topic last week and there were some great answers; I like the humorous and fun ones the best. I thought I'd stick with an historical topic for this week also, albeit with a twist.

I've often felt I have had past lives...Stick with me here y'all.

I don't know I have, just kind of felt it, and certainly feel it would be really cool if I could determine exactly what they may have been, who I was and what I did. Could you imagine being able to recall past lives lived before one's present one? I think that would be way cool! (Many lifetimes of wisdom to carry forward!)

The topic

Who were you, or who would you like to have been, in a past life...And why?

As a guide you should follow this format:

  • Name the person or profession (Doesn't have to be a famous person)
  • Why you think you were them and what you did

Also, please remember that this is a chance to showcase yourself to the community at large so be creative and interesting.

This is an engagement initiative designed to promote commenting and engagement so drop a comment or two on some of the answers, engage with people! You never know where a few well-placed comments may lead as far as future-relationships go...That's the real benefit here, not the hive you'll win.

I think this question gives a lot of scope to get creative and to have some fun. You could keep it serious though or add in a fun element; It doesn't matter...Just be creative and make sure you engage!

Thanks again to the sponsor-champs! You are legen...dary!

OK, that's it...There's only two more things to say...Who the fuck were you and...


Design and create your ideal life, don't live it by default - Tomorrow isn't promised.

Be well
Discord: galenkp#9209

P.s. This week I reckon I'll throw in my own answer, just for fun. I won't win anything of course. 😁


Well my first ever past life recollection ((I have had many)) is a strange one to explain I must say.

In fact I am going to have quite a job explaining it to you in terms your linear thinking puny human brain could understand. This is the best way I can do so...

I was just hanging around in a vacuum, a void, I could contextualize it as a completely black place but at this point in time black hadn't been invented, discovered or used a s a way to describe my soul by my family, friends and colleagues yet. If boredom had been discovered, that is how I would explain my nothing-like existence. However as it was not a concept that existed, I could never articulate it in this way.

At this time period when I was first an entity, although I should point out that there was no time or space or even entities yet. I had never seen anything of note, come to think about it I had never seen anything... Ever. Even if I had, the notion of sight, eyes or things had obviously not become a thing yet.

So I wanted to share one specific memory of those times with you ((obviously there was no memories yet... You got that bit already, right?))

The thing I want to share is the very first thing of note that ever happened to me, although I should point out that it could possibly have been the last thing or indeed somewhere in the middle as the space-time continuum hadn't been established yet.

I was sitting existing or more specifically not existing, minding my own business when something happened along that was the most magnificent thing that had ever happened to me, a spec of dust ((as I later came to understand it))entered my environment I was stunned, in awe and enthralled at this cataclysmic challenge to my view of nothing...

I reached out to touch it, ((not in a way that you could ever understand))and amazingly it split in two. I felt that I had caused irreparable damage to it and so I decided to meld it back together somehow, I formulated a plan and forced both halves together at great speed.

The last thing I remember was a BIG BANG!!!

I used the colour black for dramatic emphasis, to provide a human sense of perspective. I actually obtained this past life regression photo from my past life therapist for the very reasonable fee of 12 Bitcoin.

Very good story of your life happens, although technically life did not exist. But it all started from there when you stretched out your boring arm and Bang.


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although technically my arm did not even exist. :D

Damn man. Did the big bang hurt? Was it REALLY big or is that an exaggeration?

Pretty reasonable cost for a picture of such magnitude, but I'm thinking that I could have helped you out for half and you'd damn near have enough BTC left for a pizza!

I have given this answer a 100% upvote despite the fact that the concept of upvoting wasn't invented back when. Nor was the concept of giving. Or the concept of a concept. Or...Well, you get the idea.

So, it's amazing that your memory, also not invented, can recall this moment. I'm also impressed that you were able to obtain a photo of yourself for the low price of 12 (not-invented) Bitcoin. That you had the foresight to hold BTC at that early stage speaks highly of your intelligence despite intelligence not being thought up back then...Or thought being invented. Or inventing things not being invented.

So...Thanks for reaching out (not invented) and touching (not invented) that spec of dust. It was incredibly insightful (not invented) of you to force it back together after you fucking broke it though...And so you're the man (not invented) responsible for everything.


Even to pre-conceive of the Polaroid prior to the camera is mind boggling suggest the time, thought the concept hasn't been established, reaffirms that time not being linear but Bagel shaped and suggests some form of predestination. Damn, I feel an Existential conundrum coming.

I initially read this comment when I had finished a nightshift and I was in that giddy, half-world where everything is blurry and distorted because you are so bloody tired.

As I read it I just giggled stupidly, which eventually descended to laughing out loud, quite uncontrollably with tears streaming down my face. My lady just gave me that look you know the one, right? It's the one that says Jesus, you're a bloody idiot...

I know that look...I get it from Faith. A lot.
Glad you liked the comment. I thought it was pretty funny.

Call me perceptive but I KNEW you would relate, I'm also a little bit psychic or psychotic, I forget which... I hate having to keep up with all these new-fangled terms and labels.

Call me perceptive

Hey Steven...You're perceptive.

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OMG you are the creator of the universe.

Well, uhm... I don't like to use important sounding titles or to brag but... It does kinda look that way, right :D

If boredom had been discovered, that is how I would explain my nothing-like existence. However as it was not a concept that existed, I could never articulate it in this way.

Well technically, this is about the introduction of knowledge and knowledge is always limited. You see...

I was sitting there quite bored with life as I knew it (It was always so bloody dark) and one day, I thought "screw it" and fiddled around with the bits of the universe I had laying about the place and after a few minutes (human minutes as you correctly pointed out, time didn't exist as humans know it to be) I pushed my contraption into the way of useless entity I had been observing (uselessly) and it recognized it as a speck of dust and reach out to touch it and at the point of contact I yelled, "let there be light!"

I really dived into your story of the almighty and creator of the universe.

But I understood the simplicity of your story and the humility of the explanation, a great experience of the beginning of your life.

I imagine that you did a lot of meditation and kalapash cleaning to get to the beginning of your great life.

Pd. The effort to move your arm, and to make that great drawing to be able to understand your story is appreciated. 😁👍😉👏

@stevenwood @stevenwood @stevenwood

Can I tell you the really amazing part of this story Anita?

I didn't even have an arm!!! 😁

Wow! How much I could have achieved if I had arms and legs, right? Oh a head too... A head would certainly be cool.

But you had the mind, which is all. Thought is the origin of matter.


Wow! What an imagination! Although to be honest, I was behind you watching you, I don't know how to explain it, I have no reference. Now that I think about it, I think we were all there, together with you or we are suffering from a collective Deja vu... How strange!

Well that would certainly be an interesting turn of events lol. Maybe we had just swept in from another dimension and we were ready to start littering this one and looking for oil, metals, and gas as we had run out in our previous existence.

Interesting hypothesis ... LOL

Have an excellent day and a productive week.

Fuck I lost my comment halfway through typing it. Did it in a note this time and I didn’t lose my creative genius.

So we all know the story of the famous Henry Ford and his invention of the Model T, Tin Lizzie as we called it at the time. What many people don’t know is the protégé of Henry, me. You’ll know it by the end though!

So it was going well after a few years of driving the cars around until more people were buying them and opting out of the smelly shit-while-walking horses in favor of the cars. One of the things though was we were focusing on making the cars look cooler and drive faster, we had to beat those street shitting horses so we made some advancements in that regard. To my dismay though...

Things were going great for several years until the fall of 1933, October 23rd to be exact. It was a nice day but there were several people out early in the day on their cars. One of those people I spotted was the little weasel William Durant, the one of the people who started our biggest competitor, General Motors. Then there was the sweet succubus in the red dress with the sun hat. She was smoking! I was looking at her, trying to get her attention when I wasn’t paying much attention to driving and Durant saw it and took advantage of it.

I was driving in the steel death trap, going faster than I thought and I didn’t realize it but Durant took this opportunity to get a shot at old Hank and take out his prize employee.

Durant T boned me going fast and it was on the drivers side but I had no chance and I died almost instantly. That’s when Durant added insult to injury and came up with another genius idea and invented the seat belt after he saw me fly 10 feet out the passenger door and smack my skull on a cobblestone at the feet of the smoking woman in the red dress.

To make it worse, he came up with the design of the crash test dummy out of a model of me and what he saw my body do on that fateful day. I had an out of body experience and saw the whole thing. I did enjoy the woman one more time but I had to focus and learn my fate and sure enough that was it. I had to wait another 4 decades before I was able to be born again in another body and by that time the bastard Durant was long dead.

Lol...Damn that red-dressed woman! But here's the thing...Think of all the lives you've inadvertently saved by dying in that wreck...The advent of the seat belt is yours to own mate...Albeit it by default.

Also...I never knew this was based on you...Now I hear it, it all makes a lot of sense.

Great entry man, thanks for taking the time.

Hahah I like the gif, that’s my cousin!

Just like the Matrix, the damn woman in the red dress!

One life to save countless others. That’s the mantra of all the great people it seems. It just sucks drawing the short straw and that being your life!

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Who was I in a past life?
I will begin by saying that I would like to be a scientist or an architect, and that today a great building or a medicine bears my name, and not so that I can be known, but so that my discovery or construction will be an example to the world, to encourage others to grow or help.
In my past, I think I have played many characters and even animals, possibly I was a bird, "an Alcatraz" known as "the shark of the air", since, on several occasions, I have dreamed that I fly over the beach, on the coast, and I am only there enjoying the beauty of the connection of the sea with the land. However, I will bring you the character that I was in my past, a half-breed from the colony around the 19th century, son of an aborigine and a coastal white man, a hard-working farmer (I'm currently good at farming), hardworking and obedient, who in turns of time grew up, involved in the events of that time, in the province of Venezuela; conflicts of interest, slavery and ignorance, this funny and curious young man was transformed into a lancer, a soldier, into a great warrior, which was called "Guaramoy Rodriguez".
He was a member of the Independence Army, a combatant in the Liberating Campaign and a lancer in the companies of the Catire Paez, where I fought in several battles for the freedom of the people of South America. A character who will not appear in any book but who left his mark on history and on every step we take today.
This lancer from El Llano, wished the war was over to form his family, but in the greening of the savannah he perished, remembering his plain as the space of freedom and peace it should always have been.
Why did I decide to become a Llanero?
The plains are a place that when I first visited, I felt I had lived there all my life; immense plains, wooded yopales, huge rivers with unique and wild creatures, legends and red sunsets worth millions of Euros. I was a warrior because I like to help, and fight for what is right, "for those who have no voice".

What a cool response...A little bit of everything here...And as someone who loves history I liked that aspect of it.

I was a warrior because I like to help, and fight for what is right

I like this line man...A lot.

Have a great weekend, I hope to see you around the place.

I really appreciate you joining in this week!


Indeed. I wonder who will be the great freedom fighters of the next 100 years. It would be cool to look back on future history and see if all the villains and bad actors were unmasked by the passing of time... Hey I should patent these ideas, I know you G-dog, you will be thieving this idea for an upcoming WE contest.

I must say I prefer taking part in the weekend engagement contest when I am not working as it allows me to fire off pithy comebacks and be responsive to ever expanding narratives rather than playing catchup.

Let me say once more, you do a stunning job of bringing people together my friend. You are appreciated :)

Hmm...It didn't tale you long to work me out...Idea-thief. Lol. But hey, in my defence, I only take the good ideas...The shit ones can fuck right off.

I appreciate you saying the you are appreciated thing. Comments like that mean more than 0.02 vote. Engagement is the key here and in my opinion the best way to drive one's own account and the community at large. So, I try to promote it as best I can. Thanks for playing along.

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Great response. So good that I don't even have a smart ass answer.

Thank you for it!

Well that is the true measure Tom! If it doesn't reach a certain score on the smartass meter, it is not even worth trying haha. It is great to see you around so much my friend :) Happy new week.

Hello @rafaelgreen,

A warrior of freedom. Very cool. You know, I think many love freedom, but they don't understand it. And they live enslaved in meaningless lives without even knowing it. There is a good crusade ahead for lovers of true freedom.

I always believe that all opinions are welcome and ideas too, but this has value ideas with cause or with feelings are valued more. For being.
Excellent contribution, very good your words are inspiring. I thank you and it is excellent that you liked the writing.

You're welcome. On the contrary, thank you for bringing the topic for reflection to the fore.

Have a great week.

Very very true words my friend. We have a very similar view of the present and the near future I think.

I like to think the biggest hearts and the greatest thinkers will win the day and not those with the biggest guns and deepest agendas. Have a great new week my friend :)

So it seems my friend I join these thoughts you express. Kindness and justice against brutality and unhealthy selfishness.

Have a great week.

South America was in good hands with General Simon Bolivar as I was in Mexico with Jose Morelos as a Nun when the torch of Independence was passed on from martyred General Hidalgo to General Morelos. There was no avoiding it, the world was at war and opportunity to gain independence was at hand. Spain struggles in the Napoleonic war and with the colonies overtaxed and people oppressed it was time. General Bolivar would put his hand on your shoulder, shook you hand, and said, "Gracias for your sacrifice Senior Rodriguez South America is now free for heros like you and God keep you."

Never underestimate the power and purpose of a Nun with a plan and a cause.

I have always dreamed of the day when freedom fighters and armies are no longer necessary, a day when people are respected to live a good life of their own creating and truly served by their leaders. Imagine if every nation had great relationships with their neighbours and mutual respect?

Have a fabulous week :)

A character who will not appear in any book but who left his mark on history and on every step we take today.

This is good and right. Who cares about the history books, most of the things they teach us are manipulated and created based on lies anyway. The true pioneers of history only desire to know in their head and heart that they acted in the right way. They desire only to know that they moved life forwards and not backwards, they stood up for their fellow citizens and looked out for them.

I think "Guaramoy Rodriguez" would be happy to exist as a story passed down from generation to generation, a hero for the people and of the people. It sounds like he was too alive and too real to be trapped in the pages of a book with people not understanding everything about who he was.

You weave a rich, historical scene Rafael, great job man :D

I was a legionnaire in the vaunted VIII Legion. After 10 years (a 20 year enlistment that guaranteed citizenship at the end) I had worked my way up to first spear in the VIII Century. Yep, you've got that right. The VIII of the VIII.

After two long years of smiting the Hun hip and thigh the entire VIII Legion was sent to winter camp just north of the Rubicon. It was close enough to Rome that many of the senior officers brought their families to camp since it had been two long and bloody years since they got legal wifely sex.

I swear to you, I never really touched the Centurion's daughter. I may have just kissed her in passing as she was on the way to entertain one of the troops. It was all hearsay in an effort by my second spear to take my place as first with out having to fight for it.

Anyway, I was busted for deflowering the Centurion's daughter. Upon my mother's grave, I did NOT deflower the girl. So I spent a year in the stockade waiting trial for my false charges. By the time I came up on charges at the Centurion's Mast it was a NEW Centurion. Turns out that daddy and both uncles and both brothers had had their turns with the girl long before my alleged indiscretion.

Now they didn't know what to do with me. The new Centurion, being a fair and just leader (who couldn't afford to lose any standing with the VIII Century) didn't feel comfortable with crucifying me (standard punishment for the crime of deflowering the Centurion's daughter) but he couldn't hardly reinstate me as first spear either. He busted me down to soldier and assigned me to Caesar's household staff.

Not a bad detail, I think. Lots and lots of pretty girls around the staff (and no accidental competition with Caesar who also had lots of pretty boys on his staff) and no smoting of Huns required.

The Captain of the staff made me a bathroom attendant. Caesar had a shitter with running water under the hole so all the foulness washed into the river where the common folks washed their clothes and bathed. Still not a bad detail because those aforementioned pretty girls had to go somewhere...

Did you know that the high class Romans of the time wiped their asses with a sponge on a stick? Do you have any idea who got to CLEAN those sponges?

I can tell you that contrary to myth, legend and published reports of the time, Caesar's shit did stink.

Hello @bigtom13,

Hahaha. Shit is shit in any century, and it doesn't smell good at all unless you're a vegetarian. Well, I have never smelled the shit of a vegetarian, much less Caesar or Louis XIV.

Sorry for the bad word, but I don't know if the word dung is synonymous with shit in English when moving it from my Spanish to English. What I do know is that they both refer to the same thing, excrement. By the way, it is a disgusting job to have to clean the excreta but necessary. Decent work ...

In my specific case it certainly beat the alternative. Roman Crucifixion was not a pleasant option...

Surely ... you had no choice. Right now, my son covered the toilet. I also had no choice but to help him unburden him. There is no other choice. Hahaha, ¡this sucks!

Chief sponge cleaner for Ceasar huh? I can think of better jobs although I'm sure there were worse I'm sure.

I reckon Roman times would be a great time to go back to and take a look - Smart bastards these Romans. I've been to many Roman ruins in the UK and across Italy and always find them fascinating. It's had to say what has been the best...Possibly Bath in the UK I guess...Amazing place.

I'm a bit of a fan of the Roman Empire to be honest...A lot to like and certainly enough to keep a history buff like me occupied for a while!


Upon further reflection I think there is probably a moral to this story: When in doubt don't let the little head think for the big one. Or something along those lines.

And...Don't bathe in the river, downstream from where the sewer outlet is.

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you rotten deflowerer you hahah

Ahahahahaha. I did NOT deflower. I may or may not have had sex, but I didn't deflower.

Bangs down the gavel, or as I call it the cute little hammer...

Case closed your honour!

yup bang to rights. The judge and jury are having none of this flimsy waffle excuses GUILTY!!! haha

I'm glad you weren't in the Centurion's Mast.

Ah you read 'between' the lines too huh? :D

Oh cool! You got to stay at winter camp... If my understanding of history is correct it was all snow-angels, snowmen and hot chocolate with marshmallows, and watching Christmas movies in the open air cinema 24/7.

The stockade, however, sounded slightly less fun! Although no Crucifixion!!! FISTBUMP

Unconstrained with today's concerns with recycling and eco-friendly products, I would definitely have lobbied Caesar for his own benefit of-course to make the switch to single use sponges!!!

So on the one hand you tell me the pretty ladies were all down in the river then on the other you inform me that so is Caesars 'offcasts'... Jeez this is like Russian roulette!!!

Well, some of the pretty ladies were allowed to use the emperors shitter (literally what it was called 'shitterous emperious') So not all was bad news for the lowly attendant.

Think of what single use sponges would have down for the 'downstream' masses. Nothing good I can assure you.

Having been to those Roman baths myself, those were quite the good detail to have! The shit just rolls down unless he had a particularly protein filled lunch then even the strongest water couldn’t wash it down.

Did the Roman's have Metamucil?

Nah. They had olive oil.

Yeah, true. And I bet they used it with gusto.

It seems Julie had way more protein that the average minister or senator. Just sayin'

I was only around since 1482 well after the Roman empire but only had a belly full of the so-called Holy Roman Empire of what Voltaire once quoted to me that "The holy Roman Empire was neither Holy, nor Roman, nor even an Empire." And they use the lavatory in much the same way.

Who were you?

Well, to tell the truth. I never thought or felt as if I had past lifes or as if I was someone else or anything different to what I am now or to what I've always been since a good chunk of decades ago. Yeah, I am merely an odd collection of vivid events and experiences that I've been going through since the middle of the past century when I landed on this planet for the first time. };)

And yes, I would have to confess also, that during all these years I've been the proud owner of an almost eidetic memory. Interesting attribute that fortunately I still conserve in good shape even nowadays. So nope. I don't think that at some point in eons ago I've been someone else. Otherwise I would remember it. ;)

However, and just for the sake of this contest and in the name of community engagement. Let's throw to the rodeo a few clues of what I think I have always been and still I am.

In first place, let me drive you to an old story that I wrote as a short summary of my life which I engraved in the immutable blockchain 4 years ago. You just will have to Click Here to have a close notion of who I think I was and I am.

Then and as an extremely short summary and close depiction of what I think I am. A simple picture/illustration that is worth a thousand words.

And last but not least. An audiovisual version of this story dedicated to all those peeps here who always suffer of balls ache each time they have to READ something.

In conclusion. Who was I?

Well, you tell me! Perhaps and we could even agree and coincide on the term, the concept, the adjective or the label that you would award me. But for now I think I will insist on believing that I simply am and have always been what the title of the video indicates. :)


Well, I guess based on the video (which is quite cute actually) an oddity could be who you were. Although, an individual could also describe you. The easy answer is an alien but that feels too generic considering I'm not aware of what those others were transported to Earth in the stork-craft were sent to Earth for; Maybe all different reasons making alien an altogether too generic a term to describe you. All alien, to Earthlings, so the same, but all also very different perhaps. Maybe.

Anyway, that's about all I got right now. Thanks for entering, much appreciated.


Although, an individual could also describe you.

Yep I agree, an individual. Yup, that could easily also describe me. Especially if we take the concept of 'individual' within the context of those who like me are experts in monologues & veterans in soliloquies that spend most of the time of our life only talking & arguing with ourselves exclusively. LoL

Anyway, that's about all I got right now. Thanks for entering, much appreciated.

Always a great pleasure my friend. :)

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Hello @por500bolos,

Wow! Today you have taught me a word that I did not know, far from it, I imagined people with this ability. Thank you for contributing one more grain to knowledge that never ceases to amaze me.

Yes ... I took a few minutes to read about the great revelation that Mr. Antonio gave you at such an early age, that I change your perception of the world based on the understanding of nothing and its repercussions on how you see and understand death, to the point of freeing you from associated fears.

I will have time to reflect on this, visualizing it as in the cycle that we live every day. Suppose there is transmigration of the soul, what use would it be, if we hardly remember the lives we lead in our own dreams every night. In this sense, we are born and die every day in a limited cycle that will eventually become exhausted. The atheist is a fatalist, and the believer is an optimist; in the end who loses or wins more. Nothing matters, just live with intensity.

Thank you @janaveda! :)

Yeah, it's indeed a pretty ancient story early in my life. A pity that that old post couldn't attract more eyes to delight and more brains to enlight with what in my opinion has been a transcendental knowledge.

But that's what life is. You can't teach to everyone the arcane mysteries of life in one fell swoop anymore. };)

P.S. Y sí paisano, no te he respondido en español a ver si ahora al menos te enseño un pelín de mi temible spanglish. Hahahaha ...erm... I mean... Jajajaja :D

Un spanglish muy fluido e interesante por cierto. Quien quita, en un futuro tome un rumbo propio dando origen a un nuevo idioma.

Mucho éxito paisano... los ojos llegarán en la medida en que estén dispuestos a ver lo trascendental.

The Reminisce of the Bloody Raven

I was born in the year of our Lord 1482, I Taska Menine, daughter of Lord Grigory and Lady Anna Menine, and sister to Grigory II of the Menine fiefdom of Khazria. I was but ten years of age when my Father is betrayed just because the people loved him more than the king. The seductive whispers and scheming voices of evil men conspire and convinced the King to [falsely charge my father](https://hive.blog/steemsilvergold/@kerrislravenhill/a-new-series-of-social-media-community-bars) Grigory of treason my family killed and I was sold into slavery.

Misty Castle By Marc Marchal Under CCO Unsplash

I vowed vengeance for my family but I was powerless and in my weakness I was led to my spirit creature, the Raven that claimed to be empowered by the First Night Walkers of Ambrogio spake Machel the Despised. There he gave me autonomy and his power and used it to throw off the oppressive yoke of my cruel taskmaster and fulfill my lust for vengeance but that power also came with the price as my soul is cast in lot with the eternal Un-dead.

In another encounter ordained by the nameless gods where in Roma I was adopted as Claudia by a compassionate Giovanni Auditorè Da Firenze where I first crafted my skills as an Assassin and acquired the powerful pendant of Ambrogio and forging it's cursed silver into my blade.

For centuries since I trodden this earth on the quest to acquire cursed silver artifacts, in that time I have assumed a number in other aliases;

  • Teng Meng: General Cold Moon ; The Silk road.
  • Tigress Makarra: Captain of the Sukindar Black Archers: The Consolidation of India
  • Lady Teshine Mintauru,; The Karasu : Medieval Japan
  • Tianna Mintauru: The Bloody Raven of the South East Asian Seas.
  • Temm Leong Mei : The Red Dragon: The Opium Wars.
  • Lady Tracey McMillan of the Sky Pirates: Victorian England 1900
  • Sister Teresa d'Mordecai: The Mexican Revolution 1812
  • Madame Tricia Maloney: The Gambler's house - The California Gold rush.
  • Claudia Auditore da Firenze Esq: Mafia Hitman(woman) – Girl Friday

There's nothing quite like fulfilling one's lust for vengeance. So satisfying. Of course, having one's soul cast in lot with the eternal undead can be problematic as it can cause one to be late for dinner...A condition I woud find quite untenable.


You must be valedictorian of Evelyn Wood Speed Reading college to comment so quickly with each arc of each saga conveniently linked for my readers. One day, I will put into together in a coffee table book, maybe with popups between chapters.

The Count himself was often late for dinner, sometimes skipping it all together. All that snacking between meals.

You must be valedictorian of Evelyn Wood Speed Reading college to comment so quickly with each arc of each saga conveniently linked for my readers.

I didn't click the links.

It gets to be quite the long running saga and getting longer.
Move over 'War & Peace'.

Yes, I can imagine it would be quite broad in scope.

Vampires tend to have a very long 'life' spans and makes for an ideal premise to see the world evolve in their eyes.

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Wow! That is quit the long, illustrious and at at times treacherous list of lives you have lived.

Oh wait a second, my Great Grandmother was Lady Tracey McMillan... I am sure she advised Queen Victoria herself to dump Prince Albert and find the pauper she was supposed to marry, before she stole all the slver cutlery from the royal kitchen!!!

What a small world. Wonderful to finally meet you Grandma :)

I am currently touring as Sister Teresa D'Mordecai in 1812 Revolutionary Mexico but I will get to that saga skipping the California gold rush and a brief souvenir stopover in Tombstone around 1881 before launching the New Storm Crow Pirate Airship 1899 to harass Rothschild and Pilgrim Society communications and shipping before dealing with Vickie's marriage issues. Such a sheltered life, her inability to cope. I knew he was a uncouth prude right from the get go.
I do vehemently apologize for my absence from the last 38 traditional family Get-Together Picnics.

Many lives, with a particular unfolding. character, legend and pain. It seems to be a complete life, not very good but that's life: full of twists sometimes good and sometimes formative.

There he gave me autonomy and his power and used it to throw off the oppressive yoke of my cruel taskmaster and fulfill my lust for vengeance.

Very interesting.

To bear witness of the world itself struggle through history in the eyes of a 500 year old Vampire and her enmity against the powerful descendants of those that destroyed her family.
She has to take on various identities through the ages, but the same person.

Hello @kerrislravenhill,

I will need much more time during the week to follow the plot of the past lives that you see here. I would not be surprised if you have met somewhere or time with Connon Macleod, of course, you are somewhat older, almost forty years old, but what is that for an immortal.

"Or was it Duncan Macleod the Highlander? So many faces and names going centuries past."
My alter ego have been around the block even before the block existed in my long running Chronicles of the Bloody Raven. Originally meant to showcase individual pieces of cursed Silver bullion treasure with a fictional story behind each piece. Then it took on a life of its own.

Lost Treasure of the Storm Crow

I think they are both cousins, Connon and Duncan are Scottish. Well, you are a bit far away at that time with your own problems, in the Pacific.

Indeed, I had my hands full with an alleged Chinese Pirate rebellion with Ching Shih at the time.

Wow! Maybe you ran into The Phantom in the waters of the Indian Ocean. LOL

My mum told me that when I was about 4 years old, we were walking along the street together when a plane flew overhead. I looked up, pointed at the plane and with great conviction told my mother that I had been on one of those in the sky before. I didn’t actually set foot on a plane until I was 6 - at least not in this life!

My mum has always maintained that the whole thing was actually quite eerie. This wasn’t just the every day ramblings of a young boy’s mind! I was utterly convinced that I had been on a flight before!

Strangely enough, at least in this life, I hate to fly! I’ve travelled extensively but given the opportunity and almost regardless of cost and convenience, if I have the option I will not step foot on a plane.

Therefore perhaps my past life was one were I flew but things didn’t end well.

Maybe I was one the poor young souls who was given just a few hours training before being put into an RAF fighter plane and sent to fight the Nazis during the Battle of Britain. The first major battle fought between airforces in history and one that claimed the lives of 4000 airforce men on both sides.

P.s. number 8 is very lucky in China where it is associated with wealth and good fortune. While working there I went to buy a mobile phone and was given the option to pay a significant amount more to have a phone number that contained multiple 8s. Therefore I would expect this blog to be inundated with suggestions from China. Can a hive blog take a billion comments? We’re about to find out...

I have heard many stories of this nature and, of course, I have alluded to similar in my initial post; Clearly I have had similar feelings myself. Maybe you were Orville Wright, a fighter pilot or a some such thing...We'll never know I guess, however I know of many people who have had feelings of this nature that could be easily explained away as simple fancy...And yet...What if?

I once ordered 8 different dishes at a Chinese restaurant to test out that lucky number theory. It wasn't lucky for me as I had to pay for them all. Sucked ass.

My friend Dick Lawton (who has left us now) had his pilot's license for a LONG time. His was signed by Orville Wright. The day after Dick was born his father bought an Aeronica in celebration. He'd never flown (even as a passenger) but decided he was going to learn. To say Dick grew up flying an airplane is no understatement.

God, I have Lawton stories. And unlike anything else I may post on this thread, every word is true here :)

Cool story...Pretty interesting. I wonder how many of these great old stories will be lost through not being written down.

Sucked ass

Was that the last of the chosen, sampled delicacies?

I'm sure there are certain cultures that may appreciate this delicacy...I could name them but it will be more fun and educational for you to determine them yourself.

Oh I have no interest in taking that particular 'hot potato' from you ahahaha

Ooh! That's cool, freaky story that gives a slight chill to the spine!

With regard to the musings of how that memory came to be... Who knows, my friend? Who is to say what can be and what cannot, we know but what we know and not a scrap more. Many mainstream scientists are verifying phenomena that have (in the relevant centres of the brain at least) a factual basis whilst obviously inconclusive for the want of material evidence.

Personally like Fox Mulder, I want to believe...

Oh indeed! Personally I’m very worried that my past, present and future lives will merge and I’ll be left sounding like this


Hello @talesfrmthecrypt,

It must be a very unpleasant and apprehensive feeling for you. I don't know what to think, much less what to say. Another issue to think about that I will have to address in the future.

Warning: Seriousness incoming...


I'd like to think that I have a connection with the namesake ethnic Normans roaming around Europe in the middle ages, mostly around France. Quite a bunch of hearty lads and lassies from the North ("nord"=north, "mann"=man - Norman!) who'd drink grog all days, and do a bit of casual warring on the sides, you know? Nothing beats smashing some poor fellow's skull into pieces with my battle-axe after a pint or two of alcohol!

They, or I, brought along a bucket load of cultural, political, economic, and military changes to the whole landscape of Europe unto the Renaissance. The Norman here therefore takes all responsibility for the goodness and fuckery in the generations that came after the original Normans took power. I even invaded North Africa, the Holy Land, the entirety of the British Isles, and Southern Italy. Plus, if it means that I can have a huge, bushy Viking beard, so be it!

So, if G-Dog is in need for a big of Crusade here or there, you know who to call.

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Well, this seems like a totally legit explanation of your Normanness. Maybe the 97 pertains to the Crusades in 1097 also? It all makes a lot of sense!


Oh my goodness, I didn't even think about that! The conspiracy is untangling beneath our very toes. Surely it must be a calling, being born 900 years after that, maybe to start another Crusade? Already, I'm suddenly yearning to speak French. Anyone else in the mood to invade England?

Sacré bleu...

Lol, get it done!

You know that other time when I talked about crowning you King of Australia? If you'd kindly send military assistance to Normandy for the invasion fleet right now, I'll make it happen once the Crown of England belongs to a Norman once more, at which point the independence of Australia will be granted. The plotting is underway...

Lol...I'm sure that book, and General Cat will take us to victory! A free Australia, we can only dream of it...But now that dream could be a reality.

Tally ho, and forward to victory!

I'll take a regiment of Roos, and a battalion of Emus, please. We'll be needing those to scare off the English, as Field Marshal Lé Meow dictates. I'm putting him in command of our invasion force, and you Aussies will be leading along the Southern shore of the British Isles, since the weather there might be suitable for you.

En garde!

So who you gonna call? Headbusters! Has a certain ring to it...

You better watch what you wish for, mate! No one expects a Norman and his battle-hammer to drop by and crush some skull!

Hello @zacknorman97,

Wow! A modern crusader. Careful and courageous people, with a lot of history at their expense.

Have a great day.

Haha, humanity is certainly in need of something radical to turn us around now. Though perhaps I should carry out this crusade a bit less bloody and murderous as it once was, eh?

I agree with you, with the sword of thought to cut the Gordian knots of ignorance.

Haha, too damn right, mate. So much idiocy and ignorance running rampant!

Yes ... you have a lot of work ahead of you.

You left at the exact moment becoming a warrior of the moment with a bloodthirsty mentality but without leaving behind the joyful life. Excellent life to live.
Adrenaline and fun

I guess all that adrenaline could be fun to have, although the bloodthirsty and murderous crusade-ing hasn't been helpful to my Karma. Going through Hive certainly helps, however :-D

Who was I in a past life and what did I do?

I’ve been many people, and a few animals too, but the one I’ll enlighten you with today is: A caveman.

So yeah, you probably heard of this thing called fire right? Well, I was the dude who made it up. (I didn’t get it patented in time to make a pile of money from it though unfortunately.)

So, there I was clubbing some poor sabre tooth tiger to death with a few of my mates with the view to rip into it raw with my cavemanish teeth. Once sufficiently clubbed I dragged it into my cave and was about to tuck in when boom I had an idea...Why don’t I cook it up!

Now, I didn’t have any means to do so, no microwave oven, and that made me mad. You ever seen a mad caveman? You don’t want to mess with a mad caveman with a club, trust me. I was throwing a tantrum to be honest, hitting things with my club, throwing rocks and banging them together when...Fucking hell, a spark happened! It flew off a couple of rocks and, just my luck, into my best mammoth fur cloak which proceeded to burn up to nothing. That made me more angry.

I didn’t have a fire extinguisher, because I was a cavemen and I hadn’t invented one yet, so I cast about looking for something to put the flames out hoping to save my coat; I was planning to go woo a cavegirl later and wanted to look my best and this fucking yellow, smoky hot thing was fucking up my chances. Anyway, I saw this lump of sabre tooth tiger flesh and decided it might put out the yellow hot thing...I threw it on and what the fuck? It started to cook. It smelled good too.

I flipped it over a few times then when the yellow hot thing died down I pulled it off to rest. It looked tasty and I ripped into it with gusto. Damn it tasted good!

Anyway, that was when I invented yellow hot thing. You’re welcome. Oh, by the way, I decided to call it fire because yellow hot thing didn’t seem to have much of a ring to it.

Anyway, that’s who I was and what I did in a past life. And...Yeah I managed to woo that cavegirl...Here’s a selfie I took that day I invented fire.

IMG_0305 (2) (1).jpg

How jean Claude van dam of a selfie that is! That meat always tastes great after the yellow hot thing cooks it up. No more food poisoning and shitting our brains out near the pine trees. That’s right, pine trees so you have to pick your poison to wipe your ass.

Nothing like sitting around a yellow hot thing searing flesh for consumption.

You can keep your pine needle wiling idea though. Sounds torturous.

Ajahahaha. this amused me! Thank you for inventing the fire!

You're welcome. I would be more happy about it if I had patented it and been able to charge royalties for every time someone used it...But I hadn't invented patents yet. I did that in another life. 🙂

Damn, you could have made a fortune if only you invented the Patent on fire.

I lament my inability to do so every day.

Yup it seems it would have been quite a hot product back in the day!

What can I say man, some things just come naturally.

Big mistake!

Sabre Tooth sashimi is actually really good with a sprig of ginger and some soy sauce!

Your past life would have been better spent inventing one of those conveyor belts that could have moved your raw animal carcasses around the cave for all your caveman buddies to eat all at an inflated cost!

Bloody hell! why didn't my non-cognitive caveman brain think of this? Damn it!

Now, many lifetimes later, I really feel like sabre tooth sashimi! Any ideas where I may get one? ...Or is a standard modern-day tiger suitable.

...Oh hang on...This is the wrong sort of tiger...

Any half-decent sushi restaurant will sort you out. Just ask to order off the local menu, nudge nudge, wink wink 😉

Definitely don’t accept any substitutes, it’s sabre tooth or nothing!

I heard there's a good source in the wet-markets of Wuhan in China. Completely virus free, safe as it gets they reckon.

I'm sure there is a conspiracy theory out there somewhere which blames COVID-19 on the illegal sale of sabre tooth tiger meat...

Yeah...Time-travelling animal traffiking. Those Chinese wet-market operators have gone to the next level!

Hahahhaha awesome! You're on fire today, so so cool!

I'm on fire because I invented it in a past life.

I know this story! You had your fully patent-able yellow hot thing, and you were cooking the whole area with it. Literally. Your friends were pretty pissed when you burned out everyone's home and hunting ground, weren't they?

Anyway, one of the boys shows up with a yellow and red hot thing fob China. It's better than yours (bi colored) and your buddy bought it for half the price you could produce the yellow hot thing. It's a tough life. One of many.

Yep, something like that.

This is the exact moment I invented war. I know, you're welcome. 😂

Is it ok to tell you that I like one better than the other? Or is that like choosing your favorite child?

Oh, yeah. Your picture reminds me of the song "Werewolves of London"
"... and his hair was perfect."

You were a caveman???

Nahhh! Surely not... You? Seriously???

As one of the few from across the water who seem to grasp my cliched English snarkiness... I shall let you form your own hypothesis from my opening statements... Whoa whoa whoa Galen, old buddy, old friend, there there... Caaaaaaalm down. Use of the phrase "opening statements need not imply I will still be typing this comment one hour from now!

Although I wouldn't risk my heard earned wages by betting against that possibility seeing as though you I brought it up...

History books from incredibly renowned academics are literally peppered with accounts of cavemen getting angry at not having a microwave, it was the mental health epidemic of the time by all accounts.

I bet that yellow hot thing fire brigades all over the planet are incredibly grateful to you for this extremely useful invention.

Without it, what would firing squads have cried out before the final, fateful moment???

Lol...I got to the end of this comment and thought, with a quizzical expression on my cavemanish face, where the fuck is the rest of it?

So...Yeah I'm sure MCM (microwave cooking matters) was a catchphrase back in the caveman days...Or would it be more appropriate to say caveperson?

It seems mental health was also invented that far back...When people felt depressed and mental about the lack of said microwave ownership. Still, I'm sure if they wanted one they wouldn't have just expected to get one, in the way people have the expectation-ethos these days...No! They would have got one the old fashioned way...By going into someone's cave and clubbing them to death and taking theirs! Isn't mankind great? Or should I say personkind.

Just on another note...I almost wish I didn't change the name to fire. It would have been awesome to see people yelling yellow hot thing at firing squads, cannon and gun firings to initiate the firing yellow hot thinging of the weapon.

Lol...I got to the end of this comment and thought, with a quizzical expression on my cavemanish face, where the fuck is the rest of it?

Perhaps I am learning??? Nope... I don't think so either!

Three cheers for personkind indeed :D For a second it almost sounded like you were about to suggest that our glorious mammalian species had developed an entitlement philosophy. I'm glad you didn't because I would have been forced to declare that as offensive maybe even hate-speech.

Then society would've had the right to silence you and who knows, in this day and age you may have even been yellow hot thinged from your job.

Isn't personking great?

A great time journey in a funny way, I think you created the fire by accident the best thing of all is that you realized that the market was big and you needed to create the microwave, the fire extinguisher and if you were still upset you could have created many more things.
what a pity about the Mammoth skin, thank goodness it was in another life, in this one it was very expensive. a lot of sympathetic aspect in the reading, it becomes entertaining and connects the reader.

That's the good thing about being around before anything is really invented..If a person wants something all they need to do is invent it! 😂

Really fascinating your past life, the fact that you created that fire thing that we like so much today makes you my alpha male.

Since I saw you from afar, your penetrating gaze burned me like the yellow thing you created, you look so good with that Precious hair, and that stale cave smell that turns me on more than the hot yellow thing you know.

Here I am with desire that you lick me and we can cook many beasts so well like us. @galenkp


Hello @galenkp,

Did you forget to tell them the other part of the story? Don't be so modest! Or do you plan to save it for another occasion? Tell them that before inventing fire to cook the poor tiger, by the way, those tusks were long and sharp, you invented the throwing spear with which you killed the animal. You gave up the rights by obligation, the latest innovation back then, the tip was very sharp Obsidian, a pity the patent office had not yet invented.

Thanks for this great initiative.

You're right you know...I forgot to tell the full story.

I did indeed invent the spear but I decided not to patent that as I had not invented the patent. I did that many years later when I also invented the building, computers and office staff to work in the patent office. I was a busy caveman.

You can say that again, my friend. Now in the 21st century, you could file a complaint and claim authorship at the patent office. If they don't believe you, you invite them to take a trip in that time machine full of books and weapons that you keep in the garage.

I knew my time machine would come in handy for something! Proving how I virtually invented everything! Lol.

Don't say it too hard. They could also blame you for the bad in the world. Better leave it here, in ignorance.

It was a long time ago that I was brought forth on this planet we call Earth. A lot has changed since that fateful day. The day I made my mother and father the happiest couple on Earth. I was raised in a loving environment for the first 13 years of my life. i still remember those times fondly. The fishing trips, the camping the cakes and goodies. So so long ago.

All childhoods come to an end. My came crashing down around me from out of nowhere. A freak of an incident took my Mother and Father from me. We were on a fishing camp out. I wanted to go to the other side of the lake to fish. Times were good then, the only restriction my parents placed was I needed to take Beagle our husky with me.

I remember waving to them when Beagle and I got to where we were going. They waved back, and called out they loved me and that dinner would what I caught and if I came back empty handed it would be Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches, I remember laughing because I knew we did not bring any with us, just hamburger and hot dogs as our just in case food.

Just as it was getting dark I hooked a nice trout it was dancing and running and I was having a good time playing it to the shore. Beagle was barking and running around, doing his excited happy dance. I remember the sudden halting of his carrying on, I remember the piercing whistle of sound through the air, the brightness as the evening was suddenly lit up.

Then the sound of my pole dropping and being dragged into the lake by the trout still hooked to the line, followed by a thunderous roar, and then a loud bang and feeling a wave of heat wash over me, propel me backward tossed like a rag dog. I remember Beagle flying through the air with me. Then nothing for awhile.

I hurt, I hurt all over, the first thing I remember on waking was Beagle licking at my cheek. Then the flood of what happened came crashing back into my thoughts. I got up and ran, I ran faster than I had in my life up to that point. I knew before getting there it was hopeless. I was alive, my parents were gone. Only a smoking hole where they had been before the meteor hit.

it was along time ago. Something changed in me and in Beagle. We changed. The meteor took and it gave. But I remember as if it was yesterday.

A nice little write up. I was enjoying the description of the idyillc fishing spot...Right up until the meteor struck and ruined everything. I was half expecting beagle not to make it. Glad he did.


I know I didn't follow the rules very well, but a story beginning, one day I might have enough story beginnings to actually make a story. have a nice work week.

Rule breaker.

Sometimes it's good to get off the rails though, go your own way. 😉

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Hello @bashadow,

What is the probability that you will face a meteorite? Minimal but not null. It must be scary if you can see it coming, maybe hypnotize you before I evaporate you. Sure, I prefer the little ones, the ones that fade into the air, the ones we call shooting stars. When I see one of the latter, I will wish their parents never come.

i like these kind of open type challenges. A chance to try a new story start out. I myself hope to never see a meteor impact, while it would be cool, the sound the explosion flying debris and then the potential shock wave is enough for me to hope to never really witness one unless it is from a very safe distance.

I did hear about a guy in his car in Alaska getting hit by a small meteor, but I don't know if that is an urban legend or not.

I also like challenges to think and have fun.

On the other hand, you imagine dinosaurs watching the meteorite fall in the Gulf of Mexico. Surely, at that time there would be no gulf. I definitely don't want anything with meteorites.

In the time travel one, I goofed on the dinosaur extinction date, it was according to google 66 million years ago. I put "Mérida, Yucatán, MX" into this map - https://dinosaurpictures.org/ancient-earth#66 - and picked 66 million years ago and it is real iffy if the meteor hit water or land, based on that map from a non science person. It is a fun map to play with. But I like you do not really want anything to do with being close to a meteor no matter how big or small it is.


Yes I agree with you. Pure speculation, according to official science, theories, no human can testify to the event, or maybe yes? I know someone who has a time machine in the garage. LOL.

Thanks for this fun discussion.

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Incredible transformation from a moment of silent peace to a thunderous fall, the cycle of life sometimes works in strange ways. I hope in this life everything is different or something has changed.

I do like imagining the sudden change, gradual slow and subtle change is just so boring.

Years ago a psychic woman told me that in past lives I was a military man, (in this life I am a woman) and that I was very imposing, strong in character and committed many injustices in the name of my rank and position.

And so today, I still tend to have a strong character and my job where I do best is to be a leader.

But now I had to pay for what I did in the past. 🙄🥴🥺

That's why my job for years was to educate young children, they took revenge and joined together to eliminate my patience so that I could not do anything to them.

They are a small avenging army, but that means I have cleansed my sins and my guilt. I have freed myself because I was patient and I paid them back with love.


You may have been the Centurion that sentenced me Caesar's restroom!

Sorry that Karma caught up with you so quickly, I'm still skating free...

Heh heh heh.

I was a victim of my own karma but I turned it into a dharma. 🥴

You might have been Genghis Khan!


Ohhh Hehehe thanks. 🤣😁

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I was the most amazing fantasy writer, J. K. Rowling.
How cool it is to have been rejected, to have started with a failed marriage and yet, to have become millionaire doing what I love?
I was able, have been, to become rich and yet to live a ralatively low-profile life, away from scandals, and helping good causes.
My books have gone into a whole generation's heart and they keep seelling as if they were published yesterday.
I have become an inspiration for young writers and my greatest creation, Harry Potter will go down in literary history as one of the most beloved characters ever created. Harry Potter contains probably the most amazing array of secondary characters that will be remember as if they were protagonists. How col is that?
I was able to prove so many editors and experts wrong. I was able to prove that modern children can read big books

I've never heard of Harry Potter...Was he a doctor?

Lol, just joking...Everyone has heard of Harry Potter. In fact, I think that in a past life I might have been Harry Potter, the one JK Rowling based her books on. Pk, that's not true...But imagine if it was huh?

Thanks for entering!


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What a nice life you had previously! That's one of the most famous writers for the start of the 21st century, children will be speaking of your characters and books for hundreds of years to come!

It was really cool that the secondary characters were so complex that they indeed felt like primary characters themselves!

Thank You!
Well, I like giving protagonism to all "my" characteres because no one is totally "the Bad guy" nor totally "the good guy", they're all complex enough and the Star in their own Lifes, and it's good to highlight that.

A tibetan monk secluded somewhere far away from civilization. I believe this because of my solitary nature. I managed to create my own religion after coming back to people by inspiring them to pursue spiritual fulfillment. A humanitarian monk. Yup.... Pretty simple.

Don't monks get up at 4am, pray, work, pray work, eat gruel, then work, work, work, pray, pray, work, eat gruel for lunch, pray, work, work, work, pray, work, eat gruel for dinner, pray, pray, pray then go to bed...All in silence?

Hmm...I'm glad monks exist...So I don't have to be one.


Hahahhaha. I like it the most for the silence part🔕🔇😍

Yes, silence is good...Gruel is not.

Hello @creativemary,

A Tibetan monk, Curious! Of those who are self-exiled on a high mountain. Well, there are many ways to be alone and disconnected from others. Although I prefer to be in search of whom I owe my existence.

Thanks for your thoughts.

Hey! Yup. I enjoy silence. I feel that during a week's work we have to deal with so much noise, so many distractions. Lots of people, tasks, conversations. It is part of life. But often I always search to have my moments of detachment, of spending time away from the urban clutter. In silence, in nature it feels relaxing.

I agree with you, the silence is very relaxing and certainly very necessary in the urban jungle. In silence one finds intimacy with oneself.

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Hello @galenkp,

This challenge puts me in a dilemma, I do not believe in the transmigration of the soul, so I am between participating or not. Yes ... this is an exercise in imagination for fun, and there is nothing wrong with that, but ...! I will try to be consistent with what I feel, and maybe it will not be fun this time.

I am convinced of having a unique and unrepeatable life just like you and all those who participate here, however, we all have a genetic trace that logic indicates leads us to a common individual. My father passed away almost 10 years ago, but every time I look in the mirror, I see something of him in me.

I guess I am the degraded copy, by the passing of the millennia, of the first man. Imagine that you are Adam walking through the garden of Eden, or why not? Eve, I see a snake approaching you to speak to me ... Fright! I run away and maybe, we would be walking in Eden naked eating delicious fruits and cashews.

Perhaps, it is not so and I am wrong, if I believe in scientific speculations, now, I imagine that I wake up from a dream, I am at the top of a tree and a snake approaches the branch where I am ... Fright! I jump and escape swinging among the branches.

In both cases, there is that devilish snake ... I better stay in my present life.

Happy start to the week. Smile first and foremost, your life is beautiful and unrepeatable despite everything.

That snake is lucky I wasn't around...I wouldn't have taken kindly to it interrupting my naked frolicking with Eve in the garden of Eden and it's likely that snake would have taken a shotgun blast if one was handy, or found itself bludgeoned to death with a club...Or...Maybe me and Eve might have shared our cashew nuts and made friends with it. Who knows...


It is a possibility my friend ... Although I have my doubts, think about it for a moment, if we are one of the countless copies degraded by the passage of time, perhaps you would not have the slightest chance against the snake, imagine it talking and cunning. I do not think Eva was at all silly for having fallen into a simple deception. Just speculum ... hahaha

I don't like snakes...Not even talking ones; We have far too many deadly snakes here for me to have any like for them at all.

one of the countless copies degraded by the passage of time

I'm like fine wine...I get better with the passing of time. Lol.

I don't like snakes either. Don't you find it strange that some logos have snakes that curl up?
Enough ... maybe I'll become conspirators? No ... I prefer to live reality even if I don't like it ...LOL

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I'd have been the milkman in 1960 and thus almost managed to equal Genghis Khans ability to inflict his DNA on most modern society by giving a little "extra cream" when delivering on my rounds

Well, this goes without saying really. Had I been asked to describe who scuba was in the 60's I would have said what you said, word for word.