A lot of offline time in nature, very little online time on Hive

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Hi there my Hivean friends and followers!

You might have noticed that I have lately complained about the lack of time for my Hive routine in some of my previous posts. I was hoping to get back on track and start catching up with everything I missed but in fact, it got even worse. It´s almost been a week since I read through my feed properly, left some meaningful comments on your posts and replied to the comments that I got myself. Sorry about that guys! It´s been actually very frustrating to realize this as my inner OCD (the disorder, not the Hive community :D) makes me do these things every single day and I feel weirdly uncomfortable whenever I have to miss out on anything from the above for some reason. And now, I´m like a week behind with everything! :/ Shame on me...

However, it was not my own decision but rather a massive combo of (real life) things and situations that have kept me unexpectedly busy for long days and maybe even weeks by now. The past week has been very turbulent for me with a plethora of different things such as various gigs, traveling, visiting my family and friends back in my Silesian hometown, attending some big sport games and, most noticeably, spending a lot of time outdoor.

I really like this part of the year when the late summer slowly transforms into the early fall and that´s also when I usually spend a lot of time out there in nature. This year, among other outdoorsy stuff, I have been having fun foraging for various fruits (mostly apples and pears), nuts (mostly walnuts) and mushrooms in parks and forests. The harvest has been very good this year (well at least it seems like that to me :D) so it´s been really nice and enjoyable to be out there in the fresh air, doing these kinds of outdoor activities.

I have been documenting all of that too by taking pictures of course so when the busy times are over, I will definitely try to share some pieces of what I have been lately doing through posts here on my Hive blog and I´m excited to come with this mushroomy post today as a little trailer :)

I have been on several mushroom hunts at various places lately but it were the recent ones in the forests near my mom´s countryside house in rural Silesia where I have been most successful so far. These hunts are actually very fresh as I was there yesterday and today. I found so many beautiful and delicious mushrooms in a very short time over there. Usually, when mushroom hunting in those forests, I have to spend at least several hours scouring the ground to fill the basket but this year, the mushrooms are so plentiful that you can, as we say here, "mow them with a scythe" :)

But enough talking. Let me show you some pictures instead. We will start out in the field... (for some mysterious reason, my old phone camera often refuses to focus on the actual mushroom, no matter how hard I try to convince him to do that so most of the mushrooms below are kind of blurred)








The basket was filling really fast...



And here is the final haul. I mean just a little part of it, I didn´t take pictures of all the mushrooms that I picked ;)





Then, the mushrooms were cleaned, chopped, salted, stewed and frozen so now they are ready to be used in a sauce, soup or whatever :)


So yeah, that was one of the things that have kept me busy lately. I cannot wait to show you the other ones too but I also cannot wait to finally start catching up with everything I have missed here on Hive! I will start tomorrow and I´m really looking forward to being active here every day again :) Thanks for your understanding and patience guys!

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Thank you for visiting my blog. If you like posts about Nature, Animals, Ecology, Crypto, Traveling, Sport, Photography and discovering secrets and beauties of the World, feel free to follow me as these are the topics I mostly write about. Have a wonderful day and keep on hiving, guys! :)


We all have busy schedules once in a while and when we come back, we do with great news and fun things to share(sometimes not actually) lol.

I love mushrooms in soups but I don't know how to differentiate between the edible and poisonous ones that's why I avoid going to pick em.. You actually did get a lot😳, seems the forest was really wet at the moment cause I feel they wither away when the sun comes out.

I understand your approach. In fact, most people here in comments say something similar. They like mushrooms but don´t dare to pick them in the forest as they don´t know which are edible. But here in my country, mushroom picking has a long tradition so most people here have a decent knowledge of what they pick ;)

But here in my country, mushroom picking has a long tradition so most people here have a decent knowledge of what they pick

I see! That's nice then, would love to see more images from you then maybe with that, I could learn what to pick when I see them mushrooms.

Moc krásne!!😊🦿

To jo, ale železná noha do lesa nepatří :D

The same here! I was two weeks behind in #MarketFriday! Can you imagine having to put out decent comments for two weeks' worth? Then because they had paid out and I didn't get to upvote them, I felt like I had to give them a hive or two. Multiply that times a bunch of posts~ I'm almost broke~ No wait!Tomorrow is #MarketFriday again. And pay off the winner x3 of PUD and... you get the point. We are all busy, but, we love it so much, we come back and back.

I understand. We missed you too!! Draw a line in the sand and step over it. Begin there. That is what I should have done and honestly, if I were a smart girl, I might have done that, but, so many of them work hard for little payouts. So... You know the routine. :)

Glad you are back!

Wow! I´m sorry to hear that Denise, I can imagine... I totally agree, we make it even more complicated for ourselves by not being able to draw that line in the sand and just step over it without catching up with everything before that... Exactly my case. For the past two days, I have been going through posts and comments more than a week old but I just cannot help :D :/ My inner OCD wouldn´t leave me in peace if I didn´t do that. But I know you get way more engagement in your initiatives than me so I feel really sorry for you... I guess we made a rod for our own backs :D :/

I never even posted a comment about your post! How bad is that? It would have been easier, but, neither one of us will do that. Thank you always for your support!

I really appreciate it.

Yes! Those mushrooms are handsome little devils. Many Americans have trouble identifying them as it wasn't in their upbringing. My grandmothers were real mycophiles!! I think that if I didn't know how to pick some, I wouldn't do it. I know very few, but, I do know some well. :)

Your pictures are fabulous. Love those woody little babies!

Oh, yes... That rod. Glad to pass it to you. :)

No problem at all, I don´t always leave a comment on your blog either, we cannot be everywhere :)

It´s actually interesting, I was surprised to see how many people from different parts of the world mentioned the same thing about not picking the mushrooms because of the lack of knowledge. Apparently, the Czech Republic must be a mushroom superpower as most people here know which mushrooms are edible, which are not and which are poisonous. Heh, that reminds me of the saying we have here: "all mushrooms are actually edible but some only once" :D

Thanks for your kind comment Denise, have a great weekend and very happy Market Friday!

Haha!!! Yes!!! I found the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and Poland (and France) were knowledgeable but Russia, not the younger generation.

Your superpower, you!

Wow, I never get tired of seeing mushrooms, I love them. These ones particularly look like jellyfish and I love how they reflect light and turn it into interesting and eye-catching textures. Sometimes I also get away from Hive, social networks and technology in general to rest, enjoy nature, a good walk or my family.

Thanks for you kind feedback! I agree, this particular species is very nice and appealing to the eye :) It´s also very tasty as it tends to stay quite solid and crunchy even after cooking ;) Yeah, digital detox is needed sometimes, that´s for sure!

Welcome back to Hive after a week of a busy day for you my friend. Glad to see you back with your amazing shots once more. And of course, glad to hear that you were harvesting apples and nuts, most especially the mushrooms; you really have a great hunt. Mushrooms are really my favorite. Have safe travels my friend and take care.

Thank you very much for these kind words :) Yeah, Mother Nature has been very generous in this part of the world this year. You like mushrooms too? Is mushroom picking also popular in the Philippines?

Yes, my friend. Mushroom hunt is also popular here but in some places. I all agree with your words. It was so nice bumping with your post again. Have a nice time!

Thank you and likewise :)

How wonderful for a pizza, as you know they are not toxic!

I always see some mushrooms along the way, but I don't dare to pick them...


I love mushroom pizza too :) Yeah, looking at the comments here, it really feels like that in many parts of the world, people don´t pick mushrooms because they don´t know which species are edible, which is a pity :) It´s so much fun! Also very good for your physical and mental wellbeing ;) I mean being in the forest and looking for the mushrooms...

It's all good, brother. We all need some time off to recharge the energies.
I'm also kinda offline lately, just spending time to sweep my feed and vote; not having the motivation to post, and I kinda ran outta of content. Not sure how to deal, since Hive is my main source of income.

Sorry to hear about your "creativity crisis" buddy :( I have a different problem. Material for posts has been piling up in my phone (and in my mind) but time has been a very scarce commodity lately :/ How come you feel so stuck? No more updates from the ranch?

No more updates from the ranch?

Not much. I wasn't able to go there the whole winter, and dad hasn't worked on new stuff either since the weather is awful. Also I generally go on weekends, and all the sunny weekends I spent doing something else. A new house is works though, but I only have like 4 photos.

I'm actually kinda stuck in life unable to progress.

That sucks man, sorry :( I know that spring is already taking over your part of the world (cause autumn is doing just that in here :D) so hopefully it will come with better weather and more energy for you ;) Cheers!

Oh yeah! And hopefully I'll hit the road this summer

What a nice harvest :)))
If I am not wrong, the mushroom on the first photo, here we call that "butter-shroom" as it have an aroma and tastes a bit like cow butter :) I am not a mushroom picker, though :)

Well, the names are a bit confusing as it´s quite common that one particular mushroom species have many different names here, it often differs with different regions and accents of the country :) Thanks for checking out the shots though! Obviously, mushroom photography is a way too difficult category for my old phone :D :/

Exactly the same situation with the names here :)
How do you all it in your region?
From my humble mushroom photo-experience, macro lens or a regular lens with modifier is the best. Not my favorite plate too :D Cheers! :)

I´m a total photography amateur and I don´t have any other lens that the one built into my old phone :D :/ However, the phone is not so bad at taking close up pictures in general, it´s just the mushrooms that it struggles with :D It can take pretty decent shots of insects for example, look at this click:


The grasshopper wasn´t bigger than the mushrooms but the difference in the sharpness is so huge. Don´t know why. Maybe the dull surface of the mushrooms is too hard to focus on.

The details here are stunning. Interesting. Probably it's something related to the focus plane.
That's good with the proper cameras, you are in full control of where the focus should be :) No AI decided for yourself :D
Did you take this photo in Europe? I've never seen such a creature before... Looks almost scary, extraterrestrial :)

It´s actually from Costa Rica, some crazy looking tropical species I guess :) Never seen anything like this in Europe either...

I thought I should be buying a shotgun to protect my yard from this monster. Phew... :D
Actually, this year I started to discover some huge bugs in our garden, quite disturbing. Evolution or we messed it all up, I guess we'll find out soon :)

Tak já nevim, nejsem asi rozenej houbař...

Dvakrát za poslední měsíc jsem byl v lese a pokaždý odcházel s velmi slabým úlovkem. Pak přijdu na basket a jeden z mých svěřenců mi ukazoval video, jak v lese musel opatrně našlapovat každej krok, aby nešlápnul na houbu. A teď ty... :D

Chápu :) Já většinou v tomto konkrétním lese taky nic moc nenajdu a když jo, tak se na jeden košík fakt nadřu, ale letos opravdu rostou ve velkém, takže stačilo půl hoďky a bylo vymalováno :D Mražák se slušně zaplnil, takže to vypadá na houbovku s knedlíkem ještě i na jaře :D

Time in nature is also a good investment, your photos are great as I told you once it doesn't matter the phone but the skill of the one who uses it 👍 By the way I'm not a mushroom lover, that's why I never order pizza with mushrooms 🙃 But I like to see the photos of friends in hive and you've got a good crop. Greetings and blessings!

Thanks buddy! Maybe if you got to try my legendary creamy mushroom sauce, you would become a mushroom lover too hehe :D Thank you for checking out the photos and leaving this nice comment here ;)

The photos are well taken. So colorful and the mushrooms look fresh !

Well, I wish the mushrooms were sharper in the pictures but thank you anyway, glad you enjoyed this post :)

It has been the same for me, I have not much time to be on HIVE nowadays, however the summer ended and the weather has been cooler. That means I will have much more time online.

I have a bias against mushrooms in any forest land. I consider all of them as poisoned :)

Quite the opposite in my case hehe, the summer was too hot so I was hiding inside a lot and now it´s finally cooler so I spend more time outside :)

Well, here in the Czech Republic, mushroom picking is extremely popular and most Czech people have a decent knowledge of the mushrooms so we know what species to pick :)

Yea looks opposite, if you check my last post, you will understand me 😁

I just did, that was a great trip! Why I don´t see any of those amazing photos from Sardala in my photo challenge? :D Still a few more hours left to participate if you want ;)

Because it was in August, that's why I say make the duration longer in your contest :)

I see :) Thanks for being honest then! I didn´t notice it was in August...

I guess it must have taken you a short time to fill the basket with that abundance. They really are too many. The point I'm wondering is the mushrooms look amazing, but how did you know if they are poisonous by experience 😅

No worries my friend, we know which species are edible, which are not edible and which are poisonous ;) Most of te mushrooms that you can see in the pictures are this species plus some more (also edible and delicious). Thanks for stopping by! :)

Fantastic. I would like to taste these flavors. Enjoy, my friend. Yours sincerely

You have harvested a lot. Hehe. I guess it's more beneficial to slack in nature than on chain 😊

Harvested a lot, well, you should see those 20 kg of walnuts that we picked :D But yeah, it definitely feels good, refreshing and energizing to be out there in nature so often these days ;) Thanks for swinging by!

I hope I could do that too..take. a break from online side hustles for even just a week..

A very fat fungus and I think it is very delicious to eat, but I do not know this type of fungus, whether it can be consumed or not, because this type of fungus is not found in my area.

Yes, it can be consumed and it´s actually a delicious one, you can trust me because I have already eaten tons of it and I´m still here :D

Hahaha :D
Yeah, I assume so too, because I've eaten it but on a different kind of fungus.

Cool mushroom photography, as I can see this mushroom is not in our area.

I think it doesn´t grow in the tropics but I´m sure you have some other species in your country that are edible too ;)

Yes, that's absolutely true.
And at our place there are also many other types of mushrooms.

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Thank you guys!

Ooooh! How cool! Must be fun to collect mushrooms, I have seen a lot of mushrooms in my hiking trips but I feel insecure about eating them because I don't know anything about mushrooms and I have read that many can be really dangerous and toxic. Although eating an hallucinogen mushroom must be, hmmm, let's say interesting hahaha 🍄🤭

Right. Well, after reading all the comments here, I´m not surprised anymore :) Obviously, my country is one of just a few where mushroom picking is super popular and where the knowledge of mushroom species is widespread :) I guess this is something to proud of and not all those beer primacies that we usually boast about haha :D

Hahaha, knowing that now I suppose that Czech food has a lot to do with mushrooms, nor Greek or Venezuelan foods use mushrooms, at least not the most popular tradicional plates, I mean, it's not a very common ingredient in their gastronomy. Obviously now some people like to add them to pizzas, spaghetti, rice, etc. But people don't like mushrooms very much here hahaha. I have eaten them sometimes in restaurants, the taste is a little strange but not bad, but I haven't ever bought them for our food.

thats the beauty of nature.

Glad you could see it in the pictures :)

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Tři vítězové, jejichž fotky uveřejním v dalším kole, dostali plný upvote, ostatní účastníci dostali menší upvoty. Tak jak to mám napsané v postu.

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I wish I could send you a jar of my mushroom sauce :D

 2 months ago  Reveal Comment

Right :) The sauce would go bad during the long trip and it would be such a pity!