Hive Witnesses | More Communication Needed?

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I just am writing a quick update of sorts as I understand things have been a bit crazy and I am seeing some discussion of wanting more communication etc from witnesses.. and I sort of agree.

BUT I think it’s important to actually explain the current happenings, so individuals are up to date.

First of all - I love communication.. in fact I think lack of communication is the reason for many issues we see. The more information and clear communication- the better.

I’ve personally always wished we had a bit more for the witnesses working hard behind the scenes, as sometimes we as community members don’t even know what they are doing unless they tell us. I think that is hard for many though, who just are here to work hard to secure the chain and ensure things run smoothly. (And will probably be annoyed I am about to mention their contributions )

Then of course we have our politician witnesses who talk a lot about themselves.. but don’t actually do much. I personally prefer the first group, but wish we could all see their contributions somehow. I hope this is something that can be worked on in the future.

So Much Still To Be Done

We literally just pulled off an amazing feat - A hardfork with no issues. This, in my history at Steem, had never been done. Not to mentioned the circumstances that everyone was working under being less than ideal.

And the work is not done yet

There is so much happening behind the scenes - continuing to integrate needed technical updates. Get wallets up and running, get signups running smoothly, working on infrastructure needed for a good user experience. Not to mention the work being done in regards to exchange listings, press releases, social media comms, the kickass website, all the block explores, dApps working hard to migrate and update etc etc etc

There is sooooo much work being done.

Our witnesses are still kicking ass trying to ensure our new home is set up properly. Most don’t even have time to sleep, let alone write a post.

Communication and Contributions

I know many of you want to hear from those involved and I hope we see some posts coming soon, but those working the hardest main goals are to get this place ready for you - so I’m just asking for patience.

I think the goal has always been to help set the strong foundation for Hive, so then it can be handed over to the community with the tools needed to be successful. Many are working tirelessly to ensure this happens.

I myself haven’t even been contributing to @C-squared (the witness I represent) in the day to day curating sense... as I’ve been so busy trying to contribute to Hive in anyway I can. Thankfully @carlgnash, @markangeltrueman and our amazing curators are holding down the fort so I can commit my time to communication, exchange listings, and some of the other clerical stuff that is needed to give Hive the attention it deserves.

Witnesses like @gtg have been busting ass in many different aspects from code level to helping exchanges integrate and being vital in the Bittrex listing.

@crimsonclad (@followbtcnews) is like a damn Wonder Woman.. not only being the tech goddess that she is but running around ensuring every one is heard and walked through any questions they may have in the Hive discord, working on Hive communications, and about 100 other things.

@netuoso is one of the only reasons we even have this new home ... and continues to be vital in every aspect of ensuring its successful.

Others like @guityparties who is taking on signups, setting up accounts, helping with technical aspects and just well.. too much other stuff to even count.

Same for @ats-witness helping with communication, Q and A, exchanges ... dude is busting ass.

@roelandp and @therealwolf have been vital in the logo design and whole “look” of Hive. Websites, logos, setting up emails to making communication with exchanges easier etc.

@blocktrades continues to step up in any aspect needed and is just an over all vital part of this all as well. We wouldn’t have this home without his work either.

@howo from @steempress is just working his ass off behind the scenes and played a huge role in the code and review of such and continues to contribute in many different aspects.

@nextgencrypto, love or hate him, has also been busting his ass behind the scenes and on the social media front among many other things.

There are so many others that it’s hard to even name them all.

Also, all of you - who have been working hard to get the name out there on Twitter etc. That matters more than you know! Keep it up!

my point is that there is a ton of work being done currently and some just haven’t had time to update you like perhaps they want to. I hope soon it’s clear the contributions that have gone into making of Hive, but until then I just hope we as a community can be patient and support those who are working with our witness votes.

My votes, while not perfect perhaps.. reflect how I feel about the situation.. as do many others.

IMO generally those who are speaking the loudest of their contributions only have time to do so, as they haven’t contributed much at all. 🤷‍♀️

New Beginnings

Hive is a fresh start. If we make the same mistakes, we will see the same results. Let’s pick our governance based on their ability and contributions.. not on how much they talk about themselves.

I promise that I personally will nag them all to communicate more, maybe even set up an AMA to answer all your questions ... but right now they are all volunteering full time to ensure we are set up for success. Let’s support them through that.

Adjust your Hive witness votes to reflect those committed and contributing to Hive. Those committed to Steem? for them over there. As if we learned anything in this saga, it’s that witness votes matter.

Thanks for listening to me ramble.

Much love,



For now I'll tolerate it, but in the future I'd really like to see all:

  • internal memos
  • platform politics
  • recent developments
  • witness announcements
  • etc.

Properly tagged and fitted into a community. That content should then be removed from the 'official' trending pages on popular frontends because it's silly (look I didn't use the f-word!) to force content producers to compete with board room meetings and local public service announcements.

If we're debating platform politics, or even just talking about the platform, we should have a place to go for that. Not place our potential communication breakdowns and sometimes dysfunctional nature directly on the mark, center stage, and under the spotlight.

A quality content producer isn't only producing content for self interests and financial gain. We're trying to make the place look good.

There's nothing wrong with sweeping some of this stuff under the rug, then creating a culture that knows there's a place to go to air your grievances, learn about witnesses, check out the progress reports, and the rest of this long list.

The general public can then enjoy what we bring to the surface, which is our best work. A shining example of the opportunities created from everything that happens behind the scenes.

It has only been five days and some folks are already grumbling about the content on the trending page. They have valid concerns but at the same time I recognize the fact we're all still attempting to get our shit together, so it's far too soon to begin complaining, but I'd really like to make a point that this common concern inherited from the old platform doesn't need to last forever. Five days is fine but in five months time, I'd personally like to see some progress made in regards to what I've mentioned here.

I'm here to help, not bitch and moan, so if anyone has any questions or would like to accumulate wisdom from gaining the perspective of an actual content producer, feel free to ask.

Internal memos

I think that is the burn they agreed to first. 🤣

They? Who's they? Do you mean 'us'?

Let's not do the division thing here. Try to work together. Keep in mind, I was gone for a few months so in that time I'm not sure what progress had been made to remedy the seemingly endless trending page hysteria.

No clue who they is. Usually blockchain decisions are on the blockchain. Some powerful accounts that moved over and supported the move I guess.

You do have a good point of ending the division. I do suspect there will be much less here. We have a brighter future, but silent compliance means suppression not unity. The millions of Chinese soldiers who helped the communist party were enthusiastic volunteers after all.

I'm only suggesting the content gets sorted. Everyone still gets their money and visibility. Just trying to open some doors for a vast portion of this community. That's all.

By 'internal memos' I just meant little announcements that would only appeal or make sense to a small group of people within the community. I think I missed a joke there. It happens.

clayop did some interesting analysis on trending of hive and steemit only 6 days in. He noticed more engagement on Hive and wants to consider making a better rep system.
Also slq is up, so asher will be back to measuring engagement.

To say we aren't headed in a better direction with more communication would be silly. I know the foundation regularly created attendee lists and MOM.

I think my point is some things are best left centralized and opaque.

Money and visibility is good for all. I am hoping visibility come first and bith are well deserved.

Well I'm certainly not attempting to halt communication. There could be a lot more if it had a place. People simply stop looking at the trending page once it's overrun with what I had mentioned, and then a lot of the important messages don't get read. Then people are angry they weren't informed.

Currently I don't mind seeing all the rapid recent developments taking center stage. I think it's great, and it's kinda fun to show off.

In the future once more curation is happening and things settle, these messages will get lost. I think it's wise to eventually give this stuff an important home, plus give the content producers a platform they can thrive on. Shooting for one of those win wins here.

You'd be among the last I'd accuse of trying to halt reasoned and sincere conversation.
I just don't bother checking trending. I follow who I want because I like their work or the quality of they promote. Besides I follow a few people who are good at getting the news. Decentralization of media is important.

The trending page is fine now. Hive developments, new dapps, news etc should be most important for now. It's new, exciting amd important. It's also the best time to be paying attention and mentioning important ideas, before they are burried.

We all want a winwin and I think we are well on your way to get it.

I'm interested in this important home you mention. There are already people linking links and even artists telling the story. Perhaps we will see a magnum opus "the birth of a real decentralized social network". It's happening now so its too soon to tell the story, best observe or try to be an active part.

Jarvie had some ideas for a Q and A community as well as some sort of way to better communicate. I think many of these things can be solved with good tools (roadscape has discussed this as well) and as we move more and more into communities, we hopefully have better looking “trending” geared to an outside audience for sure.

I think making a few specific tags or communities ineligible to 'trend' on the main page would be a simple solution. Have a flashy button somewhere that looks important, push it, and that leads behind the scenes.

With something like that, witnesses and developers can still produce content and be a part of the community that way, and at the same time have a place where their important notes aren't lost or scattered all over the chain, overlooked, or hogging top slots and bugging people. It's for their own good. The community often loses trust in the witnesses when their posts hog all the glory. I'm just being honest. Not trying to be a jerk. I liked your post and I hope you're having a fine day.

You missed one important person, yourself. As I see it you have been busting your ass way more than most. You are the glue(or at least one part of the epoxy resin) that helps hold all this together and we should all recognise what you are doing. Wonderful work Justine, and it's an honour and a pleasure to be associated with you in c-squared and as a friend.

Awe you’re too nice 🤗 I just yell at people and help where I can. Lots of people doing lots of stuff. Thanks for being you ❤️

I'd love to complain, but I've just been dropped a load of tokens and sat on my arse doing nothing :)

Thank you for your work and thanks to everyone above and anyone who's doing the do behind the scenes to prepare our new home.

Hey shit isn’t perfect yet, I just hope people show some grace to acknowledge the work that has and is still being done.

I know I missed some people.

Honestly this will be a new thing for the community and we will all have to learn some personal responsibility. As there is no centralized group anymore.. it’s on all of us. I’m not sure many are ready for that, to be honest. But time will tell.

I suspect there are others in the community willing to help but as with many tasks, more people doesn't necessarily mean things happen faster or better.

It's amazing how much has happened in the space of a couple of weeks!

Oh absolutely and the community has already been vital on ensuring the name is out there on twitter etc, which is huge!!

I just meant.. show them patience on not talking as much as they should 😅 and yes when it’s open for everyone to contribute it will be great.

We have the best community around and with the right tools, we will be unstoppable.

"A hardfork with no issues"
Actually that is a really good point that had escaped me.

For me also, every previous Steem hardfork had been beset with problems.
I also notice Steem is really buggy now and the API is only available half the time.

There is a renewed sense of energy on Hive.
My posts get much more real interaction and I am also interacting more.

No issues! Stock markets almost the worst ever, Bitcoin way down, and COVID-19 still spreading the pandemic. These are not minor inconveniences during the hardfork either. It really is amazing our witnesses pulled this off so quickly and so smoothly.

Thank you all for protecting our currency and our futures here on the new squeaky clean blockchain!

is there a real concern from the cease and desist? I was wondering how much of a threat that is, or how it would impact everything here?

Other than that everything seems to be working correctly(minus the wallet)

Imo opinion and only my opinion- no. The company doesn’t have a trademark, the names are different (minus a very common word) and it’s different aspects of a decentralized space. I see no threat.. I see someone trying to use our hype to get eyes on their project .. but that’s just me talking.

Wallet should be up now (just deployed)

presumably you already know, but website (the rebrand of for the hive blockchain) has a functioning wallet (and is much better website overall in terms of functionality than which is basically just a clone of

The cease and desist is not any kind of threat at all from the standpoint of legal action that could stop hive blockchain from operating.

This is very helpful justine. I don't want to compare you with Eli but you sure know how to communicate.

Thanks for giving me some more insight in who are doing the hard work ♥️

I didn't know about this all. Thank you for making us aware of the hard work done by all these individuals. Kudos!

I love communication too. Collectively we understand less and less of how it's done. I would have to agree that I am of the opinion that it's the cause of some of our more serious problems.

I would also like to appreciate open unfiltered sharing, as it is all but absent in my personal life. Every one holds back and silences themselves, or goes much too far and speaks of things they dont even mean. I think the crisis with many of us is actually from within too. And shouldn't always be shrugged off as fault of the other. Communication with oneself is the height of communication as it helps all other forms of sharing.

Super proud of the work you and everyone else have done, putting time and energy into bringing Hive to life. It has been my honor to work alongside you for going on years now (!!!) in various projects and especially with @c-squared.

To anyone reading this, the @c-squared witness has a very technically competent witness operator (@markangeltrueman) and more relevant to you, is a completely open community for curators. Even if you don't consider yourself a curator, if you are reading posts on the Hive blockchain... you should be a curator! All it means is, if you find a good post that you think deserves more love than it is getting - bring it to the c-squared Discord! If you aren't already a curator, all you have to do is request the curator role in our #general channel. C-squared doesn't just upvote posts, we resteem them on the @c-squared channel so it is an easy way to expose authors to a wider audience.

Cheers all and HIVE ON!!!

Nica :-) :D

Thank you for your contribution through this, I appreciate it.

Well I’m blacklisted so that pretty much sours my opinion. I was trying to support the community and voted for the wrong witnesses. I even changed my vote right away and somehow they still flagged me. I guess they will fix it but we shall see. Really makes it hard to enjoy when I can’t even access my wallet

You aren’t blacklisted, because here you are 🙂 but I understand your frustration. There is a team working on the second phase which will included appeals process. Hopefully that will help resolve this issue.

As far as your wallet, that shouldn’t be affected by being excluded from the airdrop - your still free to use the platform as you would like. The issue probably is that the hive.wallet had not been deployed until about 30mins ago (but the wallet has worked since launch). Try those.

you have a misconception. Not being on the airdrop isn't a blacklist. The wallet at is just broken, there is no wallet functionality there (for everyone). You can access your wallet at (this is the rebrand of for the hive).

Re the airdrop, your tokens were still reserved (along with everyone else who did not receive the airdrop) and you can appeal to get your airdropped tokens at the next hardfork (which should be pretty soon as there is a ton of code changes being worked on that require a hardfork, the first hardfork was kinda just rushed to get Hive out the gates). Given what you say it should be no problem for you to win the appeal and still receive the airdrop. Understandably they could not hold up the hardfork to hear all potential disputes about the airdrop before hardforking, and the criteria were simply enforced across the board based on the blockchain data while setting up a process for people to appeal if they had been mistakenly excluded because they accidentally voted for wrong witnesses and then changed them.

There is a wallet now at

Definitely great to hear updates from the witnesses! There have been times in the past when I literally had no idea what some of them were contributing lol.

Thanks for the giving us the quickie update ;)

Thank you for your devotion and hard work. Same goes to everyone you mentioned and those you didn't.

I also hope there is more communication, transparency and decentralization. In any case we are doing better than Steemit already.

group hug, wait no no social distancing group self higs

LOTS of people not mentioned have been involved, just was focusing on a few witnesses I think have contributed a lot and aren’t known to speak of themselves often.

I agree on the other - cool thing is we can do this however we want. It’s our chain 🙌🏼

Yup, key point is it is our chain. I'm excited and thinking about boosting my investments and reccomendations to others, depending on how the next few critical months go. I doubt I'm the only one thinking this.

Yes we still have some legacy problems that were with us before the split and those do need to be addressed in the near future but right now I am very happy with how Hive is developing. A GIANT Hive-five for all the people involved with pulling this hard fork off and thank you for all the hard work you've done.
Also you all did an amazing job under less than ideal circumstances to say the least.
images 1.png Hive is Alive =)

Very good point. I was two years in steem and I hardly knew a couple of witnesses. It would be great to be different this time!

Communication is key. I agree. And knowing these are the players who have been part of such a successful hard fork (after how many sequential Steemit Inc failures!!?? .. I think the honest number is 2, but it was back-to-back blubbering up that literally crippled the blockchain.. so.. effectively unforgivable).

Thank you for continuing to be a voice of reason, and a voice in general for the blockchain and (more accurately) the community that we all support on Steem Hive

I'd love to see some new witnesses enter the space and mix things up a bit. Now that the drama is over I've actually removed the vast majority of my witness votes aside from those I genuinely believe deserve it and fit my interests.

I am all for hearing more from the witnesses, and knowing more about what is happening behind the scenes. That being said, I feel like there should be a group of ambassadors that maybe handle making posts, and giving us this coverage, for those that are good workers, but not at talking about it.

Ambassadors are a great idea for many things.. but to actually report on what people are doing they would have to not only know what is being done but understand it.. so someone would have to explain it to them.. probably quicker for a witness to just write a quick post once in awhile.

Thanks to you and everyone who made Hive happen.....also thanks for the update regarding who has been doing what ❤️

Good to see someone's keeping witnesses on their toes. Definitely missed that over on Steem.

😅 you know me.. I just yell at everyone.

I'm sad I didn't make the team. 😕

Not sure what you mean? There are about 70 people not mentioned in this post. I was simply pointing out some witnesses who haven't updated or communicated due to being busy .. and I wanted to showcase that and remind people to vote.

Well, @birdinc gets my vote on the witness list.

You should save this as a template and use the section above as a kind of 'who's who' on Hive - it's kind of useful to have a list of the names behind what's going on in the background!

Then of course we have our politician witnesses who talk a lot about themselves.. but don’t actually do much.

I want to be this 👆.
Now i just need someone that will do all the heavy lifting. Any takers?😂