Skull Dogs

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What the hell is that you are drinking?

El-Jefe sputtered as I quaffed heartily from my glass.

It was our Friday afternoon catch up call. A call in which we both made a futile attempt at sounding interested in work and planning for the upcoming week.

Huh, what do you mean?

I retorted as if he had just caught me sewing a series of small cat vaginas together into a fetching bunting for the upcoming Cats of Spring parade.

What do you mean, what do I mean? It's bloody well obvious what I mean?! What is that, that in your hand?!

El-Jefe jabbed a finger at the glass in my hand which was no mean feat given that he was looking at me on a pokey laptop screen.

Oh this?

I turned the glass in my hand so that the amusing horned skull nonsense on it was fully visible for the Jefemeister.
I do have a weakness for a nice glass it must be said

You like it? You can get them online. I will send you the link if you like? We can be the Skull Dogs!! Raaar!

I chortled and raised my glass in a clashing Viking salute to him as if we were two hairy Northmen feasting over our fallen foes.

The what?! The what dogs? I don't think that would be very appropriate.

El-Jefe made a flubbling noise with his ample jowls and shook himself like a particularly wet Otter.

But no, no. That is not what I meant. I meant what is in the glass? What are you drinking?

The furrows on his brow became so deep his forehead looked as if it was comprised entirely of buttocks.

I looked at my glass and then at El-Jefe on the screen.

Ah... I get you. You are wondering what I am drinking? Well, that is simple, my soon to be fellow Skull-Dog. It is Kombucha. Salted Lime Kombucha, to be precise.

I took a sip of the straw-coloured slightly fizzy liquid.

Mmm Mmm, delicious.

El Jefe looked like someone had asked him why the cow had crossed the road. get to the MOO-vies!


He rolled the word in his mouth like a cough sweet.

And what the hell is Kombucha?

To say he looked suspicious would be a masterclass in understatement.

Kombucha? You mean you have never heard of Kombucha? It's... it's like a fermented drink or something.

I waved a hand around breezily as if telling a removal man to just put that box over there.

A fermented drink? But what's in it?

El-Jefe hunched forward.

What's in it? Erm, I dunno... fungus or something? Might be mould, maybe?

To be honest I was not sure. I remembered something about the Mother but that might have been Apple Cider Vinegar. Was it bacteria?

Fungus? Mould? Ugh, Boomdawg, you are an odd one at times.

El-Jefe's face broke out in a huge smile.

Hang on a minute though.

He stood and went off-camera. I heard the unmistakable sound of a can opening and then he marched back into frame with a pint glass full to the brim with some cheapish looking lager.

Aye aye, boss-man. Now, what is that you are drinking?

I asked with an eyebrow crooked heavenward in a way that Spock would be proud of.

Oh this. It's just some... Kombucha. Cheers!

El-Jefe winked at me and raised his glass for a big foamy sip.

I raised mine in return and smiled feebly.

El-Jefe winking and joking and even worse, drinking beer on the job?

I'm getting too old for this shit.


What the hell is that you are drinking?

Sometimes I even ask the same from myself. Haha. 😂
Often too much (three or four cups) coffee in the morning.

Huh, what do you mean?

When? When I nod my head yes, but wanna say no? Haha. 😂

El-Jefe winking and joking and even worse, drinking beer on the job?

That would be much worse than drinking coffee. I rather stick with drinking coffee in this case. Coffee stops me from sleeping. Even too much coffee. But too much beer probably would stop me from standing and sitting. Actually I do not know. I have not tried it so far, and I am not planning to try it in the future either. Haha. 😂

I drink far too much coffee especially at work. Perhaps I should start on the beer to even my keel!! :0D


Sounds like your boss was jelly of your fermented beverage so he went and got one himself! Those bastards.

What kind of uncultured swine doesn’t know what kombucha is?! Doesn’t he know that it’s hipster to drink it?

I shake my head at those not in the kombucha know!! :0D

Hi @meesterboom , Haaaaaaaaa, I think you were drinking beer and you play a joke on the boss, he deserves it for being envious, he wanted to drink what you were drinking, the part where you say you raise your eyebrow like Spock made me laugh a lot, on a trip to the stars it was what most distinguished this man and his intelligence , your boss seems to want your friendship more than being your boss , that 's good , however you must handle the matter .

He wants the friendship sometimes and others he is like a viper in a hole!

Never trust the boss men, that's what I always say :OD

Damn. Put anything in that cup and it becomes Nectar of the Demons.

And that is exactly how I like my drink to be known!!

Nectar of the Demons: Puts hair on the chest, hooves on the feet, and horns on the head.

Get yours... today! Or go to hell.

Or a splendid cartoonesque image of a voluptuous lady-demon beckoning you

Go to hell with Nectar of the Demons...

You hear the word, Pull! A guy pulls a tab, opens a can of Red Bull, grows wings, starts flying around. Camera zooms out, now you see a voluptuous lady-demon holding a rifle and she shoots him out of the sky.

Go to hell with Nectar of the Demons...

Yeah, I will go with that one!!! I am already imagining meeting this voluptuous lady demon lady thing!!!

You know they have to milk her to get that stuff, right?

Oh yeah, that's why I pay top dollar for my hell nectar!!


If I don’t perfect human cloning
I won’t be able to live with myself.

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I went through a Kombucha phase meself after Madonna was swearing by the stuff. . It was around 40 quid a bottle at the time. It's still a bit pricey. You were drinking beer weren't you? Discord all over again. I'll get my coat!

Funkin hell. How much!?? I world rather eat my get them pay that. I was actually drinking kombucha. I keep the camera off for the beer 😉

Ah, I still laugh at that discord!!

If you get super drunk drinking out of that glass, does that mean you got skull fucked?

Why yes!! Perhaps not something I will boast about 🤣

I do like a good glass as well. The glass can make or break a drink.

The Koombacha "mother" is called a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast). As the name suggests it is a bacteria and yeast combination. I used to make koombacha at home which was fun for a while, until I had like 8 jars with 8 scoby's taking up space in the fridge. Its been been while, I would start making some more if I could get a scoby. That's the difficult part - obtaining one.

Scoby! That's it. Yes, my friend made it for a while but he started having too much same eventually gave up. I think he switched to sourdough after that as the starter is a tad easier to manage.

You are right about the glass. I think that is why their glasses are quite delicate as it seems to help with the taste and the drinking!

Soon he'll be asking you where you got your glass from and then he'll be drinking "kombucha" out of it and you'll be skull dogs and before you know it he'll be round for dinner and Christmas parties and then what will you do XD

I don't know, it will be like a scene from Mad Max 2 and we will be dressed in leather road rags riding our hogs off into the sunset to the sound of gunfire!!! Lol

That's...rather terrifying actually but also might be kind of sweet? XD

Or I will be wearing his skin with a pair of goggles and brandishing a flamethrower at the sky from atop the broken ruins off a city 😃😃

That seems a more likely outcome but really isn't any better XD

Yes, it might not be the best for long term. Will have to avoid getting drunk to ensure it doesn't happen!

Under very specific circumstances? As I can't see you not getting drunk XP

Yes, you are right. As long as I start off the brandy I should be fine.


"Bloody 'Ell, that's a nice beaver you have there.", She turned round facing me with a dark grim look on her face as if I had just made some rude remark. Then I pointed at the beercan that stood beside her yellow golden fluid white foam headed filled glass. "The beer, I mean the beer, it is a great drink, is it not?"

Great glasses, marvelous cans, I do like the skull theme.

Have a great one!

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Yes, their beer can be hit and miss at times but generally good and I love the skull nonsense that the emblazon on all their stuff. Clever but cool marketing.

It almost makes you drink beer out of it!! 😃

My stint with the bookmobile crew led to the corrupting influence of kombucha on my previously healthy beverage repertoire of soda and beer. 'Tis a shameful thing.

It is shameful. It's damn tasty though. I wonder if they have a beer kombucha? Might be worth a Google. If there is then I'm probably doomed!!

You were lucky that El-Jefe didn't jab a finger into your drink to know what you were drinking 😁

That would be the last time he saw that finger!! :OD

Haha 😁

Just when I thought nothing could get worse than haggis you're drinking kombucha..

But is fucking lovely!! I am addicted, I cant get enough of the stuff!

Just last weekend my buddy got a 6'er of that stuff at the farmers market here. Looked weird to me, I passed. So I got a boba tea... he passed.

Friday. Cheers.

Boba tea, you cant go far wrong there.

Chin chin old fella! ;OD

Well ! Now he's done it first even though he thinks YOU did it first, which means next time you really can. You should have did a sneaky video with your phone from the side or something, so you could have the blackmail evidence.... just in case.

You did really do that .. .right?

Of course he thinks ya'll are real buddies now.

Does that mean next time I should just sit there with the bottle of JD on plain display and know everything will be alright... lol! Perhaps I will not play him at that game. He will think we are buddies till the next time I poink him with some sarkiness! :OD

As long as you have the vid of him doing it first, time stamp and all, I think that will be fine. LOL !!!

I'm thinking you send him a bottle first so he can have some JD at the same time.

Now you are old drinking buddies for sure.

I will wait until I have video evidence before I can possibly say we are buddies. Now that is friendship when you base it on having film evidence of wrongdoing! :OD

Some friendships just need a little backup guarantees. 😄

Cold hard guarantees!!

Its one of those weird beers you used to get from the Bear-Man dude at that strange shop... ain't it?

Hahaha, I wish. I might occasionally sneak one on a Friday avo but to do it in plain sight is too risky!!

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A doubler in one go!! I like it. Cheers!!

Yeah, that's what we call the talent I guess 😎 He he, don't lose it! Cheers 🍻🍻🍻

Oh hell nah lol. Cheers to you and El Jefe Boom.

Work sucks but at least thats a cool moment. That glass is sweet too. Friggin horned skeletons with that skull vehicle.

They do the best beer glasses. Although they are a bit fragile which I suspect may not be an accidental design flaw! :0D


I retorted as if he had just caught me sewing a series of small cat vaginas together into a fetching bunting for the upcoming Cats of Spring parade.

Have you seen what multiple Scoby's look like when you hold them together?


I don't think your description was far from the truth!!!!

Here's a nice video of a gentleman eating a piece of Scoby. Skip to 5:10.

I think we have just found something new to add to Haggis. It'll add flavour and a "nicer" texture than saturated sand.

@meesterboom God! The mental pictures you create! I can't get the image of my own El-jefe sitting there with a furrow on face, looking like buttocks and shaking himself like a wet otter! I am going to AVOID video calls from now on with him - I may burst out laughing!

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