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a great greeting my dear community , I hope you are well and protected from the virus, this time we continue with the series of summaries of the principles of success that presents Napoleon Hill in his wonderful book "think and get rich", this time we will talk about one of the wonders of human biology "the human brain", I hope you like it and can leave valuable comments. This time we will talk about one of the wonders of human biology "the human brain", I hope you like it and you can leave valuable comments.

in this principle the author refers to the brain by saying that "if a person had access to all the riches of the world and took a single coin, he would be doing the same thing he does with his brain", although people may understand that the brain is a marvel of biology, very few are aware of its potential.

the brain is connected to the two minds of the human being "the conscious and the unconscious" it is also comparable to a power station with an inconceivable capacity, it has to be considered that the amount of lines that connect the brain is equal to one followed by 15 million zeros, it has also been determined that there are ten to fourteen billion cells in the cerebral cortex of an average human being, it is now assumed that this complex machine is not only there to maintain the basic functions of the organism.

the brain has given us all the technological wonders we have today such as rockets for space travel, the blockchain, cryptocurrencies, space probes, artificial intelligence and so many other wonders that make our lives easier and everything has come out of that grey matter that we all have in our heads, you can doubt its capabilities but what you cannot doubt is the capacity of the brain that we all have, nature gave us a tool with which to fulfil all our dreams.

The brain can be developed like any other muscle in the body, its development will depend on the constancy and the work that is dedicated by the person, it should be noted that we live in the information age and thanks to technology it is possible to access training that are designed to increase the capacity of the brain with just one click,

One of the curious facts that is not in the book but that seems relevant to me is that the brain technically chose its own name, that is to say it was the brain of some scientist who gave the name to this organ, in short it was the brain itself that chose what it should be called, surprising truth, to complement the curious fact the word brain comes from the Latin cerebro, which means something like "that which is on top of the head".

in conclusion one of the wonders of human biology is the brain that although it is necessary to train it to achieve the best performance, people can be sure that this tool will give them a clear path from where they are to where they want to get life, the power of the brain should not be underestimated because this wonder somehow is in constant communication with the conscious and subconscious mind of the human being to automatically guide the lives of people, ie create your destiny here on earth.

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