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First off, I hope you all are doing well, keeping safe during these turbulent times. The coronavirus is changing the very way we live life every day. Most people I talk to are in lockdown, some quarantined, and in some places curfews and worse.

Some have said this felt like a prison lockdown and are salvaging this time by strengthening bonds with loved ones.

This initiative is to share your coronavirus story.

  • What is your coronavirus story; how has it affected you? (your life, financially, health or otherwise)
  • Have you or someone you know been effected with the coronavirus, how are they now, what was it like for them?
  • Have you used this time to strengthen bonds with loved ones, do you feel you'll come out of this a better person?
  • Do you have any photos/videos to share of where you're hunkering down? Show us how you spend your 24 hours as a prisoner xD
  • If you haven't been practicing social distancing, why, & what's the world like out there by you?
  • Please write a whole post sharing your story.

10 (or more) posts (shared on Twitter or other social media) will be rewarded with 100% upvotes. Even if your post isn't in the top 10, upvotes will be given in lesser amounts to active participants.


  • Share your HIVE post to Twitter. Comment below with both your Twitter & HIVE post links.
  • Use the hashtag #quarantinelife in your HIVE post. Use the hashtags #quarantinelife & #hive in your Tweet. You can add other hashtags on Twitter too like #coronavirus or #covidlife etc. just increases exposure for your tweet.
  • The title of your HIVE post should be "My Quarantine Story" & the main HIVE tag or one of the first 5 tags should be #quarantinelife
  • @threespeak will be giving out upvotes for #threespeak videos based on this initiative!
  • Don't forget to use the tag POSH for extra posh upvotes.
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Shout out to @derangedvisions and others for doing similar initiatives. Post any other contest you see in the comments as well.

Thanks for the shoutout Dan. I am really liking all of the contests and community engagement we are getting right now with Hive. This is a good way to keep people's spirits up in these troubling times we are seeing throughout the world.

@nathanpieters is doing a similar one, I think.
TBH I was on a sabbatical from blogging but this quarantine presents the perfect opportunity to get my groove back here on Steem....err.....HIVE. Old habits :-)

lol yeah, but this gives people who missed mine a 6 day grace period to enter in a similar contest, right?

Thanks @theycallmedan for this initiative, better times will come, let's not lose faith.


this is excellent. I love your initiatives.

HI Dan

This writing just came to me in a flash of inspiration today as a great response to your challenge, but also an honest post about me and how CV and self-isolation has effected me.

Hive post: https://peakd.com/hive-148441/@raj808/my-quarantine-story-the-time-between-times

Twitter share:

'Do you have any photos/videos to share of where you're hunkering down?'



Hi @theycallmedan. This is @Queengaga, and this is my story. Here are my post:

Hive post: https://beta.peakd.com/quarantinelife/@queengaga/the-coronavirus-an-impregnable-belief

Twitter post:

I am feeling like I am jailed.

Aloha @theycallmedan!

Nikola Tesla once said "Be alone, that is the secret of invention; be alone, that is when ideas are born."

And that is what I'm doing in these times of Corona. I make good use of this pandemic to be creative and write down all ideas that come to my mind for my project called Protopolis.

With this big undertaking I also hope to make sure to support finally the mass adoption for HIVE and Steem. And it is exactly these details that I am currently thinking about, which I will present soon in my next post. As a newbie I first have to get used to the world of Hive and Steem and learn to blog.

A crisis can also open up new opportunities.

The good should be with you! I wish you all the best!

tesla is amazing.

Tesla the hero of the world on par with Da Vinci, Michelengelo, Einstein. Surpassing them as No1.

Aloha @julianrock!

His intention was to serve humanity and not capital!

"Money does not represent the value that people place on it. All my money has been invested in experiments with which I have made new discoveries that will allow humanity to have a slightly easier life."

Nikola Tesla (1856-1943), inventor, physicist and electrical engineer

May the good be with you!

Hello @theycallmedan

Here is my post.


Ok, done! Here is my Twitter link:

And my hive post: https://peakd.com/quarantinelife/@stellabelle/my-quarantine-story-theycallmedan-initiative

Thanks for doing these writing contests, they are really helpful to many including myself.


"I don't have any other social media outlet to post this on outside of Facebook. To be honest, I don't want my family and friends knowing this yet, as Hive is completely insulated from their eyes now."

Covid-19 has made life difficult and people are badly affected. My @threespeak post will out soon.
Thanks for this is nice initiative @theycallmedan
Stay safe.

Fantastic initiative to kick up some dust. I definitely have a very strange one to tell.

As always, I've got mental one. I never came back home from Steemfest..... Stuck in SE Asia, now thinking what the hell should I do, so out of boredom, I've decided to do all my editing including steemfest - which will be - voice of the community(mr Sun will be there) also wanna bring the memory of freedom from the boat in Koh Chang, Kind of like lockdown though.

Still keeping up the Steemfest spirit, which is now continuing its life here on Hive :D Well, good time to do the editing on the material you have, can't wait to see the final results!
You still in Thailand, or where did you end up spending the corona lockdown?

I'm in Malaysia, would prefer to be in Thailand though. I'm in good spirit, and ready to roll up. Thanks for asking ;)

this was fun. thanks for doing it.


hive post

So dan you only choose the good post that you will give an upvote? I've been participating your initiative but I didn't notice you're visiting mine. Just like before in steem, 😢😢😉

We are staying indoors and keeping well safe and happy, in fact I was Busy As A BEE Today posting my very first post here on HIVE About Planting the Seeds first and then watch them get pollinated and grow Like the New HIVE Community into delicious vegetables and Fruit! As a Steemit veteran of 3.8 years I'm happy to now join the HIVE Community and Grow with it! Hope you get a chance to check out my First posting, thanks, stay safe and BEE Careful!🐝😃🌱 I addEd the hashtag quarantine life and shared my post on Twitter! upped 💯 and resteemed

Gotta get on this one, although I kind of did a post on it already

English only?

My contest , and link promoting twitter

My story so far
hive post & twitter

It's gonna be exciting to write about my prisoner life but the challenge is how to represent that.. Hmm well, Let's see.. :) Great initiative...

Great theme, I am sure hive can be flooded with stories. Will be tough to read through all. :)

Hive post -

Twitter -

I just shared my story... welp, mostly about the community I live in..

Hive Blog: https://hive.blog/quarantinelife/@tegoshei/my-quarantine-story-a-realization-and-whatnots

It really sad what's going on in the world right now. It is really unprecedented. We hope that things return to normal and everyone be happy again. Secondly I wish to complain bitterly of how my post was not even visited the last time I took part in something like this. Sometimes it feels like we are still on steem

Hullo... this is my first time participating in one of your initiatives, but this one I really wanted/needed to talk about. 🙂

My Twitter post:
My Hive post: https://peakd.com/quarantinelife/@kaelci/my-quarantine-story-when-plans-go-awry

Thank you. 🙏

Hope youre safe out there Dan...here are my links...


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