My Wartime Diary. Kyiv, Ukraine. Day 24.

in #staywithukrainelast year (edited)


  • Yesterday I felt that my fear goes away, little by little. Maybe the aroma of baking calmed me, or I passed another psychological stage. In any case, I decided to sleep not on the floor in the corridor, but in the bed. And lo and behold! My back did not hurt at night, and I could sleep. I heard the siren only once, but I didn’t hear the explosions at all. I hope there were no explosions nearby.

  • 8 am. My 24th day started with a good news. My long-awaited cargo is almost in Kyiv, and I will receive it today. I'm so excited, and can't wait to see it!

Donations and my small Thanksgiving.

I have heard "each of us is a drop in the ocean" a million times. But only now I know, I feel it REAL meaning. Before, my focus was always on a drop, but this is the first time when I saw an ocean. I am of those people who find it very uncomfortable to ask for help. I always rely on myself first. But this time it was almost desperation, not for me, and I reached out to everyone I could. Even my daughter who's a fitness trainer made a repost. I told her with sorrow - "What can you do?"

This was the beginning of a miracle. As I write this, I can't hold my tears. I, a tiniest and unknown drop in the ocean, received donations even from a complete strangers. My friends on Hive (MY PRECIOUS FRIENDS) and people I didn't know before together have done wonders. My daughter's friends and clients are still very young (18, 25, 30 y.o.), and I know that they make a little money. The amounts were about 10 dollars, 15 dollars. The smallest amounts were $3.3, and the most generous - $1000. We got up to $6000!

I hope I can thank you all somehow, when it's all over. You are people with a big heart, and you've shown me that we are drops, but we are THE OCEAN.

I am most grateful for the donations for

@delishtreats @dswigle @priyanarc @olga.maslievich @livinguktaiwan @erikah @silviabeneforti @ellenripley @arcange @cardboard @proteancreator
@bulldog-joy @soyrosa @motionup @racibo @flemingfarm @ybanezkim26 @jacobpeacock @trangbaby @edb

and for you all, your upvotes, reposts, words of support, advices and care. You are in my heart! 💛💙


  • Another news: Kyiv ranks first in the world in terms of air pollution. 😱 The indicators are 27 times higher than normal. This is due to the change in wind, and the presence in the air of smoke and fumes from other regions affected by Russian airstrikes. We are recommended to close windows and stay at home.

  • For the first time in the last week, it seems that the occupiers failed to destroy a single house in Kyiv at night.

  • Parcels received! Yoohoo! 🎉 I am going to deliver it today. 🚗


  • Such an exciting day!!! A lot of things that guys need so badly. First aid kits, painkillers - a lot, bandages, clothes. I'm looking forward to get another parcel with army boots on Tuesday. I took all boxes to the destination and came back until dark.

  • My writing was interrupted by loud rising hum. I rushed to the window. Planes? Vehicles? I didn't see anything out of my windows. But in a while, I saw a column of tanks with flags of Ukraine flying. 💙💛

  • I've been to a rehabilitator. He has an unusual method of treatment plus acupuncture. I have never tried acupuncture before. In fact, I'm a coward and I'm afraid of needles, but if I don't look, that's fine. He tried to "fix" the right side of my back and my right shoulder, which has been in pain for months. I hope he succeeded. I will visit him again in a couple of days.

  • Nick drove by earlier today. I gave him an apple pie. 😚🍰 He helped me load the boxes into the car, and for that I let him drive. I knew he missed driving. 🙃

  • It is no longer a secret that there are many roadblocks in the city. All around the city, many, fortified. When they stop me, I always smile at them. I think they really miss smiles, especially women's ones.

  • By the way, do you know what other secret weapons Ukrainians have? Humor. Moreover, it is a good humor, without evil and hatred, albeit on military topics. Ukrainians and humor are two inseparable concepts. In the evening, my daughter and I share the memes we like best, and our mood improves.

Phewwww. It was a good day. I have big plans for tomorrow, so ... see you!

Marth 20th. Day 25.

  • The night went relatively well. How I would like it to be the same for the residents of ALL cities of Ukraine!

  • The guy who brought me a package yesterday lost his mother at night. 😰 He managed to return home and see her before her death. Funeral in 2 days. He doesn't even have the money to bury her. I think I should help him too. It also means that I don't know when the next shipment will be.

  • I'm trying to find good tourniquets at the best price in Germany. My friends will buy them and send here.

  • A friend suggested me a good supermarket. There are not very many people, store shelves are full, and they have everything, vegetables, fruits, fresh meat, dairy. People in good clothes, children, dogs. I saw alcohol on the shelves and stopped in amazement. It turned out that they did not remove it, but you can not buy it. It is right. To say the truth, the prices are quite high. But I finally bought sausages. I missed them so much! Actually, I very rarely ate them before the war, but my diet and requirements have changed a lot.

  • The economy seems to be slowly coming back to life as well. A friend who volunteers for the municipal authorities sent me link to an actual map showing running business. You will not believe, I signed up for a manicure! She will definitely be scared when she sees my nails. 😊 Maybe I can also cut my hair. My cosmetologist also stayed in Kyiv, and tomorrow they open again, but don't know yet for how long.

  • Everywhere on the street there are long queues for the delivery service.

  • In general, calmness is good. But I don't know if I should be happy about it, and for how long. As soon as I wrote this, I heard a siren and a loud bang, from which windows and furniture trembled .... Hm. And quiet again. As they say, beauty requires sacrifice, but this saying got a new meaning.

  • This was my first long walk - 15 minutes to the beauty salon. The girls were discussing the recent explosion, wondering where the shell had fallen. They are also afraid to be on the street for more than a few minutes. I cut my bangs and did a simple manicure, and payed very little. The salon manager finally found the payment terminal today. She put it in the fridge on the first day of the war, under stress.

  • The neighborhood looks depressed. In the next block, many windows on the ground floor are broken, the openings are closed with plywood. I think it's because of looters, not because of explosions, because in case of an explosion, there would be more damage. I couldn't see it when driving, and I am really upset.

  • Road traffic. There were very few cars in the first week. Drivers often didn't follow the rules, but everyone drove slowly and with caution. I was saving gas because I wasn't sure when I could fill up the car. Now there are more cars, people adopted to the situation. Once, a volunteer who was traveling with me asked if I knew if the cameras for fixing speeding were working. This question was really confusing. After all, I suppose that they don't work, or rather do not fix breaches.

  • My building is old and has only 5 floors, and there is no elevator. Another friend of mine told me today, that all elevators in the city are stopped, due to the safety reasons. So he had to go up and down by feet. I can only imagine how people live on the top floors of 24 or 32-storey buildings.

  • I wonder, how much have gasoline prices risen in your country since the start of Russia's invasion of Ukraine? My friend says prices have doubled in Germany, but I know she likes to be dramatic.

  • The silence is over. I smoked on the balcony and looked at the city. The smell of smoke and absolute, creepy silence. And then I saw a dark orange trail in the sky, and I knew what would happen next. This time it fell somewhere nearby. It seems that the night will not be calm. 😨

Marth 21th.

  • I am okay, just a hard day.

Marth 22th.

  • Long curfew was in Kyiv started yesterday at 8pm. I am home alone with my thoughts. In this unwonted silence every sound is heard

  • An ambulance came to a neighbor from the first floor. His father was taken to the hospital, they suspect a heart attack.

  • I feel trapped. Try to work, however sometimes it's difficult to concentrate. I hide when I hear the alarm. I don't know if it was the right decisions...

  • Tourniquets. I have accumulated about 360€, so this is enough. Now I hope my frieds will be able to purchase that amount, and we'll find a way to get them here.

  • It looks like the sprint is turning into a marathon. And it is very difficult to switch consciousness.

Marth 23th.

  • I sleep in my bed for about a week now. Despite of air raids, I actually slept through a night. Time can speed up again any moment, and I need strength. My first thought when I wake up is "this is not a dream".

  • Air smells like smoke, again. Yesterday, only one missile hit a residential area in Kyiv.

  • The long curfew is finished, and the city comes to life. Neighbor's car is not in the parking lot. He left last night, probably drove to the hospital. No idea how did he managed it. His father had a heart attack and is being held in intensive care. He's old, but I've always liked him. Once he was an experienced climber. I sincerely hope his father is still alive.

  • 9:30 am. I was wrong about one missile. In addition, in the morning my area came under fire. And right now I hear explosions and shots. 😨

  • It's all right. Nick and his friend have stopped by. We had tea together, and they left. But their flying visit brought some life to my home.

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Stay safe dear and I always pray for you. If you need anything, feel free to let me know. I am trying to help and support many volunteers and people as much as possible who are still in Ukraine, so please just let me know...

Ooh, you are so kind, dear @priyanarc! Don't worry about me, my home is okay, and I have a job, thank goodness, so Im fine. Take care, my sweet girl. Huggs!


I really hope that this war will end soon so that we can come back to our home and rebuild our city once again... It's hard to stay away from home, I miss every moment that I have spent in Kharkiv...

It will end, and it will be a great day.

Thanks for the update, thinking of you guys every single day... Hang in there, heroic people of Ukraine!

@tipu curate

Hello @zirochka, although my country is not at war, Venezuelans have spent years in an economic crisis, which has made many of our family leave the country, and emigrate looking for a better quality of life, I understand you when you talk about humor, that's how we are in Venezuela, even in difficult times we laugh and make the bad times a moment of humor to lower stress. I keep asking for clemency for your country, for your people and wishing for peace to come soon.

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I read you and join in the good wishes for you and all those suffering from this war. As I saw your blog and your name I remembered you and thought; oh God, that's the girl from that post I enjoyed so much about the truck building you gave your husband Nick. For you too I will pray for you and everyone. You are a very noble soul and God will reward you for your actions on behalf of others. I hope to join in, may God help me to have so I can give, that is my prayer always.

I embrace you with sincerity from this side of the world ♥

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It's good news that you are feeling slightly better in this horrendous situation. I look forward to all your posts and knowing you are still ok is wonderful to know. ❤

It is always good to hear from you! I'm sure it is difficult to sit and write, but I am grateful that you have found a workable way, plus you have found a way to receive some monetary relief. Even better to hear that you got supplies! So happy, all the way around. I am beyond relieved to hear you got to see a specialist for your back.

My prayers tto you and your family and all Ukraine, strong, brave people. ❤️ More than anyone should have to bear.

I am so proud of Hive and its people ❤️

Love to you. Please be careful, my friend. Always thinking of you.

Dear @zirochka , your words touched my heart every time. I really thanks you for the updates you are sharing with us, cause our toughts are with you and with all ukrainian people. Yes, each one of us is a drop in a ocean, but all together we are an ocean and I think it's a sign that, even in a horrible nightmare like this war, there is also a good humanity around. Stay safe, stay strong. ❤️

Yes, each one of us is a drop in a ocean, but all together we are an ocean and I think it's a sign that, even in a horrible nightmare like this war, there is also a good humanity around.

Sometimes it may sound trite. But now from this phrase my heart begins to beat faster. Especially when I see kindness and humanity in such a terrible time. Thank you SO MUCH!

I love every post you do and can imagine how hard it is for you to write and choose what to write as we all know there are things you can't write about for security reasons. Your determination and will to fight is absolutely amazing. I'm glad there are a lot of people in this community that are ready to help, when help is needed. With this occasion the community has been tested and I'd say we did well.

I'm glad to see a smile on your face, even if it is for the camera. Trust me, these three and a half weeks were not in vain. This lunatic got a harsh lesson which is not over. Good must win! Hang in there, enjoy your parcel and try to take care of your back pain. ♥️🤗

With this occasion the community has been tested and I'd say we did well.

Can only agree. 👍 And, actually I smile simetimes 😄 Especially when talk to Nat. My smile at the photo might look a little unnatural but this is because if the back. But I saw a specialist and my back is better now. I'm trying to be a goid lass and come back to a normal life.

So nice to hear from you, and hope you are having a nice weekend, my dear Erikah ❤🤗


Hey @erikah, here is a little bit of BEER from @zirochka for you. Enjoy it!

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Hi @zirochka. Like many people across the world I've been following this conflict in absolute disbelief and horror at the crimes Russia is committing. I've read some of your posts since this started. It hits so close to home when I see Hiveans caught up in this. You, your family, and your people are on my mind daily.

It came to my attention that @curangel left an automated comment on this post. I wrote the code that made that decision and that message, and I want to personally apologise that it found you at this time. There are complicated reasons for that code to exist, none of which I want you to think about right now.

Please be safe and be well. I am in absolute awe at the bravery and strength of the Ukrainian people. So long as they persevere, Russia cannot win.

Слава Україні.

Героям Слава!

Don't worry about curangel, it's ojay It's for the 1st time I tries to be able to withdraw payout for the post to help our defenders and people who need help.

I appreciate your kindness and care, dear @lemony-cricket 🤗

Cheers and !BEER

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News is breaking my heart, yesterday I came to know that 998 residential buildings in Kharkiv were destroyed and around 43 (approx) children got killed because of shelling. I just can't control my emotions and I cry every day seeing the destruction caused by enemies. Stay safe dear and I really appreciate your courage...

News from Kharkiv and Mariupol are depressing indeed. Now they are taking our people (and children) from Mariupol to Russia, this is terrible. East and south of Ukraine have all my thoughts these days too.

Take care, dear Priyan! Cry if it brings you a relief...
My love and biggest hugs goes to you 🤗💛💙

I don't even know what to say here. I'm glad you are ok and Nick as well. It's terrible, terrible, terrible. I was hoping you can have a quiet, kind of normal day but as you said in one of your posts, normal has a different meaning now. I suppose if you manage to stay safe and your building too, then it's good. I'm still hoping a peaceful agreement can be reached, even though the chances for that to happen are slim.

I've been quiet for a few days as I'm dealing with some stuff myself but I'm here. 🤗♥️

Even when you're quiet you are in my heart... 💙

I suppose if you manage to stay safe and your building too, then it's good.

Yeah, it's lucky, even so Kyiv isn't so heavily bombing as poor and troubled Mariupol or Kharkiv. I choose safety today, cancelled all my "outer" plans, even a visit to that amazing man who tried to fix my back and shoulder. The pain is back, but it's not so annoying. So far so good.

Biggest hugs and !LUV

Я рада, що мій маленький внесок став краплинкою в великій справі, яку ти робиш для України! Молюсь за тебе і мрію випити з тобою кави в мирному Києві!

Обов'язково доживемо і вип'ємо разом кави! Дякую за все! ❤️❤️❤️


I was passing through a village here in the UK and saw something you might enjoy. There is a lot of support for Ukraine here.

How sweet, thank you for the photo!!

I hope you are able to get the tourniquets now, if you don't have enough to purchase them, let me know.

No, really. Let me know. I want to help.

A little bit of beauty for your day. Prayers. Lots of prayers. xo

IMG_1332 bradford.JPG

Hello, dear Denise ❤
Thank you for your willing to help, and for the flower! I miss flowers so much.

Concerning tourniquets, the thing is that it seems to be kind of product that the one need a license or such to buy more than a few pieces. Besides.... to give you an idea, my parcel from US came to Ukraine on Feb 23th. And only today I managed to submit for redirecting it to my hometown so Nat can receive it. It took a whole month, and 4 weeks to deliver to Ukraine as well. So much obstacles...

So far, I wait what my friend in Germany can do. And also I hope that a chance that the aid and help coming to Ukraine will find the recipient in the biggest need is encreasing every day.

Much !LUV and hugs from me 🤗

Friend. Today I'm just happy to read you here. I know you are, breathing, living another day and you are here with us. I don't know what else to tell you, I am a sponge that soaks in the bad experiences that you feel day by day. God please stop. Please keep on living. Blessings to your country. Freedom and peace to Ukraine...💙💛 Thank you for all the beautiful things you are doing... 💕

A truly incredible situation, I think it is a very difficult situation to bear. Reading your post I realized that the fights also bring a lot of pollution. I hope that everything ends as soon as possible. Thanks for the updates.

Wow. I just finished reading your entire war diary up to today and my heart goes out to you and the rest of Ukraine. It seems like with your back pain you carry the weight of the world. I hope that you get well soon and that peace comes to your home once more. Wishing well to you and yours. I will be following.

First of all, I am very glad that you started the day with good news, and that your cargo has reached you. My prayers are with you. I wish I could get more. 5 years ago, missiles were being fired at the city where I lived. Russia was not firing, but those missiles were Russian made. They never give peace to people. My heart and prayers are with the beautiful Ukrainian people.

5 years ago, missiles were being fired at the city where I lived

Oh, God, I'm so sorry to hear that :( I'm glad you survived, and hope you're safe wherever you are now. Russia and their "business" is like a cancerous tumor. They sow death, desolation, fear...

Thank you for your comment and take care

I think they really miss smiles

I don't know why it was very hard to read for me... it must be so difficult to smile in these days, but at the same time, healing.

A lot of good energy for you and your people.

You know, sometimes I feel really glad to see their calm faces. I feel protected then.

Cheers ❤️

Oh, please stay safe! ❤️ I can see why they want to cut the power to the elevators, can you imagine getting caught in there while they are bombing? :/

I hope you are resting and it is peaceful tonight.

Love, Denise

If she needs help purchasing reach out. Twitter if she has.

Things are getting tense where you are. I am so sorry. Do what's best for you in your situation. All my thoughts are with you, I wished I could do more. Stay brave!

I am very impressed with all of your posts. Documenting day by day. These are the types of "writings" that are read decades into the future, if not centuries. I can feel the evolution of the war. The pulse of it.

Thank you for doing this @zirochka…thank you for keeping us informed.

beauty requires sacrifice, but this saying got a new meaning.

I know, right? 😮

I am happy to see a little bit of pampering, no matter how little, it makes one feel good, the manicure and haircut make me feel a little more taken care of. :) Good for you! ❤️ I hope you feel amazing after this little thing you did for yourself.

I am sorry about the looting, I can only hope that they needed it badly to do that. That is somebody's home. :(

You know what's funny. When I told Nat I'm going to make a manicure she says "I hope they sit in the basement". Because this is how she choose where do to it, even though her town is safe (so far, finger crossed, except a few shelling of the airport). And this is true, a haircut always makes me feel better, even if it is just 1 centimeter of bangs 😚

I am sorry about the looting, I can only hope that they needed it badly to do that. That is somebody's home. :(

The ground floor of those buildings is occupied by small shops, workshops and pharmacies. But it's still sad, because it's someone's business, someone's livelihood.

Exactly. Not everyone thinks like us, unfortunately. Stay safe, my brave and extraordinary friend. XO

9:30 am. I was wrong about one missile. In addition, in the morning my area came under fire. And right now I hear explosions and shots. 😨

Тримаю кулаки за тебе!!!

Пронесло 😬

Thank you for the mention, (it's a way I can contribute) and I am so happy to see the bounty that has arrived to help people. You have been in my thoughts daily and it is so good to see you and Nick are able to connect throughout this insanity.

I love your statement about humor. Humor is one of the most basic senses of humans, going back far before speech/language and it is amazing that it still holds such a distinct and important part of our genetics. Finding the funny in the dark can often times keep a person sane.

I want for you to sleep well and to give your body rest but you have to do what feels right at the moment. It's amazing that the variety of services are still going like the acupuncturist. It's good that you are able to take advantage of them and I hope you feel better.

People and business - all adapt to new circumstances. An acupuncturist takes refugees from Kyiv to Western Ukraine in his minibus. On the way back he carries parcels with humanitarian aid. He was in Kyiv yesterday, and I was able to meet him. He said he's going to evacuate another group of refugees and then return to join the Territorial Defense.

Our prayers with you. 🙏

Happy to hear Your OK!
My Prayers are with You all!

Thank you 🙏

No need to Thank,
"Your cause is just"!

I am always glad to hear from you, that you are well, I have not been in the community for almost nothing, but since I visited teams ukraine to read about the situation in your country in a more intimate way to say the least, out of the news. Your posts involved me in a way that I worry about you and your family and I wait every two or three days that you post something to know that they are well... I'm glad you could sleep well in the midst of that chaos, all this must end soon in the name of God.

I hope I can thank you all somehow, when it's all over.

Just stay alive and keep fighting the good fight.

I am of those people who find it very uncomfortable to ask for help

I totally understand this. I'm the same. But I'm glad you feel that the help is unconditional and that you have a community in support here. We all are tiny drops, and if everyone gives a little it adds up too. There is no competition on who gives the most, even the littlest bit comes from the heart.

Now I'm glad you had a better sleep last night. Ukraine is standing strong despite all the shit going on. I mean we can see all the parts of your country and what is going on there, it is nothing to sugarcoat. But the resistance, the pride and determination of all of you will stay in the common memory of the world.

People here in Hive community are incredible. A millions of tiny drops make a great ocean 🤗 This experience really changed me.

the resistance, the pride and determination of all of you will stay in the common memory of the world.

I often feel like living in a movie about WW II. And now I realized things that I thought were added to the movie just for a better picture. Just wondering how the different circumstances that shape the lives of absolutely ordinal people.

I can imagine you feel like in a freakin will have a happy end! A whole country has changed and is affected. Your nation changed and the people. All those who make it through this will change. It just lays in the nature of what you have to experience now. The world changed as well. Ukraine is too important to ignore it, no matter from what point of view one sees it. In a way I am glad that the world sees what qualities you have to offer, it is just the circumstances that make me sad.

I hope the night will stay calm, rest as good as you can. Warm hugs for all!

It's great to hear that your back isn't hurting now you're sleeping back in your bed, looking after yourself is the most important thing. If you feel safer sleeping in the corridor, perhaps you can drag the mattress down to the corridor.

Take care as always ❤️

We have been putting off buying a proper bed for so long time... My mattress cannot be removed, so I can only sleep on sofa cushions in the corridor, not the best option. 😬 I'm glad it became more quite around Kyiv, and I can go out in the day and sleep in bed at night. It may sounds weird but I feel like getting back to normal life.


Take care of yourself always! We are with you in thoughts and prayers.

I'm glad you are having some good news at last. We are keeping you in our heart. Take care! 😀

Take care @zirochka. I can relate about being uncomfortable asking for help, but you are doing great, and I am so happy that our little contributions are going a long way. 🔵💛

Stay safe fellow Hiver!

Use trade-free services they are free for the whole world

Прекрасне повідомлення! Прекрасне, як приклад того чо навіть крапля в морі може творити дива, особливо, коли таких крапель декілька.

Я просто не очікувала, що крапель буде так багато! 🥰💪

You know, I wrote without reading you, just out of excitement that you would be here. I feel you more optimistic, I thank deeply all those who have contributed a grain of sand. I feel helpless not to be able to help you, it is that neither voting power is good because the platform is new. The only thing left for me is also to feel gratitude for those valuable people who are reaching out to you and I know that you are using those resources in the best way. You are a blessed woman and you will receive the best. Life will reward you, you deserve it all as well as your country. I am glad that your back is better, I hope that the treatments will improve you even more, although I know that more than acupuncture what you need is peace of mind. Good to hear that you have been with your husband. Friend from my heart all the blessings in the world. For me your words are the words of a whole country. I will remain attentive. Life and health to you. Kisses💕

although I know that more than acupuncture what you need is peace of mind.

How right you are, dear @dayadam. Sometime I think I got adapted a bit, and in a while something scares me again. Most of all, I dream about the day when I don't need to be alert.

So glad you finally got some good sleep and good news today!
(((...big hugs...)))

Thank you so much, I really needed a big hug 🤗

One more time my small help for you




Nice to hear that you are well so far, according to the circumstances of course.

To your question:

Gasoline prices doubled in Austria too for a short time period 1 Liter was 2,50 € and more but went back to 1,70 € a liter at the moment, wich is still a lot more than before the start of the russian invasion. It was 1,40 € per liter. In Germany it was much higher than it Austria since they have even higher taxes on gasoline. but there is still a lot of volatility in price going on at the moment.

But not only gas for the car got more expensive, a lot of prices for electricity, heating and food rose dramatically. Not funny anymore, I hope we will get back to reasonable prices soon.

Well, our prices are strange. Some food added 20%, or 50%, or even 150%, some didn't changed. This is strange, because the exchange rate (usd/eur) is fixed for all banks during war time. Gas started to rise before the war, but now it is about 1 euro/liter. I think this is because they were banned to rise prices. Considering the number of people who lost their job, moved and so on, this is a good decision I think.

Take care!

Hey there, how can we help with the tourniquets?

I just saw the news from Kyiv, hope you are alright. Your friend is right as prices here went to the sky. Germany is one of the most expensive places, gas way above 2€, inflation kicking ass. But compared to your situation still all good.

Germany is one of the most expensive places,

I am so sorry to hear that 💔 I wish this nightmare would never happens...

I need help with a tourniquets, but I am not sure how it can be helped. I was told that civilian person cannot buy more than 3 items in Germany. Another problem is logistic, because delivery service terms are too unpredictable. There is a direct contact of a person who helps to arrange and speed up all stuff on the custom and deliver it here, but he has lost his mother 2 days ago, and I am not sure how is he and if he's going to continue volunteering. As you see, there are more questions than asnwers.

Sucks that it is complicated. I don't know about the 3 items for civilians but it may be. If you know a way to get stuff to you let me know. And I'm sorry to hear about his mom. 😔

Thanks again for your willing to help ❤

Humor as a secret weapon....brilliant! I was so happy to see that you received so much help! Gas prices definetely went up due to the war , not a good thing for many people

Children from Ukraine welcome in German school, they found a dual language teacher for them to make integration easier.

News like this is like a ray of humanity and care.

My accountant is in Austria with her children, and she says children there have to attend a school according to the law. They (children) don't understand anything, but she can work while they are at school ) Anyway, they are in safety, and this us good. Although they all look forward to return to Ukraine.

Sending lots of love from this side😘

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
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