My Steem funds are currently being frozen by the top 20 Steem witnesses (reward for info)

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Worse, my funds are being transferred weekly to a scam account, because I made a mistake when trying to withdraw those funds. I am unable to fix this mistake now, because the operation to stop it is also being frozen by the Steem witnesses.

I believe that the Steem witnesses are aware of this, but have taken no action to unfreeze my account.

Steem witness information needed

So I need to collect identity information on all the top Steem witnesses. I will contact them and give them a chance to unfreeze my account and reimburse me directly for the loss I have already had.

If they do not, I will see what options are available for suing them in their home locations. From past information posted, I believe several are located in South Korea, which respects property laws.

Reward for information

If you have any information about the real world identities of the top witnesses on Steem, please post it here. I will provide a 5% reward of any recovery I make with the people who provide correct information about witness identity (first come, first served on identity of individual witnesses). This reward doesn't apply to Steem witnesses who self-identify, but please provide the information, if you are so brave.

For identity information, I want the following: name, email, and address of residence. Other useful information: place of work. I already have information for one witness "skuld".

There are 3 pages

Most of them have likely provided KYC to several Korean exchanges easily found by seeing who accepts KRW. Check their wallets for transactions to the exchanges.

If there is a criminal or civil investogation, your korean lawyer can obtain KYC information.

I live in Korea and am registered to a Korean exchange. For the past 2 years all Korean exchanges have required real name ID and a verified matching Korean bank account. Think of it as super tight KYC.

The prosecutors could easily obtain the information you are looking for if your case is accepted. Online pseduonyms get sued all the time here.

Also be careful as defamation laws are extremely strict in korea (read up on it, truth doesn't matter).

Do not make public or republish any info the people in these comments provide.


hire a south korean lawyer or firm and they'll walk you through the process of filing a case + reporting the incident to the south korean authorities. a lot of them will speak good enough english where you won't even need a translator. you'll get all the personal info you need legitimately, including their names and registered home addresses, at least a good majority of the current steem witnesses.

and looks like witnesses like jayplayco already has a lot of public info on his linkedin & company homepage, which should be enough for you to hire korean lawyers and get started. i can only assume cryptocurrency is a tricky subject, but at least you'll bury them in legal fees. additionally, they'll lose face at their workplace which is super important in south korean culture. the very fact that they're heavily involved in crypto + being sued is enough to affect their careers in a serious way, as well as their personal lives.

@darthknight i tried calling a korean law firm. they wanna talk to you if youre interested. they say they have korean lawyers that speak english. for details you can reach me on discord roundbeargames#8739 or email [email protected]

This is incredibly helpful advice, thank you for providing it.


Name: Zhihua Lai
Likerid: justyyuk


He lives in the UK. Here his FB profile:

The info I shared is already public. He has attended Steemfest and I am sure at least a few people have met him there. @cryptocurator is one of them.

P.S. I hope nobody shares their sensitive info such as address in the comments, if it is not available publicly by them already.

@darthknight, I suggest you to share your Discord or Telegram ID so the concerned parties can DM you personally on this one.

he took down his facebook page, I hope you archived it.

Since I am on his hitlist now, i'll just edit.

perhaps we should check out that local university


public info:

Hi! Zhihua "智华" is my first name and Lai "赖" is my family name.

I live in Girton (CB3, Cambridge, United Kingdom). I also work in Cambridge City. Please check my CV for my latest employment.

I am a Software Engineer (SDE). I have a wife and two sons.

I write code but I also write a few paper & book chapters.

I like steaks and I like medium-rare steaks.

我喜欢吃三分熟的 牛排.

he tried to scrub it as he is watching, but google cache had a copy-and here is the archive.

At one time he may have been an American student.
I'd post the link, but it may link to viruses.

public info:

[email protected]

Twitter: doctorzlai
Blog: helloacm
Blog: codingforspeed
Blog: justyy
Others: weibomiaopai
Others: rot47
Others: uploadbeta
Others: isvbscriptdead
Others: happyukgo
Others: propagationtools
Others: steakovercooked

I was trying to reach you earlier, had a few ideas on getting your funds cleared from a tech perspective. Unfortunately after testing the theories there's no way. Already tried everything. If you manage to get on discord I'll catch you up.

I wouldn't doxx them. The real issue isn't the top witnesses but who is controlling the top witnesses. The night of the SF there were only a few running the code, rest clearly didn't know about it. The code was the initiative of a few people, that much is clear.

The ones in darker blue are the ones running that code right off the bat. The account that makes the call of who stays in the top is and if you look at the transactions, it went into action. That account is also the proxy for the three colluding exchanges. That's Justin Sun's account.

Message me on Discord at GuiltyParties [.com]#5071

(edit: @darthknight, message me please, there's another update)

Even though the origin lies within a few people, anyone running this code bears responsibility for it.

But we all watched Steemit Inc ensure the code could be activated by juggling those witness votes. I've said it here already but without their involvement, none of this could have happened.

But we all watched Steemit Inc ensure the code could be activated by juggling those witness votes. I've said it here already but without their involvement, none of this could have happened.

Not only juggling, their Dev365 proxy, an account knowingly attached to Steemit Inc, is voting actively for the Top20 list and not unvoting software which runs against their own "policy" of not freezing or blocking anyone.

Not denying that. This is incredibly fucked, which is why I've spent hours trying different theories and approaching it from virtually every angle I can think of.

Unfortunately after testing the theories there's no way

@guiltyparties did you evaluate the proposed method by @intertia where a non-censoring witness mines in position 21 and then 1 in the next round?

I have gotten feedback on my theory. I do not understand the rationale given, but credible sources say my theory is false. I believe them, but I'd like to better understand why, at some point.

I was originally considering that myself but after sleeping on it, it won't work. It'll cause a collision and minor fork. I don't know how two one after another would act but I'm assuming the same. I'm guessing two will fork off.

Yes would love to understand more as well. Would be great if someone makes a post on exactly how these soft forks work and how consensus occurs within each round.

I wouldn't doxx them

Good advice.

I would go one step future and suggest that OP edits his post, tells people to message him details privately and asks everyone to remove public details (at least via post edits).

Korean defamatation laws are notoriously strict. No need to be counter-sued for embarassing them.

Did you know that they originally had the soft fork set to 14:00 UTC, 12 hours from when they announced it just as it said in the post. But then they went back on their word and changed it to 10:00 UTC at 8:52 UTC?

And your attempt to fix the misspelling, which was rejected by these centralized sham witnesses, was at 10:02. Had they stuck to their word, little that it was worth at that point anyway, you would have had 4 more hours to fix it.

    database.cpp:3470 _apply_transaction

    database.cpp:3498 _apply_transaction
153516ms db_with.hpp:103               ~pending_transaction ] {"ref_block_num":34431,"ref_block_prefix":1566132272,"expiration":"2020-04-04T10:02:33","operations":[{"type":"set_withdraw_vesting_route_operation","value":{"from_account":"darthknight","to_account":"bittrix","percent":0,"auto_vest":false}}],"extensions":[],"signatures":["1f6b3b96b19fc4e64fc28cb513454f2f140e05e7d750d9069b3cd56352cf04bb8b2ecc4956170c31fab4b8875eed313629120c15247a84af39b3e7abe3974a76c7"]}```

Really sad to know this man... you recently invested so much into Steem and they do this :/
Hope this gets sorted. I have forwarded this link to my friends who might know about some witnesses atleast or how to get this sorted. Hope that will help out.
And yeah, if you want real community, I'd rather suggest you stay/get active on Hive. I've been with this community from the past 3 years, meeting most of them every year during our yearly conference which was earlier called Steemfest. It is absolutely lovely, the energy and people. Steem is getting centralized and its become like China lol

This is absolutely nuts.

I haven't really been paying attention to the new witnesses, but I notice that all of them were made to pledge that they will never freeze anyone's stake. Based on that, Justin Sun and Steemit Inc voted them in. Ultimately, the buck stops with Justin Sun and Steemit Inc. If they stop voting for these terrible witnesses, the game's over. I'd suggest getting in touch with Eli Powell first, and asking them to threaten to withdraw votes for basically breaking that one pledge they asked for in the first place! Additionally, I would recommend getting in touch with blocktrades, roelandp and others who are also facing a similar issue. They are long time members of the community, will have a plan and will surely help you out, and perhaps even work on joint legal action. They should have contact info available on their profiles / websites. Also, get in touch with crypto media outlets, make some noise, spread word on CT (crypto twitter) and Reddit - the PR would be so shit stained that these fools will be forced to relent. If you need any help, feel free to add me on Discord, @liberosist#8254.

Lastly, you're the best whale to appear on Hive/Steem in quite a while. Keep up your great curation, as you know it's the secret to building this community!

PS: All/most of these witnesses have posts making the pledge, and more bragging involved. Some will give away personal information unwittingly. I see three of them are still pinned on Steemit, others will have such posts on their blog.

Many of us watched Steemit Inc juggle the witness votes shortly before that softfork to ensure the code could be activated. Pinning it on Steemit Inc might be easiest and there's enough evidence to prove without their involvement, none of these funds could have ever been frozen or lost.

That's a fair point. I have been avoiding this drama like the plague, and naively hadn't considered that possibility. Now that you mention it, yeah, it's quite likely they were involved. I see that they deny being involved, but obviously, few will believe a word coming from Justin Sun at this stage. Nevertheless, when threatened with legal action and some rotten PR, I do believe they'll take some action. If they don't, their chain is pretty much dead.

I've been staying out of it as well... until I heard about this softfork. Went to steem to do wallet maintenance, noticed someone had resteemed the softfork post. I thought it was satire at first. Then it started to look like extortion, so I pointed that out in a comment. Sat and watched the witness screen start changing. I left a comment under blockbrothers message where they said they do not approve, shortly after they lost their top witness slot for saying they won't run the code. I watched everything. It's dirty and there's proof everywhere. They claimed later they had no involvement but somehow nearly everyone saw what they actually did. There's proof, screenshots, me calling them crazy. It's all there. They did it.

Funnily enough, one of the operators behind 22.888 received around two weeks ago a comment containing also this snippet.

PS: One thing I would want to highlight though - two in fact - is to lobby for further decentralization as right now STEEM and SBD may be securities. Additionally, if funds are frozen or moved to the DAO - or nulled - the currently centralized operation of STEEM would effectively put Steemit Inc at legal risk (or Tron Foundation SF, whoever is on the company papers in Delaware).

Holy uncanny photographic mental processes, Batman!

Damn, that's crazy. This is one of those rare instances where incompetence meets malice.

@blockbrothers might even have some inside info. I had asked them questions and they didn't answer.

Justin Sun and Steemit Inc. were the ones who made sure the funds were frozen. They took witness votes off of all the witnesses that wouldn't run 22.888

@Darthknight Im really sorry about your mistake and not be able to fix it. Im in the same situation as yours, as you might know... Yet my full PD almost reflects 1 week of yours :)

I hope you find more information on all people involved, yet I would refrain from having anyone post vital personal data on-chain. Doxxing in this matter would not help and maybe be even contrary to your (our) case.

Maybe add another way of contact to you, or ask people to use something like keybase to safely encrypt personal identifiable data for your research.

I’d be curious if it would be easier to litigate against Steemit Inc. directly. On one hand, the terms of service work against you... and also backup the initial witness freeze of Justin Sun’s funds, which he called criminal, despite his own company clearly stating it’s not!

However, the big difference now is that Steemit Inc. is clearly in full control of the blockchain now, which makes the ToS incorrect, maybe criminally so. If that could be established legally I imagine liability would follow.


On a side note, that last line has always gotten me, as it seems to clearly spell out that Justin’s purchase of the Steemit Inc. stake could absolutely be contested by the community.

I think he's got a case against Steemit Inc, against Binance, against Huobi, against Poloniex, against Justin Sun personally, and against all witnesses running the code. They're all complicit in this as none of it would be possible without all of their collusion.

Maybe just announcing a class action lawsuit against the companies would be enough of a stink that they'd back down.

The terms are not consistent with the reality tho.

Steemit Inc is involved in the transfer of title of funds because they operate the main RPC node.

Hi @darthknight, this is highly unfortunate and I hope this hasn't put you off Hive as a result of what has happened on Steem. I am still in the Steemdevs Slack and have created an urgent DM between David Roebuck the Tron rep, Elizabeth and Justinw from Steemit. I have requested a technical solution from Justin and to request they communicate with the witnesses. The account, which belongs to Steemit was the enforcer of the SF, it unvoted those that didn't run the SF, which is direct proof of Steemit Inc's involvement in a Howey-like manner. Steemit inc would be the easiest target to claim from as they are US based and were an accomplice to you losing your property, if they don't rectify the matter you could try claim from them, I would also suggest if/when this is rectified that you claim whatever funds got lost to the Bittrix spoof account from them, you also have the option to put an SPS proposal claim for what you lost, I would vote for it.

Hope it all comes right soon.

Upvoted for visibility.

Run a quick SF update that includes bittrix so that this account may not be able to transfer any fund until the discussion ends and temporary SF is reversed.

That solution does not seem like a good one because the funds still end up in the @bittrix account. Then what happens to them. They stay frozen in the spammers account?

@glory7 your solution is to freeze more accounts?

Let's just try to stop a leaking bucket by adding more holes. The one and only solution is to release the accounts immediately before more damage is done.


Hello, guys?
I read @ darthknight's post on hive yesterday
I was very curio...
Who is the owner of Binance's "101130147" wallet? (darthknight??blocktrades??alpha??)

Where is the source of the image? You should edit the comment and give credit to @ayogom for this research ;-)

Thank you for your advice. I already got permission from him.

You need to sue Justin Sun (and Steemit Inc, although they are powerless with little staff and do the boss' bidding). Demand immediate reversal of the freeze as well as compensation for the lost funds. Justin is the main culprit, he's the one who put those idiot witnesses in the top20 and allowed them to wreak havoc. They are amateurs who have little experience in running the network. I don't support doxxing, but this level of irresponsibility from Justin Sun has reached high levels of madness that anything goes at this point. I wish you the best of luck retrieving your funds.

allowed them to wreak havoc.

I wouldnt say thats the case. The witnesses make no decisions, its actually Justin using the witnesses to pretend there is community consensus.
Anyone that didnt want to freeze the funds was kicked from consensus by

It is an undeniable fact that this was Justins doing.

I see you have raised credible legal points which should hold up in almost all courts in the free world. But the antagonists in this are of a culture, which is used to influencing any outcome, by means which may not be considered ethical by the rest of us.

This imbroglio is a very disappointing scenario for all crypto enthusiasts and I want this incident to be concluded with the exposure of people like Mr. Sun. These guys are making money and fame using a tech which has far more potential than just what they are trying to reduce it to. Making money, is only a part of what a block-chain can achieve, given the chance by all involved.

So if a legal route is ever contemplated, it should not only get back the frozen funds, but also highlight issues where regulatory frameworks, suitable to the crypto space, are there.

Otherwise, what is happening is BS and I can't believe that JS is so stupid.

In case you don’t have it yet:

Segye Park:
Jay Kim (jayplayco):

Source: tripleaaa team intro.
No LinkedIn link for Ochi Jun (virus707) available in post.

Can someone from Steem please help him out? Seems to be an honest good faith investor who bought his tokens on the market and there are extenuating circumstances regarding his power down involving a typo here.

Can both sides at least stop punishing people for the way they voted by directly or indirectly messing with their accounts please? (freezing/selective airdrop etc.) This general disregard for property rights is extremely damaging to the respective reputations of each chain.

Hi trafalgar

thank you for your upvote.

Best regards.


I have posted both on steem and hive.

First one (written on yesterday, Steem) was to help him out,

and second one is ... finding of darthknight = blocktrades = alpha = and many more.

Happy New Month Of March to you 🎉🎈🎉❣️. Wishing you the very best moments ever this Month also More Crypto investment as well @trafalgar

Investor? I don't know... I was reading @ayogom 's interesting post. I have some doubts, and that account was spamming and abusing a lot. Just check for yourself steemd, Steemworld, etc. I spent 2 hours analzying some interesting transactions.
Anyway, I think that account did a huge mistake with that withdrawal route.

This general disregard for property rights is extremely damaging to the respective reputations of each chain.

Very well said!

In the middle of all this storm we are the average users, who have made the decision to self-censor when we publish in one or another chain.
The fear of being the object of some attack has even led us to look for other platforms where we can express ourselves freely.

Hello sir, ho are you.?

Any updates on this?

kindly vote me plz

@trafalgar Greetings from an Expectant Mom. Have a great wonderful week 😘

Happy New Year 🎉❣️🎉. More Successful Investment 💪 to come. Greetings 🎊 @trafalgar

Hello @trafalgar, I have been reaching out to you concerning delegations on steemit. I have been reaching out to steemit, I sent a few memos and left comments on your posts, but so far I haven't received a reply.

I am the founder and community administrator of Campus Connect Community on Steemit, My community is filled with amazing young college talents who love blockchain technology. We are the first and only college student-focused community on steemit and on hive blockchain, we have been involved in a lot of promotions on campus in different parts of the world. Our community can promote Hive and Introduce enthusiastic and bright minds to the Hive blockchain.

We have agreed as a Team to extend our journey to Hive Blockchain, we wish to request your support through hive power delegations here on the hive blockchain. This partnership will prove to be extremely successful and mutually beneficial for both parties should you kindly consider it.

We believe with our community and our network of thousands of students worldwide we can be able to create an active hub for students worldwide to share, learn and connect with thousands of other students.

This is a vision I have to believe in for so long and I believe with your support to my cause we can make huge progress and make this vision a reality.

I've been wondering why you never stop by any of my posts...

I wasn't aware that our Steem Funds could be Frozen... By the way, have you ever read one of my posts...??? If so, what are your thoughts...???

I've just sent a message in the Steemit Inc slack tagging Eli Powell, JustinW and David Roebuck pointing them to your post (with a few choice words and recommendations). This whole situation is ridiculous and I hope you get this resolved quickly.

I’m really sorry you are having to go through this. The current Steem witnesses (which it even hurts to call them that) are a group working together with a few as “leaders”. Those leaders have been openly trying to blackmail some involved with Hive. I assume with enough public pressure they could be persuaded to reverse at least your account. I mean, someone would have to show them how, but if they were convinced then perhaps it’s possible.

Many at Hive would be open to help in any way possible. Feel free to reach out to Hive witnesses or you can’t reach me at any of the following:

telegram - @justineontheblock
Discord - Justine#8837
Email - [email protected]

Call them sham and slave witnesses for those that are real. Sockpuppets for those that aren't (9 in the top 20 now, lol).

Hi again @darthknight! Could you contact Jayplayco on discord - jayplayco#9869? He can try to help you connect with the top 20 witnesses, relay the message, and hopefully resolve this issue asap. Please do. He will do his best to help you out with this situation.

jayplayco is the one of the witnesses that's freezing his account/operations.

He is also one you can reason with. He can help convincing other witnesses to update the code to make immediate changes. In my opinion urgent matter is to stop/decline any transfer operations to scam account 'bittrix'.

I think this can be resolved quickly with communication, changing the softfork code and without resorting to courts.

Believe me I have talked with 4-5 of their witnesses. They all say "they will try to communicate the problem" yet no-one does. Indeed one can talk with Jayplayco he is approachable.

Some of them say: "but I thought you all set a route to Bittrex"... As if that is a solution / saving of the huge mishap .8888 is and therefore they should not worry about fixing it.

Unfortunately somehow either they have no influence in the core .8888 or they are not willing to change it.

If jayplayco and others would have balls they would admin their failure and revert the change, reimburse DarthKnight with 180K steem lost to bittrix already.

Both his servers were updated to push the fork earlier than initially planned. He's as guilty as assumed.

reason? no
i doubt you can read korean or any of the things he and the steem witnesses have said.

other witnesses

So Jayplayco will go against the orders of Justin Sun? remember, those that didnt want to run this soft fork were kicked from consensus by Justin Sun. Jayplayco im sure doesnt want to be unvoted as well.

Hi, blocktrades! Why don't you upload a post with your real account?


There is no proof that he's @blocktrades, only speculation. All that screenshot shows is that Steem was sent to a @blocktrades owned account, not who sent it.

You look stupid... Will you cut the funny stuff?
This is a REAL proof-of-blockchain.

Lol, do you think @belgianchocolate on Steem owns @bitvavo, a crypto exchange? Because by your logic he does.

Maybe next you'll be telling me that you own @tipu because you received tokens from them?

Is this a coincidence? Do you really think this transaction as an exchange? I don't think so.
OMG, I just want to leave out your torture theory noobs.

@blocktrades is an exchange, it's not unusual for him to buy funds.

I'm not making theories, it could be him, it could not be: we don't know. Your theory is that it is him, but it's just a theory.

I should start using my @justyy account more

I just want to throw in here, that we should be careful to not doxx anybody on here, and that anyone who finds the information you need, contacts you privately.
The downvote was because I disagree with your rewards, not with your post content, I wish you the best for your search. :-)

so sad justin sun is not able to run any kind of community he is just a mad guy nothing else.

@policewala I am a beginner in hive. Can you please upvote my posts with 100% voting power.That will help me to grow rapidly 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

This is tragic. You should not be part of this war. I hope you'll get back those funds.

What is happening to you here is downright unacceptable. The freezing of accounts was done in a sinister manner.

I cannot help with the identities, but just wanted to say that I think you are taking the proper steps to remedy what has occurred. The Hive community is behind you on this one & we thank you for believing in our community enough to continue to invest.

The legal actions are a good attemp, try to recover by other methods is nice too, but imho the best solution is to compesate him by voting posts with community's stake. He won in a post over to 1500 hive in HP and HBD so with some post like this one he could easily recover his funds in this chain without the need of other actions.

Solidarity is key in this, if he recover his original funds much better, but I find it very improbable. I will vote this myself for visibility.

When I saw this typo withdraw yesterday, I immediately messaged 3 of the top witnesses: justyy, project7(steemhunt), and jayplayco. I hope they will do the right thing and help you out to resolve the situation.

I messaged them again with the link to this post. I hope everything will be resolved.

If not we should consider a Hive Proposal System to compensate the victims of these hostile actions be reimbursed in Hive tokens.

It's a nice thought but I don't think we should be paying for this. Not Hive's mess to clean up. That would also open the door for other accounts to be frozen on Steem with an excuse offered one could simply dip into Hive's pocket.

I understand. It was just thought since victims have no other options to take.

Obviously it isn't Hive's fault but anyways we could support him only by voting him some post, a funding campaign is also possible but as you said that solution has its problems. Either way leave the solution to legal actions seems very difficult to me.

No. These are terrible ideas. Then everyone and their grandma would be setting up situations where they lost money, true or not, and expecting a damn handout/bailout from Hive. Not happening.

I'm not suggesting to do that for everyone, just in this case that is checked, anyways I understand what you say and your reticence.

There was a member on Steem long ago who was careless with his keys and ended up losing funds. I knew him for a long time. Not very well, but enough to know he was telling the truth. He wasn't asking for anything but I thought I'd help him out so I passed him 10 SBD which at the time was worth somewhere around $100-$150, I can't remember. Another time I had heard a family member of someone I knew in the community had passed away, she wasn't asking for donations, but I passed her enough funds to cover the costs of at least drinks for everyone at the social gathering after the service. I've handed out a few unexpected birthday gifts.

I've also stumbled across a million and one cases where people are asking for money and I did not give them anything. The point is, charity can't be forced upon a community. If you want to help, give them some money. Don't ask everyone else to give them money, if you're the one who is wanting to be helpful. Because all that does is put everyone else in a spot where they appear to be selfish, while the one truly doing nothing looks like a savior.

That's not directed at anyone. Just some wisdom I've picked up over the years that I thought I'd share.

Lol mate, I don't want to put anybody in a bad position, I don't want to appear as a savior, even I'm not forcing anyone to give any money. My initial suggestion was to vote some posts to help which in my point of view is free, only waste your voting power.

I understand for what you wrote that a funding campaign is too much to ask and that could be dangerous in the way you pointed out.

I'm aware that many other people is helping much more than I do.

I know because I oftenly readed your post that you're a good guy, veteran in steemit who earned his money with effort, but seriously you can't write that last paragraph saying that is not directed to anyone when your answering me, and pretend that I won't feel alluded by that. Is a good rethoric trick to make clear your points in which I can generally agree but that make me feel like an idiot for prentend be helpful and imo isn't fair.

It wasn't my intention to make anybody to feel bad or selfish but if I did I apologize for that.

@jayplayco and all the witnesses were aware of the error within a day of the softfork and did nothing. They refuse to accept responsibility for any lost funds and say it is completely @darthknight's fault.

Seeing that @jayplayco's team has broken their written promise to not freeze any accounts they can not be trusted anymore.


I understand your reasoning and compassion, but Steemit needs to pay him back - not us. They should also release everyone's funds immediately. This is insanity!

the hinomaru jp witness has a telegram account. You might be able to sue telegram to get his email and phone number. Feel free to criminally prosecute @hinomaru-jp for fraud also.

Also Steemit had to validate new users. You might be able to sue steeminc for whatever information they have. Part of the validation process used facebook and/or reddit also-though to what extent I do not know.

Good luck. @jayplayco and @glory7 are good first targets but i would also go for (US based) since Justin is the one controlling the witnesses and theres sufficient proof that he is still running a number of fake witnesses as well.

Justin (Yuchen) Sun is using his stake to freeze yours.
The only reason he has this power is because @ned (Ned Scott) fraudulently sold him the STEEM Genesis Stake through Steemit Inc.

This is a terrible thing to happen and will put people off investing in Steem. Steemit are culpable in this as it is their support for the witnesses who run the new software that keeps them in place. They should allow you to fix the power down and extract your funds. Are you working with Blocktrades and the other victims?

This is unacceptable and I hope this resolves fairly for you.

Really sorry about that buddy, hopefully, you will get your lost funds back.

I hope that you will soon be able to recover your funds, it is a shame to see an outside investor involved in all this, as well as not just being an investor but supporting quality content. Greetings!

It's a rough thing to go through when you literally just come in and then are being screwed over steem side.
You got all these hive funds on a blockchain that is continuously improving, for a newly formed thing to continue providing the community with what they love about it.

Hopefully you get it all sorted mate, but good to have you here and you being keen on the blockchain technology used for blogging platforms like steem and hive is used for.

I hope you can resolve this asap.

@darthnight dear Brother 3days ago my steem account hacked by bot hackers. Plz dear friends be carefull. And inshahAllah my pray you get back all your forzen. Plz plz be care full always brother last 3 days ago i lost my one year hard work earning by bot hacker i also wrote post and video . there is only one who can help you plz plz cantact to @guiltyparties

That is so not cool. I am glad I switched to Hive!

I'm really sorry for what happened to your funds when you had nothing to do with any of these. I hope the current Steem Witnesses have some decency to review your position and help you fix this.

Also, contact @DavidMRoebuck on Twitter. He is a reasonable person and friends with Justin Sun, who took part as a negotiator in the drama. He also might be able to help you out. See if you can work it out with talking to these people before lawyering up. I hope you will be able to save the rest of your funds and no more damage is done.

There are 3 witnesses between range of 25-30. They are producing blocks. Try to get them voted higher and let a script run your transaction until it gets broadcasted from one of these witnesses.

Doesn't work unfortunately. The top witnesses reject those blocks, which makes the other nodes roll back their local version of the chain.

My brother @tarazkp told me about this a couple days ago and I was pretty disgusted; Of course, I can only imagine how you feel.

I am sorry this happened and also that I cannot provide any relevant information; I wish I could help though.

All the best in your recovery process; There's some smart people around here so I hope someone can help you. Most would not even take your 5% offer for doing so probably.

Good luck.

Good luck my dear... I feel your pain...

It is incredible they have not acted on this and demonstrates how little they care about anyone but themselves.

Steemit Inc should be liable as the supporting function behind this.

Inversely, the top 20 could pay you all their block rewards for the next 2 years or so.

They really don't stand on core principles the lot of them. They just stand on money, and doing whatever they can to keep getting the money for being witnesses. No integrity. I think Sun/Steemit needs to be targeted, as some have stated. And the court of public opinion can help put pressure, if no legal avenue exists. I'd write up a story of events in this situation, and submit it to the crypto news sites to get pressure to commence. Good luck finding justice in our often unjust world :/

Geeez, 'sorry to hear this' can't possibly do it justice.

Just horrible on so many levels. I do hope you find a resolution to this...

More and more steemit is declining due to the terrible management it is currently having, I would like to be able to help or have some information that was really valuable in order to provide you with more valuable support, I wish you good luck recovering your funds and also regaining control 100% of your account in steem, I hope they can not get away with it and please get out of it, you have my support if you need to spread the word and spread some new information, good luck and strength, Hive on! 🐻🚀⚡

Really heartbroken about this issue.
I hope a solution arises soon!

I made a mistake when trying to withdraw those funds

Curious to know what was the mistake ? I think, @steemchiller is a good guy, he was blocked for the hive tokens ( that's another thing), but I think, he may provide some idea.

Probably it was just a typo, he had set withdraw vesting route to @bittrix instead of @bittrex.

Yes, had a look at that account now and looks like that is the case. On going through details of that account looks like the owner of the account has just abandoned , it will be hard to get to him because I see some other tried earlier with no luck.

Will there be a phone number associated with that account creation, that can be reached out ? Because I know, we usually got a code when creating steem accounts.

There are 3 pages