How to Become a Whale in a Week 🐋

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It is not for everyone, nor for the faint of heart.

I joined Steemit only seven days ago with the goal of becoming a whale and to help others who are struggling to get noticed. (my one week review of Steemit)

This post will serve as my seven days on Steemit review

How to Become a Whale

Any user can become a whale! But what is a whale?

How do I become a whale?

  • You can earn Steem and Steem Power by blogging here on Steemit
  • Or you can invest in Steem by clicking Buy Steem (in your wallet section)

Power up! to the People.

I chose the second option. That's the fastest way to move up and put some punch into your votes.

I even made third place on the Top 10 Investors for this week - see below.

*Steem Power is what increases your post's payout - more Steem Power = More money.

🌊 go-go-gadget PowerUp

I was checking on Steemwhales.comThere I was - Top 100
Number98.jpgBam! That's what I am talking about.
Happy as a clam.steemdb (1).jpg

9e18c752-3f1d-45d4-9a63-10670bfdd543.jpg Take it to the next level!

But my first week had a lot more in store.

  • People started to notice that @smooth and @abit have brought back the power-to-the-people through a very successful experiment which makes sure the reward pool is more evenly distributed. Rock on!
  • Has anyone noticed the higher post rewards?
  • How about curation rewards?

We had major price movement

  • Bitcoin down
  • Alt-coins up

Normal 💤but it slowed me down a bit. Have to trade! Less time for voting and that ended up hurting my SP curve. Back on track today with a two-bitcoin power play. Ka-ching.

I got to play @fasl's lottery and even won - Double me up! Thanks !

Meeting People

Last night, until the wee hours, I was setting up Discord with lots of help and understanding from the steemspeak guys and gals - @seablue @sykochica @fyrstikken @inertia and a few others. We talked about welcoming new members as they make their first every post. It can be intimidating. Let's let them know that we see them and encourage them with our ^ votes.

Lots of good people and information there! I added an invite to steemspeak below. Come talk with us!

Then I won the third spot - Top 10 Investors for this week

STEEM TOP 100 Investors of the Week - 11-2017 — Steemit (1).jpg

Great week! - Planning to have another, but even better, starting NOW

You know I am not that smooth@htooms - I admit it.

Long time 🐟 turned 🐋 to have a voice. 📞 steemspeak me 📞


Number 2 slot on the "hot" list in 2 hours. Another 7 day first for me.

Thank you all.

Hot steemit posts — Steemit.jpg

steemdb (2).jpg

And the buzz-kills can't stand to see us all happy :P Boo!

Now that's making a SPLASH!

(brings 102 buckets of popcorn)


Wham! Followed. Wham! Voted. Wham! Done.

GRABS POPCORN-SHARES (@cassidyandfranks) — Steemit.jpg

GRABS POPCORN-SHARES (@cassidyandfranks) — Steemit (1).jpg

Now that is FLEXING some STEEM!!!

Much appreciated, and as well as the follow my friendly whale...


Thanks for participating in my experiment. In Positivity!

I think it's important to spend time commenting. It builds community and it can be very rewarding.

Right On @cryptobarry Absolutely agree with your comment mate. To build an authentic rewarding community, it's WAY important to spend time commenting. It is indeed a must do on behalf of any long live "Intelligent Interaction".

Yeah. I read it . That's what this is about. Enjoying the content.

Gosh! How slow I'm becoming these days!! :/ Thank you @htooms for your following mate. Following you back!! You've automatically become my favorite "Cachalot" to follow here now. ¿Whales? who cares!! let's harpoon them all together!! ;)

There is no choice.. I've had to resteem your post to perpetrate the awe contrasting Intelligent Interaction comparison with mines right on my profile. ¡LoL!

And a follow - I will see anything you put up.

Really? Wow, thanks! :D

You have been a great addition to the community!

Maybe your post should be headlined "How to Become THE Whale of the Week 🐋" ;)
Great attitude and I like your writing style as well, it's very refreshing!
Power on!
Following you now

I am already a big fan of yours! I don't have a beach to just shoot pictures on - so I write nerd stuff.
I want my SCUBA gear back!! (sold it when I left the states)

Oh that was cute, thank you :)
Scuba Diving? Cool!! I did that once in Sharm El-Sheikh and it was breathtaking.
Where are you living now?

No diving here. I am on the muddy banks of the Rio Chuelo - well not right near it. But, I get out of the cement playground sometimes. (yes you have to startpage it if you want to know)

Where is Rio Chuelo located? I have no idea :)

You're trying to support the community with your new status and I think its great. Keep it up. :)

Get out! I can't follow you. I already am following you. Thanks @justtryme90

Welcome and I hope others follow your powerup example!

Soul_Eater_43 The Cryptofiend tweeted @ 20 Mar 2017 - 01:24 UTC

How to Become a #Whale in a Week 🐋 — @Steemit… /


Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Thanks for promoting and investing in Steemit. And congrats on being a whale so quickly. How much money and time did it take to be a whale in 1 week?

I like that you are trying to grow the platform and find improvements. Steemspeak sounds cool.

I thought that the rewards looked higher recently and then I realized that most of it is because the value of Steem is triple what it was. So, that will inflate the value of the rewards. It would be better to look at the Steem token/coins for the voting results rather then the $ dollars.

All of this stuff is just for the long haul! We will all be doing very well a year from now.

//edit: I put 10 bitcoins in the first day. Maybe another 3 since and the $15,000 is now valued at $33,000 - but my account value hit $50,000 during the spike up in the Steem price. Where else can you triple up?

Thanks for the explanation and I agree with others that you sound like a benevolent and reasonable whale. You also must be a great writer to go from $15K to $33K in one week and that not be attributable to Steem price increase, but instead based on rewards from writing and voting.

Wow, triple huh...

Now that's Whale Talk

Me likes!


That was a good talk in the wee morning hours on Discord for sure. I appreciate your voice! RS/UV.

Thanks! I could not thing of everyone who was there. If I mention someone who wasn't, I would get a lot of "what?" See you there tonight!

Good to see such enthusiasm. I feel that Steem is on a hot run and faith and momentum could take it to unprecedented highs by the end of the year. If the platform provides a return, people will invest. All it takes is a collective swing in confidence. I am very optimistic.

I am as well. Thanks for stopping by - I am looking at you now...

How to Become a Whale in a Week 🐋 — Steemit.jpg

Nice job getting to be a whale in a week! It sounds like you have already made a good return on investment. :)

Really nice blog. You are much better at this than I am. I left you a comment there and of course...

How to Become a Whale in a Week 🐋 — Steemit (3).jpg

edit: I have a job for you! I'll pay 20 steem if you make me a rendering for the bottom of my posts. I would like it silver or silver and gold metalic - you know, a smooth surface reflecting this:
"[email protected]" <-- no quotes. My nick sitting there and the "[email protected]" as if it were in a mirror. What do you think ?

I'm not sure how close this comes to what you are thinking.

Yeah - looks nice. I wish I could do that! A couple tweaks.

Can you add the words shown below - same font as your 'smooth' or maybe growing into [email protected] . Then tint "@htooms" a bit blue (because that is my username and it should be what their eyes go to).

If I use it as is, it will look like below. . . Make it nice and I will double it!

Create a Post — Steemit.jpg

I know add on sales are important - something in the same theme (or at least same color) for my picture - the one I uploaded is messed up. Just a @htooms on top of the disk? fits well in the circle they allow? I can do 60 steem for the package! I really appreciate this.

Add on sales and any use of Steem like this is very appreciated. I think it is important for the growth of Steem too. I'll send you some revisions soon - I think I've found your email from another post. Thank you for your business!

Thanks for the feedback on the blog and the job sounds good; I'll give it a try. Is there any particular font that you like or should I just pick one?

Welcome to steemit. Glad to have you on board, full steem ahead.

Thanks! Now, if these flags would just stop flyin' around, we would be ok! I gave you a follow :)

We need more steemians like you. GOOD FOR YOU and all the minnows.

Thanks PitterP!

Thanks for your confidence in Steemit. I hope it pays off. I think this should be massive

Still watching your video. People- we have to get this video out! Great job - all upvoted - resteemed.

Feel free to share it around and leave comments. I can't see any reason to not post videos on Steemit. Easy to do and could be profitable. Thanks

I will! I don't have a youtube account. I swore off all google products 4 years ago when they didn't fight for my privacy.

I am waiting for a decentralized solution for everything; money - blogging - videos ...

We have Dash, Steem, and is close with their P2P video site.

Please don't stop till you equal smooth's stake :)

You've inspired me to write "How to become a mermaid in one week!"

(Is my whale envy showing?)

Hah! This is a great comment.

I'm a recent join (about 2 weeks). Since the experiment, I sometimes get 5 or so cents for one of my likes. Awesomesauce.

Well you just got $1.30 on this one comment :)
Edit: I also doubled the value of your Sound of Silence post.

Thanks @htooms!

Votes and follows all around. Every day above ground is a great day.

^^^This Whale is NO JOKE...

I tried to tell people, but they did not believe me.

Give me time I am new at it.

Fun fact.

  • If I vote for someone - it's free.
  • It doesn't cost me a dime.
  • It makes the platform grow.

Take ALL the time you need @htooms

I will have plenty of warm buttered popcorn fresh and ready everyday!

I am following people who are as nice as you all are!

Great! We like nice whales. :)

Thank you :)

Bright Blessings and Much Love!

Voting and following!

This was a very encourage read and it is nice to see that they are people (whales) like you in Steemit now. Btw, it is so funny to see your nickname, you nailed! :) Following you now and Steem on!

Welcome aboard!

You are the best,....thank you.

Meh - didn't even break a sweat 💦

You might not have, but I been the subject of an ignoring all out of proportion to the influence I have.
Those dollars are a sizable percentage of my rake,....

Just because my content is not popular is no reason to not vote me, when, in fact, the little kid that pointed out that the emperor has no clothes is very important in the ecosystem.
Just not one likely to be rewarded by the popular masses.
Dissention keeps the oligarchs (a little more) honest.

I will concede that I am in a crapitalust crowd fighting an illusion created by newspeek, and that training runs deep.
With persistence my seed planting will overcome, I figure.
In any case, thanks.

Its great that you're helping newcomers out :)

I think I have voted on several of yours. I just hit your recent post! Thanks for stopping in :)

Thanks for the post @htooms! As I said before in another post, I do have lots of fun here and also learn a lot from everyone I can. I still don't understand much terminology, but can understand the whole machine to be a regular active posting member. If you don't mind me asking, where can I find the games @steemdoubler is talking about? I also see users participating in challenges and contests, but I don't know where to find them. Could you provide links so I can bookmark them? What @cryptobarry said about commenting and creating a strong community is also so very important and I would love to see it grow in such a great interaction! I know creating posts is really rewarding, but many times good ideas can come from great comments and so on. Once again thanks for the post and also thanks to @steemdoubler and @cryptobarry for the comments. Lots of learning here!

Read everything about our game in the last report here. Thank you!

Thanks @steemdoubler! I appreciate the help! =)

I am really really new on steemit and I know I didn't do a perfect introductory post and poor video but I am here. I am still lost but with time I will be found and this post of yours is nice!

Glad you came! Steve Clark @steevc just posted a video which covers everything about Steemit really well.

I was not very good with blogging - I tried it with wordpress before - but why blog for free when you can sidestep the advertisers and get rewarded directly from the people who read your work. This just makes so much sense. Worth learning. I upvoted and followed you.

That's an amazing job you've done! Congratulations :D
Hope to see more of you!

Hey! I read "Surviving in Ark" and looked at your photoshop link. Are all those yours?
I saw your wordpress. I used to be there too. I can't believe someone of your talents would
blog for free over there. I don't do paypack or whatever so here... Check your balance.
Playful Foodie - A gamer's foodblog.jpg

Those are all my pictures, yes :-)
I started blogging about a year ago and haven't really found a good (free) alternative, which is why I'm with Wordpress. I just started my photo gallery to try and gain some extra traffic to my Deviantart and photo shop, where I have a chance at selling some of my pictures :-)

You are so sweet! Thank you for your very kind donation and words!
That's a great idea about the logos! I will look into that. Not sure how a Dash QR works, so that'll take a while longer :-)

You will like the looks when you see what I sent to it!! Bam!

I followed your advice! Though I could only manage a bitcoin QR code :-)
Not sure if I like the looks, yet. I'll sleep on that one!

You will like the looks when you see what I sent to it!! Bam!

Oh my gosh, that is so sweet! Thank you very much for that kind donation <3

Couldn't have come at a better time, either! My big canvas I had printed with one of my pictures just fell from the wall and got scratched, so I felt very sad. This just cheered me right back up :D

That is awesome - welcome on Steemit Big Boy!

She's adorable! Glad to see you are putting your money where it counts . Wham upvoted the power-up challenge blog. Thanks for stopping in :)

Thanks so much @htooms - appreciated!

btw - is @htooms male or female :-)?

Wow! That's some serious investing. Love the positive attitude. Enjoy your week!

You are doing quite well too. Difference is you earned it all! I scanned a QR and Powered Up.

How to Become a Whale in a Week 🐋 — Steemit (7).jpg

i have that feeling you have a nice balance between SPIRIT POWER and STEEM POWER :) Wish you all the best!

Thanks - Some spread flags, I spread comment votes and images. Followed!

Are you in anyway related to smooth? Just curious 😂

Welcome to Steemit by the way 😉

I actually wanted to break his neck the day I joined. . . I don't like the method, but his results are very positive for the smaller users. I have not spoken to him though my nick is a reflection of his. No, no relation.

The only thing you're allowed to break is a leg. Lol. Nice nice nice!!!

I support everyone that is an advocate of socializing on this platform.

Congrats for being a whale so quickly.
Even I joined steamit yesterday , I also want to do things as awesome as you are doing but it's very difficult to gain followers.
I would appreciate if anyone could spend their precious minutes of time following me. Thank you!

Hey - Welcome to the platform. You have a new follower - me! I hope to see some really good ones.

Shitcoins! Blah. LOL

thank you! for your attention ☺

Congrats! The concepts behind steemit are unparalleled.

I will be a steem whale when I can afford it.

You have to put the big rocks in the jar before you put the little ones in. (look up the reference).

How to Become a Whale in a Week 🐋 — Steemit (2).jpg


Thanks a lot for supporting us, the newbies!

Hi @htooms, i am glad you are here and this is amazing to see. You appear to be the whale to inspire the people, thus, for the people. This is immensely great! Luxury too, on the internet of today. I more people are drawn to steemit on the basis of your acts alone. i have always wanted to be CEO since i wish kid and i have always maintained that this is easy. Steem technology and steemit has made this possible for me even now. I will talk about this in a few days. Something that started recently and playfully by spreading love around steemit and celebrating steemians, inspiring the inspirers of steemit and the newbies etc is turning into my company. I envision big things for this tiny posts here and i need your support. i really want you to read them. my start on steemit was rough but much clearer now

This are my most recent posts but i post them here because it is the start of my company and i would love to know your thoughts!

WOW! and Congrats! That is quite an ascension!! Its quite refreshing to us newer members to hear such positivity and energy! Well done!

They recently started flagging me for bringing good cheer. See top comment.
But you? You are followed and upvoted.

I think this is the first post that I see on which there are more views than votes.

I've been looking for people to follow here that put out information matching my interests. You're my first follow so far.

Thanks! I was actually going to write a post on how there are blogs with more views than votes. Not sure how I did that. It's the catchy title? Have a bump on your tiger post and thanks again.

Impressive move @htooms. Congratulations for your investment, wish I could do the same 😇 Best wishes !

You are a rare breed! Congrats on joining and deciding to whale up. With great steem in the wallet comes great responsibility! :) Watch out what you do with your stake and keep #steeming

I am playing with free money as I just 10X'd the Dash climb - then moved some of that over here. God has been good to me!

I will! Instead of flagging everyone, I socialize and drop a vote here or there. Thanks for the vote of confidence :)

I just 10X'd the Dash climb

How awesome is that. Congrats and to more 10x'es :)

resteemed for awesomeness

Yes you did! And how about that house for sale? I have to power up another 4mm steem - hehe.

Good post.

Mutually) I will follow you.

Good for you!

I remember when you first joined, you commented on a post of mine.

Have a nice week!!

If it's anything like this one, I will have a very nice week. Same to you!

If you like Steemit games you can check our game too! Good luck!

I did indeed.

htooms — Steemit.jpg

Welcome to the game! Good luck!

Nice reference!

Congrats on making it in the top 100 in a week. That's impressive!

There is a user here with a gogogadget username... Thanks for stopping in.

I commented on your Bruce Blog, upvoted and followed you.

That's awesome I will need to look him up. Thanks!

One of the first things I tell new people is to practice the 3 Cs: Content - COMMENTS - Curation. It's served me well in developing my community of people. Reaching out to new members is vital for growth because if they have a good experience, they're going to tell their friends and so on. #payitforward

Hi @merej99 - I know you are in the comments sections because I saw you doing damage control on the sour faces during the experiment. This is OUR platform people.

Sometimes it feels like I'm chasing tumbleweeds. LOL
I'm keeping the faith though! :)

I am following you now so I will see all your posts.

  • I will not forget those who supported me in my first week!

Cool! Congrats! I guess we'll have the chance to talk to each other on here and Steemspeak!

Yes. I followed you, so I will see everything you put up. Really high quality I see on your blog!

Thanks! I really appreciate your appreciation. I hope you'll enjoy the posts I've been working on in the last 3 weeks. I plan on posting them this week. Peace!

Exciting times for us all. Thanks for your great post whaley @htooms hoping to join you up there one day :)

Wow that's amazing. I was worried after I saw comments criticizing whales. Good to see a new and good whale

I really don't like flags. The last week really got me going, but it also got me to invest here. Voting full time!

Welcome to the whale club. Hope to meet you there some day :)

Thanks Tim - You have been one of my guides!

Awesome, that is quite an honor - thanks! :)

Very cool! Nice to see this growing pattern of people coming to Steemit and immediately powering up...

Hot posts — Steemit.jpg

There has been a huge increase in sign ups. Let's make this social thing social!

I think I might have to buy a little steem! Little and often and keep my blogs going! I enjoy writing them up for all to see 😊 @htooms

I know it might sound a little dumb, but how do you buy steem and how do you transfer currency from GBP to Bitcoins and then to steem?
I've only been here a week to so still learning 😊 @htooms

Try - find someone with a good reputation close to you, meet up, have a coffee (public place) and get your bitcoins (I recommend coinomi - it's an app as a mobile wallet app). When you get that far, you can buy the steem or steem power right from your wallet page here on Steemit! Bam.

I just took a look at your blog - nice. I am a car buff. I have you on my follow list too! Ya gotta keep hitting it and the followers will come - that's where it's at.

Cheers mate!
I've just sent you another question on the other post hope you don't mind me asking?

Hey @htooms its what I keep saying we need to all help each other so we can have enough to help others climb.

I wish I could find some money to invest. Steemit is sooo addictive! Maybe if I sell off all my possessions, hmmm... Great initiative!

Your post does not explain at all... How to become a whale in a week. Very confusing writing you are doing here.

Check again I tried to make it more clear. Thanks for letting me know.

htooms — Steemit (1).jpg

Good job bro. keep it up

Welcome to Steemit and congrats! This is an entrance to remember :)

Yes, interesting days these were. Not boring at all.

About welcoming new users. The bot to discover new users' first post and alert a list of selected users should be an easy task to program. Then whoever is on the watch can personally greet the newcomer.

Even auto replying to your first post is easy, I guess.

Well done brother :) Wish I had that much BTC to trade for Steem, would do it in a heartbeat!