Hive Challenge: Community Celebration

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At the end of the year we did the Hive Highlight challenge which was wildly successful and helped us put together this Hiveio article.

Community Celebration Challenge

The challenge this time is to spotlight your favorite Hive community or Discord community group. The community does not need to be a hive-000000 style on-chain community. Y ou can also write about the overall Hive community.

How to participate

  • Write a post about your favorite community
  • Title your post Community Celebration: [Community Name]
  • Title your post Community Celebration: Hive if your topic is the overall Hive community
  • Tag your post with #communitycelebration and any other tags you want
  • Include Discord invite link if your community is Discord (or another chat) only
  • Reply in comments with your post link

Once again we have to have some ground rules:

  • Everyone can participate once
  • Posts can be in any language
  • Link back to this post from your post so others know to participate
  • Posts should be safe for all ages (includes words or images)
  • This isn't a feedback post, only the positive points please
  • Cite all images used, even from free sources

Once your posts are all written and submitted we'll list them all from one main @hiveio post which will also be published on our other social outreach accounts.

If you are a community leader

Further support this initiative please by submitting your community in comments here.

Community name:
Community description (100-200 words): 
My role: 
Community link:

Community Celebration Week

I'm also looking for some community week activity ideas. Community Celebration Week is going to run Sunday the 13th of February to Saturday the 19th of February. We'll have a kickoff post which is where we will be spotlighting the results from this challenge.

Submission Due Date is Friday, February 11th 12:00 hours noon UTC. Submissions are now closed! Reopening Submissions Until Tuesday, February 15th 12:00 hours noon UTC, FINAL CALL.

This is a live post and will be updated as needed.

There are 3 pages
  • Community name: Polish HIVE
  • Community description: the name is self explanatory, isn't it? It's a community built for Polish speaking people in order to increase engagement amongst current users and help with onboarding future ones. The community had its best days already, but its work created a foundation on which new users can find themselves on Hive (f.e. Users took part in contest to create FAQ's and tutorials about Hive). Community has an active twitter account.
    My role: current leader (since Monday)
    Community link:
  • Community name: STEMsocial

  • Community description (100-200 words): STEMsocial is a project dedicated to improving the quality of STEM (science, technology, engineering & mathematics) content on the Hive blockchain. The problem, as we see it, has always been that those with the greatest knowledge of STEM subjects lack incentive to communicate their work to mainstream audiences, leaving the majority of scientific reporting to journalists. As a result, only the most positive, groundbreaking and bizarre stories get heard, often becoming misinterpreted into ‘fake news’ by mainstream media. We at STEMsocial offer a new approach and provide a space among a thriving global community of like-minded individuals where both experts and passionate STEM bloggers can freely distribute their knowledge in a social media environment that actively promotes and rewards honest, reliable and high-quality content.

  • My role: Community leader (role shared with @mobbs)

  • Community links: on chain and on Discord.

STEMsocial is curated by professional scientists so only the most reliable information is presented. Visiting the STEMsocial community is like visiting a library. You never know what you'll find on any given day--practical information on health or esoteric information on physics or mathematics.


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Community Name : Silver Gold Stackers

Community Description : A group of like minds who like to share and promote smart investments in precious metals

My Role : Custodian of the Community Curation Project

Community Links : On HIVE and Discord

  • Community name: BDCommunity
  • Community description: BDCommunity, as the name suggests is a sanctuary for Bangladeshi and Bengali speaking authors. But the community itself is not bound by any language barrier as we welcome everyone with open arms. Our main objective is to introduce, help and give creators a place to write and create contents freely without being bounded by any niche. To put more simply, BDCommunity is our home.
  • My role: Curator
  • Community link: BDCommunity

It is a great initiative.
Am glad to write about the community that is very close to me. Will be reading about the others. Hope you guys will enjoy and welcome to BDCommunity.
My Entry:


Community Name:

Thoughtful Daily Post

Community Description:

This is a community for those participating in the Thoughtful Daily Post movement, created by me, @wesphilbin, on June 23rd, 2019.

Best described by a dear friend as follows; “The tag #thoughtfuldailypost can be applied to any post that speaks of positivity, uplifting topics, inspiration, reflection (especially self-reflection), deep musings about our human nature, spiritual aspects, and other philosophical inclinations. Despite the word "daily" in the tag, it is not necessary to write a post every day to participate — a single post of a thoughtful nature is welcome any time! We need more positivity and thoughtfulness in the world, now more than ever!”

Even a bad day can be thoughtful, so show everyone your thoughtful daily post!

My Role: Founder/Admin/Curator

A great move to find all those posts with good words, positive energy and good vibes to create positive bridges between users. A great move Mr. Wes, best regards.


Always good to hear from you! Thank you for the kind words; I can only hope that my Thoughtful Daily Post movement can help others to see the possibilities here on the blockchain, as well as a kinder mindset, and way of thinking in life.


I have 2 communities I head up and will list them here:

1 - The Alliance

  • The Alliance is one of the oldest communities on Hive born before tribes and Hive-Engine had tags to curate. We believe in getting to know you and do not discriminate the genre of your blogging style. As long as you're willing to help others, we'll help you.
  • I created @thealliance itself (before creating the curation account) the end of July in 2017 in response to noticing that a team and support was needed to be successful here. We have since adopted (and continue to) many people and seen them grow with us and launch their own initiatives.
  • Hive: The Alliance community pages - Discord: The Castle

2 - Paper in my Pocket (PIMP)

  • The PIMP initiative is designed to adhere to the financial side of why many of us are here. Those that stake our token (currently the top 50) are rewarded with daily slices of our pie and we have meetings every Wednesday to decide what direction(s) to take.
  • I am the 'King PIMP', 'PIMP Master' 'THE Pimp', 'The original HIVE P.I.M.P.' and '@thecryptopimp'. I've created multiple support accounts to foster portfolio growth of our PIMPs and try hard to lead them the best I can.
  • Hive: Paper in my Pocket community pages - Telegram: Pimp Media - PIMP Media: Hive Front-end

Thealliance 🤗❤️🤗
My heart and home since I joined 2017 🥰 best place to be and grow.

Big Pimp'n...holding your coins!

Coммυɴιтy ɴαмe: NeedleWorkMonday

Coммυɴιтy deѕcrιpтιoɴ: NeedleWorkMonday is a community of needle artists from all around the world that share our love and passion for the needle arts and any form of fiber art! We are a supportive group that encourages one another and supports each other’s work through upvotes, comments and positive feedback.

We get together every week to share our work, ideas, tips, patterns, shortcuts and to inspire the Hive community. Our hopes are to encourage crafters to dust off their needles and get crafting again as well as encouraging others to give it a try for the first time.

My role: Founder/Curator and shared Admin role with @marblely

Coммυɴιтy lιɴĸ:

Thank you @guiltyparties!

Community name: Let's Make a Collage (LMAC)

Community description: The LMAC is a fun collage contest on Hive where everyone can participate and win attractive HIVE prizes. Each week, a photo is made available as a template for all participants to create their collages from. At the end of each round, a community vote will decide how the prize pool is distributed among a jury selection of finalists. As a resource for all Hivers, the LMAC also maintains its own public domain image library – the LMAC Image Library (LIL). Everyone on Hive is invited to contribute their photos, images or artworks to the LIL and will be rewarded for doing so.

My role: Founder and shared community lead with @agmoore, @mballesteros & @quantumg

Community links: 🎨 The LMAC | 🌎 Our Website | 💬 Our Discord

Lamento no haber podido concursar con un post, sin embargo, deseo dejar mi sentir en este comentario.
#LMAC es mi comunidad favorita en Hive y con ella tengo una deuda de agradecimiento, pues fuea través de los recursos aprendidos en la Escuela de LMAC pude finalmente colocarme en el camino de desarrollar un estilo en este arte.
Una de las cosas que me hacen amar a la comunidad de Let's Make a Collage es el espíritu de buena voluntad con que se administra. El fomento que se hace del espíritu de comunidad y del aliento para el desarrollo de lo que podemos explorar a través de los recursos del arte (incluso si no somos artistas) está hermosamente bien entendido.
Puedo decirlo sin dudas: quien incursiona en esta comunidad a través de cualquiera de los caminos que pone a la disposición de Hive, sea el concurso semanal, sea la fantástica Biblioteca de Imágenes o los posts educativos, siempre gana. Y gana más que Hives.

Even if you thought you weren't an artist, LMAC might prove you wrong. We are an open community, a very patient and friendly audience, and a wonderful place to find challenges to improve our skills together.
LMAC is my favorite community in the Hive, while the Hive is my favorite social media.

My favorite community on Hive is Let's make a collage #LMAC

  • All your posts are curated
  • it's a school where you will grow as an artist
  • No matter if you are an artist or just starting out you are welcome here.
  • They have a creative contest every week with fabulous prizes.
  • The community is self-sustainable
  • When you think there are no more collage ideas this community surprises you with amazing creations.
  • I was born, grew and developed in this community.

If you are just starting in Hive, this is the community you need, your efforts will always be rewarded, this will encourage you to grow and discover new challenges.

I did not arrive in time to make my post

LMAC is my favourite. one of the best communities with weekly contests. LMAC is also the best community to show the creativity inside you

love this community, it's my favorite!!!

The most creative of communities, proud to belong to this team! ❤️

There is an open invitation to artists, photographers, and anyone who likes to create. We are a welcoming, fun community.

I am just starting on Hive, and this has been the community that has given me the most support to keep going.

I am grateful, I can say it is my favorite community.

Community name: The Terminal
Community Description: The primary goal of The Terminal is to answer questions about Hive, cryptocurrency, and Discord. Founded in December of 2018, we help folks learn the etiquette and workings of the blockchain, grow their accounts, and find communities where they can thrive. We are like a travel terminal for destinations on the blockchain!
My role: Co-Founder/Admin

Community name: Ladies of Hive
Community Description: A community that focuses on women — their interests, joys, passions, and share stories of their journey in life.
My role: Co-Founder/Admin

Ladies on Hive, I find it a very beautiful community, I have always wanted to share a post there, I have stories to tell but I have yet to take the time to write them down. Someday I will share them. 😁

The Terminal, a place to learn and for all newcomers to have a refuge and to clarify any doubts they may have about Hive.

Best regards Miss Kitty!



Community name: LaTaverne
Community description (100-200 words):
LaTaverne est une communauté "synergique" principalement francophone où les participants sont conviés à grandir ensemble autours de l'ECU. L'un des buts principaux est de réunir le monde des Gamers (streamers) et celui des adeptes de la crypto (Hive).
Tout post francophone peut être affiché sur la taverne.
My role: founder
Community link:
Discord :

Je lai vue sur le discord, mais je viens de voir que tu avais déjà mis le lien

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I'm reading a book called Anti-climax.
The first part was good.

Credit: reddit
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Cher Invest-time,
De quel lien parles-tu?

Le lien ci-dessus n'est PAS une participation de membres, c'est la catégorie des leaders. Les participants membres sont censés faire un post indépendant, avec leur tag :)

Tag: #communitycelebration

Titre de votre post : Community Celebration: [LaTaverne]

La participation vient de chaque personne impliquée, et vous devez mettre le lien de votre post en reply au poste principal.

Donc si tu veux parler d'une communauté, tu peux. Si tu veux parler de LaTaverne, le discord peut même un peu vous guider :-) Pensez a mettre le tag qu'ils demandebt surtout... :-) Puis mettez le lien sur le channel hive-post comme noté sur discord :)

Si tu veux participer mais ne sais pas comment ou si tu as des doutes ou des questions, je vais me mettre en vocal discord et répondrai aux questions écrites et orales

Community Name: DreemPort
Community Description:

The DreemPort site encourages networking across multiple writing platforms. Members will drive new viewers to their favourite platform and be introduced to earning crypto while curating.
@dreemport is about new connections, genuine engagement and steady support - BUT, we also love this aspect of our project: You have a measurable rating given to you, based on your audience support!

Why is that awesome?

• Because it allows you to have a very tangible way of recognizing if you're connecting with your audience.
• It allows you to see if you are improving or slipping.
• It challenges you to improve, and increase your score!

My Role: Founder

How do I use DreemPort - it's easy!
DreemPort discord server
DreemPort site We go offline on weekends so you can rest! (and our staff too! hehe) Offline rest is as important as online fun - so if you'd like to drop your posts into DreemPort - come back ready to join in on Monday!
DreemPort account on Hive = @dreemport

It have been fun being part of Dreemport from the get-go. It all started as a dream until it became a Dreem and now we are enjoying the reality.

Engagement and connection is what DreemPort is all about and I'm super proud to be a part of this amazing Portal. ❤️

An amazing community that makes it easy for people around blog niche to always read your content. My journey in the community has been awesome. 😎

An opportunity for writers who wants more audience and genuine comments in their favorite blog post! Isn't this incredible, so far am overwhelmed by the accomplishments so far from this community!

The community closest to my heart by a mile 😍This is the perfect example of true community; a coming together with a shared vision to build something truly wonderful. People who genuinely care about growing together, laughing together, and supporting each other like family around the world.


Community name: City of Neoxian
Community description (100-200 words):

My city and online tribe and chat group. Website is We have a matrix chat group . Token is neoxag. We are a general purpose forum and close knit group. Very active in splinterlands with a Top 3 guild.

My role: Leader and ruler with an iron fist


@neoxian! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @invest-time. (2/20)

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Was the iron fist part necessary? 😅.... Anyway, I'd join the matrix chat😎


It was necessary.


I have spoken...this is the way...

Oh, I have a new community!

Community name: What I Learned Today
Community description: A place to share the new things that are learned, no matter how large or small, that we learn on a daily basis by living.
My role: Administrator, guidance, and the like.
Community link:

How cool! Congrats, @wwwiebe! I'll check it out.

Thanks! It's very young, and I'm definitely looking to grow it!

intresting idea indeed. I subscribed!

Hey, thanks so much! I think it'll turn into a nice community.

Community Name: Silver Bloggers
Community Description:
A community for retired and aspirant retiree bloggers, seasoned and wannabe crypto hodlers.
The Silver Bloggers’ community brings together young-at-heart kindred spirits and younger 'old souls'. The golden threads, in addition to a love of blogging and photography, are –
A keenness to learn more about blockchain and crypto – we’re not digital natives – most of us were born before the PC was imagined; we ask “stoopid” questions
A compulsion to share our life experiences for storage on the blockchain for our children and children’s children
Musings and memories of lives lived – the happy and the sad, the long and the short
Planning for life beyond formal work – from leisure and travel to second (or third…) careers, hobbies that can supplement pensions and just what keeps “un” working people busy
From time to time, we will run challenges. To suggest and/or run a challenge, please tag one of the administrators or moderators with your idea.
My role: Founder & Admin
Community link:

I hope you don't mind I edited this a bit to make it into one paragraph.

No problem @guiltyparties, thank you for this challenge!

Community name: STEMGeeks
Community description: Sharing and discussions about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math subjects.
My role: Creator
Community link:

Community name: Hive Punks
Community description: Talk about Hive Punks
My role: Creator
Community link:

I have always loved the STEM community. I'm glad you created it!

I didn't realise you were the founder of StemGeeks! 😅 😳

Community name: Crypto Shots

Community description:
Tags: gaming, play-to-earn, NFTs, First-Person-Shooter.

The alpha of our blockchain 3D game is launching this Sunday on the Wax blockchain.
We are already storing our Discord game data into Hive.
Our Discord game allows you to premine our new tokens even before they go live.
We plan on integrating Hive NFTs and tokens next (it's currently on our roadmap for the end of Q1).


My role: admin

Community link:

Community Name: Ladies of Hive

Community Description:
Ladies of Hive is a community that focuses on women- their interests, joys, passions, and share stories of their journey in life.
Our mission is to empower and encourage female/feminine/femme-identifying voices on Hive. We are here to support, uplift, and learn from one another. We believe female voices and ideas should find equal representation in all corners of the blockchain. This is an inclusive space, and we welcome all who also support this vision.
Our motto: Women empowering each other.
Our token: LADY (LOH)

My role: Founder

Community name : The Chess community

Community description : A place for Chess players to post chess riddles, tournament reports, own games and anything relating to chess, created by @jaki01

My role : Moderator

Community link :


dans ton commentaire ici tu dois mettre le lien du post de ta participation !!

Community name: Reggaejahm

Community description : Reggaejahm is a niche community for Reggae, Caribbean and IRIE content ( IRIE =) positive and uplifting). Everyone is welcome to post as long as it relates to the themes above. By using #JAHM, it goes to our interface ( and will be earning JAHM tokens which can be used to buy beats!

My role: The IRIE Leader


@dmilliz! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @invest-time. (3/20)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

Community Name: Campusgistars
Community Description: Campusgistars is a community of students around the world especially for students in campuses who use hive around campuses. students report on happenings about their campuses and what goes on around them. topics such as relationships on campus, earning while learning in our Campus enterprise program and hopes to hold a general campus carnival in Nigeria later this year. we are quite new to hive, most of our members are still taking lessons about hive, our dream is to take hive to all campuses around the world starting from Nigeria.

Role: Community Leader
community link: hive and Discord

This is such a huge project and I wish you all the success in the world!

thanks for all your support

Community name: Psyber X

Community description (100-200 words): Psyber X is a game in development that is FPS (first person shooter) P2E (play to earn) MMO (massive multiplayer online) RPG (role playing game) & F2P (free to play). The game is fully funded & seeking to onboard gamers to HIVE blockchain, getting wallets set up and ready to play current HIVE games while growing a fan base for launch. We are running challenges and contests giving away 100's of thousands of LVL token away with more much larger rewards coming for the community that assist in social challenges and writing/creativity contests while HIVE onboarding. Join the conversation in discord chat
Join the AMA Feb 20th - ask anything in the #AMA channel as we line up questions

My role: Community Admin

I'm kind of a big fan...!LUV

  • Community name: HiveFood
  • Community description: Hive Food is a community based on foodie content, where we receive people from all over the world with traditional recipes from their country, and we also support the Hispanic community, as it is the one that produces the most content on this topic. We also have an initiative called ArcFood (Arcoalimentos) where participants create recipes with specific colored ingredients. This community has grown a lot in the last few months and has great acceptance from the community.
    My role: Owner and Administrator
    Community link:

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Mi participación:

Yes, @Hivefood, is my favorite community, I love cooking and highlighting the value of culinary traditions, from there I have been able to share some of the recipes that I treasure from my mother and that have been passed from generation to generation, also I love the #Arcoalimentos initiative, thanks @mariale07 for the invitation to participate in this party, but I think I was late, still Let's celebrate! 🎶🥗🍾🥂 congratulations to @guiltyparties for this kind of initiatives.


Community name: 1UP
Community description: Blockchain gaming and NFT tribe on HIVE, with ONEUP as our token and as our frontend. We are very actively building our own community as well as inter-community relations.
My role: Founder
Community link:


Community name: Cartel
Community description:

  • We are a meta-guild, a community for communities.
  • We are meta-gamers, gaming many blockchain games.
  • We are a meta-token, a dividend token for dividend tokens.
  • We are meta-curators, a curation service for all HIVE tribes.
  • We are a meta-business, making money from the metaverse.
  • And we are a meta-family, a family for families - your friendly Cartel.

My role: Founder

Part of the brotherhood...when do we kiss the ring again?

Are they part of the same project or two distinctively different communities?

They are two different projects with different founders, that compliment each other.

name: RU (Russian Hive)
description: community was created to onboard & support Russian-speaking authors at Hive. Communication is restricted to the Russian language only.
roles: @alexanderfluke - founder, @qwerrie - mod

name: FungiLovers
description: there are a lot of Hiveans who share fascination to different aspects connected with fungi: visual, medical, culinary. the community is dedicated to fungi in all these aspects, and provides a place for communication, exchange of experience, help with identification, questions, and simply boasting with tropheys. FL is included in #OCD community incubation program and currently has 1500 subscribers.
roles: @qwerrie - founder, mod

Community name: PukuMundo
Community description: We create contests and iniciatives about arts, music, literature and creative fusion posts. We support people from all the Hive plataform too each week and we are from Venezuela, Southamerica. I started with PukuMundo since 2017 with my educacional discord room for new users and in PukuMundo we teach new users to make posts and respect the guides and rules of Hive.
My role: Funder/Leader (and @orimusic is the Community mod but we share the leadership cause we are a team)
Community link:
Our discord

Here is my post in celebration of my favourite community Community Celebration - Dreemport

Muy buena iniciativa. A very good initiative

Community name: HiveCuba
Community description (100-200 words): A community created to help cubans and hispanic people through their way inside Hive
My role: Lider
Community link: @hive-10053

Community name: LUV (and HBIT too)
Community description: LUV: to share love on the Hive blockchain. Hivebits (HBIT): to reward effort on the chain.
My role: creator
Community link:
Post link:



The Pizza Guild

Discord: Discord

Community Description: Pizza Guild is a Hive-powered social group focused on creating awesome tools and opportunities for gamers, artists, musicians, and content creators. We've recently launched a community music album, a new token staking rewards program, and will be kickstarting a game scholarship program next Sunday!

My role: Creator / Director of Things


Community name : Let's Make a Collage

The LMAC(Lets Make a Collage) is fun and artistic community where everyone gets to show case their editing and photo collage skills. Every week a base photo is published by @shaka and a deadline for making photo collage is given. All participants edit photo according to their creative ideas. The prizes are distributed for best picks.

Community name: Whisky/Whiskey
Community description: A place to talk about fine drinks. Currently fairly small, but looking to grow. We do not have a token and votes are not guaranteed, but it provides a place to find fellow drinkers. I feel that specialist communities can be more useful than general ones where posts can get lost in the flood. If centred around an interest then you can find the content you want without having to follow lots of people, who may have other interests that do not overlap. Cheers!
My role: Founder and drinker
Community link:

Community name: CineTV
Community description (100-200 words): We are a tribe for all levels of cinephiles with the core motto to "Incentivize your passion for Film"! We recently restructured and are working to grow the community on Hive and beyond! Our token is CINE and we would love to have everyone as part of our unique family!
My role: Project Manager
Community link:

I didn't know you had a community! I like movies...

it is the brainchild of @raymondspeaks! I'm just fortunate enough to be a part of it! Come on by and give us a shout!

I'll have to... gotta create time lol

Community name: dCrops
Community description: dCrops is a P2E game on hive which is built around the theme of farming and farm management. It is fairly passive and rewards players with the native $CROP tokens as well as HIVE to play the game.
My role: Lead developer and admin
Community link:

Community name: Game Development

Community description:
A place for game developers to talk about and showcase all things regarding making a game. Many who are in the process of making their own game share dev logs and personal experiences about the process.

My role: Admin

Community link:

There are 3 pages