Contest: 50,000+ Hive Power delegations for one month

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Create a post that discusses the content consumer rewards that can be earned here on Hive


We know that earning cryptocurrency for 'liking' content is the best kept secret on the internet, but the growth of the network relies on, to some extent, of the distribution of the HIVE token to as many people as possible.

We need more eyes here, crypto fanatics or otherwise, and one way to potentially bring people on-board is to appear in search results when people search for, well, anything!

To try to draw a few more people over from the search engines, I'd like you to write a blog about curation rewards. But, I would much rather they be named consumer rewards. I recently on-boarded a new user, and they were much more OK with this term.

'Earn cryptocurrency'

This is the target!


I've been told it would be impossible at present to knock this blog off the top of the 'earn cryptocurrency' search, partly due to hive.blogs domain authority, which is 36, and the site hosting the blog having an authority up in the 60's. (peakd is 35, is 90!)

image.png source

That's fine though, the blog can stay there, for now. We will attack in numbers, hopefully.

The contest

Write a blog (on or peakd) focusing on earning rewards for consuming content. If you are unsure on what this is, please read:

The 3 winners will be found by performing a Google search in 7 days time for 'earn cryptocurrency'.

Please use the tags #earncryptocurrency and #consumerrewards - you will likely need more tags than this! (like #earn and #cryptocurrency)

You will likely need some SEO in your post - check the post and comments here for some basic tips.

If you don't want to use your main account to write the post, I will create an account for you to use as long as you have checked the name is free.

Please include a link to - you can use the below if you wish:

<img src="" alt="create hive blockchain account"></p>
<p>Not got an account yet?  <a href="">Sign up to Hive!</a></p>

The owner of the blog with the highest ranking on Google in 7 days time will win the 1st prize. Hopefully this blog will be on the first page of the 'earn cryptocurrency' search, but no matter if not - i'll keep going through the pages until i find you!

There will also be prizes for 2nd and 3rd highest rankings.




1st - 25,000 delegated Hive Power for 1 month
2nd - 15,000 delegated Hive Power for 1 month
3rd - 10,000 delegated Hive Power for 1 month
4th - 1000 delegated Hive Power for 1 month
5th - 500 delegated Hive Power for 1 month

Please ask if you have questions, I will tidy up the post to clarify anything mentioned below if need be.

Cheers and good luck!


create hive blockchain account

Not got an account yet? Sign up to Hive!


Are you willing to add 4th place for 1k HP for a month?

Nice idea. Btw, maybe u could link that SEO post so that some people might consider doing it that way.


I guess :)

Just to clarify, it's the highest ranking of the 3 that wins - you don't need to come first in the rankings :)

I hope people consider the SEO side - I will link the post, cheers!

Now you got me confused xD

I will delgate 1k HP for a month if you are willing to find the 4th person on google search.?


Yes I'll find number 4 if you wish to delegate? :D

Now we're talking. :)

Yap, why not. This seems like it really might help Hive so Imma delegate 1k HP to 4th placed person.

Just tag me when you find winners because I will forget it xD haha

Will do, I'll update the post :D Cheers!

Please tag me when you find the winners. I will delegate 10K to the 1st/5K to 2nd/5K to 3rd for 1 month.

Do I have to go edit out the word 'Steem' or will these folks be able to figure this out?

I'm hoping they've got the idea :)

Would be good to take a fair few pointers from that post (and many others I didn't have to hand) when writing something up, it's all there.

I understand you must feel like you are flogging a dead horse at time with this one, but I think it's good that the record gets spun frequently.

Let's see if anyone can get first page with a mention of what a good deal no pay per view is.

All the times I've written about it (countless?) I was always directing the message to the internal market, since it seemed the majority was consistently overlooking the consumption side of things, along with the benefits and incentives that go along with consumption. It would be good to open the windows and start yelling so others can hear now that at least some folks (more and more every day) seem to get it.

Changing "curation rewards" to "consumer rewards" makes selling the idea much easier(makes far more sense), since curation sounds like work and consuming in this context is synonymous with relaxing. People like 'easy money', so they show up here to create content, which is the hardest thing anyone can do in order to earn around here, then they leave, not even knowing a more suitable role as consumer also pays and there are far more opportunities to earn in that department. It's not much, when compared to creators, but everyone knows the one on stage earns the most, and the audience spent the most.

Now everyone can earn as a collective or a cooperative rather than forcing several thousand to throw their money away in order to make one or a small group of individuals wealthy.

If successful here, this concept has the potential to change how the entire entertainment industry operates. Where what were once simple fans of something now become investors. There would be a lot of push back from that industry though.

Every content creator online is an independent artist of sorts and rewarding the consumer in this fashion is exactly what those independents needed for the past two decades, at least. Most either worked for free or asked their consumers to throw their money away. Remember: Only invest what you can afford to lose. That's what they say in crypto. Consumers can afford to lose billions annually. They're not concerned about losing that money that could be invested into HIVE, and then their favorite content/creators. Contributing to success leads to more, for everyone.

I'll stop rambling now though.

Something like this would be great :)

No real need to mention the numbers, be nice to see more of a freewrite around this new approach to earning as a consumer.

.. this concept has the potential to change how the entire entertainment industry operates.

Would be a sweet opener.

I'm on vacation. ;)

Ah yes, I forgot :)

Enjoy the holidays!

That was the way I was taught when I first came, using the Html, which when I compared with the formatting, I liked Markdown better. Pretty spiffy little contest you have going. Can I give you another 1,000SP for maybe a fifth and sixth prize or should I save it for your next contest? Your call.

I think there are lots of people that could do well with this @definethedollar, @wwwiebe @thekittygirl @felt-buzz @bigtom13 @quillfire .

Good luck with the contest and let me know!

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This is awesome!

What a great initiative...Should generate some great content to help bring more eye balls to HIVE.

That's the plan, whether it'll work or not I have no idea but let's see :D

Thanks for the share!

This is great and I am looking forward to the results!

The winner - half way down page 37!!

I am really looking forward to see if people are able to drive their post up the ranks :)

hahaha :D

Well I hope not that far down, but I have no idea where to be honest. More content out there relating to hive and earning rewards by consuming content can't be a bad thing though.

Lets see!

I like the move to consumer rewards, since no one knows what curation is - even on the platform. :D

Credit to nonames, unless he robbed it :)

no one knows what curation is - even on the platform

There have been heated debates for sure :)

Forgot to say, thank you for sponsoring!

I might give it a shot ;-)

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Please do - SEO skills will help!

Since 7 days is short to be listed by google, I hurried to write my entry to this contest ;-)

I have optimized it for the keywords: "earn cryptocurrency" and also for a long tail keyword "Earn cryptocurrency for consuming content". I think that the objective is to bring people to hive and I believe it will be easier to do so using long tail keywords because the competition is smaller on them.

It could be too short, but I had a post listed in a day and saw others the same.

Thank you for submitting an entry, I hope it finds it's way into the search!

Benjamin, Baby!

trying to keep it short, as short content or no content is the flavor of the month 😀

And see, I know to use my emoji!

No content? Who told you that? :D

Excellent SEO emoji work sir!

I forgot to say, thanks for sponsoring my wacky idea!

You are welcome! You are doing all the work :)

I don't know why hive posts don't come in google search properly. Our site's SEO ranking is not good may be.

I just googled with the keyword 'hive' and didn't find our site. I searched with 'hive blog' keyword after that. I get the attached result (a layman will think that it is just an user maintained blog platform). I think max publishing houses pay a lot for SEO and get desired results. This is challenging task for us. I have republished a few articles in hackernoon from steemit and when I search with the keywords, I get to see hackernoon links in google. Steemit links appear with poor ranks. Most probably hackernoon spends a lot on SEO.

This is nice initiative but if the overall site SEO is not done properly, user generated contents should not appear in the first page of google search with any keywords.


Totally awesome idea. This is the kind of thing that really has the potential to make a difference. I can't wait to see who is up for our and what they can do to shift the rankings.

What's the betting at least one person doesn't read it properly and goes full on about posting and earning ;0)

Hope so! Thanks for sponsoring :)

Pretty sure they'll be some you vote for me I vote for you business!

Haha no doubt!! It's s pleasure to sponsor this, what a fucking magic prize!!

Hopefully there is enough HP to create some interest! Cheers!

Excellent contest Asher, I also quite like the name consumer rewards.

If anything, Scorum has excellent Search Engine Optimisation. I'm near the google search top on the terms Earn Splinterlands & Splinterlands Promo Code :-)

I do think Hive/Steem has some major issues with its reward/upvote model along with most of its 'non-content' and honestly wouldn't recommend it to anyone right now.

It will be interesting if someone pulls it off to get that top spot in Google search.

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Good effort on the search placings, any luck tracking number of clicks/visits?

Pretty sure no-one will take the top spot, but it'll be good to see anything on the first page :)


I have put some effort into promoting Splinterlands this year and 100+ people did make an account using my link (25 of those got the summoner's spellbook and15+ are still playing with monst having Gold and even Diamond ranks). A lot of traffic I guess came from publish0x which actually has quite a lot of active readers. Purely for blogging, that platform is honestly way more suited and pretty much cuts out all the bs (it is highly centralized though). Unlike Hive/Steem it does have a view counter and multiple posts have gotten 1000-3000 views. I have no clue how many clicks actually come from the google search.

Thanks for the info. I've had a look over there and they seem to be going OK.

Much easier to count your views when you are the central authority :)



The sponsors have made it a bit more appealing :)

Would be nice to see something from yourself!


All you got to do is please the robots :)


haha :D

Hey, I just wrote a post about SEO tips and it made it to Trending!

I actually think we are lacking 'SEO shit' - it seems that any publicity is good publicity for improving the Domain Authority - is up in the 90's with 0 Spam?!

This is really a cool contest. I would love a dedicated account dedicated for such contents as this and typically for promotional posts around hive. Thanks @abh12345

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No problem.

Check if the account you want is free by searching on

and contact me on discord: abh12345 #9343

Thanks for the share!

This is nice and the prize. But I'm still searching to learn more about this topic. lol

The topic is curation rewards, but If they could be discussed as consumer rewards that would be great :)

No idea, but good luck to all of the entrants.
Make Google's head spin.

A great effort Ash!

Thanks! If this goes even remotely well then I think I'll try with different types of content in the future :)

I think it will go well and I sent it already to good friend that I am sure that you also know.

Tell me something, this Engagement League of yours, can it see all of my engagement in the other channels like esteem, communities, adsactly, and many others?

I think on boarding is critical for our success. Here’s a post It’s been shared on twitter but it’s hard to find anything hive related on google.


I left a comment on your post.

Can you link the tweet?

Good luck!

it could be a good way to learn more about SEO, as i never got into it. not sure do i have enough knowledge to write meaningful content about it.

The idea in my head would be to write to someone new, who likes browsing online content.

You don't get anything for liking or sharing facebook/twitter content, but here you can do that and be rewarded as a consumer. Sharing something that becomes popular and that amount you can earn goes up :)

Check out the nonames link, there is some gold in that post :)

This is awesome!
Thank you for your excellent initiative.
I love decentralization

My pleasure, are you planning to write? :D

This is a really neat contest since it is not based on the subjectivity of judgement. We are all winners, too. I think forwarding to as many different SNS as possible to get those hard links out is smart. Also, using an existing account makes more sense since there is more familiarity with google crawlers.

In anycase good luck to participants and I'm keen to give it a shot. If I win, I'm just gonna use my delegation to downvote the crap out of everyone who doesn't posh and consider SEO to give even more back to the reward pool, so if possible can you consider sending that to my alt account, I'll create it later.

Yep, all winners, and I don't have to judge.

Please enter, happy to send the delegation wherever :)

I hope there are a few blogs appearing in the search, even if it's not the first page of results.

@azircon told me he hates all contests of this kind because they make leeches come.

Is that how you made it here?

no dude, resteems of azircon are treaten like posts. his fault ^^


is your home.

Awesome prizes and contest! Definitely a good challenge for those with lots of knowledge in this curation/consumer rewards. Unfortunately, I don't know too much about this but would leave down below two dear friends who I believe can participate because their knowledge and experience are stunning! @nickyhavey & @phortun

Thanks for tagging a few peeps who could be interested :)

I'm sure most people could have a go at it - introductiion to hive, and a focus on consumer(curation) rewards and why they are so awesome compared to liking something on Twitter/Facebook and getting nothing.


Thanks for the tag little sister! I'll see what I can do in the next couple of days, been a busy boy on the music front and have the monthly live stream tonight which has consumed my time a lot haha!

@abh12345 How to submit the entry? Just post it on my blog or I have to share the link in this post?

Yes you can write the post and put a link here. Share it on Twitter too if you have an account and drop that link here also.

Is this only limited to content curation? How about we put other ways to earn hive tokens like playing blockchain games, hivelancing(freelancing on hive), contest and others?

You can talk about the many ways as part of the intro, but I thought it would be good to focus on content consumption. But yes, a bit about games, leasing HP, posting could be added.

I would assume the target audience have no idea, so writing at a high level (comparing pointless facebook/twitter 'likes') etc might work best :)

I'll give it a try, also I'll make a deeper dive into the SEO thing, I read your post about that one but with more information it might be possible to get better chances of ending on high spots

Cool :)

Yes there are some basics in that SEO post, and more info in the comments. I think you will need headings, links, alt text on images, etc to get into the search.

Thank you very much for giving it a shot, let's see what happens in 6 or so days time :D

You're welcome.

Fingers crossed, haha!

I'll give it a good rattle anyway. See if I can get a post up in the rankings. Maybe tomorrow when i've time. I'll share on twitter and try to get some more people interested.

Nice one :)

Drop the post link and twitter link here please.

Would love to see a basic, high-level write up, comparing to facebook/twitter likes, and sharing the content potentially increasing the reward if it becomes popular. There is some gold in the nonames post above.


That sounds a pretty good idea. People can use their time fullest in this lockdown.
I may not enter but I would love to see the results!

I supported the initiative. I decided to break the request in Russian. 2 requests are always better than the 1st :)

Yes you can make as many posts as you like, and in as many languages as you can :D

Thank you for taking part!

Why did you write like that ... How can I stop now :)


Thanks for the gift !!! I'm waiting for tomorrow's statistics, I pushed well this week :)

haha :D

They will arrive, and we will see who has been engaging.

Very thoghtful initiative for Hive. Thanks @abh12345 for all your efforts to bring new eyes and upgrade Hive to the masses.

Thank you for the kind message, I hope some people can score high on the Google results and on-board :)

Man the prize pool continues to increase! I am tempted to participate in my own contest! But that would be blasphemy! Eh?

Why not?

Google is deciding the winner, not us!

I was thinking about writing an entry myself, but I guess we should not claim any prizes :)


How to make money in Cryptocurrency!

Damn! This will be embarrassing to write!

I am feeling the shill already :)

You know this book.... I read it multiple times; despite the title it’s quite a good book


and it is a best seller. So sometimes cheesy titles do work.

I guess it is one thing to attract attention, and another to keep it.

Looking forward to your effort :)

Oh! I am in will start working on this in the morning itself.

🎁 Hi @abh12345! You have received 0.2 HBD tip from @dswigle!

Check out @dswigle blog here and follow if you like the content :)

Sending tips with @tipU - how to guide.

O-kay, I gave it a shot, now to just wait and see what happens.

Just read it, thank you very much for giving it a shot!

I still don't know enough about cryptocurrency, any crypto fiend will find it to simplistic, but for people like me, it may help, it may not. We just have to wait and see, once the word gets spread around we may get more people looking, and hopefully we can avoid chasing them off because of bullshit.

Awesome idea, Asher!

I think I already know the answer to this question, but do you think it would help or hurt to do my post as usual on my WP blog, which then auto posts to Hive through SteemPress (man, I can't wait until they re-brand!)? You'd think, since I've been blogging since '05 I'd know, but I've been wicked lazy somewhat ambivalent about SEO, other than making sure the SEO analysis light turns green before I hit, "publish"... 😝

I think that would totally be worth a try :)

I have no clue how a post from steempress would rank but I guess/hope that a long-standing blog with links to hive/peakd would be suitable. Nothing to lose to give it a try!

And speaking of WordPress bloggers, tagging @fionasfavourites @nickyhavey @plantstoplanks and @paulag to see if they want to jump in.

Thanks for the tag @traciyork. I will give it some thought. And, @abh12345,I like "consumer rewards". I weighed in on this and other stuff on @abitcoinskeptic's post about maximum payouts. Dunno if you want to check out the thread...

Let's see what happens in the next 6 days...nice initiative...

Haha he read my post and regret his vote for it, lol.

Thanks for the tag @traciyork, will try to write something on Peakd in the next couple of days, just have a few music related matters to take care of first 😃

Can I do it for "earn crypto" instead of "earn cryptocurrency"?

Earn crypto's monthly search volume is higher.

Yes, I will be doing the search for 'earn cryptocurrency', but if you add that phrase in too it might help more eyes hit your post :)

Thanks, mate. Here's my entry -

I don't know I did it right or not. :( But tried to make it eye-catching for readers.

Brilliant effort, thank you!

Best of luck, my the Google gods shine down :D

This is the kinda contest I like to see. I think your previous article on SEO really sparked the interest of some users. Ah, I didn’t see this article on time, I would have loved to participate. Just less than 6 days remaining.

The truth is: it will take more than a week for a post from Hive to rank on search engines. I would recommend 2-3 weeks for the contest, in case this turns out to be a series. I know it may be difficult for you to extend the duration of this contest to that time-period. If you could, I think I can make one terrific post. And with more time, the post could even rank more.

I think there is plenty of time and I would write the post if you feel like it :)

If there is nothing in the search after a week then I may extend the time to 2/3 weeks.

The more links the better I say. Thanks very much, this one is a cracker :)

Feels good. Just one more thing, does it affect the rankings if shared on some social media? hehe

Yes I think it does play a part, although I'm not 100%.

I think it's worth sharing to twitter, and should have added that as a note in the post.

If you want, edit the comment on my post with the Tweet.

I'm going to drop my post on Hive first, and then I'll repost it on Publish0x because they also have good SEO visibility. I hope that's allowed.

The idea is to get a post about hive as much visibility as possible when people search for "earn cryptocurrency", and that's my target for posting on Publish0x. Also, my username there is identical to my Hive username(Belemo), so there won't be any issues about mistaken identity

Sounds like a plan, although it'll be the hive/peakd link that i'm looking for.

At present, the post would probably have more search visibility if it was posted to Steem, but we don't want that!

I get. I've dropped my post on peakd already, I'll go drop it on publish0x. I left a lot of links to hive, a link to the hive post on publish0x (and medium) and that would be beneficial for our SEO generally speaking.

I just finished my contest entry. Did I do a decent job with the SEO?

Looks nice!

Have you tweeted it?

ye he has i have seen it . he reminded me to give it a go

ok this sounds like fun ill give this a go even though i think i don't stand a chance. there you go i went for a community don't steal my idea 😂

:D Interesting approach!

that's it i'm going for the win. also created this earn crypto account.

throw enough crap at the wall.... :)

if you write a post the with this account name it could do well!

lets see :P only 3 days left

Dang, looks like I won't get a post up before this ends after all... got a bit distracted on Twitter... 🤣

I am looking forward to seeing how the experiment plays out, and would definitely be down for giving a go in the future (even without another contest). Good luck, everyone!

Worry not :)

It is an experiment for sure, not sure how to judge at present and will be asking for feedback today i think.