Ladies of Hive Community Contest #22

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TO THE 22nd EDITION of the

This is a contest from our community to you, women empowering each other both on the blockchain and in Discord! A place we love and where Hive is alive. If you haven't joined our discord yet, an invite can be found by clicking on the first banner under this post!

We will be giving away 5 HIVE to the best entry.

For this week we want to know :

1️⃣ Do you think men or women make better friends? ...and why?


2️⃣ What is your favorite board game, and show a picture of you playing it.

To make sure that your entry is valid, and can not be missed for the contest, please make sure that you follow the RULES:

  • Blog must answer at least one of the questions
    (or more, if you wish!)
  • Blog must be submitted before
    🌟the beginning of the day of
    Sunday, MARCH 21st, 2021
  • Blog must be published in Ladies of Hive community
  • 🌟Blog must be linked in a comment to this post
  • Blog must be original in order to win
  • Blog must be 200+ words
    🌟(word count must be met before
    any translation of your blog!)
  • Blog must invite another woman to the community

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Good luck, Ladies!

@brittandjosie for Team Ladies of Hive


I made a mistake by publishing in my blog but this is my entry link to the contest

Thank you but indeed it needs to be in ladiesofhive

Yea, that's right. I did a cross post but would ensure to post in the community next time

Dear tomorrow the new contest will be on , and don't forget to publish from the community ladies of hive

I will, thanks for the reminder. !wine

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I say that because for some one like me, who grew up in a barracks (a place or community where a group of number of police lives), I was the only girl among two boys and had no choice than to play with my siblings.
Its true that where you grow up that will decide your friendships, and thank you for joining in the contest and leaving your link

Buenas tardes!! Pregunta me imagino que controversial para algunas quienes pueden ser mejores amigos

Aquí mi participación

Invito a @danielam530

Sounds like really true friendships - Some of them accompanied me in delicate health situations, others gave me good advice, sometimes they fixed a damaged appliance in the house, other times we simply had a cup of coffee and talked about any topic of ordinary life. -

Thank you for joining in our contest and leaving the link
Good luck winning

What a great picture you made from the picture i used for my blog

What a great blog, i was sad to read - Having friends has not been very good for me in life, I do not know if it has been because of my constant changes of residence or because since childhood my father said that going up and down with someone every day was always going to arise a problem. Then automatically when he saw us very often with someone he even forbade us to go out, in order to break that friendship. - i hope you will find people here on hive,
Thank you for the link and good luck winning

Great job that you did left the link here, now you can be in the contest

Hello there :) this is my entry

Oh @yole, thats a game my boys love love love, we play cards all the time , on holidays and also in the car when we have to drive for a long period. I love the personal pictures and the fun shown on your faces.
Thank you for participating and good luck in this weeks contest ,
Sunday the new contest will be there too,
Thanks for inviting my friend @librepensadora
You got my vote

Hi, dear @brittandjosie

Thanks for mentioning me on your great blog.

Have a big big big Hug

Thank you very much, playing with my grandchildren makes me feel young. Hugs!

I can imagine I play with my kids because that gives me the idea I am in their world
Happy weekend and happy 1st anniversary of hive

I love jenga we have it too, we actually have two pair boxes to make a large tower. So i can totally relate, and i think its a great entry to this weeks challenge. Thank you for joining and good luck
You got my vote

Thank you for your answers to the 22nd contest of the ladies of hive
The next contest will be here Sunday
You are welcome to enter again

Command accepted!

Sorry, out of LUV tokens to be sent today. Try tomorrow. (5 LUV in your wallet allows you to freely give 3 per day)

saludos a [email protected] antes que finalice el concurso les dejare por aqui mi participacion


Before answering the question I would like to tell you what a friend means to me, is that someone who has many similarities with you that without any special reason came to you and wanted to stay forever, friends are born spontaneously, we do not ask anyone to be our friend;
is the hand that comes and gives you understanding, listens to you, values you despite all your faults, is always there for you even if he is not present, your friend encourages you, warns you, scolds you and smiles with laughter at your side, is happy for your triumphs and saddened by your anguish and defeats; you do not have to tell them your stories because that best friend has lived them wit

I loved loved loved the blog. The quote I copied is so beautiful and says it all. If you tell your best friend it will be such a compliment and I totally agree. I want to say that I think the blog is so well written
You got my 100 % vote
Good luck on the contest and tomorrow is the new edition.

I commented and voted in your post

I am glad to know that you have read me and liked it!
I send you a hug through my lyrics

Remember tomorrow is the winner blog and the new contest , have a great Saturday

Hi Ladies this is my entry

Thank you for your answers to the 22nd contest of the ladies of hive
The next contest will be here Sunday
You are welcome to enter again

Command accepted!

Sorry, out of LUV tokens to be sent today. Try tomorrow. (5 LUV in your wallet allows you to freely give 3 per day)

Thank you for joining the contest i will go to your blog now

Its hard for them to see its just friendship and not girl friend and boyfriend, thats true
Thank you fro participating in the contest
Happy 1st hive anniversary
I voted for your blog

Hello girls. Here´s mi entry this week.
Thanks for your support. Blessings

I think a man and a women can be friends, very good friends. But, I have my doubts about the grade of confidence they might have. I don’t see myself telling a man my private things or secrets like I do with my best woman friend. It’s hard to believe that kind of friendship go so far. Of course I respect those men or women who has as a best friend a person of his/her opposite gender.
I think you are right about that and i would not either
The game look so much fun to do with the kids and i love that its self made

Creo que un hombre y una mujer pueden ser amigos, muy buenos amigos. Pero tengo mis dudas sobre el grado de confianza que puedan tener. No me veo contándole a un hombre mis cosas o secretos privados como lo hago con mi mejor amiga. Es difícil creer que ese tipo de amistad llega tan lejos. Por supuesto que respeto a aquellos hombres o mujeres que tienen como mejor amigo a una persona de su sexo opuesto.
Creo que tienes razón en eso y yo tampoco
El juego se ve muy divertido para hacer con los niños y me encanta que esté hecho a sí mismo.

Thank you fro participating in week 22 in time
Happy hive anniversary

I voted for your blog,

Thanks for your comment, support and vote. It´s an interesting topic friendship between men and women. In fact I had a great time making the Lottery and much more fun playing. I hope you are ok.

Hi! I hope you are well. Here is the link to participate in the contest. It is the first I do in this community and I hope to participate in more. Excellent initiative!

Thanks for doing both questions, i love the great personal pictures aswell.
We love Domino aswell we have a travel edition aswell
Good luck in the challenge
You got my vote

Excellent!Thanks so much!

Ofcourse and remember tomorrow the new contest is on

A friend is a person other than a family member, spouse, or lover, whose company one enjoys and towards whom one feels affection.
An associate who assists.
A person with whom one is vaguely or indirectly acquainted.
A person who backs or supports something.

Thats indeed true and i lovethat you said it, i know that none is a better fit but that both are a great addition to life in general

Thank you for entering the contest
Sunday is the new one
Good luck
You got my vote
Britt ✅

Oh great! I will check out on Sunday then for the new one.
Thank you!

And maybe join the ladiesofhive discord if you havent already
Happy weekend and happy 1st anniversary of hive

Hola chicas, aqui les dejo mi publicación

With this I want to tell you that no matter the gender, if you are a woman or a man, the important thing is that you provide real friendship, sincere, and with RESPECT, foolproof. When you get there, there is no breaking point.
Totally true and i think its great you have so much love from the two friendships
Thats the purpose of life
Thank you for participating in the conytest and good luck
Sunday the new contest will be on
You got my vote
Britt ✅

Hola creativas mujeres aqui dejo mi participación de la semana

I visited your blog ( I would advise to do a bi-lingual ) I have to say opposites attrack and that is the beauty in life and in friendships thank you you got my vote and good luck in the contest

Why do you have a spaminator downvote again? Did you ask why ?

Thank you for participating and we have a new contest every week. The fact that the ladies take turns in coming up with the questions and every sunday there is a new contest available and the winner blog will be up from the previous week.

Friends, I would say, shouldn't be based on gender. I feel they all have equal rights and none should be considered better than the other. I have very limited friends who are guys but that doesn't mean I choose my female friends over the male ones and I also don't consider my girlfriends better than my guy friends.

I totally agree i dont have many male favo friends but the ones io have are special and very caring

Yes, @brittandjosie I asked and I found out that I used someone's art sketches that weren't free to use. I colored those sketches from an app I downloaded.
I apologized and I was asked to write a letter to the community which I did yesterday.
I feel really bad about this mistake. I never knew the artwork in that app wasn't free to use.
Now I have been receiving a lot of hurting words but I know it's a punishment I have to undergo, now I am really scared of my account getting muted or banned. I never meant to steal anyone's work.😔 I just didn't know there weren't free

Una nueva semana queridas @ladiesofhive y @brittandjosie con dos exclusivas preguntas, la primera se la hacen a los largo de la historias muchas personas, veremos que tienen que contar las damas de la plataforma.
¿Crees que los hombres o las mujeres son mejores amigos? ... ¿y por qué?
O ¿Cuál es tu juego de mesa favorito y muestra una foto tuya jugando?
Invitando a las amigas @aurodivys, @purrix, @albaandreina, @lisfabian, @malomi, @aplausos, @miriannalis y @mllg.

A new week dear @ladiesofhive and @brittandjosie with two exclusive questions, the first one is asked to the lengths of history by many people, we will see what the ladies of the platform have to tell.
Do you think men or women are best friends? ... and because?
Or what is your favorite board game and show a picture of you playing?
Inviting friends @aurodivys, @purrix, @albaandreina, @lisfabian, @malomi, @aplausos, @miriannalis and @mllg.

Muchas gracias por la invitación mi bella @sacra97, me encanta participar en estas iniciativas. Un abrazo 🤗

Gracias @sacra97 did you enter the contest week 22

Hola! Gracias querida @sacra97 por avisar! Ya me activo!

Thank you for joining our community and leaving the link here on the contest blog , i will visit your blog ofcourse

Thank you for joining our community and leaving the link here on the contest blog , i will visit your blog ofcourse

We agreed on monopoly as a favorite game, I love it. I have seen friends with great homosexual friends very often, they behave almost like girls and have common interests that makes them great friends @brittandjosie

Its the best dear games family and friends
Oh and wine

Saludos, feliz tarde. Por aquí dejo mi participación en éste agradable concurso. Gracias.

Thank you for joining our community and leaving the link here on the contest blog , i will visit your blog ofcourse

Hi sweet friend, been to long , Thank you for joining our community and leaving the link here on the contest blog , i will visit your blog ofcourse and vote

Opening ranks with an excellent participation a sincere point of view and based on personal experiences, I love there are few cases of friendships with men, but if there must be there, the truth is that nature makes us fall in love with people who know us listen, make us laugh. I loved reading you with your contribution. @isabelpena

Abriendo filas con una excelente participación un punto de vista sincero y basado en experiencias personales, me encanta son pocos los casos de amistades con hombres, pero si debe haber por allí, la verdad es que la naturaleza nos hace enamorarnos de las personas que nos saben escuchar, nos hacen reír. Me encantó leerte con tu aporte. @isabelpena

Muchas gracias amiga @sacra97 y hay amigas que no se conocen y que son amigas, como tú y yo hehe. Gracias por tu comentario amiga.

Thank you for joining our community and leaving the link here on the contest blog , i already visited your blog ofcourse

I am starting to enjoy this contest.
Here is my Entry

I do not think that I answered this question but I am just happy that I have something to write about. Thank you.


Come and join. Please tag me when you do. I would like to read what you write about this.

Going to your blog now, and see

Interesting questions.
Good luck all!!!

Great questions! I will look forward to seeing the contest posts!

Thanks dear i have a huge task with all the lovely ladies

Buenas tardes. Me encantó esta convocatoria para iniciarme en este dinámica comunidad, ya con mi participación casi lista. Gracias y feliz tarde dominguera, casi se me pasa, invito a las amigas @mafalda2018 y @lililuki a participar en el concurso.

This is the week i have to judge so welcome all ladies that enter, don’t forget to link the bloglines to the comments here

Hi, this is my entry to the contest #22

Good luck to everyone!

Vaya recorrido que nos has dado, toda una historia increible llena de enseñanza, esperanza amor y desamor. Cada quien es diferente y tu historia lo comprueba, es posible amar, apoyar y tener un buen amigo hombre. @purrix muchísimas gracias por la invitación mi querida, bendiciones.


Loved it and you are a great example for many others thank you for the blog

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Hello :) This is my Entry

What a great BOARDGAME I have to say most ladies answered the other question about friendship so i love that you did the other one, and with so many pictures, and i even can see the game is a bit old from playing


Good luck in the contest
And see you next week

It's very old, I can't tell you the exact date my parents bought it, but I know it was in the mid-90s, so it's much more than 20 years old in my house. There are some questions that are currently wrong, because things have changed in my country, some national dates have changed, so for example, if they ask on the day of the national flag, the answer on the card has the wrong date or it was changed years later, but still the Much of the questions on other topics are very current. :)

Hola amigos aca les dejo mi Participacion...!!

Gonna go to your blog now.

To conclude my humble opinion, women are more tender, calm and softer when expressing themselves, but men go straight to the point whether it hurts or not what they have to say.

That is why my friends depends on your personality the best friend that destiny will bring to your door.

That is so true and the fact we all have friendships both male and female is such a precious thing in life.

Thank you for entering the contest
Good luck this week and we will be here with the next contest on sunday

Cómo siempre cada semana con un interesante concurso aquí mi entrada

Thank you for entering the contest
Good luck this week and we will be here with the next contest on sunday


Among them I must mention those of diverse sexual conditions, for me they are wonderful human beings super creative and with a unique capacity of authenticity with a life decision and that like all also have the gift of being good friends both inside and outside their communities for you a big hug and thank you W.E.S.T.A. HES✝️ .D✝️, for beautifying my life to be my pillars in times of defeats and also to bring me security making the road lighter intoxicating me with many joys.

That is such a nice touch to adress, the fact that friendships come in all colors and that we all are equal and can be loveable and worthy to us all. So great that you wrote this.

I want to thank you for the comment and wish you well in the contest

Here's my entry to the #22 Contest Do you think men or women make better friends and why?

Answer - Don’t get me wrong, they both can make friends at their own pace. However, from my own personal experience, I would have to say that it is easier for girls to be friends with other girls than guys being friends with other guys, and I’m a girl.

Two reasons. School and personality.

I go to a high school where the majority are girls, so I feel like it is bound to happen that more female friend groups pop up than guy groups. Yes, of course there are male friend groups, but I’ve noticed that the female friend groups somehow clicked together a little bit more than the male friend groups. Some male friend groups included girls, so the amount of close male friend groups decreases.

Throughout my life, I have had more female friends than male friends because I can click with girls better than boys somehow. Not because I am a feminine necessarily, but I do have a soft(ish), sensitive personality which could be the reason why I have more female friends. When I hung out with girls, I noticed that there was a big sense of community, friendship and loyalty with them. They had so much spirit and happiness when they were together, way more than I see with guy groups, even though I don’t have many male friends.

Also, maybe it’s because I watch a lot of shows with females as the protagonists, but I always see the friendship and dedication with female friend groups and not as much with male groups (not saying there aren’t any though). I really don’t know why exactly, but I wish I could see the same amount of dedication with male groups, but again, I could be wrong.

Also, women are starting to be less judgemental towards each other (not completely but more frequent) and there is a lot of support that goes on between them, at least from my own life/entertainment experience. With men, I just don’t see the support in friendships as much, it’s more like the guys in a guy friend group are competing with each other on something they want to have/like with lack of support.

Long story short, if you ask me, women seem to be better at making friends then men. Apologies if I sound too ignorant or got anything wrong, and again, this is just from MY experience. It might be different from you.
#ladiesofhuve #archon #women #contest #palnet @antonette

Really nice bu you need to make a blog

Thanks I posted my blog already😊

Tha k always post a link to the contest blog not the text

Yes. Thanks for the reminder😊

Un interesante punto de vista, yo tampoco he tenido un amigo así tan cercano hombre. Se ve que lo juegan bastante y se divierten mucho. @mairimg0

Hi guys... I Made My entry for this contest... It's here:

Playing to My way lol 🤣🤣🤣

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