Splinterlands Art Contest! // Week 163 // 10 Booster Pack Prize!

Splintertalk NFT Opportunity

We've been releasing official Splinterlands NFTs on Splintertalk and now we want to give the opportunity for our Art Contest Winners to tokenize their art and market it to our audience! This will empower artists to mint their own fan art as a Splinterlands approved NFT on Splintertalk while getting credit, growing their own brand, and sharing in the profits!

We'll be keeping an eye out for high-quality pieces in the weekly art contest and will be working to empower the artists in our community to expand their reach, grow their brand, and stack up some SPT for making consistently awesome art!

Selected artists will have the opportunity to mint their NFT art on our new account, Splinterchampions, which is the new official Splinterlands account for our Art contest winner's NFTs and then we'll use our reach and social marketing teams to spotlight these users and help them grow!

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Each week's first-place winner will also have their art featured on the official Splinterlands Instagram account.

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Winners from Week 162!

First Place!

Deadly performance. My pic for Splinterlands Art Contest! @turbojihad

Second Place!

Splinterlands Art Contest! // Week 162 // 3D Living Lava Card @cynano

Third Place!

Splinterlands Art Contest! // Week 162 // Cornealus @namie57

Fourth Place!

Splinterlands Art Contest! // Week 162 //ELVEN CUTTHROAT @pchaz

Fifth Place!

Splinterlands Art Contest! // Week 162 // Pyromaniac @kalyanov

Sixth Place!

"Prince Pingu" - my new art [email protected]

Seventh Place!


Splinterlands Art Contest Week 163!

This is an open-ended Art contest for Splinterlands inspired creations.
You can create art based on the cards or you can create something entirely new!

Creations which may include, but aren't limited to:

Digital Art
Blog Dividers
Blog Footers
New Card Ideas
Mixed Media Art
Computer Generated Art

The Prize!

10 Booster Packs will be split between the winners!!!

Rules for Submission

*Post your creation on your own Hive account - the winning packs will be sent to the account you submit to this contest
*Please describe and show some steps of your process
*Link your post in the comments of this submission post
*Do not embed your link
*One entry per person
*Include a picture with your link in the comments
*Upvotes are not guaranteed and are up to the curator's discretion

The Deadline for submissions is Saturday, November 20th at 10:00 PM CST

Please do not submit artwork that was created for something else.
All entries must clearly be Splinterlands inspired.
Using your old artwork and rebranding it will no longer be accepted.

Thank you for your continued support!

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Hello everyone! My name is Tyler and I'm currently working as a freelance illustrator mostly focusing on client work and commissions. This is my first post ever on peakd or on any blockchain! I painted Harklaw in my style!



Congratulations to all winners last week!

Below is my entry for this week entitled "Champion's Footsteps"


Challenge ended

..... He has long grew, matured, gained experience. He studied from the best wizards of Anumün's West Wood. Now he can enter into an unequal battle with the strongest enemies. He secretly in love with Lyanna Natura. At any time, he is ready to come to her call and protect it in battle ....



Congratulations to all winners! Have fun guys! Here is my entry.
Thank you very much!

Naga Warrior_Final.png

Thank you very much Bob Ross!

Always a pleasure!

Thanks for your hardwork man I greatly appreciate it, currating every single day I don't know really but it takes a lot of your time. And also yeah! Next week is gonna be blast if you know what I mean. But I wont spoil a word though LOL!

Thanks, man for the kind words... it's much appreciated. I spend most of my time commenting and curating all over the place! hahaha Looking forward to seeing what you have for us next week. No spoilers ahhaha

Oh, don't upvote this comment! Make sure and check your voting power from time to time. You want to keep it around 80 or 90% to get better rewards on your upvotes. You can check it on PeakD by hovering over the i next to your reputation score or here: https://hiveblocks.com/@japex1226
You want to give it some time to recharge kind of like your DEC capture rate in the game.
Cheers bro!

No problem with that bro... Keep it up! Just have fun curating. Hahaha you will see soon.. My goodness! got 64.64% voting power I completely forgot thanks for the reminder! Cheers bro!

Hello ! Here's my entry for week 163.
I tried to imagine a somewhat realistic version of a Molten Ogre while it's attacking :)



Nice One !

Thanks @aak23 !
Appreciated :D

This is excellent my friend, I really loved the concept. Well done

Thank you :D
I had my part of fun and pleasure when working on it, happy to share a bit of that now it's finished :)

have a nive day.!

CONGRADULATIONS TO ALL THE WINNERS! And here is my entry for this weeks contest!


This time I wanted to share with you this simple drawing. This wonderful witch has given me many victories, so I gave him this drawing as a gift:
Thanks for your support


Grats to the winners! My entry for this week is a pixel art icon/badge of a Venari Crystalsmith. Posted it yesterday but realized that I had ran out of Resource Credits to add my comment here so had to wait until today 🙃


Venari Crystalsmith

Can you edit your comment here with an image of your artwork, as the rules state, please?

Hello everyone in splinterlands I decided to do a piece of art for the contest. This was done by hand then I took a screenshot and did the rest on my phone. Hope you all enjoy it. Please let me know what you think and any suggestions are great😁.

I also wanted to include that my choice was dedicated to the splinterlands support team because like kron they are unrelenting!
Thanks for your hard work.



congrats on the week 162 first place that was my favorite too.


Can you edit your comment here and add your art in, please.

This is so cool! my girlfriend and I were gonna repurpose an old painting for the competition then we read the rules where it says specifically not to do that lol!! So we will start working on one inspired by splinterlands to be a new card, lets see!

Thank you that is really cool that you like it. It was hard work! I look forward to seeing your submission.

thank you thank you :)

You're welcome! Wonder if that was Kentucky Fried Chocobo... or if furious chicken is spicy when eaten?

lol xD I like to think furious chicken would be mega spicy. hurting going in and coming out. that seems like something he'd want. haha

I'm usually hyped seeing other fanarts... yet I didn't know that blatant tracing is allowed.
Or is this another ad for League of Legends Netflix special Arcane series?

Apparently submitting fanart of other games is also allowed.
Call me salty, but if you list rules for entry, you should enforce them, why are you awarding scammers?

Mashups aren't against the rules. You have made some firm but fair observations and your concerns will be duly noted and considered going forward selecting the winners.

Which entry are you talking about? There were many better entries too, but they have some other criteria I guess...

For the first part - 6th entry is traced off a Featherknight from League of Legends/Teamfight tactics.
And the 7th entry is Ralsei from Deltarune... I have no idea how anyone could mistake that for a Venari Seedsmith.
People who choose winners must care so little for Splinterlands if they can't even read the character design's main features.

Oh yeah, now I see. Also, I don't think some of them deserved to be in the top 3, or even top 7. How does an entry that took 30min to make (and in my opinion looks crappy) did win with those that took probably a couple hours of effort?

Here is my entry for this contest. Hope you all like it.
1st time to draw on a tablet. :)

Thanks Bob Ross!! :)

You are most welcome! hahaha

Hello, I am happy to participate in this contest, good luck to all and congratulations to the previous winners.

My entry is majestic Sea Monster.
The only one capable of devouring Monsters that can devour ships.
Right now he feels like attacking what he sees.

Sea_Montser v21.jpg | height=300

Process: https://www.splintertalk.io/@ralts00/splinterlands-art-contest-week-163-sea-monster

The first and fourth places are very good, I will stop participating in these "contests" Thanks for the giveaways.

We will miss seeing your art and curating it with large upvotes. Best of luck to you.

Change the name from contests to giveaways, please friend, thank you.
I will continue to make the 3D models of the cards, but will not enter the weekly draws.

Have you never won before? Sounds kind of ungrateful for all the previous support. Best of luck to you.

I am grateful, of course I am, but this is no longer a contest, among the winners you see, the arts of the last place are better than the first, I have already seen it every several weeks, and I am not despising anyone's art , because I know that everyone who strives to make good art, but it is not possible that those who try harder, have last places. Anyway, I thank you because without these draws I would not be where I am in the game that I like a lot, but when you participate and you see that the winners are not arts that exceed yours or at least are at the same level. , so you are disappointed and it is not worth the effort, I will continue with my good artistic content in Splinterlands, but I never enter sweepstakes, because I am not lucky for that. Thanks.

As a co-artist I am sad to read this. I know how you feel buddy, you work hard for your art and its very sad you end up feeling this way. This is supposed to be a fun contest for me at least, but I think its not fun for everyone. Still keep it up! Cheer up and keep the passion. I am also grateful there is a contest like this, the held the contest they choose the winners and that is how it is.

I completely agree with you.
It's something that I have been considering myself too - I want to continue to create fanart, but not for the contest. Just as you said here, often times, lower places seem to be more professionally done than the main winners.
And as I brought up in my other comment, there's even a fanart of another game (Deltarune) in this week's selection.

As an artist i understand your disappointment and frustrations. However, to suggest changing the name and to be bitter enough to downvote etc. seems to lack the community aspect of what this is all about. I have recently been brought on to curate for this contest and to help judge the contest for winner selections. I am an artist and my perspective will factor in all the issues that you and many others have raised. So, for me, i am coming in a bit late in the party here for this art contest.

I can say that the generosity of just the curation alone is worth participating. Most people i have seen here would definitely not have the rewards for their posts without the curation they get just for participating.

I haven't been part of the winner selection process until now and making sure quality art is at the top of the selections is something i see as a privilege and an honor. I can't participate for curation or to win packs because i am sacrificing that opportunity to help the community.

Art can be subjective and who should win will always be contested by those who value and appreciate art differently. I have loved your art entries but i think your attitude isn't the best as far as community is concerned. With the presale there have been a lot of people super busy and spread thing to try and make everything the best it can be. When you have many hats to wear it can be difficult to keep things going as smooth as possible. That is the only reason i was brought on. I spend my own voting power just to reward the comments here... i barely even see many artists supporting artists and it makes me sad.

Too many people feel entitled around here. If at first you don't succeed try try again is the old saying. You have succeeded many times and had some pretty amazing curation upvotes.

To complain rather than support is ungrateful in my humble opinion. You don't have to agree with the selected winners and you don't have to support the artists that you don't value their art... to offer your support. But it's wrong to disrespect people who work hard to give back to the community, in particular the nice people that have been doing over 150 art contests. I haven't always agreed with the winners... but that didn't stop me from curating and giving back to the community.

I would ask... what are you giving back, sacrificing, or doing FOR the community?

The community, the support, nor the other artists have bothered me, not even your scolding, on the contrary, and as I said before, I complain and get angry because a contest values ​​the best, and it is not what they do, I am not saying that they Winners are bad, even two of them are much better in quality when it comes to buying my work.
You are right on the point, when you say that sometimes you disagree with those who select as winners, my negative vote is for it. I always give 100% of my vote to the publications and the repost, but when things are not fair you have to express it and make it known.
In Hive you are allowed to express yourself freely and I do not agree, that is not why I will be blacklisted, right?

This conversation is over and I don't need a response, but I would like to point out that just because someone's art is better does not mean that they tried harder. No one can determine how hard each person tried on their art just because of the way it looks

@fortheloveofsl You have a bit of reason, but if someone can do great in a short time, it is because they have a lot of practice or experience, then that person has worked hard to reach that level.
It's not my case XD

Your post has been manually curated by @monster-curator Team!

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Thanks for sharing! - castleberry#6859

Congratulations to all winners

Splinterlands art contest! //week 163- today my drawing picture- Venari-seedsmith...


~~~ embed:1460226486196006917?t=9fR4GCh3QH2Cd5ztxLKRbg&s=19 twitter metadata:cmlwb25fc3R1ZGVudHx8aHR0cHM6Ly90d2l0dGVyLmNvbS9yaXBvbl9zdHVkZW50L3N0YXR1cy8xNDYwMjI2NDg2MTk2MDA2OTE3P3Q9OWZSNEdDaDNRSDJDZDV6dHhMS1JiZyZzPTE5fA== ~~~

Can you edit your comment here with an image of your artwork, as the rules state, please?

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