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I'm giving away all the liquid HIVE Dollars this post generates via a free raffle. No upvote, Rehive or Follow required (Although doing one or all three is greatly appreciated). Last week we had over 25 entries and I hope to improve on that number this week.

Smash that upvote button and hit that reblog button. The more HIVENS that upvote and participate in this FREE RAFFLE the higher the potential rewards are for curators and the eventual winner.

How To Enter ?

  • Everyone who comments gets a FREE raffle ticket
  • That's It
  • Seriously, That's IT
  • Nothing else is required!

Bonus Entry Ticket

  • Reblog this topic and let me know that you did so in the comment section below and you will earn an extra ticket towards winning all the Liquid HBD this topic generates. Make sure to read this post in full as there is a third way to get an extra raffle ticket.

Lets Spice Things Up

Having trouble deciding on what to reply with. Let me help you with that. Name any Splinterlands monster from the Water Splinter (try not to repeat monsters that others have already said). Don't play Splintelands. No worries as always any comment counts towards a FREE raffle ticket.

Its' that simple folks ..... no tricks or hoops to jump through. I will pick a winner in 7* days using a random number generator. The order of your comments will determine your raffle ticket number.

MAX 5 Hive Dollar per winner. If this topic generates more than 5 liquid HIVE Dollars the excess will be given to a second winner. There's no max on how many winners there can be :)

HIVE Dollars Given Out To Date


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A Call To Action

What is Splinterlands?

Splinterlands is an online blockchain game built on the Hive Network. It utilizes NFT's for game play. These NFT's and other in game assets are tradable and have real monetary value. Click here to play or to invest in Splinterlands. Play for free or pay $10 USD and start earning today!

What is Hive-Engine?

Hive Engine is a platform that empowers communities, project owners, fundraisers, developers, and businesses to quickly and easily build on the Hive blockchain like never before.


Introducing GamerGeek56

@gamergeek56 is "new" to the HIVE Network. They did join in 2018 but has just started to become active. This person is a gamer and their most recent post is a review of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy. Let's give this person a warm welcome to the HIVE Network. Head on over to their most recent post titled Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Review to welcome them to HIVE and then let me know that you did so for an extra raffle ticket in our Free HBD giveaway. Going forward a random person who participats in our FREE HBD RAFFLE will get featured in the following weeks giveaway post.

Watch A Splinterlands Battle Below


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Thanks for the shout-out @rentmoney!

You're welcome, nice article I look forward to reading future ones.

I !LUV Sea Genie. He is one of my favorite water splinter monsters. Reblogged and welcomed @gamergeek56 too.

Sea Genie is an awesome card.

It was undervalued for the longest time.

The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the person sharing the post on Twitter as long as they are registered with @poshtoken. Sign up at https://hiveposh.com.

Thanks for sharing on Twitter.


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Please vote for pizza.witness!

I want to participate @yeckingo1
!Gif FREE raffle

Count me in! Re-blogged. Favorite Water is Medusa. !Gif !LOL !PIZZA

Did you hear about the remote control that went to jail?
He was charged with battery

@rentmoney, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @captaincryptic
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Reblogged! Lets go!! !PIZZA !LUV !BEER !LOLZ

Did you hear about the happy Roman?
He was gladiator.

@rentmoney, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @forsakensushi
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Joining! Reblogged and have welcomed gamergeek56!

The new Merdaali Huardian

I have to say I like Ice Pixie as a water splinter card since the mana cost is low.

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Great initiative.
Spread love and beers!


What do you get after the animal dinner party?
Stuffed animals.

@rentmoney, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @vaipraonde
Use the !LOL or !LOLZ command to share a joke and an $LOLZ. (2/2)


Last weeks HBD will be sent to Last weeks winner within *36 Hours.

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I reblogged it :) Is the Waterwitch a monster?

Count me in!

Haha I don't know any the names of Splinterland monsters 🤧 but I reblogged 🙏💚

Thanks for the reblog.

Good luck in the raffle :)


@rentmoney thank you!💚💚

Always down, @jakkal, reblogged as well!

Love me a lord 9f the sea, reblogged

This is my first time being on such platform of give away so I have reblogged on my page to share in the experience

Posted via proofofbrain.io

Welcome to the Hive Network.

The most popular APP on here is Splinterlands.

If interested.....
Just click --> Splinterlands and use your posting key to sign in.

Good luck on your hive Journey.

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Ok Mr Rent Money, I'm in for this! Hope you're alright, been a while :)

Hows it going @nickyhavey.

Awhile is an understatement. Before the day is out I will have to head on over to your blog to see what you been up to. Good luck in the raffle.

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Just manic mate but getting through! I been getting back in to posting again recently and sharing tunes after a few months away. Hope everything is well your side!

All is well here,

I look forward to listening to some of those tunes.


Sorry, out of BEER, please retry later...

Count me in!
Reblogged @shawnmichael-gt and upvoted.

Did someone say free "lotto tickets"... count me in ;-)


Congratulations, @braaiboy You Successfully Shared 0.300 WINEX With @rentmoney.
You Earned 0.300 WINEX As Curation Reward.
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Free is the best type of lotto tickets.


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Axemaster is always fun to play in water.

I would love to enter, thank you!

FREE raffle ticket is awesome.
Have a !PIZZA

Free is always the best price.

Thanks for the !PIZZA

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Nevermind the water splinter name, I do like the new cards although many think it's weak espceially because of the summoner but I think there's a few good synergy combo's to be made. Anyway:

since all purchases will be going through Credits it means they will all be eligible to earn affiliate rewards

From the official post incase you hadn't seen it yet (https://peakd.com/hive-13323/@splinterlands/chaos-legion-release-and-second-pack-sale).

So good! :-)

I did read that post. I suspect that news has made many affiliates happy. We all should see an increase in affiliate earnings due to the change.

Have some !PIZZA and !BEER, good luck in the raffle.

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Sure thing! Let's see how many referrals dip into the new set :-) thanks!

Guess I have to just say hello.

Thanks for the LOLZ and BEER.

Enjoy some !PIZZA.

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Knock knock...
ERROR: Joke failed.

@chaosmagic23, You need more $LOLZ to use this command. The minimum requirement is 8.0 LOLZ.
You can get more $LOLZ on HE.

Sorry, out of BEER, please retry later...

nooooooooooo 😭

@beerlover likes to drink up its own supply sometimes.


Here we go again.

Reblogged, and let's go with the Sea Monster today.

Reblogged the Raffle!

Am in

What an awesome Hbd raffle draw with such an easy way to enter. Why haven't i ever heard about this lol.
Gave @gamergeek a warm welcome on hive

Excellent, good luck in the raffle.


Count me in please.
Also, a reblog count please.

Let's go!

I confess that I'm a fantasy geek but I never played the game... not even a videogame.. my time with cards was ended purposely with too much money spent on magic the gathering like two decades ago LOL. But I love the art and I love fantasy thriving and I know many fellow friends are involved in this so kudos to that, but just wanted to vote to add my few cents to the raffle and good luck everyone!

The good thing about Splinterlands is once we are done with the game we can sell our cards/other assets and get some of our spent funds back with the possibility of some return on our investment. Thanks for upvote, the winner (and myself) thank you.

If you do decide to join Splinterlands using my affiliate link will include you in an initiative I'm running that will get some cards delegated to you for free for use in a season or two. This same offer is open to everyone reading this (while supply lasts).

My affiliate Link: https://steemmonsters.com?ref=rentmoney


Thanks. I shared a store with some friends at college, we used to sell comics, play cards, rpg... Spent so much lol 😂 and left (never to be recovered a collection of cards that now are crazy expensive) but problem is I found myself neglecting my creativity and whenever I have a little time I would be composing, editing videos or drawing. Maybe I'll enter the world composing or illustrating, who knows. I live and love fantasy and makes me extremely happy to see fantasy projects and their creatives being successful
Must learn how to tip beers and pizzas

And yw ❤️, might not be much but good intended, luck you all

Interesting stuff, looking at your blog I can see you have plenty of creativity. I have followed you and am looking forward to reading your future posts. As for the tip bots, one needs to hold and sometimes stake a certain amount of said token to be able to use the tokens tip function. The tokens can be traded on Hive-Engine. For Beer, once one stakes 24 !BEER they can use the bot command !BEER once per 24 hours. The more !BEER you stake the more times you can use the tip bot per 24 hour period. All the other tokens work in a similar manner. For !PIZZA I belive its 20 tokens that need to be staked.

Pizza bot command: !PIZZA
Beer bot command: !BEER

Please count me in for the giveaway @andy-plays

Reblogged. Thanks. There's always Feasting Seaweed! @squishna

Upvoted via leofinance to give you some of that action too. :)

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Awesome, I am an action junkie.


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Hey @mazzle, here is a little bit of BEER from @rentmoney for you. Enjoy it!

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Knock knock...
ERROR: Joke failed.

@szpb, You need more $LOLZ to use this command. The minimum requirement is 8.0 LOLZ.
You can get more $LOLZ on HE.

Upvoted, of course :), reblogged, and I like the Phantom of the Abyss

p.s. I loved the photo and commentary so I clicked - LOL

Thanks for clicking :)


I mean, I don't see why everyone wouldn't enter for some free money :)

Cool what you're doing, have a !BEER

Thanks for the !BEER

Hey @sicarius, here is a little bit of BEER from @rentmoney for you. Enjoy it!

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Congratulations @rentmoney! Your post has been a top performer on the Hive blockchain and you have been rewarded with the following badge:

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You can view your badges on your board and compare yourself to others in the Ranking
If you no longer want to receive notifications, reply to this comment with the word STOP

Check out the last post from @hivebuzz:

Feedback from the December 1st Hive Power Up Day
Hive Power Up Month Challenge - Winners List

This is awesome.

Thanks for informing me.

You're welcome @rentmoney, that's well deserved!
Support us back and vote for our witness.
You will get one more badge and bigger upvotes from us when we notify you.

Rehived for an extra ticket.
!LUV ❤️

Reblogged! :)

I'm doing my best to max my Pelacor Bandit in preparation for CL! Thanks man!

Count me in! My favourite card is Axemaster! Thanks! @relf87

Hola, votado, reblogueado y apoyado.
Esta es mi articipacion en la rifa.

Hello, voted, reblogged and supported.
This is my participation in the raffle.

Gracias por participar. Suerte en el sorteo.

Thanks for entering. Good luck in the raffle.



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