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I went for a drive to catch some photos today. There was a bit too much sunlight because there were no clouds at all. But it was warm and very comfortable weather to walk around in the nature.

First I went to Alasenjärvi and Merrasjärvi, but the ones I shot from Merrasjärvi weren't very interesting. Here's a shot I've done so many times before, from Alasenjärvi:

Then I drove to Vääksy, and these two photos are from my smartphone, depicting the Vääksy canal. I will one day photograph the lock gates if I happen to be there when a boat goes through.

A squirrel was happily collecting acorns and nest materials.

There are a couple of idyllic old bridges in Vääksy.

Found some mushrooms too.

Some berries too.

Beautiful mallards.

This squirrel had a tasty acorn. Likely a fresh addition to her winter stock.

See ya!

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Every picture from this post is seems like a unique and quality as alwalys excellent, i like the docyard type place beside the lake/river. And from the nature my eyes stack on every photos.

Wow!!! I don't know that you're into photography too. Well, the shots are stunning and catchy. I almost thought the last shot was a snake, because of the zigzag line I saw, until I stopped to take a clear-look Hahahahhahhahahhahha lol! 😃😊😊😊

Thank you! I do have a snake too.

Click me!

Hahahaahaha. It looks a bit scary?

A pet?

Yes, it is our pet snake. (More accurately my sons' pet, they got from their aunt.)

Hahahaha! That's wonderful and interesting! In most part of Nigeria,snakes are usually killed or hunted in every phases. But I'm always scared of snake because of its poison. How do you usually tame them and used for PET? I'm more curious than ever... @gamer00

Well you can't really tame a snake, because it's got too small brains and lives almost purely on instinct. It can remember about 2 seconds to the past. Clearly it has registered that we are the ones who keep bringing the food, but that's about it.

Kiemurainen, or Kiemis for short is a cornsnake. Cornsnakes are not poisonous because they belong to strangler snakes. Their fangs are quite small compared to their poisonous cousins.

I would compare keeping a pet snake to having an aquarium with fish. Nice to look at, but not much of a companion. We've got the dog for that.

Oh, sweet, that's sweet. Cornsnakes?
The picture of the snake you sent earlier, is that the name of the snake?

Yet, I haven't believe some snakes aren't wild and poisonous. Thanks for enlightening me on it. I guess, your posts arevappealing, would love to read your updates on this Life Pet or animal anytime @gamer00

All the photos are very beautiful, specially the squirrel, mushroom and berries!

It’s so nice to be by the water and among nature! This is an ideal place to walk and sit around for a picnic too!

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