The Brit List: December 2021

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I started compiling these lists in December 2020 to continue something @pennsif used to do as I think it helps bring the community together. Since then I have found lots more people to include. @HiveSQL has been really useful for this. I use Python with beem (by @holger80) in a script to generate what you see here. Some of the post is manual as I like to include some commentary and I will keep tweaking it. I am open to suggestions for improvements. I aim to do a fresh list on the first Saturday of each month.

Logo by @barge

I also rely on the community to let me know of more people to include who may not have obvious account metadata. You can find me in the @teamuksupport Discord to discuss it or drop me a comment.

The list will include anyone living in the UK as well as Brits who have moved abroad. Inclusion on this list does not mean I recommend people, but I will remove accounts if they are known to be abusing Hive or are falsely reporting their location. If you have lost control of your account through phishing or other means then let me know so that I can update your entry.

Previous editions

What it means

The numbers above are for those who had posted or commented in the previous month. In the lists below I break each region into three lists:

  • Active as above.
  • Just voting. I will guess that a lot of these use automatic votes, e.g. HiveVote. Previously there were some that appear to have been compromised as they vote for known abusers. Those are now excluded until I hear that they have recovered control.
  • Inactive in the last month, but most have done something since Hive started. We can hope to bring them back.

I want to count people rather than accounts as some have several. I can include those in brackets if you want. Let me know if you want me to update your listing. You can be as specific as you like about your location.


This is the first time we have broken through 200 just in the UK, excluding the expats. We have a nice increase on previous numbers with a fair few people coming back after over a year of inactivity. The rising $HIVE price may have something to do with that.

We gained a fair few who are 'somewhere in the UK'. If you want to give a more specific location then let me know. I maintain a text file of people and locations that I will update on GitHub.

I was actually just processing the list when I checked on someone using the #teamuk tag. We do get some abuse of the tag by people who have no connection with the UK, but this person does appear to reside here and so was added. It does help if people can at least fill in the location on their profile, but then I still have to search for lots of permutations as it can be UK, GB, England or something more specific.

I would hope that next year we can have some meetups, but will have to see what the situation is then. Anyone can organise an event. Just name a date and location. Tag me and I will spread it around.

The Numbers

London and the South East (74/33/53)

Posting: @actuarialuk91 (Cambridge), @adetorrent (London), @andy4475 (Woking @andy-jahm), @atomcollector (@risingstargame @juxtamusic), @audiohive-me, @awah, @basilmarples (Norwich), @bellou61 (Brighton), @benthomaswwd (Northampton), @bettymorgan (London), @bleepcoin, @bullion-paradise (London), @cathgothard (London), @cezary-io, @chadayan (London), @chris-uk (Norwich), @cryptogee, @cryptosneeze, @dannyshine, @davehayes2 (Hayling Island), @davidthompson57, @dbofficial125 (Oxford), @devosdevosi (London), @djjamesblack (Brighton), @dolphinartuk (Essex), @donatello, @dubble (London), @edenmichelle, @elmerlin (London), @gillianpearce (Brighton), @greensmile, @imfarhad, @independentpress (London), @jaxsonmurph, @kaywoods, @kgakakillerg (@gmlrecordz @kggymlife), @kph (Ipswich), @lloyddavis (@steemcampuk @lloyd-social), @maneco64, @mightyrocklee (Bedfordshire), @ministickupboy (Brighton), @moemanmoesly, @molometer, @nakedverse, @namiks, @nathanmars, @nickyhavey, @nicolcron, @notaboutme, @petrahaller, @pvmihalache (Bedford), @qsett (Maidstone), @rapptv, @raymondspeaks, @rmsbodybuilding, @robbieallenart, @samsmith1971, @sazzler, @sergiomendes (@thesassysergio), @spectrumecons, @stav (Norfolk), @steevc (Bedfordshire @tenkminnows @swing47), @stickchumpion, @stickupboys (Brighton @stickupcurator), @stickupmusic (Brighton), @stickupofficial1 (Brighton), @tdctunes (London), @the-gorilla (Eastbourne), @todayslight, @trippymane, @ultravioletmag, @ura-soul (Norfolk or elsewhere), @winkandwoo, @zoltarian

Voting: @biggmusic (Brighton), @blockchainyouth, @camerarules, @charitycurator, @d3p0, @dashfit, @digna, @dougdigital, @dunsky (London), (London), @ezzy, @holisticmom, @icepee, @immarojas, @kabir88, @liverehab, @markangeltrueman, @matildamoment, @mattniblock, @nanzo-scoop, @pizzadalek, @pushpedal, @rafique, @redrica, @reviewed, @slayerkm, @stimp1024, @talesfrmthecrypt, @thestatuethieves (London), @touringhousewife, @tricki, @wilfredn, @xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Inactive: @abeilleblooms (Southend), @adamaslam, @advdotmoney (London), @apexbuild (Uxbridge), @artelmedia (West London), @artzo, @bewithbreath, @blackrussian, @boogieboa, @breadcentric (Bedfordshire), @carwashlondon, @daine-cherry, @danshawmusic (London), @darkstardust (London @ladystardust), @dougalporteous, @dronegraphica, @endaksi1 (Cambridge), @fleur (Cambridge), @frankiic3, @garrickalder (London), @greatvideos, @grooverman (Brighton), @hockney, @jameshsmitharts, @jedb, @kezyma, @knelstrom, @knit-stich-witch (London), @mamalanuk (Brixton), @minteh, @profitmachine (Istanbul and London), @queenoftheworld, @rawveganista, @rea, @reshyk, @rightbuildgroup (London), @rosa33, @safetony (London), @sagardyola (London), @shutterepair (London), @silvergoldhunter (London), @stealthywolfxli, @steemlondon, @stormkeepergu (@stormkeepersmdk), @susanlo, @teodora, @the-busy-bee, @thecryptidcrone, @thecryptorat (Bournemouth), @thedawness, @timspawls, @watt.the.watt, @writerjordan

The Midlands (18/9/22)

Posting: @abh12345, @article61, @bettynoir, @codelikeamother, @dannewton (@earthsea), @dickturpin, @ellenripley, @fastchrisuk, @leighscotford, @neilru75, @neopch, @rimicane, @rthelly, @shanibeer (@susie-saver Leicester), @shmoogleosukami (@shmoogleosu.list), @susie-saver, @vanbliss (Northamptonshire), @zeeshannaqvi72

Voting: @beautifulbullies, @dawnsart, @fishlucy (Stoke On Trent), @kryptoe, (Sherwood Forest), @skaarl, @tamiapt6, @the3metrewrap, @unkidrik

Inactive: @audreyvr, @awakingelements, @batchgaming (Nuneaton), @brianbrogan1960, @colusj (Nottingham), @decentered-media, @ebabb, @fizogphotography, @flashpointstudio, @galacey (Birmingham), @gribbles, @jaytaylor, @jin-out (Birmingham), @martaesperanza, @maxrwolfe, @opheliafu, @paulofnottingham, @purplephoto, @s0u1 (Nottinghamshire), @stormriderstudio, @wildonewon, @xwidep

The South West (22/4/5)

Posting: @awhofficial (New Forest), @blade7 (Cornwall), @davidlionfish (Bristol), @dedarknes (Plymouth), @diveratt, @dontcare89 (Newquay), @francesleader, @grizzle, @groovy828 (Cornwall), @jonboka, @lacelight (Dorset), @livinguktaiwan, @mudcat36, @nockzonk, @perceptualflaws, @pompeylad (South Coast), @sharpshot, @snider (Taunton), @sunsethunter, @ukbitcoinmaster, @whickey (Bristol), @wolven-znz

Voting: @eveningart, @jimbobbill, @killerkev (Bristol), @thomaskatan

Inactive: @adaptnetwork, @cryptokingzno1, @newtonclassics, @phoenixftwinter, @stickycj

The North (28/15/18)

Posting: @ambrosechappel (Southport), @ashtv (Yorkshire), @c0ff33a (Yorkshire @whiterosecoffee @teamuksupport), @chisdealhd (Newcastle Upon Tyne @alloyxuast), @dadspardan, @darrenflinders, @demotruk (Isle of Man), @goblinknackers, @iamdarrenclaxton (Derbyshire @darrenclaxton @mrbloom), @iamdarrenclaxton (Derbyshire), @jphamer1, @jskitty, @karenb54, @kiers (Manchester), @leetodd, @let123, (Isle of Man), @pcste, @planetauto, @raj808 (Liverpool), @sam1965uk, @sisygoboom, @slobberchops, @socialmediaseo, @stevenwood, @teamhumble, @thesoulharmonic (Manchester), @yunnie (Isle of Man)

Voting: @anarcotech (Huddersfield), @artonmysleeve, @bingbabe, @cryptocurator, @digitaldan, @dismayedworld, @dizzydiscovery, @lastravage, @m-ssed-t, @makrotheblack (Liverpool), @mckeever, @radicalpears (Huddersfield), @richgaynor, @someguy123, @steddyman

Inactive: @adamfryda-art, @amos1969, @amy-explores, @anidiotexplores, @emergingtech (Manchester), @erdeniz (Manchester), @father2b, @gentmartin (Leeds), @honeyrabbit, @introvert-dime, @jackshootsstuff (West Yorkshire), @jacpl, @madmaxx12 (Manchester), @magenta24, @sarennadiu (Manchester), @schminimal, @streetwize (Bradford), @vraba

Scotland (11/11/9)

Posting: @barge (@krunkypuram), @beardoin, @cadawg, @camuel (@acousticguitar), @celticheartbeat (@jubei333), @cottonlazarus (Edinburgh), @joshuaslane, @kevmcc, @meesterboom (@b00m), @rafalforeigner, @tengolotodo

Voting: @agrestic, @btcvenom, @fiftysixnorth, @gguy773, @graemesaxton, @howiemac, @myskye, @natubat, @stef1 (@art-venture), @stevencurrie (Ayr), @wisbeech

Inactive: @antonchanning (Loch Ness), @danaidhbee, @epicdave, @highlandwalker, @huitemae, @imaginingfreedom, @indusrush, @injuryclaims, @juniorifoj (Glasgow)

Wales (11/3/5)

Posting: @alishas, @cassi, @cryptocariad, @grindle, @louisthomas, @nozzy, @paulireland (North Wales), @pumpkinsandcats, @stevelivingston, @theturtleproject, @welshstacker

Voting: @gazbaz4000, @pennsif (@steemclub-uk), @stevejhuggett

Inactive: @artystuff, @elizabethharvey, @magnus19, @p-props, @trolleydave

Northern Ireland (2/1/0)

Posting: @ninasophia, @silverstackeruk

Voting: @besold

Somewhere in the UK... (46/38/48)

Posting: @amadea, @amidlifecrypto, @b1tm31st3r, @brianhphotos, @british-bulldog, @candy49, @cannabbee, @cdrbushmills, @cryptosneeze, @ddsexyauto, @djm90, @evo69, @fadetoblack, @fatasfunk, @forbritain, @heruvim1978, @hive.curation, @hoosie, @iansart, @intrade, @jmehta, @lefty619, @loolooasuna, @lordavatarii, @marketingmonk, @mikeylorenzo, @millycf1976, @monivis, @monsterjamgold, @mr-dingleberry, @music-beatcz, @nockzonk, @phonetix, @platinum-blue, @remystar93, @rmcaesthetics (England), @sbenbow, @scubahead, @thencsshifters, @tommyrobinson, @trading-tokens (England), @ukprepper, @utopia-hope (England), @vtravels, @webdeals, @zedcell

Voting: @alheath, @alienbutt, @anarchojeweler, @andrewharland, @blue.panda, @bobskibob, @britcoins (England and SE Asia), @brothershield, @cynicalcake, @damianjayclay, @djsl82, @dnpq, @elliotjgardner, @english-ant, @eternalsuccess, @feralblowfish, @filbell, @frugal-fun, @goldstreet, @haitch, @hopehuggs, @imbartley, @johngreenfield, @localgrower, @luppers, @neu75 (England), @owenwat, @pjau, @quickthen, @realjohnaziz, @scalextrix, @steemboat-steve, @stevieboyes, @tazbaz, @tggr.trb, @tkolpaczek, @tobias-g, @tomatom

Inactive: @adhudson, @albionrobot (England), @arrasails1977, @audrein (England), @autocoincars, @basejumper, @beachgamestv, @biscuitbarrel (England), @bloodycritique, @bobbylee, @bokarecords, @brauner-benz, @catanddogtips, @clivemartin, @crucialweb, @cryptovios, @davewuk, @drvimto, @earnxtreme, @fallfromdisgrace, @gmuxx, @hftdigital, @hilarywhitehead, @hkb28, @impshum, @jimjam1210, @marcusbraeburn, @mrsatoshiii, @neonempire (@wizardzmusic), @niko3d, @offthecuff2020, @peedeerai, @pellx, @premiumdomains, @quirk-it, @redarrow, @ryanscottesq, @sandrolinux, @seanspeaks, @shando73, @smileformovie, @spicetrader, @the-nature-plug, @tremendospercy, @ukheather, @v3ptur, @vibeof100monkeys, @videosubmission

Expats (23/4/9)

Posting: @abdex9, @accelerator (@rycharde Thailand), @adambarratt (@abtv Spain), @cristina-zac (Spain), @cryptoandcoffee (South Africa), @eco-alex (Planet Earth), @elricmoonslayer (Spain), (France), @hirohurl (Japan), @jackglory (USA), @lucylin (Thailand), @mangomayhem (Philippines), @minismallholding (Australia), @nathen007 (@leedsunited Thailand), @revisesociology (Portugal), @ripebanana (Trinidad and Tobago), @samstonehill (France), @sebcam (USA), @shepz1 (Poland), @starkerz (Cyberspace), @stbangkok (Thailand), @trucklife-family (The Earth), @wispsi (Vietnam)

Voting: @eftnow (Spain), @justinchicken (Japan), @mattsbeamer (Russia), @tggr (Singapore)

Inactive: @beckymeep (USA), @biggypauls (Philippines), @dansensei (Japan), @jeffandhisguitar (SE Asia), @l0tti3 (South Africa), @livelovejourney (Majorca), @milliganstravels (Thailand), @moonyoga (Portugal), @thinkit (Thailand)


Total active UK: 212, Expats: 23


This shows the numbers in each category of the active and voting accounts. Level is based on 'VESTS'. Minnow equates to about 535HP and each level is 10x the previous.

Account Levels

This shows when people joined Hive. The last few months are shown separately to make any changes obvious.

Account Ages

UK Witnesses

Please support your local witnesses.
@someguy123, @ura-soul, @cadawg, @whiterosecoffee, @c0ff33a, @shmoogleosukami, @chisdealhd


It's awesome to see so many Brits and Scots in a single thread, woohoooo!! 😀

maybe @jskitty we could meet up coz not far from me :P but yeh i agree as kitty say. we should all meetup but sadly im unable get out my area since not a enough funding move out my Region so kinda stuck here with free buss pass only works north east transports XD

We need some meetups next year. A lot of people could find others nearby.

Thanks again for maintaining this list @steevc - it's a good thing to have - got some more Londoners I think I can onboard to hive very soon so will keep you posted!

Hope you're having a great weekend!


Will be great if you can add a few more.

I was at a pub jam session yesterday and need to do some recording today, so it's a good weekend. Hope summer is still keeping you warm.


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Good work.


Just need Fat Boy Slim on Hive and we're golden!


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Might want to add @brofund to your witness list since I'm in the UK :)

I've added it for next time. I try to avoid modifying the post as it will generate so many notifications.

Thank ya :)

Well been around up and down and here I am again. The hundredth monkey is back so expect posts and replies and building up slowly. Hope you are all well my friends 💚

Good to hear it. I expect numbers to be up again next month.


Hoping to keep it up now. Kinda missed the community

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Muchos brother 🙏🏽

Hi @steevc,
Thank you for participating in the #teamuk curated tag. We have upvoted your quality content.
For more information visit our discord

I seem to have moved to Bedford? 😂👍
Good to see 100% growth in a year. That is highly impressive in any business context.
A measly 10% growth is considered a Stella performance in any other business sector.

Well done to us all...Pat's everyone on the back.


The locations are for each individual, if available, and people are listed alphabetically. I saw you had another account that will be listed next to your main one next time. I want to count people rather than accounts.

Maybe we can have another Cambridge meetup next year. Nice place to do it.


Cheers Steve, I'm either in London or Cambridgeshire 50/50 split so it's not that important to me location wise.
Getting together in Cambridge is always a pleasure. I look forward to a time when we can get out and about again.
It's hard to believe how long this bloody pandemic is lasting?

I'm doing some experiments with that low power alt account to remind myself what it's like to be a newbie on Hive et al.

I'm gaining quite a few insights from it. Hopefully we can utilize the results for onboarding new users. 👍

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Thanks for including me Steve! Interesting to see how early we are on this. Hive is the future of social media I feel! Better than Zuckerberg's toxic mess. Cheers.

I very much agree! It would be great to get a critical mass of music industry folk on board. We have ways to sell your music for HIVE and artists could be earning just from posting about their music whilst the fans earn too. Just seems an obvious way to go, but for now the platform is almost insignificant in terms of numbers. You are one of the pioneers.


Sounds great, & I'm very pleased to be involved! I'd be interested in learning more about ways to sell music on Hive for sure. Thanks for the !Beer :)

Hey @fatasfunk, here is a little bit of BEER from @steevc for you. Enjoy it!

Do you want to win SOME BEER together with your friends and draw the BEERKING.

Great to see the number of users continue to increase

People keep on coming back to Hive. Just need them to stick around and recruit others.


"Ahh raided puckle villages in Taiwanar in me yoonger years. There's some braw treasure tae be hud!" -Keptin

And here I was thinking foreign language on a Brit post!??!! 😁

"Haw-Haw-Haw!" 😄 -Keptin

Awesome great to see so many representing the UK
Great job on the post my friend
Keep up all your good work.
blessedplate (1).png

Love this! Hopefully the number can keep growing!!

That's up to all of us. If we each introduce a friend it could double.

Thank you so much for the mention, as always it is very welcome 😊

Cheers for the mention. It will be nice to see hive grow even more in the UK

thanks for the mention.

I can't believe it's December!

Hey there @steevc
@iliyan90 sorry to bother you I hope you don't see it as spam.

I'll attach a Proof of Brain video explanation of why I will unfollow you from this account and refollow you from @calisthenicsdrop

Read the entire post here:

You know I'll keep on following your time spend on Hive blockchain!
I hope you see my vision.

I really don't keep track of who follows me as that is thousands of people. It is the interaction that matters.

I got you, I know some people pay attention when and if someone unfollow them so I decided to mention :)
If you watched my video you will see my point behind it :)
Kind regard!

No problem. I can't worry about people not following me. I am sure they have better things to do. I just monitor the overall number and it keeps on creeping up. I know most are inactive anyway. What matters is the engagement, as I said.

Absolutely I'm trying to teach that to the Bulgarian Community at the moment as well.

Maybe they will learn that getting active followers is what matters. Good luck.

I am always in here :D You can't get rid off me ehehehe

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I wouldn't want to get rid of you!

Wow, another month went by already! Thanks for the update as usual :)
Have a nice weekend!

Thank you very much for mention @steevc appreciated you are doing a great job keep it up .......

Thank you for the mention ❤️

Thank you for the mention @steevc 👍
Keep up the good work

Thank you for the mention!
Have a nice weekend!

Great numbers! Congratulations

Thanks for including me on the Expats list, @steevc - I'd love to make it to a UK meetup sometime. I'm now following you on Hive. 😄


Cheers. Hope it's going good for you.


@steevc! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @hirohurl. (4/10)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

Hey @hirohurl, here is a little bit of BEER from @steevc for you. Enjoy it!

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Looks like a nice positive uptick!


@steevc please remove me from your list. I took offence that I was tagged in a political post using your list. There doesn't appear to be a way for me to untag myself from the other post. I don't mind being in your list; it's just how it was used which annoyed me. I know Hive is a free speech based community but next I'll be getting tagged by religious god botherers if this carried on haha. Cheers Steve :-)

I don't really want to remove people based on how the list is used, but if it's what you want...

I think this is the first time this has happened. By being on Hive you are open to being tagged. You can always mute people.

Thanks, I'll mute the chap in that case. Next I'll be getting tagged in posts by religious shi'ite fundamentalist jewish rastafarian monk's musings about how John Lennon is still alive. It would be nice to have tools to deal with this sort of thing because it's certainly open to abuse under the guise of freedom of speech. If it were a Chinese govt. propaganda unit posting this kind of thing, there'd be outrage. Just saying' :-)

I get tagged in various things and it's not always with the best intents. What's worse is when they edit the post and I get notified again.

So should I remove you or shall we just see how it goes? It was not my intent to create something useful to spammers. As I said, this is the first case where my list has been abused. If/when Hive grows to millions of users then we may have other spam issues to worry about and the tools will need to improve.

That's what I was thinking, the tools would need improvement. But please keep me on your list, it's quite useful for the right reasons. Let's remember this conversation for when the monk's come a callin' :-)

Cheers. I really hope the list can be useful for things like organising meetups.

I do think tagging can be over-used. If it's in a reply to that person they get two notifications.

Let's hope the monks are busy elsewhere.

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So sad to see so many in active, hope they will return, that would make this group across the water from me even bigger

Happy weekend

"Nae in-activities oan mah ship Lassie!" -Keptin

People do keep coming back, so there is hope. Most of the increase was from that. People will have different reasons for giving up. We need to get more of a buzz going about Hive. Even if they just vote it makes a difference and they can be earning.

For sure, and the price did help a bit last week, we will have to see. Hive eventually will be the householdname to the rest of the blogging communities online and other blockchains, as hive is for us.

Ohhh @steevc thank you for the comment vote but steemcleaners always comes by so

It's a shame they have taken against you. They cannot take !PIZZA away.