Catching up to New Year

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November and December were busy. I barely had any time to sit down and collect my thoughts. I celebrated my thirty-second trip around the sun with a delicious cheesecake. Mmm. Am I supposed to be a serious adult by now? xD

Then again, I have been lucky enough to finally have a place (a lovely apartment in the middle of nowhere) I can call my own home now. Most of my energy has gone into piecing it together and figuring out how stuff works. That is about as adult as I probably ever will be! I still can’t believe it! Without my journey in the crypto world, none of it would be possible! I am beyond grateful for everything it has brought!

This winter has been amazing! I get that some people prefer no snow, less trouble with cars, less heating issues, and walking without facepalming on the icy pavement but come on! Nature delivered this time, especially since a few snowless, worrisome winters made me question if there maybe is a new normal.

I haven’t worked on many artsy things since October, but hopefully, soon enough I will be back to it. I am sure the new space also will help my creative spirit spring back to life in no time.

I managed to capture a few glimpses from this time. I invite you to have a look at them below.

My yummy birthday cheesecake! They even had some red currants in the wintertime for decoration! ^^

Kitty has been spending more time indoors in the shape of a cuddle ball and keeps melting my heart every time I look over! How did she get so cute? Like, how is it even possible to be that cute?

While winter comes with darkness hard to bear, the snow is one thing that offsets it. The gray, seemingly lifeless world gets covered with a white blanket. The dark shadows become softer and less scary. We even had a white Christmas this time, as the songs and poems tell us!

My brushes and bottles of ink are patiently waiting for the next great adventure. Last year’s Inktober was a great success. It was also a great battle. I pushed myself harder than I ever had so far. I wanted to complete all 31 prompts, and I did. But it also came at a cost since not only did I create artwork each day in October, I also decided to post about each here on Hive. I would start my days early and would finish them late. Taking photos of finished pieces, writing, editing, posting, and only then I was able to sleep. It was exhausting. It took a toll on my health. There were days when my energy levels were so low I almost gave up. Yet somehow, I pushed through.

Looking back at the pile of my works, I am glad I did. I have forgotten how exhausted I was, how little sleep I had, or how I had back pain, neck pain, and my wrists were hurting. I almost have forgotten the struggles of figuring some of these pieces out. The many failed attempts. The struggles of keeping up with the demanding pace. You see, I always believed I was the type who needed to feel inspired so I could create. But halfway through inspiration, I thought would fall from the sky, came from looking back at the completed work. It might sound narcissistic, but I love my works, and they inspired me to keep making more in the end.

I also believe that completing these works has unlocked something strong within me. I haven’t worked again since, but it is there, and it will come to the surface when called upon.

Will I do this challenge again? If you asked me on day 31, I would say no way in hell! But now? I say maybe I will.

I needed time to detach the battle from the final result. To truly see them for what they are! Brilliant if I do say so myself! There is plenty more where these came from, and I hope to share that in the future!

My brother asked why I did not make NFTs out of them! xD

For the Christmas festivities, @lemony-cricket and I decided to make ugly sweaters! Well, I tried. My ugly sweater turned out too pretty, but hey, it had lights and giant bows to distract from that fact!

Kitty approved!

The first Christmas Tree at the new place!

I needed a new desk, and I was determined to find one that could match my old one in character. I was successful! I love it! It is an oak tree desk made by a small, local company. It was delivered to me by the guy who made it. It even has a guardian angel! How’s that for a character?! Do you see it in the photo down below?

The mulled wine yumminess!

Now, I don’t know what this New Year will bring, but every day I have before me, I am determined to better myself, to learn, and enjoy the experience of being a thinking and breathing creature on this planet of ours. I hope you have a Happy New Year too!

Mur meow! Until Next time!

Song of the day: Muse - Won’t Stand Down


happy new year bro! I am glad that you have had a 2021 of growth as a person, especially artistically, I can say that that cheesecake looks very delicious,I imagine that with the mulled wine it must have been a very good combination, I am still impressed with the beauty of your country, simply the cold of that place attracts me.The snow covered trees and all maybe it's because I've never seen snow in person and I'm more used to the "extreme heat" of northern South America :'D.

Anyway, whenever I see a post of yours I am speechless, very good content that you upload, keep up the good work, see you next time ;)

Happy New Year to you too @reard! ^^ It was one of the better ones artistically I would say. I need to push myself more, but at the same time I need to strike a balance there. While I wish I was able to create every day, it is like burning candle from both ends. I need to build my art stamina if it makes sense.

Aww, you should go on snowy holiday some day to experience it! Make a few snow angles and have a snowball battle!

Thank you so much for your kind words! I do my best to put in as much effort I can in every post. Cheers to more posts here on Hive! I hope to post more regularly soon :)

I've never been a at person. Never had a cat in my life. Then we got one and the animal created affection for my persona. Dear God, it took no time 'till I was all ohhhhhhh whenever she did something cute. Often times I find myself fully ohhhhhhhh when she's sleeping in that position. And I think: "sometimes I want just to sleep like that, it might be perfect."

Happy Bday and many ohhhhhhh cat moments for ya ^~

Ahaha! You comment cracked me up! I know exactly what you mean! I guess kitties just have that special magic and they sneak right into peoples hearts like that. I'm ohhhhha ing every time she looks at me with her golden eyes, but I am a complete puddle on the floor when she sleeps like in the photos. Cats just have a perfect existence, no? Sleeping all day, getting all the pets, food, and they look like they fell from the heaven or something. I would not mind being one even while I still consider myself more of a dog person. Funnily, I have never owned a dog so far. But kitties are pretty close there for me.

Thank you @mrprofessor! :)

Cats just have a perfect existence, no? Sleeping all day, getting all the pets, food, and they look like they fell from the heaven or something.

Yeeeeeees! Does your cat flip the bowl when hungry? Ours just kicks it into the floor and stays there looking at us through those blue eyes.


Happy belated birthday!

That cheese cake looks delicious. Its like a cornucopia of awesomness. Great choice in dessert!

I have to say that I am one of those people that prefer no snow. But it really is beautiful. Great photos!

Thank you @leaky20! How has your New Year been so far?

Oh I love, love cheesecake. It is one dessert I can never turn down. I would love to master some cheesecake awesomeness myself in the future as well! ^^

Aww. Well I definitely can understand that. I used to be one of those northerners who would say stuff like - I can't stand warmer places. Until I actually went to a warmer place and it grew on me. But winters here can be so dark and gloomy. I would be a lot more depressed if there was no snow. You know?

Yay, I am glad you enjoyed the photos! :)

How has your New Year been so far?

It's been good. Can't complain. Nothing exciting or anything though.

Yeah the darkness of winter makes it hard. I typically get seasonal depression in winter. It's been alright this year though. But yeah the snow brightens things up a bit.

I am so glad to hear you are doing better this year. Surprisingly, I can say the same. Maybe it was due to being so busy , I did not notice my surroundings being gloomy?

I hope you get to have some cool, exciting adventures coming your way soon then!

@tipu curate 🍷

Hey there @rozku! Thank you so much for your support! <3

I’m so fucking jealous of that cheesecake. I’m glad you got some snow! Busy isn’t a bad.

Ahaha! That cheesecake was a bomb! One day I will master the secret skill of the perfect cheesecake and then you will have to come visit Euro bros and stop by for a bite!

I don't mind busy, but the chaos sometimes gets to me and I am unable to do things I normally do.

Cheesecake takes a surprising amount of work. I don’t love baking enough to master that science. I’ll just throw dollars at someone. Probably my favorite desert.

I'm impressed by the camouflage cat. Missed it in my initial scroll XD

This snow though... Damn I miss it. Not since the photos of me as a kid half my height have I seen it like that.

Now I'm stuck in the subtropics, I've been begging the temperature to drop but... we're at 14C now =(((

Point being, the depressing nature of the darkness and the grey is but perspective. I'd give my thumbs to live somewhere like that...

Ahaha! The camouflage cat is also quite stealthy when she goes outside in the wintertime. That black and white combo works well to catch a bird from time to time. She's is so sweet most of the time. Except when in hunting mode. Then suddenly she turns into whole different creature.

Have you thought about traveling somewhere for snowy holidays? Or are you literary stuck, stuck? That's sucky!

I usually get quite depressed with the darkness. I mean sometimes it is dark already around 3 pm in the day. However, there are also remedies and workarounds for those issues. I am coping a lot better lately.

Ah I wish I could send some cooler air or temperatures your way. You should at least treat yourself with ice-cream!

Or are you literary stuck, stuck?

Yep, this. Basically if I leave the country I can't come back which would destroy my entire life. And although I could feasibly travel within the country, the amount of regulations, tests, codes, forms to do constantly, combined with the almost daily change in rules and policies province-by-province, just makes it kinda unworkable. Been stuck in the city almost constantly for 2+ years now... ugh.

Please send me some cool air, you can put it in a thermos flask and deliver it. I'm pretty sure it'll stay fresh by the time it gets here =)

Aww. I am so sorry to hear that, but do I understand correctly that at the same time you are happy being there? Or it is more like career, culture and language that would be lost if you could not go back?

I wonder if it would actually work with the thermos flask, ahaha!

Well I want to be here for now, my girlfriend is Chinese but she also wants to get outta here (Also an artist on hive btw just starting out!) here, it's just a waiting game for the right time...It's all good for now though!

Also - You only just started following me after all these years?? eesh

I hope it comes sooner than later. Also so cool that she is an artist and you have brought her here! Are you guiding her through all Hive maze and the communities?

And the answer to your question. Yes and no. I think at some point I purposefully distanced myself from peoples I had not talked with in a while. I distanced myself from all kinds of groups. I felt I needed that. At the same time I can say that it is not the peoples fault I decided to be a weirdo like that and I hope you can forgive me.

Haha no im just messing, no need to worry about that stuff, I do that kinda thing often, there's no requirement for you to be or do anything =)

Are you guiding her through all Hive maze and the communities?

Of course! I'm sure you'll see her around soon

Yummy 😋 cheesecake is my absolute favorite.
Love your art and I think your brother is right, you should make some NFT's with it.

Yep, same here! I could be on the strictest diet but if someone showed up with a blueberry cheesecake I don't know if I would be able to resist.

Aww, thank you so much! These pieces are precious to me, and they definitely boosted my confidence a lot as an artist. I am looking forward to create a lot more works this year and perhaps even some NFTs :)

With a new place on your own, you are definitely an adult now :)
Happy birthday and a happy new year!

I was scared to take that step for a while, but I am glad I did. It is a new, exciting chapter. It is also a lot of responsibilities that will take some getting used to, but that's just part of it.

Thank you and happy New Year to you too @fotostef!

That is the best looking cheesecake I have seen! Happy belated Birthday M :*

And congrats on the place of your own - life is going to be better in many ways - harder in some too. It'll be fun!

Drop a line whenever you want, you know how to reach me :)

And so, so delicious. Thank you Taraz! :* Hopefully I will be the case of how they say - women are like fine wine? xD Or how does that go?

Yay! Thank youuuu! I was so scared at first. So many responsibilities with that, but I felt it was needed for my growth and path forward. It is all still new to me and a bit chaotic, but that will go away soon enough. I hope.

women are like fine wine?

Drink them all? ;D

It is different to have your own place (not just living away) and feel like it is actually yours to decorate and make a home. I am so happy you have done it!

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What beautiful pics you took! Amazing! And, the kitty is soooo adorable!! 🤩🤩 What kind of camera do you use?
🥦 !LUV 🥦

Good Day M!

Just wanted to drop you a little note, hope all is well! Your presence is missed, but after that art-a-thon that you did in October, I totally get if you needed a bit of hibernation time😊