Leveraging Steem on Patreon. You're invited to join!

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I'm setting up a Patreon page. You can subscribe to my Patreon for exclusive content from me. I will be using my Steem Power to reward my patrons and incentivises their engagement. Most of the profits made on Patreon will be used to purchase Steem/ SP. This is an experiment to explore how Steem Power can be leveraged by content creators to boaster alternative revenue models.

The journey so far...


For the last couple of months I've been mulling over where I want to go with my content on Steemit, Dtube, Youtube etc. I think I've found a new direction and I'm writing this post really to get feedback from you guys, members of the Steem community.

When I first stumbled across Steem/ Steemit in May 2016, it was very much from the standpoint of a cryptocurrency enthusiast.

I'd discovered Bitcoin at the end of 2013 and proceeded to spend every spare moment I could 'down the rabbit hole' of all things blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Then Steem arrived I saw it's potential immediately.

Steem for me expanded the concept of Proof of Work into what has now been called Proof of Brain, whereby anyone, regardless of technical know-how could 'mine' (earn rewards) through contributing content on the blockchain.

​I threw myself in almost immediately, by investing, by curating and of course creating content.

Reluctant creator


​I came to realised there were two things I loved about Steem. Rewarding content creators through upvotes and creating content myself.

​However I've always been a reluctant content creator. Life always got in the way of blogging on Steem. In fact I started vlogging simply because I didn't have the time to sit down and write content.

I don't see myself as creator. Yet in reality I've spent two and a half years blogging and vlogging fairly consistently on Steem.

Also a​s someone with a reasonable amount of Steem Power, my interest is more towards supporting others grow on the platform as oppose to growing my own personal brand on the Steem blockchain. The way I saw it, I'd rather be a medium-sized fish in an ocean than a 'whale' floundering in a swimming pool!

So producing content has always taken a bit of a back seat.

With this experiment I'm challenging myself to "level up" my content. Can I create a community of patrons around my content that are willing to subscribe for a monthly fee?

Steem as an incentive

steem (1).png

If my content is good enough to attract patrons, can I use my Steem to incentivise those patrons to engage with my content?

This approach shifts the focus from how can I increase my share of the rewards pool, to how can I increase my patrons. This mindset shifts the focus from taking value out of Steem eco-system to accumulating (buying) more Steem Power in order to reward patrons.

So how will this Patreon work?


Pretty much like any other Patreon.

Exclusive content

As a patron you are supporting my content creation on platforms like Steemit. In addition you get access to exclusive Patreon only content.

Level up my upvote

But there is more... as a patron you also get the opportunity to 'level up' an upvote for me. For example where I may have upvoted your content by say 10% as a non-patron, as a patron I'd level up the upvote to 20%.

However please don't get it confused. This is not a bid-bot service. I will not be upvoting any old shit. I will only be upvoting patrons that produce quality content and engaging comments.

Limited spaces

I will be accepting a limited amount of patrons on each tier. The goal is to keep the offerings attractive by enabling patrons (who are so minded) to at least recoup in the value of their subscription through Steem rewards with a reasonable amount of engagement with my content.

I invite all those that wish to benefit from my upvote to consider becoming a patron. As with most things the early adopters (or in this case early patrons) will get the most benefit.

My existing votes

For the time being, I will continue to support quality content creators and people that post insightful comments on my posts, regardless of whether they are patrons or not. However over time the priority for my upvotes and attention will be given to my patrons.

Scoopstakes changes

One change I will be making from January 2019 is that only patrons will be eligible to win cryptocurrency rewards in Scoopstakes.

One of the challenges of doing a sweepstakes competition is combating sybil attacks from people with multiple accounts. My first step in dealing with this is make it that only patrons will be eligible for cryptocurrency rewards. Everyone will be free to enter and I will record scores on the leaderboard, however only patrons of that will be eligible to receive rewards.

As I build out the Sports fan engagement games and competitions on Scoopstakes, I want to ensure that real individuals and Sports fans that provide value to that venture get rewarded appropriately.

(I might need to update my slogan!!)

Not so secret agenda


My real aim is to demonstrate to Content Creators the power of accumulating Steem Power and using it as a tool to both incentives user engagement and earn a steady fiat income.

At a time where it may be tempting to sell Steem, I invite those that have Steem Power and create content to think about ways they can leverage their Steem.

This is just a test!

At the moment this is just an experiment. And all feedback is welcome (both positive and negative). As with most of my ideas I like to throw myself in and test them 'in the wild', rather than theorise on them.

If any other Steemians are experimenting with using their Steem Power to help monetise their content using Patreon or another subscription service, let me know... this is certainly the type of initiative I'll be looking to support.

What next

Over December I will doing a soft launch of my Patreon. The aim is to roll out in earnest over the New Year.

You can visit my Patreon page here:-



I just signed up for the $10 tier on patreon to support @nanzo-scoop. We need a few more people to get this experiment rolling. Come on guys!!!

Welcome onboard!

Yes more people would be great. In the meantime, early adopters see the benefits! :)

Thats right....thats why i wanted to be one of the early investors👍

Funny as it may sound, I'm just knowing about patreon. And I had to go read up about it through that link. From my understanding so far, it's a subscription based original content platform.

My take is, @nanzo-scoop, it's an absolute genius idea thinking in the line of leveraging Steem for onboarding people on the platform. And also patreons can join the Steem community going forward.

My concern however borders on the content itself. Would it be a different content for both platforms(steemit and patreon)?. On what basis( daily or weekly) do we expect your posts. And also do you consider needing a hand perhaps online or offline with some backend logistics. Because I know it takes a lot to come up with great content on consistent basis and I can only wish you more strength to do so.

I'm registering for a tier now and when I'm a lil bucks up by month end, I will upgrade to the $10 tier(hope it's possible?). You deserve all the support and I'm throwing all my weight behind this ingenious plan you have for steem's growth.

Do you plan to include custom pledge?
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Thanks for your input. Great questions.

Would it be a different content for both platforms(steemit and patreon)?

There will be 'free' content which is published on both platforms.

Then there will be 'premium' content will be behind a Patreon paywall and accessible by patrons only.

On what basis( daily or weekly) do we expect your posts.

Content will be ad hoc. Although the aim is to post more consistently on Patreon and on Steem. Question from patrons should also help to boost output.

And also do you consider needing a hand perhaps online or offline with some backend logistics.

No doubt this would be necessary at some stage. As will systems to automate some of the processes as it scales (review of comments, upvote weighing etc.), I'm working on these.

Do you plan to include custom pledge?

I'll look into it. Sounds like a good idea.

Look forward to having you on-board when you join.

Whoa! hahaha this is sure mind blowing idea!!! I'm actually one of those you've kindly been supporting for quite a few months now and I sure muchly appreciate. That's why I think this is such a good idea and like you said, it's a win-win situation.

I love the idea and and I'm sure a lot of people will just think the same way. Hope the project goes well!! :) <3

Whoa to you!! You've become my very first patron (you beat @shortsegments to the honour by a few minutes!)... Thanks so much for supporting this experiment. As such an early adopter, you should see the benefits immediately. :)

Whoa back to you! hahaha :D Glad to know I'm the first one and again, hope this works and goes so well ! Thank YOU! :)

Sounds like you have a lot in the works. That's exciting for you. I think that it could end up going very well, depending on how many people either already use Patreon or are willing to sign up. I have some friends who use it, but I've never used it myself. I'm not really in a position where I could support you that way at this point, but I'll give you a whopping $0.01 (100%) upvote to celebrate this next step for you! :D

Thanks for the feedback and upvote. I've returned the compliment with a 100% upvote of my own!

Hey man, I wanted to get in touch with you about that premiership footballer project we are releasing. Is there any way I can get in touch with you? good luck on Patreon!

Heh, thank you! That's very nice of you. Have a great night! See you around the Steemisphere. :)

It's a very clever use of Patreon this! It never would have occured to me.

The only thing is you've got four interest areas so I'm not clear on what you're going to be producing content on exaclty, so it's not clear what I'm paying for!

Most patreon users I follow are very focussed on one thing so you kind of know what you're getting!

So you're going to attract followers for the steem rewards (which are positive @ the $10 tier if you let ur VP recharge back up to 80%*) rather than the content maybe?

Having said that, just on that level it's an interesting way of diversifying fiat-crypto risk and reward...

I'll probably go in at the $10 month mark because it's quite clever. Also I do actually quite like yr content, being into crypto and fitness n all!

Seems like a virtuous cycle.

Resteemed as it's a cheeky little idea. Very original!

*looks like it needs a couple of days rest atm!

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Hey - thanks for your feedback.

The only thing is you've got four interest areas so I'm not clear on what you're going to be producing content on exaclty, so it's not clear what I'm paying for!

More than likely my focus on Patreon will be cryptocurrency/ blockchain related content. However it largely depends on what my patrons want from me. If it's primarily other stuff (e.g. fitness) then I'd happily major on that.

Most patreon users I follow are very focussed on one thing so you kind of know what you're getting!

I agree that patreons are usually very narrowly focused and no doubt mine will be eventually but for now, I'm relatively open. My main purpose is to test the concept and hopefully inspire others to run with it also.

So you're going to attract followers for the steem rewards (which are positive @ the $10 tier if you let ur VP recharge back up to 80%*) rather than the content maybe?

I've no doubt that there will be a large portion people that sign up for the steem rewards. However they will need to either engage with my content sensibly or create good enough content to get on my authors list to truly reap the benefits of that.

My aim is absolutely to ensure that those patrons that bring quality engagement or content to this blockchain are rewarded to the greatest extent I can. It's the least I can do. In the early days especially it should be relatively easy to make a good ROI, if I have to let my Voting Power recover (or buy more SP) to make it happen for my patrons, I will absolutely do that. Signing up to my patron could be looked at as not just a way of getting my best content but also acquiring Steem at a fantastic rate.

I'll probably go in at the $10 month mark because it's quite clever. Also I do actually quite like yr content, being into crypto and fitness n all!

Thanks man - I'll make sure you won't regret it if you do!!

Thanks for the clarification.

I guess it's good to keep your options open. And to challenge yrself too.

It takes a lot of effort to keep producing good content after all!

I'll definitely sign up next day I do money shuffling tasks at the end of this week.

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Hi Nanzo,

I like your idea, I think that rewarding your patrons versus only your patrons rewarding you is definitely a “thinking outside the box” idea 💡 I think it will attract a lot of participants because you are offering something other then your content as a reward. It’s like a two for one deal, but instead of twice as much content for the price, you offer both content and a way to get your money back! It’s a deal that if understood demands a second look.

Second, I also like it because I think it is a novel way of Informing people about Steem and Steemit on another platform. And while it may primarily attract Steemians, it may also attract non-Steemians. I think they may come for the the “show” which is your content and stay for the “dough” the Steem your offering and the Steem they can earn on the Steemit Platform.

Lastly, I like your focus on engagement. I think engagement is the lifeblood of networking, and I think networking is lifeblood of successful businesses. I think the founders of Steemit and the multitude of developers have given us a wonderful blockchain and platform, and now it’s time for the business minded in our community to step up and help make it successful with bold new ideas. “Fortune favors the Bold.”

Late Entry:
I created myself an account on Patreon and now I am officially one of your Patrons.

I love that you really see the vision @shortsegments! I'm honoured to have you on board as an ally!

I too think this can be attractive to non-Steemians (as well as Steemians). I want to give value for money in terms of content and cryptocurrency rewards.

I see incentivising real engagement as key on a social media platform like Steem, else it can become stale and cynical (as I've witnessed with the rise of the bid-bot over the last year or so). That's why I'm looking to limit the higher tier patrons I have to an amount I can genuinely engage with.

I am not sure how to do this, I don’t know if I should contact you on Patron or here for this, but here’s an article I would like to submit for consideration for upvote: https://steemit.com/steem/@shortsegments/places-you-can-buy-stuff-with-cryptocurrency.

Thank you.

Thanks - the best way for these submissions is to message me on Patreon.

Upvote on the post has been uplifted!

Thanks for the generous upvote. I will use Patron in the future.

I am honored to be one of your first Patrons.
I look forward to this project and your insights.
Thanks for the very generous upvote.

Come on guys, sign up for patreon and support @nanzo-scoop. I only see 3 patrons. it takes only 5 minutes .

Thanks for supporting the experiment!

I didn't knew about patreon, but because I followed you on steemit now I am very exited about it. I played around a little bit with my account today and I choosed the lowest tier just to see how its work. I will upgrade that, I think tomorrow. I will find some time to do that.
Cheers mate....and good luck

How can I be on your list ?

You're already on my authors list. However you can join my Patreon to find out how you can level up and get more a stronger weighted vote!

Will surely do that, thank you !!

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Followed you on patreon. @bitcoinwolf
I have a good feeling about this project. Steemit platform need more people like you!

Thanks for the follow.... be sure to subscribe to one of the tiers to make the most of the benefits of being a patron.

Very interesting. I have been trying to figure out how to blend Patreon and maybe even something like Indiegogo to build out continuous media projects. I haven't been able to figure out the exclusive content part yet.

I like your ideas. I might be able to modify them to some degree for what I would like to do.

Congrats man. I hope the best for you and I will be following.

Thanks... let me know if you do set up a Patreon/ Indiegogo... I'll be sure to check it out.

I have a Patreon, but I haven't done a thing with it. For some reason, I just can't seem to come up with a reasonable scheme that I think all would get something from. That's why I like your ideas of mixing it with Steem, because that is what I really want to try to do.

Anyway, if I get it going, I'll let you know ;)

Huh. I like your idea on leveraging steem power. I probably never would have thought to use Patreon but I see how it might work. @steembasicincome is doing something a little bit similar but all within Steem and not with a 3rd party site. I'll be following your experiment and will take a look at your patreon soon and consider becoming a patron.

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Cool, look forward to hearing your feedback as things get going. I'll give @steembasicincome a look too!

Happy travelling :)

and most important, don't forget to choose a tier!

Sounds like a great project. I am in...I have just created a patreon account and followed you....allias hennessy.... I am very exited about this.

Good stuff! Thanks for the follow. Make sure you subscribe to one of the tiers to make the most of the benefits of being a patron.

Early adopters benefit the most!

I will do that. thanks a lot mate!

Interesting experiment.
It sounds like you’re expecting all your Patrons to be Steemians, right? Since all the rewards are Steem related. Or will you also use this as a way to onboard outsiders? It sounds like this may happen automatically...

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I expect the initial batch of patrons will be Steemians. I also suspect people wishing to join Steem or gain traction on the platform may also find being a patron of mine attractive.

However my crypto/ blockchain projects extends way beyond Steem, I been involved in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies a lot longer than I've been involved in Steem.

The rewards are currently Steem but my aim is to find ways to reward people in other cryptos also. Steem is great because its rewards pool makes incentivising engagement easily automated.

This might turn out to be a great way to onboard people to crypto!

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Hello @nanzo-scoop, thanks for your article on employer, soon I will read more about what you wrote and then I will see if I can join, for what I understood it is very idea from you and good to see people who help others but always taking in tell the quality of the post, greetings!

Hi Nanzo
I am a poster of pictures, not words. My blog is about flowers. Is there a place in your ecosystem for photographers versus writers?

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Thanks for reaching out.

Everyone is welcome to read, watch and engage my content and earn greater rewards that way.

As for your blog, there would need to be more context around your pictures for me to consider adding your blog to my authors list.

I will increase the amount of text and add stories about the subjects of the pictures.

I would love to support you as you have supported me in all this time, but unfortunately I still do not have a Patreon account, although I am thinking of creating one... Only I am hoping to improve a lot in my art because I think I still need a lot to learn and get to see myself as an artist and share my art on Patreon's platform.

I wish you much success in Patreon and in each of the projects that you are undertaking because you are a person who really deserves to always have the best.

Thanks... keep up the drawings. As stated in the OP, I'll continue to support for as long as I can.

I thank you very much, without your support the truth would be worse.

Resteemed aswell

Sounds good bro I'm signing up now

Nice one!

Awesome idea I have never thought about that to leverage my Steem output. I'm curious how its going to work out for you!

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I'm curious too! Hopefully it works and inspires people to stockpile their Steem Power and do the same.

I like your attitude.

You have inspired me to do the same.

Cool - I hope it goes well for you!

This will be great to read more awesome posts from you a new experience it will be all the best :D