How I made $70000 in 11 Months Using a $300 Pre-Owned Laptop, Steemit and 10SP!

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Circa March 2016 my laptop got stolen from my hotel room, my backup drive crashed. A year long personal situation in my life nearly ran me broke and the constantly increasing expenses ensured a constant state of confusion. It was one of those times in our lives when things start falling apart just as you are trying hard to build them, and nothing you do ever works!

Circa December 2016. Chilling at a beach in Goa and working on the go! Healthier times indeed!

I was going to be consulting on a project for Essilor's Indian subsidiary and had just started a motoring site with plans for a mobile app. Everything was off to a great start until the theft! Fortunately, I had a 9 year old spare laptop at home and no choice but to start from scratch again and so I did. But soon it started throwing up BSOD errors and started crashing mid-work everyday.

Tough Choices!

A business decision ensured I had to pause the work on the startup idea and instead focus on those things that brought in some revenues. It was tough, especially since I had been working on it for about a year. But I couldn’t afford to break the bank anymore. Dealing with a tough decision usually makes you or breaks you! I decided to face my situation head-on as usual.

Fortunately by mid-July things were starting to improve as I signed up on Steemit and got heavily involved in multiple projects on the platform. So, in spite of starting work on 2 big projects which gave me a decent monthly income I wasn't able to afford a new fast laptop worth $800! It was one of those times when life feels very complicated and difficult to explain. You just have to keep your head low and work and never pause to think why.

I was also under the delusion that I really needed a good mid-range or a high-end laptop without which I couldn’t get anything done. Needless to say, I was wrong! My temporary solution of using a very old laptop was in fact hurting my productivity!

Fact is that it may seem like I missed the larger picture here but frankly my finances were really that tight and I just couldn't afford to splurge on anything!

Finding Solutions

You might be wondering, why would I not borrow some money from a friend or take a loan?

Well, I have a personal rule not to borrow money from anybody. I just prefer to live a debt free life, which is free of complications stemming from borrowing and lending. I’m not averse to loans but I feel it’s best to avoid it to the greatest extent possible, unless ofcourse it’s a real emergency!

During a chat with @smooth one day in July/August in 2016 he mentioned that one could get a lot done with something around the $300 range and there are many options in that range today. It was all about how we could achieve anything we set our minds to. I hadn't considered this simple possibility and looked into this.


In USA, $300 can get you a laptop which is sold roughly for around $450-$500 in India. But, fortunately one day I found the same model as my stolen laptop in 9.5/10 condition on sale on a classified site in India. It was a Dell Vostro 3000 Series 14” w/2gb gfx and it was a very good buy!

I rang up the number, negotiated the price, sent the money, bought myself a RAM upgrade and waited for the unit to arrive from halfway across the country. Few days later it was home and it looked as good as new, barely used and at half the cost! I set it up with Win 7 Ultimate Edition, tweaked up the OS for speed and decided one day I’m going to get something great and got to work!

How Steemit Empowered Me!

Steemit came at a time when I was looking to take my work to the next level. I enjoy writing, community building, networking with people and helping people achieve their goals very much and Steemit allows me to do all of this and then some!

Being a regular on Steemit I found a new purpose and direction. As I continued my efforts in community building, user engagement and retention, my efforts was recognized by the community and I saw myself being a part of the trending page occasionally. It was an incredible and powerful feeling when I saw my post on @steemfest stay on the top of the front page for a day and half. I had made it close to that but never that far and I knew I was a part of something truly incredible when I saw my work and shared it with the world.


Steemit impacted my mind in ways nothing else has ever done. I began considering participating here on a full-time basis in the near future, and if you have read my previous blogs, you’d know that it has happened a year down the line.

I was spending 20 hours a day at the time. Curating, networking, handling Steemit.Chat, writing occasionally, learning to improve some of my trades, finding interesting ICOs to invest in.

Because it’s Steemit, I met some great people and followed some good advice. Following people like @ats-david and his trading helped me improve mine a little more. An old Steemit friend, ‘Repholder’ on Chat gave me some great advice and guidance on the crypto market over the many months here and after due diligence I made some investments and started diversifying anything extra in other cryptos in addition to increasing my SP. I pushed myself to grow my knowledge base on cryptocurrencies immensely in a short period of time.

Steemit has tons of kind hearted souls, ready to share their knowledge as well as experience. It was a humbling experience to ask questions and get the right answers!

I even held a Successful #1 India Steemit Accelerator and Steem Cryptocurrency Meetup 2017 to empower more poeple!

Being Adaptive and Resourceful Made Me My $70000

Attending SteemFest brought further recognition to my work. It turned things around. I worked the hardest in my life in those months. By end of 2016, Steem price was really low, my Steem portion of the portfolio wasn’t looking great to be honest, but I was financially stable. I had sold a fair amount of crypto to build an emergency fund which came in handy during my near-fatal accident in February.

In the months after my accident, I had all the time to strategize my participation on Steemit. A direct participation here wasn’t possible at the time, but I remained a silent observer throughout and planned all the things I could do here as I planned my come-back of sorts.

My goals have always included helping grow our Steemit community and take it to the world, which in turn I hope will help me meet my personal goals in life as well.

Few days ago I hit an incredible milestone on Steemit and in the process:

  1. I learnt to trade better and improve my crypto portfolio with some wise investments.
  2. My personal finance management plan ensured I had sufficient money to see through the low phase.
  3. Being adaptive to changing situations and remaining resourceful was key to my success!

Over the past two months many of my investments in crypto kept increasing their marketcap and before the most recent price corrections I finally saw my crypto portfolio touch the $70K mark before the correction pulled it back down again. It felt fantastic to achieve this within a year.

I started with 10SP worth around $30 in July last year and missed the boat to buy Steem in Feb-March due to my accident.

Yes I did breakout into a dance that morning. Well, as best as I could with my leg still recovering! A moment that I will never forget!


  1. I re-invested over 80% of my earnings from Steemit back into Steem and the crypto market.
  2. Carefully planned (to the best of my knowledge) trades worked to my advantage.
  3. Crypto is a high risk and high yield market. Being clear about this allowed me to take a few calculated risks without fear and guilt.
  4. I haven’t withdrawn my earnings from Steemit into Fiat for nearly 6 months, this time frame allowed me to build and follow a clear and consistent strategy to grow my wealth.

I didn’t give up when situations turned negative or panic when my Steem holding were worth just under a thousand dollars, and certainly didn't stop diversifying in crypto projects that I felt were sound fundamentally.

A $300 laptop was sufficiently quick for everyday tasks. I decided not to complain about my situation and instead focus on solving my immediate problems. I wanted to be in a position where I could walk into a store and pick up a computer hardware of my choice without having to think twice. 11 months later that’s exactly what I did and I will write about it soon! Steem enabled all this!

But the struggle was there and it was real. There were times when I would go to bed not knowing how I was going to pay my bills end of the month. But I made it happen!

I realized that there is really no substitute to hard and smart work and if you throw some consistency into this combination, you have a recipe for success! As long as you have enthusiasm to learn as you go, you’ll do just fine in the long run!

  1. I achieved my initial financial target of 60K in a year in crypto and managed to exceed that!
  2. Being financially secure is always a good thing in our materialistic world.
  3. Now I aspire to reach the next goal which is to own atleast 30K SP amongst other things.

I started writing this piece on my $300 laptop and published it using my newer $2417 one! Well deserved I think!

Steemit has all the information and some incredible people and influencers already that you can use to your advantage. Make the right decisions for yourself and see it through!

Did you have any similar goals when you started and were you able to get there?

Do you accept new opportunities with open arms or get bogged down by newer challenges?

I’d love to read what you have to say in the comments.

Disclaimer: I'm not a financial adviser and this is not a financial advise. This is my personal experience and should be treated as such.

Thank you for your support and attention!

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I have just joined this community, couple of days back, and am yet to give my Introductory post, @geetharao.
But at home, having seen you working very hard, I feel much blessed for being the mother of a very good soul like you.
Yes, what you said is true.... Even in your hardest times, when you lost your lap top or during your accident in Feb., you were not ready to take any financial help, even though me as well as your step dad were ready to help you.
You always expected our love and moral support, that's all.
May God bless you always..... my dear @firepower

Thank you mom! :)

Oh my goodness your mom so sweet!!!!

Yes she is! She's motherpower after all hahaha!

thats an incredible success story and I wish to read a lot more of them and I am sure they will keep popping up like mushrooms in the coming months/years.

I would be lying if I hadnt thought about how cool it would be to become a blogger, go on adventures, eat amazing food or share my view on the world and get paid for it. Am I willing to do what is necessary? Nah, not really at this point in my life since I love my job as a poker player. For now I am lacking the ability and patience to write good content and I am happy for the most part to share my thought in the comment section and use my posts more as an journal. Who knows that might shift someday.
But it is still nice to share some parts of my life and get some money, different views and thoughts.

As the new opportunities/challange question depends a lot.

My biggest motivation boosts I had when I felt down the most and just realized what I had before. Unfortanetly when things get better it is easy to loose the gratitude, but I am working hard on this with meditation and journaling to be thankful were I am and what I have.

Working 20 hours a day deserves you every penny you earned and I am sure many more will follow.

Thank you for this fantastic comment! I'm glad you are here and doing it right! Just stick around with the platform and let that work for you once you are an established author! Good luck! :)

I still have to thank you.

My comment is the most succesful piece I have written so far :-)

And I am very happy you acknowloge it and even respond to it

also your story makes me think If I shou devote more time to steem.

Will see...

all the best

I try to reply to all the comments but there so many it get backlogged and im slowly catching up! :)

Absolutely amazing. You never fail to impress me, @firepower. Who would have thought that archaic laptop would have gotten you so far? I would put that thing in a display case when you are done with it, and ask your friends how much they think it's worth... =)

Best Regards,

@abn wow he is true inspiration bro

I look at it as a fantastic return on my little $300 investment haha! :D But most likely will follow your suggestion on this! :D

Wow, this is very inspiring. I hope that one day i'm as successful as you are and financially stable. Right now in my situation, financially it's tough man. So i'm glad you were able to do something that make you happy, because that is all that matters.

Thank you! I wish you the best! :)

I've invested about 700 into this crypto world so far. I've lost more than I've gained so far. Mostly from a couple bad calls. I found Steemit and haven't been happier. The community gives me confidence in my investments now(STEEM lol), and I love it. I'm hoping we all go to the moon!

I wish you greater success as you go! I haven't lost anything but my portfolio has fluctuated a lot in the time frame that I've been in the crypto world. Besides one must only invest an amount we can lose 100% i guess..


amazing how I just gave you 2 cents for a meme ! But yes the whole idea of money from comments would have made SO many youtube commenters SO much money by now if youtube had paid top commenters LOL eventually the top meme talent from 44 chan will ditch #4chan an move to here OR 44chan can install a steemit blockchai explorer to allow upvotes on 4chan posts or 4chan canijtegrate which will be REALLy interesting to watch over the next coming months! Summer is here and Summer has always been a time for high economic activity!

its very easy to make an argument on someone at least he had guts to make a stand

change that to "Why post an article" you just needto take out that "to" and it will be correct english ;)

Well excuse me, English is not my native, so currently I am B2! Cheers!

You get paid to post things on other peoples sites pages or whatever they're called?

Gotto love the memes!

Quite the inspirational story @firepower it's always awesome to see when people can pull themselves out of crap situations and rise to the top of their game. I think there are some really good points in here too as far as not needing some crazy high end pc's to be of value and in regards to having a reserve fund if possible to plan for what life can throw at you. A lot of people unfortunately don't plan for accidents in terms of their budgets/financials and in doing so it definitely saved you. Great lessons and fantastic share. Thanks and you gained a new follower. Look forward to reading more of your posts in the future. :-D

Thank you so much! It's great to read your kind words of appreciation! I'm glad you stopped by to leave me a feedback!

Congratulations! Great accomplish. It's getting more fair or harder for new users now to build quality followings. When mainstream kicks in, will we see just top ranking authors prospering from Steemit? In that case Steemit will need a better categorization of articles because the current category system is not adapting to the new userbase.

Once again, congrats!

Thank you so much for your words of encouragement and support! Glad you could stop by and comment! :)

Quite the story you got there! I'm happy for you it all worked out so well! Sorry to hear you had to go through such a rough time though and I hope the accident didn't leave you with any permanent damage!

I wish you the best and keep being awesome! :)

Also... congratz with that beast of a laptop! You totally deserved it! <3

I guess my biggest accomplishment is helping to raise 1 million dollar for Save The Children by livestreaming around 15 hours a day on average for 3 months straight.

Did you have any similar goals when you started and were you able to get there?
I just started here but I'm aiming to earn 5 - 10k a month with this platform before the end of the year. Not sure if it's realistic, but hey... a girl can dream, yes?! :p

Do you accept new opportunities with open arms or get bogged down by newer challenges?
Yuz! I love to push myself. I am quite disciplined and love to challenge myself! :)


Finally I caught up to your comment.

I'm happy to see you here! It's been a long and rough journey for me and I'm glad to be here today!

I guess my biggest accomplishment is helping to raise 1 million dollar for Save The Children by livestreaming around 15 hours a day on average for 3 months straight

This is incredible! This is how social media must be used. In comparison I've raised very little from Steemit doing the same but i've given away about $1600+ or more in this year from my earnings. Felt great to be able to do some good to others!

Did you have any similar goals when you started and were you able to get there?

Yes I did, I had a figure in mind that I wished to earn. Once upon a time it was my corporate job annual CTC that I wanted to earn in a month before my 30th year and this month I managed it in 24 days. Financial goals may not mean much but then since our world works on it, it does feel great to accomplish that. Also because It puts me in a position where Im able to make a difference to others. However, small or large it could be without thinking twice about the monetary aspect of it.

Do you accept new opportunities with open arms or get bogged down by newer challenges?

To answer this I'll have to share my previous articles and I would love to hear your feedback on the same. These two will give you an insight into my thought process and how I go about situations. :)

  1. How I faced my demons and fought back!

  2. LetsTalk—How My Steemit and Crypto based Financial Contingency Plan Prevented Bankruptcy!

Thanks for the answer and it's nice to be here! <3 I'm really happy it all worked out fine for you and will take a look at those 2 other posts! Really curious now! :)

Also around 1600euro is already quite some you know! If everyone would do this....

Take care and stay awesome!

Thank you Athena! :) I hope you like reading through those two posts. They are a bit long though...

Seems like steemit and tons of hard work is that reason for your success @firepower....I am very grateful myself for being able to use the steemit platform. Surrounding myself around people like @firepower, teaching us the ways of cryptos.

Thank you so very much. Happy to help ;)

Incredible! But every time I invest in ICO and I loss....
Any advice?

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I generally invest and wait for the markets to move upwards before selling. Never panic sell!

It's all about the little differences. A $300 is "good enough", to be sure, but that extra $700 will get you slightly faster performance, a higher resolution display, slightly better keyboard, trackpad and battery life.

For something that you use day in and day out and is so crucial to work and life, that $700 starts paying back very quickly. I always make it a point to spend a shitload on my PC - the returns are priceless. Quite literally, it saves a few minutes a day, causes less eye strain, helps me sleep better and get more done. And ultimately, makes my life better in an intangible way.

That said, I'm quite stingy with phones :) Only buy the best value for money rather than the very best. That's mostly because I don't use it very much, only for calls and chat.

I agree with you on these points! TBH I'm glad that a year spent being frugal is paying off now! :) I change my phones once every 3-4 years and these days you can get a lot done with a good phone around 25-35K inr

Great post! Awesome to read all the effort you spent in Steem! Also cool to read your milestone towards your financial succes with the community!!

Keep up the good work! Followed and upvoted!

Congratulations @firepower ! Now that you're celebrating, I dare you prove how much your vote is worth on this comment ...


hahahaha! :D

You did amazing job and you worked hard for it! Well done and you deserve every single bit of it! Nothing comes easy and I'm proud of you!! :))) Alla x

Thank you so much Alla. I am so happy to see your comment. Seeing your work and effort you put into Steemit has also inspired me to stay on my path. I am glad you could stop by to read the post. Thank you @allasyummyfood

always ;)) thank you!! u keep this platform strong!!

I was interested in your goals and also the degree to which you were prepared to go all in on crypto. You have passed your $60,000 goal and I was wondering what you will do now.

Personally I have dollar cost averaged into crypto over the last year by making a small purchase every month. Steem and Ether have both given me the nice to have problem of wondering how far to let this go. I have set a target for 5% of net worth and plan to harvest at that stage into other assets. I continue to buy monthly at the same rate as long as the prices remain below my "buy-up-too price" limits.

Additionally to improve my diversification I am re-balancing slowly in my case from Ether to Bitcoin as Ether has outpaced bitcoin for quite a bit of this year. That's hard because conventional wisdom says let your winners run, hence the slowly re-balancing.

The exception to this is Steem. Rightly or wrongly here I feel like an owner/investor and not simply a speculator. I have no intention of Powering Down anytime soon as I feel like my SP makes a difference and I want to grow it and learn to be a better writer and thinker. Thanks for your post.

Image from

I think that's a good plan and you seem to know what you want to do already which goes a long way in asset planning. I'm hoping to stay on this path and get to 150K by this time next year basically and then double up from there.

I like doubling :)

I really respect how you try to live a debt free life. I've also made this decision which used to cause some argument s with my parents who feel loans are just a natural part of life. I would like to prove that a rich and abundant life can be achieved without focus on money and would ulimately like to do so by practicing many of the ideals of a gift economy. It's not an easy task but steemit has opened a new door for me.

As I'd like to move back to Japan one day on an investment visa rather than a working visa and currently have almost no savings, steemit makes this dream feel like a real possibility.

Your achievements here are inspiring! I hope I will be a success story like you soon:-)

I think you are on the right path and your attitude seems to be right! :) I hope you achieve all that you are working towards! Good luck dude and thank you for stopping by! :)

It's always good to read your posts, you always motivate me to face the situation.
Maybe I haven't faced that big financial difficulty in my life but from whatever I have gone, I can say that it is very difficult to go through this situation. And you haven't just gone through it but pulled yourself to a level of earning 70k$. That's a huge amount. I don't know when i will have so strong will power to achieve my goals.
But I enjoy learning things from you.

I really laughed out when I saw that dancing gif.

Thank you for the encouraging comment! It's always great to see your feedback on my work! I'm certain you will achieve all your financial goals!

Thanks a lot buddy, but my goals are to have skills like you and @sidwrites I don't consider financial power before having that much skills to handle it.
That's why I like to learn management, marketing and motivational skills from you.

Thanks dude! I hope to keep at this and hopefully help people along the way.

Very inspiring. Thanks @firepower. Can't wait to earn my first 70$ in the crypto world. 1% of your hard work. I think it will be a good start not putting my bar to high. You are a hard and dedicated worker. You word says and show it. Keep inspiring. Really refreshing to read. I've accomplish nothing in the crypto world yet, but i'm already standing up and dancing.
Greatful to you

Wow! I never thought about the percentage as such. I was there once upon a time! Good luck with your journey on steemit!

This is an incredible story, I am glad I read it because it gives me hope. Offlate I have been out of hope, and I see a glimmer of it here on steem.

May people who read your story might think that this is a story of how you earn a lot of money in a short span of time. But then, in reality, yours is a story of how you overcame all the hurdles and yet stayed healthy and happy.

It has just been a little more than a week here, and I think I am going to spend a lot of time here. Hope someday I will meet you and attend your events.

Thank you for sharing your story with us.

P.S: Anyone who is reading this comment, please follow me and Upvote and I will follow you back.

It's great to hear from you! I'm glad that you are here and on your journey! Keep at it dude!

What a fantastic story, thanks a bunch for sharing your wisdom with us all. It is so inspiring! Namaste :)

Thank you so much. Namaste! :)

Ah.. you're amazing!

Thank you so much Kay! You're voice is mesmerising! Hoping to hear from you! ;)

LOL This was at over $1000 but due to laggy steem prices on from recent correction inprice of steem, its now down to $666 this is the second time Ive seen this number, one of my own posts got this too and i screenshotted it too to record it before it changed!

A new meaning to the Fire in FirePower! Maybe Satan was behind tis recent price corection? lol Satan must really hate crypt currency since it hurts his illuminati fiat money system

haha! Yeah well we have all taken a cut from the top of our posts. :D Thanks for the read!

Very uplifting, and to finish with the laptop lifestyle on the beach, well done.

Haha Thanks! :)

Such an inspiring story.. Just shows hard work and perseverance can really get you somewhere. Keep it up.

Thank you so much. Cheers!

Inspirational to new users ... 👊🏼💯💯💯💯👊🏼

@tasetwist the chills

Great improvement!

WoW. Thanx for sharing.... i have followed you and please also do follow me @ishwor

Daler Mehndi rules! 🤣
Congrats mate!

Thank you. Tunak tunak all the way!!

😂😎 💃

Inspiring story. Glad to hear you've come along so far can only imagine how difficult your struggles must have been. Just got started in Steemit and Cryptos myself. Made a few day trades but nothing crazy yet. Looking for my success as well especially here on Steemit. But I figure it will come with time. Like many here I can tell you put a lot of time and effort into the platform for it to pay off. So understandably I need to do the same. I'm trying to keep a diverse portfolio and play it mostly safe. But been on here steeming away regularly. Excited to see what will come from this place. Thanks for posting this.

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts here and for stopping by to read my post! :)

Welcome. I always enjoy your posts and appreciate you sharing.

Really great! Been showing Steemit to a nigerian friend which currently lives in switzerland. I instantly knew this gives fair opportunities to everyone!
Great job, enjoy the fruits of your work and stay progressive :)

Thank you so much. Best wishes to you :)

hola amigo @firepower hola amigo me parece un hombre de valentia y tu testimonio me inspira seguir adelante a pesar de que tengo apenas dos semanas en steemit y mis post todavia no tienes Buena puntuacion no popularidad. creo que steemit una oportunidad a mi vida a si como lo fue contigo. gracias

Gracias Amigo!


This will be @firepower in a few days ! watch he will EXPLODE and by end of thee year he will have ten million dollars

damn right! :D

Good for you! Thanks for the inspiring story.

Thank you so much. Cheers!

Wow, what a great story of success which was possible due to your hardwork, positive attitude and good heart. Keep it up and more success. Upvoted in order to send in my support

Thank you so much! :)

You came out to be a smart investor too. Your hardwork paid to you, You deserved this .

Thank you so much. Cheers!

Very inspirational! I opened my account in January and then never touched it until a few days ago. I really look forward to experiencing the community. Following!

Thank you so much. Cheers!

Good to hear a success story.

Thank you.

Wow! What a story!

Nice job man, I made a considerable amount of money investing in Gamecredits back when they were like 8 cents each... now they are over $4.00 each. Lots of ups and downs but eventually it paid off in the end!

nice yes I bought like 30,000 siacoins back when the price was so small i cant eve write it here it was like $00.00001 and they are now almost 2 cents now....i turned $5 into $500 an I only wished I had had more money to buy more but it was just so cool to turn a few dollars intoa few hunddred dollars and then a few thouan! With crypto currency you can really start from $0 thanks to the kindness of steemit creators, u can earn a few dollars on steemit, invest in altcoins or even ethereum back in januray, and youll have thousand! SO ANYNE can do this! EVERYONE has a chance we just need to let more people know how they ccan all get in and ythat for the first time inhistory there is an inveestment that they can seriously invest in with just a few dollars! And as more people invest a few dollars here and there we will see marketcap grow! and price go up! We havent even see the beginning of the real rush to crypto! Oyt of he 4 billion internet connected humans only a few MILLION are using crypto currency! Wait till we have just 100 milli! and then 1 BILLIOn peopleusing crypto will make Bitcoin go to $1 million ethereum to 100,000 and steem will be past 1000

@splatterhaus that's fantastic!

@ackza that's great dude! It's so incredible that the crypto world allows for these kinds of opportunities.

i gave you all my power 100000000000 % LOL
ENJOY my friend
and keep remeber me

Thank you so much. Cheers!

Great motivation post about Steemit! I also started from scratch in this great social network and did not have anything at first. During the autumn and winter, I earned a new laptop for $400 and a used camera for $300, and the cost of my account is $14,000.

Have you invested any of your own money or is your account purely made up of curation rewards? :)

Thank you so much. I am glad to know this. Cheers!

You did the right thing. Set a goal and achieved it. Thanks for your post! Glad for your success. The main thing - not to sit and complain. and to seek ways. to do something. To make the necessary conclusions for themselves. To be active. Like your thoughts and actions. Wish you new achievements!


Thank you so much. Best wishes to you. Cheers! :)

Focus on the things that matter and goals you want and they will come!! Best of luck brother!

Thank you. Cheers!

Always welcome!!

Great story! Congrats!
Upvoted and followed!

Good for you! Nice to read another success story.


Thank you so much.

really inspiring, should i be in a tough situation i am going to read this one again!

Thank you so very much. Cheers!

take care and keep moving!

congrats man, your story is a great inspiration for me right now cos am in the same boat you were when you signed up on steemit months ago, i hope i have a success story to tell some day on how steemit changed my situation for the better.

Thank you. Best wishes to you. Cheers!

Very inspiring and motivating. Thanks for sharing this

Thank you so much.

Reading posts like this makes me realise... I have no idea what I'm doing.

You will get there. Keep Steeming. Cheers!

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