When I Was Asked "Do You See Steem/Steemit Succeeding?" And I Asked Back; "Isn't Steemit Already "A Success"?". Check Again. Look Intently!

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A new concept is falling in place to execute this below: 

"True celebrity-hood" once and for all, for "everyone"

It will begin unfolding gradually in the next few days and it carries excitement and tons of awesomeness. There will be beautiful testimonies. 

No more worries, for together we will fix many worries.
No worries, we are still on track because the entire curriculum has been "one" and the same.
The more recent "ULOGS" has simply been a part of one entire curriculum!

Note: i stood up morning from bed and decided to do a quick walk and i ended up doing this video, talking about ULOGS:

Please digest this post and this post and like me, join in and become a Ulogger today. Become "true celebrities" and "true fans" of #ulog.

You can get a profile cover banners to supporting my initiatives. Looks like this:

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I love steem

It networks humans in special ways

It sheds the "the nations" in us a bit, making nations "mere locations" and i tell you, "a full-blown human (in whose case, "nations were locations") is a special breed "human". 

Hahaha, don't worry, i really love steem/steemit because "you" are here and i am yours; "your boy Terry".

Thus, everything i do e.g here on steemit, even the tiny words i pop, have paradigms related to "steem growth and the application of steem/steemit, in relation to "adjusting the world" (attaining the awesomest version of humans)". 

The recent ULOGS is simply another means to mine more of "the human". 

The thing is, when you apply the technology as a means to enhance the human, then the technology itself will attain "towards perfection". 

We touched on this recently during the recent talk on the SteemGigs discord, in my response to the question; "do i see steem succeeding?". 

The steemian who posed the question, has observed that it has becoming harder "earning-wise", than used to be the case months ago and he wanted to hear my thoughts. 

He spoke of curation and of how even curation towards steemit posts has grown scarce etc 

I tackled the questions in two parts. For one, i reversed the questions just a bit, asking instead; "hasn't steemit already succeeded?" 

It my case, "it has", starting almost the very day i spotted it 
and looking back now, so yes; "the very day, i found and decided to join steemit".

Yes, from day one, steemit was a success in my case and i truly believe steemit is already a "success" (even now) in many of our cases, if we simply looked more intently. 

While i covered history and all and how much steemit has evolved from where it used to be, I highlighted that, even from "day one", when steemit was way harder to use than now and way harder to earn rewards on too, steemit was a success then and in a ton of ways.

Just finding it alone was "breakthrough", because hahaha, i may not have found it at all or i may have found it and not looked at it twice because the internet has played me many times etc. 

Yes, to find steemit, i was in research-mode for a decade and among what i was researching, was for "an enabling environment" to keep my dreams alive on in dream-bits and rehearse them into fruition and an "enabling environment", when i arrive on here, was steemit.

I spotted the spottables very quickly. (Note: i was in research-mode and i didn't join steemit the first time. I found it organically again and this time connected with the author and decided to join then.)

My first donation was around 5 steem from @sykochica! Then, i put up certain ideas related to my dreams, using my post to play them out and i got "hundreds of steem" combined from @benjojo and @papa-pepper and where does that ever happen in the entire world, "among strangers" on the entire web? 

These days, people don't even lose money. Have you walked your streets lately, hoping to see 50 cents on the street somewhere? "Years ago, you may find; "these days" you will sweat out a bucket to find".

Back to the internet space! 

My first email to the Mark Zuckerberg Facebook account and my Facebook account got deleted and never recovered and their reason was not "disclosable". 

That was Mark practically throwing a berg at me, zuck-ing "life" out of the "life it took to me to dream". 
Hahaha, where i am from, "dream" alone and you see should deserve lorry-loads of accolades. 

Then, simply try contact people (on Facebook) from other IP locations e.g strangers, perhaps, to share your dreams and your Facebook account can get suspended. 

Then, turn to Twitter DMs and almost every message is an auto-responder, to where you are almost always "simply another marketable-to client". 

@papa-pepper @sykochica @benjojo where practically "strangers" but for once and for the first time "in my more than a decade on the internet", these strangers were "humans"

The irony and especial genius is: this was happening on a blockchain, where there was a "privacy" paradigm. 

Hahaha, steemit was a success to me from day one.....

Then, i jumped on steemspeak on discord at the time and CEO(s) filled the place, 24/7! Hahaha, can't dreams now happen so? 

Visit the entire internet and seek a mentor or a place filled with CEOs, "free" and tell me if you find one. Ned used to hangout on those discords

Or gather Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates in a room and do a hangout.

Well, i didn't hangout on steemspeak for too long, for in a short span of time, i spotted the spottables but much of this "spotting" happened fast because of my "life before steemit"; 

and "life before steemit" is still one of the basics that i teach till date, when it comes to "steemit success".

Once, i jumped on steemspeak to try to affirm one of my early conclusions and it had something to do with SEO, (upon my finding out that steemit hung on decentralized servers) etc 

At the time, i also wanted to figure out, steemit's own content-distribution algorithm, to figure out if IP location was a factor. 

I didn't get an affirmative answer but i easily saw the answers. I had an audience from every nation here on steemit. 

Prior to steemit, even to do a simple blogspot post like, "Hey Obama, listen to my wailing", with aims of reaching perhaps, the USA audience, i would have to have worried about how to beat IP location barrier (SEO- related), to the point of, even sending my content to friends in USA, so that they could help me upload it from there as i perceived that the search engines were beginning to detect VPN. 

Over time, i would have my friend open the Gmail tied to the blogspot from USA, altogether

Hahaha, a young boy made some 40 million USD selling a digital product (related to SEO) on Clickbank, at 40 USD a copy. I had bought it then, thinking it was some genius software, only to find out it was a bunch of PDF(s) and Adwords-related videos. (Notice that, he easily had a million customers; showing you that, something that steemit offers for free, is hotcake "in money", out there)

You see, very early on steemit, i recognized much of these steemit's beauty e.g i was realizing that steemit posts were ranking in the search engines (and perhaps, distributed servers aids that etc); plus, recall that i found steemit organically, via the search engines. 

Being new on steemit and not entire landed, i had found Akasha and YOURS (other blogging-based platforms tied to cryptocurrency) etc and i had tried to see what they offer but again "steemit" was easily-spottable by me and established "success".

The CEO and CTO of YOURS had several google hangouts with me. I didn't proceed with their vision, because i could easily see, where "steemit" was. Then on Akasha, i would have had to download like an entire blockchain or so and i didn't see signs that its content was ranking in the search engines etc and ofcourse, you have needed to pay gas for each transaction. 

By various dimensions, "steemit" was "success" to me, from day one!

Then gosh, i saw that there was "steem" too and its beauty blew up instantly and i could see! I didn't read whitepapers because the whitepaper can't even cover this beauty. 

Like i keep saying "serve the search engines" and steem was simply genius by taking up this model (even with its promotion) 

Note; i was a product of "find steemit organically using the search engines" and according to me, though slow, it is the most solid form of promotion. So keep on steeming!!!

Then, there was a contest, that was trying to propose new slogans for steemit and my slogan entries came from entirely different dimensions. Yes, as early as my minnow days, one of my proposed slogan had to do with "re-shaping the "entire internet" by serving the search engines, till there is a steemit blog for each search query. 

Then, so ofcourse, i had seen steemit as something different and away from the entire internet; "a home away, from the rest of the internet; then i started a tag called "steemitisbeautiful" and my first channel on steem.chat was created by @firepower and it was called:


Well, i won't say too much more about this, within this post. I covered this and more in the last talk on the discord and this post is simply out here, to give you glimpses of my thoughts about steemit and of it being beautiful, since day one, when steemit as a UI was with bugs etc

Plus, had lows of 7 cents

"And what if it has flaws now?", one may want to say! Then my next question will be; "are humans without flaws?" or "isn't steem hosting humans?"; hahaha, isn't any tech or blockchain-based social platform you see out there going to host humans too? 

Besides that though, even if steem has the flaws now, like one may want to say, it has done me one or more good and i tell you, "it has done you too!" Now, do i hastily forget this good, in the face of flaws?


some may have got to know about the world of digital currency, for the very first time, through steemit. Isn't that one ginormous good, if you ended up finding a career in technical analysis?
If you met @sykochica on steemit and she checks on you everyday, isn't that one good?
If you learned about how an impending bitcoin fork, upon reading a steemit post and you got some free bitcoin cash as a result, wasn't that one good?
If you have spent a decade on the internet and have uploaded 100 videos on YOUTUBE even with its monetization model and you have not held 5 cents from it in your hands but you have now held your very first online-earning on hand, however small (by means of steemit), tasting that it is indeed possible to earn online etc; isn't that one good?

Now, if steemit has done at least one good, even if just once, within your steemit career; can't it be said to have been a success?

In my case, it so can!

If it is develops flaws now or in the future, can't it still be said to have been a "success", by virtue of the one good that it has done you?

In my case, even with humans, "i don't hastily forget all your past good because you did me bad".

Hahaha and you know what, on steem and steemit, i don't see flaws, because i sift flaws to find use for good. 

Basically, i see exciting challenges and i see how beautiful humans can be, when they combine to take challenges up etc

Moreso, we have a say as stakeholders of steem. If decide to take "steem" to the moon (with conviction), "steem will go to the moon".

Don't let the uncertainties of the future deter you from dreaming altogether. Dream first, evolve your dream into spanless-ness, then re-shape that future and i tell you; "with steem, "dreams are equaller reality"". 

Look more intently.

Your Boy Terry


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I do need strength

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Wow! I haven't seen someone type(make a post ) enthusiastically like this.

Who is surpassinggoogle?

I feel live in this post, I am relatively new here, say about 2hours old, you have just raised my hope high as to this blockchain.

What is ulog?

I know of #blog, I know of #vlog, but I don't know of #ulog.

How do I become a #ulogger

Oh my goodness, I need a ulogger or uloggian banner..hehe
You just made my day with this post, I have lorry-loads of surpassinggoogle to explore..haha

My testimony: Thank you @samal who helped me with 5steem to startup on steemit through #steemconnect.com, and he has also put me through a few things..

Much love to you brother.

@joanhay, here is the meaning of @surpassinggoogle is a steemit witness with witness name "steemgigs". He is the human face behind @steemgigs, @teardrops @ulogs @steemsecrets. He is committed to helping everyone in the STEEM blocjkchain. Soon, he will become a household name wherever IT gadgets are found because @surpassinggoogle will surpass google.

Brief but precise!
Thanks you @uyobong.

Welcome to the Steemit world @joanhay
This is a good start to be introduced to @surpassinggoogle.
Way to go @samal for referring another human in Steemit.

Hehe.. salamat partner🤗.
You're Phillipino, right? How's Phillipines today?
You just gave me warm welcome dear sn0white..😍

You're very much welcome. Yes, I'm a Filipino.
Philippines is fine.

Hey, be calm...haha, you will get to know more about Terry gradually.

Read about ulog here: https://steemit.com/ulog/@surpassinggoogle/ulog-2-more-than-800-ulogs-have-been-created-since-the-birth-of-ulogs-less-than-two-days-ago-let-s-discuss-this-and-more-on-the
Ulogger banner? I'd like to get one too.

My dear @samal, you always have being good.
Thanks for the insight!
Much love to you..😘

Well, I will forgive anyone who isn't on steemit and is asking if steemit would succeed but won't forgive anyone who has tasted the wonders of steemit, been here for a while and still asks, would steemit succeed. I love the answer you gave them, it was just the perfect answer to a question like that. Steemit has and is changing lives and will continue to change lives. A lot of modifications have been made since it's inception. Modifications that is geared towards making steemit last for as long as one can ever imagine.

Talking about ulogs, inam still yet to make my first ulog. I have seen a lot of beautiful ulogs but I havnt just quite had the time to do mine and I am not happy about it. I have to give myself the task of making this come through today and surely will. Thanks for the ulog initiative @surpassinggoogle.

No ulog yet sir? Ahhh, i hope you can find time. We will be waiting for you to finally be the "celebrity", and us your "fans".

Verrrry onpoint. Your ULOGGING is bound to happen. There is something special for ULOGGERS, it is unfolding

I am glad I am able to witness the success of Steemit. I guess it would be safe to say that you, sir Terry among other "celebrities", i.e. Uloggers have contributed and is continuing to contribute to this success.

I am glad and proud to be an Ulogger. Let us touch the stars!

Hahaha very sweet. Thank you for awesomeness

Aw! I guess your very own awesomeness impressed much on me. Salamat sir Terry!

STEEM is a brilliant innovation wherein social-media users are rewarded with STEEM tokens for actively participating in Steemit . Liking, Commenting and Writing quality content apparently earns you steem dollars.

Given how the world needs quality information from as many verifiable sources as possible and social media sites are trending towards enforcing quality, there’s no doubt that steemit will grow popular over the years.

However, people quitting their jobs for the sake of generating quality content on the internet is still a bit far-fetched. STEEM is bound to take off once this starts happening.

True celebrity-hood, I can't wait for it to shower fully.
Sir Terry, not just is Steemit a success? But you have really made Steemit a success.
@ulog daily post has give me a reason to smile and appreciate Steemit more.
God bless your creativity @surpassinggoogle
God bless @steemit
God bless your mum to whom you have dedicated all to.
I will surely be part of the next talk show as I have joined steemgigs discord server using your invite link.

Special comment. Thank you

You are the boss sir.
Thank you too.

Yes it is, he is right. Your #ulog idea has made my day. Now I always have something to write on my blog. As a new comer, I was at first feeling bored on Steemit. People used to write all about blockchain, crypto, and other hard topic to understand.
I thank you again sir @surpassinggoogle for creating a cool tagline ever. Now I am a ulogger!

Here is my #4 ulog sir.


Touching cool words coming out from our No. 1 "FAN" and of course our original "New Age Internet Celebrity" there. This statement keeps echoing deep down my eardrum though I had to use my headset to hear it well. Terry said:

Even if you have no vote, there is "NO LOSS", at least you're presenting yourself. You're evolving, you're becoming a celebrity.

I agree perfectly with that coz this #ULOG may actually be the main driving force to help people take action on this wonderful steemit platform.

So go ahead folks, keep blogging originally. At least, according to Terry...

"Become a Ulogger today and I'll be your ultimate No1 fan".

You're such an inspiration Ajayi. Thanks for being you. Coincidentally I just finnished posting my motivational ULOG Post a few minutes ago before bursting into this cool inspiring video of your.

You touched my heart more this morning with those fresh words.

Thanks for being you.

And what if it has flaws now?

Steemit does have flaws. But are these flaws big enough to prevent me from using it? Of cours NOT! I love using Steemit, the ideas behind it (to be a decentralized, open source, censorship and advertisement free blockchain based social media platform, where in addition people can earn a crypto currency!) and many great people I have met here.
The Steem blockchain itself with its fast, fee free transactions is also very competitive compared to the concurrents. It's not easy for me to assess the effect of SMTs and the coming communities but I am looking forward to it, being very curious to see what will happen.

One main advantage of Steemit is to open the world of crypto currencies even for people who otherwise would never have get in touch with the matter. By the means of Steemit (as well as busy.org, DTube, DLive and others) Steem has a much bigger range than other crypto currencies. Different than some concurrents we have a working product here, were different people, men and women, from every part of the world, with very different interests and skills, are communicating, contributing and earning money.

I am not interested at all in other social media sites like Facebook which are only created for one single reason: to make their owners more and more rich and powerful (without rewarding the users who are creating their wealth).

I couldn't agree more with you on this....

"The recent ULOGS is simply another means to mine more of "the human".

Other social media platforms left most of us completely unproductive while they leverage and capitalize on making gross profits with our data. But Steemit came as the game changer!

Steemit came and dug our innermost potentials that was lying dormant, and turn them into Gold and wealth. Steemit is the future!

I love Steemit @surpassinggoogle, and with Ulogs, the party just got better.

I don't know how it happened, ulog has really changed the way I perceive my days, it has helped me improved on my project. Overall, I now log my activities in diary too.

Am sure, I won't be wrong if I say @papa-pepper @sykochica and @benjojo are 3 of the human faces on Steemit who invested in you. I see their investment in @surpassinggoogle as minute compared to what such investment has caused in the STEEM blockchain via @surpassinggoogle. All of you will succeed beyond your dreams. Posterity will not forget you. I see your beginning was not easy but you strive. I told you, and am still on my https://steemgigs.org research and it will soon manifest.

I believe you @surpassinggoogle with steem we can!

Honestly, steemit is easily the best thing on internet I've invested my time in.
I won't say that my life is already changed, but I'm on the way and I completely believe in the potential that's why I'm giving Steemit most of my time.
The thing it has done for me is, it has allowed me to dream that things can work out the way I had always planned.
About the flaws, of course there are flaws, everything has
But if you look at the alternatives, you'll see that this is the best thing there is
For now we all should
Steem on

Very special mindset

i think the only people who asks that type of questions are the people who are just new to the platform or the crypto space.

Steemit platform is already a success, the question is will it continue to be the leader of its kind.

New similar platforms are coming out and about to come out. Hopefully steemit will continue strong and gain more users.

I am among the later people that joined steemit sometime towards the end of last year and it is the success the platform has acquired for it's self that gave me the zeal to join...steemit is indeed a huge success.

Thats question i believe is to the naive, because what we are all doing here as a steemian is already a success so many ground breaking achievement on steemit already, so many live changed on this platform, i will never give anyone the chance to ask me that question and if they do, i will simply just show them my lifestyle, thanks for sharing @surpassinggoogle boss, keep waxing stronger.

Wow!, Thanks for the explanation sir Terry. I'm a big fan of yours also. Thanks for this wonderful initiative you created #ulog. Yh!, as you have said not receiving upoves doesn't guarantee one to quit ulogging.
Because ordinarily, If one wants to become a celebrity he/she pays out not receive. But any which way If one gets upvoted congrats. But one thing we all should have in mind is that we are sharing our day not idea so if we don't get rewarded we aren't loosing out anything.


The funny thing is if we evolve and keep the tag ulogging, the votes will come. We will create an indispensibly fresh buzz and movement right here on steemit. Each ulogger will be featured in a special program starting really soon

Yh!, that will eventually get to happen.
Wow!, that also will be great. We will all be looking forward to see that.

i first joined steemit one year ago. but I don't know exactly how this platform runs. but just this year I became active again because you have like you that educate and good hearted person. wishing all the success in this project.

Yes. Steemit is a success since the beginning. And you are making it even more successful by engaging more people with it. I am proud to be influenced by you and other steemians who keep on supporting each other. I don't personally know you but by the way you talk and give encouragement, its like i've known you for so long. For that, I thank you @surpassinggoogle and everybody for making my stay here in steemit an enjoyable, fun and real one.

Great post there. Apart from the lessons learnt, i have also come to understand three effective ways of accomplishing more in life.

#1 Play the Game

We have a tendency to take ourselves too seriously. This often results in becoming too stiff and unyielding when it comes to changing our plans and adapting to new situations. Being flexible and able to see how our circumstances can serve us is critical to our success.

#2 Purge the Distractions

First, it’s important to know the distinction between what’s truly good for you and what you use as a distraction. This can be tricky. For example, spending two hours on Facebook isn’t very productive, unless it’s part of your job. When we’re trying to distract ourselves, it’s usually because we’re supposed to do something challenging.

#3 Write Down Ideas to Make Them Count

Our minds are constantly in a bind, always working, chattering and in that noise, good ideas are born, but they can be easily lost. Nurturing the habit of writing down your ideas and thoughts is by far one of the best things you can do. It allows you to remember your creative outbursts, even when you can’t make use of them right away.

Many thanks sir @surpassinggoogle :) ULOG is <3

I'm a newbie here and I still need to digest a lot of ideas about what's going on with the online world. Im sorry I'm just an introvert person. I heard my friend told me about #ULOG where I can express my experiences in life and things that matters the most. So I thought it is like a diary so I created one today. Im NOT sure if what I am doing is right :(

And I heard @surpassinggoogle I thought that it is a machine or a program but Im shock when I came across this post that you are real human person. Peace Mr. @surpassinggoogle, I'm new here. And I still don't quite understand this place but I'll stay until somethings makes sense for me. Thank you.


Once again thank for this project of you Ulogs and Teardrops. Yes! amen for everyone who prays for you bro and for you father. God Bless and more power.

For me steemit really touch the lives of the people. It gives more opportunity to keep goin and improves every individuals. Wherein everyone has something to offer. Thank you so much sir Terry for inspiring us always.

You are welcome. You spot the spottables

Permission you use the banner sir @surpassinggoogle. And thank you for your BIG contribution in this platform and for all the help. #ULOG

hahaha it is for everyone. I dont know how to resize it though. even mine isn't the perfect size but if you vist @jejes her's is the right size

Thanks sir @surpassinggoogle. I resized mine.

Thank you @jejes for this. This is beautiful.

Steemit is a success with such people like you @surpassinggoogle, you have take steemit to a wonderful places. Thanks @surpassinggoogle for creating #ulog it brings me joy because . i don't need to use to use instragram or snapchat again looking for followers with #ulog all things be easy @surpassinggoogle

I am sooo happy to be one of the steemians here and @ surpassinggoogle as a mentor and friend. No regrets at all. Lot more to learn but all ok

You're one of the factors sir terry @surpassinggoogle on steemit's success. I am one of your big fans. You gave this platform as an opportunity to all to share ideas, to learn, and to gain money as well. Ulog is such a great opportunity to an individual to become a celebrity for a little time. Thank you for your excellent ideas and to your kindness sir terry. We your fans will support all of your projects here on steemit. Godbless! 😊

when you make a blog sir all contents are for us,for shaping us up, for pushing us and you are always there to believe us, thank you for continuing believing us, thank you for always sharing your wisdom😊


Such long post 🙈🙈

Just imagine they search for celebrity Oyinoza ???

and Viola!!!!!!!

my pictures and achievements pops out 🤔🤔

Won’t be bad at all .

I am glad to be on steemit

I’m blessed with the opportunity to meet such a great man @surpassinggoogle

Who always looks out for more ways for humans to succeed 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

Steemit is a success and since I’m on steemit my success story is sure guaranteed 💃🏼💃🏼

Provided I’m ready to do the needful 😊

@surpassinggoogle why were you trying to hide your face with your cap?????🤔🤔🤔

Veo que estamos de acuerdo en muchas cosas amigo @surpassinggoogle Amamos Steem de igual forma ambos, Sabes por que? antes de conocer steemit mi vida era un poco simple, aburrida, sin mucho que hacer pero desde hace 5 meses que conocí esta red social me ha levantado mucho el animo, me ha ayudado muchísimo económicamente a mi y a mi familia, me ayudado a conocer día a día cosas distinta, me ha llevado a conocer el amor de las personas por una pagina y lo mas importante que cada día estamos todos mas unidos a qui, como siempre debió ser, siempre sigo tus proyectos amigo #ULOG @teadrops o #steemitgigs por que realmente me gusta, quiero darle las gracias por el apoyo incondicional que les das a tus seguidores que se aprecian mucho, un abrazo para usted amigo ;)

Steemit is the best thing i have ever got involved,this is a revolution.

I love reading your post @surpassinggoogle. So much of passion & enthusiasm in the lines

glad to be part of steemit, i promise to become successful here too. :) wait for me !!!!

You sir are correct! It was through steemit that I got to experrience with my first crypto. I had been curious about cryptocurrencies for weeks, researching and analysing them (knowing very well I couldn't afford them) from different sites such as google, youtube etc Until in January I stumbled accross a steemit video.

After a couple more videos and a few articles I came to the conclusion that it was surely a scam as it sounded too good to be true. So I left it alone for 2 days but on the third I don't know why but it kept crossing my mind the whole day, so I decided to immediately sign up without thinking much about what negative could happen if I did. Man am I glad I did, since then I've been able to acquire more crypto related knowledge amongst other things from trusted sources and even got to buy some coins through my earnings here.

I've also been able to rediscover some forgotten talents such as writing verses and made some new discoveries about myself, sometimes with the help from friends I made from here.

Yes steemit does have it's flaws and we should acknowledge them but at the end of the day we must also acknowledge that we have all gained more than we lost with steemit.

As always cheers for the inspirational post @surpassinggoogle, Keep On Steeming!! :)

hasn't steemit already succeeded?" Wonderful thoughts @surpassinggoogle.. Many beginners in here like me learned a lot from this post. Steemit helped friends here in our area philippines and I think all over the world too.. Thanks for the sharing sir Terry!

If you will ask me: "Do I See Steem/Steemit Succeeding?" And you Asked Back; "Isn't Steemit Already "A Success"?".

My reply will be:

”Steemit is already a Success, I can see Steemit keep succeeding and it will continue to succeed more and more till we all reach to the moon!”

Yes, others misunderstood that #teardrops is only about tears of sadness and happiness... If they will explore and try to see more of it, they will understand what teardrops really mean.

Btw, Please watch your steps sir Terry while walking at the same time taking a video...Be careful!

Thanks sir Terry @surpassinggoogle for all your support in steemit community!

Proud to be a Steemian! Proud to be a #Steemgigger who has something to offer! And I am proud to be a #Ulogger, We are all Celebrity in our different ways!

Steemit is really succeeding and I can't find something now that will lead to its downfall because every people or Steemian loves STEEMIT! It lies in the thought that STEEMIT IS BEAUTIFUL, AND IT IS TRUE!! :)

ulog is a very good project that teaches us infinite things and that leaves wonderful expriencias.gracias @surpassinggoogle that follow the successes and blessings for you!

You always inspire me sir Terry , a man with a big heart. And #ulog is another interesting activity in this platform. .. This one of your bright idea again @surpassinggoogle. Thanks for always helping us :)...Proud to be steemian and ulogger.!!! God bless

There you go! ulog is way BIGGER than a diary as explained by the man behind ulog.

You never failed to amaze us!! Thanks for being so great!

This is easily one of the best rhings i have heard in a while about steemit and steem.

I saw myself in several parts of your post. I had been on blogger.com for over a year and was stiill struggling with adsence and all those stuff that should have helped me monetize my blog when the passion was fading off.

I sometime travelled long hours acrooss Nigeria to meet someone that will set the blog up.

Until heard about this platform. It has noot been easy but with testimonies like these, am sure am in the right place.

Afterall there has been several success stories about and on steemit so basically

Steemit is already a success.

Thank you sir @surpassinggoogle for eveything you are an inspiration. my wife just started 4 days ago joining this community. Please do me a favor sir, please visit @cchua. God bless you!

Steemit is life💓

Steem is a sucess, I agree on this, it's going to touch stars in future. Here we earn easy money. We earn by posting stuff, we earn by commenting. One of the best social media.

i believe that it's going to touch stars in future.


It sheds the "the nations" in us a bit, making nations "mere locations" and i tell you, "a full-blown human (in whose case, "nations were locations") is a special breed "human".
Hahaha, don't worry, i really love steem/steemit because "you" are here and i am yours; "your boy Terry".

Thus, everything i do e.g here on steemit, even the tiny words i pop, have paradigms related to "steem growth and the application of steem/steemit, in relation to "adjusting the world" (attaining the awesomest version of humans)".

The recent ULOGS is simply another means to mine more of "the human". 

The thing is, when you apply the technology as a means to enhance the human, then the technology itself will attain "towards perfection.

If there are people still questioning whether Steem is a success or not, then I will say they are not seeing beyond their nose. Steemit is already a big success and am one the reason why steemit is a success. Infact with all this great innovations and idea by personalities like @surpassinggoogle , that question has already been answered.
I am a Steemian and as well a #ulogger and no one can change that.
There is more to be seen from #ulog, just watch outr. Thank you @surpassinggoogle for making everyone a celebrity.

Check out my ULOG Logo
Ulog @motivationdoctor final logo.png
The things have learnt on this platform is so enormous and fulfilling that if not for steemit and great minds on it. Maybe it wouldn't have being possible.

Steemit is a success and you(Terry Ajayi) are one of the reason why steemit is a success. I celebrate you for that.

Thank you.

Hello Boy Terry; thanks for always making life a better place for everyone to dwell with your witty ideas that cannot be ignored.
When I first heard of #ulog, I was kind of .....what?...... But as i went through the first post to introduce it to us all. I knew the concept will be a success and is already a success.

Steemit is a success because it gave you and I the opportunity to display the stuff we are made of and that alone make it a success.

So if there are still questions about steemit been successful or not successful the n there must be something wrong with such question.

Have able to do some few #ulog post and those post are about special things that i want the world to see. This is because Ulog for me is a special concept that should not be used anyhow.It's sacred and as such should be noted.

Thank you for always coming up with great concepts and is also another reason why we have already surpassed google.

I am a celebrity and a #ulogger for life. Thanks to you

Jehovah bless you for always making things to happen for us all here.
@optimistdehinde love you so much.

I'm glad i don't have to be lost while reading, thus wishing i was in the last meeting. However, I'm really glad i didn't miss that hangout. It was eyes opening. My siblings @ericdavidson and @udohgideon were not just excited to hear surpassinggoogle's voice but were able to grasp a better understanding of what steemit has in stock for them, as i always tried to tutor them.

I learnt new things and jotted a few. Nothing became more interesting than when @ewuoso asked that question and then your answer flowed like when the "holy spirit" came down on the disciples of Jesus. That got to a point of "intellectual orgasm".


Then, so ofcourse, i had seen steemit as something different and away from the entire internet; "a home away, from the rest of the internet...

Until you spoke, i never saw steemit in the light of beating all SEO (Search Engine Optimization) barriers. Then i thought of it. Steemit has some similar features that the SEO has, like keywords, which of course are the tags on steemit.
And ofcourse, IPs come into play in most of these things. But steemit is like a bird, it up and highly enough for visual accessibility, i could get to surpassinggoogle and my account won't be banned but if i tried that on some internet platforms, i might have to change my device.

When you spoke about ULOGS, i couldn't help but be amazed at how an individual could want everyone's success and visibility so bad.

...feeling the internet with freshness.

I'd have to make a post about the digestion of what i have just read. There's alot, i think we should have more hangouts on discord, so people could share in your vision.

Lastly, it's good to know your Amen is always on default when we pray for you. God bless you dear "Terry, our guy". 😁😁

There are many prove that Steem and Steemit is a success. #steemgigs is a prove. So many communities are springing up everyday, we have so many apps, site developed, projects and so on built on Steem blockchain. The role Steem also plays in the crypto world is another prove. So far, steem/steemit has been a success

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