🎵 Hive Open Mic 77 - Worldwide Live Music Event

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Hive Open Mic ( #openmic ) is a global community celebrating live music on Hive. Each week is a new event, encouraging musicians to share songs with an international audience.

Hive Open Mic 77

September 26 - October 2, 2021


Our community's open mic event attracts 100+ musicians and thousands of listeners each week. We provide a haven for creative expression and genuine connection. All are welcome. Every contributor can be proud of the fact we are building a live music movement, sharing songs with an international audience. Global harmony is our mission. World peace is our vision.

For the 77th week of Hive Open Mic, we will explore the following theme: "Joie de Vivre." In English, this means: "Joy of Living." This theme is selected by Spotlight Artist: @ylich, who is a bright star among us, being a long-time musician with a wealth of knowledge, experience, and musical gifts to share. Everyone is encouraged to share the collective current as we express and connect through: Joie de Vivre.


“Joie de Vivre”


This week's Hive Open Mic theme is: “Joie de Vivre.” This is a pressure-free invitation, encouraging us to explore new territory together as artists and share a common ground as a community. Musicians always have full freedom to bring whatever music feels inspired in the moment. Here's a timeline, for anyone wishing to look back, be present, or prepare future entries.

76: Passion ---> 77: Joie de Vivre ---> 78: Amante (Lover)

How To Play

1. Produce - Introduce your video by saying the words, “Hive Open Mic Week [1],” including your name. Perform a song.
2. Present - Post your video in the Hive Open Mic community. Include the tag #openmic.
3. Promote - Share your link in the comments section of Sunday's open mic invitation in order to ensure your entry is heard.
4. Prosper - Enjoy harmony with the Hive community by engaging with musicians and music fans through upvotes and uplifting comments.


Hold On (Cover) by @mipiano
Feel (Original) by @holisticmom
Soaring (Original) by @joshuabbey
Gaviota / Seagull (Cover) by @davidcentenor
Son Mis Deseos / It's My Wishes (Cóver) by @zorajr and @armandolnrs
Con los Brazos al Cielo / With Arms to Heaven (Original) by @lecumberre
Cuando Llega La Marea / When The Tide Comes (Original) by @adreini
Be United As One (Original) by @rezasofyan
Mi Fe / My Faith (Original) by @jhoxiris
Heavily (Original) by @cabelindsay


We can all help support Hive Open Mic by acknowledging the creative spirit that is given so abundantly. Let's reward musicians by voting and commenting directly on music posts, showing our applause as if we're listening in a pub, a coffee shop, or concert hall. Tipping is greatly appreciated. These artists enliven Hive through their humming and buzzing!


In the Hive Open Mic community, every week is an inspiring musical journey. Here, talented musicians bring their gifts to the virtual stage, reaching around the world. Listeners gain human connection on levels of heart and mind, including people of various cultures and languages. This is the harmonizing power of music.

Gratitude goes to the originators of Hive, who planted the seeds for us to grow and flourish here. Gratitude goes to the @OCD Incubation Program and other community cultivators, allowing newcomers to find their niches, and comfort zones. Gratitude goes to all the people who share their energy here, helping each other to thrive.


Enjoy? Join in.


Hi, welcome to the Hive Open Mic community. Congratulations on offering your first entry here. You show tremendous talents as a vocalist. I'm happy to hear you singing.

Hola, bienvenido a la comunidad de Hive Open Mic. Felicitaciones por ofrecer su primera entrada aquí. Demuestras tremendos talentos como vocalista. Me alegra escucharte cantar.

Good luck! Though I don't understand bit you sing it well.

Hello brothers and sisters of hive openmic, i´m glad to be back after being absent for 2 weeks now, the theme for this week is so nice, an invitation for all of us to remember that life is a blessing and a privilege, the illustration is very nice too, i like it a lot :D greetings to everyone!

Thanks for checking in! It gladdens my heart to hear from you. Thanks for complimenting the illustration. Thanks for your presence with us brother.

You play such a wide variety of styles, showing great versatility, always with excellent talents. I recognize this song and it feels like such a comfort to hear it now. Sending a grateful hug.

Juegas con una variedad tan amplia de estilos, mostrando una gran versatilidad, siempre con excelentes talentos. Reconozco esta canción y me reconforta escucharla ahora. Enviar un abrazo de agradecimiento.

Nice meeting you here amigo.

Hello, friend @olivia08; for me, it is also a pleasure to meet you here and greet you.

We need to enjoy the music.


Hey @esteliopadilla, here is a little bit of BEER from @olivia08 for you. Enjoy it!

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Joy of living accompanied with such a nice illustration once again 👏👏👏

This will be a great week ✨

I'm excited. This illustration is one of my faves. I loved thinking of @ylich and the spirit he brings to this community.

Manifiestouna vez más mi complacencia, satisfacción y orgullo de figurar en esta comunidad, en la que he sido reconocido, al punto de figurar en los ejemplos", tabla que tiene ya buen tiempo.

A Dios agradezco por ubicar a ese talentoso y sensible muchacho de nombre @cabelindsay al frente de esta comunidad, y le pido a Dios que nos lo cuide y bendig cada día. Lo queremos muchísimo.

Congratulations. Very good topic for this week. A fantastic illustration. Enjoy life. Feel joy for the privilege of life, even with all its stumbles. I will warm up my engines for my participation.

Nice of you to compliment the illustration and to resonate with this week's theme. I am with you in feeling the joy, grateful for the gift of life! Thank you for being here in the Hive Open Mic community.

Es amable de su parte complementar la ilustración y resonar con el tema de esta semana. ¡Estoy contigo sintiendo la alegría, agradecido por el regalo de la vida! Gracias por estar aquí en la comunidad de Hive Open Mic.

For me it is a pleasure to be here in this great community, and I am happy to participate every week, I find the themes that are chosen great and the illustrations are very consistent. I try as much as possible that the songs I write are also consistent with each theme. Let's continue using in the best possible way, this beautiful gift that is LIFE. Greetings.

Para mí es un placer estar aquí en esta gran comunidad, y me alegra participar cada semana, me parecen geniales los temas que se eligen y las ilustraciones son muy acordes. Intento en lo posible que las canciones que escribo sean acordes también a cada tema. Sigamos usando de la mejor manera posible, este hermoso regalo que es la VIDA. Saludos.

Exelente tema 🤗

Que maravilla de tema! Y que hermosa representación artística para acompañarlo, esta será una gran semana!

Thanks for noticing these details. There is much love given and received in this community. It is a real joy seeing these exchanges and witnessing the connections being built. I'm grateful for your part in the magic happening here.

Gracias por notar estos detalles. Hay mucho amor entregado y recibido en esta comunidad. Es un verdadero placer ver estos intercambios y presenciar las conexiones que se están construyendo. Estoy agradecido por tu participación en la magia que está sucediendo aquí.

Y todo ese amor se nota y se siente muy bien, para mi es un orgullo participar, gracias

Another beautiful theme

Oye, amigo. Qué tan maravilloso tema. Eso es vivir para el vivir compartiendo la risa y la amistad de todos. Saludos.

Yes, I think life is designed for us to be happy, letting our joyful choices lead the way. Sending you a hug.

Sí, creo que la vida está diseñada para que seamos felices, dejando que nuestras decisiones alegres nos guíen. Enviándote un abrazo.

Así es amigo. Saludos y abrazos de hermandad.

Excelente tema para esta semana. Toda una dimensión humana de mucha reflexión, para el agradecimiento, por la bendición de favorecer la vida y procurar un mundo mejor, siempre lleno de esperanza. Felicitaciones a nuestro amigo @ylich por esa selección. Procuremos participar, en ese sentido.

Nicely said. As always, your words are well-timed and well-spoken. Thank you.

Bien dicho. Como siempre, sus palabras son oportunas y bien pronunciadas. Gracias.

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Me gusta amigos, prepararé mi contenido para mañana. Saludos.

Esta muy bien esa temática.

Que buena temática, estoy motivado a participar, que bien ❤️

Me gusta el tema 😍✨🎶

Buenos días , esta es mi participación para Hive Open Mic # 77 https://peakd.com/hive-105786/@aichel/vyxpihbb

enjoy living, let's experience the fact of living by living Adiwa!

Adiwa! Such a high-vibe, heart-felt expression. It's worth repeating. Adiwa!

Bendecido encuentro, encantada con la temática que nos brinda el amigo @ @ylich como lo es la alegría de vivir, espero le guste esta humilde interpretación de esta servidora

Blessed meeting, delighted with the theme that our friend @ @ylich gives us, such as the joy of living, I hope you like this humble interpretation of this servant

iris 77 2.jpg

I took a shot at a Bob Dylan Song Called "When The Ship Comes In" this week.

La felicidad de vivir ¡Me encanta! :D

Good afternoon, can someone explain to me what happens with the platform that at the time of charging a blog the votes drop considerably for no reason?

I wish there was someone to ask questions like these. I notice certain peculiarities at times, and I simply don't understand the system behind this engine. In my logic, the number of upvotes shouldn't drop for any reason. Wishing you peace.

That's right, it is assumed that if you do not have negative votes we should not decrease, but if you start to analyze the situation of this happening it is now more often and no one complains.
Also my great friend

Happy day, great theme of the week to fill us with joy for the blessing that life represents.

I leave my participation thanking the whole community for existing.


We exist because of people like you. We are a simple, humble group of music lovers, sharing our passion and appreciation for music. I'm grateful to get to know everyone who shares here, and I'm thankful to you for showing up. Wishing you a warm welcome.

Hola amigos. Esta es mi entrada para esta semana 77 dedicada al vivir la alegría. Con mucho cariño para ustedes.

Your drawings are cool, bro!

Thanks dawg. It's a blast putting them together, imagining how they might be sources for reflection, contemplation, and inspiration.

Está Excelente el tema de esta semana, veré con que canción voy a participar. Un gran abrazo

Hola, amigos. Esta es mi entrada para esta semana. Espero les agrade. Gracias...

Buenas tardes. Estoy por aquí para integrarme con mi entrada. Segunda vez que participo.

Can I join here ?

Yes, you're welcomed to participate. You'll find a link at the bottom of the post that reads: "Enjoy? Join in." This will bring you to the community's introduction page. We invite you to share your love of live music, either as a musician, listener, or both.

Thank you so much.

Hey @cabelindsay, here is a little bit of BEER from @olivia08 for you. Enjoy it!

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Hola amigos de Hive Open Mic, ¡¡he vuelto con la alegría de vivir!! Ya los extrañaba, 7 semanas después les traigo Mi entrada para esta semana 77 Espero que les guste.

Colección de ropa de calle ética (4).jpg

Hola amigos. Saludos aquí les dejo mi primera entrada. Espero que les gusta. Gracias https://peakd.com/hive-105786/@yonniel24/hive-open-mic-semana-77-la-vida-es-un-carnaval-celia-cruz

Agradecida por la vida de participar en esta semana con tan hermosa temática. ¡Bendiciones a todos! estaré viendo sus participaciones y compartiendo con ustedes nuevamente. ;)

Grateful for the life of participating in this week with such a beautiful theme. ¡Blessings to all! I will be watching your entries and sharing with you again. ;)


Hola familia hive, por aquí les voy dejando mi entrada de la semana 77.Como cada semana he intentado componer una canción de acuerdo al tema escogido. Espero les guste.
Felicitaciones a todos los compañeros por su participación y su buen trabajo.


Wow, finally i know the guidelines through this post. hope i will get entry soon.

Oh great! Yes, our guidelines are designed to help our community to grow and flourish in a natural way. Wishing you a wonderful day.

Un tema genial, nos recuerda lo más importante, seguimos vivos!

Esta es mi participación, espero la disfruten

Me parece interesante esta temática, especialmente en nuestras actuales condiciones de vida, ya que, ant s tantos eventos adversos muchas veces se nos olvida mirar y dar gracias por lo que si tenemos y experimentamos. Seguramente será una jornada que ayude a muchos a renovar sus alegrías y ánimos. Que chévere. Éxitos para todos. Un abrazo. Espero poder reincorporarme esta semana.

I totally agree with you. These days, it's easy to get swept up in a long list of challenged. And yet, here we are with our hearts beating and our lungs breathing, and there is much to enjoy. I am feeling the medicine of this joyful living as I listen to the music, read the words, and resonate with the good vibes of this wonderful community we all share.

Estoy totalmente de acuerdo contigo. En estos días, es fácil dejarse llevar por una larga lista de desafíos. Y, sin embargo, aquí estamos con el corazón latiendo y los pulmones respirando, y hay mucho para disfrutar. Siento la medicina de esta vida alegre mientras escucho la música, leo las palabras y resueno con las buenas vibraciones de esta maravillosa comunidad que todos compartimos.

Hello, I will love to participate for next week but I am unsure about the theme cos in the timeline appear this numbers and like we are in week 77🙈:


Next theme is healing song or fantasy? Thank you

Oops, you're right about that error. My mistake. I'll fix it now. Here's the accurate order of our weekly themes:

76: Passion ---> 77: Joie de Vivre ---> 78: Amante

Hi to all and blessings / saludos a todos y bendicionesss
Mi entrada:


Bendecido encuentro mis amigos, aquí paso para dejarles mi entrada de esta semanahttps://hive.blog/hive-105786/@lasembradora/hive-open-mic-77-toy-contento-happy-toy
esther 77.jpg

muy buena propuesta participare.

Success for everyone, here is my participation 77 week:
Don David

Éxitos y Buenaventura para cada uno de los que aquí nos encontramos. Aprovechando esta temática les hago un nuevo aporte , espero les guste. https://hive.blog/hive-105786/@almeidamusic/hive-open-mic-week-77-de-cara-a-la-felicidad-original-almeidamusic

Bendecido viernes, aquí les dejo mi entrada, espero sea de su agrado https://hive.blog/hive-105786/@cochanet/hive-open-mic-semana-77-sazon-week-77-seasoning
cochi 77.jpg

Hola amigos después de un mes de receso he vuelto para traerles lo mejor de mi talento en esta gran comunidad para músicos de la plataforma. En especial para mi fans @mipiano Gaby TQM.
conticinio 2.png

No ma hagas esto Gaby, jamás! Tu ausencia por un mes, ay, haces sufrir a tus fans! jejejeje, me alegro que has vuelto, en breve miraré tu video 😇

My entry:

I am new in this community thank you eveeyone

Amigos de openmic, espero reciban mi primera participación con el mismo amor con que se las entrego... Mil Bendiciones para todos los participantes.

Hola querida comunidad hoy me estreno con ustedes con este hermoso tema, éxito para todos.

Hola, comunidad, espero les guste esta invitación musical a disfrutar la vida


Saludos hermanas y hermanos. Aqui les dejo mi participacion para esta semana. Saludos y Bendiciones

Hola comunidad hermosa, esta es mi participación en de la semana. Espero les guste ❤️

Hello beautiful community, this is my participation in of the week. I hope you like it ❤️


Hola mi gente bella por aquí les muestro mi participación para esta semana. Gracias por haber creado este lema tan hermoso como lo es la alegría de vivir.


Hola! Aca les dejo mi entrada de esta semana

Hola there!! It's really nice to see you guys again here... ^^
This is my newest entry for Hive Open Mic Week #77 Contest by the way,
hope you guys enjoy it and having a great weekend! ^