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Hive Open Mic ( #openmic ) is a global community working for world peace through a love of live music. Each week is a new invitation to express and connect.

Hive Open Mic 93

January 16-22, 2022


Global harmony is our mission. World peace is our vision. Our community's international open mic event attracts 100+ musicians and thousands of listeners each week. Our virtual song circle reaches globally, while upholding the classic pattern of a traditional open mic event. At the end of each week, we celebrate the songs with a showcase, much like a live music concert.

All are welcome. We invite artists of every style and any skill level, providing a haven for creative expression and genuine connection. Here, we see real relationships building between music lovers worldwide. Every contributor can be proud of the fact we are manifesting a live music movement, by sharing the gifts of musical performance and generous listening.

For the 93rd week of Hive Open Mic, we will explore the following theme: "Amor a Escondidas." In English, this means: "Love on the Sly," "Secret Love," or "Hidden Love." This theme is selected by @david.dicotomia, a fantastically talented musician who is recently recognized as our Spotlight Artist. Everyone is encouraged to share the collective current as we express and connect through: Amor a Escondidas.


“Amor a Escondidas”


This week's Hive Open Mic theme is: “Amor a Escondidas.” This is a pressure-free invitation, encouraging us to explore new territory together as artists and share a common ground as a community. Musicians always have full freedom to bring whatever music feels inspired in the moment. Here's a timeline, for anyone wishing to look back, be present, or prepare future entries.

92: Love of My Life ---> 93: Amor a Escondidas ---> 94: Ethics and Freedom

How To Play

1. Produce - Introduce your video by saying the words, “Hive Open Mic Week [1],” including your name. Perform a song.
2. Present - Post your video in the Hive Open Mic community. Include the tag #openmic.
3. Promote - Share your link in the comments section of Sunday's open mic invitation in order to ensure your entry is heard.
4. Prosper - Build relationships by engaging with fellow music lovers through uplifting comments.


Hold On (Cover) by @mipiano
Feel (Original) by @holisticmom
Soaring (Original) by @joshuabbey
Gaviota / Seagull (Cover) by @davidcentenor
Son Mis Deseos / It's My Wishes (Cóver) by @zorajr and @armandolnrs
Con los Brazos al Cielo / With Arms to Heaven (Original) by @lecumberre
Cuando Llega La Marea / When The Tide Comes (Original) by @adreini
Be United As One (Original) by @rezasofyan
Mi Fe / My Faith (Original) by @jhoxiris
Heavily (Original) by @cabelindsay


Show your support by engaging with the musicians. The greatest gift you can give to an artist is your attention. For this reason, we humbly ask that you offer some friendly words. You can reward musicians by offering applause as if we're in a pub, a coffee shop, or concert hall. Your comment might be a vital voice that gives a musician the wings to fly, or the gills to dive deep!


In the Hive Open Mic community, every week is an inspiring musical journey. Here, talented musicians bring their gifts to the virtual stage, reaching around the world. Listeners gain human connection on levels of heart and mind, including people of various cultures and languages. This is the harmonizing power of music.

Gratitude goes to the originators of Hive, who planted the seeds for us to grow and flourish here. Gratitude goes to the @OCD Incubation Program and other community cultivators, allowing newcomers to find their niches, and comfort zones. Gratitude goes to all the people who share their energy here, helping each other to thrive.


Join in. Enjoy!

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El tema de esta semana es una propuesta del usuario @david.dicotomia. No había notado que había un error en el nombre que colocamos acá. Disculpen por favor... A David le debemos "Amor A Escondidas". Por cierto, excelente propuesta amigo. Todos están sacando sus mejores canciones de amor imposible y eso que solo estamos a mitad de semana.

Hello dear Hive Open Mic friends, Greetings to all and especially to our friend @daviddichotomia for being so brave and choosing this week's theme; "Hidden love". Well, this is a very resonant love dimension in musical terms and its semantics will be the order of the day with all the diversity of cases. But in addition, there will be for all tastes and colors, as well as various interpretations due to its infinite consequences. In such a way that... heh heh there are no excuses not to participate. From now on, I can tell you that, as soon as the topic came up, it surely and immediately came to mind, as well as to me, the muse with whom they intend to participate. For this reason, I predict an immense repertoire for the Community Concert, where the terrain that we will be stepping on will be full of rocks, steep slopes, it will be rugged and with a lot of unevenness for its access... ha ha ha. But... we will surely enjoy it and enjoy it to the fullest, as has been happening in recent times here in this beautiful Community. Applause and much success to all.

Hola queridos amigos Hive Open Mic, Saludos cordiales a todos y, especialmente, a nuestro amigo @daviddichotomia por ser tan valiente y elegir el tema de esta semana; "Amor a Escondidas". Pues bien, esta es una dimensión amatoria muy resonada en términos musicales y su semántica estará a la orden del día con toda la diversidad de los casos. Pero además, habrá para todos los gustos y colores, así como diversas interpretaciones por sus infinitas consecuencias. De tal manera que... je je je no hay excusas para no participar. Desde ya, les puedo decir que, no mas se asomó el tema, seguro e inmediatamente les llegó a la mente, así como a mi, la musa con la que pretenden participar. Por ello auguro un repertorio inmenso para el Concierto Comunitario, donde el terreno que estaremos pisando estará lleno de rocas, pendientes bien pronunciadas, será escabroso y con mucho desniveles para su acceso... ja ja ja. Pero... seguro lo gozaremos y disfrutaremos al maximo, tal como ha venido sucediendo en estos últimos tiempos aquí en esta hermosa Comunidad. Aplausos y mucho éxito para todos.

 2 years ago  

Ha! Your comment is delightful, as are you. Thank you for putting your feelings into brilliant words, friend. 🌟

¡Decir ah! Tu comentario es una delicia, al igual que tú. Gracias por poner tus sentimientos en palabras brillantes, amigo. 🌟

I thank God for this, because it will always be a pleasure for me to share and socialize with you. This space allows us to meet-us, relate-us; live-us in what we love most, the music of the world. Also thanks to you @cabelindsay and the wonderful team @jesuslnrs and @mipiano. Blessings.

Agradezco a Dios por ello, pues siempre será un placer para mi compartir y socializar con ustedes. Este espacio nos permite encontrar-nos, relacionar-nos; vivir-nos en lo que más amamos, la música del mundo. También gracias a ti, @cabelindsay y al maravilloso equipo @jesuslnrs y @mipiano. Bendiciones

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jajaja brutal esta entrada de tu parte. Si! este tema se presta para muchos colores y propuestas diferentes, ya sera en la semana que me pase por los videos mis compañeros del open mic a ver cuales fueron sus propuestas. A ver con que colorearon esta temática!

Wow.... I love you voice man. You are just making me see you play right on stage.

Muchas gracias por tu comentario. Bendiciones / Thank you very much for your comment. Blessings

You are welcome. Thanks for sharing

Yes definitely he's good..


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Hermoso canto, hermosa canción, bravo

Muchas gracias por tus palabras, amigo @shemzee. Bendiciones para ti.

Bendecido domingo, saludos queridos amigos, aquí paso para compartirles mi participación para esta semana


Iris 93.jpg

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[ING-ESP] 🎶 #Hiveopenmic🎶 "My Eternal Secret Love." Olga Tañon - cover by @susamusic | "Mi eterno amor secreto" - cover by @susamusic. https://ecency.com/hive-105786/@susamusic/ing-esp-hiveopenmic-my-eternal


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Sincere greetings, dear boss Cabe. My theme will be FURTIVE LOVES (AMORES FURTIVOS).

Suena bien Maestro. ¡Saludos!...

Saludos, Jes. Mucas gracias, musicman.

Another wonderful theme for the week.

excelente tema, será divertido escoger alguna canción jaja

Yo pensé de una vez en Yo Quisiera de Reik 😅

I will not deny it. I find week 93 very interesting. Excellent topic David Dicotomia. For the moment this is my humble contribution, I hope you like it...



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I always love what others are posting here. I so much love this theme as I'm so eager to have others perform.

I am really sad as 3 speak is not working properly at my end last week there by landing me on a half post here. Feeling sad already.

I pray everything gets better so I can join in the performance. Music is life.... Thanks for bringing this our way.

Much love.

Hola hola amigos de esta grandiosa plataforma, excelente tema para interpretar muchas gracias y bendiciones para todos💛💙❤️

Ya tengo el tema en mi cabeza desde el open mic pasado así que lo plasmare aquí para el disfrute de todos ustedes queridos amigos. A disfrutar del reto

I get the piece in my mind since the last open mic so I gonna put it here to all you can enjoy it my dears friends. Let's to take the challenge

Great Theme for this week. Love it!!!


I love the theme! Thank you @hiveopenmic community.

Hive Open Mic 93 ❤ " A secret/ Akta Gopon Kotha song- cover by @sajjadsohan click here for listen


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Hello guys, I was so in love with the theme of the week. Secret love is what put many in depression.
I am glad I can share my post today. Feel free to share your idea. One love.

Por aquí con mucho cariño les presento mi interpretación #93 🎼 https://peakd.com/hive-105786/@williepicana/hmryriwe

Nice play brother. You sound great

Hello dear friends! here i leave the link of my this week´s video! Hope you enjoy it!


Here is my entry for this week

Speechless by Michael Jackson - Saxophone and Lead Guitar Cover by Meeeeee


hola familia de hive open mic espero esten bien,un fuerte abrazo a todos. aca les dejo mi entrada a la propuesta de esta semana espero les guste.

hello friends a big greeting to all the participants and the organizers of this musical space that every week makes us happy to see so much talent, this theme for this week is wonderful "Sneaking loves" many songs talk about this theme, here my participation , Greetings and success

hola amigos un gran saludo a todos los participantes y a los organizadores de este espacio musical que todas las semanas nos alegra ver a tanto talento, este tema para esta semana es maravilloso "Amores a escondidas" muchas canciones hablan de este tema, por aqui mi participacion, saludos y exitos


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My entry

Nice theme from @daviddichotomia
This my participation for open mic week 93, i keep my promise to you @

Saludos y éxitos a todos, aquí mi aporte semanal:
No lo puedes negar

Saludos a todos por acá de jo mi entrada para esta semana:

Hello there, nice to see you again on Hive Open Mic Community... ^_^
Here is my newest entry for the Open Mic Week #93 Contest by the way:

Hope you guys love it and having a nice day everyone~

Hive Open Mic 93 ❤ " A secret/ Ak sohor valobasa song- cover by @sajjadsohan click to here for listen

Hive Openmic Week 93 amor a escondidas (melodía instrumental de la canción de... https://peakd.com/hive-105786/@colorcareer/hive-openmic-week-93-forbidden-love-instrumental-melody-of-the-titanic-song-colorcareer

Hola amigos espero que les guste este video gracias por su atención.

Hive Open Mic 93 ❤ " A secret/ Ak sohor valobasa song- cover by @sajjadsohan click to here for listen

Hola amigos, mi entrada al Hive Open Mic de esta semana. Espero les agrade


Buenos días! Acá nuestra presentación de esta semana, un abrazo para todos!!


Nice theme from @daviddichotomia
This my participation for open mic week 93

Hey Lovelies,
My Entry.
Let's have some fun this week!

Definitely I'm already catching fun from people post

That's great!


Saludos por aquí. Les presento mi entrada de esta semana.

hola amigos hive open mic, les dejo mi entrada para esta semana, espero la visiten y les guste.


WhatsApp Image 2022-01-19 at 4.49.34 PM.jpeg

Hola mi bella familia de Hive Open Mic disfrute mucho con esta divertida temática aquí les dejo mi estradahttps://hive.blog/hive-105786/@dealtokilate/hive-open-mic-semana-93-cover-la-hija-del-ventarron

Saludos y bendiciones 🙏 por aquí dejo mi entrada para esta semana #93:


Hola amigos Hive Open Mic, por aquí mi entrada para esta semana 93: https://hive.blog/hive-105786/@sebastianpadilla/niiwqkdi

Mehnnnn, you have a very fast fingering..... You are really at at what you are doing. Nice job.

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