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I've lived in Australia my whole life and have travelled a lot, but never to New Zealand. We rectified that late last year and found a place of extreme beauty, happy and friendly people and some of the freshest air we've ever breathed.

Whilst researching we came across a place that isn't the easiest thing to get to. One can hike in, just over 23 kilometres rated as difficult, although this was out of the question as we had my wife's mum with us who had only just been cleared of cancer at the time: This was a celebratory holiday for her. So, we found an alternative method, in fact the only other method to get there.

Mt Earnslaw Burn

The Burn, formed by moving glaciers and water flow from snow-melt is right next Mt Earnslaw which situates at the south end of the Forbes Range of New Zealand's Southern Alps and it's 2819m above sea level at its peak.

As the snow melts water cascades over a few waterfalls and into the valley below, which is a pleasing little place covered in tussock.

We decided to fly with Heliworks, the only company permitted to touch-down in the Burn and we couldn't have had a better experience if we tried; It was spectacular. Here you can see our transport and the pilot leading us to it. He was a great chap, really knowledgeable and a bit of fun too.

We've just taken off and are heading towards the Forbes Range. You can see the pilot pointing out a few things...Two hands on the stick mate, we don't want to crash! Nah, it was all good, he knew what he was doing. Heliworks actually does some rescue work, so their pilots are extremely experienced.

We were on a ninety minute flight and were able to touch down on the top of a mountain on the way out which gave us an awesome view down to Queenstown - He kept the chopper running though and after a few minutes of wandering and photo taking we were off towards Mt Earnslaw.

This is the mountain range we flew over. It got a bit bumpy at times, with the wind rising off the peaks but no worries, if we went down we wouldn't have had to worry about much ever again. You can see I captured one of the rotor blades in this shot.

It's stunning in it's bleakness I think, and with the snow starting to melt away the contrast of light and dark is nice. When there's all snow it's simply a white blanket of mountains with a few shadows thrown in.

That's Mt Earnslaw ahead, the peak. If you take a look at the accompanying video you'll see us get close, bank around and then fly down into the valley. My photos don't do it much justice I'm afraid, so sorry.

Speaking of the valley, the Burn, here it is! We banked around and flew right down the middle, the video will show it better although there is some sunlight obstruction through the glass if you watch it. My apology for that.

We touched down and got to spend about thirty five minutes wandering around. Yes, I tasted the water, I can't help it...I have to know what the water tastes like...In case you're wondering, it tasted very cold and fresh, not sweet like some, but earthy. It was drinkable for sure.

There's quite a lot of photos on the internet showing many waterfalls in the Burn, but the pilot was saying many of those are photo-shopped once people get home with their photos. There certainly are a few though and it's a really peaceful place to spend some time.

Faith and I wandered about whilst her mum chatted with the pilot as she can't move about on uneven ground too much. It was peaceful, so quiet, devoid of human noise and really relaxing. We took a heap of photos, most with Faith in them so I won't put them here. I think you get the idea though.

Of course, all good things must come to an end; We headed back into the helicopter, this time with Faith's mum in the front, and back to Queenstown we went. We took a slightly different flight-path on the back and I grabbed a couple of extra shots with this one above being one of those. Not the best ever, but I like it.

This part was cool as we came down quite low and hugged the valley a little kind of weaving through. That was a lot of fun...And it made me want a helicopter! I didn't buy one of course...Or did I?

This one is not great but shows the airport ahead and the colour of the lake is cool. At this stage I was wishing we were not ending the flight soon, but it had been so amazing that we were all simply pumped! We had had a really great time.

If you're keen you can take a look at some video of the flight here.

This was certainly not a cheap day...It wasn't really a day at all, just ninety minutes, but it was such an amazing experience. I love helicopters, amazing engineering! But it wasn't just the flight, it was the scenery, the views and the fact that most will never see it the way we have that was special. Of course, the fact Faith's mum was alive to come with us was extra special. She's now facing a secondary cancer and we don't know how that's going to go, so memories like this are priceless.

Although, they're not free. We paid $3,000 for the flight between the three of us. That's actually more than the flights from Australia to New Zealand cost us...But we'd do it again in a heart beat...You know? Sometimes you just have to live a little!

Thanks for coming along. I'm pleased to have a little burn for you in this post and I truly hope you can get here someday and have a look for yourself.

Design and create your ideal life, don't live it by default - Tomorrow isn't promised.

Be well
Discord: galenkp#9209

EDIT: All images in this post were taken with my Samsung phone camera. The video was taken on my GoPro.


Spectacular! It must have been pretty cold, though.

It was pretty cool although there was some warmth from the sun, as you can see it was a really nice day. It was a stunning place and whilst costly, it's a memory we won't forget.


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Thats is some beautiful landscape!
But there is no way in hell I would ever get in a helicopter with my fear of heights.
It does look pretty fun though!

Oh yeah, Is say. Hoppers aren't for you if you have a fear of heights. I have a shot looking straight down at my feet, through the glass is...Nothing,then the ground a long way down. 😉

A spectacular place though, and we had a blast.


The floor of that thing was glass? NOOOO!

The floor is glass so they can see the ground when they land, or obstacles when they're in rescue-operations...Probably not your thing. Lol.

Definitely not! Lol!

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What an experience to land on the mountains, fly above the peaks and enjoy a birds eye view of Queenstown. I have only ever flown once in a helicopter and it was within our area here in Cebu. I could only imagine the sensations on that altitude. Awesome! I am not surprised why you'd want to do it again.

New Zealand is a good location for beauty and, in my opinion, much underrated; But only by people that haven't gone there and seen it for themselves. For those of us who have...Well, we know better.

I've been on a few helicopters, none were as enjoyable as this one.

Thanks for commenting. :)


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That was incredible. Amazing pictures, the very experience of flying on a helicopter, wow! At that price, though, I doubt I'll be doing it any time soon 😗
Being so close, how is the relationship between Australians and New Zelanders? Historical friends or enemies?

It was a great experience and really I hope you get to do it someday.

We are allies and went to war together in WW1 and WW2 under the name ANZAC (Australian New Zealand Army Corps). We don't do that anymore, but are still friendly countries. We have a strong rivalry and can often be found teasing each other quite brutally, but we like each other really. You need to be an Aussie or Kiw to understand it.

Good question though smarty pants. Lol.


Hahaha! Thanks
I thought there was something like that. I have heard some coments on sport events and in some movies, but was not sure. I guess it would be similar to Venezuelans and Colombians. Historical brothers, share many things (especially towns that share border), but can say very insulting things to each other.

The other day I watched a video of a colombian senator saying that for decades they felt (and were treated by us) like the ugly sister, the poor relative; now it's venezuela the one looking pretty bad and begging for crumbs. She wanted to appear like she was sorry and hoping that we learned the lesson, but I think she was enjoying the change of fortune.

Yep, so you clearly understand exactly then! ✅

We have a strong sporting rivalry with the New Zealanders and are often to be found bantering back and forth, most of it not complimentary. One of the worst insults is when Aussies reference the New Zealanders enjoyment of engaging in coitus with sheep - There's a lot of sheep in New Zealand. Sheep f^^kers is the exact terminology. Not very nice, possibly not true, but one of the more common terms of endearment. They fire it back of course, and the rivalry continues.

We have bled in the trenches with them though, and would do so again. We call them cousins, not as close as an ugly sister but close enough.

Lol! Oh, my god, that sounds horrible. Well, we know now that with the massive migration to Colombia, Venezuelans became a pest and Colombians have not spared any "compliments".
I think that the horrible treatment many Venezuelans have received in Colombia, especially women, will be used in the future, especially if Colombia's economy ever falls and ours ever improves. True, many Venezuelans (who were delinquents) went there to commit crimes, but it is not fair that a whole country pays for the faults of a few.

It's not horrible, it's fun. Like I said, you'd need to be Australian or a New Zealander to understand.

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Oh, that's amazing. That Burn is really a distinct glacial gouge. Amazing place.

I grew up well north of the Ice Sheet maximum so I've seen a fair number of gouges, but most there are wider and flatter or most usually, filled with water. Some really large (and lots of smaller) lakes in that part of the world.

I've never taken a Helicopter flight into the Grand Canyon. A part of me dislikes them as invasive and out of place but seeing your video has me rethinking my choice. You certainly get to look at things you couldn't see normally.

That's a great post, I really liked it. Thank you.

It was a pretty special place. I mean, Faith and I took a walk and sat down, pretty much where she's sitting in the photo above, in silence and felt a great sense of calm. The place had a feel to it, made us feel small, but also part of the whole big old thing of it, the planet. It's a difficult thing to explain...When we were there words weren't necessary.

Helo's can be invasive I guess, noisy, but yeah I'd sat do it as the experience of dropping down in a place like this, the Grand Canyon also I'd imagine, is so special.

Thanks for taking a look mate, It felt good to post about it, good memories, and this evening I needed a little escape.


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Amazing sights, made even better if you're up high in a helo. No wonder God lives in the sky, it's gorgeous up there. You know what would be interesting... Seeing a part of New Zealand that's not pretty. I bet even the alleyways there are picturesque 😆

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Oh yes Zack, a spectacular place! I've seen a lot of amazing things around the world, but this 90 minute trip was right up there with the best. Although, New Zealand delivered up the top of the list amazing experiences a few times!

I'd totally recommend it mate.


I'll definitely pay a visit whenever the opportunity presents itself, just to take in the wonderful sights, and amazing people. Maybe I'll make a stop to Australia while I'm there, hoping that I won't get bitten by any spiders, crocodiles, snakes, or emus in the meantime.

I'll send for Bruce to pick me up from the airport. His pouch would make for an excellent storage to keep all my bags...

I just checked with Bruce, asked him to check his calendar...He reckons he's got nothing really pressing on between now and when he cark's it. So, provided he doesn't get culled in the meantime he says to give him a call on the dog and bone (phone) and he'll be GTG.

Is that the Aussie slang for phone, dog and bone? Right then, I'll be giving Bruce a call while he's just hanging about, tossing tourists across, and into the billabong. I don't suppose you could double check if male Roos have pouches, could you? That's assuming if Bruce is a dude.

Male kangaroos don't have pouches as they don't raise the joey's or produce milk. Having said that, most of them carry a back pack and the more stylish ones use a satchel or messenger bag arrangement. Not made out of kangaroo leather of course, they prefer cow hide.

I did hear that Roos are rather fashionable creatures. I don't suppose Bruce is totting the new Swarovski bags? I think any good Roo should have that in their wardrobe, it's fabulous!

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Astonishing images and video!
Thanks for sharing

Thanks @santigs, I appreciate you taking a look.

I loved NZ, so much to do and spectacular views (and sometimes smells) all over.

Not sure I'll get the chance to visit again, unless you did buy that chopper and fancy a hefty round trip :D

It's a great spot, so many nice places there. Never say never, someone you know might have a helicopter...


Lol...Gotta love that guy!

Good day. Very beautiful nature. Photos well convey all the beauty and grandeur of nature. Great post. Thank you for sharing such beauty. Good luck and all the best.

Thanks for taking the time to view my post and comment, I greatly appreciate it.

Beautiful place👍

Sure is.

Awesome landscape. Beautiful shots. Great job.

Thank you, I appreciate you taking the time to comment.

Wow look at those mountains! This is so beautiful, such a great place to create memories! I always stand in awe when looking at mountain pictures

We would have liked to do the hike in but it wasn't possible with her mum in tow, maybe next time. It's a great spot, all of NZ is, and we'll be going back for sure.

The photos looked awesome!

Damn, you've convinced me that I need to take less photos of helicopters and more from them! Those are some lovely shots! One of my old online video game buddies was a Kiwi but he never told me there was scenery like this around.

Most people don't realise New Zealand is so damned beautiful! Faith and I will be back, I mean, we're so close to it here in Australia...We're really kicking ourselves we didn't go sooner...Well, Faith's kicking me, not the other way around. :)

Ha! Yeah, I'd be kicking somebody too if I thought it would get me there.

Lol...Start a-kickin'!

An experience I am sure Faiths mother will not forget. Many places in Alaska are only accessible via small plane of helicopter. Not as expensive as there, but still pretty spendy to do any flight touring.

Alaska has long been on my get your ass there list but it hasn't worked out to date. I'm hoping we can though as I like the wilderness-aspect of it, and the lack of people thing. Of course, that's not to mention the sheer rugged beauty of the place. So many places, so little time (and money.)

So little Money, my lament often. I have not seen anywhere near enough of Alaska, I still have not made it to Nome for gold panning on the beach yet, maybe one day.

Gold panning could solve two issues...The enjoyment aspect and the money! Lol

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Hey there, thanks for that...Better than a kick in the pants! :)

May have been expensive but it's a once in a lifetime experience especially for Faith's mum and you got such amazing pictures out of the deal, photo #6 is by far my favorite, it's spectacular...you should get it printed and framed. Taking a chopper tour in the Rockies is on my bucket list (just as expensive as NZ) but I'm waiting until I buy my new camera. I'm a little jelly of your tour!

Photo 6 is nice, yeah...I have a lot. You know, I forgot to say in the post but all of these photos, all of them were taken with my Samsung S20. It takes all the credit...I just tapped the screen. (I might edit the post I think).

Yeah, Rockies/helo wold be happening if I was up there. Expensive as fuck, but you know...I'm going to die one day so what the hell.

New Zealand is like a mix of many other countries, a smaller scale of course, but has a lot of different terrain. I think parts of it are very much like North America, Alaska and Canada etc. I've not been up there, but I mean based on what I have seen in docos (documentaries.)

I know you were limited for favourite photo choices and without one of my good self...Well, #6 works. :)

Haha, I say the same about my pics, all I had to do is pick a spot and press a button! Seriously tho, you still had to get there, judging by the altitude and the need for a chopper, might be a bit of an effort required to get the shot... hehe...Don't sell yourself short!

"I'm going to die one day so what the hell"...exactly, can't take $$ to the grave with you. We have cable cars too but it's just not the same but a much cheaper alternative for now. I would like to get a chopper ride to the top of Mount Robson, it's a bit of a fickle bitch to climb all the way up there and I have nowhere the experience required to get there on my own...frankly, I don't even care how much it cost just if it's somewhat safely doable...even if it's the hill I die on.

N-Z looks beautiful and yes the landscape could compare to North-America so are the activities...like water tasting! Well one pic from your good side would have won hands down but I make do with the selection I have. :) but #6 is a pretty freaking awesome picture, I would hang that on my wall (says the person who doesn't even have their own photography on their walls).

I knew you'd appreciate the water-tasting comment...*Water tasting aficionado that you are. It was some *quality h20 for sure! Lol.

I've been on some cable cars, some really dodgy ones too. Helicopters are cool though, a bit scary at times depending on the weather though.

It'd be funny if you hung up a picture of mine in your house and you've got none of your own. :)

Man you did two things that are on my bucket list. A helicopter ride and a visit to new Zealand. I think since im hobbit like (im 5'4") part of my ancestors must have come from southern new Zealand. If you look closely at photo seven i think you can see me strolling to the shire.

Ill make it to new Zealand some day. I want to stay overnight at the hot springs in the south. I was scheduled to go actually this last april but thanks covid!

Awesome trip you took your wife and her mum on and totally Worth the cost. Man that air does look crisp and perfect.

You have plans on returning once the travel bubble is open between australia and new Zealand?

It's a wondrous place for sure, and we loved it.

Yep, we will go back, probably not next year though, but hopefully it won't be too long before we get back. Everything we did was awesome, the people were friendly and the scenery is pretty special. Get there if you can, you will not regret it.

I've been studying that photo with a magnifying glass and indeed I think you're right. I managed to find the footage of you taken by hidden camera on that day.

No thats my cousin. Im the one a little further ahead with the long hair.

I think travel for new zealand and australia will open up around January. So you can probably go next year if you want. Unless you've got other places on your itinerary first.

We're road-tripping in Aus next year, mainly because of Covid and of course, we need to see how Faith's mum goes. Hopefully it opens though, and the economy can start improving.

Your cousin runs like a retard. Lol.

Yeah its his feet. Mine are hairy but they're not that big. I'm like a gazelle I tell you.

I think most of the world will be reopened to a large degree by July

Lol...The gazelle comment made me laugh...I got a mental image of you running like a gazelle. That, I'd love to see.

Yeah, I think so too, re: Opening.

We're planning to be in Cairns in July so...Hopefully.

I run more like a rhino. I probably sound like one too huffing and clomping. I always wanted to visit cairns. Live there actually.

Done a few chopper trips in my time, but this one is spectacular mate.
That burn is certainly something and a place where one can easily spend a few hours.
Great that you guys took Faith's mom out to see it and I bet that she was thrilled.
Well done and let's hope that she can also win round 2 of the cancer fight.


Yeah, I love me a chopper. I was going to buy one to be honest but then I realised I had no bloody money to do so and that helicopter-ownership dream died. Lol.

Results tomorrow mate, fingers are crossed for a good result. The best case scenario is an operation and chemo, the worst...A deadline I guess.

When your financial situation improves, you can always have a look at the kit form choppers that I post every now and then. They carry two and could be ideal for you.

Thank you and I will send the news out here for prayer.
All that we have is hope boet and we do indeed hope for the best result in the situation.
Our prayers are with you guys and you know that!

Remember this, a prayer heard by God is worth more than all of the riches in this world!

I'm not sure if I'd fly in one of them, too flimsy for my liking I think...Although, maybe life's to short to say no huh?

Thanks for your thoughts mate, much appreciated.

No time now to think about that mate, as you have bigger things on your mind at this point in time.
But we know that you will get through it, and like I said, we hope and pray only the best for you guys.
I know that it's easy to talk, but I have been in the same situation a few times and only you will know what you feel.
So all that we can say is that we stand with you guys!

Wow! Breathtaking views. I haven't taken the helicopter before. I guess I will not have a helicopter experience from now on. :) But it must be a great experience. I can guess this. :)

I've always wanted to fly...Jumped off the garage wearing a super man cape once. Didn't go so well so decided a helicopter was a better choice. Lol.

Maybe one day you'll get the chance...It was an amazing day and a lot of fun...Something I'll never forget.

Nice, one :)

Beautiful images!
Sounds like an exciting adventure.
One to add to the bucket list :)

Yep, it was a pretty special day for sure. I'd do it again. Real bucket list stuff.

Thanks for commenting. :)