I think I'll just chill out today. I'll pick some fruit and find a waterfront somewhere and do nothing. Settled. If I get bored I'll catch a fish and then I'll build a fire and then I'll light it and cook the fish. I'll have fresh fish and fresh fruit today and a shore line all to myself.


Fish & Game Warden:

No you will fucking not! Fish here are catch and release only. Until you purchase a day pass, you're trespassing. Park closes at dusk. Have a nice day.

Then I'll eat something else and go get lost in Imperial Valley. I'll roll around in the sand and slide down dunes like they're snow and rinse off in the aqueduct. I'll dig a hole and build a fire and warm my hands around it until the sun disappears.


Bureau of Land Management:

No you will fucking not! Any water that runs through here belongs to the county. Entering a county water system is prohibited, that includes fishing. Violators are subject to fines and jail time. Have a nice day.

Then I'll pick some fruit and vegetables and go to the other end of Imperial Valley. I'll go down to Dog Beach and find a spot to pitch a blanket. I'll lay on it and enjoy my lunch and watch everyone play fetch with their dogs.


Parking Enforcement:

No you will fucking not! This is assigned parking for registered dog owners only. Beach goers are prohibited from parking here. The next lot is public parking, stop at the toll booth and pay the hourly rate or they'll tow your vehicle. Have a nice day.

Alright then I'll go somewhere they can't find me without a map. I'll pick some fruits and vegetables and make my own trail.


Forestry Service:

No you will fucking not! These are private access roads available to utility and emergency vehicles only. Trespassers will be prosecuted. Surrounding mountains may or may not allow public access, unfortunately this one does not. Have a nice day.

Unfortunately I've been hitting roadblocks all day preventing any opportunity for a nice one. It's tough to lay on a blanket and enjoy some fruits and vegeta..

Where'd you get those fruits and vegetables? You can't just venture through an orchard like you own the place and help yourself to apples. Farmers and landowners are within their rights to protect their property not excluding deadly force.

Understood. Yeah, no, I got these apples from a different tree. It's a little chilly up here anyway. I'll go down to the park in the foothills and enjoy fruit not from these trees and water not from the aqueduct.


Park Ranger:

No you will fucking not! Entering public parks with outside food and drink is strictly prohibited. There's a farmers market Monday - Friday and food trucks on the weekends. Vending machines are available 24/7. Have a nice day.

I'm running out of options. What's it take to enjoy a meal and chill out and do nothing?


Elected official:

Taxes. 8 for 8. Work 8, rest 8, 8 to chill out until you're 62 years old or die, whichever comes first. Have a nice day.






It’s amazing how this works, the rich and powerful keep choking us, making all the rules. Years ago in Florida there was nothing but public access to the beach, free parking too. Now the wealthy are buying and building, keeping regular folks out.
Just not fair.
Hey there @dandays, how you guy s doing. We a having a great time down here. Picking my daughter and her new hubby up at airport now, can’t wait to see them.
Ya goos love Florida in winter.
Have a great day

Oooh that doesn't sound delicious or anything. Jealous, mios? Never.

I remember when they began installing parking meters on the access drive between public parking at Junipero and Ocean Blvd. 'Yeeah right, like anyone's gonna park there now'... * FF>>>>

Those meters are digital and solar now and everything else. I've been bla bla bla about the new mileage tax in Ca so why stop now? They proposed "X miles" now depending on your jurisdiction and pay accordingly on April 15 if you exceed it.


You didn't consult the correct authorities for mentioning the public services stated above, Please submit all rewards to your local tax authority with a hand written apology as well as your first born. If you do not have a first born then one can be provided at an additional fee.

Please enjoy the bruised apples in our waiting room.

I ever gave you a pink one? It's nothing really and can be copy/pasted all day long. Not sure the last time I gave one out. It's probably been a couple months. Anywho...

If I do an article based around dope comments, I'll title it something like Good Call "Ryan" (tax purposes).

Cheers my dude. The hell they got you doin in France today? Pura's off, there's a quarry not too far away we haven't been to yet. I'll probably tell you about it sooner or later.


Niiice sounds like a good spot, I love old quarries. Thanks for the pink one, never got one of those.

Here in my neck of the woods, it's cloudy and a bit grim so making chicken pot pie.

Good rainy day food.

Enjoy the scenery 👍

Raise your hand if you enjoyed the day so much you never made it back to the platform.


Then we had a pizza. But wait.. there's more.

Neither of us could pin-point the last time we had pizza but I'm pretty sure it was late 2016 at a joint called Rance's. Whoever the "Rance" family is owns 2nd street in Long Beach. Like, the whole fuckin thing. Poppinest, touristyest strip in Long Beach.

Clouds and gray and weather warnings on my phone today, whatever day it is.

Nice, we had pizza for lunch strangely enough. I only know the days by school day or not school day. Today is a not school day so the boys getting muddy while I fix the wipers on the car. Linkage rod went so only one wiper in the rain yesterday.

Up side is it's fuckin sunny and warm, I shit you not Mr 🌞 is shining on my obligatory mechanics crack as we speak.

Down to the duck tape stage now so soon a nice cold glass of juice and a joint.

Makes working on the car enjoyable. The sun! Not the moon, the sun.

I guess I never considered the linkage between the wipers but yeah. Is everything under the hood? Did it break or...?

It's all under fuckin plastic and latex, I had to remove wiper arms, mud guard, air con vents and a giant piece of bullshit plastic to get to them, it didn't break only held together by a hard rubber grommet, so just cleaned it up and super glued a bit of hard plastic in its place.

Works fine now just got to reassemble the giant stack of PVC.

This cars got more latex than stripper night at the big and tall.

You can retire at 62? What are you some Union guie? In America we work until we are 72 or 22. Basically till we die or figure out that mom's basement is a better than buying a 1,500 sq one story house house for half a mill, renting a studio for 2g? Might as well go and live in the park to fish and eat fruit! Oh wait...

Yeah everyone is hiring but even 15 an hour is not enough to buy fast food and pay rent... or even parking spots hahaha!

I figured you would had found a coffee shop with a construction crew so you can show them how to properly do a tea pot while drinking coffee...


All those bb sounding ricochets was the nail like ding-ding-ding.

Wassup? Good morning. Thanks for keeping an eye on me. Nice beard dude!

We've weighed our options here a gajillion times. Something as simple as owning an Air BnB stateside. Use 100k for easy numbers because ain't no one gonna travel the US unless it's coastal. Well, good luck finding a studio somewhere coastal here for 100k. HOA fees only on a 100k studio is gonna be about $600/month and that's in Idaho! 300k + $1,600/month HOA in Georgia. <-- Georgia?!

EU, UK, in desired cities, my man.. you can get two 1 bedroom flats for the same price tag without HOA fees. I better stop now before I go all fuckin berserk about the $1,697/month off the top in the name of medicine here.

Yeah, its insanity.I have to constantly point these facts out to the self righteous people around me how are 50-60 years old who own a house they bought for 50g which is now worth 500g 30 years later. a 10x increase in housing pricing with 2-3x increase in most wages around the country and we are not even talking about inflation with food, medical or college costs.

My kids family lives in the UK and from what I understand the HOA is the Queen and co. 😜

Anyways, yeah man one day maybe we will see your beard too and thanks for the beard compliment! It is one of the few ways I can grow hair. the Queen and co.


Next thing you know they'll tell you a 1.5% annual increase to their social security benefits is righteous.

I think increasing the cost of amazon prime was just the beginning. Next we will see Windows 12 cost money to use but like with amazon prime increase and seeing mask restrictions decrease we will see no more vax mandates when Windows 12 is behind a paywall...

Stay under your allowed annual vehicle mileage in Ca and you'll be rewarded on April 15, yay!! Extend beyond your allowed annual vehicle mileage in Ca and pay fines on April 15, yay!

You maintain an address in Vegas, right?

When we travelive I maintain a box at 2550 East DI. Postal services won't deliver to a p/o box, you get a street address with that one. They forward anywhere in the world.

The world gets to be pretty small lol. I wonder if you lived in that area. Ever go to the rum runner? My kids mother's family lived right there (as well as a lot of my coworkers) until they moved to Oregon. Yeah I still have an address in Vegas. Might still move back there but just as back up plan. So funny.

But yeah I do not plan on driving again or owning a car. If I do it will be because I married a millionaire/billionaire who wants to use me for my shiny head and lush beard...

I can't help but think that you took the pictures of the tree the same day, and you just kicked the crap out of it to make the leaves fall. 😄

As usual, funny stuffs, and smart too, but @rubido gave already the best comment today, so I am just gonna chill here and read the rest of the comments! Cheers!

He gets lucky sometimes.

No he does fucking not!

Wassup dude? I'm still new to these four seasons. Doesn't do this where I'm from. But there's only about a 15 day window where it does that, about the first two weeks in November. I drive past those trees every day for the gym so when it wasn't too windy or not too cloudy or something else I snapped one. Didn't know what if anything I'd do with them.

What ya'all got going this weekend, anything?

Cheers Ed.

In other words, stay put at home or somewhere these authorities can't get to. Isn't it funny that they all say, "have a nice day" after kinda ruining your day by preventing your nice time plans? 😄

How are you today, D and A? Have a wonderful weekend!

I was pretty great a second ago but now that you're here I'm so good it's probably illegal. <3

I'm not sure how many hands are in my pocket anymore Kemmy. Just to send this message I had to buy the device or it will only work in this country, pay the carrier, pay an air tax which is literally "air", plus usage fees, plus monthly hot spot plus monthly VPN and, by the time it says balance, I forgot how much the phone plan was.

Better hang up now so I don't go over my minutes or you know what'll happen.

Reminds me of a song

"sign, sign, everywhere a sign, do this, don't do that, can't you read the sign?"

The day was so nice yesterday and Pura had it off, we got out and did anything other than give D and A time to check on the blockchain. Wassup dude? So cool you mentioned Signs.

(At least 30'fa king minutes just now to make this'fa king gif! I guess it's too detailed or whatever, I had to limit the time and limit it and limit it more....)

We just saw Tesla a couple months ago. They were dope! He's always flappin his arms around like he's about to fly and doing 360's on stage, retro shit. Super classic and haven't changed a bit. If you could hear it, they're performing Modern Day Cowboy, the one where the chorus goes Bang! Bang!!

Cheers Lucky.


Sounds like a cool concert.

I've done that before with trying to create a gif or a meme. After like 15 minutes you're like "why am I even doing this?" But then you've come too far to give up so you have to keep pushing forward to complete it so it wasn't all a waste lol


@eii good morning. Thank you!

Why should you never brush your teeth with your left hand?
A toothbrush works much better.

Credit: reddit
@dandays, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @eii
Use the !LOL or !LOLZ command to share a joke and an $LOLZ. (3/6)

I have fun reading these kind of posts from you to my @pooky-jax She humours me by pretending to listen...


I have been using Rocky Balboas voice and accent for your voice.
And the others like the park rangers etc. I use a weasle like soy boy on a power trip nasaly voice... untitled.gif

My own voice sounds like a Gods voice thundering down from the mountain top of Vahalla. So I only use that for me...

Ok my dude I'll try but understand before hand I understand my attempts are weak in comparison to Rand the man.

Hey WTF!!

That's not what I meant! Damn autogif. That was supposed to say "You're the king of these things."


It was either that or thank you. I'm still working on that expression of gratitude where it informs you I'm sincerely grateful when you read Mrs. Trukker my stuff like that.


That was supposed to say She's a lucky gal!

 last year (edited) 

Keep Trying Youngster...


You'll get there...


There is no stopping time...


And the insanity of old age it brings with it...


In the meantime enjoy this...

R A N T V E N T...

and the temporary sanity it brings you...

It's happening again.

In recent days I've chatted with both Boomy and Cmplxty how I'm starting to feel kinda braggy. I don't mean to, I'm just engaging. Thing is, I was raised in LA by a single mother who worked night shift at the hospital. Shows is just what I did. Add to that, Los Angeles, there's more venues than any one person can venture in one night and they're loaded with talent 7 night/week. I don't mean to sound braggy. But anyway...

I wasn't a fan of Collective Soul or Candlebox until I saw them both open for Metallica. More than 20 years ago now. I'm doing the math actually, I would've been about 19 so we're talking closer to 25 years ago. Devore, Ca, Blockbuster Pavilion. Been a big fan of both ever since, they killed it. Both bands, helluva performance.

Over 20 yrs and I still cannot figure these 2 song out..?


Part I & II

I mean really... WTF!

They do not even sound the same.

Part I

Part II

I think you're confused because you've mistaken the title for a question when it's a statement.

I am President and CEO of the N.FLA. chapter of the...



Reminds me of an old Warrant song...

Big Talk...

like it says... Unless your backing it up.

I took a section of the video I shot of Tesla a couple months ago and turned it into a gif:


And this is the disco ball above Skynyrd:


The following clip is not a custom gif:

 last year (edited) 

I seen Slaughter when they opened for Bullet Boys / Cinderella at the Erie Tulio Convention Center way back in 90/91ish. The concert where Keiffer dropped down out of the rafters playing piano on...

you would think I could find some video of that... SMFH

I also saw Slaughter Live at a truckstop sometime during the winter of 1992-93 near Columbus OH at 4 am. The roadies were smoking dope beside the tour bus in the parking lot. It smelled like a grass fire. The band was inside eating. Mark Slaughter and 2 others, I stopped briefly when I walked passed and told them I saw them in Erie,PA. A year or so back with Cinderella and that they rocked. They were like thanks man and went back to eating.

Oh and great job on the Giphys...

There may be a future King of Giphy spot in the future...
Naaawwww... Just kiddin'

I ain't ever steppin' down.!!

Come and Get it...


LOL no entry everywhere, but seriously, that's what this crazy world's come to with rules and regulations; watch your tongue or you could land in trouble too, words that appear innocent now are forbidden!!!
I thought so many people were jobless but see hiring signs everywhere you went, some really comical; a hiring event, as if there's some concert going on! Likely will be a sight to see when it does take place; I can just shake my head @dandays.

Well look who's here, gather'ound everyone, it's the one and only @lizelle. <3 Good morning. Afternoon / Evening.

I was just telling Jay they proposed a new tax where I'm from for vehicle mileage. In California if you drive beyond your allotted vehicle mileage, they wanna charge you on tax day. I wish that was fake.

Thank you Lizelle. What do you have going on are you allowed to do this weekend?

I don't know what to say about these restrictions, since I'm not really familiar with how things work in the United States. However, your article never fails to make me smile every time I read it. You photograph well that same trees very differently at different seasons. ❤️

Hope you have a wonderful week ahead :)

Thanks for recognizing the effort with the trees Trangbaby. Fun fact: My autocorrect fixed Trangbaby, how cool is that?

I tried to drive by them every day for about three weeks. The weather kept changing though, made it tough to decide which days to snap a photo.

..your article never fails to make me smile

Big huge emoji heart <3 Thank you.

Unfortunately the consequence of an overpowered state. Live and let live remains the best way forward.

Don't tell anyone I put this together or they'll be at the door :knock knock: Demanding 37%.

I had a good chuckle reading this but then thinking about it I should have bene fuming because sadly its so true, seems there are rules trying to stop us from doing anything fun these days, you shared a lot of hiring signs and I see them everywhere here as well, almost as many as the signs all over telling us what we cannot do

Really nice comment. You know it's a good one when your face smiles the whole way.

Good morning. The hiring signs are everywhere around here, some new but most they don't take down. It's a hiring frenzy in NZ right now, too? Interesting.

I began snapping pictures last year. All the restaurants and markets, etcetera who sent their employees packin in 2020 can't figure out why no one will work for them....

Have you counted the hands in your pocket lately? I'm not sure where I left off. They recently proposed a new tax in my home state, California, for vehicle mileage. Yeah, now you can only drive "X miles" a year there before you're fined.

Happy Friday Jay. Thank you.

Well I am from New Zealand but having been there for over 10 years, I am living in Massachusetts
I think I remember reading about the miles tax, seems confusing to me, if you pay tax based on miles driven you get a refund for and tax paid for Gas, seems a nightmare to manage to me

you to have a good Friday

What'll they think of next?

Oh Mass, cool! I saw your profile and assumed New Zealand. Looks like you're stuck with me for a minute.

What, how, why.. Massachusetts? How far outside Boston are you? Been to a Red Sox game? I don't watch baseball but I think I'd go to a Red Sox game in Boston if given the opportunity.

Interesting. 10 years eh? Ok, ok I'll stop. Your turn.

Who knows what crazy ideas they will come up with

I guess I should update my profile

I have only been here for about a year and a half after I retired and haven’t made it to Boston yet but hopefully with this year for some photo walks

Not sure about seeing a Red Sox game but maybe one day

I was working in NYC for almost 20 years and did make it to a couple of Yankees and Mets games

But my preferred sport is Rugby

Back to you

Right after I said you're stuck with me I got drug out the house. Wife's like "60 degrees and sunny, put your phone away!"

Good morning. Ok so were you in NYC the 20 years before moving to Mass? So you weren't too far out of your element then, you've actually been in the states for a long time, am I understand that correctly?

I take it work brought you here. Which reminds me, how rude of me, congratulations on your retirement. You call the US home then, yeah? Still got family in NZ?

I love this kinda stuff. Shut me up any time you want.

With the ups and down of winter this year I think your wife is right we have to make the most of the nice days :)

and I haven't lived in NZ for over 35 years now, Started with a Tour in Singapore with the NZ military, then after that I left the military to settle down supposedly, but then got a new job which had me travelling even more, have been to over 60 Countries, many places most people don't want to visit LOL, and yes that job brought me to NY, to the HQ, I didnt want to come, and insisited just for one year, but spent close to 20 working there till I retired.

thanks I timed it well for retiring just as the craziness of the pandemic started

Cheers and have a good weekend

Oh my thats just one magnificent tree!!

Thank you. But there's two.

You need Scotland...or red trees though which look incredible. Looks like it's Walmart and home for a BBQ mate but before you go, pee in his lake.

Appoint him jobsworth of the day and have a better weekend, how many coconuts can you handle? They're waiting :-)

Tell'em I'm on my way.

Those trees are pretty special huh? This is only my second time being somewhere with four seasons in November. Where I'm from it doesn't do that. It's a quick process, too, super quick like 15 days is all you get but they're special and easy to snap a picture.

Thailand.. Tourists... We talked about that already Nathen. ;D


I mean this with more sincerity than one can elucidate: I don't know where to begin.

Don't grow your hair too long either. That further limits entry, I hear.

"Quick, put your tattoos away!!"

What in the heck is up? Give our love to her, the little her, both little boys and senior.

Bitch isn’t it? All this bureaucracy shit. I think it’s obnoxious that there’s always someone there to rain on the parade. Get out there and work though you heathen!

Plenty of work, we won't stop you from working, no curfew at work.

Whaddup? How's Sunday treating you?

Pura and I were rappin the other day about someone in the 15th century and how they would've been beheded if they said "and in 200 years, a couple dudes called IRS are gonna steal a percentage of everything you possess and if you complain you'll be jailed" and I put this one together. =}

Sunday's good, we had an amazingly refreshing 64 degree batch of weather yesterday so we are doing good. Catching up on house chores since we spent the entire day outside!

It's funny how things change over time. People are willing to go along with all kinds of shit and that's what's not good IMO. That bar keeps getting raised, pretty soon it'll hit Jesus in the ass lol.

:time out:

The three of you didn't enjoy yourselves together as a family on a weekday did you?

:time in:

Sadly no, Siena went to the hospital to get looked at for the pleurisy. The little man and I stayed in the area and enjoyed a beautiful time! Did some awesome hiking while she was having all kinds of fun seeing junkies in the ED lol. She's good though, just pleurisy, as if that's not miserable as it is. Nothing worse that they could see so that's promising. We are just trying to do what we can to make it go away and never come back hahaha

I just looked up that pleurisy. This is my first time hearing of it. What a painful sounding thing.

Yeah man it’s a bitch lol. We’ve told some people and now everyone is like “oh ive had it, it sucks” or “oh my friend/partner/etc had it and they were miserable” lol. Ya we know that now!

Yo! 😂😂
Capitalism on steroids here.

Eh yo! Where can I get a drink of water without signing anything?

Maybe you have to move to Russia or China or something 😅

Brilliant. Didn't do much for my current anti-establishment mood, except fan the flames, but that's my fault, not yours. This is a fine example of why I have my own space, and why I'm so sneaky.

I saw this when you sent it but I've been so in a writing funk it took me this long to reply. This too shall pass.

But I didn't wanna leave you hangin so about your own, sneaky, anti-establishment place:

County Assessor:

No you will fucking not! Skip your property taxes next month and see what happens. Have a nice day.

That County Assessor would have to yell from so far away I wouldn't be able to hear her... she's terrified of the dog. Even the K9 police yell up from the bottom of the driveway when they stop by with a warrant for one of the previous occupants. Nothing says "GO AWAY like an uncollared, unwashed Rottweiler. You should try it. In no time at all you'll be hearing...

No you will fucking NOT! Uh, sir..., uh, is that your dog? Is he friendly? Sorry for wasting your time sir, I'll just be going now...

LOL! I already know what will happen though, they'll send me a reminder once a month for the next two years, then they'll send a foreclosure notice. I like to pay JUST before they start adding on foreclosure fees. I do this because they only charge me 5% annually in interest, but when I invest that money, I usually make around 10% monthly on it. By investing my tax money until they threaten foreclosure, I'm usually able to make enough to cover my taxes. BOOM... tax-free(ish) living!

About your writing funk... ME TOO! That funk seems to be going around like COVID. I'm hoping it's just a global case of Seasonal Affective Disorder (formerly known as Seasonal Depressive Disorder).

You too, eh? WTFuck!

The way you spelled that out, you're either a better bullshitter than I give you credit for or you should run a property tax deviation seminar (PTDS) ASAP.

I haven't done a formal seminar, but I've taught a few friends my methods. I used to use the money to flip vehicles/ATVs/weed at a profit, but since the Robinhood and Coinbase apps found their way to my phone, I've been able to make more with less work. Ethereum Classic (ETC) caught me up with some $ left over to spend a couple years ago, this year I cashed out my modest investment in Cleveland-Cliffs (that I first bought with my extra ETC $) and caught up the last 2 years of taxes. I'm slowly building a collection of dividend stocks to cover my taxes each year, but I'm probably another 10 or 15 years away from having that set up.

A seminar would be cool, and beautifully selfless of me. The megalomaniacal supervillain in me thinks it would be better to set it up as a service, where you send me your tax money and I pay your taxes, plus give you back 10% or so of what I make with your money. In the end, I'll probably just do a post about it. Maybe I'll write a TED talk, I've always wanted to do one of those!

Hashtag OneUpWednesdayOnASaturday. First this and now you like why tf didn't iThink of that!

Well, you didn't have to think of it, 'cause you know scammers like me. You can thank me by robbing JP Morgan to pay Uncle Sam.

Amazing montage of pics accompanied by a great tale. I really love the evilution of the trees losing their leaves 🍃 , and yet, the ones behind them are still green. It makes a great contrast. 👍👍

Thanks for noticing. Those trees turn red and pink and fall to the ground in about a 15 day span, real cool to see, but the spruce and firs are green all year long. This was my first time experiencing the season change like that.

Been a long time Pegarissimo. I'm just as appreciative for this reblog as I am the very first one when I drew that pack of gum. Much thanks sir.

Hehe, you know, I remember that pack of gum as clear as day 🙂

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