Ask the Hive: How will you change your voting behavior with linear curve in the upcoming hardfork?

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Many are excited over the new changes to the curve in the next hardfork, and for a good reason due to smaller accounts votes being worth more. I'm really looking forward to see what it will do to engagement rewarding and at the same time wondering what @abh12345 thinks about the ENGAGE tokens future utility due to it. :P

Another thing I'm excited about is to see all the automated front-running disappear, I know there's many who lease HP to maximize it by front-running and have gathered a lot of stake this way while not many understand that due to a shared rewardpool there's people losing out due to this and those are mostly manual curators.

I've had some plans to when I finally hit 5 years on this chain this month I'm going to go hybrid after curating manually since this account has been created. According to created by @arcange I'm currently at 91263 upvotes, divide that by five years and it gives you an average 50 upvotes per day.


I have to admit I haven't been as focused curating on this account in the past few years since @ocd existed where I'm currently voting manually daily too which takes a big chunk of time, but still probably a good time to hang my hat in the fully manual department. There's been times where I wish I would've set up a few autovotes as there's many posts from people I wish hadn't been ignored who are now gone and may not have been if I hadn't missed their posts but had had autovotes on. Hard to say if that's the reason they left of course but still feeling a bit guilty of it and my stubbornness to stay manual. At the same time some of you may imagine the sacrifice in ROI that has meant compared to automated voting over all the years and different rules of the blockchain and curation we've gone through. Happy to see that finally getting back to a bit more fair although for curation projects like us who often vote on posts a couple to a few days late we will most likely still lose out on some ROI but thankfully that's not our main concern.

I'm not sure how else my curation will change, though, but I realize many of you have already been voting hybridly so I figured I'd ask if there are any plans to change it up with the new changes?

50% of post rewards going to @hbdstabilizer.


Since our voting power had that upward line, many small votes like mine were really excited about the fact of even reaching a healing power of 0. 1$, something that takes a little time and investment in knowledge to get it, but since that moment when our vote has taken more value, no matter how small or big it is, many people as in my case, we have had the opportunity to support various content, even motivating to stay, no matter how small or big the reward collected, many times some votes do not come at the mercy of knowing that their reward will be lower, it is good to know that this will change a little.

Since my arrival to the platform almost a year ago, I have seen different friends defect, people who left a big void, but the important thing is that new members always arrived and occupied a privileged place, even when you mention the fact of wishing automatic votes for some publications, it is something that surely many of us go through our minds every time we are curating.

I have known no more than 2 weeks ago the initiative of lovesniper, something that I want to take the opportunity to comment, a project that I met thanks to that I motivated 2 friends to start on the platform, this really surprised and excited me, because it is a highly influential point to think that it is giving recognition to all those new profiles that seek to undertake and be an open book of knowledge that feed hive and the world, I want to thank especially for this action, because in some way we are taking into account all those profiles that start and make incredible and promising presentations, the interaction of lovesniper is really good and I am happy about it, in my beginnings there was not something like this, or at least I never saw it.

I will always keep my manual vote, it is something I have done from the beginning and I hope to keep it. I'm sorry if I have commented something that maybe doesn't mark the reasons for this post, but it's always important to express yourself, and I saw this as an opportunity to do so, it's always good to say thank you.

I haven't actually checked out what this new hardfork will bring, although from what I can make out of your story, it sounds fairer? I recall reading somewhere that curation rewards won't be higher when you're voting sooner after the hf, but I really can't remember if that's accurate.
Either way, since I've been back, I've been trying to keep up a little with manual voting. It's a bit tough on me for now with the lack of energy, but I'm hoping it'll get easier with time. I've always liked manual curating, especially when finding a good post/writer that deserves way more than they've been getting. For now though, I do sometimes throw some quick votes around on posts of writers I've been following since the very start, just because I know they write and do good stuff and I can't always read much (dizziness).
Right now, I'm happy to be delegating a big portion of my voting power to OCD, so atleast I know it'll go to a good cause. I can always change things when I get better and have more energy to do my own curating.

Oh yeah, long story short: I won't be changing my voting behavior for a hardfork :D

Hi @acidyo, I will maintain a hybrid model of manual and auto. I may fine tune the auto voting a bit after the hardfork some what, but time will tell.

I have actually found that trailing curation accounts I trust, I get exposure to posts that I would not have otherwise seen. I regularly visit my curation history through the PeakD interface where I further engage with the posts that have been auto-voted by reading the posts and commenting on the ones that I really enjoy.

For me it is all a matter of effectively utilising my limited available time on the platform, between having a fulltime job, three kids and other commitments, it is much easier to batch whatever activity I have on the platform into a few hours every evening.

Thanks for posing the question. 😃


First of all I wont change my voting behaviour. Since the beginning I was combining autovotes with manual votes.

Secondly I did have a decrease in activity since some time back. That is writing and curating and for sure on writing decent comments.
While not really being noticed could have been a trigger this was not the main reason for my decreased activity. But hey we all like a juicy upvote from time to time.
My main reasons were lack of interaction which could be because I do write terrible or my topics aren’t very interesting for most.
But which probably did kill the motivation is to see the same authors time after time with big upvotes time after time from the same curators time after time, on posts which were terrible.
So maybe yea you could have saved some souls but you also have to ask yourself if they were worth it. Were they here just for the money. Would they have increased their stakes after a juicy upvote and so on.

Well I am here and here to stay. I just like to write about the things I write. Regardless of the upvotes or not.
I could increase my writing and follow the hurdle in the chase of the whale votes but I wont do that. The more diverse the content on Hive is the better. This only will attract more newbies than juicy upvotes about the topics everybody is writing about!


Haha that was a lot of "time after time" in one sentence.

While these changes will remove the front-running trails I think it will still take a long time for them to adapt to it in general to hopefully cause less of the same authors to constantly be trending. We're trying hard with OCD to also give certain unique authors more trending time but we often vote a bit late after we find the posts so trending won't be as effective or hardly get there. At the same time there's so many post we vote daily that giving 1 author a very big vote is hard to afford while trying to distribute it to as many as possible. I hope many other bigger accounts will also focus on stacking their votes on deserving trending content from fresh new users after the HF where they won't be penalized by voting 2nd or 3rd after another big account as long as it's before the 2nd day.

Yes it was. Was on a roll!
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There will be more 'Nice Post' comments and @katharsisdrill's commentphant will need to be pulled out of retirement.


Nice comment sir

He changed it to 'Keep on Hivin' too, that's the old version. I will need to dig it out.


What I'm looking forward to the most is for the race to be first to be gone. There's not much that will change for me. I've voted manually for my whole 3.5 months on the blockchain and I will continue doing so. My state of mind will change though. Voting on those posts that's 20 hours old with $30+ in rewards will start to feel better. There are times I've skipped out on doing that because of my selfishness with ROI.

There are times I've skipped out on doing that because of my selfishness with ROI.

I like the honesty in this sentence, because most people focus on ROI (and on money earning in general), but only a few admit it that they ever focus(ed) on it.

People should support each other. That would give the best ROI for everyone. New, active users would also come. A co-operative community would make Hive more attractive to the outsider users.

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Cheers! Totally agree with you on this point. I would say I have a 50/50 split on ROI and community voting. I can find myself voting old posts with low earnings without expecting any return as well. I don't really have a set strategy and just do what feels right at the time.



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I guess there are tons of us feeling that way! :)

Hmmm I vote manually, just because I have no clue about the auto-voting lol.

I always wondered how you guys manage to do the manual voting, going through the tons of posts being send out here daily. Tough job I'd say, but great that you guys do it.

I read sth about the HF but yah, don't really get everything, but working on it. Slowly but surely 😂 .

Unless I get another advice I will stick to my manual voting on content I like and read. Sometimes I do discover certain posts a few days later, the feed doesn't always show everything or depending on the time of day I miss out on certain things, which I discover another day.

About the votes on comments, I read that they can backfire somehow. Like it is disadvantageous to vote on a comment, at least for accounts like mine.
I would like to vote on comments more, as they make the Hive experience valuable. I like upvotes, who doesn't lol, but just upvotes with no engagement, I think I would have left already.

Ok, I'm in the situation having time on my hand to follow up, because I'm currently jobless, who would know what it would be like when having a 9-5.

🤔 Am I drifting away again?

Oh well, even if lol, btw would be nice to get a suggestion on the percentage of the votes. Like I am usually voting with a 100% on everything, but that drains the voting mana quickly. Also is it true to keep it in the 80s as a benefit for me as well as for the post I am voting on?

I use an auto voting app at

I very much like hybrid. I only just started using auto vote. Some days I just don’t have the extra time to curate between parenting, writing, teaching, researching, etc. When I vote, I read most of the posts from start to finish. There’s a few that I will just go ahead and vote because I know the creator and their content. But manually voting can consume a lot of my time because I do genuinely read/view the content (even if I’m not commenting).

My intent is to auto off on days that I have a little more time, and have it one when other obligations call to me.

I especially like auto vote for new users who have displayed value consistently. I’ve want to ensure that those Hivians are supported and see they grow but I may not be able to read, or notice everything published.

The hybrid system is ideal to ensure that I’m supporting and growing fellow users, communities, and the ecosystem while also tending to life outside of the blockchain.

Definitely am excited to see smaller accounts vote worth more that’s a massive bonus for ALL hive users no matter your stake.
I have set auto-votes on authors that I know and love but have always set it so that it will only vote roughly when I am not manually curating. So in essence it only activates when I’m not on HIVE for an extended period of time (by calculating how much HP I would use when manually curating and offsetting that, does that make sense) so for the past few months it’s always been a nice split of 80/20 manual to auto voting. I understand why others may do 80/20 auto to manual from an ROI perspective but from an actually rewarding posts that are under appreciated and deserve it it makes absolutely no sense community wise. Post hard fork I’m looking forward to making it all essentially manual and I think we’re gonna see a lot more retention of art and artists that are seeing their appreciation go up ayy :)

If I want to be serious about it, and become a better curator, I will probably increase my power ups, and leave some of the autos on, I love manual curation also, especially when discovering new users.

One thing for sure, I am more excited than ever to post on HIVE, every time I press that "publish", I really feel that I am doing something important. I just wished I had a little bit more engagement, I also noticed already more upvotes for comments that I am leaving on other people accounts.

I can't wait for the next phase of my journey, where I can really support content creators, the same way I had been supported throughout the years! I am also wanting to promote HIVE on other social medias, like Insta or Tiktok, creating viral campaigns to increase awarness. I feel that we are ready for mass adoption, curators and content creators working together more than ever.

Probably increase my voting weight on comments made by other users, remove a lot of names on my voting list as I only vote for them because they get high payouts and are decent at creating content but not really for engaging. My voting pattern has just been a balancing act of profit vs encouraging people I want to encourage.

I'd say it will change half of my voting behavior and for the better. I do shy away from voting posts with a lot of $ on it due to being penalized for the rewards curve. I think I'll increase my voting habits on comments when that happens.

I will probably shift more towards manual curation, although I'm still a friend of autovotes. Excited as well to see how this will affect voting behavior of the community; it's a very good change overall

I think it will also change trending quite a lot, right now many skip or vote way less on posts that already have good rewards, either just cause they know they'll get way less returns or also not to reward blatant front-run maximization or a mix of the two. This has caused single big accounts and their trails to constantly get to trending (rancho, xeldal) which will make it harder for them if say accounts like ocdb, appreciator, blocktrades start voting on the same deserving post more irregardless who was first.

I think manual curation is hugely important, as i believe one needs to read a post to truly understand if it deserves support and an upvote and what percentage upvote.

I've been lucky enough to have been spotted by some manual curators in the past couple of months and its been instrumental to my growth here. It also serves as a feedback loop, as the more these guys curate me, the more time and effort I put into my daily posts and engagement.

I can appreciate though that from your point of view manual curation can be very time consuming, so maybe a hybrid model, where you do it manually 2 or 3 days a week and on the others you could write a script to search out content by building a list of regularly high quality posters and setting a minimum word count amongst other things.

Big thank from me in Ireland to yourself and all the other manual curators. You guys are truly the lifeblood of our community oxygenating the Hive bloodstream.

A very interesting question. Considering that my voice power rarely exceeds 60% and my curation profit is around 8%. It will be a blessing for me, because linear rewards will allow me to compete with voting trails. Unfortunately, there are very few people like me, who give all the votes by hand, but they will all be very happy with such changes.
Although, this is only my opinion, and of course I could be wrong when I speak on behalf of others who vote mostly manually.

Очень интересный вопрос. С учетом того, что моя сила голоса редко превышает 60% и мой профит от курирования в районе 8%. Для меня это будет счастье, ведь линейные награды позволят мне конкурировать с трейлами по голосованию. К сожаления, таких как я, кто все голоса отдает в ручную, очень мало, но все они будут очень счасливы от таких изменией.
Хотя, это всего лиш мое мнения и я конечно могу ошибаться, когда говорю от имени других, кто голосует преимущественно в ручную.

Link to vote for @cranium as a witness

Not quite sure how it will change, but I will also probably start doing at least a little auto-voting as well. Mainly for the reason you mention, I find I often have been a few days late or even completely missed voting on some people that ALWAYS do quality posts and that I would normally vote on. This was very apparent when I was sick last month and didn't vote on anything at all for over a week, and then was spotty for another... I think anything we can do to support the smaller / newer accounts is great, that is what will help get them excited and build our membership!

I am not a friend of automatic votes, because those who are added to those votes, do not read what people write, nor do they find out what publication or who they have voted for. That is reflected in the comment box, when it is empty. I like to read the posts that attract me, either because of a main picture or because the topic catches my attention. Then I read it and if I really like the content and everything is well written, that's when I give my vote. I love the fact that the reward in votes can increase. I particularly like to support other users and if my support goes hand in hand with a better reward for that user, even better. Thanks for this information @acidyo

I read all of the posts I curate. I usually watch any videos. I often follow the links from the post.

It often takes more than five minutes to examine long posts. I strongly dislike that my contemplated manual upvote gives curation rewards to bots designed to harvest the curation rewards by front-running the votes.

I, for one, will see the hardfork as an improvement.

I think they nailed it with the 24 hour window. It gives everyone around the world an even playing field so there's no reason to rush and upvote content without properly curating it first. I'm curious how many are actually aware though of the curve that is on the Hive platform or within tribes as it's not really shown on the UI. I kind of wish it was as it seems like an essential thing to know. Ready for this hard fork to take place and for things to be changed up here a bit.

OCD has done amazing work in helping out new content creators and curating valued content.

I have had several stages as a voter.

The truth is that, in this aspect of HIVE, you also evolve as you get to know the way blockchain works. When I didn't know much I voted what I liked, then you become aware of HP.

Then I learned to vote to maximize curation gains, but I always lost to the bots. When I grew more with my HP, I became a hybrid curator: automatic for authors recognized by me and who had grown together, manual to support new and worthwhile content.

Soon the HP was higher when we made the jump to HIVE and I realized I couldn't keep up with curating everything because I'd have to sit around all day. Now, with the new HF, this problem is solved. I usually cure with my account in two rounds a day and keep follow some voters that maximize my curation gains. This will no longer be necessary and the power goes back to me, to vote ALL manual, in the same two daily rounds.

For now I don't see much change at all in my voting habits. I'd say about 1/3 of my votes, (maybe slightly more), go on content I have actually looked at read and commented on. About 1/3 goes on content I have looked at but not commented on. The remainder are all on people or groups I follow or that others trust and follow, I use three others that I have as curators following choice and I also have a good amount of peakd list that I use when looking for items or people to vote on. I however do not have a whole lot of vote power as of yet so I really do not need to worry about over rewarding post or evaluating them to for reward value. I imagine that is difficult for some that wish to remain full manual voters.

I think it is high time to make changes that are important for manual curators. My fifth birthday will be in July. From the very beginning, I am a manual curator of content written in Polish. I have to admit that I had moments of doubting Hive and now I'm in that time of doubting as well. My activity has dropped. Some time ago, every day I found good posts in Polish, to which I could gladly devote all my voting power. Now, the content is scarce and unfortunately some of it is so bad that I can't imagine anyone wanting to show it to their friends or anyone outside of the Hive community. But still, such content often has quite a lot of votes. I don't know if it's some kind of social arrangements (vote for vote), social poolrape (voting for everything that arises in "our mutual adoration circle") or maybe just automatic voting without personal evaluation of the content. However, I admit that it discourages me from manually voting as well as from spending time on Hive.

So - new hope. :)

I won't change mine too much overall I think. The few autos I do have can stay where they are, though I might move them back in time a bit. I am also on the lookout for some new accounts to follow as well.

The @lovesniper compilation posts can be a good place to look for new promising accounts to follow. :)

After you said the other day, I have started checking them out when I can catch them :)

Voting more comments with HP and voting on older posts.

I'll have to wait the new fork to fully understand the new code, I have a naive idea but I'm a little slow. I've always manually curated with some authors I've supported since day 1 on autovote.

I guess I don't fully understand the upcoming fork yet but I'll figure it out—always do. We both know many producers around here have a much higher base pay than the rest of us, do you think that will change?

Congrats on year 5 dude

SoonTM, may 24th I think it was

My approach will significantly change. I will still seek the highest ROI possible (not gonna lie about that), but now instead of auto voting authors that will give me that in the first 2 minutes, I will shift toward vote trailing manual curators such as @ocd.

Yes, my behavior as a curator will change. First, I will increase the support of my few friends, favorite communities, and curatorial projects. Secondly, I will definitely support the best posts on the trending page on topics that I like. Finally, with the help of @lovesniper, I will pay attention to the newcomers and support them as much as I can. Yes, I know, for all this I will need significantly more HP than I have now. Most likely, it will be so. :) I really like the HF25 changes.

To be honest i currently dont think on curation as something to get profits of, i vote to support and to curated the content i like, cause i suck at the whole "lets calculate the best moment to vote to get the best profits" so i dont pay attention to that and if i get any curation rewards nice if i dont then i dont really care my posting is where most of my profits come right now. So, i guess after HF25 i will be able to change that and maybe improve my profits from curation? idk, "amanecerá y veremos" (it will rise and we will see! - sounds so much better in spanish LOL)

After going through the comment section, I am happy to see users are now more aware about importance of manual curation. Auto votes simply take away the shine of post which is not worth a penny still they get heavy.
I am not going to change either with keep focusing on curating manually...

Atm, I am using an auto voter because I often do not have enough time to vote appropriately or like to overlook posts, but still want to support the authors. What will definitely change is that I will vote more comments, because they should not have a deduction anymore (if I'm not mistaken). It is currently sad to see that many good comments no longer get votes, although they contribute much to the entertainment value of the posts.

I won't change my voting habits. I'm in a few curation trails, mostly from communities I'm involved in, everything else I curate manually.
And that's the way it's going to stay. I comment on every manual curation. I find that I maintain a kind of social contact that way.

I don't vote to get rewards for myself, so it will make little difference. I have always voted up comments and it seems I may earn more from that. We just need to look out for people abusing it.

As I've said before, not really. I do some automated votes on another account(but I do take a look at the votes cast, removing votes or downvoting already voted content as necessary), and manual votes on it as well. I'll just keep at it. Works well for me now to ensure content I like gets upvoted and thats the way it'll be.

Personally not much will change for me as I don't have any form of auto voting going on anyways. If anything I'll probably see better curation rewards as I tend to vote within the first 24 hours of a posts existence. It'll probably make it easier to upvate comments more as well, @dustsweeper doesn't get much use from me atm since my vote value can get over the threshold these days.

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Surely I will no longer be in a hurry to vote and I will be able to read the voted posts more calmly.

I believe the linear curve will ensure a fairer and more equitable vote for users 😊

I try to keep it simple: I vote on things that I like and plan to do the same going forward. The last thing I need to add is game theory calculus on how I should or shouldn't vote on someone's "watch my cat twiddle his plush chicken toy" posts. :) !LUV

Nope not changing my voting behavior - just voting on what i feel like at any given time.
Might even power some hive back up if it's just authors and self benefiting from vote.

Will you use OCDB to downvote this post? Your posts going forward if they get too much rewards? If not, why not? Will you start setting the limit on your posts so that they don't get overvalued? Will you encourage others to do this so that there doesn't need to be unnecessary downvote drama?

EDIT: OK I actually did find a few posts of yours where OCDB downvoted 2 months and 3 months ago, so I am removing a part of what I originally said, though it still looks to be overvalued compared to the content of the post(not overvalued according to me, but according to what the community might say)

This isn't a confrontational thing of me being upset about anything. I am perfectly calm and relaxed(just woke up from a nap).

I am curious though... OCDB has been downvoting stuff more and more lately that makes a lot less than this post, it stands to reason OCDB should be giving this post a hefty downvote. I don't see any OCDB downvotes on any of your posts in the last 30 days.

My criticism of this is not to point fingers or assign any blame, but to challenge your curation group to brainstorm some ideas set some good standards. I think the most obvious one that most people never use is the use of limiting how much a post can be upvoted for, I never see anyone encouraging others to use that features(forgive me if you do encourage this and other things, I haven't read all of the OCDB posts, I don't think most people even know it exists). People follow those who lead by good example, I would like to see you guys set a good example. I don't see it is necessary for big downvotes to really happen, in fact, I would say that all posts should have an upper limit of 75 USD to 100 USD imposed on them at the blockchain level, so that noody can make 173 USD on a post(at current prices of course).


I do not believe anything can be overvalued. I disagree with the philosophy behind the line of thinking and everything relating to the need to correct something like that.

To use an analogy to help explain what I mean, it is like disliking a video on YouTube solely on the opinion the video received too many likes. Well, technically, a dislike does not displace a like. And that is my concern with how a downvote can minimize the upvotes on Hive.

Yeah, I guess flagging or downvoting can discourage and minimize spam, plagiarism, repetition, low value content, copyright infringement, boring posts, unwanted posts, illegal content, etc. So, long story short, I'm not totally against a desire at policing. But specifically in regards to trying to counter overvalued posts in particular, I find that to be way too hypothetical and possibly a version of robbery.

I guess it all depends on how the rewards pool works and the details therein meaning I understand the logic of trying to vote down posts which may be overvalued. I can sympathize, empathize, realize the point of view people have, but I also find it to be dangerous to try to stop people from making too much money or to stop posts from making more money than they deserve to.

My philosophy would be if you think a post got too much money, then simply upvote other posts, share these other posts in order to get many people to upvote these other posts. In doing so, then you may keep many more people from voting for the overvalued post and voting for other posts should be able to water down the total value or percentage of how much the overvalued post would get during payout 7 days later.

I don't know what linear curve means for Hive, I don't know what kind of curve it currently have, but I have fingers crossed.

Giving this a small downvote since I prefer having comments at the top of this post that are relevant to the post.

The ocdb downvotes aren't there just because posts reach a too high amount, it's to discourage voting the same people over and over like some have been doing with the keys to a bigger account (rancho) and at the same time landing on the same people farming autovotes with mediocre content getting those bigger votes cause they happen to be trending due to said autovotes. We've mainly ignored users who got the bigger votes for the first time and if it was on decent content or those who don't seem to be fishing for them constantly. When I have the time to start posting more often I'm sure I'm going to downvote myself again due to the autovotes on content I don't feel took a lot of my time or effort but at the same time I haven't been getting those rancho votes that I'm mainly targeting atm. You can also establish that I'm not farming autovotes when my last post was 3 weeks ago.

Is there a goal to make it so rancho gets no rewards at all? I'm curious as to the strategy behind that account.

I previously made a few statements that changing to 50/50 whales would just upvote whoever instead of themselves and make good money. Now under 50/50 we see if you wanted to reduce the money said whale/s are making you would have to then downvote dozens to hundreds of people who have nothing to do with said whale/s. I find that to be a PR problem because now a bunch of people who have never been downvoted are getting hit, in their mind it's a pretty bad experience. I understand the reward pool and all that stuff about disagreement of rewards, but most people do not share that value. One of the biggest downsides to 50/50 is that you have to now downvote a lot of random people instead of the vote abuser who is upvoting himself.

I don't like 50/50 for that reason and many others.

That's not possible unless he's voting for his own account or accounts with no upvotes at all, in that case if the content is decent and the author behind it isn't just farming I wouldn't be for downvoting that. The issue is he's just voting with a big account whatever is on trending at the time and a lot of those accounts are already getting there from unfair autovotes from other big accounts, if people don't like the downvotes but never mind the big autovotes they get then it's a good first learning experience that pending rewards means pending for a reason. There's many who still see downvotes the wrong way and somehow completely forget that on youtube or reddit where downvotes similarly remove some visibility and potential rewards but get loud here just cause the downvotes are public and can be tracked who's casting them but it doesn't make it right that they should be able to complain. I'm all for fair upvotes and at the same time fair downvotes so I do take the time to explain and justify them, like now, but I also respect people who don't want to justify them the same way they're not justifying their upvotes and if they're being used in a bad way it's easy to counter them as there's a lot more upvote mana than downvote one and that's up to all of us to make sure people aren't being targeted by "bad" downvotes such as personal, retaliation, etc.

Good thoughts on this topic. I am manually curating with the informationwar and deepdives curation trail now. I think we might have a total of 2million HP following the trail in total(ppl following on and some have their own follow).

Is there a place where all the curation groups talk about curation topics? A discord to chat about this kinda thing? Now that I have more power backing what I upvote I was thinking I need to see what other big curation groups are doing/maybe work together to see what best practices are/strategy/etc.

Appreciate your time :)

nice put the 1000th upvote on the post xD

I might start curating again. Right now I lease on dlease

Not much.

Agree that manual curation is hectic but you get to learn more about people that way no?

I will not change my voting behavior at all.

No change. I don't even think about voting anymore. I just click the upvote button when I like something. The only thing I check is that It's not older than the 7 day window.

My vote isn't worth much anyhow - only marginally above dust, so I guess that doesn't make much of a difference.

I read people's post and give votes to them. Newcomer like me, we need support and love from hive to move forward. It is nice to be here.

I have set up an auto-vote long ago, what should I change? Timing?

I think that it is good to do manual upvoting.
People should stop focusing on the profit, and start focusing on a good community. A community, where people actually care about each other's posts and comments. Both with reading and upvoting them. Hive would thrive in that way.

Timing won't matter anymore, unless it's over 1 day old.

Thus, I can upvote as soon as it has been posted?

Yes, no penalty for voting asap but also no higher curation rewards for being earlier than others unless they vote after the first day.

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Not changing anything TBH

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my role model @acidyo

Wow.....I think you've given me a hint concerning the upvote.

I'm guessing the biggest impact will come on the voting patterns of bots more than users. And it may not come quickly, as the bots don't have a strong incentive to change their algorithm, they just have more freedom to do so.

But even if there is no major change in voting behavior for a while, there will be an instant "fairness" effect, where manual voters will compete more evenly with bots, and that has long term effects on rewards distribution (which will also remove the incentive to use a bot to vote instead of manually voting).

One concern I've started to have lately is that the "average of 10 votes per day" to achieve maximum curation rewards is still going to act as an incentive for some to continue using voting bots, if they just want to casually curate (as a casual voter, it's a bit of a struggle for me, for example). So I've been wondering if we shouldn't drop it to something more manageable like "average of 5 votes per day" on the next hardfork. Just don't tell transisto or we'll never hear the end of it :-)

agree with 10 votes is too many

I won't vote this comment so he doesn't read down this far. 🤣

And hmm, with that change, I'm thinking there's gonna be a need for more of this:


ehhh great but who cares if we dont hire some really good competing teams of ad agencies and make em all compeet with each other liek witnesses lol, how much money per month is hive dao fund? dedicate like man at least $100k a month to just marketing thats enuf to pay a few peopel a month around teh world to really compete with each other for even more bonuses lol

we also rEALLY NEED to get some lukestokes fio or @dan energy with idenity but make something like AN IMPROVED hive rep system... a COMMON SENSE web of trust IMPROVEMENt to REPUTATION SYSTEM... we all know its waiting out there lol its gona be a common sense solution when someone figures it out we will all go OOOH WHY DIDNT WE THINk of that sooner??

honestly man identity identity identity

then we spend money on ads

then yeah all these weird voting rules i mean who cares its miniscule changes when we could have $1000 hive and THEN this stuff will really MATTER :D

curation on hive is magic and no one knows it

i want an office building of hive users just to curate

i could see the news.. showing peopel just giving away $0.01 to $1 to people all day on hive in a local @sandiegocoin headquarters with telos proposals replacing the city council

we need to get physical office floors with computers and peopel working just upvoiting commenting curating on hive, and peopel will be liek cool spotify curators, peopel will love theri job we will have a cool tech office, one ine very city the hive shared offices, we will go clean up we works mess and have a system where you cant loose because you just show up and curate with delegated HP on yoru account you earn if you show up etc and uyeah its perfect
everyone earning HP and getting PAID to pay peopel, the news articles will make everyone so excited for hive lol

Are you suggesting we should pay people to curate? Brilliant.

Linear curve as opposed to, like what is it right now, not linear?

Is the current Hive curve the same as it was on Steemit?

TBH, I'll probably continue with a hybrid approach - for a while anyway. There are some folk whose posts are consistently good, and whom I want to support, but realistically can't get to. I then go and look for them to engage - when I can. I appreciate the flexibility and hope that will continue. I do think that the auto approach is useful especially when used judiciously. However, "proper" curation can only be manual because it does require (and deserve) real human input.

My 2c worth....

And, also, thank you for what you do on this blockchain and have, for the last 5 years. Hope you continue hanging around!

Interesting post! it's very good

I have to see a bit how this will change for me in terms of roi, but honestly...with my stack that isnt really relevant. I would rather give some votes on decent comments and those give me nothing back (outside a warm feeling) which is fine haha.

For you guys, I understand it is different in total. But for yourself regardless of what the tactic will be, never forget how encouraging those votes are for people which is just super cool! Kudoooooooos

What I look forward to the most is the change in the curation system which means that any vote placed within the first 24 hours will have equal value. The way it is right now is stupid because most upvotes are placed within the first five minutes, without even having the chance to read through the full article. With the fork, we will at least have time to read the article before we place an upvote, without fearing that the curation reward will turn smaller if we do so! :)

Upvoting to 999 Votes!

I will stay on mostly auto-votes. Makes the life way easier.
I want to support the authors I know inside out. I don't need to check for every post to meet the quality, I want to support the person behind the posts.

But I will change the rules behind it or updating them to the new standard (removal of the waiting time etc.)

I do hybrid voting similar reasons. If a particular content creator proves themselves through time to consistently put out high-quality original stuff, I am glad to put them on autovote.

Also, I try to scour posts on day 6 or 7, nearing payout. I try to give a comment and upvote to posts that fell through the cracks, hoping to encourage some Hivers to stick around and not give up. Even though my HP is limited, and it often means just a 3 cent upvote, it still shows somebody took the time to read the post and it wasn't lost to the blockchain aether.

This isn't a profitable curation strategy by any means, but I count on my post payouts for the bulk of my HIVE earnings.