Give value to the community and the community will have your back

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There's this one person I've noticed lately, who used to create original artworks and post them and was decently rewarded for a long time. Eventually she started to get inactive, her artworks weren't really hive-related but something she did for the rest of crypto community but shared them here. Nothing wrong with that, but she never really "dug into the community" so to speak. Most what she'd do was reply to comments on her posts with thanks or short messages, almost never went out to curate or comment on other people's posts, other artists, etc. I think that this was something that over time lead her to receive less and less engagement and at the same time rewards which possibly lead to her fading away from even that little Hive activity she was having.

It's kind of a spiral, she was so close to becoming a true community member had she just pushed herself to keep the momentum, following by giving some time and effort back to those who engaged with her or other authors on chain, instead it just got worse and worse. Eventually it seemed she even gave up sharing her original artwork in her posts, not receiving any more engagement the only thing that remained were a few autovotes after the rest dwindled. Instead she started just posting random announcements or ads for a platform/coin she was involved in in an attempt to promote it. Never really receiving any more engagement or views nor giving any engagement back to others and attempting to get back some of that attention she used to have on chain.

Okay, so the reason I'm bringing this up is cause I noticed that she's now been posting about something she needs help with medically and asking for donations/assistance in the form of upvotes, etc. Her last comment before that was over 6 months ago and sadly no one is reacting or reading her posts when she possibly may need it the most. The only reason I know about it and have checked up on her account was cause she was getting close to that gray area of "farming" the autovotes she was getting with no effort content/copy paste announcement of another crypto as mentioned above. Now of course the rewards aren't that much and I don't really feel like kicking someone when they're down by downvoting those posts knowing she needs medical attention even though it seems she's just copy pasting that message now about help.

Image from Pixabay.

In comparison there was this one user from the Philippines who passed away tragically recently, she hadn't been on Hive for long but had become quite active. She was part of the Hive Open Mic community, posting there and being involved in the Hive PH community, getting to know other Hivers from the country and being quite active all around. Just to prove my point that the previous user I talked about had been here for years but never really made the leap forward to give something back to the community while this new user was trying and being social on our social media platform.

The post that was made in memory of her and in support of her family who had another active member on Hive received a ton of upvotes, donations and amazing comments in support of the passed away Hiver. Which shows that if you get involved with the community, give value with your presence and activity, they'll have your back. Sure you can say this isn't the best comparison because this was already a life that had ended while the other is more questionable what exactly the help is she needs, but not even receiving a single comment on her now 3+ posts asking for assistance is really something. I kind of feel bad but not in a position to help or get involved right now and I mostly just feel bad how no one seems to care or even be aware of it. I don't think anyone else is to blame for the situation, though.

This isn't really a first time thing, neither. When push comes to shove the community really shows who they trust and value with donations and upvotes during times of need. I was in a similar place a few years ago during the worse of the bear market where I needed urgent surgery, even though I felt a bit embarrassed to make a post asking for help, others had my back through huge loans even though they've never met me or knew my name or address or anything. It's something quite unique to Hive that I don't think would be possible anywhere else to gain that kind of trust to give out thousands of $ without collateral to someone you only know from their username, text they write and activity on chain.

Alright so to end this post, I think that's the kind of goal that should be in more users mindset to reach. Get to the level of trust where others would feel sure that they can loan you money and you'd have too much to lose not to return it through what you're building here with your account and reputation. This isn't me trying to get you to just loan money out willy nilly, you should still make sure they have the proof for what they're requiring for it and it not being too much. It's kind of like trading or gambling I suppose, don't loan out more than you can afford to lose and make sure it's not a hacked account suddenly trying to get your loan.

I'm talking more about the general activity on chain, the connections you aim to build and the value you bring to others through your activity and not just constantly looking out for yourself trying to be a loner on a social media platform or doing some quid pro quo vote trading with other stakeholders of similar sizes to maximize returns which just takes APR from the rest doing proper curation and community building.

Bit of a shorter post than the one yesterday as I felt a bit sorry how long that one got but thankful to those that read it. Starting to enjoy writing again and hopefully will have more time to do so this time around, even though the last few times I've said this there were weeks and months without me posting again. :P

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Enjoyed pretty much this post, and I 100% agree with that, I trust more many hive members (who struggled to build their own reputation) rather than people in real life.

I always say to newcomers (specially people irl when talking about hive) that this isn't a 'blog to earn', is more about a 'real social network' where connections come first, and monetary reward (if any), always later.

Ps. Hivefest?


Won't make it this year unfortunately. :( Would've been fun but will have to watch the streams instead!

Sad news, would have been great to put a face on you (lol how it sounds).

That's the value we need in terms of utility on Hive. We also need good developers value is very important.

Because if you can't give a fuck about the community, why should the community give a fuck about you? was always the headline whenever I started preaching how social networks matter more than content on the blockchain. And this is what I preach on the HivePH community to newly onboarded folks if they want to get anywhere here. To everyone that gave their support for Erika, giving you all a shoutout of thanks!

Completely agree with you, In my opinion Hive is more unique than rare because of the general climate that one "breathes" on Hive which, unlike traditional social networks where hate and nastiness abounds, is a collaborative climate and the mechanism of upvotes and reputation incentivizes just that.
The examples you recounted show precisely the strength of Hive's community.
I, too, have had direct evidence of the great spirit of collaboration and help that exists on Hive.
In September 2021 a user in the community of which I am a moderator suffered an attack on his Hive account, which he recovered but the thief stole all of his Splinterlands cards and tokens that were worth more than $50K at the time.
He was devastated psychologically and I wrote this post:
In the post where I put him as the sole beneficiary and even though I only told his bad experience and did not ask the community for help directly that post was the post with the highest payout of the day and received so many comments.
The community helped him get back on his feet and I who did not receive rewards from that post received something more valuable: the happiness of having been of help to a person who was suffering and the satisfaction I received is worth + than any payout...
Every now and then mad-runner still thanks me for that post that cheered him up but the truth is that I am the one who should thank him.
Hive shows its full value especially in times of suffering and difficulty and for that it is more unique than rare! ...But of course help doesn't come to just anyone but those who are part of the community...
@tipu curate

Well said. I like to tell people “reciprocity is cooked into the code” here…and the community reinforces it.
The stories also shine light on how important momentum is on HIVE. Inactivity combined w/ expectations usually leads to a downward spiral.

Expectations 💔💔💔

Comparing yourself with others is another thing.

💯 percent!

Certainly some food for thought. I was in this content creation challenge for last month and a great things I learnt about it is that many people forget the social part of this network. They post and then get mad if they don't get rewards but you do not see then going into other people's posts in the communities they are showcasing their stuff. They did an effort to comment in the posts of the others in the challenge but that's a very closed interaction.

Something I love about Hive is that you can find tons of great content and make someone's day buy going reading or watching and sharing your thoughts about what they did. It is an amazing thing.

Though this is also a lesson. I never really made a point to become an active member in some communities. But since I'm still learning, I try fix that buy going into those communities and having a look at the posts I like. I also go to the profiles of those who comment on my post and comment on their latest or very nice posts that they have done recently.

However, I don't know if I'd get any support if I ever needed something like a surgery. Not even now that I need a laptop. Not because I don't think people wouldn't collaborate, but I don't think I have earned that right yet.

The comparison you made might look like overstretching the topic, but I think going through the extremes of ideas tend to fill in the middle ground of the work. Hive is an amazing place if you build the connections, but it can look like mainstream media of you don't. As you have said before, nothing is guaranteed.

The benefits of engagement on Hive blockchain cannot be overemphasised and shouldn't be overlooked. The examples you gave clearly pointed this out and reminds us once more of the need to go out from our "comfort zones" to show love to other amazing authors through our words of appreciation, commendation and constructive criticisms.

This should also metamorphose to a strong relationship, not one that will end at the surface level.

In doing this, the chain of appreciation, engagement and "community" will get wider. The idea of "Community" will transcend from being a group where people can post contents of a particular of niche, to a group of people bound in love and trust.

Wonderful piece 👌

It's good to engage with other users to build a long-term connection instead of just trying to only squeeze some rewards in the short term. Adding value in any way possible will all add up to the growth of Hive and make us visible on the blockchain.

I could list a number of users who got life saving help from people they had no idea even exist on Hive, because their activity and reputation on the chain. I keep telling new users, that your reputation is the most precious thing you can have on Hive and I'm not talking about the number next to your name.

Collecting Likes seems to be the most important thing for many, but when your own relatives turn their back on you trough tough times, on Hive even strangers jump in to help.

You’re making great points here with those two examples (plus the one related to you) Truly building, constructing and keeping that trust appears me more and more important each day that pass... this really why we are here, or it should be !
Maybe pinning this post in OCD community as in the Discord, onboarding could be a good idea (didn’t check if you did already ^^)
Thanks you for sharing those basics and primordial views here and I take also the occasion to tell you that I really enjoyed the read of your ‘Genuine’ previous article... Did take or have the time to interact or to let you know, but that was quite a piece too !!
That’s nice to read more of you those recent times, had the impression you were a bit somewhere on others Hive (or not) related projects :)
Have a great day Acid !

I breathe Hive so there's not really anything else for me, if I am in other places it's to spread the word of Hive really.

I think we can feel and understand that ! Thanks for your dedication to this - was tempted to say place - home, universe felt better !

You must be a great writer, let me check you up

I'm trying my best !!

I quite like your contribution,✌️✌️

hehe, thanks you 😊 I started a community recently, but even before that, I felt the kind of dedication you need to have here and in life in general !

But yeah posh has taken a lot of my time before that and fine-tuning ocd and some other things, I refuse to automate my voting on this account so my stubbornness is leading to most of my time being spent doing tacky upvotes on poshtoken comments to reward sharers.

Have a great day as well!

my stubbornness ...

You're rather wanted to mean because of abusers ?
yes, there is also a bit of healthy stubbornness ^^

I can imagine the massive amount of time it must take, just launched that new community and I already see the work it takes ... But definitely worth it :) !

Thanks again !

I read your article with great pleasure, the hive community means a great hive where all people help each other by getting rid of selfishness. I understood this once again and it is a great feeling to be a part of the hive community, thank you :)

This is exactly my experience and observation about Hive. Entirely unique and for those who authentically embrace the community, so rewarding. In every sense.

You will never be notice by anyone if you didn't take the effort to even let them know your existence to them. Not just by creating Intro Post but rather engaging with the community. It doesn't have to be the whole community, if really busy then reading and commenting to 5 to 6 article per day is already enough. For sure the owner of those 6 article will never ignore you. "Don't post and then run, try to engage more." I learned this on the other platform where I'm a member. Interaction is really important. I mean, doing this is actually fun. And I've doing this for so long and the return is really awesome. I get to meet a lot of awesome people too.

I can't agree more with you. Engagement is what makes bloggers successful.

Content is King but Engagement is Queen and the Lady rules the house. 😀

Everyone likes getting engagement (votes and comments) on their posts. But they forget that it's a two-way thing. What you give, you receive.

It's really sad to know about the demise of that Filipino but I'm also pleased to know how she received help based on her good connections with her followers. That's the power of social media if used the right way!

I came across your blogs the other day. I instantly liked titles of some posts and gave you a follow so that I could read you with a clear mind at a peaceful time. Thank you for putting up great content. I found it very motivational as a newbie. Although I was a successful blogger on the other chain so it's a little overwhelming to build that kind of audience and connection from scratch here on Hive. I'm sure motivational and useful content like this will keep pushing me forward. 🙂

Thank you very much for reminding me that engagement is so much needed here, and when one gets support from another member, it is better not to waste it because it might not be there forever. You encourage me to always make friends, and build connections whenever I can here onchain or out there.

I am happy that you get the support when you needed back then, and congrats on successfully going through it.

You made some interesting points and analogies here. Staying connected in a community whether in hive or otherwise is so important. We need each other.

Even in the family where two brothers don't engage with each other or communicate it will be very difficult to help each other when they're in trouble let forget about bloodline. So what I'm trying to emphasize is that communication and engagement with others can really help when you're in time of need I believe nobody is bigger than problem and anyone can be your help if you're good to them.

You said it all and I Agree.

It's all about building a trust, showing up daily and giving value back to community.

For real, It really kills a person interest to interact with someone anymore if one doesn't give you reply of what you've read his/her content and dropped your Opinion just to get ignored.

Social interactions always build an influence which keeps bringing some positive outcome and more trust or having a chance to meet New people to Good Virtual friends.

the key to everyone is to interact as much as possible with as many communities as possible it helps everyone reading articles from different people and you never know who you might become friends with :)

Those are some good examples, I kind of feel bad for the first person you spoke about. It's understandable not being too active especially if you're creating pieces of art that can take days or weeks, on top of what else is going on in their daily life. But, a bit of manual curating can go a long way and really give someone a boost, sometimes comments are worth more mentally than a like, just to let the person know they're doing something right.

I think I read the post a few days ago of the second person you spoke about, was she the sister of the woman who passed away? It was very sad and was written very poetically.


I don't know how some people are okay with receiving support from the community without giving anything back. I can't even think of doing something like that because it makes me feel like a leech, a parasite whose only aim is to take without reciprocating the support.

There's power in engagement, building quality connections and network that will be of help later in the future, but it's so sad that people underestimate it until it becomes too late. I hope she will be able to get the help she needs, this should also serve as a form of lesson for people on the same path and they should be able to learn something from this

I absolutely agree with you, friend @acidyo! If a person does not give a part of himself to this community. If she shows no interest in other people and only wants to use the hive for her own needs, then she will never make real friends here! And really the pleasure of sharing your life with other people. And the moment may come when she will need help, but everyone will not care... This is how the law of cause and effect works! As they say: you reap what you sow!

Interesting reflection Mr. @acidyo , Although I've been in the hive for a while, I'm not one of those who lives glued to the screen and the keyboard, I don't even use Discord because of a detail in the key that I haven't been able to solve. I like to share some personal experiences, a bit of my soap work that is of interest to most, some reflections and sometimes poetry, a little dark and other fictional stories.
Reading and writing keep my mind active.
I am not a fan of charity, but I have had the opportunity to see international solidarity in action through social networks with wonderful results. Last year a Spanish soap maker recently moved to the US, suffered an accident burning her eyes with caustic soda (NaOH) and did not go blind thanks to the donations she received to cover the costs of operations and treatments. She did not have any health insurance.
Someone started the crowdfunding and published it in different groups of soapmakers, especially on Facebook and managed to recover a large part of her vision.
It was wonderful that she recovered thanks to her generosity.

Personally, I know that not all my posts deserve a reward, but when I make an effort and achieve it, I feel great satisfaction.

I tend to agree with you about this contrast - I see Hive very much as a "what you put in is what you get out" type of community. If you lurk in the shadows and don't put yourself out there, there's very little chance that you're going to be noticed. If you push yourself out of your comfort zone and make the effort, you will get more than if you just didn't bother. Everyone is different and we all have our own levels of commitment and availability, but you're never really going to get anywhere if you don't even try - and that is the case with all things in life. If you're planning on winning the lottery, you have to buy a ticket.

I feel bad for someone in need and it's unfortunate that this is the way things have happened, but I must admit I have no idea who this artist is that you speak of but I saw the sympathy posts for the lady who passed away. That in itself shows where there was more engagement.

You have put it aptly. All of it, so much so that I (who is usually talkative) has no reply. Oh well, I guess even these few words can pass for a reply. Thanks for sharing.
Your name sounds cool BTW.

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This is typical for human being we work hard to reach our goals but when we are there then we know that we get what we get without any more efforts. It is very human reaction. I think she thought that after coming back everything will be going as before but this is life. So she might learned her mistake.

Sometimes it takes more than just posting a quality content. We also need to give back to the community, whether through curating other users or engaging with them, as stated. And that is how we keep the hype of staying and building something here.

Yes. Thats really true you need to give something in order to receive something. Give and take ba. Di pwedeng take and take lang by doing interactions you are also gaining exposure kase. Nakikilala ka. Sad lang ganon nanagyarr sa kanya.

I don't speak PH but I could ask my SO what the rest of the comment means when she wakes up:p

Awww so sorry. I thought you were a Filipino!

Yes. Thats really true you need to give something in order to receive something. The process should be give and take. It couldnt be take and take only because it wud one sided. By doing interactions you are gaining exposure in the community and you are getting known by others. Its sad what happened to her

Ps. Im so sorry coz i thought you were a filipino 😅

I don't understand this behavior of people. Can you ask for money from someone you don't even know? Yes, maybe if you're in a very difficult situation. But would you give money to someone you've never met? Someone who ignored you when he saw you. I don't know, people should stop this attitude. Otherwise what happened to the person you mentioned will happen to many people.

And this is why my time is spent more in Hive than in FB or IG.
Building solid relationships with the people here is something you’ll never come across other socmeds or even on Wordpress.

Get to the level of trust where others would feel sure that they can loan you money and you'd have too much to lose not to return it through what you're building here with your account and reputation.

This is an interesting way of seeing it, quite an unique one too, and you're not wrong there; it can be seen as a part of building our network, which then adds to our net worth.

Even I have been losing my flow in writing/posting and engaging, life hasn't been too kind in the past few months; so I decided to "lay low" and take it easy for a while. When things start improving again, I'll slowly get back to growing with proper pace and effort. For now I just feel burnt out from the all the "external" troubles.

Really sad stuff. I need to get back with my old community. I need to be active again.

Its really sad when we throw away stuff like this.

Thank you for sharing this post.

The Socializing aspect is very important and helpful to grow in the blockchain which needs to be taken seriously. No doubt majority are here for the reward but at the same time we need to engage to create awareness in other to see a positive results and change happen.

I know whom you are talking about....the thing is sometime the user is carried away with big upvotes..and take everything for granted...this is same case with this user...

You’re actually right...... such educative post thanks for posting this @acidyo I think each of us need a capsule of this wisdom....

My takeaway from this post - the biggest asset you can build on Hive is your stack of cool frens. ❤️

I have a few close people who would do anything to support me and my endeavors on and off-chain even. That's invaluable IMO. No amount of stake can match that.

This is really true. Don't know if I have many of them, even after six years, but I'm sure many will come out of the woodworks if I were to suddenly pass away.

Well said. 100 % agree.💯👍🏼 I couldn't say it better!!!!
Thanks for that dear @acidyo


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very nice

Well I did not know case bit I am sorry for the fellow hiver who passed away :(
I am really happy for the feedback I still get around here, though in my case I admit I could be more active. It took me almost a month to bring a video to completion, so more than inactive I am a slow poster, that is how overwhelmed I am so when you explain the case even if it is not me I feel the sting of the need to participate more as I used to, but this has not happened only in hive but in all my networks. I do keep in touch though with many members here and actively I am in touch to support them and well I just can positively say some relationships that were born here have endured.

Hello all by the way,

I've met some similar situations on a gaming forum where some people were active just for a while and when they needed help they were already forgotten, while at the opposite pole there was a man who showed his support and activity until that article written in his memory came out. It's sad but it's the cruel reality and no one knows what the next day will bring him but it's his job to maintain the connections in a place where people got used to see posts and updates from him/her.

In the end it doesn't matter how well you write those articles because you get cool rewards and new followers who make you famous and the minimum you can do to show your appreciation is to take a few seconds to write more than just a thank you while the people who left the comments definitely spent more time reading and then sharing their thoughts. It's about the respect that should be shown from both sides.

What a pity you write so seldom! I would like to read such reflections more often here. You can feel that you write sincerely and from the heart! Allow yourself at least 1 day a week to write a post. I think it will have a very good effect on the whole Hive chain! On me, that's for sure!

Hi, friend.

From my point of view Hive for my family and for me that I am starting is what gives us a break, more for the economy that our country Venezuela is going through and much more, to everyone who can invite this exemplary community without a doubt I motivate him to continue, since it is our livelihood, and even more so to have the support of users.

When I die, HIVE will probably be my only legacy. Sad, but some cultural anthropologist can come along and be sad that I didn't procreate and unleash a few infantile versions of mini holoz0rs upon the universe. I know that's not for the best, however.

At the end of the day, it doesn't really matter. What does is the relationships we form with people along the way, which really does mean the story was about the friends we made along the way.

TLDR: Treat HIVE like it is a town square where everyone can write their own epitaph and not have to pay those stone masons for their chisels or laser etching machines.

Also, I still miss @lauralemons, she was one of the few I truly connected with on this blockchain. Edit, wow, five years, 2 days ago, she made her final post. RIP

😊😉🌈🤙 hi there, happy weekend to u!

very timely post. yes, i only saw a couple things from that new hiver who was lost way way too soon.. she was so lovely a person and u could just tell that she had so much to offer hive, and it was really sad.

I made a rant style post just to vent my own adventures with the IRS and am shocked that already I am seeing so many new hiver faces which are showing me support! thanks community!

Engagement and treat hive with true caring and realness.. other hivers can see that u treat it as an important thing to u and will respond. The rewards are just the bonus. For me, it really is the friends I have and meet..


You are very correct on this my friend and thanks for sharing.

This is so true on so many levels and I have seen it happen time and time again.

I am so proud of the people here when those that care for others get taken care of too.


The first story kinda made me sad but it teaches us something worth more. We do need to give something of value to be valued in return and Hive is no different since it is a social media after all.

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